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Serge or Summer Clothes
2oal Exchange Building,
Buffalo Goes to Fourth Place Ahead of
Wilkmt.Ilarre aud Springfield Did
Not Piny, but Scrauton Won an Ex
hibition Came at NewportToday
the Northern Club Come Soath.
Yesterday's Result.
Rochester j Albany 8
Buffalo tt Syracuse 3
HulTalo'a victory over Syracuse yes
terday enable the former to see-saw
buck again into fourth place. Roches
ter, by Uefeating Albany, Is enabled to
begin Its trip in first place and with u
li-ud of one game.
Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo and Ro
chester today begin a ten-day outing
uinung the league cities in the south.
Percentage Record.
P. W. I. I'.C.
Rochester 70 43 :1 .till
rruvldem-e 61 SB 2 ."7
Albany til i 2-" .MW
llurTulo lis :i7 SI ,W4
Syracuse IK 33 -S
Springfield 04 SI 40 -373
WllkeS-barra. 63 it 40 .3'iit
Seranton 61 -3 3 .'M
Today's Eastern I.eugue Uuiues.
Syracuse at Scranton.
Rochester at Wllkei-Burre.
Albany at Springfield.
Buffalo at Providence.
Played a Ten-lnninj Exhibition Game
at Newport, R, l.Men Are
in Fine Trim.
Newport. R. I., July 1. Scranton had
to play fast and hard here this after
non to win from Newport. The score
was 2-1 and the winning run was made
In the tenth Inning.
Corbett and Glllon pitched for Scran
ton. Dowii, one of the twlrlers of the
fast playing Georgetown collegians,
was in the box for Newport.
The men are in tine trim. They will
reach Scrauton at 1 o'clock tomorrow.
Following is the summarized score of
today's game:
Scrauton 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 12
Newport I) oiouuuuoo-l
Batteries 4,'orbttt, Utlloii and Bergi-r;
JJuwd and Rlppert.
Syracuse, July Hi. Buffalo won today's
Kutue because Syracuse could not hit
liunnon. The Bisons played a superb
Melding game. In the Seventh Whlteliill
vent three men to bases and was hit for
aeveu rims. Score: K.H.K.
Syracuse 3 00GU 00UO-3 li 3
Buffalo 1)1)1001)71)0 Hi:! 2
Batteries Whltehill and Ryan; Oannou
and Smith.
Hoc hester-Albany.
Rochester. July Id. Errors and long hits
Were prevalent in today's game with Al
bany. The Brownies bunched long hits
at the same tlrhe Albany bunched errors
and won. Score: R.H.E.
Rochester 10100072 112 IS R
Albany 00014000!! 8 9 8
Batteries iicFatflane and Boyd; Mo
rartlln, Dun and Cusey.
Percentage Itecord.
Cincinnati ,,
Maltiuiure ...
Cleveland ...
Pittsburg ...
New York .,
tit. Louis ....
Louisville ...
41 31
7H 43
, 71
:8 24
so :
.D 41
7.1 20 Si
m n si
Cincinnati, July 10. The Baltlmors
Were easily defeated by the Reds this af
ternoon, being outplayed at all points of
the game. They could do nothing with
Dwyer's curves while the locals batted
McMahon freely. Score: R.H.U.
t'lnclnati 1 o 0 0 1 2 0 1 S 10 0
Baltimore 0 00000000 0 5 i
Batteries Dwyer and Peitz; Mc.Ylalion
and Clark. Umpire Sheridan.
St. Louis. July 16. Pitcher Payne, of tho
lirooklyns hud the Browns beaten from
the start today. Score: R.ll.E.
St. Louis 0 000000101 8 4
Brooklyn 1 1 0 2 0 3 0 (I 0 7 12 4
batteries Uonotigh and Murphy; Payne
and Urlm. Umpire Lynch.
Louisville. July 16. Louisville defeatej
New Vork today in an uninteresting
game. Score: R.H.K.
Louisville 0 0 1 2 0 0 C 3 12 9 4
New York 0 03OI2100 7 S 7
Batteries Fruzler and Warner; Sulli
van and l-'arrell. Umpire McParland.
Pltt-lmrg. Inly lu.-PhllauVlphla won
from Pittsburg today, hitting Klllen freely
toward the latter end of the game. Pitts,
tourg could do comparatively nothing wlti
Ouinbert. It required ten Innings to set
tle the game because Betts called whnt
was apparently a foul ball fair In the ninth
inning which enabled Pittsburg to tie the
V'ore. Betts' decisions were open to criti
cism throughout the game, and It would
be hard to say which side was most fa
vored. Score: R.H.E.
