The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 24, 1896, Page 3, Image 3

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Chautauqua Monthly,' per year, $i.8j.
Methodist Church Discipline, 25c. &
Coin's Financial School, 15c,
Cut from 25c
McKinley's Portraits, 10 c '.
Kid path's History U.S.,
Latge quarto size, 5 197.
Webster's old quarto Dictionary, 97c.
Webster s old kt Dictionary, 10c
General Sherman's Memoirs, $1.23.
General Giant's Memoirs, $1.00.
Mark Twain's Am. Claimant, $1.00.
Mis. Custer's Ten tins on Plains, 1.50.
Chicago Century Cook Book, 75c.
Book and Stationery Store,
323 Lackawanna Are.
Good Oats on this crop.
We have as good as any
body. BUT
We still have
Higher in price but
really cheaper.
Have the initial 0., B. CO. imprint
ed la Mch cigar.
308 N. Washington Ave.,
Practto Limited to Conservative
Surgery of the Lower Bowel, Includ
I ug; Hemorrhoid 4, Fissure, Fisiula
und Uieeratiou.
New students tills week in larper
numbers than usual, several counties
heard from tills week. The shorthand
department has now 108 students in at
tendance, the greatest by odds In the
Professors nil hard at work. The
superiority of our faculty is shown in
many ways. Other college managers
ici'ognlzlnK the superior ability of our
t-iuhers, have this week tried in every
way to secure certain of them to teach
in other colleges, but in vain. All
twelve of the teachers are devoted to
'Villlams' College, and its Army of
Hti-d-'nts. Thus our facilities are shown
to be the best. The young and brilliant
aw or. James Young, appeared before
the students at the college yesteray
afternoon In two finely rendered selec
tions fjom Shakespeare. All were de
lighted and wish him to become a
worthy successor of Kdwin Booth.
His appearance again at the college
will bo hailed with delight.
BLOOD IS LIFE and upon the purity
und vitality of the blood depends the
health of the whole system. Experience
proves Hood's Sarsaparilla to be the
best blood purifier.
HOOD'S PILLS act easily and
pi omptly on the liver and bowels. Cure
sick neauacne.
Ask Your Dealer
Tor McGarrah' Insect Powder, 25 ana
10-cent boxes. Never sold in built
Take no other.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If it
fails to cure. 23 cents.
Try Jordan's one-half minute stews.
We have just received all of
our stock of new Men's Shoes for
Fall and Winter. Never before
have Men's Shoes been made so
comfortable or so serviceable, and
at the same time In such good
styles. The new goods this year
are made in
The new Bull Dog style Is the
acme of the shoe makers' art.
They cost $3.00 and J4.00. We
have them in all sizes.
'" 410 Spruce Street. '
Not Enough of Evidence te Coevlct Ira
a Westcott and Jons Van Hon.
They Hire Required to Pa v the Costs.
William Couroy and Thomas Mai
lav, of .Minooka, Let Off W ith Two
Thirds of the Costs--Job- Alle, of
t'arbondiile, Scut to Jail for Two
Months for Stealing $10.
The October term of criminal court
ended yesterday. William Conroy and
Thomas Malluy. of Minooka, were re
turned not gitllty of assault and bat
tery on Patrick Peeney, of the South
Side, and the coats were divided in the
proportion of two-thirds oi the defend
ants and ono-third on the prosecutor.
John Yonalones was tried on the charge
ot stealing a watch from Adam Mik
Inskcy was found guilty.
John J. White, of Fell township, was
tried for stealing $1U from Adolph
Schwartung. The evidenoe showed that
they had been drinking together. White
laiineil that he borrowed the money
from the prosecutor. After the latter
sobered up and missed the money he
i-anie to the conclusion that it was
stolen. The Jury found a verdict of not
William Ilogers was acquitted of as
sault and battery upon Anna Allen, a
young woman residing on the lower
end of Lackawanna avenue. She was
directed to pay the costs.
