The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 27, 1896, Page 5, Image 5

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Pure and
Baking Powder
Every ingredient used in making Cleveland's bak
ing powder is plainly printed on the label, information
not given by makers of other powders. . "
- Recipe booK free. Send stamp tad addrqu. (foreland Baking Powder Co., N.Y.
Norrman & fJooro
120 Wyoming Ave.
Washington Avenue.
Old Solid Comfort to havtc ont encircled
around your neck. We are living
incm 10 our pairons.
1 ackawanna
jo Penn Ave.
The most com
plete stock of
Special Patterns
mads strictly
private to us for
"Join the Blues."
Five young foxea captnrei near (louliU
boro are on exhibition ut l-'lorey'a toiv.
on. WyomiiiK avenue.
' 3. W, MilcliWl has been appointed iioat
maMter at Holllsiervlllf, Wavne county,
vice Horatio Simons, resinned.
The luilles of the Second Pi-eubvteriun
church will nerve a supper tonight in the
church purlorit commencing at i p. m.
.' The court tins grunted u charter to tho
Scranton i'rlvutn Hospital and Training
school, of which lr. t'liurlcs K. Thonip
ann In at Urn head.
The tlrst of the Insane patient were
conveyed from the l.uzerne countv prison
to the HIllHide Home asylum of the Scran
ton poor district yexterduy.
Notice ban been ported ut tho IVlewore
and Hudson collieries at Oarbgndule, to
.the effect that the company's mines will
work full time further orders.
The sale of the personal property, house
hold effects, horses und wiinons of Flora
C. Itockafeller yestenluy by Deputy Sher
iff J. 1). Ferher brouttht $'i:iu ullntfether.
Professnr ('. W lhinh.u ui ...11,
"Child Nuture" at the I'rlniarv Sunday
School Teachers' nniiiii ut the First Pres
byterian church rhl.i ul'leinoon ut 4
o clock. '
The Women's Christian Temperance
union will remove its heudiiuriers from
tlve Jewell uiillilliiK. on Spruce slreet, to
the Williams bullilliiK. corner of Wush
iiiKton uvenue und J.tinlcn street, next
The regular quarterly convention of the
Second district, t'ulhollc Totul AlnlliiHii-e
union, of the Scranton diocese, will be
held In St. Aluiy's hull, . West Market
street, Providence, on Sumiuy ufternoon.
April 12, ltsm. at l.tti. ' '
Cur 2M2 of the Kynon street line beeanie
derailed lust night at o'clock on the
Hotilnson uti-eet switch. Just at the point
where u cur went over the embankment
a year uro. No dumaae resulted furl her
than a delay to Irulllc. for tin Jiour or so.
TbnmuM (I. Ileuch was arrested and or
rnlxned before Alderman .Miliar yestenlnv
afternoon chai'Ked with . I'oiiitiiilling as
frtUll and battery oil bis wifo und slep
tun liter, Martliu Kvuiik. lie Kave Iwll
for a further lieutiutt litis morula;,' at II
The statement In yesterday's Truth that
the Women's t'lirlstlun Tcinperum-e union
had taken the rooms of lr. II. It. Wu.iv,
corner Linden street and Washington ave
nue, is incorrect. The Wempn' Chris,
tlan Temperance niion wftl occupy the
rooms next door to the doctor's oce.
An application for a charter for St. Jo.
sr-phiT Beneficial aociuy- or St. .Mary's
Herman Human Catholic church was yes
terday made in court by Attorney M. F.
Rando. It Is organized for beiielicial and
protective purposes. The trustees for the
fire year are Peter Charles draff, (leorttt!
lmeldopt und I.orenx Alurkel.
The streets and bridges conunlttce met
last nlpht to consider the il ill, loon
Howie clulni for extra labor on tho
bridge abutments, but owing to the nb
aence of City Knglneer Phillips, on ac
count of Illness, adjournment wus mude
until next Tuesday afternoon, when the
committee will muke an Inspection of the
work on the ground.
