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Jorrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
The man In tlie moon wilt be clown pretty
oon, .
To 8eo what's bei'ouio of the niflit:
And he'll say with a sob. "I'm ont of a Job,
Because of that BUUUBBAN LIGHT."
Tbo greatest lnxury In a modern home (nxt
to a eood bath room) is the Iucaudescent
Electrio Light. No dwelling Is complete or
up-to-date without both. So business place
without the latter.
Our system, uu.k r tlie alternating current,
is absolutely safe from tiro.
il the city to be MKLAUNUEKEB ?
Special facilities with artistic manipuluturs
of the art.warrunts your patronage at home.
The Lackawanna
308 Penn Avenue. A. B. WARM AN.
ABOUT Sept. 20th
new store will
completed, which will be
the largest Carpet, Wall
Paper, Drapery and Cur
tain Store in the State,
and we will show the
largest stock of new
goods in each department
ever shown in Scranton.
(aipcls, Erapcries an J Wall Paps.
kkpi ulk'.w .mi:i:tin;s.
At MUli.ilowslii hull. Scnintnn, cor
ner Kim street ami Huston nvi ime
niiluy. Oi toher In; speakers, V. W. Kk'IU,
t-s..; Charles diver. esi.; Willtum Voik
ult'lv nnil J. Llpinsltl.
Hall at .Mont.lale Tiircilay, October. 13;
speakers, A. A. Vosbtil'tr, U. F. Tinkhani
mid ethers.
At Central Republican club rooms Sat
urday, Octulier M, Knvlneers' iiml l-'lre-metis'
club; speakers, (ieortfe W. Reale,
csi.; I!. M. Streeter, esi utnl others.
.M oller's ball. Smith Washington nvc
nni', Heranton Tnesiluy, October 13; spiuU
ers, II. Al. Strecler, ts., nml II. C. Key
nols, csii.; It. A. .Iiiitiieiman, esq.
I'olter's hull. Kleetvllle Saturday, Oc
tober 17; speakers, John Hull Osborne,
es..; H. F. Tlukham, ?.; Jolm M. Har
ris, e,.
1 laini:til hall, Aloolc Frblay
.lohll .M.
2H; speakers, J, din Hall Osborne
Jiurils, .. ; II. C. lieynolds, cs., nnd
Meetlntr at Throop borough bulldint,'
Vrbluy, ii -liiber Jii, lSiill; speakers, H. W.
Thayer, Charles V. liawson, i., und
John It. I'Mwunls, rsi.
TYe nnmml donation davs of the House
of Ihi- tiuod Shepherd will be next Wed
nesday and Thursday.
Owlnif to the absence of nil audience
(iilncy Lee Alarriw, the Maryland i'nil.i
Idtion oialor. did nut speak lit Liberty
hull last liiullt.
The roadway of Wyoming avenue, be
tween Linden and Mulberry streets. Is be
iim narrowed preparatory to laying an
nsiihnlt piivement.
Mayor llailey yesterday siKned the reso.
lull. in perinittiiiK the construction of u
private sewer on puiiliin.i of Cupouse,
Kuns"t and Alonsey nvenues.
The Delaware, Lackawanna nnd West-
Vii company paid at the Cay una nnd
lirisbln mines and the ear shops yesterday.
Tbo trainmen! will be paid today.
A curved connection has been put in by
the Scranton Traction company making
it possible to run cars from the Washing
ton avenue track to that on Spruce street.
A premature blast ill the Jcrniyn mines
yesterday morning severely injured I'nt
rick (Julnn, of Johnson's patch, about the
head ami face, lie was attended by Dr.
J. Alfred Pennington will Rive an ornan
reel In the I'resbylerian church. West
Tilts Tuesday evening next. He will
be msSi.-.i 'by Miss Katharine Tiniberman,
coin re Ito suluisp.
The will of David V'lyte. late of this
rlty, wiis admitted to probate yesterday by
Ite:lster W. S. Hopkins and letters of ad
ministration e. t. u. were granted to the
willow, Lucy l-'lyte.
Frank Ollskey nnd Antonio lllborlck
were relcused on ball yesterday from Jail.
The charge against them is nutrravute'l
assault and battery. Adolph Olakoskl be
came their bondsman.
