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West Side Wheelmea Excited About the
Way Tbeir Scraaton Brethrea Acted
Taeiday Nil. During Parade.
The West Side Wheelmen met last
right In regular session. The talk of the
night was on what the boys call "the
come-together" of themselves and the
members of the Seranton Hlcycle club
who Attempted to steal the rljrht of line
In Tuesday night's parade. The West
Bide club was reeularly given the lead
by order of the grand marshal. All
Wnt well until the parade was coming
down Washington avenue. When Vine
street was reached the Seranton riders
pushed ahead and turned to the right,
going down Vine and up Wyoming ave
nue, thus getting first place when the
parade reached that point. But the
West Side buys objected. A scrimmage
ensued In which Ben Evans, of the
West Side Wheelmen, waa struck In the
face by a Seranton man.
Six new members were received Into
the wheelmen last night. A house Jani
tor was engaged.
Miss Minerva ITopp, of South Main
.venue, delightfully entf.riained a few
of her friends last evening t her home.
The evening quickly pnssed. as pleas
urable evenings do, and the guests de
parted In hnppy mien. Those present
were: The Misses Elizabeth Cavylon,
Lillian Carylon, Emma fcSchuler. Leulo
Doyle, Roslno. Huber. Miss Hu?hs,
Myrtle Van GorUer and Ksthrr Hopp,
and W. J. Welsh, Jr., Will Burrlll. Jo
seph Burrill, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Fredcrl I,
Emll Neubaur, George Dewlld. Victor
JiOiig, Will Davis and Will Moonev.
The Sunday schools and mission
branches of the First Welsh Baptist
church picnicked yesterday at Laurel
Hill Park. There were four special cats
used In carrying the children und thulr
adult friends to the resort. A very
pleasant day was spent. The return
was made at sunset.
The Sunday school of St. Mark's
Lutheran church held their annual pic
nic at Weber's Grove yesterday. A
waeon was used in transporting the
children to and from the picnic ground.
A musteale and soclul was held last
evening at the parsonage of the Wash
burn street Presbyterian church. Rev.
and Mrs. Mofratt received the guests,
who were chiefly members of the church.
Among the entertainers for the evening
were: Miss Hn frees; or, 01 Weatherly,
Pa.: Mis. B. T. Jay ne. of the church
quartette; M!rs Kiilth .Swingle, church
organist; Miss Delia Pen warden and
Miss Edith Llndabury. Refreshments
were served.
Mr. Watson, of Ashley, will on July
13 give a lecture at the Simpson Metho
d!s Episcopal church on "Prison Life In
the South." The affair Is for the benefit
of and under the direction of the Ep
worth league chapter of the church. No
entrance fee will be charged, but a sli
ver collection will be taken up. Re
freshments will be served.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weeden, who
were married Wednesday evening at
Bellevue, are enjoying their honeymoon
at Ocean Grove.
T. M. Miller, of Washburn street, Is
at Atlantic City.
Miss Eliza Evans, nurse at the Dan
ville hospital, Is the guest of the Misses
Johns, of Bromley avenue.
Miss Ida Ace, of North Lincoln ave
nue, left (resterday for a visit at Hamp
ton Junction, N. J.
Miss Kate Fadden, of Hampton
3treet, left yesterday for Wllkes-Barre.
Charles L, Kauffman, of Port Royal,
la visiting West Side friends.
Mllo Worden, of Lake Sheridan, la
Visiting his uncle, Minor Worden.
The funeral of the late Michael Mc
Nally will take place tomorrow morn
ing at 9:30 o'clock. Sen-ices will be
conducted at St. Patrick's church. In
terment will be made In Hyde Park
Catholic cemetery.
The funeral of an Infant child of Mr.
And' Mr. Samuel Harris, of Fllmore
avenue, took place yesterday. The ob
sequies were private.
Charles E. Daniels has returned from
11 in mm 111
EARLY nil of the Men's Sprlnar Suit
DOLLARS, we have marked down to
in order to clear by July 1st.
Such grades stylesmakes and values we
never dreamed of offering. When we say we
sustain losses on many, and prollt on none,
we appeal to the intelligence of our patrons,
and rely on our long record of reliable deal
ers to those who know us by reputation. Our
corner show window display will give you a
good idea of these suits.