Chief of Police McAndrew, of Carbon
dale, brought to the county Jail last
night 8. A. Stanton and Kenu. Cook, tho
former a married man .U years of age and
she a girl of IS. They hud been living to
gether and .the warrant for their arrest
was sworn out by .Mrs. Stanton, charg
ing him with desertion and the ghi wiih
I in moral conduct. They were commit led
by Alderman Bunnell In default of bail.
Tho regular monthly literary entertain
ment of the Kpworth league of Kim Pu-k
Methodist Fpiscopul church was held lust
evening. . Attorney A. V. Bower presided
and read a paper In which ho took tho
stund that I-ord Bacon wus the author of
Shakespeare'a works. Mr. Curry read a
paper on the works of l.ord llacon, und
Miss Raub read u paper on Shukespeate.
Miss Norton recited parts of "As You
Uka lt."v
Attorney K. C. Xewcomb yesterday
brought v a sheriff's interpleader suit in
court, to determine the ownership of the
stock and personal property In Koneeny'a
hair dressing establishment, on 1-ack i
wanna avenue. A week ago an execution
wae entered for IG70.44 by KmmaOUttel
ataedt against Theodore v. Konecny. The
ttherirf went to levy the goods and, found
that Mrs. Caroline Konevrty claimed the
stock and fixtures as her property.
' Sheriff demons In open court before
Judge dimmer yesterday acknowledge.!
deeds as follows for properties sold by
klm Tn tl-.ilK D EM.. .'lO 0 1 I
M..M. 4WWIUIIIII ,J fill, 1UI VOO.OI, flflU
M' the property of A. L. Dunleavy; to
Kllas A. Smith, for $46, sold aa the prop
erly of David Smith, or Newton: to M. F.
Ooyle, for fiHjo, sold as the property of
T. M. Burke, of Muytlelcl; to Mlchacd
Morun, for f&SS. sold us the property of
Bridget Atkinson In Curbondale. and to
.Mary L. Hull, for $13.97. sold as the prop
erty of S. P. Hull, of Dunmore.
- Scrunlon, March 2.".
The Republicans of the First leglslutlve
district of Ijifkawanna county will as
semble in convention in St. David's hull,
ut Scranton, Pa., on Tuesday, April 7, 181,
ut 3 o'clock p. in., for the purpose of elect
lug rwo delegates to the Itepubllcun stale
i onveiitloii, which' will meet ut Harris
burg April Si. Is;. election for delegul-.'S
to the convention will be held ut the regu
lur polling places on Satin day. April 4,
ISMj. between the hours of 4 und 7 p. m.
Kleellou districts are entitled to repre
sentation us follows:
First Ward. First district 2
First Ward, Second district 1
First ward. Third district 2
Second ward, First illxtrlrt.-. 1
Second ward. Second district -
Second ward, Third district I
Second ward. Fourth district . 1
Second ward, Firth district 1
Fourth ward. First district I
Fourth ward, S.icond district !
Fourth ward, Third district 2
Fuuith ward. Fourth district 3
Filth ward, First district -
Fifth ward. Second district it
Fir Hi wurd. Third district '2
'If lb ward, Fourth district
Sixth ward, First district
Sixth ward, Third district
Fourteenth wurd. First district
Fourteenth ward. Second district...
Flfleeirlh ward, First district
Flfleenth wurd, Second district....
Klghteenth ward
Twenty-llrst ward. First district...
Twenty-lirsl ward, Second district..
Total .' W
Vigilance committees will please take
notice und govern themselves uccofdingly,
W. A. Paine,
J. H. Reynolds,
Fourth legislative Plstrlot Convention.
Hepr 'Jean of the Fourth legislative
dlste -will take notice that a convention
wll f belli In l.lndes' hall in the bor
on . of Arehbald on Tuesday, the sev
ei .h day of April. 1SS6. at 4 o'clock p. m
for the purpose of choosing two delegates
lo represent suld district in the Republi
can stute convention to be held at Harris
burg, April SI, . 1MM.
Vigilance committees will hold the pri
maries In the respective election districts
at the regular places on Saturday, April
4. ISM, between the hour of 4 and 7
o'clock p. m.
J. A. Jones,
Gomer 8. Jones,
t. Secretary.
Will II l sod for Illuminating the New
Hotel Jormvn.