There will be a meetlnir of the joint Ju
dlclury committees of councils Wednes
day iilulit to consider the Ioiik list of dam
Mi' claims still standing uisainst the city.
Their purpose Is to urrlvo ut some means
of effecting a compromise.
l'utrlck Ixiftus, of Alinooka, was 're
leased on bail In the sum of taken be.
fore Judi;e Kdwnrds yesterday. Martin
5lcl)onoui!h qmilllled as his bonilsman.
l.ol tus Is one of the trio arrested lor rob.
biiiu a l'olamler a week uko at the city
lino and tuklnt? the money out of bis shoe.
Jlarriatre licenses were Kl.'inled yester
day to Stanislaus Anuskevlcz, of Dbk
wra, nnd Julia Sorcz. of Throop; .Michael
Duller nnd Katie limine, of Alinooka;
John Shovlln nnd HridKet Carey, of Heran
ton; ltees Jones and Sarah Thomas, of
Olyphant. Jones Is fo and the bride-to-be
Is 07. Hoth were married before.
The funeral services of the late Airs.
iMary L. llevan, relict of llev. Isnuc Hevan.
1). I., former pastor of the I'enn Avenue
Huptist church, will be eoiKlucted at her
late residence at Clark's Ureen, at 3 o'clock
this afternoon. Persons desiring to attend
the services can leave Scranton at 1
o'clock, returning at 5.3ft. Interment ut
Forty Fort Monday morning.
The next regular meeting of the Lack
uwannu Institute of History nnd Science
will be held at the board of trade rooms
jtn Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock. An In
Fterestlng paper upon "Heating and Venti
lation" will be presented by Calvin W.
Parsons. It will be a paper of Kreat sci
entific value. Interested persons eun ob
tain tickets from F. K. I'latt in the Com
monwealth building.
August Robinson returned last evening
from his trip to Kurope and In honor cf
his return a reception was held at his hom
on Seventh street. Only Immediate rela
tives were present.' Air. Robinson reached
New York Wednesday evening. Ho had
been three months abroad and the trip
greatly benefited his health, which, when
the departure was made, was not very
vigorous. Mr. Robinson spent a time at
the famous Carlsbad; in Germany.
Hnve Vou'Si-cn Thi-m
Cluze thumbed Kid Gloves are the
latest. We ore showing H complete as
sortment at S1.00. We sell trlovcs that
fit. and which we guarantee to give
satisfaction. A very fine selection of
Handkerchiefs at jiopular prices. The
best 60c. Corset yrax ever bought. Ask
to see it. JfEAKS & HAGEN.
To C'nrn a Cold in One Day.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
AH . druggists refund the money If it
falls to cure.' 25 cents.
Special attention and private dining
rooms for dinner parties at Lohmann's,
Bpruce street. Service and cuisine un
excelled in this city.
Young Men's Republican Club Increasing
at a Rapid Rate.
Addresses by William Council nnd
.Major Everett Warrcu-Clnb Hill
Meet on the First Friday of Every
Mouth Except in September and Oc
tober, When Weekly Meetings Will
lie Held.
At the rate of increase now Ruins on
In the Young Men's Republican cluli
that organization will have within Its
ranks before election day upwards of
seven or eight hundred young men,, ol
lied to advance the principles of protec
tion, prosperity unci sound money. At
Inst night's meeting Si new members
were enrolled, and ut the meeting be
fore that 77 were added.
The meeting was addressed by Wil
liam Council, briefly, ami by Alajnr
Kverett Warrou with an eloquent pres
entation of the Issues of the campaign.
The ilrst order of business was lite
rending of the report of the commit too
on constitution and by-laws by Attor
ney James J. II. Hamilton. It wus
adopted with slight amendments.
The club will Ik known us the Young
Men's Republican club and will meet
the first Friday of every month, except
during September und October, of each
year, when meetings will be held every
Friday night. Its objec t Is to advance
the Interests of the Republican party.
At each meeting of September nnd Oc
tober, at least one Hiublic speaker will
deliver an address.
After the constitution nnd by-laws
were adopted and the proposition of
members was completed, the order of
business wus suspended and Mr. Ocin
nell was introduced by Mr. Hamilton.
Tho latter said that the Young Men's
Republican club is composed of men
who tarn a day's pay on a salary by
the sweat of their brow, and Mr. Cou
ncil, who began at the lowest round of
the ladder, needed no introduction to
such un audience.
