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Ncrrman & Moore
920 Wyoming Ave.
308 Penn Avenue. A. B. WARM AN.
Will Be Open
Evenings Until
Ceipcts, Draperies anil Wall Papa
city un:s.
Ebenczer 1'. 1hv'. of this .city. w
granted a patent yesterday ut Washlng'-un
for u toaster.
On nrroiim of the nlwnee of a quorum
a meetiiv,' of 1 ho li.ianl of Asjoclutea
Charillfs wns not held lust nlb'ht.
l'ntrlik Ijempsey. of I'lne lirooK, ar
rested on complaint of Ills wile, wii unou
.". yesterday moriilnt; ly .Mayor l.uiley.
Tlii' stoek and fixtures In tho uroiory
Btoic of iuv It. I !-lil was sold yesterday
by Deputy Slieiilf Ityan. A. 1!. ltdpn
eaino the pim-haser for f 1 17.
Tin- diagram for "I'alr Virginia." which
will In- the attraction at tin- Acail-inv or
Music Friday ami Siaiiroay. will "I';!!
this muriiltnr at H o'clock. Checks will ue
Klvt-n nut ut X . m.
atrlck DnfTv ami l-Mwunl Sheridan, vn
Ki'tiniH arrested for lieKKiiiK money on the
Kt'Vt". were euininit led yesterday to the
count; Jail for thirty days by .Mayor
Nelson (J. Teets has resigned the position
of financial seeretaty of the Central Labor
union in order to devote all his time to the
(luiles of hi new olliee, tirKanlzer-;it-laii;e
for the Retail Clerks' National Protective
ussin'ia tbfii.
Thi collections which may be made In
the imblic schools for tin- l.act; iwanna
hosiiltal In accordance with the permis
sion munted by tlie board of control.
fhould be sent direct lo Miss Kramer, ut
t'li' hospital, or William T. Smith.
The recently orisaid.ed council vt the
Voiiiik MiMi'P institute nl (ireeii Uidi;e has
reii'r I anil furnished a house at Capouse
uv. iiie and (ireeii lildue street, and on
Xei- Year's Day will tender a reception in
It to the members of St. l'aul's conyrejra
tlon. At a. meeting of Pivislon No. V.i, A. O.
1., of (ireen llldjje, Monday nlKhl, (he
following olllcors for the eomins year were
elected: I'resldent. Martin I'eiKiisoii :
vice-president, John limine: recotdiiti; sec
retary. I'utrick Melody; llnanciiil secre
tary, John .M. Walsh; treasurer, I'eter 1.
The funeral of Francis (ladwool will
take place this mornlntr ai ii.iti o'clock.
Services will be held In St. IVt'i's cut he.
1 1 lu I und the remains will be taken lo s
weao, Y., where Interiiient will lie made
Thursday moniliiK at lo o'clock. Services
wd be held at OsweKO 111 St. lMid'a
eh .iron.
Willie, 1-year-old son of ox-County l'e
teethe John J. Shea, died yesterday after
nn Illness of four days of croup. The be
1'envenieTit, Is doubly sud, ns it Is Ihe sec
ond child In a short time. The funeral will
take place from the family home, Shi
Orchard t;vet. Thursday, ut 2.30 p. in.
Ilurlal In Hyde I'ark.
The Anthracite Athletic association was
oi'Munlsied Monday nlitht In Columbia hall,
at Wyoming avenue and Hickory street,
with u membership of seventy-live. These
olticcrs were elected: I'resldent, John
Kennedy; vice-president, John Cirmoly;
recording secretary, Daniel 0. Co Hurt;
treasurer, John McCourt; sergeant-iit-urms,
Owen Sweeney.
The liuiuiiy for seats for the Christmas
performances at the Krolhlnthatn has
been without precedent III the history of
the theater, hut no seats are promised or
' held ill advance for any one. so that all
may huve an equal chance. The s ilo opens
this mornlni; ut o'clock and nil who con
template seeltiK the meat Dlxey to Fruh
man's most successful, comedy, woull do
well to be on hand early.
Patrick Mtillarkey. of the Seventh ward,
was at rested for drunkenness ten days
ago and committed to the county Jail by
Mayor Hnlley. Yesterday he was released
anil was Immediately arrested on a war
rant Issued by Alderman WrlKht chars;-
. liiK him with highway robberv. He spent
last nlKht In the station house. It Is al
lowed that he assisted "Dlek" Hicks to
roll Bert Slcco. of Oreen itldne. Hicks
was convicted at the last term of court
and Is now serving two yiuis in the East
ern penitentiary.
