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Spteftdid Programmes Hate Beca
Prepared by Maay Clarckes.
WUl Be Beard sad Smi oa aa Elaborate
Seale-Msay of tkc ProgrssiBses
WtUBsttptd!Ccit '
In all the churches "Christ, the Lord.
Is risen today" will be the sentiment
that will tomorrow guide ministers in
their sermons; It will be voiced In
strains of Joy and gladness by well
trained choirs and specalally engaged
soloists, and will be eloquently spoken
by thousands of fragrant and beautiful
blossoms. Last Christmas was fea
tured .by music of an elaborateness and
finish never before attempted here and
It was then deemed Incredible that it.
as a whole, would In the near future be
excelled, possibly not equalled. Yet
the arraangements made for tomor
row's services indicate that the Easter
music will at least be on a par with
that ot Christmas and in many church
es will be better.
Plants and blossoms, which have al
ways been put to such delightful use
on this Joyous festival, were never be
fore in Scranton more numerous and
beautiful. Light and temperature dur
ing the week have done much to force
the budding In florists' and private
greenhouses and the unusual supply
will be put to advantage In the church
es tomorrow.
The muslo In St. Luke's Episcopal
church will be rendered by a choir of
twenty-four men and "boys under the
direction of J. Willis Oonant, the or
ganist and choir master. Following Is
the programme which will be -given
morning and evening and which will be
repeated at the visitation of Bishop
Rullson the Sunday after Easter:
Processional, Hymn 111, Christ the
Lord Is Risen Today Rlmbault
Te Deum In B Stalncr
Jubilate in a Stuart
Holy Communion.
Introlt. The Resurrection Shelley
Kyrles Hayns
Gloria Tibl Haynes
Hymn 112 Morgan
Offertory, They Have Taken Away.
Hanctus Haynes
Agnus Del Haynes
Gloria In Exrelsls Stuart
Recessional-Hymn 115 Tours
Processional-Hymn 121 Stuart
Nunc Dimlttls Maunder
Hymn lus Calkin
Offertory, They Have Taken Away,
Recessional Hymn 220 Messlter
The muslo to be rendered at the ser
vices in the First Presbyterian church
Is to be of a very excellent quality.
The anthems to be rendered are among
the best works of sacred music ever
sung In the city, and are to be rendered
by a chorus of fifteen select voices
assisted by Miss Julia Allen, violinist;
Eugene P. Hamm, flutist, and the cap
able organ . accompanist, Miss Rich
mond. The chorus has been thorough
ly drilled by the director, John T. Wat
kins, and the rendition will no doubt
eclipse all of his former efforts. The
choir and programme are as follows:
Sopranos, Mra. Joseph O'Brien, Miss C.
Louise Wheeler, Miss Lyndall Jones and
Miss Stella Cotton; altos, Mrs. M. J. B.
Williams, Miss Llllie Joseph and Miss
May Kingsbury; tenors, George M. De
Witt, Howell Davis and Richard Wat
kins; bassos, Isaac Post, W. H. Jessup,
Jr., and John T. Watklns.
Organ prelude ..Thome
.' Miss Florence Richmond.
Violin, Miss Julia C. Allen.
Hymn No. 467, "Prague".... J. R. Calkin
Anthem, "Christ Is Risen," (adapta- -tion
of Pilgrim's Chorus) Wagner
(a) Alto solo, Mrs. iM. J. B. Williams, i
(b) Female Trio.
(c) Chorus.
Baritone solo, "Easter Sunshine" .Mletske
John T. Watklns.
Anthem, "Easter Morn". .P. A. Schnecker
Alto, Tenor and Bass solos, Quartette
and Chorus.
Mrs. M. J. Williams, Messrs. DeWltt and
Offertory, soprano solo, "I Know That
iMy Redeemer Llveth" Andre
Mrs. O'Brien.
(Violin obllgato. Miss Julia C. Allen.)
Festival Te Deum Dudley Buck
Solos, Duetts and Chorus.
Hymn No. 453, "Hark! Ten Thousand
Harps and Voices" Lowell Mason
Postlude, Triumphal March Gullmant
Miss Florence Richmond.
Prelude, "Allegretto" Homer Bartlett
Miss Florence Richmond.
Hymn No. 437, "Coronation" Holden
Anthem, "Christ Has Won the Victory,"
C. B. Hawley
Soprano Solo, Male Voice Quartette and
Bin. O'Brien, Messrs. Davis, DeWltt, Jes
sup and Post.
Anthem, "Hosanna" Jules Granler
Soprano Solo and Chorus.
Mrs. O'Brien and Choir. -Offertory,
tenor solo, "The Resurrec
tion" H. R. Shelley
George M. DeWltt.
Anthem, "Why Seek Ye the-MvIng
Among the Dead" S. P. Warren
Solo and Chorus. .