Pittsburg 1 000000020-S 8 3
Philadelphia 0 00000102 2 5 G J
Batteries Klllen and Hug-den; Gumbert
and Grady. Umpire Betts.
Chicago, July 16. Chicago easily defeat
ed Washington in a miserably played game
today. Score: R.H.K.
Chicago 2 0 6 0 1 3 0 5 17 17 3
Washington 0 0 1 3d 1 0 0 2 8 12 4
Batteries Terry and O'Donough; King
and McGuire. Umpire Emslie. .
Cleveland. July 16. The Boston men
eould not hit Cuppy a little bit today and
Cleveland won easily. The game was not
played under protest, as Manager Selee.
Of Boston, said after an Injunction had
keen served on him that he did not care
to take the chance of going to Jail. Score:
Cleveland 01010050' 7 10 0
Boston 1 00000000-1 6 3
Batteries Cuppy and Omeara; Stivetts
and Bergen. Umpire Hurst.
Keister, of the Baltimore, Will Play
' Here Today.
I Scranton has secured Keister, who
has been playing second base for Bal
timore. He is expected here this morn
ing; and will be played on third this af
ternoon In the game with Syracuse.
Keister has been playing- steadily in
all the games played by Baltimore up
to a few days ago. Second Baseman
Qulnn. who was secured by Baltimore
from St. Louis two weeks ago to play
second has keen ill and that Is why
Keister has been kej.t In the game,
though Scrauton nominally secured him
about July 1. Third base is his regular
Made It Decidedly Interesting for Larry
Kctrick's Indians at Athletic
Park Yesterday.
There is a youthful atu cold-blooded
young gentleman designated as P.
Reagan In amateur base ball
a, circles who halls from some
where up around "the notch."
S- His name and his residence.
'm J however, have nothing to do
to pitch good base ball under
adverse circumstances that
J makes his name shine, and
that's what he did yesterday.
Reagan was the central figure about
which the Kurekas made errors at Ath
letic park yesterday, when Larry Ket
rlck's Indians were taught the great
national game by the score of IS to 12
In eight innings and a halt. The pe
culiar part of the festivity was that the
Indians made 11 runs against the Eure
ka's 3 In the first two innings and then
the gentlemen from the northern sec
tion proceeded to get 15 runs to the In
dians' 1 before the game ended.
The Indians' first 11 runs were made
In two innings on six scattered hits and
six bunched Eureka errors. But
a little yellow ball like that didn't
discomfit Mr. Reagan, who, if he
was being tried for murder, would
be described as "calm and col
lected." He proceeded to give
but two hits and strike out three'
batsmen In the six remaining In
nings. Meanwhile his supporters had
an importunity to make but one error
and they made It.
Mulderig, who pitched for the In
dians, was Just the kind of article the
Kurekas liked and they lambasted htm
shamefully. Ill the midst of the eighth
Inning, after five runs were
iv in, Ketrick, who had been
P'a''"lf third, traded places
I with Mulderig and uo more
runs came in.
About 200 spec tators, among'
whom were about 100 enthus
iastic rooters lor the Kurekus,
saw the game. The proceeds will be
devoted to the f'lttxton mine fund.
The Indiuns Included Wirth, Smith
and Dankwerti, of tho Sunsets:
ghun and Coleniuu, of the Harmonies;
Thomas R. Brooks, one of the owners
of the Scranton club of the Eastern
league, and Outoiilt. a Scranton club
A.B. R. H. P.O. A. K.
Wlrth, ss 2 10 12 0
Smith, lb 4 1 18 0 0
OuUtfhan, if 4 3 2 0 0')
Coleman, rf u 2 1 0 0 1
Ketrick. 3b.. p 4 10 2 11
T. Brooks. 2b 4 1 0 2 5 1
lutcait. c 4 2 2 7 1 0
Dankwerts. cf 2 I 0 1 1
Mulderig. p., 3b .... 4 0 2 0 1 1
Totals XI 12 8 21 11 i
, A.B. R. H. PO. A. K.
Moran, 3b 3 2 1 1 2 0
S. (ialluiiher, ss .... 4 3 2 0 2 2
McHugh. If 4 3 4 1 0 1
McDonald, rf 3 2 0 0 0
Keeiiehan, lb 4 3 2 10 2 2
Hafferty. c ,ri 12 8 11!