... Scisn Deafing Mors, Hattsrs anil Furalsiiis,
of tb? Sdbtirbs.
Washington, where he attended the
Christian Endeavor convention. Mr.
Daniels will write camp news for the
Mrs. E. R. Lewis and family returned
yesterday from Ocean Grove.
Miss Emlle Evans, who has been at
tending the Christian Endeavor con
vention at Washington, is now visiting
at York Springs, Pa.
P. O. Knight Is at Asbury Park.
The Misses Edna Saxe, Carrie La Car,
Nettie Dutesman and Mollle Slants are
summering near Buttermilk Falls.
The following West Side people will
leave tomorrow for Asbury Park where
a few weeks of summer will be spen"
Mrs. Robert W. Walker, Mrs. R. H.
Luce, Mlseta Jessie Becker, Margtiet
Glbbs. Grace Walker, Margaret Ed
wards and Edith Richards.
Miss Margaret Lewis, who has re
cently returned much invigorated in
health from a western trip, will In Sep
tember resume her position as teacher
at No. 32 school, which she was com
pelled to abandon during the last term.
Miss Retten, of Reading, Pa., is the
guest of Mrs. George B. Reynolds, of
North Main avenue.
The campaign committee of the West
Side Republican league Is called togeth
er for a meeting to be held this evening
at the rooms.
The First Welsh Calvlnlstlc Metho
dist church will conduct an excursion
next Tuesday to Mountain Park.
Robert Morris lodge met last evening
and installed the following officers: Dr.
B. G. Beddoe. president; Lewis A. How
ell, vice president; Ell Harris, steward;
D. J. Reese, conductor; John Hughes,
Inside guardian; John II. Phillips, out
side guardian.
The funeral of Annie Hughes oc
curred yesterday from the residence of
her mother, Mrs. Hughes, of Eynon
street. The obsequies were attended by
many friends of the family. Interment
whs made in Washburn street ceme
tery. The new club will r.ay today: Tint
following are asked ,0 report at 3:30
o'clock on the central grounds: Ed
war '.s, Th.iyer, Jeffries, Jamlesnn, Jere
miah, Jones, Noakcs, Telrney, Owen
and Rpese Lewis. The Browns will
8fc-aln bp the opposing team. Art early
game is In order.
West Sido llusincss Directory.
FLORIST Cut flowers and funeral de.
r!is a tiierialty. Floral figures, useful
as gifts, at lot South Main avenue. liar
Met J. Davit, florist.
PHGTOGRAPHKR Cabinet Photos, 11.49
per doin. They are Just lovely. Con
vince yourself by calling at Startler's
Photo Parlors, lot and 103 South Main
anything you have to fell. Furniture,
Stove., Tools, rtc. Call and fee the
stock of J. C. King, 102 and 102il Jock
sua itroot.
Miss Jessie Rowe, of Delaware street,
hns Just returned from a two months'
visit with frlinds at Plttson.
Mrs. Wheeler and son, of Windsor,
N. Y., who were spending a few days
with Mrs. M. D. Farnliam, of Breaker
street, have returned home.
Mrs. William Tripp, of Fordham
street, and Mrs. Gesner, of Mousey ave
nue, are on the sick list.
Mrs. Julia McGarry and sons, of Car
bondale, are visiting at the home of
Mrs. McNally, of Penn avenue.
Mrs. Cora Donlln has gone to Ber
wick and Bloomsburg, where she will
visit friends.
Mrs. A. B. Stevens, of Wyoming, has
been the guest of Mrs. Isaac Vought, of
Mongey avenue.
Horton and Oscar Whltmlrc, formerly
of Lamona, Iowa, have Just come Into
the ridge, where they will make their
Mrs. James, of Fordham street, Is en
tertaining her daughter-in-law, of Chi
cago. Miss May Vought, of Monsey avenue,
who has been the guest of friends at
Berwick, has returned home.
On Wednesday afternoon a birthday
party was given In honor of Mrs. Vail,
of Breaker street, at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Louis Francois, of Olive
street. She received the congratula
tions and best wishes of her friends.
Knee Pants.
