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r Our nnniiul Muslin I'ndcrwenr sale
huB been a triumphant success, hut
' nmnk of the tiiiniliHrH ure getting pret
ly well sold uul, unci we cunnol possi
blv continue the iirnwnt reduced price
list lunger I him Saturday. Cmiyoiiicl
in before I lien'.' If not, your Lull K iln
opportunity, with our whole line at
your disposal, is none for another
year. 'an you afford in let It puss?
If so. we're sutisllcil: for to tell you
Die truth our resources in this sul
huve been more severely taxed thun w
hiul llgured on.
As usual, however, we're better than
. our word, und to make the three elns.
Inif days of udilltlonul Interest ts our
patrons, we've thrown in an extra
30 teat
Of full T. iiuulliy, made from the
best Standard .Muslin, nil extra wide
and long. Handsomely trimmed tlr.'
ciun fronts, perfect needle work, etc.
Saturday IgM QMy
The Following' Bargain
List Will Also Be Main
tained Till Closing Hour
Saturday Night:
6Sc. quality for
(Tic uuiillty for
S;"n ipi.illty for
fcT'io. iiuullty for
iputlilv for
$1,110 quality for
11.12'i uuwlity for
Jl.l.'i quality fur
11.25 quuhty for
1 1 1 u 1 1 1 v for'ji iiiality for
11 u.i quality for
11.87'i iiuullty for
2uu quulity for
.41. Pi
. .11.1.1
. $1.79
Daintily made from rhnlcept mater
ials. 5"r quulity for ITc.
28c. quality for Si".
41k-. quulily for TV.
Bill', quality for i c.
8.rt quulity for 47.',
&10. quality for file.
6.V. quality for ' 'kV.
7oe. quality for ."
Vn: quality for .
I'Vjc. quality for
V or square rut fronts. Prettiest cf
dainty trims.
2"e. quulity for 17c.
JMi quality for.. Stc.
S.' q null t v for 2'le.
ST'ic quulity for '.'He.
4.1c. quulity for We.
Cue. quulity for 4'.'.
Latest at. vie In trim, nnd cut es
pei.'ially designed to meet the require
ments of the extru wide dress skirts
now prevailing.
Bno. quality for .Tf'ie.
8(K-. quality for lie.
5e. qtiulltv for W.
$l.12' iiuullty for :rie.
$1.2'. quality for $l.ii.-,
11.37'i quality for $1.18
$I.C0 quulity for $l.;ti
$1.75 quality for $1 :,t
KM qunllty for .JI.7S
$2.:t7 quulity for $.!IS
Buring Ms Sale
Special price have nlso been pin -ed
on Misses' und Children's gowns and
drawers. In which our line Is rum
plete. Oil
In conjunction with our annual sale
of Muslin I'nderwear we will make
an openliiK of new Hprlng and Hum
mer shirt wclst. The goods are all
lilitndrieil with stiff eullars and cuffs
und the style are as new us the latest
fashion plates.
55 dox. new waists worth We. for 4.;0.
SO dot. new waist worth V for laic.
CO doz. new waists worth $1 for 7,v.
M doz. new waist worth $1.25 for an,-.
6ii dux. new waists worth ll.fio
M dos. new wulsti worth $1.75 for $1.39
Conference of Senators and Eastern
1b Combination Neeearjr to Rescue
the Country from financial !!
imtr-i Warning to Single
Standard Polit Ulans.
Washington. March 19. At Hotel
rose- an Itupnrtant conference wax held
tonight between the silver !ttiulillcnn
senators who voted against the con
sideration id the tariff bill In the Fen
ate, ami a large- number of representa
tive manufactures of f'hiludelphiu. who
favor tin- Puking together of piotcc
tlon and I linetulllsin. The authorita
tive ttiat-'mtnt Issued liy the coiifer
encc after lis secret session is looked
upon hy politicians as the Hist note of
warning on the part of the Republican
senators ftoni Western atates. aguinst
tip uilopthm of a single uold ftanilard
plaiiK in the St. Louis fqatfnrm. The
conlVictice was the result of the follow
In coirespoiiduuie between William
Wilhclin. a piotnlnent attorney of
I'ottMviliv. I'a.. and the Sextette of sil
ver senators mimed in the letter:
I'uttsvllle. Pa.. Mareh 0. IS!W.