A verdict of not guilty was taken In
the case In which John Montage and
John Mezak were chnrged with steal
ing a bottle of whiskey from Andrew
Holomlco, of Prlceburg. Alfxander
Grass, a Hebrew, was not around to
prosecute Thomas Robinson and Henry
Johnson, two colored men, for stealing
some lead pipe and copper from him,
und a verdict of not guilty was taken.
Alonzo Haley was tried for aggravat
ed nssnult and battery on William Peck,
01" Fell township. The affray took place
in a saloon, and it was alleged by thtf
prosecutor that he was stabbed during
a quarrel which arose. The jury
brought In a verdict of guilty of simple
assault and btttery. Michael Glzzor
was returned not guilty of aggravated
assault and battery on Michael Olop
towskl and the costs were put on the
A verdict cf not guilty was taken In
the case wherein John Chester Peck
was charged with burglarizing the
house of Pavld Wayman. The case
was In the courts for nearly two years
and was continued from term to term
for one reason or another.
Ira G. Westcott and John Van Horn
were tried on the charge of enticing
girls under 16 years of ago for Im
moral purposes. They were defended
by Attorneys George S. Horn, John R.
I.'dwards and E. W. Thayer. The evi
dence was not sufficient to convict and
Judge Edwards so instructed the Jury
but he sent them out to dispose of the
costs, and they returned by putting the
costs on the defendants.
Mri. Josephine Westcott, who was
murdered by George Van Horn, was
Westcott's wife, and Van Horn the de
fendant, is a brother of the fugitive
murderer. The evidence did not ad
duce anything further than to show
that the defendants used vile language
toward the girls. One of them was
Maud A. Ross, 14 years 'old, the other
was Esther Cole. Both were under 16
years of age.
William F. Davis was tried on the
charge of being the father of Jane
Lidgett's female child. The young wo
man lived as a domestic on Eynon
street, and Davis was in the habit of
calling on her twice a week. She
charged him with being the author of
her misfortune. He denied he was the
father of her child, but admitted him
self guilty of unlawful relations with
her. The Jury had not brought in a
verdict at adjournment
John Allen, of Carbondale, admitted
t'mt he stole $10 from William Thomas,
of that place. He is a young man and
it v. as his first time in court. Judge
Edwards let him off with two months
in the county Jail. The money was
stolen while the defendant was under
the influence of liquor. There was no
one present to prosecute Paul Skoda
and Kate Czerwack for stealing two
chickens and a verdict of not guilty
was taken.
August Schmltt, of the Nineteenth
ward, was tried for beating his wife's
uncle. Philip Soar. Attorney John J.
Murphy represented the common
wealth, but the defendant could not
afford to hire a lawyer and conducted
his own case. The testimony was con
flicting. ' Soar is n old man, and
Schmltt Is a young one. The trouble
occurred last May. Soar said Schmitt
was drunk and hit him twice in the
face at the gate. Schmltt said he was
not drunk, and .that it was he who
got hit in the face. The Jury had not
brought In a verdict at adjournment,
and Jurors not engaged on cases were
Poor Directors Return from the Scene
of Their State Conventiou.
Poor Directors Frederick L. Fuller,
Mrs. Frances B. Swan.P. J. Murphy and
F. L. Terppe and Attorney John F.
Scragg. solicitor for the board, returned
yesterday from Pittsburg, where they
attended the annual meeting of the
poor directors of the state. W. S.
LangstalT, president of the local board,
was elected a state vice-president al
though he was not present at the meet
ing. Another honor conferred upon Scran
ton was its selection as the place for
holding the next state convention in
October, 1897. It will bring between 300
and 400 strangers to the city.
Voters of .Minooka Will Hnve a Dif
ferent Place to Cast Ballot.
