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Easter Novelties.
Easter Booklets.
Easter Cards.
Easter Books in Fine Leather.
Suitable for Wedding and Other Gilts,
Easter Stationery,
Society Stationery.
American and English Makes.
Very Large Variety, Popular Prices.
Engraving and Printing
Calling Cards, Invitations, ic,
To Order on Short .Notice.
New Books, All the Desirable Ones;
Periodicals, Everything Worthy
Of Attention Received When Issued-
322 Lackawanna Avenue.
Best Quality.
The Wefitnn Mill fin
Scranlon, Olyphan! and Carbonrfala.
Have tb laitials 0., B. CO. imprint
ed in each cifar,
Italia E. Follln, Who kooontly Arrived
Here, la Dead.
Leslie E. Follin died yesterday morn
ing at the home of his step-brother, Ar
chitect E. H. Davis, of 16D5 Sanderson
avenue. On Monday he was operated
on for appendlcltics.
...He was 21 years old and came here
from 'Washington, D. C, only three
weeks ago to work In his brother's of
fice. Funeral services were held at the
house late yesterday afternoon and the
body was taken away on the midnight
Lackawanna train fur Washington.
The ofhYe force of the Young Men's
Christian Association Is hard at work on
annual reports of the various departments
of work. From the statistics already
tabulated it can be shown that in no pre
vious year has the work been so compre
hensive in its plan or so generally ap
preciated by the young men of the city.
In accordance with the agreement of
the directors, one half of the amount re
volved from the present membership con
test is being- placed aside and will be held
us a gmynaslum Improvement fund, until
a sufficient amount is realized to emihlo
the directors to remove the posts, re-ar-rsnge
the gymnasium and put in a swim
ming pool 25 by 43 feet in size, or there
abouts. The gymnasium boys are hust
ling for the fund by recruiting new mem
bers for their respective sides.
The association gospel meeting tomor
row afternoon at 3.45 will be addressed
by Rev. Thomas Bell, the popular pastor
of Plymouth Congregational church.
read about HooM's Sarsaparilla, They
Vow that it Is an honest medicine, and
tnat It curse disease. That is why you
HOOD'S PILLS cure all liver ills, re
lieve constipation and assist digestion.
SNYDER To Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Snyder,
of Jermyn, a daughter.
LESLIE In Scranton, April; 3. 1890, E.
Follen Leslie, brother of Edward H.
' Davis. A short service will be conduct
' d at the house, 1053 Sanderson avenue,
at 4 o'clock this afternoon. The remains
. "will be taken to Washington, D. C, for
Hot Spring Goods
The Best Styles ever offered in
- Lafe and Button and all the
besvcolora for Ladles, Misses
Are the nAv things. You
. should see twin before pur
chasing else wLre, , .
Lent Has Prevented Aay Eictts of
Particular Momeat,
An Etlra Assembly Moaday Bight sad
ftWcnts Ball at Drlftoa Tacsoay
Vtgbt-Arrivals and Departure
old ia Persoaal Paragraphs.
c-i) hope of several weeks ago
he quiet of Lent would be com-
ted bv events to follow thai Der-
L Af pennance and self-denial has
9 '-Shattered, for there Is no imme-
dic te prospect of small or large af
fairs, either of which would be a delight
In anV form. There Is to be an extra
ass -nbly Monday night and this Is the
only event In view, unless an excep
tion may be made of Tuesday night's
ball to be-given at Drifton by Dr.
George Wents. and which will be at
tended by a number of the fashionable
element from this city. The winter's
debutantes and others to whom formal
social life Is a necessity rather than an
episode will droop because of a dreary
Miss Hunt. Miss Arc-hbald, Miss
Welles and Miss Belin are the commit
tee which will arrange for the as
sembly. The chaperones have not
been announced. ,
Teflay night's Drifton ball to be
giv n by Dr. George Wenti will be
one "those splendid and elaborate af t-hlch one is permitted to attend
but trely In a given season. Invita
tions huve been issued to many, of the
best known society personages from
this rity. Wllkes-Darre, Pittston and
other :lace in this region and the ar
rangements for the event are said to
hvye tot u made on a scale correspond
ing to the prominence and large num
ber f expecte.1. c-ucata. Tae patron
S. rom Scranton will' be Mrs. P.
1. J -w'". Mrs. P. M. ' Spencer' and
I, i g. lht Hallstead. Tho music will
b by Oppenhelmer. of Wlltes-Harr.
e Scranton Lawn ctulj has not
c to an agreement with tha Piatt
1: . 'or the use of the homestead prop
v '' on Jefferson avenue.