Mr. Council desired to give warning
not to trust too much in what can bo
heard on the streets and in the olHoes
that this election is nil one sided. Ho
not lie deceived, lie said; while the other
party may not lie making any nolso
thov nre actively working; but even If
they were idle, it is our duty to let the
people know that those who advocate
these strange measures- nre not- going
to Impress them upon the American
people. , ,,
He said tin? real Issue now Is the
tariff and not the silver question. Four
years ago the Democrats put forth free
trade as Its doctrine. The mess ma lc
of it has necessitated adopting another
Issue, and hence the silver craze Is
taken up. Any one who looks over tho
llgures, he said, will be astonished :tt
the millions of dollars worth of goods
that come Into this country from
abroad each year. While the mills he re
tire Idle. The Republican party oflYis to
correct this by protective tariff.
Tim opposite party realizing now
that their arguments on the silver
question are not carrying much weight
with the people, have raised the cry
of the classes aguinst the masses. Mr.
Council said there Is no such thing In
this country us classes against masses.
He himself began work driving a nitiL
for -in cents a day und worked lr un
thatto Ihe mines. He was as much of n
man us fur as the qualities go to niuki-up-
what constitutes manly worth, us
ho is today;nnd he would consider it
un Insult to have, any mun say to him
that because he may not need to work
now us he did theh that he Is any better
than the man who has to work.
MoKinley in the white house Is not
of much use without a Republican e.ui
gress at his buck, and It is necessary
to take Interest In the legislative olllces
for a I'nited States senator Is to bi
llet ted in this stale next year. If
ever was a time In the history of the
country that the nation's cause Is in
need of defenders, It is the present, he
said, and thanking them for their ap
preciation, he concluded. He was greet
ed with warm upplaus'e when he began
und when he ended.
Major Warren was als.i ree Ived with
great nppluuse, and timing th--course
of his eloquent address said hi
I thank you for this opportunity of meet
ing ami greeting the Young .Men's Repub
lican club of Hi ranton. 1 am thoroughly
111 sympathy with the objects of your or
ganization. In politics as in war success
is assured better und easier by organiza
tion und training than In any other way.
Yoa have, enlisted in tho most eventfiil
campaign of recent times for upon its
issue depends not only the. integrity ami
fair name of our government, but the wel
fare of Its people. Within the memory
of men still living America has seen two
campaigns which history will describe us
revolutions. We are now in the midst of
a third canvass which likewise will bo
chronicled as a revolution. The Harrison
campaign of 1M0 wus the change of a.
For a generation this country had been
under the inlluence of the masterful Jack
son, who had in some way evolved a gen
ius for finance out of his experience as an
Indian fighter. Apart from the New Or
leans battle, however. Jackson's princi
pal legacy to his country wus the panic of
is;l,; this panic was the direct conse
quence or the Democratic policy. The peo
ple responded In anger and elected Gen
eral Harrison. The Harrison cumpalgn
turned on the Vote of Alaine. History
seems to repeat Itself, Maine turned the
tide In lain In favor of Harrison. Alaine
has answered the Chicago convention In a
voice that might have come from the
throat of a whirlwind. It burled free sil
ver under an avalanche of votes that ef
face!! all former records and It clearly
foreshadows the result in November next
throughout the nution.
Vnn Rtiren gave us a panic nnd nt the
same time bequeathed us a war which
under I'olk become the wanton invasion
of Mexico, liiichannn developed u panic
and also gave ifs a war.
Air. Cleveland is too good a Democrat
to b'-eak the Democratic record. He gave
us the panic of 1NM and we owe to the
furcbiaiance of Great itrltain that th j
incident of Venezuela did not evolve Into
a war. This tendency of Democratic con
trol of the government to blossom Into
panics and flower into war makes the elec
tion of AIcKlnley tho most solemn duly
that has devolved upon American citizens
since the election of Lincoln. Then tho
issue was the life of the I'nlon, now the
Issue Is the honor of the I'nlon, Should
we fail now it would be tho victory of dis
honor over the ballot, as in 1VJ1 It was the
victory of treasoa over the ballot. The
Democratic party Is in a state of appen
dicitis and whether It can be saved bv the
subsequent careful carving of the Indian
apolis accretions is a problem too diili
cult for me to solve.
