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Wfhtt MWiYhit tip.:
. Bryan Helped to
Kate tbe. Wilson
Ha Said That
Would Bring Pros
parity. Did It?
W. ".Til
Specials for
SatlllllaV litis h'tlg bei-ll IWIlf-
nUed iii the irailf us u day of small ' is. there ere so many
little mills :iiiu ends sought for on
that day. that wo have come to
alesignato ll us above n iluy of
sm.ill things.
Tills is only nniuuil. For ex
ample, tln-re lire kIovcs tn ninuii !
. t'u- m-w hi II suit, nr a new style I
linllar which should also match or,
form a pleasing contrast, or it i
may lie a alre.'sy yoke a dainty i
ruille or anything In fact to put the
UniMiIng tiuu-h on a Stylish Cos
tume. For
This Reason
we have decided tn make Saturday
a day of SPKCIALS in tlmt lin.'.
offering price Inducements which
ought to a-ommniid the attention of
ovtvy well dressed woman, while
al the same ttmi' wo offer mi assnrt
pn nl for selec tion w hich far out
shines anything to he seeen else
where. The
New col Hairs
are a distinct innovation on any
thing hitherto shown. They enme
m various shaiios. ami nr.1 made up
from siilin nn velvet, with vmi
lian or II. .niton lace trimmings or
plain. The effect mi the vcrer Is
charming, and their popularity is
therefore tisspred. Among oilier
shades are Hlnek, two Hrowns,
Green, Nile IK-litmpo, Pink, Blue,
Saturday, 25 to 60c
. Velvet" "
And Satin
in entirely new conceits and fancies
made up in combined velvets anil
until: with elaborate pont de Venire
nr Honiton lace trimmings. The
shade list runs the entire gurmetii
of popular colors.
Saturday, 5Cc to $2.40
for cpe or dress trimming un
questionably the loveliest Roods of
their class we have ever placed on
sale, and not one yard that Is not
fully abreast of fusliion's most rigid
Saturday, 75c Up
' tR inch Russia. Tuxedo or Maline 1
veilings. riieniHo Jlots. invisible
fnuteninss or plain styles.
Saturday, 25c to $3.00
Glove Special
As a wearer of Kid Oloves, you
know exactly what we put before
you when we offer for Saturday
0 D02EN
Marshal Field's system Jay pen
ulne Kid Oloves, with patent
thumb and full 4 button lenplhs.
. The hade are Illack, Hrowns,
Tans. Heavers Satins, l'earl Oray,
etc.. and the regulur value Is $1.23
a pair.
Saturday, Only 89c
Confederate cad Union Veterans March
Togcihcr Side by Sid;.
One ol' the Host li'tiiriii Occur
ciu-es oT the Campaign li I'liactrd
in .Major McliinlryN llouofllis
Impressive Kriiiurks lo These Hint
Oilier Visitors.
Canton, (lot. . This was a memor
able day In Canloli. The l-Mst Tel
ia ssec Ueptil llcatis and the ex-Conled-eiiiie
veterans from the Shcimndoah
vulioy arrived before unnii. In addi
tion lo the activity here, M:'jor MoKin
ley was enabled to hear the !-hoiits and
sound from the great demolish. ith'li In
Chicago today, mid the tramp of the
Inindr. d thousand marching men,
ecliocd by Ioiir distance tel. phones In
Major McKinle's study and in -Mrs.
Mckinley's room. The teh-phonc com
pany had pin a direct Chicago wile in
to the McKinley house for use today,
and there were twnlve receivers at
tached to this end of it.
The first delegation n arrive wis
tlmt from Knoxville and Fust Tennes
see. There were about .Imi Tinutssre
AleKinlcy l!epubllcans in (he party,
and they were all a-ntliusiiu.tic ami
demonstrative. The spokesman was
Fall I or William Kule, of Knoxville.
Anions those in the delcivailon were the
domirs of the law hickory stump
which Major McKinley received soph
lime ago from Knox county. T"tnics
si e. The candidate today made Use of
the stump .'or the lirst time.
The main Interest of the day en
tered In the bit; delegation of ex-Confederates,
which arrived at hall'-p'i"t
ten. They wire met at the station by
a law escort of old 1'iilon soldiers and
the Grand Army of the lb-public band.
The old I'nioii soldiers and the Con
federate veterpiis mnrched up to Major
MrKinley's side liy side and shoulder
to sh.iiililer. Along the line of march
they Were cheered at every step, and
the decorations in their Iwiinv Were un
commonly elaborate Hiel handsome.
The members of tile Canton (
Army of the It. public posts wore their
imifor:i:,a and badKcs.