No boy need go without a pair of
pants while they can secure a pair for
very little money on account of retiring
from the clothing and gent's furnishing
business. Morris J. Davldow, clothier
and outfitter, 222 Lacka. ave.
Oil .Market.
Oil City, July 16. The option oil market
closed at 101; credit balances at 103.
Columbus Couacil Will Hold a Special
Meeting Sunday Afteraooa to Assist
the Plttstoa Sufferers.
A special meeting of Columbus coun
cil. Young Men's Institute, has been
called for Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock
to take action on the Plttston mine dis
aster. The object of the meeting is to
decide whether to appropriate a sum
from the treasury, or to levy an assess
ment on each member of the council. It
Is requested that every member who
can will attend.
Eight of the men entombed In the
Twin shaft belonged to the Plttston In
stitute. Columbus council has a mem
bership of about 125, and they wish to
subscribe a handsome sum to the fund.
Less complaint in now heard concern
ing the scourge of dysentery which a
week ago had assumed the proportions
of un epidemic. A majority of those af
fected with It have recovered, and the
death rate has been low, fortunately.
There is danger, however, that the re
appearance of sweltering weather may
cause a revival of the scourge.
Nicholas PIdage, who was killed
Wednesday morning near the blast fur
nace by being run over by a trip of cin
der cars, was burled yesterday after
noon. Services were conducted at 3
o'clock by Rev. N. Chanath, pastor of
the Greek Catholic church, and inter
ment was made in Mlnooka cemetery.
The dead man boarded on South Wash
ington avenue, but when t'ndertaker
U. A. Miller spoke about conveying the
body there, the wife of the boarding
boss almost went Into hysterics. A
relativo took tho body In and kept It
until the hour of the funeral.
Irving, son of Mr. and Mrs. John
Zanrf, r.t Birch street, died Wednesday
night. The funeral will be held this af
ternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment will be
made In Plttston avenue cemetery.
Company A, Patriitlc Guards, will
run b picnic at Central Park tomorrow.
St. John's T. A. B. society, of this side,
will hold a picnic tomorrow at Laurel
Hill 1'arfc.
City Engineer rhi!!!ps has given lines
for the Improvement of Matt?s street.
Tho curve will be taku'n out of the
i?, a sidewalk will be laid on the
easterly side, and the Chans will be
bvoutsht about soon.
The largo and enthUMlnstio audienue,
which tilled to overflowing the Wash
ington hall lost evening, generously do
nated for the occasion by P. D. Manley,
plainly showed how great the sympa
thies of the people of Dumnore were to
ward the bereaved sufferers of the Pltts
ton disaster. Much praise must be said
of the untiring efforts of B. W. Cooney
and J. P. Manley, who so nobly Insti
gated and pushed forward the noble
cause. The feature of the evening was
the song entitled the "Miner's Dream
of Home," which by special request was
sung by Mrs. L. B. Pike, of New York,
with special scenic effects painted by
Joseph Garland, of New York. The
; tableaux were very well represented by
; the Misses Sweeny and Healey and
Messrs. Fltzslmmons and McDonald.
Frank Carlton, In his famous specialty,
"The African Belle," convulsed the
audience by his witty sayings and
comic singing. The programme was
on the whole one of the moat select ever
given In Dunmore. The artists who so
kindly volunteered their services were:
Overture, Miss Agnes McDonough; es
say, Miss Fannie O'Horo; terpschorean,
George Qavigan and Miss Nora Cad
den; piano duet. Misses Derrlg and
Monahan: solo, Miss Kate Mongan; vio
lin nolo, Miss May Murphy; clog and
Jig dunce, Michael Hellnoll; solo, Miss
Sadie Dougherty; cornet solo, Mark
Bishop; recitation. Miss Gertrude Col
lins: baritone solo, J. T. Fltzslmmons;
recitation. Miss Mamie Flnnen; solo,
Thomas Thomas; solo, Mrs. L. B. Pike;
comic songs, Frank Carlton; contralto
solo. Miss Tlllle Cullen; recitation. Miss
Llnnle Sweeny; com is songs and witty
sayings, Larry Ketrick; solo. Miss An
nie Cooney; duet, Mr. William Wilson
and Miss Martha Matthews; recitation.
