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Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
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w the art warrant your patronage at home.
The Lackawanna
308 Penn Avenue. A. B. WAKMAN.
This Space
For Our
Opening Ad.
Of Our
New Store.
Ccrpcts, Draperies and Wall Pap?;.
mil jiOTfcs.
There will be n meetliiK of manners of
Florence Mission Tuesday at lu u. m.
Tilt; Iieliiivuro and Hudson company
paid yesterday at the Nus. 1 ami 'i ami thy
rott'dirly mine in C.uuondiile.
Womin'a Christian Temperance union
mi t his afternoon in their room, iiul
WashliiKtun uvtnue. at 3..W o'clock.
Jlnyor l:ill-y yesterday Kinno.i the reso
lution provltlliiK lor th- mvI:w of Krcssler
court, between (.Hive unl I'lne s'.rcen.
The anniversary of the Manchester
martyrs will lie observed at Anelent I ir.ler
I'tiited Workmen's Hall Sunday evening
by the John .Mitehell elub.
The Ladles' Social union of the I'rnn
Avenue Mai. list church will hold a tur
key Flipper In the lecture, room of the
Church this evenlnir, between the h'JUis
6.30 mid 7.80.
Thomas Heffron, Anthony Murphy nnl
rntrlek Cannon, of olyplmm, the three
younu men who wen- in jail on the charite
of burglary and larceny, were released
yesterday, the chaw against them hav
ing been withdrawn.
Th liarber eompany finished Its paving
contract on l!:mi street in front of the
nsl lenee of W. W. .S 'lanton yesterday,
and I mini l:ros :li!lslicl a pleee of pnvlm;
Work on Alahon eourt, bet.veeii 1. In. lea
nnd .Mulberry streets.
The funeral of l.lzzie Harlln will take
plaee this mmnliiK from the home of her
parents on Kauiutt street. A hlnh mass
of requiem will be celebrated ut St.
l'eter's cathedral, anil interment will be
made In Hyilo Park cemetery.
J. J. Murphy, of Washington, T. C, n
comnierelal drummer, who has for year
represented his house In this territory,
Have u dinner last nlwht to a lame party
of his lady and gentlemen friends at the
St. Charles, wich is virtually his home.
iMtncInu followed the dining.
On account of It liclng inconvenient for
come of the witnesses to iret around last
night the Inouest in the ease of Thonms
Williams, who was Inn tied ,v gas In
Ktorr's shaft, was adjourned until Kridav
evenlnir at 7.."0 at the hotel of lien Mavis
on North Main avenue ami Wells street.
Dr. McDowell, dentist, 240 Adams
Ili-union of Endeavor Sinners in the
l'rt'by tcriiiii liurcli.
The I'nltei choir Rhwrs who flnnff
during; the October state convention
of Christ Inn Kndeavor societies and
the committee of '!i had a reunion lust
PVenltiB In the lecture room of the Sec
ond l'resbyteilnn church. The even
ing's entertuinment incluileil the lndl
Vldtml singing by each of the choir's
three sections, addresses liy fnur
Scranton ministers, an "autograph so
clul" nuil the partaking of light re
freslmn nts.
Charles II. Chandler, chairman of
the convention music committee, pre
Pldeil anil read a letter from Chatles K.
Daniels, chairman of the committee
of 'Kfi. The programme of addresses
and son was introduced bv a Keneial
sung service in whlchf the fulled choir
took part. There were addresses by
Rev. Dr. Charles K. Koldnson. of the
Second I'resbyterlan church; Itev
Thomas Hell, of the Plymouth CYuigre
patlonul church; Itev. . (. Wntklns,
of the North Main Avenue llaptlst
church, and Itev. (ieorco 10. fSulld. of
the Providence Presbyterian church,
and the recently elected president of the
City Christian Kndeavor union.
The autograph social as productive
of a great deal of strife and amuse
ment. Kneh person possessed a card
with all the alphabet printed thereon.
The one whose card contained the most
numes, one name opposite each printed
letter, was awarded a prize.
This Tunc He Commit n Hold nnd
Dnstnrdly Anult ou a Woman.
Sunday a constable went to "Plate
Hill" at the instigation of Mrs. Mich
ael ReiUy, with a warrant fharging
John Salmon, the terror of the neigh
borhood, with making threats. Sal
mon was not found, but he was there
abouts and made his presence felt dur
ing the early hours of yesterday morn
ing. According to the story of Mrs.