After the speakim; at the house n
beautiful silk banner was presented lo
the visitor ft .im Virginia, iiti it wits
i bis in-ci iptlon: '
' Presented or t'e- e-( 'ou'V't.TiU'
vil-'ians of tbe Shena.ulo:.; valley
by tl'.e I nloa vcicrarM of Canioii
ft. A. Cassldy, of this el y. made the I
pro sculnlinn speech. The e-i '.eifedi r- '
au s arc binK vs rv K 'nesoii.- ly ei' l ,
hnd"onuly eate; lal'ieil. aril th" b si
of fi. i'oiiv is tunt'.lfcMi d by both I'tdon j
and Cont.vl..rale veie.nni.
In his addriss to the Ti iiniss .-e dele- j
Katiun Mr. McKinley said:
Men nf Tennessee, do you stand by tin- !
eine'.li h enunciated by ihe inivional I
.laekson? Ho you favor a prnlivtivc tar- '
Iff anl honest money? (Lornl i lies nf
"Vis, yes, we ilo." I am lad lo be as-sin-.
-I by your voices that you have not !
Iiirnoileti the force and met it of Ills ureal
example. Do ou believe In his declara
tion for the i nforceatent and nuijesiy of
public law? (Cries of "Yes, yes.") Are
yii willing to com ni-om I. ihe si-eat tuiii
eiilew he so Hieadfast ly upheld in defense
of the constitution, the courts and the
eiilzcr,? In whatever ol her particular we
may differ from that sturdy old soldier,
we must admit thai he declared fur three
issentials to national well In lag I'rolce
lion. lHui"-'t money and IcKislatinnai an
Ihority which iie at the very fonadiiiln.i
of our political fabric an 1 without wiii-'ii
we eannut have peace, tr.itupiillty or pnis
i. i lly. ( Inwiil- ti
ever good citizen must li.-ariily concur.
While Major McKinley was wailin";
for the last train of ex -Con federal o
veterans to arrive a del-galion of .Via
millers from Monongnhehi, I'a..
Iiiarcin'il up to tl.e huiise. Thomas I'ol
loi k made a short speech of Introduc
tion to w hich iMajor McKinley respond
ed. The n;JJst delei.'aiiou w as also from
I'ennsyh aii-m. It was ini-.ile up of el!l-ss-TS
from Warren and Forest counties
and numbered inu. Tl.e spokesman
was C. I'. HiicUlln. Clinton county,
Ohio, farmers, to the number of sail fol
lowed the last Pennsylvania delegation.
Clinton county is in the rich ug'-ieul-lur.d
section of Central Ohio and its
citizens are an, on,.- the most prosperous
fanner.-- in the world. It Is a uirnng-H-
pi.-'l Iii an futility. Thi ne fads were
brought out by the spokesman. Judge
A. W. Limn. Major McKinley hail not
been untitled of the coniing of thb- dele
gation and his remark w ere w holly
this rriiuc W!:li-i:i:.
To the Moiiongnhela delegation
Major McKinley said:
I have but one alia, iny fellow cb Izeiis,
and Mint Is Ihe public good: (Irene -minus
cheering); the well being mm prnspcriiy
of my fellow countrymen. I believe in its
vast 'ami marvelous pos.diiilfl h-s aad I be
lli Ve it is the duty of a free ami telf
guverned people lo put noiaing In ihe
pathway ot that progress. Iiiiviit ai,.
i!.iil.-ei.' I believe, more.iv.i-, mat it Is
tin- duty of the government of the l'nln-d
Stab s to protect every industry ami rii
terinise whether the farm, factory of the
miner, from ruinous competition from any
pari of Ihe world. (I'lies of "Thai's righi,
goad, good.") I believe ill Anieriean work
for Anieriean workmen. (A voice: "Vou're
right.") i believe in the American market
fur tile Anieriean farmer. 1 believe thai,
what will bring as Ihe highest prosperity
in every culling and walk of life is a Ju.
iiieinus'ttiriff law to piolect the prcilitcts
of this country against the eoinpi tiiuv
products of t lie old world. (Orcut applause).
I believe, loo, in a sound dollar. (Vocif
erous rounds of cheering). Xobody was
ever hurl by having money that was not
only sound in our own country, but passed
current in eveiy cuuntvv of the world.
This Is the kind' of money we have now.
and It Is the kind we propose to huve fur
the future. (Applause).
The speech which Major McKinley
expected to make flist today was made
last. The ex-Confedetate veterans who
were expected to arrive at half past
eight in the morning, did not nil reach
Canton till 4 o'clock this afternoon. Th
veterans from Virginia were met nt thr
train by the Orand Army of the It
public posts of Canton and Stark
county and by the Union Veterans'
Patriotic League of Cleveland and es
corted to -the Tabernacle, where an
elaborate dinner was served by the
women of Canton. After dinner tiny
marched to Major McKlnloy's house.