There can be no middle course In this
canvass so far as tho Republicans nre
concerned, no alllnnce with nnv oilier
party. Either the Democracy in the state
of appendicitis as at Chicago or the. De
mocracy In a state of golden lined incense
us at Indianapolis. There never was a
time when the Republicans should stand
more firmly to their principles.
Silver Is a thing of the hour, todny It Is
nnd tomorrow It is not, un Intermittent,
fantnstlc business going with tho clouds
on which It came, a sort of political night
mare from which the people will wake and
marvel they could have dreamed such
Ilchind this spasmodic silver whim rests
the eternal prhlclplo of the Republican
party. They must be saved and guarded
as the very Ark of the Covenant and not
bartered away by a surrender to tho the
ories of the dreamers,
We welcome those of all parties who nre
willing to stand with us on the platform
adopted at the St. Louis convention nnd
are willing to support our candidates be
cause they nre the only safe ones In whose
hands to pluce this government) at tho
same time I beg of you as Republicans not
to forget that the interests of Republican
ism require the assertion and mainten
ance of the cardinal tenets of the purty to
wit: Frotection and Reciprocity Just ns
much as sound money and good govern
ment. There Is no occasion for our making nny
concessions upon this spasmodic silver
question. We do not need to surrender the
creed of the party. The Republican party
has always stood for honest money.
When the hazy, incoherent Jackson pro
posed repudiation Grant as the tirst meas
ure of his administration placed the gov
ernment upon the rock of gold. Nor was
Its stability ever menaced until the nexl
ginclcs of the Cleveland administration
made the national faith a matter of debate.
Now lowering of our Mag then wherein
honest money, tariff and the I'nlon Is con
cerned, but the proffered hand of fellow
ship to nil pull lots who ure willing to
unite with us.
McKiuhv und the honor of the I'nlon
Rryan and chaos. This is the elctoral is
sue in n thr:ise
I'pon this question there can be no doubt
as to where i'cnnsvlvunia wilt me loiuui.
She stands where she has stood for forty
years without wavering, for square to ail
the world emphatically for protection to
American industry and American labor,
sound and honest money and u chance to
earn it by honest toil.
Sound Money Men Left Here. Lost
Nisht for Mckinley's Home.
Tin, r-iir,,i, ..v.-iirulitnlsts left here
last night on the Delaware und
Hudson train and will this aiiernoon
i... ...i.i-..ttu.i i.,. Milch. I, .v. the next
president of the I'nited States, at his
home in Ohio. The train containeu an
enthusiastic Carhondulo purty and a
number of sound money enthusinsts
who got ubonrd at intermediate points.
Wilkes-liarre furnished tho Umgest
i,.. .t i un i , niit,tit- nr eviMirslonists
and with those who were picked up at
stations along the line me eoai ueius
delegation proved to be a creditable
-Ch.i Ivnlnu will Cnlidl Plltltllll Rt
10.40 this morning and will leave there
on the return trip at mldnigni, coining
over the Allegheny mountains by day
light tomorrow nud reaching Wllkes-
l.arre at 2 o clock in the aiiernoon.
By f iited Press.
Wilkes-liarre, Oct. 9. Tho Republi
can newspaper men of the Wyoming
and Luekawnnna valleys sent a train
load of 'Mtt workingmen over the Penn
sylvania railroad tonight til call on Ik
The Polish Independent club will havi
a meeting this evening In the hall of
Maihias Hugno, U2Q Prospect avenue,
at 7.;i'J p. m.
Citizens of tin- Twentieth ward' held
n meetine- In Alurrav's hall on Cedar
I avenue Thursday night nnd organized a
William Council Republican club. The
names of sixty-live nuuibeis were en
rolled and the following ollicers were
elected: Michael . Murray, president;
Chaile Roche, secretaty. Another
meeting of the club will bs held In Mur
ray's hall on Monday evening nt 7.30
which citizens generally are invMed to
A sound money league composed nf
200 employes of the Delaware, Lacka
wanuaSnd Western company nt Kings
ton has been organized. Tho ollicers are
R. H. Vuughn, president 55. T. Kelh r.
Hist vice-president; (leoige Morgan,
Ri c.ind vlee-pri sldent; Vllllam Hrydett,
third vice-president: R. L. Hubbell, sec
retary; William Homers, treasurer.