Keilly, he broke Into her house ami
belabored her nbout the legs and body
with a club until srie was one mass of
black and blue blotches.
She went before Alderman Millar yes
terday and swore out another warrant
against Salmon, this time alleging as
sault and battery and house breaking.
He had not been found up to a late hour
last night. Salmon is already under
ball for several other breaches of the
peace, and has come to he regarded
with terror by the people of the usually
quiet and decorous settlement, at the
foot of the West Mountain, known lo
cally as Slate Hill.
Change in the Assignments Cansc.m
, Promotion.
Beginning yesterday Charles Ttldge
way, formerly a police patrolman, wns
faluted by his fellows us sergeant. A
new arrangement by Chief Molding
provides for a day s"rgr:iiit and night
sergeant at headquarters' desk nnd the
new position wan given Mr. Kldgeway.
He and Desk 'Sergeant Robert Delter
will chang- about days nnd night by
, allernato weeks.
Wonder Eeg llciitpr.
Wtre 12c, new Cc, E. O. Ccurscn.
Seventy-five Up-thc-Valley Republicans
Serenade Mr. ConaelL
They Were Headed by the Olyphnnt
Ilitud nnd lteprcieuted the Eleventh
litrict--An Addres of t'onsrntu
lation by William II. Uavia of the
Executive CoiiiinittceThc Names
of Those Present- An Historic In
strument Played.
Led by the Olyphant band a diiega
tlon of citizens from Dickson, olyphant
and neighboring towns waited upon
Conirressinan-eKct ond Jits. William
Conncll last night and tendered their
sincerot congratulations upon the
gnat victory achieved by the Republi
can pat ty In this county, with Mr. Con
mil as its standard bearer, and upon
the magnificent victory that the party
won all over the nation.
In the last campaign Chairman John
II. Thomas, of the county committee,
mapped out the Held Into distric.s.
lilakely, Dickson, Olyphant, Winton
nnd Throop comprised the Eleventh dis
trict. Mr. Council received a mag
nilicent wote in that distilct. The del
egation come down on the Delaware
and Hudson ra'lroad, formed in Una on
Lackawanna uvenue and marched to
Mr. CunncU's residence, Clay avenue
and Vine street.
The two executive committeemen in
the Kleventh district were Wllllnm H.
Davis and John Penman. Mr. Penman
plays In the band now and he played
the same Instrument last night that he
played in the Civil war, nnJ that he
played in lNso, when a delegation came
down from olyphant to serenade Hon.
J. A. Scranton, upon his first election
to congress.
After the hand played n selection at
Mr. Conncll's residence, all were Invit
ed to enter and when another selection
had been played Inside, William H.
Davis stepped forward and delivered
the following address of congratula
tion: Mil. DAVIS' HKMAItKS.
Mr. Council nnd family and friends :-TMs
delegation waits upon you tonight with
but only one thought nnd one purpose,
that is to congratulate you "!""' ,n" great
victory you won on Nov. 3. This delega
tion is only a small portion of the willing
workers and committeemen of the late
county committee from the Kleventh dis
trict, with John H. Thonms us our loader.
In this bund wc have an historic instru
ment placed In the hands of n skilled mu
sician. Jn Wi2 he led the boy In blue
to the tunc, "We Are Marching on to
War." in 1SS0, plnced In skilled hands
again, a delegation similar to this from
the same district waited upon 'Mr. Scran
ton, and with u combination of physical
forces blending tonfcther they blowed
out the tune of "Scranton Marching to
Congress," and tonight the same skill Is
behind it, having lost none of its tone
and splendor. It Joins In the great an
them i hat Is heard all over this great land
of ours; that MeKinley Is our presid-'lit
and Council Is our congressman.
The name of Scranton Is great; yea, It
will be great, but In you we have a great
leader. In conclusion, In behalf of tills
delegation, I extend to your family and
your friends our hearty congratulations,
and may your life lie spared, and be num
bered among the participators of the
(1. o. P. which has promised so much
upon the questions of sound money and
Klccllnn day Is over;
The tray Is at an end;
Council was elected,
For he's the people's friend.
Kven animated nature
Seemed bound with sweet delight;
For never did the rosters crow,
As they crowed that night.
Our Orand Old Party is on top;
Democracy with us has Joined.