Hymn Mo. 1140. "Alford" Dykes
Postlude, Fanfare In D Lemmons
'A' special feature 'of the muslo ar
ranged by Director J. M. Chance for the
Second Presbyterian church will be an
oratorio in the evening, "Christ and His
Soldiers" (Farmer), to be sung by the
choir and choral service of forty voices
to Instrumental muslo by the Sunday
School orchestra. Theodore F. Vail will
be assistant organist, and Charles Doer
sam pianist. The morning programme,
In which Walter Klple, violinist, will
assist, will be:
Organ prelude Wagner-Liszt
Anthem "Christ Our Passover".. Chappie
Soloists, Messrs. Beynon and Morgan.
Anthem, "Once the Lord of Glory Lay,"
Solo by Miss Black, chorus.
Postludo Mendelssohn
A special service of worship and
muslo has been announced for the Green
Ridge Baptist church as follows:
Organ Prelude.
For Spring Colds.
The most tantalising of all are
the colds of Spring, Influenza
with Its running rivulets, -re-
quiring the ever-ready hand-
kerchief In hand, and so dan- '
serous, after the long siege of
winter, the system is in Just the
condition for La Grippe, and the -
slightest carelessness, in dress '
or exposure, may bring on the
chill, pain In the head, or back-
ache, the first symptoms of Grip
or Pneumonia. .
n ti a ghleld between you
and danger. When taken In
time, It never fails to ward oft
the disease, and Is a positive
our for Colds, Grip, Influents,
Catarrh, Pains In the Head or
Chest, Cough, Bore Throat,
General Prostration and Fever. .
Sold by druggists, or sent prepaid
upon receipt of price, xt cents, or
Ave for fi.00. May be assorted.
Responsive Reading.
Scripture Lesson.
Quartette, .
Messrs. Holllster, Watkins, Johnston and
Mitchell. ,
Offertory solo Miss Suydsm
Sermon Subject, "The Stone Rolled
Hymn. '
In the evening the choir will render
"The Easter Evangel." by Lorens.
Chorus, "Hosanna.
"'Tls Midnight,"
Bass and contralto solos and ladles'
"He Was Despised."
Bass and soprano solos and chorus
"The Good Shepherd."
Soprano solo and chorus
Solo, "Deeper Than Tears."
Chorus. "Hope Crushed to Earth."
Offertory solo, Mrs. Long
"The Weeping Now Is Over" Chorus
"Christ the Lord Is Risen,"
Ladles' Chorus
"Abide with Me.". Solo and Chorus
"Lift Up Your Heads". .Solo and Chorus
Final chorus "Now Is Christ Risen."
Chorister, Thomas M. Watklns: pianist.
Miss Grace Webster; organist, D. Smith;
sopranos, Mrs. Verna Mitchell Long,
Miss Lizzie Suydam, Miss Eva Brown.
Miss HuttieCallender: altos. Miss Laura
Johnson, Mrs. C. E. Wetmoro, Miss Ef-
fie Callehder, Miss Lulu Churchill; ten
ors. A. Johnston, I. Mitchell. W. Davis,
J. Williams, D. J. Davis; bass, E. Hollls
ter, F. Moore, H. S. Davis.
Elaborate preparations have been
made for the day at the Green Ridge
Presbyterian church. A. V. Bower will
occupy the pulpit morning and evening.
In the evening he will give a
descriptive sermon, dwelling upon
scenes and incidents of the cru
cifixion and resurrection, illustrated
by a large number of . stereoptl
can views. .. During the presentation of
the illustrated sermon solos will be
sung by Miss Lvdia Pirhel. The large
chorus choir under the direction ot C. F.
Whlttemore. assisted by William Con
rad, will present inspiring muslo for the
festal day, and will be assisted by Mr.
Will W. Watklns, the popular baritone.
The Bible school will take part In the
exercises of the evening and a feast of
good things Is expected from both de
partments of the school. The floral dec
orations will be abundant and beautiful.
Voluntary, .Miss Salome Becker, organist
Hymn, "Christ the Lord Is Risen To
day" Choir and Congregation
Anthem, "Christ Our Passover,"
MUs Plchel, Mr. Wlncke, Mr. Phillips
and Choir.
Hymn. "Lift Your Glad Voices In Trl
umph on High,"
Choir and Congregation
8olo, "The Resurrection,"
Anthem, "See Now the Altar,",
Mr. Watklns and Choir.
Solo from "The Messiah," "I Know
that My Redeemer Llveth,"
Miss Lydta Plchel
Hymn, "The Day of Resurrection,"
Choir and Congregation
Voluntary Miss Becker
Hymn, "The Lord Is Risen Indeed,"
Choir and Congregation
Anthem, "He Is Risen. Alleluia,"
Miss Plchel, Miss Vlpond, Mr. Conrad,
Mr. Phillips and Choir.
Solo, "The Risen Lord,"
Miss Margaret Vlpond
Anthem, "Now Is Christ Risen from
the Dead" Choir
IAN. In the Washburn Street Presbyterian
church, the church quartette ' will be
assisted by a select chorus of sixteen
voices and by R. J. Bauer, violinist.
The rehearsals have been, conducted by
Mrs. B. T. Jayne, solo soprano and
musical director of the church. The
church will have been beautifully dec
orated by 'a committee consisting or
J. A. Mears, Misses Sarah Williams,
M. Louise Williams, Mumford and
Nichols, All the Easter hymns have
been selected from the new Presbyter
ian hymnal recently published and
lately adopted 'by this congregation.
