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Scruton Dropped from Third
Sixth riace.
Siill lias Firm Hold on the Tail End
, . i Position-Opening of the East
crn League Season
Here Today.
Scranton lost two eamrn at Provl-
1enee yeateriiuy and droiiiied from third
to xlxlh iilace. Wllkes-Harre also lout
tit S:iltmlieltl anil Htill decorates the
tail ei.rl of the league column.
Toronto took a Rame from Rochester
and Salt t'lty boya walked away from
HufTulo at Syracuse.
I. V. 1..
I'rovldeni-e " 5 "
.71 1
Itoetu-Kter 7
Syracuse il
Toronto li
Brrunton 5
. Buffalo 7
: . To-day's Eastern League Games.
Providence at Wllkes-Harre.
Springfield at Scranton.
Syracuse at Buffalo.
. . Rochester at Toronto.
Heir's Easy Pitohlhg Resulted in the nig
Score In the First Game and I'mplre
holly Assisted in the Seeond Slaughter.
rUclu from a Staff Correspondent.
Providence, H. I.. May 7. Providence
won the two jrames this afternoon. The
tlrat yaa to the clum UlKRers like find
ing a-'soft, easy victory without look
ing for it, as shown by the score of 22
to 8; the second was anybody's meat
up to the eighth inning, when with
Providence . one run ahead, two on
buses and one out, Chiles muffed
Ward's usslst and let in the runs that
really won the game.
Kelly, the man who aspires to be an
umpire, but has a long way to travel,
presided over the games. He broke
Scranton's heart U the beginning of the
Hrst session by outrageous decisions on
butted bulls and balls and strikes. He
continued his cross-eyed work In the
second game. Scranton nearly always
got the short end of It.
The air was raw and penetrated to
the marrow of the 1,500 spectators, al
though the sun shone brightly. The
weather, in fact, had much to do with
Herr's easy pitching. His arm was not
a particle sore, but he was muscle
bound because of the cold weather. Af
ter being hit so freely In the llrst two
Innings, .during which Providence
scored nip times, he simply lobbed the
ball over and let it be hit at will. The
gam was very much of a farce.
Del t ik h was injured in the second
. Inning t.' the tirst game by a hot boun
cer of lassett's which struck him In the
groin, he fielded it successfully to
Chiles and then toppled over on the
field. His sameness in making the as
slst before giving Into the excruciating
pain he must have suffered, won loud
applause when after several minutes
delay he was assisted from the field.
MoUuIre taking his place. Mciulre by
the way was playing with a leg and
half to stand on but ninde some phe
nomenal stops and field plays. His one
error was a wild throw and was not
costly. Hutchinson made a good im
presslon. It is unfortunate three errors
have to be set apposite his name as
each error was on a desperate chance
Which occasioned discussion among the
scorers as to a hit or error. Altogether
he showed himself a fast worker, a
, quick sure throw, a clean hitter and a
man who doesn't hesitate to travel about
the diamond In quest of employment
His playing created a very favorable
iniDresslon with the audience. Each
of the many fliree baggers and four
home runs during the afternoon, ex
cepting the second of the two four bas
ers by Chiles, is attributable to the
score or more of carriages In right
. field.
Chiles' final home fun was a hit that
cleared the center Held fence.
' Herr was not anxious to pitch but
McDermott thought it best as hitting
more than pitching or fielding was ex
pected to win out at least one of the
games fbr Scranton and Johnson and
Horner were wanted for the opening
games at home. So Herr went In with
a sound but muscle bound wing and in
the first inning Providence Beared five
times with none out on four hits for
five bases, a sacrifice, a base on balls,
' Herr's wild throw to llrst and wild
pitch. In the Scranton half Ward got
t four wide ones and was advanced a
base on Meaney's single. Chiles
cracked out a single to right which
went through Murray and permitted
ward and Meaney to score two un
earned runs. Chiles reaching third.
Eagan got a base on balls and then oc
curred a peculiar play which netted
Hcrantnn two runs. Hutchinson hit
the ball down to Canavan who should
have assisted in a double play but
Chiles beat the ball norne. Kagan
reached third and Hutchinson first, the
latter ran over the bag purposely and
before half the Providence team could
see saw him out, Eagan got home. With
two out Providence scared four runs
ii nd made the tally 9 to 4 In the second
on three singles and errors by Meaney
uuu i-niies. p-or seven innings Ht-rati
ton drew blanks, Ruilderham mowed
the Scruntoniana over like nine pins
anu wnen me pan was nit it was al
ways nanmea in snarp and proper
siyie ny me strong irovidence Inlield,
; Cooney doing some brilliant work in
accepting all of his twelve chances.