An order of court was handed down
yesterday establishing the polling
place of the South district of Lacka
wanna township in a booth to be erect
ed by the county commissioners on a
vacant tot owned by the Michael Cos
tello estate, on Main street, Minooka,
next door to the hotel of John J.
The polling place used to be for years
In the hall of St.. Joseph's Total Ab
stinence and Benevolent society until
it was burned down on St. Patrick's
night last '
Mayor Intends to Follow the Bebeit
of the 8elect Council.
In reference to the Kinsley Investiga
tion, Mayor Bailey yesterday said: "I
take It that Mr. Wagner's resolution
officially refers me to the Sunday
World charges, and I am now bound
to take cognizance of them. The in
vestigation will be based on these
The charges In question are that some
of the teams used in city work are
owned by Mr. Kinsley and not by the
parties now drawing nay for thom.
The investigation will be to determine
first, if these charges are true, and sec
ond, if there Is anything wrong In them
even if they are true. There is a gen
eral law to the effect that no city, offi
cial shall be pecuniarily interested In
city work.
Then Will Have a Demonstration in
This Citv Tonight.
" The Railway Men's Sound Money
clubs of Scranton and vicinity will par
ade this evening in this city. Any
Railway Sound Money club In or near
Scranton that has not received an in
vitation Is cordially invited to meet this
evening at the Delaware, Iu-kawanna
and Western depot and participate in
this parade.
The line of march will be as follows:
Forming at Delaware.Lackawanna and
Western depot, passing up Lackawan
na avenue, to Adams, to Spruce, to Jef
ferson, to Linden, to Madison, to Mul
berry, to Clay, to Pine, to Washington,
to Vine, to Wyoming, to Mulberry, to
Washington, to Lackawanna, to Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western depot
and dismiss.
Between Five and Six Hundred Wilkes
Barre Republicans Will Take Part
in Tuesday Night's Demanstrat ion.
Another meeting was held yesterday
afternoon of the committee which is ar
ranging for Tuesday night's Republican
parade, which promises to be a monster
affair. The committee will meet again
this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
George Thompson who went to New
York to secure caps and lanterns was
present at the meeting and reported
that he had been successful In securing
a quantity of these articles. That a
proper apportionment of them may be
made among the various clubs the offi
cers of them are requested to send in an
estimate of the number of men they
will have In line as early as possible.
It Is expected that altogether there
will be about 6,000 persons In line. 500 or
6t'0 of whom will come from Wllkes
Harre. On the following night the
Sorantonlans will return the compli
ment by going to Wllkes-Barre to par
ticipate In the Republican parade there.
The following general orders with ref
erence to the parade have been issued
by Grand marshal Oak ford:
General Order No. 4. The following ap
pointments of aides to the chief marshal
are announced: A. J. C'olborn, Jr., H. P.
Simpson, K. M. Boranton, J. IJ. Woolsey,
Major J. H. Fish. Walter Brlggs, C. C.
.Mattes, W. (1. Parke, Norman Parlte,
Hon. Frank T. Okell, William A. Connell,
Walter HenwooU, Wlllard Matthews, Cap
tain P. S. Syron, Thomas R. Brooks,
Frank 9. llaiker, Ed L. Buck, Colonel F.
L. Hitrhcoik, Dr. J. L. Rea, -Major Mont
rose Barnard, .Major V. S. Millar, E. A.
liurtl. Frank Carliiccl, John K. Edwards,
Dr. A. Kolb. George B. Jennyn, C'olr.nel
George Smiileison, P. J. Baker, George
Furber, Kvnn J. lhivl.
Bicycle Aides Fred H. Kingsbury, A.
H. Sloi'is, It. A. Wambold, George A.
Gardner. William Softly, W. K. Decker,
('. S. Jennings, Percy F, Megargle, Harry
Van Horn, William J. Brown, Franklin
General Onler No. 5. Headquarters will
be established at 7.30 p. in. uut'ne coT
of Mulberry Btreet and Franklin avenue.