Now there Is nothing of them left,
Kxcept the silver crazo they coined.
They sang it long, they sang It loud,
They yelled It with all their might;
Hut never did the roosters crow
As they crowed upon that night.
Mr. Conncll responded briefly. Ho
thanked them Cordially for their ex
pression of good will and congratula
tion, and welcomed them to his house.
When he concluded light refreshments
were passed around and a half hour
was spent In sociability and enjoyment.
The delegation was made up of Wil
liam II. Davis, John Penman, Klljah
Hoycs. A. Holomkoe, Andrew C. Fur
rell, William lteese. John Steed, John
Kloy. James Heed. D. C. Phillips,
(le.,rge Crabbe, William T. Drown. Wil
liam Thompson, Thomas H. Hrotrn,
Daniel Parry, nil committeemen;
Thomas H. Davis, W. C. C.ridln. Hev.
Thomas D. Kvans. William Mason.
John T. Pulmor, Patrick Dempsey, W.
H. Harris, Cornelius Qulnn, W. W.
Wntklns, Thomas Walker. Kdward
Day. Ira llonner, Fred (loyne, Morgan
It. Williams, Peter, William. Hetuy
and John Mfthrick, William Tinsley,
Henry Mitchell, Hussell Hoffecker,
Juhn Pettigrow, John H. Davis, James
H. Williams, J. J. Kvnns, Richard
Owens, James W.Smith, Watkln Jones,
Ira Jenkins, Joseph I,. Davis, J. U.
Kvans. Martin Dikoman, J. O. Stiller,
William J. Williams. Joseph Hall, Wal
lace, Frank and Henry Simms, John
Klderkln, lien Jnrvis, M. K. Scott. John
Armstrong. Thomas O. Dnvls, Will W.
Jones, Michael Dempsey, Martin Demp
sey. John Murphy, Lewis Revnn, U. M.
Owens, S. Williams, William Jones,
William M. Owens, Jenkilt James.
James W. Smith, David A. Patton. M.
W. Ctimmliigs. Jr., and W. J. Schub
mehl. After more music, James H. Will
lams, of the Fourth ward of Olyphnnt,
was Introduced and he gave Marc An
tony's address from Shakespeare with
fine elocutionary effect Itev. Thomas
D. Evnns, formerly pastor of the iVelsh
Haptist church of Olyphant, made n
short address. He wu. jirmid to oner
his congratulations to Mr. ConncM and
he wished him abundant success with
his new honors.
Mr. Connell responded and said he
was profoundly grateful for the compli
ment the people of Lackawanna county
hurt bestowed upon him. This cam
paign was to him fraught with the
greatest anxiety, preuter than any oth
er one he was concerned in. The teach
ings of the free sliver men would lead
to disaster. And the rich as well as the
poor would feel it, for one cannot suf
fer Independently of the other.
When llryan's arguments ran out he
turned to arouse the passions and the
pr"Juillces of the people, ad anyone
who does that Is a dangerous man. Sir.
Connell said he was never afrnid of
the vote of the thinking citizen. When
a mnn would sit down and think, he
generally came to the correct conclu
sion nbout this matter.
He wns glad as a Republican that
MeKinley was elected president; but
as a citizen he wns glad that right pre
vailed. The men who tore down the
Hag in the campaign just pnded would
plunge this country into a condition
similar to that In France when there
was such a violent uprising. Hut the
matter is now In the paft, and Sir.
Connell -trusted that It would stay
A roulng cheer and a vote of thanks
were given o Mr. and Mrs. Connell for
their nospitnllty. At the request of
Mrs. Cornell, the Welsh members of
the party loir.eil In the tuneful anthem,
"IKn Wla.I ty Nhadau."
IJesides Mr and Mrs. Connell the fol
lowing members of his family and his
friends were present: Mr. and Mrs J.
S. McAnulty, Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Connell. Mr. and Sirs. A. K. Connll,
Mrs. C. W. Fulton, Sirs. II. M. Holes.
Mrr. 8. T. Jones and Colonel E. H.
Tribune want ads. arc winners.
Ilig Hugh for Murriugu Lice use Vcs
' tcrduy and Saturday.