An electric plant with a capacity of
i.4(Mi lights of sixteen candle power has
been Installed In the cellar of the Hotel
Jermyn. The engines and dynamos
were started yesterday afternoon for
the first time and worked perfectly.
Many of the Incandescent lights on the
first und second floors were turned on
nnd something of the beauty that the
Interior o.f the building will possess
v Intn wntpteted was disclosed.
The. electric plant In the Jermyn I
the finest ever Installed In a building
in this vicinity and was put in by the
Western F.lectrlc company, of New
York, for the contractors, the Scranton
Supply nnd Hardware company of this
city, who are the representatives of the
Western company In this vicinity. The
plant entire cost Mr. Jermyn In the
neighborhood of $22,000.
There are two dynamos run by .two
125-horse power engines manufactured
by the Weston Engine company of
Painted Post, N. Y. The power for
these is supplied by steam taken from
the regular boilers of the hotel. A
shuft from the engine runs the dynamo
doing away entirely with belts. There
Is no connection whatever between the
two dynamos and they can be run to
gether or separate as the demand for
light muy require.
When both are running they furnish
enough of light to illuminate every cor
ner of the Immense hotel from cellar
to roof. The dynamos are the perfec
tion of a recent Idea and are spui kless.
They accommodate themselves auto
matically to the requirements placed
tipon.tlicm be it one light or twelve
hundred. They have curbon brushes
where ordinarily copper is used. Hack
of the dynamo Is a huge switch board
which enables the engineer to control
the current all through the building.
Switch bourUs fur the same purpose
are located In the olllce und In other
places iu the building.
In tlie hotel there Is over eight miles
of copper wire for currying the current
for the Incandescent lights. It Is ulll
cased in iron tubing absolutely pre
venting damage by. lire from u broken
wire. Throughout' the building the
greatest cure bus been tuken in plucitig
und safeguarding the electric wire,
lb-sides tlie eight miles of wire used in
tin electric light wiring twelve miles
were required in placing the annuncia
tors in ull the rooms of the hotel. A
novel feuture or the unniiliciutor wil ing
Is that '. any time u telephone is re
quired In any room In the hotel the
uniiuuciator button cun be taken off
and u telephone attached.
This wire Is then mude a part of the
Centrul Pennsylvania company's tele
phone system und the guest sitting; in
bis room cun tulk either over the local
or long distance wires. This is u con
venience thut is provided for in only a
few hotels of, the, country.
The urrangenrPnt of the Incandescent
light In the lobbey und dining rooms Is
unique and pretty. It was suggested
by K. S. Keerer und J. II. Mpain, the
representatives of the Western Elec
tric; company. The lutter has hud en
tire charge of putting the plunt In the
hotel. F. W. Bleckley and E. H. Simp
sou hud direction of the work for the
Scranton Supply and Machinery com
pany, Important Auction Sale.
On Saturday next E. M. Strong- will
sell the following pianos and organs
at public auction ut 2 p. ni.. sharp:
3 cabinet grund plunos (new).
6 second hand upright plunos.
4 square plunos.
1 new high top organ.
19 second hand organs.
Spring Opening.
Joseph, Davles V Jenkins' grand
spring; opening of millinery will occur
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March
26, 27 and 28, at 427 Spruce street.
Parties contemplating the purchase
of "Mathushek" pianos should see that
the name and address are correct on
the fall board, viz., Mathushek Piano
Manufacturing company. New Haven,
Conn. -Pianos by cheap makers are
being offered, having similar name
' E. C. Rlcker.
. 115 Adams avenue.
Telephone 'Exchange building. '
Miss McLane will not have her Mil
linery Opening; for a few weeks, but,
nevertheless ' la displaying a magnifi
cent line of the latest styles In Millin
ery. 211 Washington avenue.
I .! ' T r 'i
.. ) , i
Action Taken by the Select Council
Kefiurding It.
Contained tho Names of Many Prorol
at Citizens, but Was Not Pcwer ,
ful Enough to Clear tho
' Road for tho Portico. '
The Frothtngham portico was the all
Important topic in councils last night.