Senators Juries, Teller. Imliois. "arter,
.Man lie and I'unnol'.
ielit lellieu: It has beei: my aoud for
tune to meet .Messrs. .lame-' JhiIisuii.
t'luirles Hehe" t'lurk und II. K. Uefen-
li rfer, of the city fi( Philadelphia. They
and their Inditstiiui friends are unxlous
to confer with you relative to the present
depression and the remedy for existing nnil industrial troubles. If yo.i
are willing to meet the eastern men of
enterprise, then pleuse, advise the afore
mentioned gentlemen so thut u confer
ence inn be arranged between you und
them und their friends. Kinloseil llnd a
list of Philadelphia manufacturers! wh.i.
I am sure, will lake pleasure in meeting
vuii. tours Sincerely,
William Wllhelm.
I'lilted States Senate,
Washington, l. '.. March ii. 1!iij. j
James I tobsoii, esq.. Phlladclphlu. Pa.
Hear Sir: Accepting the suggestion I
niiide lii us by letter from William Wll- I
helm, of Pennsylvania, that It would be I
well to have u conference between repre
seiitatives of Industrial Interests of the
count rv und ourselves, w e shall be pleased
to confer with yourself and such men of
enterprise us you muy choose to Invite
to meet with us at an curly date ut Wash- I
Ingtoii. Vours very truly. 1
II. M. Teller.
Kied T. Mnbols,
l.ce Mantle.
T. H. 'arter. i
l''ruiik .1. I'ntinon.
.loll II P. Jones.
All of the ubove nunied genatorn were
present, at the conference held tonight.
:is were also Congressman Uurttnan, of
.Montana: Allen, of I'tah. and Wilson,
of Idaho, and also lite following named
representatives of manufacturing; in
terests: James Dobson. manufacturer
of carpets: ileorge Campbell, woolens:
James Polloc k, curpits: S. It. Vnioniun,
lumber: Frank Caveii. silk; C. U. Jlur
ilv. vnrns: (Icorge W. Flkins. street
railways;. Alex. Crow, carpets; Henry
A. Ftye, groi'erl?s: Henry Hnlnies. cut
pets: I!. V. Scott, knit 'K'totls; James
Ill-own. woolens; Howlund Croft, worst
eds: Charles M. Mcheod, yiirim: .lames
Dlefenderfer, yarns: Johns J''isler. wire;
Hubert Oawtnan. carpets: ttohert W.
Scott, knit goods; Charles lleber Clark,
surgical appllitnces: Theodore H Miller,
upholstery; Itlchurd Caiirnion. yarns:
Joseph Hrotnley. rugs; Joseph It. James,
woolens: Joseph Foster, dyes; James
Phillips, worsteds: C. I). Firestone,
buggies, and H. K. llefendei fer, electric
The conference was organized by
choosing Senutor Imbois as chairmun,
and Mr. Wllhelm. of Pennsylvania, sec
retary. For three hours anil a half be
hind closed doors the conference pro
ceeded. Involving the uniting of bi
metallism and protei'tlon as a national
Keinurks were made by Scliu
JVIler. Jones, of Nevada: Carter,
lantle und Cannon. President I Ioni
an, of the Manufacturers' club, of Phila
delphia, expressed the opinion that tar
iff duties could not be made high enough
to protect our manufacturers if our
country remained on a gold basis.
James liobson. the great rarpet manu
facturer, came out unqualifiedly for
free coinage by International agreement
If possible, otherwise by Independent
action. He believed that Independent
action would Induce international ac
tion. Free coinage might create tem
porary disturbances, but It, was the
iliiickest way to permanent relief from
the ills from which the country is now
Henry A. Fiye. of Philndelpliiu. said
the sootier that we took Independent uc
tion for bimetallism the better it would
be. He ibclnred for tirotectlon and In
nietalll . Chnrlcs lleber Clark, editor
o' the Manufacturer, of Philadelphia,
spid he bud labored in season atd out
of season to convince the manufactur
ers that protection would only prove
etlb'iK Ions in conjunction with the res
toration of silver. That he was now
happy to have so many representatives
of the ii.dnsti'lal interests of the coun
try prt-Mit to meet the senators who
had vr.ted against the Dingley bill, and
to personally verify his declaration.
Itlchaid Cnmnion declared himself In
favor of the rest oration of silver but
thoti.qlit thut the cause of bimetallism
was not advanced by the defeat of the
revenue measure. . Several opinions
were expressed of regret at the loss of
the Uingley meustirc. but no opinion
antagonistic to the restoration of sil
ver was uttered. The senators present
defined their position in such manner
us to make it plain to the manufactur
ers that there could be no protective
tariff legislation either at this session
of congress or the next, without the
rehabilitation of silver and that bime
tallism mill tirotectlon constituted an
Indivisible Issue before the country.