Meanwhile Herr with the knowledge
that the game was lost was lobbing
them over and generously giving the
dam diggers a chance to fatten their
Stuyvesant Fish.'. New York
Oeorge R. Fearing , New Vork
Frederick Oebhardt New Vork
J. Plerpont Morgan, Jr New Vork
Charles A. Peabody New York
Beth Low ...New York
William Stelnway New York
Theodore W. Cramp Philadelphia
A. J. Drexel.Jr U.Philadelphia
Oeorge H. Frailer Philadelphia
William M. Polndexter.. Washington, 6. C
Max Agassis....;... ..... .Cambridge, Mass
Linden Street. Opp. Court House.
II CO UNION, tlooi LU.MI-NUM, lioo:
ML0U ERIE, 7S. . .
V Bl
Coal Eicbanp
batting average as the base hit column
will show. In the third inning all tne
Providence players faced Herr and all
got a hit but the three who were put
out. Result five earned runs. It was
he same in the eighth, nine men faced
Herr for one homer, a triple, three
doubles and a single. Five more
The second game was 'a little more
Interesting. Urown pitched a game of
greater merit than the score shows and
for which condition of affairs tne very,
very rank Judgment of I'mplre Kelly
in balls and strikes and his Inability to
tell a fair ball from a foul one is ac
countable from the beginning to the
end. Urown got a iierpetual roast, and
In at least three instances, when mere
were ennui vs for Scranton to score
Kellv called balls foul that were man
ifestly fair. Knorr. a colt, pitched for
he Rhode Islanders. He was hit rreeiy
but nearly always unfortunately, and
when a useful fair crack was mude at
the ball Kelly i-alled It foul. Provl-
lence was attain Itrst at bat. With two
ut and as many n bases Cooney new
ut to Meaney. Scranton also urew u
blank and Ward got llrst on Draubys
error, but Kelly called tnree uisnnci
strikes on Meaney, the lust two being
learly balls. Chiles hit safely, advanc
ing Waid to second, but Kagan lilt
one to Cooney, ana a uoume piuy re
sulted. It was one, two, three with
Providence in the second. Scranton
scored the first run. After Hutchinson
went out to Cooney Flack got second on
the doublu error of Cnnnavnn and
I.vons, Magulre Hew out to Uassett,
Fiack scored on Raffeiiy's single and
Urown singled, but the side was re
tired on Ward's out to Knight. In the
third with one out Lyons got four wide
ones, but Uassett funned and Knight
was blocked ut llrst. Meuney. Chiles
and Kagan were easy outs, Drauby
cracked out a homer In the fourth, but
was declared out for skipping second.
Three triples by Cooney, Cannavan and
Murray and an nttelct assis; to nrsi
earned three runs for Providence. In
the fourth, Scrnnton mude one on
Lyons' failure to stop Jiutcmnsons
single and Flack's drive to lert. aia
gulre struck out, Fluck was caught try-
lug to sfeal and rlarreriy was mnmn
out at flrsj;.
Uassett led off with a single in the
fifth, and Knight made the same oi-
fense. Drauby popped up an easy one
to Urown. Ward stoppeu cooney a
grounder und touched Knight out on
the run und got the ball to lirst In time
to put Cooney out. Urown singled in
Scrantou's half. Ward Hew out to
Cooney. Meaney's hit sent Urown to
second and Urown scored and Meaney
advanced to third on Eagan's drive to
right after Chiles had (town out to
Knight. Hutchinson forced Kagun ut
second. Dixon got a walk to first in tlu
slxth with two out, but Knorr Btruek
mt. For Scranton. with two out, Raf-
ferty and Urown singled.
Here was un Instance where KCiiy
got In his tine work. Wurd pushed out
u low line drive over first base, the
ball tearing up the line In clouds on
the foul line. Kelly called It foul al
most before uhe bull struck terra firma.
Rafferty and Urown could have scored.