Miss Jennie Golden; baritone solo, Mr.
William Jones; solo, Miss Mame Cullen;
tabeaux under the direction of Misses
Golden, Sweeney, Mongan and Hast
ings. The stage was under the direc
tion of L. B. Pike, of New York, and the
music for the evening furnished by Prof.
Peter Peuser, Mus. Bac.
Chief of the Fire Department Victor
Burschel has appointed E. II. VanCamp
as acting chief during his absence at
tho national guard encampment, from
July 17 to August S.
Miss Lizzie Krause is visiting friends
In Waverly.
The Item In Wednesday morning's
Republican announcing the marriage of
J. J. Mullen to Miss Muck, of the South
Side, was Incorrect.
Mies Inez Irey left yesterday to spend
a few weeks with friends at Mt Pocono.
A boys' purity and social club has
been organized In Dunmore, Its object
being to elevate the morals and conduct
of the yong boys and to blr.d in one har
monious society all young boys of one
denomination. Its officers are: Presi
dent, Ira Nolan; vice-president. Blame
Altemose; treasurer. Charles Luton:
secretary, Frank Matthews. They will
meet once a week at the different mem
bers' homes.
Julius Michaels has returned from a
visit to Rochester, N. Y.
The John B. Smith and A. D. Spen
cer Are companies' hose carts did not
arrive last evening. The parade which
was to have taken place will be post
poned until next Wednesday evening.
The strike of the hammersmen of the
Seranton Axle works is not creating
much excitement in this vicinity. The
situation Is practically unchanged and
from appearances will remain so, as the
men decline to accept the proposed re
duction. '
A three-year-old child of Lineman
Michael Henry dted yesterday mornlrg.
The funeral will be held this afternoon.
Interment In Mlnooka Catholic ceme
tery. The annual lawn festival of the
O'Connell Council, No. 1S4. Young Men's
Institute, which takes place on July 22,
promises to be one of the leading mid
summer social events. Extensive, ar
rangements are being mode for the oc
casion and if the' weather Is favorable
the affair will be a success.
The excursion committee of the St.
Joseph's T. A. and B. soclcly will meet
this evening at the Y. M. I. hall. , All
members are requested to attend.
Conference of Members of tbt Board af
Health and Milk Dealers.
Tnberculine Is the Substance Used to
Determine the Iresece f Tuber
cnlosisReport of the Committee
That Was Appointed to Investigate
the Condition of the City's Water
Supply Various Iteservoirs Visited
A special meeting of the board of
health was held yesterday afternoon,
at which were present the large milk
dealers of the city for the purpose of
discussing the tuberculosis question
and agreeing upon some action to guard
against the contamination of the milk
Veterinary research has discovered
recently that cattle can be infected with
tuberculosis and appear In fine physical
condition; that a cow may possess all
the outward show of a creature In the
best of health and at the same time be
"rotten at the core."
That is not it. Tuberculosis does Its
work very slowly and it may take four
or five years for it, after attacking a
healthy cow, to develop to the extent
'.hat the external appearance of the ani
mal will denote that she is unsound. It
has been proven that the germs are In
fectious, so that a drove of cattle might
take It from one.
Tuberculosis affects the human as
well as the animal, and for this reason
It is that the cows that supply milk to
citlesi should be examined to discover
whether or not any taint of the disease
exists. The milk of a diseased cow Is
necessarily impregnated with tubercu
losis germs, and the use of such milk Is
dangerous to the health of the com
M. J. Kelly, president of the board,
called the meeting to order. The other
members present were Dr. W. E. Allen,
Dr. W. A. Paine, H. J. Zlegler and Sec
rotary Briggs. The milk dealers in at
tendance were: George Carpenter, of
the Seranton Dairy company; C. H.
Shedd. of Spruce street; William Con
rad, of Green Ridge: Stoll 8eward,
of the North End Milk company; T. W.
Hanklna, of Cedar avenue, and George
Schrelber, of Plttston avenue.
Food Inspector Thomas said that 4,
000 cows arc necessary to keep up tho
supply of mil!: which comes Into Seran
ton from the farms every morning. Sta
tistics have shown that two per cent,
of the cows cf the state are affected
with tuberculosis, and at that ratio SO
cf the oows suppiylhg the Imported milk
to Seranton ara diseased.