Some of the manufacturers themselves
endorsed this position as being the
logic of the country's necessities and
political conditions. The issue was
clearly denned, but no attempt at or-"
ganizatlon was mude. The intensity of
the interest shown demonstrated a de
termination to rescue the country If
IKissilde from Its impending Industrial
and tlnanciul Ills. Charles lleber Clark
Invited the senators to a meeting to be
held at the Manufacturers' club, Phil
adelphia, at an early date. Many
strong; letters In hairmony with the
purposes of the meeting were received
from manufacturers throughout the
country who were unable to be pre
sent at this particular meeting. The
Incidental mention of the name of J.
Donald Cameron for the nomination of
the presidency met with cordial ap
An Attempt Is Mads to Mards-r l olled
States Official.
New York,. March 14. Felix Taussig,
who represents a New York importing
house, arrived today on a steamer from
8t. John, Porto Rico. He asserts that
an attempt was made on the life of
United States Consul Mall by a soldier
on March 4. It seems that the consul's
residence adjoins the county prison.
The consul was tired upon by a soldier
from the prison wall. The bullet
whizxed close to his head. The shoot
ing created excitement. Hall has writ
ten the facts to Secretary Olney. It
was reported that the shooting; was
accidental and the soldier was firing
on an escaping woman prisoner, but
Taussig asserts that It was a deliberate
attempt on the life of Hall. The news
that congress is about to recognise the
Cubans reached St. John on March S
and caused considerable comment.
"When Consul Hall asked t.overnor
General Murin for an explanation of the
occurrence," said Mr. Taussig, "'the
governor told him with a smile upon
his fact that the shot was tired ut a
woman who wus looking over the wall
at the side of the public highway Into
the prison."
Marltv asserted that It was the rule
of the prison for the guards to lire upon
any person looking over thp wall. The
wull is but four feet high, and n person
passing along the street could not well
help seeing the prison yard, so the
explanation vouchsafed by Oeneral Ma
rin did not sutisfy Consul Hull, who
thinks thut the shot was fired at him
Custom Collectors Are Instructed to
Hold ihs Insurgent lienors I I'pon
Sufficient Evidence of I llibnaterism.
Washington, March 19. Secretary
Carlisle had a long conference with
the president this morning on the sub
ject of enforcing the neutrality laws us
against filibustering expeditions, leav
ing tin- 1'nited States to aid the Cuban
Insurgents. On his return to the treas
ury the following telegram was dic
tated and sent broadcast :
Collector Customs, Homer's Point, X. J.,
reports tlllbusterlnu expedition tor Culm
was transferred from steamer Atluntlo
I'lty to unother steamer, probably the
Hermudu, off ibvat Harbor Inlet yester
duy morning at X o'clock, said to be com
posed of lieuerul tiureiu und several fol
lowers. If vessel Is currying an expedi
tion consisting of urms und men. In vio
lation of title 7. revised statutes of the
Tubed Stales, setxe her. if she urrlvs
within your Jurisdiction. The fact that u.
vessel curries a curgn of arms is not suffi
cient of Itself to HtithoriKe seizure. If no -essury,
communicate with any revenue
cutter and with the I'nited States at
torney. Seott Wlke,
Acting Secretary,
Copies of this telegram were sent to
the navy department to Cuptuin Shoe
maker, chief of the revenue cutter ser
vice, treusury department, to the Span
ish minister here, to the uttorney gen
eral, to ihe secretary of state, and to all
collecto' s of customs along the Atlantic
coast from New York to Xew Orleans.
Congressman Robinson Mentioned a a
i nmcron's Successor.
Media. Pa.. March 1!.-The Republi
cans of Delaware county met in conven
tion here today. Thomus J. Clayton
was chosen as delegate to the natiimul
convention and the following nomina
tions were made by acclamation : John
R liobinson. for congress. W. C. Sproul,
for state senutor; Ward R. HIIns. Thus.
H. Harvin and Klchard Hu 111 win. for
assemblymen: W. I. Schaffer, for dis
trict attorney: Kdward Hlalne. for
count. commissioner; ,. Humphreys
Marshall, for sheriff ; Humphrey M. Ash
for county treasurer; William P. Hippie,
for county treasurer; J. Herbert Xeul,
for director of the poor.
Resolutions were adopted endorsing
Senator Quay for the presidency and
Congressman Robinson for the I'nited
States senate to succeed Senator Cam
eron. .
i.ovr no ki:sim::ti:k.