Neatly printed souvenir programmes in
book form containing the words ot all
the muslo will be distributed at each
service. The following order will be
Instrumental Prelude,
Chorus Anthem, "Crown Him Ever
lasting King" Warren
Soprano, Bass, Tenor and Contralto Solos
and Chorus.
Bass solo, ."The Resurrection Morn,"
Mr. ' Thomas.
Offertory, contralto solo, "The Angel's
Message" ' Loud
Mrs. Calkins.
Chorus Anthem, "Christ Has Won the
Victory" Hawley
Soprano obligato and Double Quartette of
Male Voices.
Instrumental Postlude.
Instrumental Prelude.
Chorus Anthem, "He Who Slumbered."
Contralto solo, "Come See the Place
Where Jesus Lay" Portor
Miss Greuner.
Offertory, violin solo Prof. Bauer
Male chorus, "When this Mortal."
Tenor solo, "Our Risen King" Loud.
Mr. Bowen.
Chorus Anthem, "Once the Lord of
Glory Lay" Bartlett
Tenor solo by Mr. Abrams, soprano and
violin obligates.
Instrumental Postlude.
Sopranos, Mrs. B. T. Jayne, Mrs. F. D.
Brewster, Miss Abbie Denman, -Miss
Munson, Miss Nettle Ellas, Miss Sara
A. Jones, Miss Anna Jones; altos, Mrs,
Merton Calkins, Miss Victoria Greuner,
Miss M. Louise Williams, Miss Allie
Jones; tenors, Edwin Bowen, Thomas
Abrams, A. Hope Atkln, H. E. Thayer:
, bassos, Morris Thomas, Eddie James, D.
A. Stone, George Vlpond, W. D. Howell;
; pianist. Miss Edith Swingle; organist,
Miss Delia Fenwarden.
Appropriate and elaborate services
will be enjoyed In the Providence Pres
byterian church. The church will be
profusely decorated with flowers, i The
fine programme of music will be ren
dered by a choir of twenty voices under
the direction of T. J. Davles. The of
fering ot the day will be for the Home
Missionary board. Programme:
Organ prelude Miss Ruth B, Jackson
Doxology and Invocation.
Chant, "The Lord's Prayer."
Chorale, "I Know that My Redeemer
Responsive Reading and Gloria,
Anthem, solo and chorus, "Angel Roll
the Rock Away". ...Dr. Herbert Parry
Mrs. J. E. Heckel and Choir.
Scripture Lesson.
Soprano solo, "Resurrection Morn,"
Miss Edith Martin.
Apostle's Creed,
Anthem, solo and chorus, "The Voire
i of Many Angels" Herbert
Miss Maggie Davis and Choir.
Soprano solo, "Easter Dawn".. A, F. Loud
Mrs. Joseph Mulley.
Anthem, quartette end chorus' "Ye -Sons
and Daughters of the Lord."
Dr. Crowe
Mrs. HecKoi, Mrs. T. J.uavles, P. Thomas,
T. J. Davles and Choir.
Chorale, "Crown Htm with Many
Crowns" Elvey
Benediction. . .
Organ Postlude ....Miss Ruth Jackson
Violin solo, with Organ Accompaniment.
Fred, widmler.
Chorale, "The Lord Is Risen Indeed."
Apostle's Creed.
Anthem, "Victory Over Death",.., Parker
: cnoir. .
Solo, "Dawning Day"...... .J. Stalnor
(Mrs. J. is. Hockel. ..
Scripture Lesson.
Quartette, "Christ Our Passover". ..Buck
Mrs. Heckel, Mrs. Davies, Philip Thomas
ana i. j. uavies.
Notices and Offering.
Anthem, soprano solo and chorus.
Hearken Unto Me".... Miles B. Foster
Miss Anna Phillips and Choir.
Baritone solo. "Out of the Dees."
T. J. Davles
rmup n. Tnomas,
Anthem, "bass solo and chorus, "Jesus
ot Nazareth" ..Baroby
- George R. Jackson and Choir.
Benediction. -
Organ Postlude.
The services arranged for Elm Park
church exhibit the same elaborateness
which characterised the Christmas ex
ercises. At the morning service, music
suitable to the day will be rendered, but
the special Eastertide praise service
takes place In the evening, when the
entire evening will be given up to music.
In his planning of the programme. J.
Alfred Pennington, the organist, has
called to his aid the regular quartette
of the church. Misses Sullivan and Van
Dervoort and Messrs. Wooler and
Thomas; a male quartette, consisting ot
Messrs. wooler, Pennington, Beidleman
and Thomas; Miss Julia C. Allen, violin
ist; Mrs. J. Alfred Pennlgton. pianist:
A. K. Lawrence, cornetist; Bert Mason,
cornetlst, and a chorus of fifty girls.
The following Is the programme which
will be contained In a booklet to be pre
sented each person in the congregation:
Ringing of Chimes, Easter Carols,
Mr. Wooler
Organ Prelude "March Trlumphale,"
Mr. Pennington.