I' Reagan, cf 4 12 0 0 1
J. Oallagher, 2b .... 5 113 2 1
P. Reagan, p 4 1 0 1 2 0
Totals 38 18 16 24 12 7
0 0 0 0 0 1-12
Eurekas 0 3 4 1 0
S x IS
Earned runs Indiana 3 Eurekas 9. Two-
base hits Smith, Outcalt, Coleman. K.
Reagan, .M-DciuaM. Three-base hits
Gaughan, Keenehan. .McHugh. Stolen
bases Coleman, Dankwertz, K. Reagan.
Left on bases Indians 5, Eurekas t.
Struck out By Mulderig 3. by Ketrick 1,
by Reaaan 8. Double plays Brooks to
Smith; S. Gallagher to Keenehan to Mo
ran: J. Gallagher lunasslteill. First cm
errors Indians 4, Eurekas 3. Flr.t on
balls Off Muldtiiig 5, off Ketrick 1, oil
Reagan 6. Wild pitches Muldi-rlg, Rea
gan. Umpire liurun. Time 1.50.
Syracuse here this afternoon and to
morrow. Scranton won two nnd lost two at
Springfield and Providence.
Brown anil Bowermnu will be today's
battery. Brown has been pitching
splendid ball lately, and his left-haml'M's
are upt to cause the downfall of the Star.
It will be Howerman's first appearar-e
In a game here and that will probably
attract an extra attendance of cranks
who are anxious to see the young catcher
whose work has been so highly praised.
The Nonpareils, of Prlccburg, challenge
the Lilacs, of Archbuld. to a game of ball
on .Monday, July 20, game to start at 3
o'clock. Aliswer In The Tribune. On the
An'hliald grounds. Also the Nonpar. 'lis. of
Dunmnre, on the li'th on the Frlwourj;
grounds. Answer in tomorrow's Tribune.
J. H. Weiland.
The South Side base ball club accept
the challenge of the Minooka team to a
game next Sunday on the latter's grounds
at 3 u. m.
Scranton Visitors to the lloaeodale
I.iederkranz Celebration.
The German singing societies with
Bauer's and the Germanla bands re
turned last night at 8.15 o'clock on a
special Delaware and fludson train
from flonesdale where they attended
the anniversary celebration of the
Honesdale Liderkranx.
During the parade yesterday they
had a very thrilling experience. A
team of horses belonging to Liveryman
P. R. Murray, of South Main street, be
came unmanageable and after running
along the street for a short distance
dashed into the line directly in the rear
of Bauer's band, which was heading the
Scranton Lledeikranx. Michael Tighe.
the base drummer was run into, but
managed to escape being knocked down
and tra moled upon. His $50 drum was
however demolished. William Morton,
a corneter. saved a boy from being run
down but was dashed heavily to the
ground himself while so doing. An
other boy was knocked down and sus
tained a broken arm. He was taken
out from under the horses hoofs, nar
rowly escaping being trampled to
death. The tear; would have undoubted
ly created much more havoc but for
Nick Neumls, the colored utility man
who succeeded after a daring- effort
In capturing and subduing the horse.
The band gathered Itself together
after thu excitement hud subsided and
the procession again moved on, minus.
howet-i-. the music of Bauer's bass
drum. Liveryman Murray notified Mr.
Bauer that he would pay for a new
On Wednesday night the Lldcrkranx
celebrated the fifty-first anniversary of
Its vice-president, E. Moses at the
Volght house.
Prof. J. 51. Cbance Was a Schoolmate
of llemorratic Candidate.
and organist in the Second Presbyteri
an church there for the past year, is en
joy ins a rest at the Grand in Ocean
drove. Prof. Chance ls a man of great
musical culture. He has been for many
years a friend of the candidate for pres
ident on the Democratls ticket, and to
a Press reporter yesterday Prof. Chance
told an Interesting story of his knowl
edge of the great Nebraskan.
Years ago, when Prof. Chance and
Mr. Bryan were close chums, an Inci
dent occured which seen in the
light of the present, has a tinge of the
romantic in it. They were lying one
hot summer evening on the lawn of the
school, talking about their future
plans and building what we call "air
castles." Chance declared that he
would be a great musician, and Bryan
said that he would be a congressman
and president, and Jokingly declared
that be would then make Mr. Chance
his "court musician." Years have
gone by. Mr. Chance holds one of the
highest musical positions In this
country, and Bryan Is a candidate for
president. Pror. Chanel? recalls this
little Incident of their boyhood days
with unique pleasure, and in his tele
gram of congratulation sent to Mr.
