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A Shower of
Books for Xmas
would be surprising, but no more so
than the collection and prices we have
here. Your favorite book all the
latest publications we have.
Fine Illustrated Books,
' Fine Round Books,
In single vols, and sets,
All the desirable New Books,
All the desirable Standard Books,
In cloth and leather covers,
Children's and Youths' Books,
In great variety of styles and prices,
Bibles, all sizes and styles,
from the small pocket size
to pulpit size,
Sabbath School Books,
', . Library Books, all grades,
v V-uienuars and uooitieis, an sons,
Prayer Books and Hymnals,
Fine Stationery in Cabinets,
Gold Pens in Pearl and other Holders,
Gold and Silver Pencil Cases,
Gold and Silver Watch Chain Novelties,
' Leather Portmonnies and Wallets
1 Toilet Cases, Writing Cases,
rnoto Aioums, scrap Aioums,
Games or Amusement,
Large Toys, in Wood, Iron and Steel.
322 Lackawanna Ave.
The use of Shavings fur beddiug
lor horses or cows is not
But put up like straw In
Small Bales
Is something new.
Cheaper Than Straw,
Cleaner Than Straw,
' Better Than Straw.
.We keep It.
The Weston Mill Go
Chief Robling Will Make a Kcqniai
tioa on the Police Department.
Chief of Police Robling is engaged In
preparing his estimate of the amount
of money that will be required to run
the police department during the fiscal
year, 1897.
The chief will ask the estimate com
mittee to make provisions for addition
ml patrolmen and at least one detective.
Davidow Bros. Store Crowded
With people yesterday, .on account of
the great bargains offered to close out
the business. 217 Lack'a ave.
A Few Left.
Elegant $4 Teachers' Hlbles at $1.50.
Beldlenian, 211 Washington.
.Choice cut flowers and flower de
signs at Palmer & McDonalds, 644
We have just What
you want.
Come now and get the best
assortment ever known.
All Kinds. All Prices.
All Winners.
- For Men, Boys, Youths; for
Ladies, Misses and Children.
All Leathers. All Shades.
A II ?
aii oizes.
UK i
410 Spsa Strrt
Important Agreement Entered Into in
This City Yesterday.
That is the Corporate Nome of the
Corporation That Will Hereafter
Conduct the Trollot Car Business
la This City-Capital Stock is $2,
G00,O00Xame of the Otticcrs of
the Company.
The Valley Passenger Railway com
pany, the Scranton Passenger Ka'ilway
company, the Dunmore Street Railway
company, and the Scranton Suburban
Hallway company, all of which lines
are operated by the Scranton Trnction
company, were yesterday consolidated,
or rather merged with the Scranton
Railway company, which, until recent
ly, was the People's Street Railway
company, of Luzerne county. The con
solidated rouds will be operated under
the name of the Scranton Railway
company after Jan. 1, 1897.
The consolidation was effected at a
meeting of the stockholders of 'the va
rious companies held yesterday morn
ing at the ottlce of the Scranton Trac
tion company in this city. Directors
were chosen as follows: Clarence M.
Clark, president; J. 1. llsley. vice-
president: C. Ford Slovens, secretary
and treasurer: K. W. Clark, Jr., Timo
thy Burke, Frank Sllliman,- Jr.. and
llorace K. Hand, directors. All of the
ntliceis, with the exception of the last
three, are Phlludoiphluns.
The capital stock of the ney com
pany Is S2.S00.iWO, ' divided Into shares
of Jo0 each. The merged '.oinpanles
were capitalized as follows: , alley
Passenger Railway company, '$tiii0,0'j0;
Scranton Passenger Railway company,
$100,000; Dunmore Street Railway com
pany, $30.010; Scranton Railway com
pany, $tioo.ii00: Scranton Traction'Vum
pany, $2,000,000. The stockholders of
the various companies were allowed to
exchange their holdings for shares In
the new company.