: Superintendent of Carriers V. D. lloche
Is authority for the statement that the
mall is heavier this year than It ever was
durliiK any previous holiday season. A
number of carriers, especially in the cen
tral city, had to have assistants vester
.day on account of the great number of
bulky packages they were called upon to
deliver. The money order and registered
letter departments also report record
breakliiK business, the foretell remittances
.btliiR particularly heavy. The stamp whi
tlow sales were yesterday nearly twice as
larije as on an ordlnnry day.
Dr. McDowell, dentist, 240 Adams
avenue. .
If You Want to Huv
any Chrlstmns presents, we will sell you
Roods nt less than one-half the actual
cost, to close out the entire stock be
fore April 1st.
21" Laeka. ave.
Ilicyclrs Tor Hoys.
mttenbender & Cn. are now exhibit
ing a fine line of Juvenile bicycles in
their windows at si 3 Spruce street,
which ore the best '07 models.
' Tlrasa and Onyx Tables, Lamps end
Shades. All reduced to cost.
131 and 133 Wash. ave.
;ood t'mnerna
at our Holiday branch, 203 Wash. ave.
Conrsen I the Lowest.
Candy, Fruits, Cltfnrs and Groceries,
429 Lackawanna avenue.
: ' Slippers I Slippers! Slippers!
10.000 pairs for half price at the 5
Brothers. DOS Lackawanna avenue.
Open evenings.
Fine line of Carvers. Five O'clock
Teas, Skates nnd Pocket Knives.
' Our Coney Camera Pnrlor
Is something new. 203 Wash. ave.
Sievekins-BUphain Concert at the
Frothinsbam Theater.
ilia Appcnrnuce (ivt's So Hint of the
liis lnteuscly Artistic Tempera"
m cut or Hi Marvelous .liustcry of
he Kev Board-. r. Itisuliam
Proved Himself the Prince of llari
tonesHut!t ltcpentedly Encored.
If the helsht of art he to conceal
art, the sIhkIiik of 'I tavld Hlspham and
the piano- playing of Martinus Sieve
king before the brauuut audience
which greeted these eminent artists in
the Ki'i.tlilimliain theater last evening,
rise very near to Uie pinnacle of pos
sible artistic achievement. In neither
Instance tvus a single artillre employed
to Klve meretricious advantage to work
Vthose own superb merit made it, as it
seemed, incomparable. One may with
out any exaggeration pronounce their
concert the richest musical repust ever
placed within reach of a Northeastern
Pennsylvania audience; and the only
point left open for resret was that
these should have been a vacant seat.
Mr. Sievekiiif.', pale, melancholy
looking und a typical Hollander in ap
pearance, was tlio fust to come forth.
Since there Is naturally more or less
curiosity conccinlnu the personality of
this vcuni; Hutch virtuoso who Is be
lieved by many clitics to be a promls
ini; rival for Paderewski's hitherto un
chblleiiBed laurels, it may not bo out
of place to suy that one meeting him
away from his Instrument would be
very unlikely to think of him as one
of the three or four greatest living
pianists. He has, to be sure, tho aure
ole of bristly hair which Pad'Tewski
made the fashion for pianoforte virtu
osi; but there Is surely no hint in the
stidid countenance, the larife und one
might almost say ungainly hands, or
in the man's general air of Impassivity,
of the fluent and Intensely poetic ar
tistic temperament within. it lakes
the instru ut tu unlock that secret,
and even then one loses all thought of
the player in his alternately sensuous
und voltaic playing. .
For Ids opening number he chor.e
lleethoven's famous Moonlight sonu's,
followed for purposes of contrast by
Chopin's fantasle In F minor (op.
The Interpretation of the former was
richly sympathetic, notably ho in the
udaigo. 'which perhaps suffered from
the audience's Interest in the pltyer
rather than In his theme. It was not
until Sir. Sleveklng began. the fantasie
mid tave rein to the reserve brilliance
and singing polish of his lechnliiU'' ' iu.t
it dawned upon his auditors that here
w as a vcrila'de muglchm of I lie key
board, whose playing warranted all,
mid more than all. Unit hud been sriid
in praise of it. Words do not readily
lend themselves to a description of the
tonsil triumphs, of Sieveklng's reading
of Chopin; It is enough to say
after lie had concluded, tho enthusias
tic audience demanded three separat?
re-appearances, and desisted then in
sheer kindness.
