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IJc $eran(on CriBtmc
1 U) and Weekly. No Sunday EdIUoa.
Published at Scrantoa. Pa., by Tns Tribune
Publishing Company.
Kew York Office: Tribune Bnlldlns. Frank &
umy, Manager.
ricoND Ci.Asa uah. attr.
All the prophets agree In predict
Iiik nn extra session. Let it come.
There Is plenty of work for one.
The Pirate In Business.
Monday's pronouncement ly the
court of this county in the matter of
the attachment proceedings frmwins
out of the Driesen failure, besides pass
Ins upon some phases of the act of 1W19
not heretofore Judicially Interpreted,
struck a vigorous blow nt an evil which
Is assuming grave proportions. It Is
the practice of defrauding foreign cred
itors, and Is carried on to an extent the
average layman little dreams of. One
direct effect is the serious Injury to the
credit of the city In some of the large
markets of the country, und as a result
great Injury Is worked to men who are
ambitious to embark in business In n
legitimate way. I'nless backed by
abundant capital tiny find their busi
ness road a thorny one in consequence
of the suspicions which the methods of
the pirates have sent broadcast.
The vigorous language of the court
in speaking of the piratical business
methods recently brought to Its atten
tion will have n good effect. It will be
notice to business parasites that the
eye of justice Is upon them, and that
they cannot hope to cany their plans
to a successful conclusion unless they
keep well within the pale of the law.
When a failure incurs It will not do to
Juggle with facts and accounts and
then endeavor to becloud the whole
proceedings with testimony prepared
for that purpose. On that point the
language of the court Is commendably
clear anil (Kclsive.
In no state has any branch of the
law attained perfection, but it Is the
universal complaint In the business
world, enst, west, north and south, that
the laws for the punishment of men
who in business transactions rob as
boldly and deliberately as does the
highwayman who lies in wait for his
victim, are entirely Inadequate. High
way robbery is one of the gravest
crimes on the criminal calendar and
one of the most severely punished.
Puslneb-s highway robbery, owing to
the defective condition of our laws,
never rises above false pretenses and
in only about one case In a hundred
Is It possible to hold the robber oo even
that trivial charge.
With this as the condition of affairs
it is gratifying to see the courts take
a stand that may prevent the highway
man from walking smilingly out of
court with a quasl-legifl seal of ap
proval on his business methods while
the stolen dollars bulge from his
The sllverites now propose to prose
lyte among the business men. To all
the comfort they can get they will be
The Wilkes-Barre Record, hi wcll
fnigned innocence, observes:
Why fhouM ihe combining oZ tho coun
try member to led tho speaker be iv.
circled it a "sluu" at Quay or a "snub"
to Histbigs? Tliero are lCi so-called
country member" and 39 Philadelphia
members. We fall to see any logical rea
fon why the lt'5 should not unite, if they
can, to elect one of their own number
11s their presiding ottlcer; nor do we sea
why doln? so should tie regarded ns an
Indignity to cither Quay, Hastings, or any
other i"cogniz.d party lender. Thu
country" candidate for the speakership
havd all expressed tho hope that tha
Vnlted States senatorsliip question should
not enter into the speakership contest, and
that is rljilit. .Mr. iju.iy I said to deslro
tho election of Mr. Iloyer to the speaker
hip. That Is all right. He is entitled to
his choice the same us any other Repub
lican. Possibly Governor Hastings also'
fuvois Mr. Hoyer, and he too Is entitled to
n preference If he has one. Hut neither
the senator nor the governor is Justified-In
regarding ns a personal nn 1 politi
cal enemy every Republican member of
the legislature who may prefer soma
othi-r than .Mr. Hoyer for the speaker
ship. CV'n.-ernlne the right of country mem
bers or citv members or groups tf
both to combine at pleasure for any
purpose within their reach there can
not of course b two opinion That
tight exists and Is not cilsputed. The
next point to consider Is whet net it Is
pIwrvs prudent and expedient to util
ize such a right. In the present case,
ex-Speaker Iloyer was put forward
ns n candidate for another term as
speaker, not because he Is a "city"
member-elect, but because hf. Is by all
odds the. ablest and most experienced
parliamentarian in the house and be
cause moreover he Is in thorough sym
pathy with Senator Quay's piogtamme
of reform legislation He was In the
field in his own name and right long
before the present or, perhaps we
should sav recent, "combine;" was
formed. The latter was Insttsated di
rectly by factional enemies of Sen
ator Quay--by men who are showing
gratitude to him for past kindnesses
by plotting night and day to destroy
him. Their cry of country against city
Is an old scare cry with nothing in it,
nud it Is used now as it has been used
before, solely to accomplish a factional
purpose. The men who are manipulat
ing, this movement the sly chaps who
don't appear on the surfuce are en
emies both to Quay and Hastings and
these two eminent. Republicans would
nut be human did they not recognize
this fact and take steps looking to
their own protection.