By the terms of the agreement the
Traction company's power station on
Providence road and the other realty
owned by the various compunles is
transferred to the new company. Thrtvo
will be no change In the local man
agement of the roads.
Conducted at the Daisy Memorial
Kindergarten 1 esterday.
A Christmas tree never, brought great
er happiness to the hearts of little ones
than it brought to the children of the
Daisy Memorial kindergarten at the
corner of Luzerne street and Main ave
nue yesterday forenoon. There were
fifty of them in all, ranging In age from
three to six years. It was the first op
portunity that many of them ever had
to sit within the shadow of a Christmas
tree and share its treasures and spark
ling eyes and radiant faces told how
little hearts fluttered with happiness
over the occasion. And not only was
there Joy depicted on the countenance
of the children but those of the parents
who were present forgot for a time their
anxieties and allowed the Joy that
welled up from their hearts to cut all
sorts of capers with the lines of care
that seamed their faces.
There fifty little ones gathered from
humble homes, some of them from
homes of real poverty, some from homes
where the densest Ignorance prevails
would rang very well by the side of the
same number of children from any
circle in life as far as refinement of
manner and general Intelligence goes.
Clean hands and faces deference for
their teacher, kindness and considera
tion for one another showing what an
influence a few short months of gentle
and judicious training has had over
them. Kach title one had made a
souvenir as a Christmas gift to their
parents. These were all displayed on
the tree and were marvels of workman
ship when one considers how small
were the hands that fashioned them.
The teacher of this kindergarten Is Miss
Minnie Cowan. A suceesful kindergar
ten teacher must be the possesor of
many and rare qualifications. She must
have Intelligence, patience, sympathy,
love, and a great fund of informotion,
all of which. Miss Cowan possesses in
an eminent degree else her work would
never have been the great success that
it has been. Miss Cowan Is assiBted by
Miss Annie Rose.
The Daisy Memorial kindergarten
was founded and is supported by Miss
Huckley, of New York. It is in memory
of her little daughter, Daisy, and Is
supporting three other kindergartens
In Scranton and vicinity.
She Wat One of the Teachers in St.
Cecilia's Academy.
Bister Macella died In St. Cecelia's
convent on Wyoming avenue yesterday
morning after a long illness. Though
she had not been in good health for
two years, it was not until two weeks
ago that her condition became alarm
ing. Before becoming a sister In the order
of the Immaculate Heart, the deceased
was Miss Klizabeth Finley, of Ulng
hamton. She entered the convent at
Carbondale on Oct. 1, 18SS, as a novice
and on Aug. i, ISM. took. her final vows
at that place. She was then trans
ferred to the Hyde Park convent and
from there to Green Ridge. A year
ago she was r.dded to the force of
teachers at St. Cecelia's acadejny.
The funeral will take place Monday
forenoon. At 10 o'clock a solemn
requiem mass will be begun in St.
Peter's cathedral, at which Rev. J. A.
O'Reilly will be celebrant, after which
she will be burled in the sisters' plot
In Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
Of "Shannon of the Sixth," which
will be produced at the Academy of
Music Monday night, the Boston Daily
Herald says: "There were thrilling
moments galore at the Bowdoin Square
theater last evening, and a crowded
house greeted W. H. Power and his
excellent company of players in 'Shan
non of the Sixth.' The play is a new
one, and was written by K. E. Jvldder,
who has built up a stirring, pictur
esque military drama on a story of
life and love In India during Eng
land's war .with the Sepoys in lxf.7.
Mr. Powers' was a universal favorite
with his audience, and he certainly de
served all the praise bestowed upon
his efforts. He took the part of Lieu
tenant Iarry Shannon." The drama Is
one of strong human Interest from be
ginning to end.
A triumph of the scene-painter and
stage-carpenters' arts will be seen all
Christmas weeit at Davis' theater,
commencing Monday evening. It Is
"Little Boy Blue and the- Good Fairy
Starlight." a mammoth trick-pantomime,
interspersed with a goodly num
ber of the best acts In the profession.