During yesterday and Saturday there
were a total of seventeen marriage li
censes issued from Clerk of the Courts
Thomas' uflice. The first paragraph
contains these of yesterduy, the second
contains Saturday's budget:
Patrick O'Malley and Catharine
O'Malh-y, of ltckawanna township;
Koliort I). Lawton. of Johnston. R. I.,
and Nellie McDonnell, of Scranton;
Lewis 'Elmore Hughes and Lizzie Law
rence, of Scranton; Paul Kalunfshl
and Veronu (Jabanl, of Olyphnnt: Ter
rence J. Powdeiiy and Delia McAndrew,
of Scranton: David K. Roberts, of
Archbuld, and Sarah Slorgans, of Oly
phnnt; Oonstantina Ouslancovltch and
Marv Hoga, of Mayfleld; James Corbln,
of Marvin. N. Y.. and Nellie Kellv. of
Moscow; Jacob (lumbal and Domlnt
kn Kulinehl, of Scranton.
I 'd ward Jnckson and Slary Jane
P.ray, of Prlceburg; ' Andrew Guga and
Anna ltupeusku. of Priceburg; Joseph
Renaldi nnd Maria Cocrrastro, of Dun
more; Cornelius Grunes und Hridget
O'Malley, of Scranton; Henry O. Wen
zel und Slinnle Haynor, of Scranton:
Waller Price and Alice C.rMliihs, of
Scrunton; George Omneiy and Agnes
llarii.-'on, of Scrantcn; Andrew K nil,
of Jermyn, and Eva Kctilak, of Scran
County Floats Its $90,000 Issue Without
Trouble at a Handsome Premium.
Five Proposals Were Received.
The sale of the county bonds by the
commissioners yesterday was a strlkins
Instance of the beneficent result of Mc
Klnley's election, liefore election they
could not tet a taker; yesterday there
were plenty of bidders, und the premi
um received was the highest ever of
fered fur bonds since the county was es
tablished. The Issue Is to be to the amount of
$U0.OO0. The bonds will liear interest nt
4 per cent, and are to be redeemed in
llM.OOO lots, beginnlm? In 1906 and con
tinuing yearly for live years until ull
are redeemed. They are uayable In
"currency." On Oct. I, when the first
attempt was made to float the bonds
there was not a single bidder. Propo
sitions of various sorts were received,
but no one made an out and out offer to
take the bonds.
one tlrm of bankers would agree to
take them If the rate of Interest was
Increased. Another was willing to
take them at par. Another offered to
dispose of them on commission. Oth
ers communicated that they would bid
on the bonds if the commissioners
would stipulate that the redemption
should be In gold. None of the offers
could be considered, so the commission
ers decided to reject them all nnd re
advertise. Yesterday at noon the responses to the
second advertisement were opened and
five good proposals, without Ifs and
nnds, were disclosed. The Lampecht
Pros. Co., of Cleveland, O., was the
best bidder of the live and was award
ed the whole block. The premium this
company offers is 2 7-10 or $20.70 on the
thousand, the highest premium ever
received for Lackawanna county bonds.
Representatives of the other bidders
requested the commissioners to notify
them In case the Cleveland firm should
default. They would take the liomls,
they said, and would make a satisfac
tory offer.
While the advertisement specifies
$90,000 as the amount of the issue, it
will exceed that figure by possibly $20,
000, ns enough bonds must be disposed
ot to meet the expense of court house
alterations and these alterations will, it
is estimated, cost $110,000 or there
abouts. The bidders agree to take the
full issue, no matter what figure it
'Bob" Davis Pays an Early Morning
Visit to the House of Clara
Weicbel in Centre Street.
At daybreak yesterday Clara Woichel,
a Center street womnn, while yet abed
was murderously assaulted by a form
er paramour, the notorious "Hob"
Dnvls gained entrance to the house
by removing a widow screen and forc
ing open the window on the ground
floor. He then went to tho kitchen,
where, on account of his familiarity
with the house, he knew duplicate keys
for all the rooms were kept.
Selecting the key to the room of Sllsa
Weicbel he let himself In and then as
saulted her. He had a knife and a
club, but when he found, unexpectedly,
that the housekeeper was sleeping w!th
the Weiehel woman he presumably
feared to carry out his design, but In
his Jealous rage could not resist the
temptation to strike her and with his
heavy walking stick he dealt her two
cowardly blows.
