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u Pore and
Baking Powder.
MaaufactiiKo' ori-insUy by Cleveland Brnthm, Albany, N. Y,
vow by the Ckvcland Buiog Powder Company, htm York.
has been used by American housewives for twenty-five
years, and those who have used it longest praise it most.
Receipt book free. Seed sUsp and aduresa. Cleveland Caking Powder Cc, New York. M
Norrman & Ftloore
120 Wyoming Ave.
-cS Perm Ave.
15c. PER
18c. PER
20c. PER
25c. PER
30c. PER
35c. PER
40c. PER
The above prices
this week only.
are for
Cirpsts, Draperies and Wall
The Pelaware, La'kavannn nml West
ern trainmen will be paid Wednesday.
An arrangement has been made by
which throiiKh cars will run from Peck
vllle to Forest City.
A sacred concert given by Bauer's band
at Laurel Hill park yesterday was enjoyed
by a large number of persons.
The employes of the leluwuru ami Hud
Bon Canal company at the Hultimore
slope, Baltimore Tunnel and Coiiynuham
shaft were paid Saturduy.
James Heffron, of Olyphanl, gave bail
Saturday for his appearance at court, and
was released from Jail. The charge
against him Is theutenlng to kill his sis
ter. - T".i bond of Johnson H. Bchnlur, tress,
urer of 'Winton school district, was filed
In Prothonotary I'ryor's otllee Saturday.
The amount of It Is Jlii.UUO, and the sureties
are Thomas F. HeddiiiKton. Ivlwln 11. Hit
ter, M. J. McAndrew and Q. K. Damlo.
The exchanges last week at the Scran
ton Clearing House was as follows: June
1. 1217,870.98; June 2. Jl!il,8nS.l!i; June 3, $17'i.
.497.97; June 4. SluS.4W7.fK: June B, U8,77.1.49;
June 8, flUO,818.2(i; total, $!U02.14. Clear
ings for the week ended June 8, 189j, JT'JO,
OS4.84. ,
The Keeley league meeting announced
to take place yesterday afternoon to select
delegates to th national convention of the
leagv was not held. The delegates will
probably be chosen next Sunday, hut no
nuthorltlve announcement of the time for
the meeting could be made last night.
The banjo, mandolin and guitar pupils
of Miss Bessie Dean, of Wilkes-Harre,
assisted by T. Cushlng Jones, baritone,
will give a muslcale at Hotel Jermyh, on
Friday evening, June 12. The list or. pat
ronesses upon this occasion Includes .Mrs.
Charles McMullen, Mrs. W. T. Hackett,
'Mrs. M. W. Torrey, Mrs. J. L. Chapman,
Mrs, Charles Schlager. Mrs. I Marks,
Mrs. W. J. Kahn, Mrs. E. H. Lymle, Mrs.
S. T. Jones, Mrs. F. 8. Godrrey, Mrs. J. W.
Oucrnxey, Mrs. J. H. Steel, Miss M. K.
' Bralnard and Miss May Hoban. Tickets
' may be procured at Powell's and r.t
Phelps' .drug store.
Opens a Week's I'.ngiisciiifiit nt Dm
Frothiiigliniii Today.
The play-goers of this city will wel
come the announcement that the popu
lar Wilbur Opera company is headed
; this way and are booked to appear at
the Frothin-rham theatre all of this
week with matinees.
The Wilburs are now on their eigh
teenth annual tour of the X'nlted States
and cme better and stronger equipped
than ever. A complete carlond of cos
tumes, and another carload of para
phernalia for the proper production of
the famous Wilbur high-art living pic
tures, and Justly, too, that no $1.50
companv mounts Its production any
finer. '
At each performance a complete pro
duction of a standard or comic opera
will be given, the famous Wilbur
march will be presented, and a series
of magnificent livinpr pictures will close
the evening's performance. The com
pany contains all of the old favorites.
Including K. A. Clark, J. K. Corby, Km
niett Drew, J. Clarence Harvey, Elolse
Mortimer, Maggie Holton, Hattle Rlcn
ardson, Maud Daniels, and a chorus of
fifty under the able baton of Frank N.