Bryan after the nomination, he signed
himself "court musician."
Prof. Chance will remain in the
Grove the balance of the week, and will
leave for Newport to spend the balance
of the summer, rie ls also an Intimate
friend of Prof. Tallle Morgan. Asbury
Park Daily Press.
Mcrantaaiaus Who Ajtended the State
Teachers .Heeling.
The annual meeting of the State As
sociation of School Teachers which wus
held tbls week at Bloomsburg ended
yesterday. The people from this vicini
ty who attended wore: Superintendent
George Howell, Superintendent Maxey,
of Susquehanna county; Superintend
ent Hower, of Wayne county; ex-Superintendent
George W. Phillips, Profes
sors L. A. Stone. M. H. Cummlngs,
Floyd. John E. Williams. James B.
Hawker and Miss Francis Conner. The
convention was held in the NomuU
school building.
Superintendent Taylor, of this coun
ty, wus appointed as a member of a
committee of live whose duly Is to ar
range a uniform course for the un
graded rural schools of the stntf. The
association this year showed a decrease
of about 50 per cent in membership over
former yours. Dr. V. J. Waller was
elected president of the organization, A
resolution favoring the idacing ol en
feebled teachers on the retired list
was passed.
Six Criminal t'nses Hcurd Before
Mini Yesterday,
Alderman W. S. Millar will leave for
camp ut 8 55 this morning and will be
back at noon Sa'.uray of next week.
While he is away the ollice will be' III
charge of his clerk. TJiumus J. Jordan,
and Constable C Q. Carman. He has
not been well for a' week, and his physi
cian, Dr. d. P. Lougstrcct. udvlsed him
that It would be risky to go to camp, but
the alderman is echoing to the call of
duty and feels that he cannot stay homo
as lotiK as he can go ut all.
Six criminal cakes were tried before
him yesterday. Mrs. Gearhart, of Mess
ier court, had William Caffrey arrested
for refusing to pay a board bill. Bail
was not forthcoming and he is now in
Jul I to. await trial In court.
Kinuia Watkins, of the West Side,
was arrested on the charge of being a
common scold at the instance of her
sister-in-law, Mrs. Martha Watkins.
fc'he gave bail in the sum of $300 for her
appearance at court. P. J. Gibney. a
Hyde Park saloonkeeper, was arrested
for aiming a blow of his tist at John
Murray and missing him. He gave hail
in the sum of $:;00 and waived a hear
ing. 1 F. K. Kverett, the liveryman, got Into
a fight with J. J. Boyd, one of his work
men. Kverett swore out a warrant for
Boyd. The latter gave bail in the sum
of $500 for his appearance at court, and
reciprocated by swearing out a warrant
for Everett, who. he alleged, delivered
the first blow. He also gave ball.
Mrs. Mary Weir, of Pine Brook, gave
ball for her appearance at court on the
charge of assault and battery upon Mrs.
Mary Callagher. a neighbor. Charles
Waters and George Flsk, two well
built, muscular young men employed at
the Scranton Packing company's ware
house, had their own troubles and they
came to blows. They settled their dif
ferences amicably in the alderman's
otllce and went away on friendly terms.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mason, of New
York city, are visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. John Keisling. on North
Muln avenue.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. William J.
Edwards, of Margaret avenue bus been
gladdened by the arrival of a baby
William G. Jones, of Wayne avenue,
is seriously ill.
MIbh IJewellyn, of West Plttston, Is
the guest of Miss Lizzie Davis, of Mar
garet avenue.
William Jenkins, of West Plttston,
formerly of this place, has accepted a
position nt fire boss In the Dickson
shaft and will reBide in Green Ridge
Miss Annie Jenkins, who has been vis
iting her grandmother, Mrs. Thomas
Lewis of Margaret avenue, for the last
few days, will return to her home In
West Plttston today.
A butcher wagon was struck by a
street car near Carbon street yester
day morning and totally destroyed.
Edward George leaves for Elk Lake
For All Wool Units.
call at Morris J. Davidow, 222 Lacka.
ave. You can secure one for one-fourth
of its value on account of retiring from
the clothing and gents' furnishing busi
ness. Morris J. Davidow, clothier and
outfitter, 222 Lacka. ave.
When Baby was sick, irs gTe feer Caatorl.