Such lobbying as the friends and ene
mies of the project, or rather projection,
engaged in before and during the ses
sions has not been witnessed since the'
days of the Vulley Passenger ordi
nance.. While Clerk Ijivelle was read
ing; the minutes of select council for
the last four meetings tho members
gathered In groups und argued the
question pro and con or listened to ar
guments of those who were favoring
or tkrhttng It. In common council it
wasTlie same way.
All other matters were subordinated
to the portico. Even the announce
ment that Mr. Hlckey intended to do
penance for his speech of the previous
meeting, by moving to reconsider the
amendment depriving the Albright li
brary of a part of its uppropiiutiun to
furnish electric lights for tlie Nine
teenth ward, did not succeed In dis
tracting attention from the portico, for
even u little while.
The portico wus over und ubove
everything In the matter of uttention
but It lucked the neVessury eleven 1.11
lur und down It cuene. IU enemies
got In their work before the meeting .
begun and no amount of preaching
could turn the tide. Mr. Duir Intro
duced the resolution to grant Mr.
Kiothlngham the desired privilege and
presented with it the following peti
To the Honorable, the Select und Common
Council of the City of Scranton:
We, Hie undersigned property owners
and residents of the city of Scrunton, be
lieving that the convenience and protec
tion ut the patrons unending suld place or
amusement would be greully enhanced by
the erection or a covered way, such as
was recently partly erected In front of said
theater, we do respectfully request your
honorable bodies lo permit said extension
to be completed: S. A. l-ucky. A. D. Hol
land, James Arehbald, A. Cioldsmllh. J.
M. Vuiidling. Jean II. Phelps, Benjamin
H. Throop, A. I.. Francois, Charles J.
Welchel, Patrick Blewlit. Frank P. Chris
tian, William McBrtde, K. A. Newlng. M.
J. Walsh, W. H. Coyne, F. J. Archer,
Charles U Orlfhn, J. J. Curt, C. H. Florey,
George L. Weaver, M. K) Stowers, Samuel
Kramer, C. P. Judwin. Louis I.ohmann,
W, . F. O'Brien, James P. Hosle, John
H. Bluckwnod, S. P. Coffee, Hobert J.
Williams, W. C Williams, tauls Con
rad. A. E. Hitrds. W. H. Robinson. P. H.
Coyne, li. B. Swet t, 1). W. Schoonover. W.
II. Pierce. L. S. Stone II. W, Bennett,
W. J. Ilatttn. C. C. Halt I n. James J. Cum
minus. John E. Bradley. Milton W .Low
ry. Horace K. Hand, W. H. Jessup, jr.,
M. C. lluyden, Churies H. Bone, II. It. Xle-
gargee, F. O ..Megargce, r. ,. nurreu,
Fred W. Fleltz. A. C. Kays, O. B. Wrigiit,
Ceorge C. Wilson, F. P. 1'iire, !,. M.
Hate, -M. II., Kastjn, Clarence K.
Pryor, Charles Heu:er, George K. Back
us. H. P. Simpson. Everett Warren, A. J.
Conned. A. H. Christy, F. H. Clemons.
J. Burnett, Thomas Barrowman, I..
Wehluu, M. P., P. S. Page, Jacob Bryant,
Robert Kcevee. W. J. Lewis. Arthur
Hitchcock. R. A. Zlmmermun, C. M. Wat
son, M. E. McDonald. M. A. McUinley,
J. M. Walker, George It. Clark, A. II.
Siorrs. . .
But the prayers jf all these good cit
izens availed not. Tho resolution had
not fuirly reached the chairman's
hands after being read by the clerk
before Mr. Lansing objected to Its con
sideration arguing thut it was nut of
order Inasmuch as It conflicted with an
ordinance and It Is irregular und Illegal
to repeal an ordinance or1 part of an
ordinance with a resolution. The or
dinance was called for and Mr. Lansing
read the following clause:
The erection or location of any building
or purt of building, or the continuation of
any building upon any street, highway or
public place, or the erection of any struc
ture obscuring the prospect between the
Inside or sidewalk line, lawfully eslali
lishd, and the public street Is declared
to be an act of public nuisance of the lint
Thereupon Chairman Westpfahl de
cided that the point was well taken und
declared the resolution out of order. Mr.