For his second number he offered
three compos it Ions of his own m In
teresting study built upon the tlleme:
of the angelus bell: an exceedingly
dainty and poetic bit of harmonized
melody culled "Forest Fchoes;" and a
valso de concert of exceptional 1 i II
llance. For an encore he gave Mendel
ssohn's "With Wings of Song," sound
ing Hip melody on the piano with the
distinct ncsK ami purity and almost with
the warmth of Ihe human voice. His
third number comprised a romance by
Tw haikowsky ; a minuet by Hizet and
Moszkowski's familiar tarentelle In O
Hat, which afforded him perhnps the
best opportunity -of the evening to ex
hibit the marvels of his truly wonderful
To one who undertakes to speak of
Mr. Pdeveklng's playing as the writer
of this notice does, without critical
knowledge or pretension, and only with
il wish to record impressions, there is
left to lie said simply that very rarely,
indeed, does It come within one'sjiriv
llcge to hear nn artist unitine; so inti
mately the poetic temperament with
a manual mastery of the piano forte
leaving, it would seem, absolutely noth
ing to lie desired. He is not only a
player grent in technique, but one even
greater In his ability to subdue every
light and shade of the tone colors to his
leading of the composer in hand.
And now, how shnll we do Justice to
Mr. lilsphani? To say that he is tfie
prince of baritones, with a voice that
even If umiiaslered would make liltn
famous And It Is mustered thoroughly
and with a dramatic power, a fine
ness of matured Intelligence and a
magnetic presence which before ho
sounds a note, prepare his auditors for
the' enjoyment that is to follow. Is to
say scarcely more than n fraction of
what ought to be said if one would
convey to those who have never heard
him an idea of Ids nittiits. His llrst
number was a song cycle by Heethoven:
his next, Loewe's ballade, "Archibald
Douglas" which was attempted, but
not suns, at a recent chamber conceit
followed by a Schubert song nnd then
by a Schumann; und his last, two new
nnd two old English songs, giving op
portunity for the display of his many
sided lyrical talents.
It would be of little purpose to try
to fidlow him in detail through tiiese
renditions; perhaps the most satisfac
tory disposition of the whole matter is
to sav that when one bus heard I'.isip
hnni one does not wish ever again to
hear an ordinary baritone In any of
the selections which Hispham has used.
He, too, wus received with most en
thuslajiic favor, and was good nam red
enough to be unexpectedly generous in
recognition of it, responding to three
Will ;ive nn Exhibition nt Backus'
Milliard Parlors Next Monday.
Jacob Schaefer, known as the "Wlz
dar" throughout the billiard world, and
Wm. A. Spinks, the young western
champion, will appear in a billiard
exhibition at the rooms of George
Kackus, on Washington avenue, next
Monday night. This will lie the first
appearance of these experts In k'cran
ton, and local lovers of billiards will
undoubtedly greet the "wizard" In a
manner worthy of his great reputation.
He is now said to be In excellent form,
runs of 2m and 30 freiiucntly mark
ing his practice play In his new room
at the Hoffman house. New York.
The exhibition on Monday night wiil
consist of ,",00 points bulk-line, f.o points
cushion caroms, l.j points three
cushions, and a variety of fancy shots.
A complete set of "(pilck" cushions
from the Hrunswick-Lialke Cullender
company will be sent here fur use on
this exhibition.
No Answers IJIttciibciidcr V- Co. to
Allegation of Former Partner.
Abraham Bittenbcnder and John M.
Kemnierer, defendants in the etiuity
suit brought by Kmlly P.lttenbender
and her hUBband, Israel lilttenbender,
to have annulled the agreement to a
dissolution of partnership, yesterduy
made answer to the bill of the plain
tiffs, throush their attorneys, Ward &
They deny In general the allegation
that there was any fraud practiced as
alleged In parcelling out their former
partner's third Interest and aver that
he is stating' what Is not true when
he says that he did not always have
ready access to the books.