The first struck her square across the
forehead, but remarkable to say, only
dazed her. She awoke in an Instant
nnd lnstinctlvelalsed her arm to pro
tect herself. The second blow fell upon
her forearm. Seeing his victim was
awake and to all appearance con
scious, Davis turned and fled, but not
before he was seen and recognized by
both the women. When he had gone a
butcher knife with a seven Inch blade
was found on the floor.
The Weiehel woman had her w Hinds
attended to Immed'.ately. and then tent
word to Alderman Millar's oflic? of
whnt had occurred The alderman sent
on olllcer to look for Davis but up to
a late hour last night lie had not been
About a month ago Davis was balled
out of the county jail, where he was
awaiting trial for pointing firearms,
contempt of court and rulnlnir n young
girl. He went to the Weiehel woman's
house and Insisted on b'ing harbored,
although forbidden the place by the
proprietress. He became such nn an
noyance that two weeks ago she had
him turned out. He threatened to kill
her, and fearing that he would carry
out his thret she had him arrested
and arraigned before Alderman Millar.
He professed repentance und upon his
agreement to molest her no more she
withdrew the prosecution. Nothing
was airnln heard from him until his
murderous visit yesterday morning.
Tho Weiehel woman says that Davis
Is insanely jealous of a friend of hers
who he thinks has caused her to turn
against him.
Prof, f oniiidv. of I'itlobinc.
Who has been known ns "The Wire
King." Is In Scranton advertising ..ic
Nux Phospho medical preparation. Ills
methods are novel.
Yesterday he appeared In Slexlrnn
contume and attended by a colored
mascot and. was driven In nn open car
riage about the business streets of the
Twinlnjr, optician 125 Penn avenue, In
Harris' drug- store. Hours 9 a. m.. 5
Tribune wants brings quick returns.
A dainty line of Children's Coats at
the Baby Bazaar, 012 Spruce street
SWARTZ Katie Swarts, aged 4 month,
adopted child of Mr. nnd Mrs. William
Flnck, of t.21 Willow street. Funeral
this afternoon nt 3 30 from the family
residence. Interment at I'ittsion Ave
nue cemitery,
HAILSTONE-In Beranton. Pa., Nov. lfl,
Itfti. Mir. Antile Hir.stone, nitr of Jj
nrph Hailstone, of SS0 Chestnut street, at
6.16 v. m. Funeral notice later.
Alter Which Alderman Howe Com
mitted Him to Trial In Court.
Attorney John J. .Murphy Is ltctaiacd
to Defend DnmbrosioAt the Henr
iug County Detective I.eysUon
Swore and Wns Corroborated by
Constable Timothy Jones Thnt the
Defendant Admitted Ho Killed
Hoceo Snlvalorc.
Frank Dambroslo, Rocco Ralvatore's
murderer, wus given a preliminary
hearing In Alderman Howe's office
yesterday afternoon ut 4.S0 and after
the evidence of Coroner Longstreet.
County Detective Leyshon and Con
stable Timothy Jones had been heard,
Dunibrosio was formally committed t)
the county jail to await trial in court.
District Attorney John R. Jones was
present on the part of the common
wealth nnd Attorney John J. Murphv
appeared in the Interest of the accused.
Some friends had been to the jail at
noon nnd Dambroslo asked them to
recommend n, lawyer to defend him.
They selected Sir. Slurnhy.
Sir. Leyshon brought the prisoner
down from the county Jail. The trip
was made on the street car. They got
off nt the coiner of Washington nvenue
and Spruce street and walked along
side by side to Alderman Howe's of
fice. Dambroslo. of course, was se
curely handcuffed, but he did his best
to conceal the bracelets with the sleeves
of his coat. They walked back and
forth from the car to the alderman's
office without attracting nmich ntt.-n-tlon,
and Dambroslo was pleased that
he was the center of a gaping dnd curi
ous multitude.
When the henrlng began the warrant
was read by Alderman Howe to the
prisoner. It wns sviorn out by Mr.
Leyshon yesterday and It charges him
with the deliberate, premeditated, and
willful killing of Rocco Salvatoro at
Hunker Hill, Duntuore. on Friday,
Nov. 13. As Dunibrosio can spenk
English only very Imperfectly, Con
stant Monisinl was sworn to lnterpiet
th? meaning of the warrant to him.
Then, through his counsel, he entered
a plea of not guilty.