V5-"51rman M. P. Sando of the com
i that has the charity ball In
said yesterday that the arrange
7or the event are all practically
r , i- yd. It will open at It iO prompt
r r a half hour preceedlng that
- ila ore nrrivlnir Bauer and his
i tilt vnder a. numoer oi eieciiona.
tnot. 'W to the theater will b.
jumn ' avenue, and as each cab ar-
N ' the . Avner will be given a nmn-
t. enme a duplicate of which will
f had ".a the driver. Within the
'. ,-tery arrangement has been
- - " T lilt I'lmuuri Wl uio guraw.
;!,,-'' of maids will assist the ladles
,s and ample provisions have
' .-. been made for coat and smoking
J ' 'r ...for the men. In the lobby at the
t WP; avenue eimaiicr iw mc iw
t. ncmonade and coffee frappe will be
I ' ' d. In the lobby leading from the
:ny Handley will serve a running
ier beginning at 10.30. Clark will
lit ' charge of the decorations, and as
s : . as the curtain is rung down on
t t vMessloh" Monday night his men
''.tJJcgin the work of further beautl--..
the Interior of the theater for the
"it Is requested that each ticket
g write the name of those in his
wl on his ticket and also where
were from.
- j i
r'ie Violet Social club will hold its
si ond .annual ball Tuesday night In
Ho. v lay1 j hall, on Mulberry street.
', ?The Marquettes held a domino social
Tuesday evening in their rooms on
South Main avenue. Boyd Smith fur
nished music for dancing. Those pres
lent were: Misses Gerfrude Lloyd, Ger
! trude DawUIns. Bertha Wettllng, Agnes
Davis, Jessie Harlow, Mary Harris, Jen
nie Price. Esther Thomas, Lizzie Law
rence, Edith Jones, Jennie Jones, Will
Davis, John Wettllng, Charles Mans
tleld, John Dawkins. Elmer Hughes,
Palmer Williams, Harry Reinhart,
Charles Sproule, John Lloyd, Elmer
Hughes, Arthur Davis, George Wett
llng. Devvi Sant lodge of Ivorltes held an
entertainment Wednesday evening. R.
H. vlillams presided and Miss Norma
Williams acted as accompanist of the
evening. The entertainers were J.
Davles, Miss - Lizzie Evans, William
Evans. Thomas Adams, Henry P. Da
vles, Miss Lynda Jones, David Stevens,
B. Hughes. Miss Ettle Phillips, W. J.
Davles, David Jenkins, John Evans and
Joseph Gray.
! '
'Mrs. W. Burley gave a dinner to a
number of her friends at her home on
Brook street, Dunmore, Wednesday af
ternoon. Those present were: Mrs. E.
LvAltemose, Mrs. Gabriel Svvartz, Mrs.
Thomas Young, Mrs. C. Cullum, Mrs. H.
Spencer, Mrs. Slocum, of Scranton; Mrs.
Kellow, of Hyde Park; Mrs. C. Bunser,
of Colorado.
Henry P. Zelgler, son of H. J. Zeig
ler, the hardware merchant, of Cedar
avenue, and Miss Minnie Pontius, of
Cedar avenue, will be married by Rev.
Mr. Wordt. of the Hickory 8treet Pres
byterian church, next Tuesday evening.
Wednesday, April 1, was "the anniver
sary of the birthday of Prothonotary
Clarence E. Pryor. The countless friends
of the genial colonel tendered him wish
es of many returns of the event.
Recorder of Deeds Charles Huester
was forty-two years old Tuesday and
received the congratulations of friends.
" .
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas H. Spruks, of Prospect avenue,
a party was held Wednesday evening
In honor of the anniversary of the
birthday of Mrs. Spruks. Those in at
tendance were: Mr. and Mrs. B. P.
Moore; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Best, Mr. and
Mrs. P. L. Terppe, Dr. and Mrs. Walsh,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spruks, Dr. and
Mrs. Kolb, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arm
brust, 'Mr.'and- Mr. A. Geschwint, Mr.
and Mrs. John Hortman, Mr. and Mrs.
A. French, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
Spruks. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Spruks,
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Neuls, Mr. and Mrs.