The selection of operas for the week
,'Ib as follows; Monday night, "Two
Dlavoto;" Wednesday matinee, "Do
rothy;" Wednesday night, "Martha;"
Thursday night, "Bohemian Girl;" Fri
day night, "Boccaccio;" Saturday
matinee, "Marltana;" Saturday night,
"Duchess." Prices, night 15 to CO cents;
. matinees, 25 cents in all parts of the
house. This afternoon a matinee will
be given free, admitting ladles only.
Examinations nt Harford.
Tomorrow and Wedncsdny the annual
examinations at the Harford Soldiers'
Orphan schoool will be held. A large
delegation from Orlflln post of this city,
accompanied by Bauer's band, will at
tend. '
The New linger.
Call for Casey & Kelly's extra fine
lnger beer. Be sure that you set It.
The best Is none too good.
Hotel Warwick. ,
'Ocean end of South Carolina avenue,
Atlantic City, N; J. Fine lawn and good
View of the ocean. - -
;,. . , 1 Daniel Coleman, Prop. .
Five Persons Injured at Peckvillc Sntur
day Night.
Caused the fur to I.envc the Track
nud ltiyi ArcinKt the Porch of
TlioiiuiN Ueynon's Housr-IInrry
Smith, of Peckvillc, Kuxtuiurd the
Mos Serious Itijuryllis Jaw Iione
Five persons were Injured In a street
car accident Saturday nlt-lit on the
Provlueiire line Just outside the city
limits. The enr jumped the track and
Hurry .Smith, of IVtkvllle. sustained a
broken jaw bone unci painful lacerutlons
of the face and sculp; t'eurge Josephs,
of 4''2 Ninth street. West Side, was
bruised about the body and face and
his right arm was sprained; Miss Mary
Ann Carabine, of Olyphant, was slight
ly Injured, and a Hungarian woman,
Mrs. Karousky, of Peckvllle, was also
nllKhtly injured.
The accident occurred at 8.13 o'clock.
The car was bound for Peckvllle and
was In charge of Conductor Bunnell and
Motorman Miller. It had not attained
much hepdway niter leaving the switch
ut the city line when the wheels began
to grind t" dust utones that were on the
rullii. The motorman applied the full
pnwer to pull the car through, as It was
nearly stopped, and it ran nbout twice
the length of Itself along at full speed
before striking another stone, which
threw It from the track.
The lurching of the car threw Smith
and Joseph off und they struck the
ground with great force. Miss Cara
bine and the Hungarian woman were
jostled apnlnst the seats, but as far as
could be Lamed they are not Injured
beyond n few biulses. The point where
the derailment occurred Is on a level
stretch of road.
Mischievous boys are charged with
having placed stones on the rails. The
car left the track opposite the residence
of Thomas P.eynou and collided with
the porch, damaging it. As quickly as
possible the Injured persons were taken
care of and wi re brought to their homes.
Jury Found in I'cr Favor for $2,500.
Verdict of $-170.84 for Gavigan
Against Refining Company.
Miss Bridget Connors, of Taylor, who
sued for $lu,000, wus awarded a verdict
of J2.300 on Saturday In her suit for
damages against the Scranton Traction
company for Injuries she sustained on
April 2. 1S94, in a car which left the
track at the Robinson street switch on
the West Side and rolled down the bank
to Ninth street. The nature of her in
juries has necessitated medical attend
ance up to the present time. The plain
tiff Is 2.1 years old and claims that her
condition since the accident has unfitted
her to follow her occupation as dress
maker. She was represented by Attor
neys O'Brien & Kelley. The case was
given to the Jury Saturday morning
and the verdict was agreed upon at
In the trespass suit of James Gavigan
against the Atlantic Refining- company
the plulntiff was awarded a verdict of
$170.84. The amount of damages claimed
by him was S2.000, which he said he had
suffered by reason of the erection of oil
tanks and storage rooms by the com
pany neur his home on Penn avenue.
His attorneys were I. H. Burns, M. J.
Donnhoe and Hon. John P. Kelley.
The third and Inst week of the com
mon plena term begins today. Then
there will be two weeks of criminal
court, followed by a week of argument
court, after which judges, Juries and
lawyers will enter upon a vacation until
Pennsylvania Con! Company Obtain
Control of Schoolcy Colliery.