The next one Ward hit was an easy My
to Cooney, which retired the side. The
Providence run in the seventh was on
Hutchinson's error, which let Uassett
reach second, and hits by Drauby and
Cooney. For Scranton Meuney flew
out to Murray, Chiles made a double
and Eagan and Hutch fouled out to
Murray led off In the Providence
eighth by a right field drive among the
carriages. The ball was lost and he
got credit for a home run. Ward made
a fine running catch of Dixon's II y and
Knorr got to first on Hutchinson's er
ror. Lyons drew a base on balls and
with Knorr . was advanced, a station
each on Russet t's out at first. They
scored on Chiles' muff of Ward's assist
to stop Knight. Drauby fouled out to
Magulre. Fluck started the Scranton
half with a single, but was forced by
Then Kelly cot in his fine work again
and called the second and third strikes
on Rafferty, Urown fanned out.
Providence increased its lead from four
to six runs In the ninth by single and
triple and Hutchinson s error. Scran
ton made an unsuccessful attempt at
a rally In the final half. With Ward
out, Meaney was hit by pitcher and
Chiles knocked the ball over center Held
fence for a home run. Eagan fouled
out and Hutchinson was stopped ut
Hist. Cmpire Kelly will preside over
the games In Scranton. The Provi
dence club is leaving here tonight for
Wllkes-Harre. Scores:
A. T. H.
First Game.
A.B. R. II
7 1 2
6 3 3
P.O. A.
2 0
1 2
0 0
12 1
ft 7
3 4
0 0
3 0
1 1
Lyons, cf ..,
fiussett, 3b
Knight. If
Drauby, lb .
Cooney. ss .
Canavan, 2b
Murray, rf ,
Dixon, c ...
, 6
, 7
Totals ' 53 22 27 27 15 3
A.B. R
P.O. A.
Ward, 2b ...
Meaney, rf .
Chiles, lb ...
Kagan, If ...
Flack, cf ...
Dletrick, 3b
Rafferty, c .
Herr, p
Mugiilre, 3b
3 1
Totals 38 8 13 27 14 3
Providence 5 4 5 0 1 0 2 S 022
Si-raniou 4 00000400 8
Earned runs Providence, 8: Scranton,
1. Two-base hits Lyons (2), Bussett,
Cooney, Canavan. Chiles, Magulre, Herr.
Three-base hits Knight, Hassett. Home
runs Drauby, Chiles. Stolen bases Ly
ons. Bassett, Drauby. Cooney. Double
plays Kagan anil Chiles: Cooney and
Drauby (2; Cunavan und Cooney. First
base on balls Bassett, Dlxbn, Knight,
Ward (2), Rafferty. First buse on errors
Cooney, Canavan, Kugan. Struck out Bv
Hrrr, itudderham, Dixon, Bassett; by
Ruilderham: Dietrlck. Magulre il'i. Wild
pitch Herr. Hit by pitched ball Eagun.
Time 2 hours. Umpire Kelley.
Second Game.
V.B. R. H. P.O. A. E.
.3 1 0 0 0 2
.6 0 2 3 0 0
,5 0 2 3 0 0
.5 0 3 11 0 1
. 5 2 3 5 6 0
,5 2 2 1 0 0
.3 II 1 4 10
" 15 2? II 1
Lyons, cf ..
BUssett, 3b
Cooney, ss ,,
Canavan, 2b .
Murray, rf .,
Dixon, c ....
Knerr, p ...
Totals 41
A.B. R.
H. P.O.
ward, 2b 6 0
0 2
jueany, rt 4 1
Chiles, lb 6 1
Kagan, If 6 o
Hutchinson, as 6 1
Flack, cf 4 . 1
Magulre, 8b 4 0
Rafferty, o 4 0
Urown, l 4 1
Totals 40 4 .
Providence 0 0 0 3
Scranton 0 10 1
13 27
0 0 1
1 0 1
3 2- 9
0 1-6
Earned funs Providence, 6; Scranton 2.
Two-base hit Chiles. Three-base hits
Cooney, Canavan (2), Murray. Home run
nua. moien oases uyons, Knlirhl
Canavan, Dixon, Murray, Double plays
Canavan, Cooney and Drauby; Dixon and
Canavan; Ward and Chiles. First base en
balls-'By Brown: Lyons (2), Dixon (21
First base on errors Bassett, Struck out
uassett, canavan, 'Knerr w, Meaney,
Magtilre, RalTerty. Brown. Hit by pltelied
ball Meuny. Murray. Knerr. Ward, Klaek.