AVe make this explanation, not for
the Record's -sake,- for it knows the
facts ns well as we do and Is simply
posing for effect; but to enlighten any
of our leaders who may not have un
derstood the; exact purport of the or
ganized antagonism to Hoyer. It is
a blow at the present leadership of
the pat ty In Pennsylvania lacking only
strength to accomplish Its titter anni
hilation. Those who favor that leader
ship and are mindful of the victories
it has accomplished naturally stand
by Hoyer.
"We do not doubt." remarks Colonel
McOlure apropos of the intpntloi o the
Wanatnaker and Penrose forces to tight
for the Hnlted States senatorship In
part by petitions, "that half a doxfen
canvassers In this city could obtain in
a sl.igle day I, law names to a pe;.'Iou
recommending that Me. W ii.iuiiKer.
Mr. Penrose, Mi. Harrison. Mr. Young
or Mr. WJdener WimuH be executed on
the gibbet and. then drawn und quar
tered." That Is true almost every
where. The petition as a political sign
board is most unreliable.
Civil Service Bminds.
It is lepXrted that President Cleve
land Is considering the advisability of
placing fourth-class postmasters on the
civil service list. He has the power to
do so if he deems It advisable, and
a strong effort is lieins made by pres
ent holders of these ofllces to induce
him to use that power, thereby en
trenching them asalnst future dismis
sal. The fact that the present exe
cutive has extended the civil service
law over clerks, letter-carriers and mis
cellaneous employes of first and sec
ond class is taken as gtound for the
prediction that he will not leave his
administration's fourth-class appoint
ees to the uncertain mercies of a Re
publican regime.
There is no doubt that from the
standpoint of the Republican congressmen-elect
it would simplify matters
were Mr. Cleveland to fulfil this Inten
tion. Patronage to congressmen is u
source of weakness instead of strength,
livery man named for a postotllce
means a dozen men offended and pre
pared at the earliest opportunity to
take 'summary revenge. The putting
of fourth-class ollices on the civil ser
vice list would do away with nine
tetiths of the patronage worriments
of each member-elect of the Fifty
ilfth congress and leave him free to
strengthen himself among his consti
tuents by the performance of more se
rious and more generally acceptable
public service than the parcelling out
of spoils.
Hut on other rrounds wo fear that
the proposed move Is Impracticable.
It would carry with It In fairness and
logic the necessity eventually of ap
plying the same rules to the selection
of first and second class postmasters,
and to this few thoughtful citizens
would nsent. The head of a large post
olllce is an executive official wtio ought
to be in sympathy with the policies of
the administration in power and direct
ly responsible to that administration
for the carrying out within his area
of tesponsibility of its ideas and its
will. To make his office one eif life
tenure would be to encourage the swell
ing of his head far beyond the bounds
eif prudence or public comfort. The
application of civil service rules should
stop nt the line which divides skilled
labor, working under direction, from
executive brain and managerial re
sponsibility. It is Interesting to note that the Ma
gee force In Allegheny nnd elsewhere
are lining up for Waiiissiakor and
against Iloyer.