The Pennsylvania Coal company has
obtained control of the Schoolcy colliery
In Exeter borough, L'uzerne county,
from the Butler Mine company. Ne
gotiations gor the transfer have been In
progress for several years, but have
Just been consummated.
This colliery is of great advantan'J to
the Pennsylvania Coal company l':'o:n
the fact that It now controls, in addi
tion to the lands leased by the Butler
company, 300 acres of coal land owned
by itself on the west side of the river
and from COO to 700 acres owned by the
estate of John B. Smith, the late presi
dent of the company. This Is the first
and only plant owned by the Pennsyl
vania company on the AVest Side,
though some of the coal there has been
mined from the Hoyt shaft at Port
Griffith, by means of a tunnel under the
It is intended to make a number of
improvements In the plant.
Features of the New Shoe Store in the
Meant Building.
There are more than a few attractive
things about the shoe store just opened
in the new Menrs building by Crouch
Bros, and Beatty. The store Is modern
and up-to-date In all Its appointments
and arrangements the stock Is unusual
ly large and has been selected to meet
the wantH of a trade wanting medium
and iirst grade goods the proprietors are
young and active business men, throe of
whom have since boyhood been in tho
shoe business. These three facts make
a combination which soem destined to
liuiure a succers for the ntcrj and sat:s
fuctlon to the custom It cams.
J. B., C, A., and It. C. Crouch are from
Pittsburg, where" they have for many
years been In the shoe trade In-managing,
buying and traveling capacities. D.
A. Beatty Is from Bradford, Pa. It. C.
Crouch will be the manager and buyer
for the new store. With a Judgment
born of experience of the buslnecn' a
careful study wus made of the shoe
trade of Scranton, and ot its custom
bofore , the smallest order was given
to the manufacturers. ', The result Is
that the stock contain! about every.
thing, that Scranton people want and
nothing that they don't want. While
the cheapest grades of footwear some
times desired by a well-to-do patron
age are contained In the store, the stock
Is mostly made up of first and medium
grade goods. Of these two qualities It
has been possible, owing to the spacious
and cenvenlent shelf room, to stock tha
store with every kind of footwear
usually wanted for men and ladles,
children and youths and misses.
A customer always delights in pur
chasing goods In a well-lighted and
well arranged store, and in this respect
there is nothing lacking in the new
Fture In the Mean building. It is a
store practically surrounded by glass
and will always be at least as light as
the daylight outside and when that isn't
light enough, use can be made of the
electrical equipment.
If It Is a pleasure to patronize those
who are in some way Identified with the
city It will bo a pleasure to patronise
this store. The three Crouch brothers
have moved hero permanently. They
chose Scranton as an opening for their
business venture because they liked
the thrift of the city and its people and
because. In a commercial way. Scranton
was like Pittsburg, the city wliosa busi
ness methods they have learned and
which are like those which prevail
One Hundred nntl Fortylourth Ses
sion Urging Today nt Asknin.
The Wyoming District Ministerial as
sociation of the Methodist Episcopal
church will today begin Its 144th session
at A.skam, Pa. Presiding Elder John G.
Kckman Is president and Rev. John B.
Sweet, of the Simpson Methodist Epis
copal church. Is secretary. The pro
gramme of the conference Is:
Devotional service J. A. Transue
Association address C. K. Mogg
Subject, "The Church that WinB."
Alternate James Benninger
9 o'clock, business
Election of otlleers.
Election of place of next meeting.
Election of one to deliver address.
Election of one to preach sermon.
Reading of essays
Sociology . V. H. Wesllaka
The Apocalypse CI. T. Price
Ought tho United States Government
inent to Recognize. Cuba as Bel.
liferent F. A. Chapman
Devotions Philip Houck
Reading of et-suys resumed
The General Conference and Its
Work J. G. Eckman
The Relation of the Study to Minis
terial Success C. M. llltten
Are Men, Mentally 1'nequlpped, Ad
mitted to Our Conference? If So,
Who Is Responsible? J. C. Leacock
Reciprocal Relations People and
Pastor J. Bradshaw
Lessons from Our Wyoming Con-
fernce E. L. Santee
Praise and devotions S. Jay
Association sermon J. F. Warner
Alternate N. J. Hawley
Written for The Tribune.
