The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 19, 1896, Page 10, Image 10

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Aeother Ray of Hope
For Consumptives.
An Illinois Physician Explains How He Has
Devised a Plan to' Cure Nine Out of Ten
Cases of Tuberculosis.
Since the downfall of the Koch
lymph there has been no fcticrae for
the cure of conHumption comparable
In Ingenuity with that recently made
public by Dr. W. A. Shepnrd. or KlKln,
111. As reported In the Times-Herald
ot ChlcnRo this discovery of his 1h the
result of twelve years of study and ex
periment. It was used seven years,
with gradual and scientific changes,
before It was made public. The doctor
Kept his mixtures secret, not that he
wus undesirnus of giving the world the
benefit of his deductions, but to save
failure In the hands of experimenters.
The process was strong, as the enemy
was strong, but now thut he Is con
vinced beyond a shadow of a doubt
that he has solved the mystery he is In
viting professional examination, and
there is barely a day passes that some
phyitlclan does not visit the laboratory
to learn the truth of Dr. Shepard's po
sition. . .
It was decided In the beginning that
the thing to Up in handling consump
tion was to provide by artificial means
the benefits which result from the nat
ural helps found In the climates which
nve helpful. Dr. Shepard went to New
Mexico, find at a high altitude made ex
periments, seeking to gather the secrets
from the air.
He was partially successful, and,
coining home to Klgin, began the build
ing of a device which should encourage
the deep inhalations which come natu
rully to one who either comes suddenly
into cold, crisp atmosphere or invari
ably results at high altitudes. He took
advantage of the first symptom of con
sumptiona prolonged expiration, an
increased attempt of the lungs to throw
olf the enemy which is Inking posses
sion of the tissues. This he accom
plished by an apparatus In which the
nlr should be exhaled against a certain
amount of resistance, and In this way
etch cell was rfiven a course in gym
nastics. This was the first step Dr. Fhepard
then took up the accepted theory that
Jio chemical could be Introduced into
the lungs powerful enough to destroy
the microbe without destroying also
the tissue. He then reasoned that It
was Impossible to kill the microbe. The
oniy practical thing to uo was to find
remedies which would so strengthen
the sound parts of the lung that they
should be safe against the attack of
the microbes, and by their health
should make the lungs so active that
even the ' most ambitious mlcrooe
should be frightened and induced to
leave the body. It was to be a plan
In which the good cells should light
the battle for the crippled ones, and by
their activity drive out the disease. It
was an easy process to arrive at thp
Instrument a long delicate one to find
exactly the ingredients upon which the
strong cells would grow stronger and
defy the attacks of the microbes.
Shorn of the technical words, the so
lutions which supplement the work of
the gymnastics are composed of Iodine,
phenal alcohol, bromine and the vari
ous preparations from the seaweed and
various tar products. The combina
tions vary according to the condition
of the patient. In soms Instances chief
among the remedies are carbolic acid,
Iodine and a combination - arranged
that formaldehyde Is given off when
air Is passed through the machine.
These are highly inimical to microbe
growth, and. while they do not ue
stroy it. then render the conditions so
unfavorable that the microbes will not
multiply, and the patient is able to
throw oft the destroyer.
Dr. Shepard. who has had some of
his most phenomenal cases Investigat
ed by a wholly disinterested commis
sion, witn Mayor wayne at tne neau
Anally reached that place in his In
vestigation where it was possible to
combine the gymnastics and the anti
septics anil stimulants. This he ac
complished by an inhaling apparatus.
It consists of an ordinary spirometer.
There are two tubes, connected with
the mouth piece. The inhalation is
made through one, the exhalation
through the other, two valves in the
mouth piece cutting oft one tube when
the other 19 In us?. Tne lnnaiauon
tube passes Into a bottle Inside the
spirometer. The air pastas inrougn
the bottle and picks up the antiseptics
in the form of vapors. The effect is
almost Instantaneous, causing a sensa
tion like nothing else than one would
feel from nourlng water Into the lungs.
The remedies are felt Into the farther
most corners of the lungs.
Having filled the lunea to their full
est capacity, the rule Is to force every
particle of air out through the exnal
ation tube. It passes Into the splrom
eter, which arises with small resist
ance. This calls into play every
muscle of the chest, and by the activity
drives the remedies farther Into the
cells than during the inhalation. It is
known that for each foot In stature,
the lungs of the Individual should be
capable of an unvarying air capacity.
It has been found by the investigation
that as soon as this caplclty Is reached
or approximately reached, either by
the complete banishment or tne mi
crobes from the diseased portion or by
the development of the portions which
have not been destroyed, the patient Is
out of danger. The records of the la
boratory prove that The capacity im
proves from the very beginning and It
is also shown that the capacity has
been Increased In four weeks from a
tiny amount to 170 at each inhalation
So much for the method. A word about
the result.
"I feel perfectly safe In saying that
consumption is a curable disease," said
Dr. Shepard last night. "All cases can
be cured. If taken at the proper time.
No case need be lost If taken before the
lung structure Is so exhausted that
there is nothing left for the remedies
to act upon. I have always had a hor
ror of foisting upon the public an un
developed theory and feel that it Is a
very serious matter to claim one has a
cure for consumption until it has been
used long enough to know that It is a
cure for consumption, and that the
cure, when made, is permanent. I find
that where the treatment is applied to
those who have hereditary tendencies
to consumption that that tendency
8ecmes to be completely eradicated
and the patients left In such condition
that there is really very little danger
of their acquiring the disea- In other
words, they seem to be Immunized
against it.