When sba was a Chad, sue cried for Castoria,
When ahe became Ilia, she clung to Castoria,
Wbso aba bad adklra,sb gaveuina Oaatoria,
Valuable Real Estate
Bv virtue nf sundry writs of Fieri Fa
clas and Lavari Facias, Issued out of the
Court of Common pleas of Lackawanna
County, to me directed, I will expose to
public sale by vendue or outcry, to the
hlgncst and best bidders, for cash, at the
cot . KT HUI SK, in trie Vlty or acramun,
La-kawantiR L'ountv. on SATURDAY,
1S90. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said
day. all the riKht, title ao 1 interest of tho
defendants In and to the following de
scribed lots, pieces or parcels of land,
Vis. 2
No. 1. All the right, title and tnterest of
the scranton Glass Company In and to a.
the following described lots, pieces or
parcels of land in the city Scranton, in
tfie county of Lackawanna, and state of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
First Lots numbers one (1). two (2),
three (3), four (41, five (5), six tl. seven 7(,
eight (81, nine 9). ten (10), thirteen 413).
fourteen (141. fifteen (15) und sixteen "I'll.
and twenty (20) feet of lots numbers
eleven and twelve ((Hand 12), lying along
lots ten and thirteen (toand 13). in square
or block number nine (9), on the plot of
Sanderson s addition to Green Kiuge, said
lots toaether belna three hundred and
thirty-one and one-half 4331V3) feet along
Green Ridge street, three hundred and
thirty (331) feet along Albrlcht avenue
(late Third street), and three hundred and
thirty (4J0) feet along .Mylert avenue (late
Fourth street), and three hundred and
thirty-one and one-half (ffll't) feet along
the southwesterly side or the center line
of lots eleven (11) and twelve (12). Said
lots being Improved and having thereon
three glass factories, known as numbers
one, two anJ three, a store house, an en
gine room, a boiler room, blacksmith
shop, a mixing house, gas house, sand
house, soda house, coal house, pot house,
barn, boxing and packing houses aud
shed ovens.
Also, lots twelve (12), thirteen (H) and
fourteen (14), in square or block number
seven (7), and situate on Albright avenue
(formerly Third street) on the plot of San
derson's addition to the city of Scranton.
Said lots being each forty (40) feet In
width on said Albright avenue and one
hundred and forty (140) feet in depth. The
measurement of the depth to commenoe
ten (10 feet from the Inside of the side
walk on said street or avenue, wan nam
to enclose, occupy or use said ten (10) feet
for Dorch. steps, etc. Said lots Im
proved with a barn and packing houses
aim sneas.
Also, all those parts or fractions of lots
numbers nine (9), ten (10), eleven (It)
and twelve (12 In block number twelve
(12), be the sume more or less, lying be
tween the right of way of the Delaware
and Hudson Canal Company's railroad on
the southeast, the rear line property of
A. L. Spencer on the southwest, tne sirei
called Mylert avenuet formerly Fourth
atreen on the northwest, and the em
bankment of a switch built by the Dela
ware and Hudson Canal Company, under
permission of Georgo Sanderson and oth
ers, and running rrom ineir main ue
to the works of the Scrunton Glass Com
pany and the Scranton Forging Company
on the northeast. Improved with an oil
tank and oil pump.
Also, all and singular the glass works.
machinery, engines, engine nouses, uweu
Inir hnuses. buildlnes. boiler houses, of
tices. tools. Improvements, easements and
franchises or the scranton mass com
The land above described and the Im
provements thereon and the franchise be
ing the property and manufacturing plant
of the Scranton Glass Company, and being
the sume premises fully described in the
Indent ere of Mortgage made by the Scran
ton Glass Company to the Lackawanna
Trust and Safe Deposit Company, trus
t.. nn ih 1st dnv of March. 1SU2. and re
corded lu the office for the recording of
deeds In and ror Lackawanna county, in
mortgage book No. 43. page 404, etc., as Jy
reference thereunto had will more fu.,y
and at large appear. Subject to all excep
tions, reservations and conditions as to
coal and minerals, etc., as are coniameu
in the deeds for said land.
g:-lsed and taken In execution at the suit
of the Lackawanna Trust aud Safe De
posit Company vs. the Scranton Glass
company, ueui, o.i:'. juukiiicui
54. May T. 1!. Lev. fu, to September T,
Is'jS. C. H. WELLES, Atty.