During the month of May 388 volumes
were donated to the Lackawanna Insti
tute of History and Science, all but four of
which were bound books.
The donors and number of volumes don
ated by each were as follows: James
Chumplin, 298; Scranton Public library, .11;
Dr. William II. Egle, state librarian, Bar.
risburg. 23; P. F. Schuler. 7; M. W. Lovv
ry, 5; O. B. Wright, 4; Hon. J. A. Scran
ton, 3; Hon. J. C. Vaughan, 3; Hon. L.
Amerman, 3; W. O. Thomas, 2; E. C.
Newcombe, 2; A. Porter, 2; C. R. Pitcher,
1; Fred W. Fleitz, 1; Hon. F. T. Okell, 1;
Walter G. Briggs, 1, and United States
department of agriculture, 1.
During the week ended June 6 the dona
tion of books all bound havo been fifty
seven volumes, as follows: T. P. Hoban,
12; C. L. Rice, 10; P. F. Sehuler, 9; Pro
fessor N. L. Brltton, librarian New York
Academy of Sciences, 7; R. W. Luce, 9;
W. F. oCnners, M. D., 5; Hon. J. A. Scran
ton, 4; Hon. John R. Jones, 2. and Profes
sor J. Brown Goode, Smithsonian insti
tution, 1.
Donations of any publications bearing
upon History on Science will be welcome.
Tho Instltuto want flics as complete as
possible of all Lackawanna county pa
pers, Scranton. Carbondale and Lucln
wan county directories and almanacs, Hnd
oil kinds of Pennsylvania or United
States public documents, and can use a
large number of duplicates in exchanging
with other societies or with individuals.
They also want reports of local societies
and corporations, manuscripts, maps, por.
traits or prominent citizens of the coun
ty and pictures of points of interst.
Nor should the Interests of the museum
be neglected. Many of our readers have
about their homes historical relics, min
erals, fossils, shells, Indian relics or other
specimens that would make valuable ad
ditions to the Institute collections. Some
will visit localities during the summer
from which such things can be readily ob
tained, and some have friends to whom
they can appeal by letter for specimens.
Curator Wheeler will be glad to receive
communications regarding gifts to the
library or museum, and to call on persons
who may wish to confer with him touch
ing anything Intended for the welfare of
the Institute.
The room at Green Ridge library at
present Is open every Wednesday and
Saturduy afternoon, and visitors are wel
Unconscious Sinco Saturday mid His
Life Slowly Ebbing Away.
Rev. Anthony J. Kllcoyne, of St. Au
gustine, Fla., Is dying at the home of
his mother, corner of Cedar avenue and
Breck street. He has been unconscious
since Saturday morning, and last night
was so weak that his death was hourly
expected. His constitution Is broken up
and his recovery Is beyond expectation.
Rev. Father Kllcoyne was a resident
of tho South Side before his ordination,
after which he assumed charge of a
parish In the diocese of St. Augustine,
of which Rt. Rev. John Moore Is bishop.
The climate of the south did not agree
with his health, and he made three
vis'it3 homo to recup rate.
He came home two months ago very
Biek, and for a time felt hopeful of re
gaining his strength. The trouble from
which he Is suffering Is liver complaint.
M. P. McCann, the Wyoming avenue
hatter, and Miss .Martha Connolly, of Park
Place, will be married on Wednesday, The
wedding will be private.
Josrph E. Donnelly, chief accountant
of the Lackawanna Iron and Steel com
pany's store, and Miss Agnes Gurrell, ot
Ninth street, daughter of Patrolman Mar
tin Gurrell, will be married at 8t. Pat
rick's church Wednesday.
P. F. Taylor, of Jackson street, and
Miss Anno Fltzvlmmons, of Schultsvllle,
will be marrlod tonight ut St, Patrick's
church, NlcholBon.
Tho marrlago of Assistant City Solicitor
David J. Davis and Miss Uertha Jenkins
will take place Wednesday ovening In
Washburn Street Preubyterian church. ;
Announcement In made of the coming
marriage of Patrick. Moron,, of Price
street, and Miss Laura MuDonough, of
Bromley avenue.
They Were Members ot a Fishinx Party
of Seven.