Three better orators than
Charles Emory Smith, James II.
Hoyt und D. D. Woodmansee,
who will speak next Thursday
evening at the grand Republican
mass meeting in the Frothinghnm
theater, ure not to be found. This
meeting will be open to ull and ev
ery voter will find It worth his
while to be there.
How He Lost Thousand Told in To
morrow's Scranton Sunday World.
The Scranton Sunday World tomor
row will be the greatest Sunday paper
ever printed In this city. Tomorrow's
issue will teem with news of a lively
A big' Scranton official has been
fleeced out of thousands In a local
racing pool room.
Street Commissioner Kinsley's iifflci;
to be investigated by the mayor, as the
result of exposure of the Scranton
Sunday World.
A private detective caught at his own
game by a man he was shadowing.
The jaunt of the Crystals to New
York state. A full report.
All the latest and best local political
and general news.
The greatest Sunday advertising
medium in the city. All the newsbovs
sell the Scrunton Sunday World.
A Phenomenal Shoe Sale,
at 307 Lackawanna avenue, Myer
Daviduw. the wide-awake Lackawanna
avenue shoe man, bus. through fortu
nate circumstances, bought several
thousand dollars' worth of men's, wo
men's, misses' and children's fine
bargains he offers In today's advertise
ment on the twelfth page are: Ladies'
shoes from well known manufacturers
for spot cash at his own price. The
hnnd-scwed Ili.OO shoes for J1.49; men's
call' ?,1.00 shoes for $1.4!); misses' fine
$2.00 shoes for $1,011; children's shoes at
50 cents. The above prices art- about
fifty cents on the dollar, and he is de
termined to make today one of the
busiest days on record. Never In his
experience did he buy so wonderfully
cheap as the goods he offers on special
sale today. It will pay you to call and
look through his stock, and ho extends
tut invitation to all to call and make
bis store, 307 Lackawanna avenue, your
headquarters, and he wants you to re
member there is no trouble to show
goods, and you will surely save money
by It. .
Ilargnins Are What Mnkcs Itusiness.
The special sain of Murbu Rros.' ptoc'.c
of Lynn shoes gives the 5 Hrothers loti
of bargains. For the next fw weeks
we will hnve the shor- trade all to our
selves. Opening of this great snip t
tiny: store open till midnight. 5 Broth
ers, 508 Lackawanna avenue.
Uniformed colored porters In charge
of day coaches on the Nickel Plate
Road. '
Twining, optician 125 Penn avenue. In
Harris' drug store. Hours 9 a. m 5
p. in.
Bargains In bicycles; greatest this
city ever saw.. Fowlers at J.tu. Shop
worn and second hand wheels nil but
given away at Jurlsch's, Hotel Jermyn.
Tho Crystal I.nuudry
makes a specialty of careful work.
Orders promptly attended to.
Jordan's b'kw't cakes, sausage 10c.
' Periodical Tickets are coming.
, Opening.
A dainty line of Children's Coats at
the Baby Bazaar, 612 Spruce street.
Jordan's butter cakes and coffee, 10c.
Elegant buffet sleeping cars on
NlckeJ Plate Road.
Watch for periodical 'tloke.s. '
The Tide of Public Opinion Is fill Favorable
to Paine's Celery Compound.
Congressman Bell, of Colorado, One of Those Recenily Re
stored to Health by Paine's Celery Compound.
There is Just now no lack of news
from the western states.
Public opinion in Colorado nnd Iowa
is as promptly and accurately heard of
as from any Now England state.
From all over the west come reports
that Paine's celery compound occupies
practically a clear field In the cure of
diseases arislnir from a tired or other
wise impaired nervous system.
No other remedy was ever used by so
many men of sound and reliable judg
ment. No remedy but Paine's celery
compound has ever been recommended
by so conspicuously fair-minded a body
of men and women. The half-hearted
experimental efforts of scores and
scores of sarsaptirillas, tonics, and so
called nervines, with which the market
Is constantly recruited, are In startling
contrast with the confident because
thoroughly scientific way in which
Paine's celery compound sets about re
storing health and vigor to the worn
out body.
Why will people be Hilly enough to
jeopardize their lives and lessen their
chances of getting well by taking any
thing else?