Tui y aver that at the time of tho dis
solution the stock was valued at $&!,
4MU3. less 'JO per cent.; the notes and
judgments, $8.:1.!.26. less SO per cent.;
book accounts, $H,G4:'.13, less 3a per
cent., and Hint tho linn owed 15.770.13
in excetis of the ready money it had in
They admit that their Franklin ave
nue property was carried on the inven
tory nt $40,000, und the Milllin avenue
property at JlS.eoo but these figures
were put down in order to make a good
showing of assets und thH was undir
stood by the plaintiffs. The total value
of the rlrni's assets ineludi:u; the lots
held ill common wus at the time of
dissolution S1;;s,o:!:i.'.ii and that the
plaintiffs received their full one-third.
The plaintiffs claimed that the firm's
wealth was $J2ii..'il:t.7f and that they
were defrauded out of one-third of the
difference or 10,000. nearly. .
They ask court to dismiss the pro-
ceedliigs and allow them reasonable
compensation for the expense which
tiny liuve been put to thereby.
Kev. (curge M. Vclh Crcctcd by
Clergymen mid Congregation.
The congregation of the Calvary He
formed church of fSlhson street, ten
dered a public reception to Its new pus
tor, llev. tieorge AI. Welsh, last night.
The auditorium of the church was ap-
proprlately decorated for the occasion
w ith evergreens and plants, and anove
ta pulpit lu large letters of ever
Riteil was the word "Welcome." A
large eiingregathin wus in attendance.
Frank H. Smith presided. Heslde
him sat llev. John Davy, llev. Foster
I'. II if t. of the Grace Lutheran
church, and new fJeorge L. Aldrich,
of the Grace Keformed Episcopal
church. I lev. Mr. Aldrich made an
address of wecoine on behalf of the
cif nnd the city's churches; tl. A.
ISrown spoke for the congregation; F.
II. .Smith for the Sunday school, and
Miss .Ma Uie Mimsou for the Christian
Endeavor society. llev. Mr. Welsh
made a lifting and touching response
for himself and Mrs. Welsh. The bine
dlctlon was pronounced by llev. John
Among the special features of the
musical programme were a solo by
Miss Edith Du Hois and a duet by Miss
Du Hois und Miss Mattle Munson. ite
fresliments were served in the lecture
room nt the conclusion of the exer
cises In the utidltorlum.
It Is No (ircat Loss, as It Was Sot
llcing Cued.
Fire broke out In the Elmhurst tan
nery .-it lo o'clock last night und in
two hours time it was reduced to ushes.
The building belonged to the Scranlon
Gas .mil Water company, the tannery
having been purchased by it recently,
with the intention of demolishing it. as
the bun rd of health complained that it
was polluting the lloarlng Ilrook. The
machinery had all been removed by the
previous owners, the Pnlon Tannery
company. The loss therefore Is trilling.
The building was situated on the
Ilouring Ilrook. opposite the old Dun
ning homestead und was a very old
structure. Il was lr feet long and
fifty feet wide, and on the south were
open sheds extending nearly seventy
live feet farther. Owing to the fact
that the building was unoccupied the
Humes were not discovered until they
broke through the roof and as there are
no modern facilities for lighting tire
at Elmhurst. the populace could do
nothing but stand around and bemoan
die destruction of the village's old
Tim cause of the lire Is unknown but
It is supposed that tramps, who possibly
sought shelter there, are responsible for
the blaze.
It Can He Seen nt Alex. Dunn's lint
There Is no Christmas display In the
city, probably which attracts more at
tention than that of Alex. Dunn, the
hatter. Alongside uf his store Is a plat
form on which a real live Santa Claus
is seated in a real sleigh to which a
reindeer is attached.
There is no time from early morning
until lute ut night when a crowd is
not discernable around the jolly-faced
old fellow. Scores of children each day
crawl up on the platform occupied by
Santa I'luus tu whisper in his willing
ear the gifts they most desire for
This in Important to You,
And to your wife, son and daughter.
You want a home. Think about it.
Huy one of our choice lots In the cen
tral and select part of Scranton at a
handy and convenient walking dis
tance from business, theaters, hotels,
churches', stores and depots, on Adams,
Jefferson, Madison or Monroe avenues.
At most of the lots lias walks und
curbs are laid, also sewers, gas and
water mains and steam heat, and in
front of some the asphalt pave. These
are sites for superior homes. Prices
low. Terms easy. Clear title guaran
teed. Call for circular, Jones, 311 Spruce.
Open Noon.
J, Bolz, the Furrier, 1HS Wyoming ave
nue, whose stock was damaged by tire
last evening will open In a few days and
will offer you bargains thnt have never
been shown to the people of Scran
ton. llirycles for Boys.