Hymn "Christ the Lord Is Risen Again."
Anthem "Christ Is Risen Today,"
Dudley Buck
Carol "Come, Children, Let Us 8lng,"
Girls' Chorus
Tenor Solo "The Resurrection.". .Shelley
Mr. Wooler, with Piano, Violin and Organ,
Male Quartette "IJft Up Your Heads,"
Alto Solo "He Was Despised". ...Handel
Miss Van Dervoort. with Organ.
Anthem "Christ Our Passover,"
F. Schilling
Carol-"GaIly Sing,"
Quartette with Girls' Chorus
Hymn "I Know That My Redeemer
Offertory "Easter Flowers" Mallly
Mr. Pennington.
Violin Solo "Benedlctus" Mackensie
Miss Allen, with Piano and Organ.
Anthem "As It Began to Dawn,"
Dudley Buck
Carol-"Sweetly Sing, Ye Happy Chil
dren" .s Girls' Chorus
Soprano Solo "Hosannah" Gamier
Miss Sullivan, with Violin, Organ and
Male Quartette "Allelulla! Allelulla!"
Bass Solo "The Trumpet Shall Sound,"
Mr. Thomas, with Trumpet Obllgato and
Carol "Ring Bells, Ring!"
Miss Van Dervoort and Girls' Chorus
Hymn "All Hull the Power of Jesus'
Postlude "Worthy Is the Lamb".. Handel
Mr. and Mrs. Pennington.
At the Simpson Methodist Episcopal
church the usual Easter festivities will
be held. Walter Davis, organist, and
a well drilled choir under the direction
of W. W. Jones have prepared an ex
cellent programme as follows:
Hymn and prayer.
Anthem, "Christ Our Passover" Hall
James Hartman and Choir.
Scripture Rending and offering.
Quartette, He Is Risen,"
MHi Ella GcKlshall, Mrs. Albert Lew:,
V . W. Jones, Harry Wrlgly.
Hymn and sermon.
Anthem, "Now Is Christ Risen,"
E. A. Clare
Hymn and prayer.
Anthem, "At the Lamb's High Feast,"
Miss Lillian Shively end Choir.
Quartette, "In the Secret of Thy Pres
ence" W. L. Mason
Ella Godshall. Mrs. Lewis, W. W. Jones,
Will Whlttman.
Anthem, "Hallelujah, Christ Is Risen,"
Lillian Shively, Anna Jones, James Hart
man, Will Whitman and Choir.
Anthem, "Why Seek Ye the Living,"
Miss Lillian Shively and Choir.
Easter at the Penn Avenue Baptist
church is a day that Is always full of
interest and this year is no exception.
Rev. George C. Crafts, of Philadelphia,
will preach morning and evening. The
Bible School will hold special services
at 2 o'clock. The full details of the day
will comprise brilliant music, tasteful
decorations, and earnest preaching.
Following is the programme prepared
by the large Chorus Choir under the
direction of Mr, C. F, Whlttemore:
Voluntary James C. Gross
Anthem, "Christ Our Passover,"
Mrs. Brundags, Ir. Beck and Choir
Solo, "Resurrection Morn,"
'Miss 'Margaret Jones
Solo, "He Is Risen" W. H. Beck
Anthem, Grand Chorale In F, from
the thirteenth chapter of Corinth
ians, Miss Jones, Mr. Beck and Choir.
Postlude James C. Gross
Organ Voluntary, Offertory and Post
lude J, C, Gross
Anthem, "Christ the Lord Is Risen To
day,". .Mrs. D. M. Brundage and Choir
Solo, "I Know That My Redeemer
Llveth," from Handel's oratorio,
"The Messiah," - ,
.Mrs. Lizzie Hughes-Brundage
Anthem, "This Is the Day". ...Full Choir
In St. Peter's cathedral the music on
all special festival days has been dis
tinctive for its excellence and elabora
teuress and there seems to be no de
parture in the present case. Bauer's
orchestra of fourteen pieces will supply
the Instrumental music and the singing
will be by a choir of thirty-five voices
under the direction of W. P. Schilling.
Following Is the programme to be given
at high mass, beginning at 10.30 o'clock.
Jubel Fest, Solemn march Ed Kiesler
Jubilate Deo Wilcox and Southworth
Kyrle, from Opus 644 La Hache
Gloria from Grand Italian Mass... Rossini
Credo from Opus 644 La Hache
Reglna Coell Gloria
Choir. .
Sanctus from Grand Italian Mass.i.GllsIn
Benedlctus from Grand Italian Mass,
Agnus Del from Opus 644 La Hache
Choir. .
Te Deum (German)
Haydn Evans, the organist and direc
tor has prepared a brilliant programme
for St. Patrick's church on the West
Side, where high mass will begin at
10.30 o'clock. :--
Schubert's mass In B flat, complete.
Organ prelude Pastorale Gullmant
Soloists, Miss Langetta Jennings, Miss
Kate Gibbons, M. J, Feeney.