There are ten principal scenes, all new.
filled to overflowing with bewildering
transformations and mystifying tricks,
funny to a degree and Just the enter
tainment to please ana not offend la
dies, gentlemen and children. Over
4.000 feet of canvas has been painted
by Harry Thorne fori this . Immense
production. Every detail Is complete
and a large amount 01 money nas Deen
expended. No matinee can be given
on Monday owing to the heavy work of
preparation. Children will be admit
ted every afternoon during the week,
except Christmas Day, for 10 cents.
Is attracting the attention of modern
playwrights throughout the English
speaking countries. The fifth year of
the play finds the patron of the drama
more deeply interested than ever in hls
Ideal work, and the demand for plays
of a similar nature is constantly In
creasing. The author. James A. Heme,
has already gained a fortune from this
work and It promisee to continue profit
able for many years to come. A real
istic scenic production of "Shore Acres"
will be given at the Academy of Music
Wednesday and Thursday of next
Officials Charged With Neglecting
to Abolish n Public Nuisance.
Warrants were yesterday Issued by
Alderman Wrlsht for the arrest of the
two supervisors of Old Forge township,
Michael McOowan ant! flabriel Bonner,
for wilfully and maliciously maintain
ing a public nuisance. ,
The complaint was made by John
Heuihan who alleged that by reason of
a culvert on the main street becoming
blocked the water in the creek backs
up and tills the cellars of his three
houses, damaging his property and
making them unhealthy for habitation.
He avers that the nuisance has existed
lor six months and that he has fre
quently not i lied, the supervisors of It
and asked them to abate it.
The date of the hearing has not yet
been fixed.
final Lutheran Lntcrtainniciit Will
Take Place Touight.
"TliD fSerman Reformation, or Life of
Luther." the lecture-dramu entertain
ment given Thursday night in the
d'othingham was repeated last ni:-;iit
and with
better s u c
cfss. Mrs. II.
K. Monro? of
whose stere
optlcon lec
ture accom
panys theen
t a i n 111 e n t
was again
most I n
structlve and
The eiiter
t a 1 11 m e 11 t
will be re
peated t o--night.
. mislons of 50
and 25 cents will be charged. There
will be no reserved seats.
The audience was larger than on
Thursday night and the performance
moved along smoothly from start to
flidsh. The groupings in the various
scenes was very effective.
This evening the entertainment will
be repeated when fifty cents will buy
an admission to any part of the house.
Admission' to the gallery twenty-five
The. l'yne lloro'ugh Case Put Over
I'ntil Next Term.
The following cases were yesterday
heard In argument court: Common
wealth vs. John Oreen. rule to show
cause why reward should not be paid;
discharged. Commonwealth vs. Will
iam James, rule to strike off forfeiture.
Commonwealth vs. Jonathan Venison,
rule to strike off forfeiture. In re con
tested election of John J. Ruddy, rule
to place costs on petitioner, in re es
tate of Wilbur F. Peck, rule to allow
counsel fees and costs. In re estate
of Leonard Rachelor, deceased, excep
tions to auditor's report.
The Pyne borough case and the fol
lowing were continued: Commonwealth
vs. Frank Oloss, rule to remit costs; in
re road In Klmhurst, Madison and
Roaring Brook, exceptions to report of
viewers; in re road In Soring Brook
township, exceptions to report of view
ers; In re estate of Richard Cummings,
deceased, rule to pay money into
court; In re estate of Jacob Mengle,
deceased, rule to open confirmation of
widow's appraisement.
They Were Chosen at a Meeting Held
Last Night.
Union Lodge, No. 291, F. nnd A. M., at
a meeting last night In Masonic hall
on Penn avenue, elected the following
oflicers to serve for one year:
Worshipful master. Frank J. Stanton:
senior warden, Ellery C. Thonley ; Junior
warden, Lewis O. Schantz; secretary,
Frank 8. Hall; treasurer, K. P. Kings
bury; trustees, John Beckhorn, Alex.