"The tendency of medical thought In
these days is, to fads and sensational
methods. This la neither of them, but
merely a plain, common sense combi
nation of old-fashioned means to pro
duce results Indicated by recent scien
title researches. The essential features
are the distensions of the air culls, the
gymnastic exercise of the chest ntus
cles, which increases the patient's
power or breathing, the antiseptics,
which retards the multiplication of the
baciliia. and the Internal medicines
given for the diathetic condition of the
"The formulas are not secret. We
use various remedies, according to the
condition of the patient, chief among
which are carbolic acid, iodine and a
combination so arranged as to give
over formaldehyde when air Is drawn
through It. These are highly inimical
to microblc growth, and, while It is ab
solutely impossible to Introduce any
substance into the . human body so
powerful as to destroy the microbes
without destroying also the tissues of
the body, we can render the conditions
so unfavorable that they will not mul
tiply, and the patient will have a
chance to throw them off.
"In seven years I have not lost a
single case In the first stage, and have
cured a large proportion of those In the
suppurative stages. I took a case in
Denver last June the daughter of an
official of the Northern Pacific rail
road, whose home was In St. Paul. She
had been In New Mexico and Colorado
for several months and had failed to
improve. At the time of taking her
case she had all the classical symptoms
of tuberculosis cough, daily fever,
emaciation and other symptoms pecu
liar to the later stages of the disease.
In November her father brought her to
Chicago to have me decide, upon ex
amination, whether she could return to
St. Paul this winter. I found a rosy.
Health is the best inheritance. It leaves
its influence even to the third and fourth
generation. What greater happiness bas
life in store for any man than to live to a
green old age surrounded by his children
and his children's children, and see them
11 robust, happy and successful. Happy
the man who lives to carve at the wedding
suppers of his grandchildren. Picture your
self a gray-haired but hearty old man at the
head of the table at vour grandson's wed
ding, thanking your Maker for the blessing
of long life, and asking the blessing of
good health for generation , yet unborn. It
les in almost every man's power to De thus
blessed if he will. If he will only obey Nat
ure's laws and be watchful of his health,
he will have long life and happiness.
The best nreserver of health is Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. It keeps the
digestion perfect, the liver active, and the
blood pure. It is the best flesh-builder and
nerve invigorator. The man who resorts to
it whenever he feels any symptoms of ap
proaching til-health will live to a Hearty old
age. Druggists sell it Nothing else is
just as good."
T. B. Holt, of Whittens Stand. Wayne Co..
Tenn., writes : " In October, 1(190, I wn taken
with a hurting in the back of my neck which
steadily grew worse. I consulted a .doctor. He
gave me a course of treatment but I gradually
grew worse under it. At last my trouble ran Into
wliat was called ' spinal affection. ' I could hardly
walk about at all. Finally I became as helpless
as a child. 1 wrote you at Buffalo, N. Y., in re
gard to my condition and you answered me
Siomptlv and prescribed Dr. Pierce's Golden
ledical 'Discovery. I took the ' Discovery ' aud
soon got well. My health continues good."
Druggists sell Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pel
lets. They cure constipation. They cure,
quickly and permanently and never gripe.
One is a gentle laxative ; two a mild
hearty-looking girl, apparently per
fectly, well. The upper and middle
lobes of the right lung were complete
ly aesiroyed as far as usefulness was
concerned, but perfectly cicatrised and
"We have people living here In Elgin
who were given up by their doctors six
or seven years ago and are now work
ing every day and are perfectly well.
There are two people living at Des
Plaines whose cases were pronounced
hopeless by their physicians, but they
were cured by this treatment five years
ago, and are apparently as well as
anyone. The most positive proof of
improvement is the gradual diminution
of bacilli found upon successive micro
scopic examinations of the sputa. The
reason that the cures are permanent is
that the ulcerations are gradually
healed and the remaining healthy lung
tissue is opened up and developed. This
process takes time, and is In marked
contrast to any plan of simply destroy
ing the bacilli. If It were possible to
suddenly and absolutely destroy every
bacillus in the patient he would very
soon be as bad as ever, for we are con
stantly exposed to the contagion, and
It requires a certain weakened condi
tion to make it possible for the germs
to b.'coine implanted. If, then, we de
stroy the germs without improving the
general and local conditions, we mere
ly drive the cows out of the field and
leave the bars down for them to come
In again.
"A very large percentage of our cases
have been living in the same house
with or have nursed cases of consump
tion within two years, and in many In
stances the contagious nature of it is
perfectly plain. In one family of four
children one had consumption, follow
ing la grippe. Hy the time he died the
other three were beginning to show it.
One of them has since died, another Is
in a very low condition and the third
is nearly cured.
"Heredity Is not so dangerous us has
been popularly supposed. In over f0
cases about 60 per cent, report a history
of the disease In the family. 1 tliMK cr
500 men on the street nearly as large
a percentage would be found to have
consumption in the family. It Is the
most common of all diseases.
Chicago physicians who have Inves
tigated the discovery believe that much
of the mystery surrounding the dis
ease has been cleared up. Dr. Will T.
8h?pard In the Masonic Temple, says:
"It Is scientific, rational and In accord
with the latest researches made In the
treatment of consumption."
Dr. E. S. Bailey In Michigan uvenue
has studied the effects and declares It
Is 'an excellent adjuvant In the treat
men: of lung and bronchial diseases."
He is 11 cluM'inate of Dr. SheparJ.
Dr. J. .1. Thompson In the Marshall
Field building says: "The discovery of
Dr. Shepard cf Elgin is one of the
best possible means of treating lung
troubles. I can recommend the lis of
it to very pre rt dinner. I am convinc
ed rif lis value in the line of its claims."
Dr. Carter, of Marion, Intl., who was
recently at the laboratory, writes that
he has adopted it In his practice and
knows of nothing else of modern inven
tion equal to it in the treatment and
cure of consumption.
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