Coroner Longstreet was the first vlt
ness sworn. He wns questioned by
District Attorney Jones nnd the state
ment he made was In substance that
he had held an autopsy on the body of
Rocco Salvatore on tho mornlnsr of
Nov. 14. When he arrived at Hunker
Hill, Dunmore, he first saw the dead
body lying In the field. At the au
topsy the coroner removed the breast
bone and parts of the libs on both
He found a stnh wound on the right
side close to the breast bone. The knife
had cut the sixth rib In two nnd had
gone Into the body the length of a
pirson's linger, severing; the mnln ar
tery. Another wound was found on
the left side under the collar bnn.
This was made with a knite, too, but
the wenpon glanced off one of the ribs
and took n downward course beneath
the skin.
Death wns cnused by the wound on
the right side, but it might result from
such a wound as was on the left side,
from shock.
Mr. Leyshon was put on the stand.
The district attorney asked him if he
ever saw the prisoner before, and Sir.
Leyshon replied that he did; that he
arrested him Sunday night at Carbon
dale. The witness then went on und
detailed how he gained the information
which led to Dninbrosio's arrest. A
man came from Curbondule Sunduy to
see some friends of the murderer and
he wanted money from them to help
Dambroslo to get away from the coun
try. Tho Intermediary wns a young man
named Rafael Cntterino, who keeps a
shoemnklng establishment In Carbon,
dale. He was placed under arrest nnd
on the way to the county Jnil he turned
state's evidence and told Sir. Leyshon
he would show him where Daniluosi.i
was hiding. He wus taken at his word
and he was brought to Catiiontlule.
Ofiistahle Frank Williams und Special
Olllcer Zerllny;, two Italians, and Con
stable Timothy Jones accompanied Sir.
Leyshon to Cnrbondalc.
They first went to the police station
there and got Chief McAndrew nnd
Patrolman SIcAndrew to go with them
to Catterlno's house. There they ar
rested Dambroslo. Mr. Jones axUed
Mr. Leyshon If the prisoner made nny
statement after being placed under ur
rest. He said he warned Dambroslo
that he need not say anything that
would incriminate him.
Sir. Murphy objected to nny state
ment made by the prisoner while un
der arrest. He held thnt any conver
sation carried on with a defendant
while In duress1 should not be used as
evidence against him If the statement
was not made in a court of record.
The alderman overruled the objection
nnd Sir. Leyshon wns permitted to state
thnt DumhroMlo admitted of his own
free will thnt he killed Rocco Salva
tore with a knife.
Mr. Leyshon said he made no prom
ises of nnv kind, on the contrary that
it was not necessary to say anything,
or that any statement made by liitn
would be used against him. Notwith
standing this warning he openly ad
mitted that he did the killing. Sir.
Murphy cross-examined Mr. Leyshon
and nsked him If the defendant had
made any qualifying statement to the
effect that the killing was In self de
fense. Sir. Leyshon said Dnmbroslo
said nothlns; at ull about self defense.
Timothy Jones, constable of the Fifth
ward, was sworn to corroborate Mr
Leyshon. He wns standing beside
Dambroslo when he made the state
ment to Mr. Leyshon and heard Dmii
liroislo say that he killed Salvatore.
That was nil the testimony taken
nnd District Attorney Jones asked the
alderman to Issue a commitment for
Dambroslo, holding him without bail
for trial In court, us It wus a case of
first degree murder. Sir. Murphy, f.,r
flic defendant, waived ull right to nny
further heaiinc and Sir. Leyshon took
his man In charge and brought lnr.i
buck to the county jail.
Dambroslo had on the same coat lie
wore the night of the murder. There
are two rips in the middle of the l.aci;
of It which were made with a knife.
He has a cut under his left, ear which
looks as If It might have been a slash
of a knife or a gash from a razor while
shaving. A Tribune reported asked
Djimbruslo how he got the cut on tils
race, anil he answereu mat Jtocco Sal
vatore did it with Ills linger nail.
At G o'clock Attorney Slurphy went
to the ofllce of Dr. W. M. Kecdy nnd
got him to go to the jail to make an
examination of Dambroslo. but v.iien
they urrlved at the Jail Night Warden
T. J. Price would not permit Dr. Reedy
to act without a permit from Sheriff
Clemons. Mr. Price would allow At
torney Murphy to have Jail Physician
Jenkins examine Dambrosio for the
knife wounds In his back, but Sir. Slur
phy preferred to wait until this morn
ing; to get a permit from the sheriff
and have Dr. Reedy do It. Tho pur
pose In to give testimony with regard
to It when tho case comes to trial.