Dunn, sr., E. A. Newing.
Retiring worshipful master, E. A.
Newing, was chosen representative to
the grand lodge. The oflicers elected
last night will be Installed next Wednes
day evening.
and booklets, Reynolds
Silverware! Silverware!
Rogers Bros, triple plate sliver tea
spoons, formerly $2.25 per set, now
$1.25 at Davidow Bros., 217 Lack'a.
Diaries for 18'j7, Reynolds Bros.
Superb Collection of High Class Oil
Painting II y Eminent Artists.
AH mounted In elegant gold frames,
also the entire stock of C. B. Pratt, con
sisting of a collection of etchings, en
gravings, water colors and everything
embracing. Hoods kept in art store to
be sold without reserve at 247 Wyoming
avenue, corner Linden street on Mon
day and Tuesday. Dec. 21 and 22d, com
mencing with the Piatt collection at
2:30 p. 111. and the collection of paintings
at 7:30 p. 111. A rare opportunity for
lovers of the fine arts. B. Scott, Jr., of
New York, will conduct the sale.
Card cases, bill books, Reynolds Bros.
Over IOO People
were compelled to postpone buying
Christmas present yesterda"- at Davi
dow Bros., owing to the Inability of
the large number of salesmen to prop
erly wait on the immense trade.
Card cases, bill books, Reynolds Bros.
Snnln Clans
heads the procession of wise book
buyers at Beidleman's, 211 Wash., 437
Fine line of gift books, Reynolds
Bring your card plate to The Tribune
for printing.
Gold pens and pencils, Reynolds Bros.
If Vou Want to Buy
any Christmas present we will sell you
goods at less than one-half the actual
cost, to close out the entire stock be
fore April 1st.
217 Lack'a ave.
Gold pens and pencils, Reynolds Bros,
The following is a list of display cards
Kept in stock at this office and for
sale t ten cents each:
Rooms for rent.
For sale.
This property for sale.
Furnished rooms. ;
House for reht.
House to let. etc.
Fine line of gift books, Reynolds Bros.
Journeymen Plumbers Ask a $3 a Day
Rate of Wages.
Cannot Grant the Incrcaso Asked on
Junuury 1 for Two Itcntonn, but
Arc Willing on May 1 to Allow Men
Getting Less Tbnn 83 n Day nn In
crease of Ten Per Cent.
At a meeting of the master plumb
ers of the city last night the mem
bers of the Journeymen's Plumbers
union made a formal demand for a $3
a day rate of wages on and after Jan.
1 for all Jnurneymen plumbers who
nave worked at the trade one year or
upwards more than the apprenticeship
period. In the event of the master
plumbers refusing to grant a rate of
$3 a day the plumbers said they would
refuse to work after the end of the
present year.
Through Its conference committee
the master plumbers some time ago
offered to increase on May 1 by 10 per
cent, the wages of men getting less
than $3 per day.
It was decided last night that the
demand of the Journeymen could not
be granted for two reasons: First,
contracts for the winter's work have
been made on the basis of the present
scale of wageu; second, the master
plumbers claim the right to pay their
workmen according to their worth.
These ' conclusions will be made
known to the journeymen plumbers, to
gether with the further information
that the master plumbers renew their
former offer to grant a 10 per cent,
raise on May 1 to all those who are
receiving less than $3 per day.
If the Journeymen plumbers adhere
to their Intention as expressed in the
communication to last night's meeting,
a strike seems Inevitable. There are
about 100 journeymen plumbers in this
The Names of Those Who Are Mem
hers of It.
At a meeting held in the office of Col
onel H. M. Holes in the Commonwealth
building last night by a number of the
Yale men of the city, a perllmlnary or
ganization, was formed of the Yale
Alumni association, of Scranton. The
meeting was called to order by J. M.
Holes who nominated J. U. Dimmlck
as chairman of the preliminary organi
zation. He was unanimously chosen
and Mr. Boies was selected as secre
tary. A committee consisting of Walter H.