The Popular Vote.
Approximately complete returns from
every state In the union relative to the
receot presidential election Indicate the
following popular vote, which Is olllclal
so far as the two leading candidates
are concerned:
a n.
K.l, !!'
?l, Kit
m 177
is. ITS
mer. 6.ID1
Alabama i" 1 . 7;43
Arkansas 3T.rIJ
California IK. J 1 7
Colorado 22.7K5
Connecticut lli'.'.Ni
Florida ll.'iir.
i Borgia ttV'-'l
Idaho Mm
Illinois r,!i,.-,77
Indiana :E3.I9
Iowa 2S7.1M
Kansas 1 !.-' '.7
Kentucky SIM",
Maine i.12!
.Maryland M,m
.Massachusetts 2'i7,77
.Michigan id,
.Minnesota J'.t.t. I'.i
Mississippi I.IMJ
.Montana l".pm
Nebraska IiliS
Nevada 1.7"ii
New Hampshire ... TC.IU
New Jersey 221. t!7
New York 7'.i.'i.271
North Carolina ... iXutS
North Hakota W-i
Ureson .. .2PS
Pennsylvania 72;"t
Rhode Island 3H.4:7
South Carolina 7.M
Houth Dakota 4r,.M0
Tennessee 1 lx.773
Texas J.-.I.422
rtah U4
Vermont 49.
Washington WUM
West Virginia 1ii2.i)
Wisconsin ZC.CV!
Wyoming lo.73
4. :;.tl
2, tew
5. -.'I7
3, WO
Totals 7,030,518 C.221,552 i:w,070
Th? total vote cast Is 13"79,S3S, ap
proximately, including about 10(1,000
Prohibition votes and 50,000 Prj-an nnd
Watson votes. McKinley's- plurality
Is S2S.9G4, whie'h is the largest on rec
ord. In ISfSO Lincoln had 4!ll,19."; In 1SC4
he had 407,34:!; in 1SCS Grant had 305.456.
and In 1S72, 762,991: In IS76 Tllden had
2:in,!).i5 although Hayes was clcttted; In
1SS0 Garfield had 7.018; In 1S84, Cleve
land had 62,:!S; In lxs lie had 1W.017
although Harrison was elected, and In
tS2 he had 3S0.S10.
We do not see tho logic of the sugges
tion that Oeneral Harrison, having once
been president, could not with propiie
ty become a cabinet adviser to another
president of the same political faith.
We think it would be a magnificent
object lesson In propriety were he to
do that very thing.
Electricity fr.itn Coal.
Pome time ago reference was made
In The Tribune to the Jacques process
of generating electricity directly ficm
coal without the Intermediary use of
steam. The man who solved thin long
perplexing problem, Dr. William W.
Jncqnes, of Hoston, has In the Decem
ber Issue of Harper's magazine nn In
tereEting paper descriptive of his ex
periments and of the conclusions thus
fur reached.
From this we learn that the appar
atus first used was very simple. A
platinum crucible was partially filled
with common potash, kept
suspension over a gas llame. A lump
of coke was hung in the potash by a
platinum wire. Into the medten potash
a stream of air was blown through a
tube. The wire holding the coke was
the negative pole, and a second wire
attached to the crucible was the, posit
ive pole of the generator. The oxy
gen of tho air combined with the car
bon; the production of hat was pre
vented by . the liquid; a conducting
path was afforded in which a current
of electricity was developed; the two
wires were attached to a small electric
motor, which moved in proportion to
the t in tent of air blown Into the liquid.
I vfinlng an "electrolytic carrier" us a
liquid which allows atoms of oxygen
ami a current eif electricity to pass
tbrough it. Dr. Jacques says: "Stat
ed scientific-ally, my discovery is that
if the oxygen of the air be caused to
combine with carbon, not directly as
in combustion, but through an inter
vening electiolytlc carrier, the stored
t:p energy of the carbon may be con
verted dir.Htiy Into electrical energy,
ami not Into beat. Stated crudely, my
Invention consists in generating elec
tricity by causing the oxygen of the nlr
to combine with coal beneath the level
of a suitable liquid."