Gloria, solo and duett Gratlas Aglmus, '
Miss Jennings, Mr. Feeney
Solo, Domine Deus J, Connolly
Credo, "Et Incarnatus Est," solo and
quartette Mr. Connolly
Sanctus Full Chorus
Benedlctus Quartette
Agnus Del, solo and chorus, '
Miss Rose Reese and John Connolly
Postlude Finale Wldor
(From Second Symphony.)
In the Plymouth Congregational
church on Jackson street the follow
ing programme has been announced:
Anthem. "Ha Is Not Here, But Is
Risen'' Ogden
Solo, "Come See the Place," -
D. C. Richards
Anthem, "Oh Glorious 'Hour" Danks
Solo, "Easter" Vanderwater
ID. E. Hughes.
Male chorus, "Kaster Comfort". ...Lorens
Bolo, '.'The Resurrection",.. ...... .Shelley
Bronwen Joseph. .
Anthem, "Glory Be to God" Ash ford
The special service In the First Welsh
Congregational church, South Main
avenue, will be held In the evening be
ginning at 8 o'clock. The muslo pro
gramme la as follows:
Hymn ' Congregation
Anthem, "I Am He that Llveth". ...Choir
Quartette William Rees and party
Bolo, "Holy City" Thomas Abram
"He Is Risen" Ladles' Chorus
Conductor, Mrs. G. W. Powell.
Solo,- "Pakn Branches,"
Mlts Lizzie Jenkins
Bolo .'Mrs. Q. W. Powell
Children's chorus. "Carried by the
Angels". Muter John Jones, conductor
Solo William Evans
Solo, "As Sleep Takes Flight."
David Jenkins
Anthem, "And the Angels Said Unto
the Woman" Choir
At the Puritan Congregational church
In the North End. the Sunday school
will observe the day by rendering in the
afternoon a specially prepared exercise
consisting of solos, duets, choruses and
recitations. At the evening service be
ginning at seven o'clock an elaborate
musical programme will be given by
the large chorus choir of the church. The
following will be the music:
Hymn, "Welcome. Thou Victor In the
Strife" Choir and Congregation
Anthem, "Christ Our Passover". ...Tours
Solo, "The Resurreotion" Shelley
Mrs. Hattie Edwards-Lloyd.
Anthem, "Victory Over Death'
Dr. Herbert
Solo. "Easter Sunshine Breaks Again,"
Griffith Davles.
Offertory, "The Paschal Feast"... Barnoy
Miss Annie Rees.
Chorus, "Alleluia, Christ Has Tri
umphed" Froelich
Male Chorus.
Solo, "Eastertide" Gabriel
Miss Maggie Davles.
Anthem, "Blessed Be Thou, Lord God."
(a) Chorus "Blessed Be Thou."
tb) Verse "Thine is the Greatness."
(c) Duett "Both Riches and Honor."
(d) Grand Chorus "We Thank Thee."
Hymn, "All Hail".Cholrand Congregation
Organist. Miss Annie Rees; director, Rees
The Ladies' Aid society of the Provi
dence Presbyterian church conducted a
very successful entertainment and so
cial Tuesday night. .
Rev. Ira D. Hall, of Madison, N. Y.,
will occupy the pulpit at the Jackson
Street Baptist church and preach at
10.30 a m. and 7 p. m.
The Ladies' Aid society of the Court
street church held a dime social at the
home of G. T. Matthews, 1222 Diamond
avenue, Thursday evening.
Yesterday's special Good Friday ser
vice was held in St. David's church
from 12 m. to S p. m during which brief
addresses were made on the seven
words of the cross. , ,
The Deaf Mute and Penny club of St.
Luke's guild will have a sale of fancy
articles and decorated china In the new
store In the Arcade, on Wyoming ave
nue, next Tuesday and Wednesday, af
ternoon and evening.
"Judge" Green, of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
character Impersonator and story-teller,
will entertain at the Plymouth
Congregational church on Tuesday,
April, 14, for the benefit of the Young
Men's league.
Three Wesley league sessions were
held Tuesday In the Primitive Metho
dist church on East Market street. It
was the sixth semi-annual convention
of the league which Is included In the
territory of Lackawanna and Luzerne
counties. The next convention will be
on the last Tuesday In September In
A dime entertainment and social was
held last night at the Sumner avenue
church under the auspices of the La
dles' Aid society. Among the good tal
ent who participated were: Mrs. M. J.
Boston-Williams, Miss Jemima Jones,
Miss Dora Jacobs, and Eddie and Edith
Davies, of Bellevue. There were com
petitions in recitations and singing.
Miss Nellie Lowry, of Westerville, N.
Y., has accepted the Young Women's
Christian association's call to its gen
eral secretaryship and will begin duty
next week. Miss Lowry has been an
assistant general secretary of, the Bos
ton association and is a graduate of the
Chicago Training school and Wesleyan
college. She will be present at tomor
row afternoon's association gospel
meeting which Is to be led by Mrs. L.
M. Gates.
The farewell reception given Dr. and
Mrs. W. H. Pearce Tuesday night In
the parlors of Elm Park church was a
fitting adieu to a couple who In their
relilglous and social life in Scranton
during the past five years have won a
great popularity among all denomina
tions. Beginning at 8 o'clock there was
a crush by hundreds of persons which
lasted several hours. A purse of $550
was divided between the pastor and
his wife.