Time I hour. I'miilre Kelley.
SprinenVld. Mass.. May 7. Manager
Hums was married this afternoon Just
us the team was taking a game from
Wllkes-Harre. He would not have had
the wedding present If the visitors had
nut played very rocky ball In the fourth
Inning when Springfield scored six runs.
A balk by Luckey was responsible for
one of them and lie made a wild throw
directly after which accounted for an
other. Kcenan was substituted and
after this Inning Springfield did not
tally again. Score:
A.B. R. 11
P.O. A.
0 I)
Leahy, cf
Lynch, If.. 2l
McDunalil, 2b
tSeheliler, rf ..
Shuiiuun, as ..
(iimson, c
(Imber, 111 ...
Haw-ley, p ...
Inks, if
Toluls :I7 8 H 27 It
A. It. R. H. P.O. A.
Uetts. cf
Lczottc, if ....
Lytic, If
Kuiie. 11
Smith, 3b
HIkkIiih, c
VuUKht, 2li ....
Alc.Mahon, ss ,.
Liit key, p
Keeiiau, p
i 1
Totals 37 . tl 1
SpriiiKhVId 2 0 li a 0
Wllkes-ilai-re u 1 3 0 U U
ICarned runs WUkes-Burre.
Hi i
0 o it
1 o 0
buses Wilkes-Burre, 13; Springfield, lu.
Saerltlce hit Lynch. Stolen buses Lynch,
.Mi-DonuM, ShefHer, Shannon, Guns in,
Vousht, .McMahon. Two-base hits Schcf
ller, Hawley, Ueiis. Lexotte, Vought. ..rat
base on balls Leahy, .McDonald, Uilberi,
Shannon, l.ezotte (3), Digging, McMahon
(2i. Left on bases Spring-Held, 6; Wllkes
Harre, 11. Struck out Inks, Earl. Dig
Bins, Voimht. Batters hit Schert'er,
Vought. Wild pitch Hawley. Time 1.45.
I'mplre Doeacher. .
Rochester, N. Y., .May 7. Lovett's lack
of speed and general ease, a costly error
by Shannon and possibly some question
able decisions by Lyndon, cost Rochester
the game today. Score:
Rochester 020 0 010206 8 2
Toronto 3 0031000 x T 12 3
Itatterles Lovett and .Boyd: JJean and
Svracuse-Buffalo. ' '
Syracuse, N, Y., May 7. The effective
pitching or Willis today won the game for
Syracuse against Buffalo. The Bisons te
sorted to every means to win the third
game here, but found that the Stars had
determined to land the contest, so gave
up I he ghost. Score:
R H l-
Syracuse 0 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 5 10 3
Buffalo 0 1000010 0 2 8 U
Batteries Willis and Hess; Wadsworth
and Smith, I'mplre Swuiiwood.
New York's defeat by Louisville yes
terday did not drive the Giants further
down in the league column, but it low
ered the club's percentage Hfteen
points. Philadelphia maintained Its
place as leader with undiminished pres
tige, while Baltimore succeeded In
crawling up several points. Louisville
is determined not to let the Giants get
below It and also lost yesterduy.
P. W. L.
Phludelphla 10
Pittsburg lf
Boston IS
Chicago 17
Cincinnati lti
Baltimore It)
Cleveland 14
Washington IS
Brooklyn 1G
St. Louis 17
New York 17
Louisville 17
Today's National League Games.
Washington at Pittsburg.
Brooklyn at Cleveland.
Baltimore at Cincinnati.
Boston at Louisville.
Philadelphia at Chicago.
New York at St. Louis.
At Pittsburg ' H H 1
Washington 0 0000201)0 2 3 5
Pittsburg 2 1111204 x 12 10 2
Batterles-MoLeod and McAuley; Klllen
and Sugilen.
At Cincinnati R H V:
Baltimore 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 1 x S V 0
Cincinnati 0 010000001 8 4
Butteries .McMahon and Robinson;
Dwyer, Fisher and Peitz.
At St. Louis R.H.E.
New Vork 0 000000033 7 3
St. Louis 1 2000002 X 5 i 1
turneries .Meekin and Farrell; Hart and
Douglass and McFarlan.
At Ixillisvllle R.H.E.
lopn 24311213 k 17 It 0
Louisville 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 12
Butteries Nichols and Uunxel; .McDer
molt and Warner and Dexter.