No. 2. All the rlnht, title and interest
of the defendant .Minnie O. Knight and
Charles B. Knight, in and to all those
curtain pieces or parcels of land, situate
In lite townships or North ADingtuli and
Scott, county of Lackawanna and slate
of Pennsylvania, bounded and described
us follows, to wit: Beglnnlna at a corner
In or Jiear what ls known as the Philadel
phia and Great Bend turnpike, now culled
the Scott road; thence north 4ii'-a degrees
east 33 5-10 perches to "'a corner: theuce
north tH degrees east iD'ti perches to a
corner; thence north 57 degrees east 17
perches to a comer, the last two.coiir.4C3
being along the said turnpike or road;
thence north 33 degrees west 11 4-10 perches
to a corner; lhance north 44 degrees east
144 8-lo perches to a corner; thence north
Ifi degrees west 1U0 5-10 perches to a cor
ner: thence south 44 degrees west 104
perches to a coiner; thence north 40 de
grees west 24 4-10 perches to a corner;
thence south 44 degrees west 00 5-10 perch
es to a corner; thence south 46 degrees
east 121 8-lu perches to a corner to the
place of beginning.
Containing about 150 acres, being what
Is known as the Stephen Parker farm. Tm
interest of the said Minnie O. Kniitht be
ing the Interest she took under the last
will und testament of Stephen Parker,
second, the said purcel of land being
formed of four pieces described In the fol
lowing deeds, to wit.: Deed from Benja
min Armituge to Shephen Parker, second.
Hated the 28th day of October, A. D 1835.
und recorded in the otllce for recording of
deeds, 'etc.. In Luzerne county, in deed
book No. 35. page 481, etc. Deed from Job
Sherman to Stephen Parker, dated June
14. 1S37. and recorded In deed book No. 3",
page 4S2, etc. Deed from Charles Bailey
und wife to Stephen Parker, dated June
13, 1837. und recorded In deed book No. 35,
at page 483, etc., and deed from Reuben
Sherman, et. ux., et. a!., to Stephen Park
er, second, dated April 5, I8.S), und re
corded in deed book No. 50, at patte 475,
etc. All Improved with two two-story
frame dwelling houses, three barns, one
lee house and two orchards and other out
buildings thereon.
Seized and taken In execution at the suit
Of Dickson and Eddy vs. Minnie O. Knight
und Charles B. Knight. Debt, SJ,170.oO.
Judgment No. 480. March T., 1880. Lev. fa.
to September T., b.
C. H. WELLES, Atty.
No. 3. All the right, title and Interest ot
the defendant, II. I.. Hull, in and to all
the following described lots, pieces and
parcels of land, together with the improve
ments thereon situate in the borough of
Glenburn, Lackawanna county, state of
First All that certain lot or piece of
land situate, lying and being In the bor
ough of Glenburn. county of Lackawanna,
and state of Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows, to wit.:
Beginning at a corner in line of lands of
Edgar Northup, and lunds formerly con
veyed by J. G. Hall to H. C. Hall; them-e
by lands of II. L, Mall and lands of Myron
Hall, south 27V, degrees east 83 rods to a
corner in line of lands of William Hull
Estate; thence by same lands north ot de
grees east atf 72-luO roils to a corner of lot
conveyed to Samuel Hall and by It north
10 degrees west 17 $-IU rods to a corner;
thence still by same north OS's degrees
east 11 2-10 roils to a corner in road, for
merly Waterford turnpike; thence by said
road north 26' degrees west nine rods lo
a corner in road; thence still by same north
39 degrees west 25 rods to corner of lands
of W. J. Watts, and thence by said Watts'
lands south 85 degrees west 56 5-10 rods to
a corner; thenc south 61 degrees west 8
7-10 rods to the place of beginning. Con
taining 25 8-10 acres of land more or lesH.
All improved with a barn and apple orch
ard thereon.
(Second All that certain messuage or
tenement and tract of land situate in he
borough of Glenburn, county of Lacka
wanna, and state ot Pennsylvania, bound
ed and described as follows, to wit.:
Beginning at a stake and stones on the
east side of a sating run and In Hue of
Edgar Northup's land; thence along land's
now or late of the estate of Jabei U. HsU,
south 27. degrees west (magnetic bear
ing) 47 perches to a corner In the middle
of an old stone wall, a corner of M. J.