Line of march will be as follows: Frank
lin to Lackawanna, Lackawanna to .Ad
ams, Adams to Spruce. Spruce to Jeffer
son, Jefferson to Pine. Pine to Washing
ton, Washington to Mulberry, (Mulberry
to Peun, Penn to Spruce, Spruce to court
house square, where the 'parade will be
dismissed. The parade will be mude up
in live divisions.
First The Wllkes-Barre clubs
S-eond The West Side clubs.
Third-The South Side clubs.
Fourth All other clubs, including thoe
from the central city.
Fifth-Bicycle clubs and unattached
Thn divisions will form OS follows:
First division on Lackawanna, right
resting on Franklin, facing east.
Second division on Mulberry, right rest
ing on Franklin, facing west.
Third division on Linden, right resting
on Fraklin, facing west.
Fourth division on Spruce, right rest
on Franklin, facing west.
Fifth division on Linden, right resting
on Franklin, facing east.
Parade will move promptly at s o ciock.
Clubs must be In position not later than
7.45. J. W. Oakford,
D. B. Atherton, Cnlet Aiarsnai.
Chief of Staff.
The following are hereby appointed ss
aides to the marshal of the bicycle divi
sion: H. P. Hitchcock, I. L. Rollson. C.
F. Knight, Harry Pierce, Harry Northup,
E. E. Chase, George Brooks, E. B. Jer
myn, Frank Depue, Frank C. Wettllng,
Sam Lewis.
Wheelmen will form on Franklin ave
nue, right resting on Linden street. Lan
terns will be distributed on Linden street,
court house square.
E. A. Gilmore, Marshal,
Wood's Actual Business College!
scrnniuD, i n.
A school of actual business from the
100 scholarships sold for organization
at $15 each.
The advanced thought In business
Easily learned in one-fourth the time
taken by former systems.
Wait tor our representatives and lit
erature. W. P. Gregory St Co.
A Plrnsnnt Ciowd.
Everybody has a smile on their face
who attend Davldow Bros", great auc
tion sale. The great bargains can't
help but make them smile.
Special Attention and private dining
rooms for dinner parties at Lolimann's,
Spruce street. Service and cuisine un
excelled in this city.
Watches! Wntches! Watches!
Elgin, Waltham, Springfield and
Hampden watches in gold or sliver
cases, at your own price at Davldow
Bros', great auction sale.
If the Baby Is Cutting Teeth.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has
feoon used for over fifty years hv mil
lions of mothers for their children
white xeeinuig, wim peneci success. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind collo and Is
the best remedy for diarrhoea. Sold by
druggists in every part of the world.
Be sure and call for "Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup," and take no other
kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
The Contents ol
Liquor Store,
318 and 320 Spruce Street,
For Sale at Half Cost,
Including Fixtures, Stock,
Safe, Desk, License, Etc.
Inquire on Premises. .
Why 1st roar home and bnslnees be destroy,
id tbronjtb strong drink or morphia, when
r on can be enred ia foar mb at the Kesle
tnettute, 19 Msdleon arena Seriate. Fa.
The CfS Will Sear lav tigi I.
Fraik Sivrtrta, Takea Into Cnstody at
Priccbw-f for Crime Craaitted
Year Ago.
County Detective Leyshon arrested a
man latt night In Priceburg who is
suspected of murdering another near
Swoyer's Patch, between Avoca and
Sfhithville, about a year ago. The
man Is Frank Sivruta, a Russian Pole,
25 years old, and his victim was John
Mr. Leyshon brought about the ar
rest in a very skillful manner. lie was
sitting in court one day last week
listening to an ordinary assault and
battery case In which the parties con
cerned were Polanders from Prlceburg.
One of the witnesses was a woman and
in her testimony she seemed averse to
saying anything about some one. Mr.