At Chicago R.H.E.
Philadelphia 0 0230613 014 14 2
Chicago 000211 100-5 7 6
liuuerii-s urtn and Clements; Friend
and Klttrldge.
At Cleveland R.H.E.
Brooklyn 1 00210000-4 10 2
uievetana 1 0200502 x 10 IB
Batteries Payne and Burrlll; Wallace
anu dimmer,
At Lancaster R.H.E.
Lancaster 0 0 4 0 0 1 3 1 0 9 1
York 3 0000200 1 6 14 2
Batteries Sham, Yeager and Roth;
Snickered und Young. Umpire Hoi-nung.
At Shiimokin R.H.E.
Shnmokln 3 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 6 12 4
Hazleton 2 000300247 8 4
Batteries Smith and Moore; Mattern
and Cooper. Umpire Elsenhower.
At Philadelphia R.H.E.
Athletics 0 2 0 0 1 2 0 3 0 K H 3
Carbondale 0 20000020 4 10 6
Batteries sommers anil Schaub; Luby
and Lucey. I'mplre Phelan.
At Pottsvllle R.H.E.
Pottsville '.0 2 0 02 02
Easton 0 0 1 01 3 0
Four Innings, on account of Easton re
fusing to accept u decision of the umpire.
Batteries Kllroy and Flanlgan; Setley
anu pmiin. empire Telly.
The James Boys' Base Bull club hereby
challenge the Curbon Street Modoi-ks to
u game of bull ou May 17 at 3 o'clock
shurp, on the James Boys' grounds. Nel
ton (1, Teets, manager.
If Thomas Logan, of Dunmore. who Is
the manager of the Morning Glories Buse
Bull club, wishes to play the James Boys'
team for any sum he can do so if he will
send his challenge to the manager, or the
manager will call on him and arrange for
a series of games. Nelson G. Teets, man
ager James Boys.
The James Hoys Base Ball feani of '98
would like to hear from any of the follow
ing well-known aVatenr Base Ball teams:
Kurekas, Harmonies, Mlnookas, Morning
Olorles, Starlights, Orientals, Washington
Avenue Stats or the Anthracites. First
come Hrst served. Answer through The
Tribune. Nelson O. Teets, manager.
The Scranton, Jrs., accept the challenge
of the West Side Stars to a game of ball
to take place on the Little Woods ground.
Saturday ut 10 o'clock, Eugene TroDn
captain. '
The Sliders cannot accept the challenge
of the Actives of the South Side on ac
count of not playing on Sunday. Will
Thomas, manager.
The Rosebuds defeated the Young Ac
tives by a score of 17-4 yesterday. Batteries-Rosebuds:
Rothamel and Campbell:
Young Actives: Loomls and Lee.
The Consumers accept the challenge of
the Senators of Green Ridge for Saturday
ut 8 o clock their grounds. Fred Newmins
captain; Robert Payne, manager?
Illg Pool Mntoh.
Pittsburg. Pa.. Muv 7 Th. n-.i -1..1..1.
luy Tor the pool championship betweea
William Clearwater and Alfred 1 ft
was one of the closest games of continuous
pool on record. Clearwater pocketed his
Mil balls Hrst. but De Oro quit ahead of
him on the total number for the night.
On the last break Clearwater put In seven
balls, making his score 201, and De Oro
got the other eight, makln his net total
M. The match Is for a purse of 11.000 and
the Brunswick trophy) 600 points, 200 each
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one easily digested, quickly
assimilated, and composed of
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one such food exists, it is
A powerful concentration of the
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carefully compounded by a
special cold process, and of such
a nature that it can be retained
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Dr. Moses T. Runnels, of 8 E.
9th St., Kansas City, writes :
"I believe the life of my daughter,
now four and a half years old was
saved by the use of Bovinine
during her dentition. I know of
nothing better in cases of ex
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for yourself a few drops in baby's
milk, and see why over 25,000
doctors commend it.
1 -.
Has (iiven Added Confidence to the
' Members of the Scranton Cluli
lias Been Warming the Louisville Bench
so Long That It W ill Take
Few Games to Get Hint
In Shape.
Special from a Staff Correspondent.