William Weiser, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Klein. Mr. and Mrs. John Penne, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Ehrhardt, Mr. P. J.
Hlckey and JS. n. coniey.
Howard Vail is spending his Easter va
cation at his home In this city,
Hon. A. F. McNulty, of Archbald, la
recovering from a severe Illness.
. Ezra Connell Is home from the Univers
ity of Pennsylvania on Enster vacation.
Mr. and Mrs.. George Ludlow, of Clark's
S mmlt. have returned horn from a visit
'?h Scranton friends.
Irs. Thomas D. Evans, of Philadelphia,
' he guest of her slater, Mrs. James H,
,i "es, of Eynon street.
Kdward Hughes, of Division streot, Is
r mo from liloomftburg State Normal
r ool on his Easter vacation.
Or. J. Walters, of North llromley ave
nue, is entertaining his aunt, Mrs. John
jAnes, of Pyberstown, Wales. '
Miss HorteiiEO Coyne, daughter of Mr.
hnd Mrs, P. H. Coyne, Is home from Visi
tation convent. Washington, D. C.
' James Holthnm Is home on vacation
from tho University of Pennsylvania,
where he is taking a course In dental surg
ery, ,
Cards are on I announcing the marriage
on Wednesday, . April ., of Miss Anna
TI ornton to Henry Battenberg, a proml West Side couple.
Rev. A. L. Urban, pastor of St. Mark's
Episcopal church, Dunmore, will leave
for Woodbury, N. J on April 15 to as
sums the 'pastorate of a church there.
.list Florenos Foot, of Hamilton,
Ways county, and Mia Margaret Karr.of
Wilkea-Barre. alter a pleasant visit with
Mlsa Annie Uenwood. of Butler atrett,
Dunaora, have returned noose.
Robert Purcell. of Washington, D. C.
la visiting in the city.
Joseph Davles. of Pottsvllle. Is vial ting
friends on tha West 8ide.
Miss Mary Walsh, of Canaan, la the
guest of Scranton friends.
Miss Ida Hopkins, of Schultsvllla. la vla
Iting relatives in Scranton.
Walter H. Jones, of the eWst Side, who
was quite ill. is convalescent.
Miss Mary Maniey, of this city has re
turned from a visit in Carbondale.
Misa Mary Gardner, of Dalton, haa re
turned from a visit with relatives here.
T. J. Reynolds, of Hampton street, la
home from a business trip to New Yark.
Miss Mary Ryan, of Canton, Pa., ia the
guest of Mlaa Cella O'Uoyle, of Kiver
Mrs. John Gallagher, of South Main
street, Carbondale, visited In Dunmore
Mtn Esther Rooney. of Dunmore, has
returned home after a month spent at
Jersey City.
Mrs. Mary Garvey, of Wllliam3port, Is
visiting to;r daughter, Mrs. P. J .Horan,
of Dunmore.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hacker and daut-'h-ter.
Miss Vlra, of Duryea, are the guests
of Mrs. B. P. Carey, of Jermyn.
Mrs. Ira Everett and Mrs. William Har
lem an, of Lchlghton, and Mrs Thomas
Harleman, of l'ackcrton. are the guests
of Mrs. J. H. Warg. of Dunmore.
E. E. Robathan, of the county commis
sioners' ollice, will be one of the speak
ers at the banquet of the Cambrian so
ciety of Schuylkill county in Pottsville
J. W. Moore, of Glenburn, was In the
city Monday.
Miss Minnie Bliss, of Green Ridge, Is
visiting in Waverly.
Colonel M. L. Jones, of New York, Is
visiting In the city.
Clinton G. Gllmore, of Lenox, Mass., Is
In the city on business.
E. G. Coursen hss returned from a busi
ness trip to New York and Philadelphia.
John B. Osborne was on Tuesday admit
ted to the bar of Lackawanna county.
Miss Llzile Robinson, of Spring street,
waa the guest of Peckvllle friends Tues
day. Frederick Roth, of the Unlvorslty of
Pennsylvania, is home for the Kaater va
cation. Mrs. W. D. Decker, of Cherry street,
Dunmore, has returned from a vtslt to
Robert H. McKenzIe, of the University
of Pennsylvania, is at home in Taylor on
Miss Nellie Lowry, of Westervlllc, 0
who has been chosen secretary of the
Young Women's Christian association,
will arrive in Scranton tomorrow.