Tilttcnbender & Co. are now exhibit
ing n fine line of Juvenile bicycles In
their windows at !!13 Spruce street,
which are the best 'S7 models.
Tailor made fall suits and overcoats,
latest styles, John R03S, 307' Spruce
Steam Healing nnd Plumbing.
P. F. & M. T. Howlcy, 231 Wyoming ave.
We can help you work the Santa
Clans in .a sensible way. Come early
lu the day.
Grent Bargains
In diamonds at Davldow Hros., 217
Lncka. ave. Now Is the time to buy.
150 XX White Envelopes for 17c. at 3c.
Store, G23 Lack'a. ave.
Courscn Is tho Lowest.
Look at the crowds buying. Tlease
lenve your orders early; open until mid
night. '
lluv Her a Cnnifc'i
for Xmas. We have 'em at 203 Wash.
Sleigh Bells' Jingle Heard Last Night for
the First Time.
It Continues Cold and Promises to
' tirow Coldcr-Uimiicns Men Are
" Ilnppy nnd the Ituilruad .Men and
' .Miners Hope to Ho Hnppy Soou.
There Wns Not Kuough Suow to In
teileie with Street Car TralBc.
The snow fall of yesterday and last
evening was hulled with pleasure by
young and old. Christmas without
s'now makes the heart Bad. There wus
not enough uf it to make sleighing
possible, except on the asphalted
streets, but the jingle of bells was
heard on these thoroughfares ' last
It seemed probable during the after
noon that a heavy fall would come and
that the ground would lie whitened to
a uipth of several inches, but this hope
was disappointed hy the appearance of
tlK' moon from behind the clouds, and
it m'dnlght u clear sky overcast the
The merchants had been anxiously
longing for tin- beautiful, for It is an
ll'ctntlve to better business at Yuletlde,
they say. The small boy likes to see
the snow because it provides enjoy
ment for him with his sled. It gives
the blacksmith more work, and it gives
t'.io tool man a greuter demand for his
In the office of the Scranton Trac
tion company a notice Is posted re
quiting the employes to be ready to re
spond in case of a heavy fall. So far
the running of its cars has not been
Intel rupted to any extent. The sweepers-
were sent out over all the lines yes
teiuay. "
To the railroad men the snow and
promised cold weather are the greatest
boons, almost, that could be vouch
safed. There is such a dullness at
present that many conductors have
been put buck ut braking and new
brakemen have had to be dismissed.
Less than half the usual number of
trains were "worked out" on the board
lust night. Whut colder weather would
mean to the miners need not be dwelt
upon. Their deplorable condition and
the beneficent change that would re
sult from a good, long cold snap are
tou familiar to Scrantoriians.
.Malinger Davis Oilers a Fine Per
lorinniicc to His Patrons.
"Little Hoy Hlue" Is the bill at Davis'
theater this week, and It is not saying
too much to state that it Is one of the
best bills that the house hus presented.
It is a pantominc with pauses at ap
propriate Intervals for specialties.
Harry Thorne is the clown and Matt
McCoruiick eusuys the roll of panta
loon. Among the scenes presented are
"Moonlit Abbey," "Farm of Plenty."
"Police Station und Shoe Shop," "The
Mystic Chamber," "The Palace of Nov
ell y," "Maker Shop and Fire Works
Store," "Abode of Darkness," and "The
Grotto of Happiness," In each scene
there is a different specialty introduced
by such famous purveyors of fun and
bewilderment as Dick Leggett, change
artist and vocalist; Alice Jennings,
Eddie O'P.rlen und little Anna Mabel
O'Hrlen, in soiil's, dunces and a novel
sparring exhibition; Maria Wynne,
songs nnd clog dances; the three Menus,
contortionists and knockabout come
dians, and Levinne und Month, equili
brists. The feature of the entertainment Is
the sparring of Alice Jennings. She IS
a clever boxer and manages to make
thing quite lively for her spaning
purtner, Eddie O'Hrlen, who is un old
lioxlng Instructor. They gave a three
round bout without any more hippo
dromlng than is seen in the average
sparring match on the stage. The way
Aiiss Jennings handles her "dukes"
would cause the ordinary lightweight to
huullilu nli., nt fn',.lnn liv tcltli tl.a
mitts. O'Hrlen Is also an exceedingly
clever sparrer and during his stay of
fers $."i0 to any man who can be Induced
to stand up for a four round go.