Hall's land; thence along lands of the said
M. J. Hall south 584 degrees west 28 16-luo
perches to a corner In the middle of (he
turnpike road leading from CKenburn to
Dalton; thence along the middle of the
said road north 31 degrees west 3 (ft-loo
perches to a corner of Nettle Colvln's lot ;
thence along the said Nettle Colvln's lot
south t degrees west 18 1-10 perches to a
oorner at the side of the D.. U4W.R R. :
Uience along the fide of said railroad
north 29V degrees west 11 16-100 perches to
a corner; thence north 48 degrees west
20 24-lu perches to a corner by the side of
said railroad and in Hue of Edt;ar North
up's land, thence along the said Edgar
Northup's land north lit' degrees east 22
perches to a corner In the middle of the
said turnpike road; thence along the mid
dle of the said road north 54 degrees west
20 perches to a corner in the middle or the
said road and In line of Edgar Northup's
land; thence along the said Edgar North
up's land north K2'i degrees east 40 perches
to the place of beginning. Containing 15
acres of land, be tn same more or less,
being the same land conveyed by Jabex
G. Hall to H. I.. Hull, by deed bearing
date April 19. 1S89. and recorded in the of
fice of recorder of deeds in and for the
county of Lackawanna in deed book No.
89, puire 492. etc. All Improved with two
two-story frame dwell, ng houses, out
buildings and apple orchard thereon.
Third All that certain lot of land ly
ing In the borough of Glenburn, county of
Lackawanna, and state of Pennsylvania,
lying on the southwest side of the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western railroad
track, and bounded as foliow, vis.:
Beginning at tho northwest corner of the
lot and running thenee along lands now or
late of Emily Northup, south 65 degrees
west twelve and six one-hundreds chains
to a post and stones In line of lands late of
J. G. Northup's Estate; thence by same
south 42'j degrees east eighteen and elev-en-one-hundredth8
chains to a stone cor
ner of lands of Jonathun Hall's Estate,
now land of A. Leighton; thence by same
north 02 degrees and 4i minutes west ten
and sixty-one one-hundredths chains to n
point one hundred feet from center of
main line of the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western railroad track; then by lands
of said railroad company north 34' de
grees, seven chains; thenee north 9H de-
Srees west. 2'. chains; thenee north 3ts
egrees west two chains; thence north 46
degrees and 20 minutes nest two cTiains;
thence north 50 degrees and five minutes
west, two chains; thence north 55 de
grees west two and thirty-two one-hundredths
chains to place of beginning. Con
taining 20 acres and 84 perches of land, be
ing same land conveyed by Jabez H. Hall
and wife to Herbert L. Hull by deed bear
ing date April 7, 1SS3, and recorded in the
otiice of the recorder of deeds In und for
the county of Lackawanna, in deed booic
No. 16. page 175, etc. All Improved with
one barn and apple orchard thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at the suit
of Charles A. Hunter, assigned to B. M,
Green, executor, vs. 11. L. Hall. Debt,
$523.08. Judgment No. 55 May T., Is35.
Al. tl. fa. to September T 1W. Also at
the suit of Philip Harlos vs. H. L. Hull.
Debt, 1300.00 Judgment No. 474. March T.,
1896. Fl. fa. to September T., lSStl. Also at
the suit of W. L. Alherton vs. II. L. Hall.
Debt, $100.00. Judgment No 492. Novem
ber T 1895. Al. ft. fa. to September T.,
1896. Also at the suit of James Holgate vs.
H. L. Hall. Debt. $K9.00. Judgment No.
594. November T.. 195. Al. II. fa. to Sep
tember T., 1896. Also at the suit of W. L.
Atherton vs. H. L. Hall. Debt, $75.uo.
Judgment No. 491. November T., 1895. l.
11. fa. to September T., 1896. Also at tho
suit of assigned to B. M. Green, executor,
vs. H. L. Hall. Debt. $10400. Judgment
No. 801, January T.. 1895. Fl. fa. to Sep
tember T., 1896. Also at the suit of W. L.
Atherton vs. H. L. Hall. Debt, $100.00.
Judgment No. 490. November T 1895. Al.
. fa. to September T., 1S90.
R. H. HOLGATE, Atty.
No. 4. All the right, title and interest of
the defendant. Clarence B. vtatrous. ail
mlnistrator of the estate of W. Scott Wat-
rous. deceased. In and to all that certain
piece, lot or parcel of land situate in the
cltv or scranton. county or Lackawanna
and state of Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows, to wit.:
Beginning at a stake and stones corner
on Ash street: thence easterly one nun
dred and fifty (150) feet to a stake aud
stones corner In line of land of Wm. La
France; thence northerly along said line
one hundred and fitly (l.iii) feet to a street;
thence a southerly course along said street
und parallel with the Pennsylvania Coal
Company's railroad one hundred and fifty
(iriii) teet to a stake and stones corner on
Ash street, und thence along said street
Beventy-llve (75) feet to the place of be
ginning, v omni iNlng lots numbered on
und two (land 2) in block number three (31
lu A. B. Silkiuan 8 plot of lots In the cltv
of Scranton. Excepting und reserving
coal as the same are excepted am) reserved
In deed from Daniel Taylor to James W,
Johnson. Being the same land tonveynd
by Garret Van Sickle aud wife to W. S.