Scores of the ex-Confederate soldleri
walked arm in arm with the Union
veterans prray uniforms and blue yr
mingled In the parade. At Major Me
Klnley's house the reception given the
visitors was most cordial. Plugs and
handkerchiefs fluttered from every
window and Mrs. McKinley leaned out
on the side from tt second story win
dow and waved a smotl silken banner,
'"lie 2.000 spectators on the streets and
neighboring yards lifted their voice In
a chorus of cheers and then from the
Rreat delegation of southerner? roFe a
storm of hurrahs the rid rebel yell
transformed into a rairlot'c cheer.
The checilr.K wh'.n McKinl-.-y
appeared on the' stain! was prolopRO i
and velmment. The speakliiK In behalf
of the delegation of Cunfciif rates was
done by A. P. Ftinkhousr, editor 'if
a pai:r at Harrisonbuix. Vu.. ami t.eii.
J. K. Holler.
When Major McKinley row.' to re
spond to their eddressis he faced the
most compact and one of the veiy
largest audiences to which he has
spoken this campaign, and altogether It
was the most Impressive and plgntlli uut
one. Major MeKinley was at his best.
His voice was never clearer, never mole
resorant. never sifted witii ureal:1!'
carrying power than thlsev. ning. N ghf
fell us he preached the Kospe! of peac
and national unity, lie said: -
.My Vellow CiUzf-nR: 1 rV'i,ireaie Ihe
iieiieinns words .vio. ii have u -. a spokci
ill your behalf by your cloiiu. nl spok-s-inaa.
I Weieo'ac lo aty hoiee tne reie cs.'H
terive of a :Maie nf proud api-esiral mem
ories. Mlivat elieerinui. Tarice Welcome,
nu n of Virginia--r.ien of tin- Saeaandouli
valley, I hi ice weleoine the lies, i ll.lants of
sii. li r.o'ile sires tu my Ilea, ill and home,
(l.o'lil ehieisl.
I'atriiitisni is not bounded by stale nr
class or sectional lines. We are a reunited
coiuihy. (Cries or "Vi s. yes," and liv
meiiiliins applausi I. We have but one II i,
the kIoMoum ,, l Stars and Stripes. (Trc
meivloas yi llliiKi. waieh all of us love so
well that we in an to transmit It in honor
ami slory lo oer ebiler. u. aiiilh an I
Miiuh. Secli.iiial!?.ni v.-is snrrenilered at
Aopumai lux i.'ippluusi I, ,111-11 ill- years that
ll..V lollotveil have removed whafevir
liaeiiry re:;l-oanee ilu-n r.-niair.ed. In
bed II anylliinu was needed to utterly
and efl'eetually dextroy it. It i-as lieen 111 :
nisned In tin- evems of the contest n.e.v
iii'en a- fije ihe Imtinr of the Anier'e:--!
name and thai permanent peace whieli Ihe dyiiiit pra.'er of lie- Ki'eat enp
teln of our iirinles. ('lyases S. Oram, t Vo.
cP'erolls eheerhitil.
The spirit of fervent Americanism Is
a'lr.iih! Oj :.,. ini-d sail no more eerncsi or
sl'tei re Is t hi? si n 1 Inn nl la 1 lie luivi h than
la Ihe oe'.:i. Tids year ihe words of yoiir
'eti aaiis' li e-on, nor n- on your brt ;u t
Today. "Xo nurih. no .-oiuli. ni easi, 110
io-;;t. i!e- rr.loti forever." sounds forth
like a hue.!.- nine calllr.K iatrlols toircther
iind is an exori yslnn of the purpose of
llie Anieriean p-opU both north and soiit'i.
iTi einendoas a")ilaiiHe. I I'l 01 lahulai; l!b
1 rty. union iind honor as tin- hl--'!i aim of
1 very hiii vlvor of I'mt creat war nn cii!i--r
U-, and of every pnlrjni In the cimniry.
T!'.e InsiiiiinH and uncnniinerahle seiit-irn-iil
of llii.s eaiapaii-ii is cirMry lirst,
country last and roimlry with stainless
honor nil tile time, tl'riis of "Hood, nood,"
l -.l-l (ireal elleeriiiol.
Tliriliing Attein-tt to Escape on a Bicy
cleShot Himself Rather Than Be
Tukcn by lie Pos::e.
Wells. Minn., net. John D. Sail',
who no doubt engineered the robbery
at Sherbourne. Wednesday afternoon,
is dead, .'-s also Marshal! 'lallieii. of
t'.tm reft. Iowa. This bloody seipicl to.