Miss Myra Pcarce has resumed her stu
dies at the Stroudsburg State Normal
school after a pleasant visit with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. F, Pcarce, of Frlnk
Joseph D. Lewis, of Washington, D. C.
returned Wednesday after a short busi
ness trip to Scranton. He has lived at
the national capital six years and was
formerly of this city.
W. J. Welchcl is In New York city.
' Mrs. Jefferson Freeman ia visiting In
The Misies Jermyn spent the week in
New York city. .
Miss Thompson, of Pottsville, Is visit
ing Miss Archbald.
Miss Moffat, of Watertown, N. Y., is
visiting Miss Simpson.
-Mis j Barker, of Chicago, Is visiting Miss
Anderson, of Jefferson avenue. '
Miss Knowlton, of Freeport, 111., Is the
guest of Miss Augusta Archbald.
Mrs, P. J. Tooley and children, of the
West Side, are In- New York city.
A. E. Hunt, jr., Is entertaining his Yale
clossmnte, P. C. Peck, of Hudson, N. Y.
.Mrs. J. A. Maxwell, of Cortlandt. N. Y.,
Is the guest of her brother, ex-Senator
Robert Emmet O'Boyle and Will Seeley
have gone to Susquehanna county on a
ilshlng trip.
M. J. Ruddy, of the Dickinson Law
school, at Carlisle, Is visiting his parents
on Peim avenue.
F. J. McCawley has been called to Clin
ton, Ia., by the Illness of his brother, Rev.
P. H. McCawley.
C. H. Welles, Jr., Is home from Yale and
Is accompanied by his classmate, Mr. Loo
mls, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mr. E. P. Kingsbury and family, having
sold their property at Olive street and
Moneroe avenue, have occupied the man
sion at 300 Monroe avenue, formerly the
home of Mr. W. W. Scranton.
There la an unquestionable healthier
demand for stags entertainment, ant
the public appears to grow even tnori
particular about the aunlily of thn of
ferings. There promise In ' For Fair
Vlrginla,"vvhlch will be at the Academy
Wednesday evenlnsr, vry superior
dramatic treat. The play owes Its
creation to Russ Whyinl, a voting au
thor of great promise whose work r-e-cured
a remarkably encraraKlnv hear
ing at the Fifth Avenus tr.nter last
season. "For Fair Virginia" belongs
to no one of the familiar typos of
Southern romances, deals with the
South during the critical petto.l In an
entirely original and delightful!" inter
esting manner. Mr. and Mr.). Whytal
and an exceptionally competent com
pany of players are engaged In the pro
duction which it is assured will show
some very beautiful scenic ideas.
The principal event of the current
theatrical year Is the engagement of
the famous BostonlanB at the Acauomy
of Music on Saturday evening next.
This excellent and most perfect lignt
opera organization has for a number
of years been first in light opera nnd
their fame still obtains throughout The
United States. Each year finds tlis
company In better singing form then
ever and the artists who compose it,
quite easily form the nucleus of a 'i'wt
of other companies. Among the noted
singers and favorites who still appear
here are Henry Clay Barnabee, Wil
liam H. MacDonald, Jessie Bartlett
Davis, Eugene Covvles, Helen Bertram
Henley, C. E. Landie, George SYoih
lngham, Alice Nellnon.
Leavlt's vaudeville and spectacular
extravaganza "Spider and Ply" wl.l be
the attraction at Davis' theater next
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It
Is no easy mutter .to describe all tho
attractive features which have been
crowded Into "HpJder and Ply," with
its manifold novelties. Its host of tal
ented performers, and its wealth of
beautiful costumes, gorgeous scenery,
armor, mechanical effects, transforma
tions, sparkling music, novel special
ties, brilliant ballets and evolutions.
It presents an entertainment in which
the brightest features of comedy, pan
tonine, opera and specialty are bril
liantly blended.
"McKenna's Flirtation" will be the
attraction - at the Academy of Music
Tuesday evening. The prices will be
15, 25, 60 and 75 cents. Sale of seats
now open.
Poouliar Aooldont to n Hoy While at Ploy
in the Arcade.
Charles Frutehy, son of George
Prutchy, of the Ontario and Western
railroad, was painfully Injured while
playing In the Arcade building Thurs
day night. A chisel fell from the upper
floor and jiierccd the lad's hat ' with
Buch force as to cut his scalp badly.