There is no help so sure and so im
mediate as one gets from the use of
Paine's celery compound. Detailed in
formation of innumerable cases of
rheumatism, neuralgia and dyspepsia,
completely cured, hus established this
great Invigorator as the most valuable
remedy those run down In health can
make use of.
Women whose stock of nervous enei'
gy was well nigh exhausted have been
Policemen Make tJond I'se of Jinse
Hall CiMiii: Proceeds.
Three charities have acknowledged
the receipt of contributions sent them
by Mayor Bailey from the proceeds of
the Wllkes-Harre-Scianton policemen's
base ball game. Among them was
divided $!fi0. Two of the acknowledg
ments were as follows:
Scranton, Oct. 8, 189C.
The Hon. James Ci. Halley.
Kind Sir: With pleasure I acknowl
edge the policemen's contribution of Jl.W
to St. Patrick's orphanage asylum. In the
name of the dlrectois of the asylum and
of the orphans, I thank both you and the
policemen most cordially. Yours truly,
Peter Christ, Treasurer.
Pittston, Pa., Oct. S, 1S9S.
Hon. James O. llailey, .Mayor of Scranton.
Dear Hir: I huve received your fa or of
6th Inst, wllh private check for J.V which
was raised by the policemen of Scranton
for the Twin shaft relief fond. Thanking
voti nnd the brave men who have uided
in this work, I am. Yours very truly.
Then. Strong. Treasurer.
A receipt for $50 was received from
Mrs. H. D. Taylor, of the Home for the
Of Oriental Hugs and Carpets.
During this sale besides a good many
other bargains we will offer 100 Kana
bag and Daghusttin rugs nt jr and
LM Washington avenue.
Lynn Shoe Sale.
Murbu Bros.' failure, of Lynn, Mass.,
brings cheap shoes to Scinnton. The 5
Brothers bought the entire stock and
distributed It among their different
stores. Scranton gets 4,000 pair. A
special Fale will commence toi'ay. Sat
urday, October 10. at the 5 Brothers'
shoe store, 508 Lackawananavenue.
You 'red Them Xow.
We offer special bargains In under
clothing; we carry full lines of men's,
women's nnd children's cotton, merino
and all wool. We give the best goods
for the least money.
Arc You (aoing lo Cnnton to Visit
Mnjor MeKinleyf
Don't miss It. Rate from Scranton,
$6.4S. round trip, via Lehigh Valley rail
road, Thursday," October 15. '
"I was run down in health nnd be
came disheartened. I did not care to
live. I began to tnke Hood's Sarsn
parilla nnd found great relief." Mrs.
Fannie Newcomer, Bells Landing, Pa.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable.
Includinff the painless extracting of
tenth by an entirely new proceu.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
H ytMtM.t Opp. Hotel Jtrmyn.
restored to a Joyful, contented state of
body and mind by this same great
nerve nnd brain restorative.
Pulnos celery compound is the great
est achievement in modern medicine.
Tt banishes weaknewa and pain as sure
ly as its famous contemporary, the elec
tric light, dispels darkness.
Paine's celery compound frees the
body of vicious humors that cause kid
ney and liver complaints. Only a great
remedy based on a deep knowledge of
these diseases could do the work that
Paine's celery compound Is now doing.
Better nutrition for the nerves, an awak
ened appetite, purllled blood and com
plete assimilation these follow the
conscientious use of Paine's celery com
pound as surely us day follow's night.
If you are alarmed by a throbbing of
the heart, an Irritable stomach, or gen
eral debility, be fair with yourself, use
the best means there is, exumlne what
Paine's celery compound is doing. It
nus cured an astonishing number of
men nnd women of Brlght's disease,
rheumatism, neuralgia, heart nnd liver
trouble. No sufferer can pass lightly
over the remarkable record that Paine's
celery compound hns to show to every
sick and oiling person.
Among the thousands of testimonials
received this year is one recently sent
by Congressman John C. Bell, of Colo
rado, who says he has used three bot
tles' of this best of all remedies for dys
pepsia and rheumatism, with the most
satisfactory results. Among the tes
timonials received since January there
have been no less than 16 from con
gressmen from different states.
The value of a painting depends neither
upon the amount of material nor time
used in Its production, but upon the gen
ius and technical skill of the artist: like
wise the merit In fashionable headwear
docs not depend upon the material or ac
tual labor In producing It, but in artistic
skill, originality and tasto displayed, by
the desigimr.