J-e Mart'ti county tragedy came a f -iv
ii i!-.u;-'s uftei ! o'clock this mo.iiiii.. n
a battle on the state line road it-'nr
lOliiiorc Minn. A posse of lufi men :n
e-.mnuuul of Deputy Sheriff Win d, i f
M.ii'iih cut'tity. got on the trait of t'mr
rhoiilv after daylight and tracked nlin
to a lai iii house. Deputy Ward kim
oil at the door and was answered by a
woman, but before she had spoken
three words Sail- rushed up behind her
iind began bring over her shoulder at
the ollicers.
Hj. fired seven times in iiuiek sue
cession, one bullet striking; .MaLsliai
iinllien In the foreliead and killing bin)
Instantly. The desperado then (illicitly
ran out of the house by way of the
I aek door, mounted his bicycle and
dasln-d off toward the east. The posse
caught sitrht of him and followed clo-;-behind.
This, chase was kept up for
four, mib'S. when Salr broke a pod:' I mi
his whet I and took to the fields on for.t.
As he ran across a corn field towards
a clump of trcees. Deputy Sheriff Ward
dashed up, dismounted, and resting his
gun upon a tree, tired, the shot from
lils Winchester taking effect in the rob
ber's shoulder.
The latter fell, it was supposed from
ihe shot from Ward's gun. but when
the posse gathered around him it was
found that he had shot himself In tl.e
held, the shoulder wound being only
a slight one. I pun examining the
body tin- i-bicets found a portion nf the
money stolen at Sherburne in an inslib'
pocket of his shirt, the amount being
about xiion. Kastened to a belt around
bis body were two revolvers and a
dirk. The bicyclists are being held fur
Identilii-alion ai I'reston. Hluoniiiig
I'rairii- mid list herville. Iowa.
The man cttpiurnl at the last nann-d
place best answers the description m"
the other robber, l-'t-ed. I'ratl. and be
v iii be held until olllcets can reach
l-.'sthit ville from Wilder. At inn.. Prui.'s
Ten l'i r ( cut. Cut Ordered hv Vork
Siiilc Cut pet iincei n.
Jamestown, N. Y.. Oct. !.-- No -e Pt.i
been posluonid on the doors of the
carpet mills of S. Sanl'oid and Sons to
the effect that a reduction of Ju per
cent. In wages will be made on Mon
day. The reduction will affect about 2.HW)
Old Charges Dismissed.
Albany, Oct. fi.-Tlie oft te eateii charges
w liivh have b i made during the oast
two years against ilenerul Austin l,i:h
rop, as superintendent i,r state prisons,
were dismissed today by lloM-riior Morton.
In thus acting tin- governor lias disposed
of 11 llleslIoll which has ll.ell liefore ihe
legislature upi! himself for upwards of a
year and a half.
Ivory Arraigned Again.
London, Oct. !). IMward J. Ivoit. alias
I'M ward 1 . Ihe saloon keeper of Mew
York, who is charged with aiding and
ulitling In the all -ged dynamite conspir
acy, was brought up again today on re
mand at Dow Street Police court. Counsel
for the Treasury depiirtiiieni called sev
eral witnesses in attempts to prove the
case against the prisoner.
Sletunship Arrival.
Xew York, Oct. !. Arrlver: Furst His
marek, from Hamburg, Southampton and
Cherbourg: Sciin.lla; from Hamburg; St.
Louis, from Southampton. Sailed for New
York: Columbia, from fhcrhnurx; Eth
iopia, from .Vloville. Sighted, Opt. ".().
Ktrurin, Irom New York for (ueenstown
and Llvcipool, passed lirow Head ui 12.03
a. in.
Mill l.rt Hoiebcry Drop.
London, Oct. n. The Parliamentary cor
respondent of the Times liuils aiming the
Radicals little dlspotdtlon to invite Lord
Itosebet-y to , reconsider his resignatlo i.
The rank and llle of the pnrty treat the In
cident as one that was bound to happen
sooner or later.
riiil'ippiiie Troops Mutiny.
Madrid, Oct. 9. A dispatch received here
from .Manilla says that a company of na
tive soldiers at Mindanao, an island of
the Malay Archipelago, and second larg
est of Ihe Phlllliilne Islands, has mutinied
and killed Its officers.
tiermnnic's tloatswnin Lost.
Liverpool, Oct. . The boatswain of the
steamship Oermnnlc, from Jew York
Sept. 30, was washed overboard and
drowned off the Irleh coast in the gale
which has prevailed .
Dramatic Slory of (lie Frightful Boiler
Explosion at Danville.