Buell, Major Everett Warren, Henry
Belln, Jr., II. W. Holes, W. J. Hand and
the chairman was appointed to prepare
a 'constitution and by-laws, nominate
officers and arrange the preliminaries
for a dinner to be held in this city dur
ing the Easter vacation. It is probable
that the members of the Yale Olee
club will give a concert about that time
and an effort will be made to have
them at the dinner. The next meeting
Was You In
The crowd at our store ? Every day the same. Some
of our salespeople wondered when dray load after dray load
of merchandise was unloaded and stored throughout the
building until our entire floor space 12000 square feet
fairly groaned. But our buyers were right. The crowds
prove it. Assortment tells. Surely there is but one
Watches Here the particular
as well as the close
buyer can be suited A ladies' solid
gold watch, tyk. and good weight,
Elgin makes the movement, so that
is good, too, $18.50. A saving of
at least $7.50.
Lamps We bid for several left"
over lots that manufac
turers did not sell this fall and
unexpectedly got them all. C72
parlor lamps are too many for most
stores, but we think at the prices
we are enabled to make, you will
take them along.
Cupid Gold-colored little fellow
Lamp !",,.js uP.lhe J'. "
r inches high, Rochester
banner, central draft burner, decor
Today we reduce the price on all
Children's Coats,
Ladies' Coats.
Ladies' Capes,
Silk Waists,
Woolen Waits.
Now is the time to buy.
We are selling Fine Dress Goods
at Special Prices.
will be ht'd when the committee above
named is ready to submit its report.
The following have enrolled as mem
bers of the association: Ex-Justice
Alfred Hand, Judse E. N. VVIIIard,
Judge R. W. Anhbald. ex-Judge W. H.
Jessup, Col. H. M. Boles, Hon. J. A.
Scranton, Major Everett Warren. Dr.
N. Y. Leet. Dr. P. F. Gunster. James
Archbald, jr.. Joseph Archbald, T. F.
Archbald, Henry ISelin, Jr., Paul R.
Belln, Lawrence Bliss, H. W. Boies. J.
M. Boles. Walter li. Buell, E. H. Con
nell, T. E. Connell, Fred Connell, J. B.
Dhnmick, Ralph Hull. A. G. Hunt, A.
E. Hunt. Jr., Horace E. Hand. W. J.
Hand, W. H. Jessup, C. S. Jennings,
J. H. Neale, J. W. Oakford. James
Ruthven. a. E. Stevens. C. S. Woodruff,
and George Woodruff of this city und A.
P. Thompson and Mr. Weston, of
W. J. Lewis is President nnd the
Capital Stock 8300,000.
The following dispatch was received
by The Tribune last night:
Harrisburg, Pa.. Dee. 18. A charter was
granted nt the state department toilay to
the Susquehanna Connecting Railroad
company, which will build a line twenty
two miles lonif from a point on the Wilkes
Barre unt! Eastern railroad, eleven miles
cast of W:ikes-B:irre, to Wlnton, III Lack
11 wan nn county, on the Prlreville and Wln
ton railroad. V. J. Lewis, of S.'runton,
Is president. Capital stock, p,l))0.
Inkstands, brass and oak, Reynolds.
Ladies' Solid Silver Watches.
$2.75 and $3.00; cannot be purchased
elsewhere for less than $5 or $6. They
are of the best make, and give genuine
satisfaction to the mirchaser.
217 Lack'a ave.
Cold Pens, Pencils, Reynolds Bros.
You Are the Loser
If you don't visit our holiday store.
Beldlenian, 211 Wash. ave.
Dressing cases at Reynolds Bros.
Salesmen Wanted.
Ten experienced salesmen wanted
Immediately at Davldowt Bros., 217
Lack'a. ave. " -
Inksands, brass and oak, Reynolds.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If It
falls to cure. 25 cents.
Dressing cases at Reynolds Bros,
Rogers Uros.' Silverware.
Quadruple plate silver cake baskets,
$5.60, now $2.75, at Davidow Bros., 217
Lack'a. ave.