The boy was led across Wyoming ave
nue to Dr. Longstreet's office, where
the wound was sewed and dressed.
To tho Oclloote and Malarious.
The most Incredulous are convinced
of the virtues of Aunt Rachael's Ma
larial Peruvian Bark Bitters upon a
trial of them. Their base Is Speer's
Port Wine, with herbs and roots so
favorably known to the medical profes
sion and the community at large as th?
best cure for malaria. They are all
that can be desired by the most faeble
victims of malaria. Physicians pre
scribe them, t ... ,
Lndles, V
Go to KonecViy's Halrdresslng parlors
and see the great bargains In hair
witches at 317 Lackawanna avenue,
The Nickel Plate Road controls the
dining stations on its line and they re
ceive unstinted praise. '
I - M.,
Plllsbury's Flour have a capac
Ity of 17,800 barrtls a Cay..
Miss of the Presanctified Celebrated
v at St Peter's Cathedral. -
Uaadreda of Worshippers Spent tha Day
la Adoratioa of tho Craelfialoa of
x the Savior Many of tho Churches -Were
Bar of Decorations.
Good Friday services at St. Luke's
Episcopal church were Impressive and
solemn. Morning prayer began at 6
o'clock and was attended by a large
congregation. At 10.30 prayer and the
Litany were the services, conducted by
Rev. A. L. Urban, of Dunmore. He
preached an edifying sermon on the
At noon the commemoration of the
three hours agony of the Savior on the
cross was begun and It was not over
until three o'clock. The first devotion
was on the words, "Father forgive
them, for they know what they do."
The second devotion was on the
words spoken to tho good thief, "To
day shalt thou be with Me In Para
dise." The third devotion was on the words.
"Woman, behold thy son; son behold
thy mother." The fourth devotion was
on the words, "My God, My God. why
hast-thou forsaken me?" The fifth de
votion was on "I thirst," and the last
on, "Father into Thy hands I commend
my spirit."
In the evening Rev. Mr. Israel, the
pastor, preached an effective sermon on
the death of the Savior.
Good Friday at St. Peter's cathedral
was celebrated in a solemn manner.
The altars were bare and the vestments
worn by the priests In the mass of the
Presanctified were black. Rev. J. A.
O'Reilly was celebrant; Rev. Thomas
P. Carmody, was deacon; Rev. J. W.
Malone, was sub-deacon; and Rev. J.
J. B. Feeley was master of ceremonies.
The mass began at 8 o'clock.
. When the priests entered the sanctu
ary they prostrated themselves before
tht main altar. In this posture they
remained In meditation And prayer for
a brief time In adoration of the death
of the Savior on Calvary. The candles
wetc not lighted nor was the organ
sounded. The choir sang without any
accompaniment. The mass was the
same as an ordinary sacrifice, except
that the consecration was omitted. The
host consecrated Holy Thursday was
borne from the repository in the Blessed
Virgin's altar and was consumed by the
celebrant at the communion. As the
procession of the host was moving from
the repository to the main altar the
choir sang, and when the host was
placed in the tabernacle, tnen the can
dles were lighted.
At the end of the mass the people
knelt before the cross in the sanctuary
and offered up their prayers.
At 7 o'clock In the evening the sta
tions of the cross were begun, and at
the conclusion of the service a sermon
was preached by Rev. John Loughran,
or tnis city, who is taking a post
graduate course at the Catholic Uni
versity in Washington, D. C. Rev. Fa
ther Loughran is a brilliant young man,
and his sermon on the crucifixion was a
Deautltul one. He dwelt upon the pub
lic life of Christ and described His pas
sion. His last words on the cross were
"I thirst." The speaker said that these
words Indicated as much that the
Savior thirsted for souls as that He
suffered from bodily weariness. When
the sermon was over the congregation
approached the sanctuary and kissed
the cross.
Xcw Song hy .Mr. Davles.
"Out of the Deep," the latest compo
sition of T. J. Davles, Mus. Bac. has
Just been published in two forms for
high or low voice. ""Out of the Deep"
is written In Mr. Davles' best vein and
is a musical gem. There seems no rea
son why it should not take rank in
popularity with the many well known
songs for sacred and secular use, as
It is superior in a musical way to tho
majority of recent publications.
' ; lln Arrived In tho Citv.