Dr. Jae-o.ues deies not claim that this
invention has yet been brought to a
point where It Is commercially avail
able, though he thinks that he has
mude substantial progress and believes
that the object can be attained. If his
belief Is justified, there is, of course,
as the New York Times points out,
"nothing less than a revolution Im
pending more Important In Its ultimate
effects than the discovery of steam
power and the invention of the steam
engine. 'Electricity Is already not only
a motive power, but a source of heat
nnd light. It is now produced, ne-ce-riling
to Dr. Jacques, at an average
waste of 97.4 per cent., and by the use
of only 2.6 per cent, of the energy the
oretically obtainable from coal, though
the maximum results are at least three
times as good as this. Dr. Jacques'
two-horso-power apparatus, he Bays,
saves 32 per cent. That Is an enor
mous gain. Imagine the value of the
coal supply of the world multiplied by
four, taking the best results now got,
or by 12, taking the average; then
imagine even that gain doubled! It
makes Aladdin's lamp pale in Its in
ched mil glow,"
And think, too, of Its possible bear
ing on the ccal trade!
Dingley, of Maine, Is the latest sure
tip for secretary of the treasury. Ding
ley would be a prudent, cautious, ex
perienced and thoroughly honest llnan
cier. His appointment would command
general respect.
Judge Goff, of West Virginia, is be
lieved by many to be the owner of the
hut which, utter March 4, will sit on
tho brow of the next attorney-general;
and a good one he'd be, too.
Walter Wellman savs that Marls
Hanna would prefer the navy to the
treasury portfolio. Mark, It will be
remembered, Is something of a Bkip
per himself.
Jiist a Word op TuDo
of Casiial Mention
Hcranton possesses a clean young man
of sued pau-utase who with a lew otiicr
has been suspended from Princeton until
after th holidays 11 " i aophomure itel
partit-lpali.-d in a prank against a purly
ot fi tshnua. The sophs attired thviueslves
la fuol bail outlit one evening and lay in
wait for seven treshnien who wete rtturu
ir.g fruai an tiwtiing gathering ot a re
ligious nature. '1 he : let hies wore out
numbered und wets hustled to a secluded
spot where in thi-ir clean linen und nu
uttiru they were forced to play foot ball.
The result was rather disastrous to the
freshmen's garments. The faculty heard
of it and decided upon summary punish,
nient of thu offenders, for hazing, whllej
generally tabooed at Princeton, is almost
a crime If practiced upon students geiing
to or returning from any gathering of
a religious nuture. The faculty wus bat
tled in Its search but the seniors did a
little successful detective work. Through
them the names of the guilty sophs be
came known to the faculty, and the sus
pension resulted.
"Oh, Just one kiss!" he fondly cried,
"Une kiss I crave from thee.
But grant it, and the heavenly gates
Will stand ajar for me."
She raised her ruby lips to his,
Hut they ate foes today.
Tho foul took only one, and so
Sho ordered him away.
Cleveland Leader.
Rev. John Griffin, of the West Side, Is
preiHirlng for the press a book on "The
Welsh Pilgrim Fathers of Pennsylvania,"
on which subject he delivered two lec
tures In St. David's hall lust soring, llr.
tirirtlth was until recently temporary pas
tor of the Sumner Avenue Presbyterian
church. When asked by a Tribune repor
ter yesterday concerning his plana lo- the
future he said that his present Intention
was to remain in this city. The prepara
tion of his book Is now engaging the
greater part of his time and attention.
"What you need Is a. warmer climate,
Vr. Urumpey,'- said the doctor In hi
most petsuadve lone. "1 guess you'll get
rue there nil right enough' was 'the un
gracious respoiue. Dutioil FreO Frees.