Leyshon judged from her manner that
whoever she was trying to shield must
be guilty of something, and he started
an investigation, which led to the ar
rest. Sokoloskie was beaten so severely
with stones that he died in four days
from his Injuries. There were two oth
ers; in the fight and they were arrested
and brought to Wllkes-Barre jail.
Sivruta was upstairs when his compan
ions in crime were arrested, and he
Lamp season is over for the makers. It's just be
gun for you and us. In New York last week we were for
tunate in securing the sample lines of several makers.
Lamps that have paid for themselves as far as the factories
are concerned. We bought
value for cash. Today we
facturer loses. You and ourselves pocket the gain. There's
only one of a kind in most instances. Each lamp is, natu
rally, the pink of perfection,
ples. We mention a few. Come and see them all:
Number One of the new
1410 style library
Lamps with dec
orated globe. , Good burner;
oil tank ot opal glass, nicely
decorated. Lamp and globe
go for the price of the globe
alone, $1.39.
Number A handsome ban
835 quet lamp, worth
double the monev
Stands 26 inches high, brass
base, decorated opal glass pil-
lar and oil tanK, decorated
fflobe: a really erood looking
lamp. Only $1.69.
Number A silk shade
853 lamp, stands 26
inches high, 6
inch pillar of genuine onyx
brass base and bowl. Center
draft, round burner complete
with full size 18-inch, all silk
shade, for $2.90, well worth
A handsome
lamp. Bowl and
base heavily
THESE PRICES hold good, of course, only while
this lot lasts. That you will see such bargains again for a
year is not to be expected. We've only been able to men
tion a few. The whole paper would be necessary to tell you
of all the lamp wonders to be seen at this great sale.
Saturday and Monday
. A Great Drive In
Ladies' Coats at
Real Value.
This is the best opportunity of
the season to get a good coat cheap.
We ljave a complete range of styles
and sizes and they fit.
SPECIAL Ask to see our Dress
Goods at 59 cents. They are the best
value you ever saw at the price.
let himself down the side of the house
with the ropes of his bed. He came to
Prlceburg six weeks ago and boarded
with a Mrs. Kolchlnskl. The name ot
the woman he went boarding with af
ter leaving her Is not known, but when
Mr. Leyshon and Constable Barron, of
Prlceburg. went to the place last night,
the prisoner began acting nervously
and suspiciously, and did not appear
surprised when informed they had a
warrant for him.
It was sworn out before Justice of
the Peace Logan, of Dickson, and
charges Sivruta with felonious wound
ing. Under his own admission ho was
held to bail on this charge. He ad
mitted to Mr. Leyshon that he assault
ed Sokoloskle, and admitted it at the
hearing. He was so nervous that his
stories were very Incoherent.
Mr. Leyshon telegraphed to County
Detective Kckert, of Luzerne, last night
and expects him up today to take
charge of the prisoner.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if It
falls to cure. 25 cents.
The little Red Hooped Keg at your
grocers holds something good.
Leave Buffalo 6.35 a. m., arrive Chi
cago 9.00 p. m., via Nickel Plate Road.
Offering of
500 of Them.
Sample Lamps.
them for a fraction of their
put them on sale. The manu
since they were made for sam
plated with iS-karat gold.
Warranted not to tarnish.
Pillar is one solid piece of
genuine onyx, beautifully
marked. On this lamp we
put a handsome silk shade
and sell you the lamp com
plete for $5.90, worth $10.
Onyx Brass tables with
Tables handsome top of
real "onyx. Ele
gance in home decoration
within the reach of all. This
table was made for a $5 lead
er, but what we have are
yours, if you're in time, for
One This is one of the
More handsomest onyx ta
bles in the city.
Large top, 12 inches square,
of the finest Mexican onyx.
Open work frame around the
top. Fluted legs with hand
some brass trimmings. A ta
ble like this usually brings
$15. These are yours for
Good Muslin, Unbleached, worth 5c, for
D.t II......