James X. Jlonnhan and. Joha Atkia
son Were Thrown lulo the Mater
and, Being I'nable to Swim to the
Shore, Sank.Their Bodies Re
covered Alter a Search of Severn.'
Hours. .
Two prominent Duryea men, James
M.. Monahan and John Atkinson, met
death by drowning in the Susquehanna
near Falls station Saturday afternoon.
They, with Alexander Angus and four
others, formed a fishing party which
went from Duryea Saturday morning.
During the afternoon the three named
were crossing the river in a boat when
it capsized. Angus, who Is an old sail
or and a good swimmer, reached the
shore, but the other two became ex
hausted and sank. Both bodies were
recovered before nightfall.
Monahan was the supervisor of Marcy
township and one of the best known
men of that locality. Both were mar
ried men and leave large families.
Police Mnde a Number of Arrests
There l.nst Night.
It Is Kelley's block this time. Last
night Patrolman Saul found about 200
people densely packed about the no
torious building on Scranton street. All
were intently witnessing the encounter
of a half dozen people, some black, some
white. A bevy were taken to the sta
tion house with tho assistance of Con
stable Flnnegan. At the hearing before
Alderman Blair In the station house a
bad condition of affairs In the block
was again exposed. Mrs. Lizzie Will
lams, alias other names, lives with a
colored man named Charles Boughton.
She Is married to a man in England, but
claims that a suit for divorce Is pending
In that country, from whence she came
three years ago. She was also married
to a resident of Taylor. This was a fewS
months ago.
Mrs. Maty Jane Woods, alias Mrs.
William Matthews, the other woman in
the case. Is a large person. Mrs. Mat
thews quarrelled with Mr. Matthews.
She removed her household furniture
into Mrs. Boughton's apartments in the
block. Last night she attempted to
take the things back again. This caused
the tight. Several people were struck
with stove lids and a water pail.
The alderman made the charge one of
keeping and frequenting a disorderly
house. The two women and the colored
Mr. Boughton were held in $500 ball to
appear at court. Ben Cartler and Ed
ward Murdock, two Laceyvllle negroes,
were fined $5 each. All failed to furnish
the requisite release money und they
are now In Jail.
Opens in this City Today for a Week's
Norrls brothers, the noted animal
trainers, with their company of 100 very
handsome and highly educated Shetland
ponies and dogs arrived In their own
special cars yesterday, and will erect
their big tents this morning at the cor
ner of Adams avenuo and Mulberry
street, where performances will be
given every evening this week and
matinees Tuesduy, Thursday and Sat
urday at 2 p. m.
The performance given Is said to be
unique and of great interest, and one
that Is equally enjoyable to old and
young. The animals havelbeen col
lected from all parts of the world, and
the company Includes many rare breeds
seldom seen In this country. The child
ren from the Home for the Friendless
and St. Patrick's Orphan asylum will
attend the matinee Tuesday by invltu
tlon of Professor Norrls.
A very novel street parade will leave
the show grounds at 11 o'clock and pass
through the principal streets of the
city, giving all a chance to see the
great collection, which the professor
terms the happy family.
' Injured nt South Works.
Robert Van Dttzer, 18 years old, was re
ceived at the Moses Taylor hospital Sat
urday, suffering from a gash In the right
leg. He was Injured at the South works
and lives on Plttston avenue. His Injury
is not serious.
Noticc--Stntc Mercantile Tax.
Is due and must be paid on or before
June 19, 1S96, to avoid additional costs.
City Treasurer.
Stocktou, Luzerne County, May Do
Wiped from the Map. .
Special to The Scranton Tribune.
Ilnzleton, June 7. of the
smull coal towns that dot the Hazleton
region, is threatened with extinction.
Llnderman & Skeer, who virtually own
the town, finding It Impossible to adjust
their differences concerning royalties
with the owners of the coal lands have
decided to desert the place entirely and
have sent an advertisement to the lead
ing papers of the "lower regions" and
principal coal trade journals offering for
sale their entire property, consisting of
four breakers, seventy company houses,
their stores, offices and the like, all of
which must be removed before August
Already the people are beginning to
move out nnd the only thing that can
save the town Is the possibility that
Bomebody will buy In the plant and
make a deal with the stubborn land
owners by which operations can be pro
ceeded with.