John D. Mlshler, of tho Mlsh-Ici-Bui'Kumler
circuit of theaters, Is a
firm believer in a six-year presidential
term. He writes on the subject to tho
Philadelplilt Times: "We have experi
enced with much relief a longer term for
the mayor of our city and for tho li-ss
frequent meeting of the state legislature.
For the ntlon. b-ss political agitation
would be- an Incalculable advantage. 1
would like to heat common sense reasons
why the people should continue to hava
this political and llnanciul turmoil every
four years. 1 am associated with eleven
theaters In Eastern Pennsylvania, und my
experience with leading theatrical ma li
ngers throughout the country Is such that
I believe the receipts this full, on account
cf politics, parades, meetings, etc., for
amusements were diminished half a mil
lion dollars. If not more. The effect on all
business cHimot bs correctly estimated.
Manufactories ran almost i t a standstill.
Many thoiihumis of persons are Idle for
months, expecting a political appointment
if their candidate is elected, and as th"re
urc always half a dozen or more appli
cants for each position, nnd as the two
sides cannot both win. It can readily be
imagined the disappointment of a great
number of men nnd women. Those peo
ple would lie employed or Becking employ
mint if It were not for 'the presidential
election.' They live on credit, bolster up on
the hope of securing some appointment,
and whe-n the de-eision comes against them
they are distracted with disappointment.
.More people have been made Indoh-nt
through association with politics than
through any other chnntiel. 1 feel usstired
that a change In the term of the president
of the Cnittil States, with Its adjuncts,
would be a great blessing to the American
people." .Mr. .Mlshler is right.
fier face was her fortune, you know,
And bitter Is her cut),
For her face Is nil gone, and now
She has to have it chalked up.
Washington Star.
Next Monday night tho Sernnton whist
club will send one dozen of its expert
players to Kimlra to do battle nt dupli
cate whist w!th twelve representative
of the Century club of that place. Tiio
match isi attracting considerable atten
tion. "I h.-nr, sir, that you .illed me fat
beaded." "Hear me. how o.'s rimuirki
do net misrepresented! If I said any
thing of the sort at all, I must h.iva su'ld
thut you were broad-minded." Indiana,
polls Journal.
ii!igtcssiiiun-e!ict Morgan B. Williams,
of Luzerne, has hit uiwii an Interest Iiik so.
Iiitluu or the patroiiHge problem. He tells
applicants for postotllces without any
equivocation Just whom he intends to roc
ommeiul for appointment, and tells th.-m
at once. Thereby he gives tha disappoint
ed ones time In which to coo! off and
spares them a great deal of superfluous
Hugh Jennings, of Avoca, the erack-a-juck
shortstop who with rive other mem
bers of the ltaltimore base ball club Is
now "doing" iiurope, writes to Hairy
.Merrill, of the Wilkes-liarre Kecord, de
nylug thut his party went over as cattle
men In the ship's hold. He adds: "Our
trip so far mis been a most enjoyable
one. We spent three nays In Liverpool
and ten days In 1omlon. visiting all the
places of interest 111 and around both
cities. Westminster Abbey, House of Par
liament, th. Tower of London. Itritisli
.Museum and Uullde Hull were places of
unusual interest to us. London Is a won
derful city, but outside of the historical
places, I cannot see where It can com
pare with New York or Chicago. For
rain, fo and muddy streets London, In
my opinion, comes llrst; and I realize now
where the expression ccmcs from, 'It's
ruining In London.' "
The legislative members-elect from Lu
zerne county have been put by newspaper
gossip Into a dozen different combinations
on the speakership and senatorial ques.
tlons, but we have authority for saying
that only one of the live Is yet committed
Powell, of llazleton, Is for Hoyer and
Quny. The others probably will bJ, but
are not talking as yet.
From the Pijst-Express.
There has been much' speculation as to
what ought to be done with our ex-presl-der.ts.