The members of the board and the
milk rteslc.-s talked the matter over and
decided that a resjlutlon be passed di
recting the owners of cows on mlil;
farms to have them inspected and thoso
put to death which are affected with
the disease. It was estimated that the
cost of examination would not be more
than tl a head.
A substance known as tubercullne In
jected Into a cow will produce certain
symptoms which during thirty-six
hours will tell whether or not the dis
ease exists. The resolution of the board
will require the farmer to show the
milk dealer a clean bill of health from
a veterinary physician for the cows
which supply the milk.
A report was read, signed by Celonel
E. H. "Ripple and Dr. Paine with refer
ence to the recsnt inspection of the
water supply. The report states that
the visit to the dams and springs or
the Providence Water company showed
that a very pure quality of water Is
furnished to Its patrons. It supplies
the First, Second, Third and Thirteenth
wards and a portion ' of the Twenty
first ward. The capacity of all the
dams is 843,000,000 gallons of water.
A visit to the dams and springs of the
Seranton Gas and Water company was
equally satisfactory as to the freedom
of the water from organic matter.
Along the streams of both companies
the slaughter houses that were even
remotely seen are no longer visible and
the obnoxious tannery at Elmhurst Is
a thtaa- of the nast. The No. 7 high ser-
! vice dam above Dunmore will be
cleaned out before long.
The patrons of the Gas and Water
company use dally from twelve to
' fourteen million gallons of water. The
dams have a capacity of 3,2u0,000,000
gallons and within six months a reser
voir will be built at the Burnt Bridge
in Roaring Brook township which will
have a volume of 1,400,000,000 gallons.
This will be one of the largest bodies
of its kind In the state.
Seranton is blessed with a pure and
abundant supply of water. The Gas
and Water company has a volume on
hand to keep the city going for 300 days
wit'.iout rain.
Philadelphia Provision Market.
Philadelphia. July 1C Provisions were
In steady jobbing demand at generally un
charged prices. We quote: City smoked
beef, llali'c; beef lisms, $15.oual.50 for
old and new, as to average; pork, family,
HoalO.W: hum s. S. P. cured, ii) tierces, !')
altfe.; do. moked, HftiallVaC, as to aver
age; Fides, ribbed. In salt, 4'c.: do. do.
smoked, 6aii!.; shoulders, pUkle-cured,
HiaSc.: do. do. smoked. 6'ia6',fcc.; pirnlc
ham. 9. P. cured, C&aUc; do. do. smoke!!,
Wiui'c; bellies, I11 plrkel, according to av
erage, loose, 5ar.iic; breakfast bacon. V.k
a-., as to brand and overage; lard, pure,
city refined. In tierces, 4'ia4-c; do. do. do.
In tubs, 4aic. ; do. butchers', loose, 3!4a
4c; city tallow. In hogsheads. Sc.; coun
try do., i'juJc, as to quality, and cakes,
Chicago Live Stock.
Unlorf Stock Yohds, July 16. Cattle Re
ceipts. 11,000 head; .market steady; com
mon to extra steers, 3.3Ua3.4u', stockers
and feeders. Ji.luaJ.W; cows and bulls,
1.10a4: calves. SJaH.40; Texans. rJaJ.ii.
Hog- Receipts, 20,(xl head: market weak;
heavy packing and shipping lots, $3.5ii
3.40: common to choice mixed, 33.0Da3.40;
choice assorted. 33.iVia3.ri: light, 33.15a3.iO;
pigs, 3-'.)a3.5o. Sheep Receipts, H.Owt
head; market weak; inferior to choice, tl-x
3.75; lambs. 3a6.3Q.
Capital, - . - $200,000
Undivided Profits,
Special attention given to Business and Personal
. 3 Interest Paid on Interest Deposits,
Wall Street Review.