Dambrosio Insists that he committed
the murder In self-defense. He says
the knife wounds In his back were In
flicted by Salvatore; nnd that the blood
from them ran down along his back
nnd legs Into his shoes. He will have
his underclothing and stockings to show
In proof of this when the time comes
for trial in court . .
Joseph Dambroslo, brother of the
murdVrer, and Frank Chiprlano, the
boarding housekeeper, near whose
home the killing occurred, were given
n hearing before Alderman Millar lust
night on the chante of being accessor
ies to tho murder, but owing to the
lack of evldenco were discharged.
Michael Petral was the prosecutor
against Dambrosio nnd Rocco Mnrquc
ona preferred the churge against Cbip
hiann. Attorney Thomas P. Dufty
represented the defendants.
A crowd that tilled the ofllce and hall
way leading thereto was in attendance
at the hearing. Apparently every able
bodied mule resident of the Hunker Hill
Italian colony was there.
New Organization Which Proposes to
Perform a Go d Work Among the
Foreign. Born Residents,
A noteworthy nnd most commendable
project was launched hist night ut
Music ball by the leadi rs of the foreign-born
residents of the Lackawanna
Valioy. It wus the formation of uu
organization for the AmericaulKlng of
these peoples. The movement was sug
gested to Dr. S. E. Flneberg, Kdnui'id
Parti, Wllllnm Vokolek and ot'oers
while engaged In, lecturing to them dur
ing the lust campaign. They found,
tiny say. a lumentable lack of knowl
eofcc, even among the naturalized com
patriots of American institutions and
ot the true obligations of citizenship.
They then resolved to form some plan
for ameliorating this deplorable condi
tion, nnd last tiikht saw their first step
In this direction.
They sent out Invitations to the rec
ognized lenders of the lacis
to meet with them at Music hall last
night to discuss tha project and ns a
result the following were pie.ent: Ed
mund A. Haiti, Aiistro-Hungarlan; Dr.
S. E. Finehurg. Russian; Anthony Pet
racclovltch. Lithuanian. Forest Cltv;
Alex. Slunta. Russian, Mayfleld; Rev.
Father Theodore (busk;ew Icz. Russian,
Olyphant: Rev. Fitther Xici-phur Chnv
at. Slagyar, South Side; William Voko
lek. Chech, Scranton; Alex Mosoly,
Slagyar, Scranton; Alex Straff, Lith
uanian. Scranton; Editor Daniel Lan
gowsky, Pole, Scranton; Martin W'uy
shner, Pole, Scranton: William V.
Kruger. Pole, Priceburg; Anthony
Galewitz, Lithuanian, Simps m's Patch;
Alex Wt rner, Pole, Jessup; Ernst Her
stk, Magyyur, Scranton; George Csy
lnk, Russian, olyphant. George Wuhl,
editor if the Scranton Sonnabend
Journal, nnd William Weleker were
present as guests.
A dinner was served and after this
speeches were made by all present.
Every speaker said whnt he had to
say in English, if he could possibly
make himself understood In thnt lan
guage. At all events he was required
to make the attempt and then after
wards wns permitted. If he felt so .is
posed. to unburden himself in his own
language. All were heartily In favor
of the movement nnd agrees to bend
their every effort to make It a success.
The rdan is not thoroughly defined
ns yet. but It Is proposed to establish
a lecture bureau, institute schools
where lectures will be delivered regu
larly by the more enlightened men of
the different races and distribute litera
ture bearing upon the work. It is also
proposed to encourage by example and
precept the use of the United States
language as much ns possible. Some
of tho speeches, though couched In
English that would scarcely be under
stood by a man who never heard any
other language, still In their intent
burned with a patriotism that would
do credit to a Fourth of July orator.
.llcnls nnd Cold Lunches.
Meals and cold lunches served at nil
hours at Lohmann's, Spruce street.
Regular dinner 40 cents. Imported
ond domestic wines, cigars and liquors.
Wntch for the White Wagons.
Our work Is always thoroughly wash
ed, nicely starched, beautifully Ironed.
Crystal Laundry. Experienced help
Try a Tribune wnnt advertisement.