Pensions have been proposed, us
well ns life senatorshlps. It does not
seem entirely lining that one who has
been at Rie head of the greatest nation
of the earth should be remanded to ro
tiriment and his public service perma
nently foreclosed. As it happens, but two
ex-presidents have been returned to pub
lic life. John tjulncy Adams representcl
a Massachusetts district In congress for
nearly twenty years, after leaving the
presidential chair, and died at his post of
duty, and Andrew Johnson had Just been
elected to tho United States senate, when
death came to him suddenly. Van Hurea,
Fillmore and Cleveland were presidential
candidates after Intervals of retirement,
and Cleveland was elected, the single in
stance of a return to the presidency, save
in Immediate succession. Other ex-presl.
dents have led prlvnte lives, some of
them, indeed, like John Adams, Jefferson,
Madison and Jackson, not without large
liillucnce uuon the currents of political
thought and action, but without olllclal
place. General Harrison should feel at
liberty to ace-ept an Invitation to enter
President McKinley's cabinet. He Is still
In the' full vigor of his faculties, and not
yet advnneed In asie. It is sincerely to
be hoped that he may see his way clearly
to re-entering the public service.
From the Philadelphia Record.
Tho way to get good times Is to make
them. McKlnley Is elected, sure enough.
It seems quite possible that a sound
money majority has also been secured
In the United States senate. The future
looks bright. But don't wait for the In
auguration of McKlnley to Inaugurate
prosperity. "One may cry 'honey,' 'honey,'
all day," says the Turkish provero,
"without bringing sweetness to the
mouth." Prophesying betterment doesn't
bring It. But the man who pays his small
bills sets the wheels turning. Nothing
now stands In the way of business but
Inertia. Give the cart a push. A dollar
Is still a dollar In the United States. It
pays better to use It than to hoard it.
Therefore, let the money fly. Let it earn
its keep. Whoever owes n small debt, and
Is able to pay It, and doesn't pay it, Is a
drone, a mossback and an obstructionist.
Hut the man who pays Is like a running
spring which constantly gives what It
gets for the world's refreshment. The
cheerful payer should take his place
alongside the cheerful giver as a twdn
deserver In the estimation of his kind
and his Creator.
From the New York Sun.
If the admission of Hawaii to our Union
becomes a feature of tha administration
of Mr. McKlnley, It w 111 be a peaceful an
nexation. With the securing of a proper
revenue for tho country, the construction
of the isthmus canal, as soon as a plan Is
agreed upon by the government's engi
neers, will be no longer a grievous burden
to carry. The securing of the Island of
St. Thomas as n coaling station promises
few obstacles. Tho foreign planks In the
St. Louis platform are sound, straight,
and American, and on them, as on Its hon
est money planks, the new administration
can stand, wdth the confident expectation
of peace and prosperity for the country.
From the Sun.
There are some things which Mr. Cleve
land can never do for Spain. He cannot
follow out a suggestion once made by the
Spanish premier to aid In the suppression
of the Cuban Insurrection. He cannot call
upon the Insurgents to lay down their
arms, as Spain has thought he should. Ho
cannot, It would seem, prevent wholly
tho shipment of arms to Cuba. He can
not exjiel from this country the Cuban
patriots who reside her. He does not
possess tho power to stem the tide of
American sympathy for e?uba. Spain
asks too much from this administration
wbrn she uska Mr. Cleveland to do such
From the Cleveland Leader.
That old superstition about the Impossi
bility of beutlng the candidate who Is
nominated at Chicago has also been
Daily Horoscope Drawn by Ajacchus
Tho Tribune) Astreilogcr.
Astrolabe cast: 2.12 a. m., for Wednesday,
Nov. 25, liJ.
A child born on this day will notice that
In local journalism one scoop Is liable to
bring on another, by way of explanation.
There is no ri'ason v.-hy the editor ot
the Sunday World would not make a goo I
candidate for the office of street commis
sioner. The political situation to the average
De-uociat lucks like a Janko plauo key
board. The voice of the people will probably be
come decidedly husky before it succeeds
in attracting the attention of Mayor Bai
ley to olllce again.
AJucrhns Advice.