New York. July 17. The liquidations
which have been such a conspluuous
feature of the trading at the stock ex
change during the past few days, con
tinued during the early aesslons. It is
true that at the start the market waa
irregular In Its course and in some
cases there was more disposition to buy,
but the advances which took place were
soon lost and tho selling toward 11
o'clock was vigorously renewed. Re
ports of heavy gold ex porta the illness
of Cornelius Vanderbllt and the fears
of a third ticket In the presidential race
were all used with effect against the
market. As on yesterday there were
signs of demoralization and the sales
of holders whose margins had been ex
hausted formed an important part of
the transactions. Lake Shore tumbled
EVi to 1374, while the other prominent
Isbuos fell anywhere from to 3k per
cent. Nickel Plate necand preferred, a
Vanderbllt stock, brought 23 against Su
the last previously reported sale. About
'one o'clock there v.-as a let up In selling
from all quarters and the market be
gan to recover. Confidence slowly re
turned and In the last hour the market
exhibited greater strength than at any
other time for the day. The recovery
was the result of reports that the gold
shipments to Europe on Saturday will
fall below previous estimates, that the
sound money Democrats had given up
the idea of nominating1 a third ticket
and that the Morgan Bulmorit syndicate
stood ready to take bonds In sufficient
amounts to protect the treasury goid
reserve. Short sellers were the heaviest
buyers In the late trading and their
purchases led to a recoveryjof H to 5
per cent., the latter in Jersey Central.
Speculation closed firm In tone. Net
changes generally show gains of UV&
per cent. Total sales were 430,837
Furnished by WILLIAM LINN AT
LEN A CO., correspondents for A. P.
CAMPBELL, stock broker, 413 Spruce
Cp'n- High- Low- Cos
ing, est. In?.
Am. Tobacco oC .... f.S'l M'i fSH
Am. Cot. Oil 8 8'ii 9
Am. Sng. Re'g Co ..105 lOiVj 102i 104V
A tch., To. & a. Fe .. 123i liS ll'i 12',,
Can. South 44 4 4 43' il
Ones. & Onio 13Va 13'; Ui
Chicago Gas 5M G3 63 PI
Chic, ft N. W r.i U11 W4 M
' Chic, 11. Ji y 4SU
C. C". C. & St. L 2:V -'j'i J3ij '1j
Chic, Mil. ft St. P .. 72 721. Wi
Chic. K. J. t P f.8 51 03
Delawsr ilud ....119 11: liS'i lYiV.
P., L. ft W N..1W 150T. IO IW4
D'st. C. F 12 13 10 IH
Gen. Blectrtc 22; 22Ht 2!
Lake Bliore 143 143 133 Ml
.Louis. A Nash 4ii 4714 4iai 46' i
M. K. & Texas, Pr .. IS", 11'-a 17 tj lt
Manhattan Ele 8J' 9S
Mo. Pacific 13 19i V K
Nat. Cordage ........ S4 34 4
Nat. IaJ 20, 1MV; li 20
N. J. Central vi Stj 1J
N. V. Central 9EV !L"i W ;
N. V., L. K. & W .. 14V. 14', 14 14
N. Y., S. He XV 7- 7'i 754 "Vi
n. y., a. w., Vr .. lie is 57'.j i;'a
Nor. Pa.Mltc. Pr .... U 14 14H 14
Ont. ft West K l.r; 13 13
Omaha Si'i 35V Si 3414
Factlic Wall ;0 f.i, i us
1'hll. & Head 12 1 IIV4 12
Bout hern K. K M,. bVi 7
Southern It. It., Pr.. 22 Sufe 31 4
Tenn., C. ft Iron .... I.'li 1S; 'S 17'.
Texas Pacific tNi 6 Vi
Union Pacific U '; U S
Wabash, Pr 15 15'i 144 IMi
Western Union tii'U Sot; 77V4 79V
W. L S 8 74 3',
tT. S. Leather 6 6 8
TT. 8. Leather, Pr ..SO W)'i 47 40Vi
U. S. Rubber W 15 15Vs tt
Op'n- High- Low. Clox-
WHEAT. Ing. wt. est. ln.
Soptemher &6 CAV tiT MV.
December 66 WVi HYi
September K lfl-i 1CH ICTa
December I1V3 IV 2 Ifti 17V4
September 2! Z!. 27 27
December 23 28 28 'JS
Beptembtr 3.70 3.70 ZM SIS
December 3.85 3.85 3 82 3.82
Seranton Board of Trade Exehaage
QuotationsAII Quotation Based
on far of IOO.