Fountain Pens, Reynolds Bros.
Why let your home and business be destroy
ed through strong drink or morphine whea
rou can be cured in four weeke at the Kseley
nstitute, 78 Madleon nronne. Scraatoa, Fa.
the Cats Will Bear lavastlf ttlM.
ated china globle or silk shade,
J 1. 90 instead of $4,
Onyx Six Inch onyx column
Lamp co'urnn brass finish,
with large silk shade,
$4 instead of 5.
Crockery When we say real
Haviland dinner sets
for $28, our patrons turn over the
cups to look for the name. It's
true ; every piece stamped. $28
the set.
Yes. we have them. Full din
ner set, decorated English ware,
. S5.00.
303 Lackawanna
For Christmas Gifts,
A very fine assortment of
Toilet and Fancy Articles,
Ladies' Kid Gloves,
Gent's Kid Gloves,
Children's Gloves and Mittens, Etc,
Regular goods not satisfactory
may be exchanged after Christmas
415, 417, Lackawanna
Christmas Presents
Are you careful when joa boy china
or glass? You are when you hatdle
it Why not ' be still more careful
when you. select It when you buy it?
Isn't bard to select good either, not
when you have a stock like ours to
select from. Prices make it easier.
Many people have bought lamps of as
lamps that give light lots of it.
We believe that lamps should give
light first and be beautiful afterwards
useful and then ornamental
Dinner, Tea
Toilet Sets
Silverware, Etc.
134 Wyoming Avenue.
Walk in and look around.
Open Evenings.
If yon hnvo any Dental Work you want dona
you will eave money by seeing me before go
ing eleowhere. When I nay I am Inserting
Guaranteed to aave the teeth from further
decay, I mean it. I am doing the very beet
dental work at lowor prices than others and
can prove it by calling at my ottlce. Exami
nation costs yon nothing. Jf you want a gold
crown or
Called Crown nnd Bridge Work. Remember,
I make only one grade the very best IKK.
gold and good weight and the price Is right.
316 Sprnce Street,
Next Door to Hotel Jermya.
Tou can save money by buying specta
cles of Sllverstone, the eye specialist, at
309 Lackawanna avenue, onely one flight
over the Lehigh Valley ticket office. The
following prices will satisfy you that they
ore the cheapest in the city: Solid gold
rimmed spectacles at (3.60 per pair; filled
bows at $2: nlckle bows from 60c. to 11.60;
aluminum bows from 75c. to $2.00; colored
glasses from 25c. to $1.25. We have a large
line of reading glasses, the best In the
market, at 25c. per pair. Opera and mag
nifying glasses at reduced prices. Of
fice hours, 8 a. m. to 12m.; 1 to 6 p. m.
Remember that your eyes will be exam
ined freo and satisfaction la guaranteed.
School of Music, 520 Spruce St
Mrs. Katharine Thiele,
Voice Training, Solo Singing.
Ernest Thiele,
Violin, Piano, 'Cello ensemble Both
teachers at celebrated Scharwenka
Conservatory, New York. Also other,
competent teachers engaged. Mr. Thiele
is the successor to the late
AvsnuB, Scrantoi,
We offer about 50 Boys
3-piece Suits, (short, pants),
sizes 12 to 16 years, at al
most nothing. . , '
These Suits are heavy
weight, nice mixtures, and
formerly sold for $7.00, $8.00
and $10.00.'
Choice for
Of the best makes and styles at prices
that will astonish you. Everybody
buys at the same price.
was agreeably surprised to find such a
line line of overcoats and suits at prices
lower than the lowest in this county at
Kiamer Bros.,
T rk e
will) R
Bargains For Monday.
Table Linens,
Linen Sets.
Cotton Blankets,
Woolen Blankets,
Bed Spreads.
Men's Natural Wool Underwear worth $1, for 75c.
Men's very heavy Natural Wool Underwear for 88
cents, never sold before for less than 1.35.