Sal uriitK Jlcr tlabv When 11 I'lyini:
I'rtiKinciit oi' the Kvplodetl Hoilcr
Swept Her and Her Iul'ant Into the
C't'llur, Killiiitt Hotli, Hut Sptiriiis
't'wo (tlhcr C hildren.
Danville. I'a.. Oct. . The boiler ex
plosion last night at the Montour Iron
works here was more disastrous and
fatal in its results than was supposed
si the time the accident occurred. I'ive
men and nn infant were killed and IS
men, a boy and a woman were injured.
Of the injured several are likely t die.
The lull list of fatalities follows:
JoHN CASTLKMAN. Instantly killed.
Kl.L. died i if their injuries.
JOHN V. Ml'LLKN, Sit., died of his
JOHNSON LOVKTT, died ot his in
juries. The Injured are: Mrs. Margaret
Ilryon. fatally hurt; Hubert ltced. day
foreman, badly injured; Thomas T.
Kvans. badly Injured; Hush Yerrlck,
fatally hurt: Moses Layman, aged 12
years, mnv die; Churles Hciner. Hunk
berrv, William FUnex. colored. Thomas
Miller. Hranilt. William Wool,
Daniel Murks, Joseph Connelly., Hurry
Mayer, Howard Delimit. Richard S.
Hits, may die; tienrge Singer, may die;
Thomas Williams, Joseph derringer,
William licit inger, Patrick McC.eee,
may die.
Resides being cut and bruised by
Hying bricks, all the injured and den I,
Willi the exception of Mrs. Hryon ami
her child, were horribly scalded by the
escaping steam. In one Instance one of
the victims had both hands literally
parboiled off at the wrists. Surrounding'
the works arc a number of small dwell
ings occupied by employes of the com
pany. It was In one of these that the
Uryon family lived. Mrs. Hryon was ill
a sejond story room nursing her baby,
and at her feel sat two i;f in r other
children. Half the boiler wns hurled
through the house by the force of the
explosion. The mass of iron struck
Mrs. Hi yon anil the babe nt her bren t.
crushing In the Infant's hea l, and then
fell through Hit! cellar, currying down
the woman and her children In the
wreck. The two children on the floor
escaped with slight injuries, but Mrs.
l'ryoii will die. Th's Is the second Mm
that an ex) hiding boiler In the same mill
has been thrown through the Hryons'
The exact cause of the explosion has
not yet been determined, but II is
thought that It was due to low water
in the boiler. The lires had Just been
withdrawn in the urnace to allow of
some rennirs being made. The mill
walls were fairly riddled by flying
bricks and the property damaged to
tin-extent of about $5,i"i00. Last night's
boiler explosion is the third of its kind
which has taken place at the mill. The
first one occurred In ls.17. when seven!
men were killed and Injured.
An Old Couple Near Rochester Beaten
Into Insensibility and Then Tied
to the Bed Post.
ISocht ster. N. Y Oct. ft. Chief of Po
lice Haydcn was this morning notified
of a terrible outrage committed near
the village of Holly, In this county, la-t
night by two trumps. The victims of
the outrage were Joseph Colbuin. V"i
years of age and his wife, aged 70.
The couple were -tortured in d f f crept
ways by their assailants. In the hope
that they could be Induced to tell wher?
they had money concealed nb.iut the
house. The couple, although fu hie.
mude n desperate light for th- Ir morev
and life. The thieves finally knocked
them into Insensibility unil ransacked
the house, finding 51. The couple were
left more dead than alive, tied to the
bed posts with ropes.
A neighbor found the door of the
lputse open thla morning and went In
side. He found both insensible, but Hu
man revived sulliclently to tell the story
of the crime.
The) Take n I'ri-ni-h Hark unci l ira"
on n Spanish sicniiier.
Malga. del. !). The Spanish merchant
steamer Seville, which arrivi-d here
from French Mediterranean potts, re
ports that the French bark Cminthe,
while bi i alnied near the Islands of Al
hiicc'.nas. the Spanish prison selMeinent
oil the i-oiils aif Morocco, was I cully
atiacked by a lined Moors In boats.
Tin- pirates bound the rivw of the lurk
ami afterwards pillaged her. Tin- crew
of the Seville succeeded In ri-sciilng one
of the crew of the Corintlie and cap
tured one boatload of Minus.
When the Seville approached tin- Cor
inthi" the pirates opened lire upon her,
killing two men and woumlltig four of
tlie Spanish ship's crew and eventually
compelled her to retire. A Spanish
gunboat has been sent to Morocco with
Instructions to demand the release of
the lirisoners and the payment of nn
Indemnity, as the outrage took place
Iii Spanish waters.
Horrible Crime ol' a t'nriiier Driven
Insane by Trouble.