McCann said he didn't think that the
portico would be uny more of n nuis
ance than ave telegraph poles, and
surely no more of An obstruction. Mr.
Coyne moved to grant the privilege of
the floor to Milton W. Lowry, attorney
for Mr. Frothlngham. Mr. Westpfnjil
was about to put the motion when Col
onel Sanderson and Mr. Chittenden
simultaneously objected on the grounds
that there was nothing beiore the
house. Chairman Westpfahl, without
going deeply into the merits of the case,
refused to give the petitioning citizen
the privilege of addressing the coun
cils. Mr. McCunn took a copy of tho
resolution und wus ubotit to have It In
troduced In the lower branch, when the
commoners, who werein u hurry to get
to the caucus, adjourned.
A poll of the select council showed
that sentiment wus equally divided on
tlie Justice of Mr. Frothlngham's plea.
Hud It come to a bullot the vote would
have stood us follows:
For Ko:ts, Finn, Kelly, Thomas, Will
lams, .McC,hI!!i, Fellows, Coyne, l.alier- IM.
AhuIiisI Buche, Chittenden, Wagner,
Schweiik, Munley. Sanderson. tsVliroeder,
Lansing. Burns, Westpfahl-10.
I'lidei-ldeil Duir.
' To a Tribune repot tor after tlie uctlon
of councils Mr. Frothingliaiii sulil: "I
will build the arcade out tn the very
edge of the building lino. , That will
leave u sidewalk of Just olgi.feet six
inches. Then I will build the cornice
out over the sldewulk. and await de
velopments. am not merely suyfug
thut I'll do this. It will be done and
they have no law to stop me." No
steps will bo taken in the mutter for
u day or so. Street Commissioner Kins
ley will consult with the mayor be
foie tearing down th portico.
Colonel Sanderson fir the judiciary
committee, j-enorted favorable on the
award of the viewers appointed lo as
sess the damages for the widening of
Robinson street, und tho award wus ac
cepted by both councils. An ordinance
establishing the grade of Kynoii street
was favorably reported by. the streets
and bridges commit too and passed on
two readings. Tho scwern opd drains
committee's recomniendution that the
contract for constructing the lateral
sewer on Colfax nveuue be awarded to
Oiler Jennings for $1.ko per lineal
foot wus adopted by both branches.'
The resolution permitting the Vulley
Pussonger company to extend its tracks
along Ninth street came over from
common council and wus referred to
the railway committee with instruc
tions to look into tho advisability of
recommending, a different route to the
one the company proposes to follow.
Mr. Lance complained that Swctland
street Is too narrow to accommodate ve
hicular trartie if tracks are laid there,
and also that the space at the Inter
section of Ninth and Swetland streets
is too confined to permit of a curve
being laid there. He suggested that
the Traction company should run Its
lino down Franklin avenue, across Lin
den street bridge and up Swetland
street; and that for the privilege of
crossing the bridge the-enmpany shall
contribute $10.nJ0 for widening Swet
land street. The chair advised the com
mittee to take cognizance of Mr.
La tier's remarks. .
Mr. Lauer followed this up with a res
olution declaring nun and void the
Traction company's franchise on West
Lackawanna avenue between Ninth
street and Main avenue and directing
the company to tear up Its tracks Inas
much as It has made no use of them
for over a year and shows no Inclina
tion to do so. The resolution was re
ferred to the railway committee.
A resolution directing, tho city con
troller not to draw warrants for Flynn
& O'lloro, contractors for grading Lu
zerne street until such time as the la
bor claim for $1(1.02 of Anthony Mc Hugh
be satisfied, was approved.
The following ordinances passed first
and second readings: Providing for the
erection of the new Nay Aug Engine
house; levying general ' and special
taxes for the year 189$; providing for
an electric light on the corner of Four
teenth and Academy streets; providing
for the construction of a lateral sewer
on Webster avenue In the Tenth ward.
Doesn't Want to Uo on Record as Bolng
Against, tho Library.