Captain Masland and Lieutenant
Green, of the Salvation Army corps,
left here Tuesday for New York where
on Wednesday they were present at
the welcome In honor of Commander
Booth-Tucker and wife. It is probable
that next week the corps will decide
whether or not to remain in the Salva
tion Army or to Join the American Vol
unteers. Though the matter has not
been considered at all, tlTt feeling
among the local members Is to remain
in the Army. They say that no good
reason has been shown why they should
leave, and that the principles taught
by Balllngton Booth for ten years have
been obedience to superior officers.
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal
church, F. P. Doty, pastor. Preaching
at 1030 and 7.30 by th Rev. William Par
sons. Sunday school at 2 p. m. Ep
worth league at 6.30 p. m. Welcome to
The Church of the Good Shepherd,
Green Ridge street and Monsey avenue.
Easter services Holy communion, sun
rise, 6.36; morning prayer, holy com
munion and sermon, 10.30; Sunday
school, 3 p. m.; evening prayer and ser
mon, 7.30. All seats tree. All welcome.
St. Mark's Lutheran church. Four
teenth and Washburn streets. Rev. A.
L. Ramer, pastor. Services An early
service at 5.30 a. m.; holy communion
and sermon at 10.30 a. m. The Sunday
school will celebrate Its fifth anniver
sary at 7.30 p. m. A special Easter ser
vice will be rendered.
Grace Reformed Episcopal church.
Wyoming avenue below Mulberry street
worship and communion, lo.iv a. m.,
siiblect. "The Buddlnpr Rod." Numbers,
17, 8. Evening worship, 7.30 o'clock,
ubiect. "Sleeping Through Jesus," I
Thessalonlans, lv, 14. Preaching by the
nastor. Sabbath school Easter exer
rises. 3 d. m.: Young People's Society of
Christian Endeavor, 6.30 p. m. Seats all
tree. Strangers welcome.
Providence Methodist Episcopal
rhurch Rev. William Edgar, pastor.
The' pastor will preach both morning
and evening. Morning suDjeci. x-ui,
Present and Future of Jesus Christ.."
Evening subject, "The Exaltation of
Jesus." Sunday scnooi at z p. m. jp
worth league at 6.45 p. m.
Green Ridge Baptist church, Rev. W.
J. Ford, pastor. Srvlces at 10.30 a. m.
and 7.30 p. m. Preaching In the morn
ing by the pastor. Communion at the
close of the morning sermon. In the
evening the choir will present an
Eastr exrcls.
Grace Lutheran church. Rev. Foster
U. Gift, pastor. Services on Sunday at
the Young Men's Christian association
at 10.30 a. m. and at 7.30 p. m. Sunday
schoool at 9.30 a. m. Young People's
Society ot Christian Endeavor at 6.30
p. m. Holy communion in the morning;.
Also reception of members
Howard Place African Methodist
Episcopal church. Rev. C. A. McGee,
pastor. Preaching at 10.30 a. m. by the
pastor. Subject, "Elments of a Good
Character." . Sabath school at 2.30 p.
m., consisting of speaking and singing
by the primary department of the
school. At 8 p. m. Easter service by the
senior classes. Good singing at all
these services led by Mr. Charles Hall.
All are Invited.
Washburn Street Presbyterian
church, Rev. John P. Moffat, pastor.
Services at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.;
Bible school at 12 m.; Christian En
deavor services at 6.20 p. m. The pas
tor will preach morning and evening on
subjects appropriate to observance ot
the Easter Sabbath. Elaborately pre
pared Easter muBlc under the director
ship of Mrs. B. T. Jayne will be given
at both services. The usual quartette
choir will be Increased to more than
twenty voices for the day. ' Programme
of services to be seen elsewhere In' this
paper. All are cordially welcome at all
All Souls' Unlversallst church. Pine
street. Rv. F. W. Whlppen. pastor.
Service for Easter Sunday at 10.30 a. m.
and 7.30 p. m. Morning subject. "The
victory Through Christ." Evening sub
ject, "the Christian Courage of the Cen
turies." Sunday school at noon. Meet
ing of the Young People's union at CM
p. m.
St Luke's church. Rev. Rogers Israel.
rector. Easter day Holy communion.
6 a. m., 8 a. m. and 11.30 a. m.; morning
prayer and sermon, 10.30 a. m.; Sunday
school carol service, 3 p. m.; evening
prayer and sermon, 7.30 p. m.
St. Mark's. Dunmore. Rev. A. L. Ur
ban in charge. Holy communion, 8 a.
m.; Sunday school carol service, S p. m.;
evening prayer and sermon, 7.30 p. m.
Green Ridge Presbyterian church.
Sermon by Mr. A. V. Bower at 10.30 a.
m.; bible school at 12 o'clock; Endeavor
service at 6.30 p. m. At 7.30 p. m. a
special Easter service conducted by Mr.
uower and illustrated by stereopticon
views Easter music. All are wel
The Second Presbyterian church. Rev.