Noblesvllle, lnd.. Oct. !). Albert Bray,
nged 3D. a prosperous farmer and a
very religious man, cut the throats of
his wife, .his nine-year-old son, Cart,
his two-year-old daughter, Kdna, and
himself. The crime was committed
between midnight and daylight this
morning five miles north of here. The
wife and children died without a strug
gle, but Bray lived until noon today
without regalnlng-eonsclousness. The
deeds were done with a razor.
Bray's reason was affected owing to
sickness in his family for the past few
months and some financial embarrass
Young Society .Man or New York
Loses His Sweetheart.
Morrlsonvllle, N. Y., Oct. 9. A cra
fur motto buttons has at last hud its
legitimate result, and a young society
man has been given his choice between
"buttons" and his sweetheart. He choss
the latter, but was untrue to his choice.'
He was given a second chance, but he
did not have sufficient self-will to with-
stand the temptations held out by the
terrible demon "buttons."
His name is Ilich.ird Van Horn, her
name is Miss ISertha Howe, and she Is
the daughter of the wealthiest citizen
of the village. Mr. Van Horn appeared
iH-fore- his fiance- last night with two
buttons on his coat, which he had over
looked. One of them read: "Set 'em up
again." The other read: "Don't care if
1 do."
Miss Doit ha repulsed bis first ad
vance, saying that by bis bin tuns she
knew him and tbe company lie kept,
lie could he nothing more lo her. All
was over between them.
Coming, Iowa, Itciluccd to Ituiiis.
Dun Man Iturucd to Death.
Ores ton. Iowa. Oct. !). A report has
reached this city that Corning, Iowa,
bus been almost totally dcstnlyed by
fire. An unknown man was burned to
deuth. The loss is $::nn,0ui).
The Flower of the French Army Is Put
Through Manoeuvres for His
Special Benefit.
Paris. Oct. 9. The weather at Chal
ons wan rainy ami altogether disagree
able at daybreak, threatening to mar
llle eftect, if not absolutely prevent the
review of the tramps in honor of the
Cssur, but at in o'clock the skies had
fleared. nnd the day was us tine aS
could be alesileil.
Tin fgraml review of the troops at
Chalons in honor of the Czar began at
noon. His Majesty appeared am horse
buck, fronting the troops. President
Kaure mid tha- ( 'Kiirina sat together in
a laiidiiu. The number of troops . c
vieweal i-ompriscd H.iino ollicers nnd lii!.
7.Vi privates, together with 1SH7S horses.
Tin r. view w as a grand success. The
Ci:ar, who wore the real caissack uni
form, tiipeuri-d to be in excellent spir
its ami displayed inu.di enthusiasm
over the movements of the troops.
At tin- which followed, the
Czar gave a toast to the French army,
alec luring llle unalterable friendship of
the armies of itusslu and France.
Nearly One Hundred Thousand Business
Men Join in a Grand Sound
Money Parade.
Chicago. Oct. 9. Twenty-five eiis
ago loaliiy the city of Chicago was laid
waste by the greatest conllagaration of
modern times. Today in commemora
tion of that dreadful havoc and suffer
ing, Chicago celebrated the rebuilding
and progress of what Is now the second
city in America.
The anniversary was taken advantage
of by local managers of the president
ial campaign to make a. demonstration
in advocacy of the continuance of the
pnsi'iit national financial system, both
lti'publicaiis anal Kold Democi.its join
ing lances under the direction of the
liitsiness Men's Sound Money associa
tion In organizing a parade, Hie equal
of which has never been seen in this
or probably any other American citv.
It Is estimated that nearly Iiio.ikii) busi
ness men were in line.
Julius 4'osel, n. .Merchant, Loses
3,'i.- nt Jersey City.
Youngstown. Ohio, Oct. !. Julius
Cose, a wealthy merchant here, while
boarding a Pullman sleeper nt Jersey
City last night to return home, was
hi Id up and robbed of $2,2.',0. Cnsel was
walking through the narrow passage
way next to the smoking compart
metit.just before the trnin started when
h" was held up by three men. one tak
ing his pnekcthnok and the others try
ing to secure his gold watah and dia
mond stud, but w-re not successful.
Ollii-lals were untitled, but us It was
dark Cosel could not describe his as
ttiiHsiuii l'ii 11 ce Arrives nt San I'rnii
risru on His Tour.
San Francisco, Oct. A The steamer
Iblxic arrived this afternoon from
I long Kong and Yokohama. Among
the passenger was Prince M la-hue!
KhllkofT. who is Imperial minister of
waya and communications of Russia.