Reappointed Ten Days After His
llosignntion Was Accepted.
Three times did Alderman Millar re
sign us major and inspector of the
third brigade. The first time It was
not accepted, nor the second time, hut
the third time it was, after he urged
its acceptance on the score that it took
up tou much of his time.
Hut ten days after he received no
tice that his resignation was accepted
he received another notice acquainting
him of the fact that he was reappoint
ed by General Gobln. He has consent
ed to accept the appointment and will
start out soon after Jan. 1 on his visit
of inspection. The order in which he
will make the Inspections will be as
follows: Eighth, Fourth, Twelfth,
Ninth, and Thirteenth regiments. The
Thirteenth will be inspected some time
in Murch.
Warrants Issued for I-oar Twentieth
Ward .Men by Alderman Millnr.
For some past the Scranton Gas and
Water company has been annoyed by
men stealing timber from the land In
lloarlng Hrook township. A trap was
laid for the men and it is alleged that
Hugh Gllmore, Martin Cawley, Pat
rick Poland and Luke Walsh, of the
Twentieth ward, were caught taking
some timber.
A warrant for their arrest was sworn
out before Alderman Millar und each
defendant gave bull in the sum of $300
for his appearance on Dec. TJ at 2 p.
m. for a further hearing.
Slippers! Slippers! Slippers!
10,000 pairs of slippers. A lot of goods
truly, but we will sell every pair of
them as the unheard of low prices will
induce thousunds to buy slippers for
Christmas presents, who otherwise
would not think of a useful present of
this kind. & llrothers is the place. 10,
000 pairs to select from. 5o.S Lackawan
na avenue. Open evenings.
.Most Popular
and Interesting holiday resort In the
city. Heidleman, Htl Wash. ave.
Don't forget the Excelsior Atheletic
club's annual ball on Christmas night
at Music Hall. Admission 50 cents.
Don't squander good money on use
less toys; buy something useful und
Xmnsftoods! Xmas floods!
Jewelry, silverware, watches, etc., at
Davldow Hros., 217 Lucka. ave.
STAtlK-In Dunmore, Pa Dec. 21, 1S!M,
Mahion. Stark, aged 42 years. Funeral
Tuesday noon from his late residence on
Chestnut street. Services In the Dun
more Methodist Episcopal church. In
terment will take place at Nuntlcoke,
the funeral leaving the Scranton Dela
ware, Lavkawannii and Western depot
on the 1.55 p. m. Itloomsburg train.
Ml'RPHY In Scranton, Pa., Monday,
Dec. 21, at 8 p. m.. Joseph, son of Mr
and Mrs. James .Murphy, 1312 Bwetlund
street, uged 2 years and 10 months. Fu
neral Wednesday ttfternuon ut 2.30
Pleasing Programme Rendered by
Well-linowu Artists.
The studio of Ileeve Jones was filled
Monday afternoon with a delighted
audience composed of musical people of
the city, on the occasion of his second
recital. Mr. Jones was assisted by
Miss Florence Itichmond, who played
the second piano part in Mendelssohn's
Concerto, and by Mrs. G. duB. Dim
mlck, who rendered the vocal numbers
on the programme with usual urtistic
finish. The programme was as follows:
Concerto. O minor Mendelssohn
Moito Allegro con fucu Anduiite
Presto Allegro Vivare,
Pouk. (a) on the Wlims Mendelssohn
(b The .q.i'oen Wish I'hopln
l'iuno. Octave Study Kuwalski
SoliK. u Twillehl .Mo.ait
(b), the Lark Schubert
Piano, Polonaise, op. S3 Chopin
Soiur, Mia Plccirella Guineas
Piano, Kuntusla Luciu de Luniinermoor,
It Wus the First Giveu nt the New
Club House.
Last evening occurred the first Ger
man given at the Country club. Mrs.
K. II. Jermyn and Mrs. A. H. Storrs
were ' chaperones. The committee in
charge was composed of Miss Ander
son, Miss Augusta Archbitld and Miss
Simpson. Miss Beth Archbuld assist
ed by Miss Hellii. led the Germun,
which took place after a dainty supper
had been served.
Those present were Mlsn Hunt, Miss
Winton. Miss Purke, Miss Grace Will
iams, Miss Jermyn, Miss Sue Jermyn,
Miss Dale. E. E. Chase. A. E. Hunt,
sr., A. E. Hunt, Jr., George G. Hrooks,
John 11. Hrooks. II. U. Merrill, L. II.