Common council last night went Into
a committee of the whole at the request
of Mr. Hlckey and killed the amend
ment made to the appropriation ordin
ance at tho last meeting by the pro
visions of which the library appropria
tion would have suffeted to the extent
of about SUM) to provide electric lights
for the Nineteenth wurd and the like.
Mr. Hlckey suld that notwithstanding
his assertions of lust -Thursday night,
he does not really consider the library
to be a big white clephunt or tn fact a
small ordinary kind of an elephant. He
Is In fuvor of education and everything
that tends In thut direction, and ul
though he did not think to mention it,
his constituents und friends both per
sonal und political ure also in fuvor of
tin library und uguinst hearing it re
ferred to in zoologlcul terms.
The resolution lo inquire Into the
feasibility of insuring the city treasur
er's bondsmen ut the city's expense wus
put peacefully to sleep by having It re
ferred to some old committee or unother
when it came over from select coun
cil. Tin commoners or a goodly part
of till iu didn't understand the meusure
and us they feared that it wus loaded
they gave it its quietus, u pluce In one
of those ready made sarcophagi such
as the Judlclury, finance or treasurer's
accounts' committees.
Another communication from the
Scranton Illuminating Heat and Power
company culling uttention to means
for curtailing tho expense of electric
lighting In the city buildings wus rend
und referred to committee. While this
subject was on a resolution was Intro
duced callins on the city solicitor for
an opinion as to whether or not the
electric light company, which agreed
In consideration of its franchise, to
light the city buildings free is not still
bound by that contract inasmuch as
the ordinance containing tlie agree
ment was repealed by a resolution
which Is clearly against the luw.
A resolution directing the city engi
neer to glye grades for all streets in the
Fifteenth ward was Introduced by Mr.
Oliver and agreed to. An ordinance
vacating the East mountain road In the
Twelfth ward and unother creating the
office of second assistant city engineer
passed third and final reading.
i Philip Wirth. the new member from
the Eleventh, .who was elected to fill
I tho unexpired term of Robert Robinson,
I was sworn In and placed on all the
! committees of which his predecessor
was a member.
Will Send a Pro llarrlty Contesting
Delegate to Allcntown.
E. II. Flsk, chairman, and E. H. Reed,
secretary, of the Democratic commit-
to of the Third Legislative district,
yesterday Issued a call for a meeting
of the committeemen of the district at
the St. Charles hotel, In this city on the
afternoon of Marc h 111, nt 2 o'clock, for
! the purpose of electing a delegate to the
state convention, which meets in Al
lentown on April 2!) next.
At the recent meeting of the Dem
ocratic county committee W. W. Bay
lor, attorney at law, of this city, and
resident of Benton township, In tho
Third Leglslutlve district, was elected
to represent the Third district In the
convention. This was in accordance
with the time-honored Democratic pro
gramme In this county, where hereto
fore the county committee has always
elected the state delegates. The call
that was Issued yesterday was made by
virtue of a resolution which was adopt
ed by the county Democratic conven
tion of 1894, which was Introduced by
W. J. Burke, nnd which provided thut
delegutes to stute conventions should
thereafter be elected by legislative con
ventions called for that purpose.
Tho movement is distinctively a pro
Hurrlty one, and the delegate who will
be elected on March 31 will go to Al
lcntown and contest the right of Sir.
Baylor to a seat In the convention.
i wo patrolmen iiuuiy iirniscd oy a
lirlnk-crazcd Prisoner.
Patrolmen Peters nnd Thomas Jones
caught a tuiiar about 1 o'clock yes
terduy morning In tho person of John
R igeiH, who was found at the corner of
V ash bun i and Tenth streets raising
a disturbance.
When the officers luld hold of him ho
begun to tight and he never ceased
kicking, pinching, clamoring and
squirming until lunded behind the burs
of tho West Side station house.
The nut n was cruzy drunk und seemed
lo have the strength of a Sundow. As
the officer) refrained from using their
clubs or any other hursh treatment they
got tierldedly the worst of It. Both re
ceived some puiuful bruises from the
prisoner s kicks and Putrolmuu Peters
hud liis trousers torn Into shreds.