Dime Dep. ft Pis. Bank
Seranton Lace Curtain Co. ..
National Boring ft Drill'g Co
First National Bank
Seranton Jar ft Stopper Co...
Elmhurst Boulevard Co
Seranton Savings Bank
Bonta Plate Glass Co
Seranton Car Replacer Co....
Sainton Packing Co
Weston Mill Co
Lackawanna Iron ft Steel Co.
Third National Bank
Throop Novelty M'f'g. Co. ..
Seranton Traction Co
8cranton Glass Co
Seranton Pass. Railway, first
mcrtcae due 1918
People's Street Railway, first
mortgage due 1918
Seranton Pitt:on Trac. Co.
People's Street Railway, Sec
ond mortgage due 1920
Dickson Manufacturing Co. .
Lacka. Township School 57S..
City of Seranton St. Imp CCJ
Borough of Wlnton 6
Mt. Vernon Coal Co
Seranton Axle Works
20 50
York Produce Market.
New York. July 18. Flour, dull, unset
tled, unchanged. Wheat Spot market
dull ami easier; f. o. b., V3r-?.; ungraded
red, WatHc; No. 1 northern, 3'i.c.i options
quiet and steady, lifter an early decline of
toe; July, ClUc; September, Cc; Octo
ber. Kic.; December, rt'4?. Com Spots
dull, ensler: No. 2, 33!e. elevator; S4c
afloat; options tiqiet and steady at V?.
i decline; July S3V: September M"sc.; Oc
tober, 337ic. Oau Spots steady, more ac
tive: 0!tln dull, steady; July, 214c.;
August. a'"4c.; September, 20c; epot
prices. No. 2. 21'ic; No. 2 white, 22'ic:
No. 2 hliaBo. SJ'ie.: No. 3, 2Tc; No. S
white. 2Vi; mixed western, 21aJ3c.; white
do.. 2227Vje.; white state, 22a27'ie. Reef
Steady, slow, unchanged. Lard Hull
and weak: western steam. It; city, f3.2fa
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continent, f 1 20; South America. 4.ff: com
pound. InVic Pork Dull anil steady; old
mess. $Sa8.3l: new men, $S.7r.a. Butter
Steady, slow; state dairy, lOalt'V?.; do.
creamery, HVjalSc.; western ti:.; 8ai2;.:
do. creamery, li'val.c.; do. factory, Salic ;
Kleins, 16c.: imitation creamery, 10al:e.
Cheese He'.ter t'smand. steady; state
larjre. faSc; do. small. 6fta7c; part
skims, 2a4'-.: full skims, li. Eggs
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case, Sl.b0s3.10.
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DON'T FORGET for 5 cents you get almost
as much "Battle Ax" as you do of other
brands for JO cents.
DON'T FORGET that " Battle Ax " is made of
the test leaf grown, and the quality cannot be
DON'T FORGET, no matter how much you
are charged for a small piece of other brands,
' the chew is no better than " Battle Ax."
DON'T FORGET, "Economy is wealth' and
ycu want all you can get for your money.
Why pay 10 cents for other brands when you
can get "Battle Ax" for 5 cents?
2,000,000 BARRELS
Made and Sold in Six Months, ending larch I, 1896.
Total Product of
The A Mill Alone produced 1 ,000,000 Barrels.
Largest Run on Record.
' Washburn, Crosby's Superlative is sold everywhere from the
Pacific Coast to St. John's, New Foundland, and in England, Ireland
and Scotland very largely, and is recognized aa the best Hour In th
Bolts, Nuts, Bolt Ends, Turnbuckles, Washers, Rjr.
ets, Horse Nails, Files, Taps, Dies, Tools and Suj
plies. Sail Duck for mine use in stocky
and a full stock of Wa?ou Makers' Supplies, Wheels
Hubs, Rims, Spokes, Shafts, Poles, Bows, etc.
For sslo by JOHN H. PHELPS,
Sprues Street. Seranton, Pa.
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PEAL tJICINE CO., CintUod, 0.
Pharmacist cr. Wyoming Avanuaarvt)
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