Fuller. F. S. Fuller. F. C. Fuller,
Messrs. linger, Hliss. Jumes Itlair, Jr.,
J. M. Holes, Hedford.
Turkeys, Chickens, Geese nnd Ducks
We have recelvsd a large shipment of
New York and Vermont state poultry,
which Is very line. We invite the public
to look at our stock before Inning.
People's market,
33 and 35 Lacka. ave.
Next to D. & IL station.
Conrsen Is the Lowest,
The big crowds tell the story.
Silverware I Silverware J
Rogers Ilros.' triple plate silver tea
spoons, formerly $2.25 per set, now $1.25
at Davldow Bros., 217 Lacka. ave.
Greatest Display
of books In the city. Heidleman, the
10,000 Pairs.
That's more slippers than all the shoe
dealers In Scranton have put together
und for the next few days we will cut
prices square in two.
Contributions of Poultry, Meat and
Provisions may be sent to St. Luke's
parirh room, 122 Wash, ave,, on Wed
nesday, between the hours of 9 a. m.
and 5 p. m.
Only the Finest Cameras
made are shown In our Holiday Branch,
20o Wash. ave.
Elegant Kleetric Seal
and Astrakhan
SchiM Piano Stands at the Head
AND J. W. GUERNSEY Stands st the Held
in the MuhIo track. You cau alwsys get s
bettor bargain at bis beautiful wareruoms
than nt any other place in the city.
Call and ses for youraelf before buying.
205 Washington Avenue,
Including tho painless extracting of
toetti by an entirely new process.
5. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
311 Spruce St , Opp. Hotel Jermyn.
We have a nice line of Reed Rockers and Chairs.
Also Oak, Hahogany and Willow Rockers.
New Designs, Onyx Top. Prices Reasonable.
A new choice line just Received at $2.25. 30x60 inches
Diamonds, '
Watches. Jewalry,
423 Lackawanna Avam
4 lbs Freuh MixH Candy for 25c
3 lbs French Cra am Bon-Bons, 25c
3 lbs Ch istmas Candy for 25c
2 lbs tot Chocolate Drops, 25c
Finest Peanut or Walnut Taffy,
per pound - - -12c
Finest High Grade, Assorted,
Regular 40c Mixtures, lb 20c
Chocolate Dates, per pound, 7c
Jamaica Sweet Ora.iges, per do 25c
3 lbs of the Following Mixed
Nuts, for - - 25c
Almonds, Walnuts, Pecan, Bra
zils and Filberts.
The Christmas Gift of a Piano
Gives the greatest pleasure If it is one of tho
following: CHICKt-RINJ, IVIiKS & POND,
or LECKERLINU. Sold only by
220-230 Wyoming Ave.
SILVER . . .
Is a new addition to our stock
ut Hottoin Prices. Opened un
other new line of
White China
For Decorating
Prices und styles talk, as we
ure selling lots of it. Will
keep open evenings after the
first of December.
C J. WEll'H EL,
Mears Bide Cor. Wash, and Spruce St.
406 Lackawanna Ave.
i Opp. Wyoming House.
Closed on
Account of Fire.
Be Open
In a Few Days
And will give you
Bargains that have
never been offered
And See.
13$ Wyoming Avenue.
Grand Panorama
Holiday Goods
Outshining in display
all previous efforts.
Outdoing all past values
all previous prices.
S You cannot make a mistake in S
S buying for a Christmas Girt S
I Finer Cat Glassware,
At the Popular
31 Penn Ave. Cpp. Baptist Church f.
Middle of the Block. B
Come to
Scranton Hews Go.
Newspapers, Magazines,
and Story Papers,
Main Stand, - - 103 Wyoming Avenue
Branch Stand, - - sM Linden Street
lu Front of Turkish lluthi.
Lce and Feet with Sub.A.Htragalus Joint
tur Lateral Ankle Movement. Arms and
Hands with Hull ringers, and Elbow
Improved Artificial Limbs
And Anpllanceafor Deformed and Par
atyzed Limb. Manufactured by C. A.
l:Kl;ii$, Broadway. New York.
1332 Penn Avenue,
Scranton, Pa.
B Your Satisfaction Our Aim -S
r r-j Bl
IJaS Dunn's