He has come to Ainerii-a to Inspect
il.s railway systems.
j Will Not Suppress Turkey. '
; London, (lei. 9. C. P. rtlir-hia- Coiiser
I vu live Member of Parliament for Croydon
' and president of the hoard or trade In I he
j Cabinet, sneaking at Cloy. ion liisl eveii
i Ing. said that he was able to declare that
I the ei. vi rumen t policy was not to suppr. -is
I lie Turkish empira-. lint Men-operate wilh
i the naiwers lo secure a better svsleni i f
I goveriimi-nt. with Kto-openn gnaranlee for
j both Christian and Mohammedans. "Wk
! arc not going to launch u war," said Mr.
! Maims .-..HHI,(l()( Dniniiucs.
San l-'raneiseo. Oct. !). A sub eoni
I iiieiic.-d lu the I'nited Stales I'lreull court
by Herman Cramer, claiming f',iiii
from the Singer Sewing .Machine company,
prollis alleged In huve been oiade by the
a -oinp my in selling machines Infringing on
Cramer's patent.
Im in licrlai ii Home Again.
London. Oct. !). The Right Hon. Josi pit
Chuiuiii-rkiin, si-ci-elary of stale for tho
felonies, was landed at Liverpool yest.'i'
diiy nil u special tender unon his 'return
from ids visit to the Cnited Suites,
I'cniiile Sudrnge in Australia.
Melbourne. Victoria. Oct. 9. The Assem
bly, lifter an all-night sitting, passed the
second rending of the bill establishing
female suffrage and "one man to one
Weather Indications Today;
Fair and Warmer.
1 MeKinley Has Numerous Visitors.
Bryan Stumping the Hakntas.
Story of the LUinville Boiler Explosion.
2 Pun's Weekly Trade Hevlew.
Wall Street lie view and Markets.
3 (Local) Thousands Will Parade Today.
Departure1 of Christian Knileavorera.
4 Kditorial.
John Locke on National Finance.
5 (Local) William Connell and Major
Warren address Young Republicans.
(5 rathetlc Tale of the Many Celeste.
7 Suburban Happenings.
8 (Local) Doings of Society.
News In Scrunton's Religious Circles,
9 Wonders of the Queen's Dominion.
How Free Coinage Worked In the Past.
10 (Story) "The Lady of the Bed Admir
11 Tragedy of a Longboat. ,
IS News Up and Down the Valley.
The Popocratic Candidate Swings Rapidly
Round the Circle.
Charges His Opponents wilh I'.vnsion
mid Intimates That He Is the Onlv
I'oliticiuu ol' the l'criod Urate
K.iioiiv.Ii to Cull a Spade a Spade.
Sioux City, Iowa, Oct. 9. It was rain
ing hard, a chill Id rain, when Wil
liam .1. lirjati reached h-re after an all
night's run on the Northwestern rou'l,
from Marshalltown, at 10.1) o'clock this
morning. He was escorted to the big
train slu-d of the 1'iiion passenger sta
tion and mounted on u truck addressed
an audience of severul thousand hud-dh-d
together there. After un intro
duction by Judge Van Vv'agen. a candl-
; date for congress. In tbe Klcventh Iowa
district, Mr. liryan suid:
If our nppuneiits ara right in the decla
ration that the gold standard ought tn be
lualiiiaiiieil in this country until foreign
nations consult to Its abaadoniiu-nt then,
my friends, the a-lection of un advocate
of fi coinage would be an Injury to the
eouiury. It, oil the other hand, we aro
right in our eouti 111I011 that ihern can bo
no priiuiiieiit relief until we have re
stored silvi r lo its ancient place and per
mitted it lo enter the mints oil equal terms
with gold. I say if we are right, then tho
maintenance of ihe gold standard is a
crime against lliu Ana-rieuu people.
Ill the discussion of a great question like
lids there are several things whleh throw
light upon the controversy, if you go
into court and Iind a witness who is will
ing to clearly slate what he knows, who
gives his testimony without evasion, you
bclli-vo that be is an honest wltni-ss. If
on the other hand you find u witness who
deals in ambiguous phrases, who attempts
to evade ipiosiions and who attempts to
coer 11)1 his ideas with words of a double
nieanliiM, you doubt the honesty and sin
cerity of tin. witness. So, in 11 eolilroversy
like this, when our pcopla- who advocate
free coinage openly deelare what they
waul, why they want It and how they a-x-picl
to gel It; when they give you rea
sons for ineir fuiih. you have a right to
have cunlldence in the honesty of their
purpose. Hut when our opponents try to
secure a gold stamlaril wiiliout daring to
advocate It, when they talk abut sound
money, when tiny mean gold, when Ihey
talk about an honest dollar, when they
mean the most dishonest dollar Ihero is
in tin- land today (ehea-rsi. you huve a
righl to question their sincerity. My
friends, men who have n cause in which
1 hey believe are not ashamed to state
their li.-lief, and wha-11 you tind written on
Republican banners Dial, deeept la phrase
"sound money" you have 11 right to be
lieve that the men who use the term use
P bavauso they are not willing to tell the
American people what they mean by
sound money. (Cheers).