' Mrs. Nellie Lowry, of Westerville,
Ohio, who has accepted the call as gen
eral secretary of the Young Women's
Christian association, arrived in the
city last evening.
All members and friends of the asso
ciation, both ladles and gentlemen, are
Invited to welcome Mrs. Lowry at a
reception to be given In her honor at
the rooms on Tuesday evening, April 7.
Headquarters Lieut. 8. Griffin Post l?,9
Department of Pennsylvania, Oiand
Army Republic.
Comrade Jacob Kempher, of this
Post, died April 1 Rt Pactoryville and
will be buried at 2 p. m. Saturday.
April 4. The train will leave Scranton
12.37 p. m. The Post will meet at Post
rooms at 12 m. In full uniform, and
transportation will be furnished all
comrades who attend. Thirteenth
Regiment Drum corps will govern
themselves accordingly.
..... J R- Thomas,
George P. Millet, Commander.
Adjt. .
Hcnrt Disco so Heliovcd In 30 Minutes.
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart gives
perfect relief In all cases of Organic or
Sympathetic Heart Disease in 30 minutes
and speedily effects a cure. It is a peer
less remedy for Palpitation, Shortness of
Breaaih, Smothering Spells, Pain In Left
Side and al lsymptoms of a Diseased
Heart. One dose convinces. Sold by
Matthews Bros. y
Children's Jackets,
Ladies' Coats,
Ladies' Capes,
Ladies1 Suits and
tSPStrawbridge & Clothier will make a display
of above goods iu our Cloak Department today.
A Few Valuable IllnU to Those
Who Are Quick to Take Advan
tage of Suggestions.
Can you afford to risk your life dur
ing this Spring?
This Is a question-which a great
many people will do well to consider
just at this time.
How many people there are. Just now,
who complain of tired, worn-out feel
ings. They feel listless, languid, have
headaches, backaches and continually
suffer from stomach troubles. Their
symptoms plainly show that their liver
and kidneys are out of order. Others
are sufferers from dizziness, palpita
tion and pains near the heart. Their
blood does not circulate properly and It
needs purifying. Unless these things
are attended to, the first cold or chill
they catch Is very apt to turn into
pneumonia, consumption or some other
dangerous malady. Can anyone afford
to run these risks?
These dangers are not exaggerated.
They actually exist, they must be
faced, and it Is a serious matter for
people who have others depending on
them. Such people cannot afford to be
laid up with a severe illness, lose work
and pay heavy doctors' bills. It Is
wiser to guard against the many dan
gers by toning up the system and put
ting every organ of the body In perfect
condition. This Is easily accomplished
by the aid of Warner's Safe Cure.whlch
for years has been recognized as the
greatest and best remedy for renewing
the strength and building up the health.
Every doctor knows this truth. Thou
sands of prominent people have proved
its value In their own experience. Ask
them and they will tell you they al
ways make It a praotlce to take War
ner's Safe Cure whenever any 111 health
approaches. That Is why they can face
the most dangerous exposures without
risk and always keep In perfect health.
There are few people who can afford
to Ignore these suggestions, few who
should fail to avail themselves of the
valuable hints they contain.
Uniformed colored porters are In
charge of day coaches to show all atten
tion to the passengers on the Nickel
Plate Road.
New Store
Will be ready for.
you in a few days.
Wait for
New Goods
New Prices
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REXFORD. Lacka. Av.
Why let your borne and business ba destroy
ed through strong drink or morphine, when
you can tie curad in four weeks at the Eeeley
Institute, 728 Madison avnue Scranton, Pa.
The Cure Will Bear Investigation.
415, 417 Lackawanna
irate Skirts
Rich Gut Glass,
Venetian Glass,
Bohemian Glass,
Yerona Glass,
Neapolitan Glass,
And large line of Finest Imi
tation Cut Glass ever made.
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Quantity Yon Need.
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and stylish; all the latest styles and
colors. Call in and he convinced.
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We Have
On Hand
Also the Newest.
Also the Cheapest
Also the Largest.
Porcelain, Onyx, Eta
Sliver Novelties ia Infinite Varlat
Latest Importations.
Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds,
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Reach us every day from cus
tomers. We suit them with
Clothing and Gents' Furnish
ings. Their Clothes fit, are
well made; they are satisfied.
The price is right and the
styles correct. These are
some of the reasons they sing
our praise.
416 Lackawanna Avenut.