Watrous 2d April, 1848. recorded lu Lauk
awauua county in deed book No. 5 3.uaa
168. All Improved with a two-story frame
uweiung iiouse ana otner outbuilding
Seized and taken In execution ut the suit
nf of Wm. Brady & Sun ussigned to John
M. reiiowa va. Clarence 13. Watrous, ad
ministrator of W. Scott Watrous, de
ceased. Dfrbt. I23O.O0. Judgment No. 226
S'pte:bir T., 1S90. Fl. Ta. to September
T., 1856. Also ut the suit of J. H. Fellows
vs. Clarence H. Watrous, administrator of
H. Scott Vtutrnus. deceased. Debt. S.nkl.Oil
Judgment No. 227. September T., 1K9U. Fl.
fa. to September T.-. 18:16. Also at the sufi
of John H. Fellows vs. Clurcnce B. Wat
rous. administrator of VV. Scott Watrous,
Deceased, oeot 3.1KJ.U0. judgment No.
226, September T., 1896. Fl. fa, to Septem
ber T., 18. i
No. C. All the right, title and interest of
the denfendants, W. E. McGiunls und Isa
bella McGiunls. in and to all the surface
or right of toil of that certain lot of land
situate In the First ward of the city of
scranton, i-ounty ot i,acKawanna. and
slate of Pennsylvania, bounded und de
scribed as follows:
Beginulk at a stake In the western line
of a street or alley (now called and
known us Weston plaeei, at a point one
hundred and two (102) feet on a course of
north, nine degrees west t'roiii the north
ern corner of u lot of laud now or late
of Ira Tripp; thence by other lunds, late
of E. W. Weston, south eighty und onu-
nal (degrees west one hundred aud lirty
feet to a stake: thence north nine degrees
west fifty feet to a stake: thence north
eighty nnd one-half degrees east one hun
dred and Itrty Teet to a slake, and Dunce
bv the western line of said street or alley
south nine- degrees east lifty feet to the
place ot ueKtmiiiiS'. Coal and minerals re
served. All improved wllh a one and
half story frame dwelling house wllh t-
tacmneuis, Irame barn, outhouses, fruit
trees und shrubbery.
Seized and taken In execution at the suit
of A. L. Francois, et, al., trustees of
Hirum Lodge, .No. 2H1, r . and A. M.. of
Providence. Pa., vs. Wm. E. McGlnnls anJ
Isabella McGlnis. Debt. 800.iKi. Judgment
No. 561, September T., l9i. Fl. fa. lo Sep-
temuer 1.,
No. 6. All the rleht. title and Interest of
the defendant. Guiseppe Rusu, In und to
ull thut certain lot. piece or parcel of land
situate In the borough of Dimmer?, coun
ty or Lackawanna, aud state of Pennsyl
vania, tounded und desc ribed us follows,
to wit.:
neginnlnir at a corner of lot number
three (31 and live (51 on Willow street;
thence along said Willow street north
forty-eight degrees thirty minutes emt
forty feet to a corner; thence by lot num
ber seven (71 south forty-one deTre--s
thirty minims east one hundred and four
teen feet to a corner; thenee north forty
eight degrees thirty minutes went forty
feet to a corner: thenee by lot number
inrce M nortn rorty-one degrees thirty
minutes west one hundred and fourteen
feet to the place of beainnlng. Contain
ing four thousand, five hundred and sixty
(4,5601 square feet of land more or less,
being lot number five (.",) on Willow street
In said borough of Dunniore as the same is
mm down in the otnee of the PeniiKi U-hhI.-i
Coal Company in. New York. Coal and
minerals reserved. Imiu-oved wllh two-
story frame and stone dwelling liouse.
irume nurn ami oilier outbuildings and
fruit trees thereon.
S-'lxel an-1 taken In execution at the null
of M. J. Moore vs. Guiseniie Boss. Debt.
$180.00. Judgment No. 557. September T.,
1N. ri. ra to wpieninr T., PSti.
E. C. XRWCO.MB, Atty.
All of which will be sold for cash only.
Sheriff's oflice. Scranton. Pa.. Julv 14.
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