Stlss) Carolyne V. Dnrsey, teacher of
elocution, oratory and delsarte, 434 Ad
uins avenue.
To Cure n Cold in One Day.
Take laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it
falls to cure. 23 cents.
Division Xo. 20, A. O. II. Hall, Stuslc
Hall, Nov. 20.
W. R. Black's New Cloak Department,
Hi Wyoming Avenue.
How quickly the public find out where
to purchase their winter wrap. Attract
ed by the current of low prices quoted
last week, hundreds of persons visited 'he
new cloak department, and finding each
nnd every garment exactly as adver
tised, they bought freely.
This morning we will open up n lovely
new line of Ladles' Jackets exclusively
our own styles und maiked to sell at re
markable low prices.
Trices Trices
Were Now
$11 00 IjidleV Handsome Jackets
In Kfrscy, Hroadcloth, Ao
traehan, Hnucle an I Frelze.. $10 09
12 50 Ladles' Braided Front and
Hack Empire Kersey Jacket,
Rlaek, Hrown ond Tan 9 50
18 00 old Ladles' Astraehnn Cloth
Capes, 3fl inches long,
trimmed with Thibet 12 00
15 00 Very Stylish nnd Handsome
Ladles' Plush Capes, Martin
Fut with Tails 10 00
We carry a full line of Misses' Jackets,
in all kinds of goods, from $1.00 to $12.lD
A. R, Sawyer', Ml Wyoming Ave.
Including tho painless cxtractinj of
teeth by an entirely bow proc.u.
S. C SNYDER, D. D. S.,
tm toast St., Opp. Hotel Jermyn.
Everybody wants them.
They find our carpets as ad
vertisedbeautiful, durable,
economical. We never loss
customers for wc believe in
being honestin saying just
what is what about an article.
When we say a thing is the
is to it
Watchas. Jewelry.
Sterling Silver Novelties.
,11 J
423 Lackawanna Aveniu.
The satin in this garment is made
absolutely pure dye silk and guaran
teed to wear two seasons. The Kersey
is superior to anything that was ever
ottered for JU6 The tailoring is cor
rect and w c arc selling them in men's
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You Ought to Know
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iMiisicul Instruments ut
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the city.
3 That every one is invited to
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L. B. Powell & Co.,
336030 Wyoming Avcnuo.
Fancy Jardineres,
Fancy Flower Holder1.
Fancy Candelabra.
Fancy Fern Dishes.
Fancy Bisque Figures.
Fancy Clocks and Puncli Bowls.
Odd and Unique Speci
mens for buffet and side
board decorations.
C i. MKlCHEIi,
Atcar P.ldg, Cor. Wash, anil Spruce St.
best, it IS, and that is all there
id )
Mi iill III
fll MS
At Reduced Prices.
French Sable Neck Scarfs with tails.
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tiz.uo, for .... ipj.go
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Persian Lamb Collarettes, 80-In. tQ 00
weep, worth fJUM, for VWiwO
Special value In the very flneit quality,
Electric 8eal Caue.
Handsome Cape, 20-in. long, 35
In. sweep, rleh satin lined- an
other style, blaek Martin Cape,
mime leiiRth, L'n-ln. long, 35-ln. rlQ 1A
sweep, very hundaome IdiTtJ
Tho above cupes are usually sold at 138.00.
Ladles' separate skirt In plain
ami flBured rtrllllantlne, lined AO
and velvet bound.
I. Special.... 9gO
trfidles' Illack Coats, several style. In
Beaver, Cheviots, Melton and Bouole
Cloth. Special, 13.49, $7.00, fS.98,,
13S Wyoming Avenue.
Have your Furs repaired by tho
only practical Furrier In the city.
All the late and new effects
seen at the horse show dur
ing the past week.
II. LANGFELD, Successor,
324 Lackawanna Aveniu.
In Prices on Our Stock of
Dinner and
Toilet Sets,.
Never such an assortment be
fore in ono establishment. In
spection respectfully solicited.
LSI fenu Kn Cpp. Eaptlst Churci
Middle ol the Block.
Alderman 8th Ward, Scranton
OFFICE HOPRS from 7.30 . m. to P,
m. (1 hour Intermlulon for dinner and
Particular Attention Glvea to Collection.
Prompt Settlement Onaranteed. Vour Bnst
a I Rupectfully Sellcited. Telephone 144.