Providence. R. I., May 7. One step to
ward strengthening what is by no
means an extremely weak team, hits
been mude In securing Hutchinson. Af
ter his long bench-warming with the
Loulsvilles It Is not expected that re
nin at. once round into good and even
playing form, but the hope prevails
thut after a little steady playing he will
be all right. That he is all wrong isn't
evidenced by Louisville's releasing hint,
as Louisville has released more good
players than any two National league
clubs; certainly McDermott thinks the
new shortstop is capable or he would
not have signed him. Anyhow his pres
ence In the game brings a great amount
of satisfaction to the players und the
club will gradually Improve in team
Now that Hutchinson is playing, and
assuming that ho will prove a find, it
only requires a good .hitting catcher
and outfielder and Maguire's return to
third to warrant the prediction that
Scranton will haw as good a chance to
possess the pennant as any club in the
league. This assertion Is not a wild
one, but Is based on the fact that Scran
ton appears to have the best pitchers
In the league, and a second and third
bastfman (Maguire) and an outfield
which will stand any comparison. The
outfield strengthened, the catcher and
centerfielder secured, It is hard to see
how Scranton can finish below third.
The brief mention In last night's dis
patch of the effort of a minor league
club to have one of the Scranton pluy
ers Jump the team will not huve un un
favorable termination. The , player
will not Jump; In fact he hud no inten
tion of doing so, but was very much
worried over Information that he was
to be arrested for some wrong he is
alleged to have committed during th
Hornellsvllle was the club thut wus
after him. He was offered $150 per
month, his bourd und all expenses und
his Indebtedness of 75 to Scranton for
advance money If he would play in
Hornellsvllle. It was further held out
to him that the Hornellsvllle manage
ment had secured the assurance of one
occupying a high position in the New
York state government that he would
not be extradited. He has been assured,
however, that the Scranton owners will
give him all the protection that Is con
sistent with honor and regard for the
law. That has satisfied him and Hor
nellsvllle will whistle.
Maguire Is the only player whose
physical condition prevents him from
playing. One of his ankles seems to
have recovered its normal strength but
the other' still shows the effect of the
strain It received In the practice games
and the set-buck It got In the one game
Magulre played against SprlngHeld. He
limps slightly but the Injured member
is fast improving. The players look
upon Maguire as a third bagman who
will rank with almost any in the league.
McDermott has not yet been assured
that the arm of Dan Mahoney, the
catcher whose release was purchased
from Portland, is sound. Mahoney
knows he has been purchased but re
mains In Wlnstead.Conn.. playing seml
professionully. This is looked upon us
a clear indication thut something is
wrong with hlin, as with u good arm
he was lust year one gf the best catch
ers In the New England league, and the
lame arm Is the only plausible expla
nation of his failure to go Into a strong
league with a manager as well known
to him as McDermott.
That Is Positively St r Ik Inn.
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The story told by Hutchinson of his
delay In reporting throws Iiht ou the
mismanagement of the Louisvilles. It
seems that Dreyfuss. the treasurer of
the Louisville association, sold Hassa
mer and Hutchinson and sinned Man
ager McCloskey's name to all the corre
spondence, letters and telegrams. He
sent the players terms without con
sulting them and the deal was consum
mated two days before McCloskey.
Hassamer or Hutchinson knew any
thing about it. With such Interference
It Is not surprising that Hutchinson was
slow to come here, und it explains why
Louisville is so grossly mismanaged.
Hutchinson says the directors have
been accustomed to notify McCloskey
the day of a game how he should ns
sig the players to certain positions
and to designate the pitcher for the
game. A. T. R.
Scranton on J Spring field Will Contest at
Athletic Park.
Today the Eastern league season
opens in this city.
The Scranton club will arrive In this
city at 1 o'clock this afternoon from
Providence and a few hours later will
face the SprlngHeld club on the dia
mond. Johnson will probably do the
twilling for Scranton.
So muiiy improvements have been
niuile In und about the nark this sea
son thut the crunks will be pleasantly
surprised when they go out to see this
ufteruiHin's game.
Athletic park will now compare very
favorably with the bull parks In the
other cities of the country of the size
und Importance of Hcrantnn.
There will be no formalities tmluy in
opening the seuson. Umpire Kelly who
did such desperate work In Providence
yesterday will suy "play bull" and the
fun will begin.
Louisville Anxious to Get II Un for Cap
tain and Manager.