In police court yestorduy morning
Rogers was lined $11) for his infractions
of the law and $ti to reimburse Putnd
luan Peters for Ids torn pants. He
-.'iill not puy either and was commit
tel for thirty days. Ho acted at the
heaniis like a niun thut had boon drug
ged. :t !elng necessary for
DiiKgun to support him while he was
bcliif examined.
Congregation Kcfusod to Accept It but
liuvo dim n l eave of Absence.
At n meeting of the congregation of
tho Green ICIdge Presbyterian church
Wednesduy the resiguution of the pas
tor. Rev. N. F. Stuhl. who has been In
ill health for some time, was presented.
The congregation refused to accept It,
but gave Mr. Stuhl'a year's leave or ab
sence wiih salary.
At the expiration of Uiat time It Is
the hope of Mr. Sluhrs parishioners
und friends that he will be uble to re
sumo his faithful work in the ministry.
In the meuntime tho session of tho
church will secure supplies for the pul
pit. For tho next two months it will
be occupied by A. V. Bower.
I ho Stnto Insurance Company of Phila
delphia For Insuring I.Ives nnd Fxs
cuting Trusts.
Life Insurance Is acknowledged to be
a necessity und when coupled with
Loans. Trust Certificates, Guaranteed
Investment Bonds drawing Interest as
issued by this company. It should not be
neglected by any one desiring to assure
protection Tor future years..
Call and see No. 8. Williams'
building, Washington und Linden
streets. Samuel Hines. Agent.
Miss McLane will not have her Mil
linery Opening for a few weeks, but,
nevertheless is displaying a magnifi
cent line or tho latest styles in Millin
ery. 211 AVashington avenue..
nisi 07 ma enuraj nwm
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
tXirSiitf 3.
They Are the Choice of the Common
Stiff Fight for tho Clerkship Between
BesmUh aad Mahoa-A Combine)
with the Republleaas Is Hot
Altogether Improbable.
The Democrats who will sit in the
next common- council convened last
night at the Globe hotel and selected
P. J. Nealls for the presidency and
John P. Mahon for the clerkship. The
1 chairmanship contest was virtually a
warn-over, dui a sun ngm was wageu
for the olflce of clerk.
Thirteen vhtes were cast at each bal
lot, showing that every Democrat and
one Independent was present. The In
dependent, John Loft us, of the First
ward, was made chatrmun.
J. J. Orler, the present chairman,
who defeated J. J. Nealls lust year, and
who wus also a candidate this year, did
not allow his name to ge before tho
caucus when he saw that his opponent
had a sure thing. Lorenz Zeldler, Just
for the sake of a light, had his name
put up nnd secured four votes.
Three ballots were necessury to settle
on a caudldute for the clerkship. The
usplrunts were W. F. -McLean, of the
Seventh ward; Jumes o'Boyle, of the
First ward; John P. Muhon, of the Sixth
ward, and Jumes C. Beamish, of the
Nineteenth wurd.
The first bullot was us follows: Mc
Lean, 2; O'Boyle, 4; Beamish, 4; Mu
hon, ;i.
It having been agreed to drop the
lowest caudldute after each bullot, only
three were voted for on the next bullot,
which resulted thus; O'Boyle, U; Beum
ish, 5; Muhon, i.
The North End men hud Btuck fulth
fully to their niun until he wus dropped,
when they threw themselves over to
Muhon and mnde him the victor, the
vote being: Beamish, B; Muhon. 8.
All present ugreed to support the cult
cus nominees, but some of them did it
rather sullenly.
Superintendent Unwell It at Work
Getting It In Shape.
Work on the arrangement of the pro
gramme for the city teachers' third an
nual Institute was yesterday begun by
Superintendent George Howell, and
will be ready for the printer In a few
days. The institute will begin on Mon
day, April 6. and will last f. week. The
sessions will be held In Young Men's
Christian Association hall. There will
be but one evening session, and at that
Hon. N. C. Schaeffer, state superintend
ent of public Instruction, will be the lec
turer. His subject will be "The De
mands for Higher Education." Our
new high school will be treated exten
sively In his remarks.