Postmaster MetcnlPs Marringo Gives
Aliccton, Wis., Its First.
Fort Atkinson, Wis., June 7. "The
town without a woman," Aliccton, Jef
ferson county, first discovered by tho
Jefferson County union and afterward
receiving world-wide mention In the
newspapers on account of Its peculiar
condition, lost Its dlstlncton yesterday
by the murrlnge of Its postmaster, F. II.
Mctcalf, to Miss Laura Matthews, ot
Anarchists Have Resumed Their
Fiendish Activity in That City.
Barcelona, June 7. The anarchlBts
have resumed their activity in this city
and much fear Is entertained
that they will Inaugurate another
reign of tprror similar to that
which prevailed in 1892 and 1893
when thero wern many explostons'here,
In Madrid and other Spanish cities. At
S o'clock tonight a bomb was exploded
while a religious procession was taking
plac and several persons were killed.
The outrage has caused the greatest
excitement. This is the second outrage
or attempted outrage within a few days.
A number of anarchists have been ar
rested but as yet there la no positive
proof that any cf them cased the ex
plosion. Six persona were killed by the explos
ion and twenty-four wounded. It ia net
known what explosive the bomb con
tained, but judging from It effect must
have been very powerful.
The police thing that they will be
able to catch those responsible for the
crime through the confession of soire of
the anarchists who have been arrested.
This, however, appears to be a very
Blight hope.
Will Receive the Nomination from
Itending Democrats on Tuesday.
Reading, Pn., June 7. The Demo
cratic primaries held tn this city and
county on Saturday brought out a very
large vote and In many of the districts
the vote was exceptionally close. In
this city Daniel Ernuntrout received 27
votes, H. D. Green 2 and S. A Baer 2.
Early this morning Mr. Ementmut
claimed SO delegates. 73 being necessary.
Dr. E. M. Herbst carried a number of
the districts outside of the city as did
also Mr. W. B. Bleber.
Mr. Green says the contest Is not yet
settled but from the returns received
which embrace nearly all of the dis
tricts it is evident that Mr. Ementrout
will receive the nomination. The con
vention will meet In this city on Tues
day morning.
Capture of a Released Convict Who
Attempted to Kill n Guard.
Jefferson City, Mo., June 7. Guard
Kern Rnyburn of the Missouri peniten
tiary, was shot nnd seriously injured
yesterday by F. O. Norvill, a convict,
who was released from the penitentiary
the day before. For some infraction of
the prison rules Kayburn had Norvill
punished on Thursday morning by being
tied to a post. At noon he was released
from the penitentiary. He bought a
shotgun, loaded It with No. 4 shot, nnd
hid himself near the house of Hayburn.
At about 5 o'clock yesterday morning
us Rnyburn supped through his yard
gate to the sidewalk, Norvill tired at
him. Ho was about sixty yards away
and tho shot scattered, striking Ray
burn in the head, breast and abdomen.
NorvlU was chased ten miles by hound3
and captured.
Crew of the Competitor Is Interviewed
by the New Consul.
Havana, June 7. Consul General
Fltzhugh Lee today visited the men
who were captured on the filibustering
schooner Competitor and who are now
confined In the Cabanas fortress under
sentence of death. .General Lee found
the prisoners lodged In unhealthy quar
ters and will request Cuptaln General
Weyler to order that they be given bet
ter accommodations. The consul gen
eral also saw Julio Sanguilly, an Ameri
can citizen, who is under sentence of life
imprisonment for conspiring ngainst the
peace of Spain, and whose case on ap
peal is now bi fore the court of Cassa
tion In Madrid.
It Is said that General Lee, as a spe
cial favor, requested Captain General
Weyler to release. Mr. Dawley, the cor
respondent of Harper's Weekly. who was
arrested a few days ago. The request
was granted and It is expected that
Dawley will be released from Morro
Castle tomorrow.
The Huntingdon Senatorial l ight Is
Still in Doubt,
Huntingdon. Pa., June 7. The result
of the Republican primaries in this
county last night on the senatorial fight
Is still In doubt. Forty-three out of the
Let others praise tho store nnd Its fittings.
We're coutnnt to say that mor stylish Milli
nery cannot be produced for the same money
anywhere else. Come and seo how far an in
vestment of fr)o. or SI will co nt Kawyor's.