A careful examination of the rnre and
beautiful Hats we are now showing Im
presses one with the nnllkeness to tho
Huts ordinarily seen, and makes the origi
nality and exclusive design so highly
prized, and which gives our store lis pre
eminent position.
The ladles of Scranton should not fall
to avail themselves of this exceptional
133 Wyoming Avenue.
- (Musical Director of the First Presby
terian Church.
Teacher of Piano, Organ nnd
Harmony; Also the Art of Accom
panying Taught. Studio at Resi
dence of the LATE HERR KOPFF,
302 Adams Avenue, .Scranton.
How much prettiness, usefulness and satisfaction one
acquires for little money in this department. Its great val
ues create talk and brisk business.
Sash Goods, in Dotted Swiss, etc., 10c. and 12c,
former price, 15c.
Irish Point Curtains. The greatest value ever of
fered in this popular lace curtain, $1.50 per pair; others
at $4.00, $5.00 and $6.00 per pair.
Window Shades, all colors, in opaque oil shades, on
good spring roller, 25 Cents. '
SIEBECKER & WATKINS, Lackawanna Avenue,
Opposite Wyoming House.
Sheriff demons nnd Warden Simpson
Escorted Him There. ,
Joseph Boschlno was taken to Phila
delphia yesterday morning by Sheriff
demons and Warden Simpson and
given in charge to the wnrden of th
Eastern penitentiary to besln a life sen
tence for the murder of Frank Confortl
nt Hunker Hill, Dunmore, on Sunday
evening. Nov. 11, 1SU4.
Boschlno Is the second person from
Lackawanna county to hnve his sen
tence of death commuted to imprison
ment for life. Frank Bezek was tho
other one.
Lynn Shoo Snle.
opens at the S Brothers' this morning.
50S Lackawanna avenue.
A large line of -foot ball-goods Just
received; prices right.
Hotel Jermyn.
Ask Your Dealer
for McGarrah's Insect Powder, 25 and
10-cent boxes. Never sold v In bulk,
Take no other.
Elegant dining cars and unsurpassed
service on the Nickel Plate Road.
Try Jordan's one-half minute stews.
Anl Wi Sell the
We keep all sizes and
423 Lackawanna Avenuj,
URING tlie next few
davs we will have on
display a grand variety of
New Fall Novelties in Ladies'
Millinery. We sell Millinery
at cut prices. When shop
ping call and look at cur
stock. All hats trimmed free
of charge.-
flusic Store.
(The Standard of the World,)
I vers & Pond
(With Patent Soft-Stop,)
(With Compensating Rods.)
Norris Si Hyde
(With Transposing Keyboard.)
And other excellent
makes. Prices and terms
on application.
Mil Hill
f Eli k
Ill i
Ski rts
1 Lot of Figured Mohair
Skirts. 5 yards wide,
velvet bound
1 Lot of Fin icy und Mixed
Cloth, in all colors, vel
vet bound
1 Lot of Fine Dress Skirts,
in silk and brocade sat
in, latest out, velvet
. bound
1 Lot of Fur Electric Seal
Collarettes, trimmed .
with Chinchilla, Silver Q7 J ft
Fox und lUackinurtin,..- J I ii J
1 Lot of Electric Seal
Capes, trimmed with 07 OQ
Black martin 0tJ0
Have your Furs repaired by the
only Practical Furrier in the city.
138 Wyoming Auenua.
Ladies' Trimmed
Velvet Hats, regular
price $4.os. Today
Black Prince of
Wales Plumes. Today
Children's Tarn
O'Shanters, regular
price 49c. Today
Blackbirds at.
ow Display
JI.LANGFELD, Successor,
324 Lackawanna Avenue,
Sixty Candle Power
It is no use of having an old slyle
lamp when you can get the best for
little money. Call and examine our
31 Penn Ave. Cpp. Baptist Cburco.
Middle of the Block.
Alderman 8th Ward, Scranton
OFFICE HOVRS from 7.30 a. m. to 9 p.
1 hour Intermission for dinner and
Particular Attention (liven to Collection.
Prompt Settlement Guaranteed. Your Huii-
i Kespectlully seiicitcd. i elepnone 134.