Among the prominent educators who
will participate are State Superintend
ent Schaeffer. Professor Charles De
Uarmo, president of Swart hmore col
lege: Professor M. O. Brumbaugh,
president of Juniata college; Professor
George W. Twltmeyer, principal of the
Honesdale schools: A. E. Wlnshlp, edi
tor of tho Boston Journal of Education;
Professor James Coughlin, superin
tendent of AVIlkes-Burre schools; Pro
fessor J. C. Taylor, school superintend
ent of Luckawunna county; Miss A. J.
McMollen, of the State Normal school,
Bloomsburg: Miss Mury E. Sykes. or
the Scranton Training school; Dr. J.
T. Rothrnek, state commissioner of for
estry; Miss Lucy Booth, teacher of
drawing In the Scranton public schools.
v F-lks Urcnks tho Record.
Jacksonville. F;a, March 2ii. Harry D
Elks, under official sanction, todav broke
the 2-mlle, standing start, umateur uri
paced record, going the distance in 4.39 4-5.
Spring Oponlng.
Joseph. Davles & Jenkins' grand
spring opening of millinery will occur
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March
26, 27 and 28, at 427 Spruce street.
Dill OF
The Exhibition of Spring Milliueiy
yesterday attracted throng of the fair
sex. It was like a step Iroui Winter
into Summer. Anil from comments
beard ou every side we arc out of tlie
crowd in Stylish Head wear. We have
clever Milliners ready to adopt your
own ideas and trim a hat In any style
you say.
Come and see what the new styles
look like.
Store open this evening.
A. R. Sawyer
132 Wyoming Ave.
CARPETS, DRAPcRIES, ETC. March 23, isuul
i arc making; extensive addition-, to our show rooms
una in one week will tear out front of our bulldinii to re
place with modern nhov windowa.
The interior will also be slightly disarranged to put in
un hlectric Passenger Elevator. To Uo this successfully
we must make room for the unity of mechanics employed
on same, nnd we have decided to make u
' Everything will be offered at reduced price.
I conomicul Housekeepers should not full to
buy the season's wants during the coming week.
Goods stored free for UO days.
423 Lackawanna Afanus.
Spectacles and Eye Glasses
to fit everybody. We make
a specialty of fitting Glasses.
TltY OUK 50c. SPECS.
Tea, Toilet Sets,
231 Penn Ave. Opm Baptist Church.
Of men traveling from huuM to bouse are
tending to be Tuners and Repairers of Plane
and Orxant. They lumetimrs line our name
without authority.
The Only Tuners
Who do work for us are fleeer. C. F. and U.
All work done by them, or In our Immense
repair department. Is guaranteed by u.
You cannot afford to have your Instruments
ruined by incompetent workmen.
liitimatci given for re.itrlnicinii or varnish
ing Pianos, making them almost good aa new.
Vour work is solicited.
Order left in person or by mail promptly
attended to.
L. B.
iE SUfflE
Ill I
and trade for the liberal pat
ronage they have accorded us
during our opening. Our
sales have been much beyond
our largest expectations,
proving, beyond the shadow
of a doubt, the popularity of
our goods.
Ladies' and Missis' Caps, '
Suits, Silk Waists, Wash Wa!sts,
Skirts and Millinery.
We make the prices right.
That's why they sell so welU
If 3'ou are not one of our cus
tomers don't you think you
would like to deal with a firm
that their one aim is to
1! 1 L PRICES.
J. B0LZ,
138 Wyoming Avenus.
Malcolm Lots.
Cloagti & Warren
Carpenter, .
And Lower Grades at
Very Low Prices.
4 12 Spruce Street.
205 Lackawanna Ave.
The stock of the late firm
of Olof O. N. Turnquest, jew
eler, must be closed out
Honest goods at your own
price, as everything must go
at once. Auction every day
at io a. m. aud 2 aud 7 p. m.
Positively the last week.
Nothing reserved, everything
must go.
W. R. SHURTS, Assignee.
A. H HARRIS, Auctioneer.
In al ritsaat the Meat Petals aa I
Wsrereomi: Opatlta Oalu mba Keaarnarit,
tnnwHln(7ton Av. Snmnton.PaJ
il 1
mm hives