Investigation will prnvo that such ottering
bavenev r benn equalled at this Sanson of the
year in Scranton.
We quota only a fow of the many values:
Li dies' Trimmed bailors ia White, Black and
Children's Fancy Straw H its, reduced from
tiu cents.
Ladles', Mists' and ChiMren's Untrimraccl
Hats; told regularly for $1.
Ladios', Misses' and Children's Trimmed
Huts, worth Ji
Trimmed Hats, several shapes and styles,
easily worth SI: all are the very latest styles,
Wo're with the l'usilon except iu one par-Ucular-PIUCK.
A. R. SAWYER, Wyoming Ave.
Including the painless extracting of
teeth by an entiroly new process.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
A3 1 Spruce St., Opp. Hotel Jermyn.
406 Lackawanna Avenui.
sixty-one districts have reported, giving
Penrose SS delegates to Wana maker's
49. In the popular vote Penrose leads
by about 320.
Both sides are still claiming victory
Dr. H. C. Chlshokn, for state senate,
and Representative P. M. Lytle and
Captain John 8. Bare, for the legisla
ture, have probably won.
Is the month for
Carries a Fine Liue of
423 Lackawanna Avenue
A large and complete line of
A regular $15,00 carriage for
e lies
li to attract your attention to our statement
that wc have the largest and best stock of
Musical Instruments
In the city. Call and see.
ritisic Store.
Will receive pupils In Piano and Organ
Playing; at his New St udio, to be opened Sep.
tember 1, corner Mndlson avenue and Linden
street, (opposite Blm Park parsonage.
Mr. Pennincton Is a pupil of Turner and
Dunham, Huston; Oullfnant and fbriglla,
Puris; fclirlkht, tionpt, kelmann and Becker,
Organ ruplls will receive lesson at the
Tim Park Chuich. Organ rraciice may be
obtained at the studtO(Un a new two-mur.uul
OiKun. I o terms, etc., address
You Don't
Haveto Think
AVheu you como liero for
Cur pel a. Tho salesiimu
will show you ulniostutiy
puttern or design you
cuii iiuuglno and In vurl
oiis qualities. Tho lowest
tiuulily is good. From
Ifnud 1 hey ruu tip into
nl)H)lute perfection. Tho
prices are interesting.
(Large Show Window.) V
if li Ih
The greatest salesman ia the world
ii Price, and la this final reduction
tale of
Ladies' and
Children's Hats
The prices will sell if prices ever
did, of course. The cost of making
and material is lost sight of.
150 Ladles' and Children's Trim,
rued Hats, 13.00; sale price $1.49
100 Children's Trimmed Leghorn
Hats, with fancy edge, 3 60;
sale price . $1.49
2o0 Ladles' and Children's Un
trimmed Leghorn lists, $150;
sale price 470
100 Ladles' Untrimmed Hats, 98c;
sale price 19o
10 dozen Children's Lawn Hats,
40c; sale price 18a
10 dozen Children's Lawn Caps,
20c; sale price. 10c
20 dozen Children's Bailors, 40c;
sale price 15$
Closing Out 1 lot of Ladles' Belts
t. 19c Kacr
Closing Out 1 lot of Ladles' LlnVt
Buttons and Studs at 9c a Set
138 Wyoming Avenin,
Kalcolm lm
Cloagh & Warren,
And Lows. G.a to a!
Very Low Pricsi
j, LAiEiiE mm,
We keep in stock every Color, Qual
ity, and width of Shading, with
Fringes and Laces to match.
Wc have SHADES two yards long,
mounted on spring rollers ot
18 cents each.
We have anything els: your taste or
means may require, and thi BEST
VALUE for your money always.
Samples and Estimates Submittal
. M'CREA & CO.,
The Month of Weddings
Will sees good many of
your fricnjsset sell on
4Sb me .nair.moniai sea.
The voyoje It long and j
something nice In
I Chjna,
4 Glassware,
I oRLamPs t
Will he a continued re
membrance of your
esteem and well wlshej.
231Fenn Ays. Cpp. Baptist Church
Middle of the Block.
Wfi Dunn's
- .v.-A:
' 111 11- -----"