It was said at John M. Ward's odlce
today that he had not as yet accepted
the management of the Louisvilles, but
had the offer made by them under con
sideration. At Hrst Ward refused to
accept the position of manager and
captuin offered him. but repeated ef
forts on the part of the club Induced
him yesterday to write a letter saying
that he would hold the matter over.
Ward hus, however, been In corre
spondence with the management of the
Louisville team for several weeks, and
If a large enough salury is offered him
he will probably Join the Colonels. The
sum, it is said on good authority, was
not fixed by the Louisville munuger,
but Wurd was practically told that he
could make his own terms.
The lawyer-player Is now loath to
leave his profession, as he hus acquired
a nourishing practice and hus met with
much success. He has recently been
added to the counsel for State Exclso
Commissioner Lymun In Brooklyn. To
weun him from this some extraordinary
inducement will have to be put forward,
within a fortnight.
"I have been out of It now for two
years and It Is rather late for me to
talk of going Into it again." New York
Commercial Advertiser.
Rhcuinotlsin Cured In a Da v.
"Mystic Cure for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures In 1 to 3 days.
Its action upon the system Is remark
able and mysterious. It removes at
once the cause and the disease imme
diately disappears. The first dose
greatly benefits. 15 cents. Sold by
Carl Lorenz, Druggist, 418 Lackawanna
avenue, Scranton.
For the first time this sea
son I have caught up with
my orders for this popular
Wheel, and have a stock on
hand, having received
Yesterday. Now is the
time to buy. Can sell
direct from stock. Come
early: They won't stay
with me long.
The Easiest Whcsi for Ladies
To Mount Is a Victoria. It has t ho Inn-cut un 1
strongest frame nml i-anuut lie equaled tor
comfort, Victors, Oemlroni. Relays and :
Wynnewooiln, in e.ndlesM variety, now on ex
nibition at our store.
Lackswanns Avenue,
Wioton Bicycles are guar
anteed. "The Wintoo Is a Winner."
The Hunt Connncll Cm
WOLF AMERICAN, The Finest and Highest
Grade Wheels Wade In America. 1806 Wheels.
te-to.Date In Every Particular, 3.go. Come
sen waa save ie je on rear uim.
n rn Yu n,y et f otnp d
I lia'ttuXlfctiJ) tor 10 cents.
1 You get of "Battle Ax"
u K1 A7c same ua,ity
I Ji Ut3 for 10 cents.
IM l T' J
You get over 2 ounces more of
"Battle Ax" for JO cents than any
other tobacco of the same grade.
These two ounces really cost you
nothing, and the 5 cent piece is nearly
as large as you get of other high grades
for 10 cents.
ib - ci - D - cD -
2,000,000 BARRELS
Made and Sold in Six Months, ending larch 1, 1896,
Total Product of
The A Mill Alone produced 1,000,000 Barrels,
Largest Run on Record.
Washburn. Crosby's Superlative la sold everywhere from the
Pacific Coast to St. John's, New Foundland, and in England, Ireland
and Scotland very largely, and is .recognized as the best flour in the
ACTIVE Building Corporations Desiring Extra
Pine Growth HEMLOCK Immediately Just
Kindly Let Manager Name Our Prices Quick.
Richards Sells TRADE Under Value. Will
Xpect Your Z-zling 422, & Orders,
Richards Lumber Co., Comith Bl'D'g, Scranton, Pa
Bolts, Nuts, Bolt Ends, Turnbuck'les, Washers, Riv
ets, Horse Nails, Files, Taps, Dies, Tools and Supt
plies. Sail Duck for mine use in stock.
and a full stock of Wagon Makers' Supplies, Wheell,
Hubs, Rims, Spokes, Shafts, Poles, Bows, etc.
iS'S-C BomtTlDiwnetdtarelltblJ.BionthlT.reriUtlriinedlelae. Only Bmleasta4
VA I laeuuMtdiiinshsaMbaassa. Ujreu want the basmsl
Or. Isa.'8
Tber are prompt, sale aril eertola In malt. The aesnlna (Dr. Peal's) neret aUtna
1 oulnt. Sent anywhere, ll.UO. AddlSM fUL aUeiOiia Ce UsTeUad, 0.
For sal by JOHN H. PHELPS,
6prue8trat, Seranton P
I i
a - a - a - ci - ci
Pennyroyal Plllo
Phrmgltj ear, Wyoming Avanvft )