Seek not to make the humble feel
Additionally perph xed;
For by a move of fortune's wheel .
It may be your turn next.
Laura ran for ofllce;
Love hath many arts
"Now," cried he, "for monarchy,
And Laura queen of hearts!"
But the people clamored
At so strange a thing;
All the world enamored
Cried: "A king! a king!"
Candidates a hundred
Thousand thronged the wayl
Till the mad skies thundered
At 'the stormy day. '
Then Love plucked a blossom
From A plot of spring,
Pinned It on her bosom,
And she kissed him king!
Stanton, in Times-Herald.
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Brunch 14. 427 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pa. Branch 14.
Over 150 Patterns to Select
Haviland & Co,,
Chas. Fields,
Wedgerwood Porcelain,
Maddox Porcelain,
Onondago China
And many other standard
mukes. Sec our new Blue Delft
Set. Also a new leader 100piecc
decorated for 6, IS.
demons, Ferber,
O'Malley Co.,
Order $3.00
All the latest novelties in For
elgn and Domestic Cheviots, Wor
steds and Cassiiners cut, trimmed
and made in our own tailor shops.
We show whole rolls of cloth, not
short lentil samples. Fit per
feet -as usual.
Bra,5chi 319 Latin Am IBr"h
ne oil oiarni
11. W. COLLINS, Manager.
Bnldei "Ther. Art Others."
447 Sprue St., Opp. Th. Csasaoawealtk.
New Cover, New Ribs, New Stick,
New Anythiug.
222 Wycmiog Avenue, Y. H- C. A. Building
31 Linden., Opp. Court Hou;,
Sols Agents for Rielmrdson Boynton's
Furnaces and Kansas.
Headquarters for Cloaks and Gapes
Kveryhody is loud In thnlr prnlses of our
Cloaks mul Capes. We have made preat
com t-sslons In the prices of our line gar
ments. You cannot do Ju.-llee to yourself buy
Inn a coHt or cape without first consult
inif our jjr!n.
Jacket. i!k lined, tailored arter Lon
don and Paris mode!,., made of hlph'-st
Kriule boucles; a bewildering QO
variety at OOimO
Kb-arnt One curl nstrarhan coat. sMIt
lined, perfect tlttinir, Khlld C QO
front, cheap nt $10.00; our price Ov.vJO
JACKKTS of Imported caterpillar boucb
hew four-in-hand shield front, lliicj
throuttiiout with changeable tnftvt
t'.lk; a regular Jli coat; our &"J Q
WOMKN'B Pl.fSH CAPUS-One of the
str&HBost price presentations ever idiowni
in this elty Is here this -eek. pret
tily beaded and bmldsd plush 0 GO
canes for $J.OO
Extra fine seal plush double ctp". lliu'i
thrmiKhout witn rna.iam sua, innrawi
with lino Thibet fur; else- fra QO
where $13; our price $CiJO
Copes of line nstrai hnn. 3') Inch length,
circular sweep. deep storm,
trimmed with marten and Thibet
fur; elsewhere 110; our &C QO
price $J.aO
Special line of children's coats In two-tone
astraehan. handsomely trimmed shield
fronts, latest desiKns; cheap at 0 AO
$7; our price V Ji"3
TAKB NOTICE We have Just purchase.!
the large stock of a si!k waist manu
facturer, and as a consequence can show
you a waist never before seen in thl
part of the country for less Q QO
than $10 at JO
Z. WEINGART, Proprietor.
$1.49 upwards.
98c "
An Inspiration
Is nlmojt lost when your pen catchef
and your Ink spreads on your paper.
Ja ore of the necessaries of civilization
that Is lndlpensablt. A favorite loca
tion for all claBKPR Is that of RBY
NOLD9 BROTHERS, where a line as
sortment of everything in first-class
Stationery and Olllce Supnllr-a can be
purchased. Students, lawyers, com.
merclal men and society In senernl get
their supplies here, as everyone can be
suited both In price and quality.
Reynolds Bros.
Stationors and Engrave,
" m .