Charts E. Robinson, D. D., pastor. Ser
vices at 10.30 a. m. and 7.30 p m. Easter
sermon In the morning. In the evening
r.asier praise service, when the quar
tette chorus and Choral society, with
the Sunday school orchestra, will ren
der Farmer's oratorio, "Christ and His
Soldiers." All seats free In the evening.
First Welsh Congregational church.
South Main avenue, nastor. David
Jones. Services at 10 a. m. and p. m.
murning meme, "is Man immortal?"
Special programme of muslo by the
choir and solists for the evening. No
First Presbyterian church. Rev.
James McLeod, D. D pastor. Services,
iv. m a m. and 7.30 p. m. Dr. McLeod
will preach both morning and evening.
Penn Avenue Baptist Church. Rev.
George G. Crafts, of Philadelphia, will
preach at 10.30 and 7.30 o'clock. Com
munion service after the morning ser
mon. Bible school at 2 o'clock. Young
people meeting at 6.30. Special East
er music and floral decorations. A
corc-lul welcome to all.
United Evangelical church,. Green
Ridge Preaching, 10.30 a. m. and 7.30
p. m. by Colonel FaJrman Sunday
school at 9.30 a. m. Young People's
meeting, 6.30 j. m.
Special Easter services will be held In
the different churches of this place to
morrow morning and evening. At the
evening service In the Congregational
church the following programme will
be given: Chorus. "Christ Hath Won
the Victory," choir; solo, Mrs. S. Good
win; quartette, "Christ Returneth,"
Hannah Phillips, Rachel A. Evans, D.
Lloyd and William Smith; solo, Miss
Emma Humphreys; male chorus, "Lift
up Your Heads, O Ye Gates," Emerson
Glee club; solo, Miss Mary J. Davis;
duet, "Saved by Grace," Mrs. S. Good
win and Miss Rachel A. Evans; chorus,
"Christ Our Passover." choir. At St.
Patrick's church a fine musical pro
gramme will be rendered by the choir
under the direction of Prof. T. W. Wat
klns at the 10.30 o'clock mass as fol
lows: Kyrle, La Hache's mass; Gloria,
La Hache's mass; Credo, La Hache's
mass; Sanctus, Von Brtes' mass; Bene
dlctus, La Hache's mass; Agnus Del
Von Brees' mass; soloists, Miss Annie
Brown, Robert McCormac, James Jor
dan and Miss Mary McCormac; accom
panist. Miss Nettle McDonald. At the
morning service In the Blakely Baptist
church Rev. J. R. Ellis, the pastor, will
take for his sermon "The Empty Grave
ot Jesus, The Divine Answer to Human
Longings and the Hope and Inspiration
of the Church." Easter music will be
rendered by the choir and orchestra.
Ross Lloyd is home from college toH
spend Easter with his parents, Dr. and
Mrs. W. E. Lloyd.
The town -has been In total darkness
Ever seen in this part of the state. Also an
endless variety of
Choicest Cut Flowers to select from for Easter
. , Offerings. Unusually nice selection.
C. R. CLARK & CO.,
Corner Washington Ava. and Sprues St, Scranton.
for the past week. Electrician Flynn
has sent in his resignation as engineer
of the electric plant and James B. Mar
tin Is unable to attend to his duties as
engineer on account of sickness. No
substitutes can be annotated In their
places until the council difficulties are
James H. Feeley, of Archbald. has
removed to this place and will occupy
the house ot James Walsh on Hudson
J. B. Cummlngs has resigned his posi
tion at the Delaware and Hudson Ed
dy Creek colliery. George Moran has
been appointed to succeed htm. Mr.
Cummtngs has accepted a position as
superintendent of the Olyphant Water
John Fadden, sr., of Dunmore street,
Is lying seriously ill at his home.
Bart Lynch, of Mlllersville State
Normal school. Is spending Eastertide
at his home here.
Mr. Strunk's family have removed to
Nicholson where they will make their
A. F. Brlgham lost his much prized
"Hoss" on Sunday last at the advanced
age of twenty-nine years.
F. H. Green has rented his newly
finished residence to a Mr. Harris, of
Scranton, who Is by profession a car
penter. Mr. Williams and son, of Scranton,
will each erect houses upon their prop
erty this season.
William Green, of Clifford, has been
spending several weeks In the Inter
est of his brother, F. H. Green.
The election of the officers of Electric
Star lodge. No. 490, Independent Order
of Odd Fellows, last Saturday evening
resulted as follows: For noble grand,
E. A. Myers; vice grand, J. H. Cook;
secretary, J. W. Rhodes; assistant sec
retary, E. H. Reed; trustee for eighteen
months, B. F. Evans. A full vote ot
eleven past grands for District Deputy
E. T. Davles.
The friends and neighbors of Mr. and
Mrs. Silas White gave them a very
pleasant surprise on Tuesday evening
last. Mr. and Mrs. White have been
long time residents here and will re
move to their new home on the Milton
Wetherby farm, recently purchased.