Deei neaij musnn, ii
Best Fine " " " 7c, for
Good Muslin, Eleached, " 6c, for
Hill Musi n, leachad, " 7c for
Lonsdale Muslin, Bleached, " 7c for
Fruit of Loom, Bleached, " 7c for
6-4 Pillow Case Muslin, " 13c for 10c
10-4 Brown Sheeting, " 20c for lfc
54 Blea. Pillow C Muslin, 12c for 8c
10-4 Half Bbached Sheeting, 22c for 18c
8-4 Bleached Sheeting, worth 18c for 14c
10-4 Bleached Sheeting, " 20c for 15c
Canton Flannel, heavy, " 10c for 6c
415, 417 Lackawanna
- H
Largest assortment in the
city. Latest Novelties.
134 Wyoming Avenue.
Walk in and look around.
New Cover, New Ribs, New Stick,
JNew Any thing.
Wyoming Avenue, Y. M. C A. Building
School of Music,. 520 Spruce St
Mrs. Katharine Thiele,
Voice Training, Solo Singing.
Ernest Thiele,
Violin, Piano, 'Cello ensemble. Both
teachers at celebrated Scharwcnka
Conservatory, New York. Also other
competent teachers engaged. Mr. Thiele
is the successor to the late
To buperUly Appointed and Cummndioui
Ftm-l Stenmahips,
Americitu through and inrmiith.
1T6 Buffalo Tu. pdaT and Friday 0.30 p.m.
for Cleveland, Detroit, Mackinac. The Soo,
Duliith, and Western Point, passing all
placoa of interest by Uaylivbt in connection
it forms tbe most direct route, and from ev.
ery point of comparison, tbe most delightful
and comfortal le on to .Minneapolis, St. Paul,
Ureat Falls, Helena, I!ntte. Kpokana and Pa
cific coast. The onlv transcontinental line
runniiiK tbe famooa buffet, library, obserT.
tion car.
Newg honr train for Portland via Spokane.
HOTEL LAPAYETTE. Lake Mlnnetonka,
18 miles from Minneapolif, largest and meat
beautiul resort in tbe west.
'1 icketaatid any information of any agent or
A. A. HEARD, General Faseeuger agent,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Monday Morning from 8 to 12,
Positively Not a Minute Longer.
Avenue, Scranton,
We offer about 50 Boys'
3-piece Suits, (short pants),
sizes 12 to 16 years, at al
most nothing.
These Suits are heavy
weight, nice mixtures, and
formerly sold for $7.00, $8.00
and $10.00.
Choice for
At this season of the year over) one
thinks of clothing. Cold weather is
not fur off and people want to be well
clad. There is special reason why
the children should look well and be
comfortable. It is necessary to have
their clothes well made and to stand
the hard wear. Our prices are right,
and our goods are right
We Have
On Hand
41s the Newest
Mao the Cheapest
Also the Largest
Porcelain, Onyx, Bte
Silver Novelties In Infinite Variety.
Latest importations.
, Watches, Di
fl. E. ROGERS,
eweler and
210 Lackawanna In
Clotiro, IMerfumisfro
Ladies' Heavy Underwear, white,
12 1-2C
25c and 50c. goods assortments broken.
Muslin Corset Covers, , . 10C
Gents' White Shirts, . . .N 37C
Good Muslin, same make as our $1.00 Shirts.
AH Linen Crash, 5c
Stevens' Best Lined Crash, frilled . 6 1-C
Table Linens, oil red, worth 35C, for 23C
Table Linens, oil red, worth 39c, for 29c
Damask Tabic Lincns,half blca., worth 35c, for 23c
Damask Table Llnen.half blea., worth 30c, for 29c
Damask Tabic Llnen.half blea., worth 25c, for ITc
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, worth ji.oo 75c
Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Underwear, worth 35c, 2C
All Wool White Blankets, worth 4.00, for $3.25
All Wool Wute Blankets, worth $5.25, for $4.30