At the conclusion of his sneech Sir.
Rryuu returned to his train and left
aiver the Chicago ami Northwestern for
Sioux Falls, B. D.
Sioux Falls, S. D., Oct. . Klk Point
was the lirst plm-i' where tha- liryan
special stopped after It crossed the Mis
souri from Iowa into South Dakota, and
the crowd that had braved the ruin to
see tha candidate, heard him make a lit
tle speech.
You will see men who handle money und
own money and change money, who ale
anxious for moni-y to rise In value, ha- said,
you see men who handle corn and raise
corn who are anxious 10 have corn rise in
value. The pa-ople who raise a-rn have a
rigid to protect themselves and lo pre
vent an additional fall 111 the price of corn.
The more nations there are which ile
um nil gold, the greater will be the dillia-uUy
lo get It and the more of our corn will it
buv. If your taxes would fall, if your
ib bts would fall us your corn fell, you
might he able to get along easier. I be
lieve llie time has come when the far
111. r Is called upon lo alefeiul himself und
his family and his people around him by
the use of the ballot.
Ruck Into Iowa again and another
speech was fciven the people at Huw
firdcn, where great enthusiasm was
slwn. The suggestive name of Can
ton was that of the next stopping
point. Canton is in South Dakota.
Major McKinley had friends ther-,
some of them wearing hats of gola'cn
hue and a few shouted for the Repub
lican candidate, when Mr. Bryan con
cluded his remarks.
Spci ula'cd in Stocks, Stole und Lost
9150,000 and Shot Himself.
Gloucester. Muss., Oct. 9. Treasurer
George K. Marsh, life and soul of the
Cape Ann Savings Hunk, whose depos
its are more than $:!,ir"i,0ii(), und trus
tee of funds umouiiling to $ .uu.eiiii
more, including thone aif th-.
hospital, and Gilba-i-t Old
lioiiu-. a ainitnit ted suicide by
inn his brains with a a-arbim-.
blow ing
The bank exatnimil ion was in pro
gress and he had an appointment to
meet flu- Iritsiees. When they met
th'-y found a note saying that
Mr. Marsh's boily wiuibl be found nt
Ills summer house, at Aniilsiiiiani. Tha'
shoring!' in tin' funds is now i-Hlininta-al
at $1."i).iH)il. which, besides his privalo
foil una- aif Sfnn.iiiiii, bus I n sunk In
st oes sni-i ulu I ions. He was hit es
pecially hard by August's money strin
Cliicatio Men luleresled in ii I ind nl
Hi'iidwood, S. I).
Deadwood, S. I).. Oct. !. A rich strik?
was made yesterday at the Gold King
lode of the Kua group on Sitmiw Creek.
In running u drift on the blanket for
mation the miners struck a well-de-tincd
vertical vein over twai feet wide
that runs over $luo a tarn. The group
Oautslsts of seventeen claims.
Another rich strike was clso made on
tin' German-American Mining com
pany's property at the head aif Black
Trail Gulch, owned by Chicago parties
The Sanilac Sale in Port.
slitiibiiln, O., Oct. !). The steamer San
ilac, which was l-cnorteil lost on Laki' F.rie,
came lino this port yesterday morning and
was wind hound here all day. She was
caught b) the storm ofT F.rie, Wednesday
niglil, nnd compelled to drop her consort,
the schooner Oneonta. She was ba-llv
shaken up and her furniture damaged, but
the loss will not be heavy.
- -
liici-ndiur) Shot Dead.
Lima, Peru. Oct. 0. via Galveston. Yes
terday ut (iiiuyaapill an Incendiary was
cuughl In the hc and was shot. All Is
quiet here, nnd the government has up
pointed committees to assist and to fe".l
those who are left in u condition of need
by the great lire.
Herald's Wciitiirr r'orccast.
New York, Oct. . Herald's forecast:
In the Middles States today fair weal her
will prevail, with a slight fall of tempi ra
ture and fresh northerly to brisk north-i-aslci'ly
winds, becoming duugi rous on
the coasts and followed y ruin In this
Rectlon, with the movement northward of
the storm In the eastern gulf. On Sunday:
Partly cloudy to cloudy weather w ill pre
vail, with slight temperature changes and
high northeasterly winds and gule on the
coaiu. .
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