Appropriate services will be observed
by the Epworth league on Easter Sun
day evening. A cordial Invitation Is
extended to all.
W. 8. Frace left on the evening of
Thursday to meet with the stewards at
the conference now being held in Blng
hamton. M. H. Coon is convalescing from a
severe attack of grip.
A party was held Thursday evening
at the home of Evan G. Watkins, ot
Taylor street, In commemoration of his
twentysecond birthday. Games were
Indulged In and refreshments were
served. ' The following were present:
Messrs. Frank Decker, Samuel J. Phil
lips, David Harris, Elmer Daniels, Syd
ney Lewis, Morgan Griffiths, Thomas
Harris, WISllam Williams, Rv. Ivor
Thomas, William Watklns,- Daniel
Tubbs, Evan G. Watklns, Henry How
ells, William Thomas, John Thomas,
Misses Edith Price, Nellie Edwards,
Bessie Jones, Gwen Powell, Lizzie Dan
iels, Mary Davis, Lucy Thomas, Mary
Griffiths, Rachel Watklns.
Edwin Bowen, of Eynon street, circu
lated among friends here yesterday.
A grand picnic is announced to take
place at Webr's park Decoration day.
May 30, under the auspices of the hose
This evening Edwin M.Lewis, of Prov
idence, and Miss Mary Bonar, of this
place, will be united in the bonds of
Last evening the following pro
gramme was renderd at the Methodist
Episcopal Christian Endavor meeting:
Instrumental selection, Ray Morgan;
duet, Richard Watkins and Charles
Dibble; reading. Miss S. J. Price; read
ing Richard Watklns; instrumental se
lection, Mlas 8. J. Price.
Qrattful People Are Daily Telling of
Their Relief from Ona Drsad Dis
ease or Other by th Us of
Munyon's Improved Homes
opathic Remedits,
Ask Vosr Nearest Drojglst for Muayoa'a
duldtto Health, Selects ag-Cent Resstay
snd Doctor Yourself.
v. s. wisor. 212 iron street, Johns
town. Pa. says: "Believing that man
was created to be a benefactor to hi
fellow-man and not to be wedded to
selfishness Is what prompts us to thank
you for your valuable remedy. Mun
yon's Croup Cure. Our little daughter,
aced 6 years, was taken with mem
braneous croup and In three days th
doctor gave her up, saying he had don
all he could and that her case was
hopeless. . BiTt, thank Ood, the child
did not die, for by the use of Munyon's
Remedy she was cured. Though th
old school doctor called It quack medi
cine, It did what he could not cured i
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure seldom
falls to relieve In one to three hours,
and cures In a few days. Prloe 25a - -
Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure positively,
cures all forms of Indigestion and
stomach trouble. Price 25 cents.
Munyon's Cold Cure prevents pneu
monia and breaks up a cold in a tm
hours. Price 25 cents.
Munyon's Cough Cure stops coughs,
night sweats, allays soreness, and
speedily heals the lungs. Price 25 cents.
Munyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures
pains In the back, loins or groins and
all forms of kidney disease. Price 25
Munyon's Headache Cure stops head
ache In three minutes. Price 25 cents.
Munyon's Pile Ointment positively'
cures all forms of piles. Price 25 cents.'
Munyon's Blood Cure eradicates all
impurities of the blood. Price 25 cents,
Munyon's Female Remedies are a
boon to all women.
Munyon's ABthma Cure with Herbs
Munyon's Catarrh Remedies nevet '
fall. The Catarrh Cure prloe 25c.
eradicates the disease from the system;
and the Catarrh Tablets price 25c.--cleanse
and heal the parts.
MUnyon's Vltallzer restores tost pow
ers to weak men. Price $1.
Munyon's Remedies at all druggists,
mostly 25 cents a vial.
Personal letters to Prof. Munyon.
1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., an
swered with free medical advice for
any disease.
Intellectual and practical training for
teachers. Three courses of study beside
pmiJaruiurjr. Dpewiat iiwiu;uil given iw
preparation for college. Students ad
mitted to best colleges on certificate.
Thirty graduates pursuing further studies
last year. Oreat advantages for special
studies In art and music. Model school of
three hundred pupils. Corps of sixteen
teachers. Beautiful grounds. Magnificent
buildings. Large grounds for athletics.
Elevator and Infirmary with attendant
nurse. Fine gymnasium. Everything
furnished at an average cost to normal
students ot $143 a year. Fall term, Aug.
28. Winter term, Dec. 2. Spring term.
March 16. Students admitted to classes at
any time. For catalogue, containing full
Information, apply to
S. H. ALBRO, Principal,
Mansfield, Pa.
Electric Batteries, Fuses for explod
ing blasts, Safety Fuse and
Repauno Chemical Cc's explosVvp
CALL UP 3682i
M.W. COLLINS, Manager.
FIRST-We Uatf the Most Com
plete Lite to Choose from
SECOND We Guarantee Every
RangePut Out.
TIIIRD-We lve the Best Ranges
The Nw Sterling,
The JVjestic Steel,
The Howard Dockash
And a Couplcte Line of Scranton
Ranges. )
1 m
m m