Nebraska .Man Aeed' (in I lopes vtlth ii
liirl of IM
Chudron. Xeb.. .March 1!. Arthur
Martlet!, aged tin. futher of Sheriff
Hut llett. of this coiinly. eloped with nml
mat l ied ut Heiiilngford. In Hoxbutte
county, .Miss Amelia Roberts, u girl of
Hnttlett secured a divorce from his
former wife a short time ago. and has
since been boarding ut the Roberts
house. He was nuint wealthy utnl lives
nt Kxira. Iowa, where lie has gone with
his bride.
Heavy Snow Storms in Central New
Rochester, X. Y.. March 19. Early
this morning a heavy snow storm set
in and up to noon ubout eight inches had
fallen. Trees, telegraph poles and wires
are covered with a heavy coat of Ice.
Lyons. X. Y.. March IK. A bliz.urd
Is raving all over Wayne county. At
9oilick this morning fourteen inches of
snow hud fallen. Traffic is impeded on
Ihe several railroads centering here.
Ann Arbor Students Muv Resort to
Huor After Saturday I vcninc.
Ann Arbor. Mich.. March 1!. The
"Whiskers Club." of the law depart
ment, will hold Its final banquet of the
season ut Hungsterrer's hull Saturday
At the sunie time ihe obligations to
l-f ii In ...Ill
h.jiii nuutlllK villi lie I'emoVCII '
Ten former members of the club were I
expeueu tor craveniy violating their
. -The
Priii.ioton I on in.
Princeton, X. .1.. March 1H.-.I. II. Colfelt.
'W. who was tu have been one of Ihe
team to represent Prliieelou in the Olym
pic sanies ut Athens, (ireeoe, will be'ini
uble to go owing to the objections of his
parents. In his place will be sent H. II.
Jamison. "ST. of I'eorlu. III., to compete
in the 4i-meler race. Th - kilter's time
for the 44o-yurd dash Is fifty-three seconds.
. - - -
Voting (iirl tssaultld.
Lebanon, Pu., Muroh IK. Lizzie Kry
mnyer, aged HI years, was criminally as
saulted at a lonely spot while, on her
way home on Sunday night. The girl Is
In a serious condition. Harry Kasuui lit
Is churged by the girl with being hr us
sallunt und a warrant Is out for his ur
rest, but the man has disappeared.
Soft Coal Conference.
Xew York, March 19. The presidents of
the soft coal carrying ruilrouds met to
day In the Central building urn! discussed
informally various questions relating to
the Interests of ihe trade. At the con
clusion of the conference, which was
brief, It was denied that action looking
to any change in rates was taken.
Shells Accepted.
Washington. March 19. A IS-lnch shell
representing a lot of similar projectiles
made by the .Mldvule Steel company for
the navy wus tired ut a 7-4aeh plate at the
Indian Head proving grottnds today. It
answered all requirements and the lot will
be accepted.
Senator and Mrs. Ouoy's (ilft.
Pittsburg, Pa., March 19. It was learned
today that Senator and Mrs. M. S. Qnay
have given IIO.ihiu to the Masonic universi
ty fund, and In addition thereto n plot
of sixteen acres of ground as a site for the
proposed Institution of learning in Reaver
Harlow Ksespe.
. Reading, Pa., March 19. David W. Ttar
low, charged with securing a criminal
operation resulting in the death of Miss
Cora Rapp, sged 19. - was acquitted here
today. Tha trial lasted two days.
Experience F a Fruit Vessel on the
High Seas.
GoTcrnmeat Troops .Meet the Insurgents
in Province of i'lnur Pel Rio.
Movement of Rebel Commas. J
' era-other News of tho War.
Huston. March IS. Art officer of the
British steamer Kthelred, Captain Hop
kins, which arrived this morning from
Jamaican ports, reports that on March
II, on the outward passage from this
port to Jamaica, the steamer was
chased for an hour and a half by a
Spanish cruiser. The Kthelred was
steaming about eight Iniles off Cupe
Muysl, the eastern end of the Island of
Cuba, on her destination. She was go
ing ubout twelve knots an hour, when
a Spanish cruiser was sighted, evident
ly on the lookout for a supposed filibus
tering steamer. The cruiser hoisted a
Hag and the fruiter did likewise. The
latter continued on her way, but the
warship started in pursuit and kept
It up for a considerable time. The
Spaniard could not make over nine
knots an hour and was no mutch for
the fruit vessel.
When first seen by the Kthelred an
other cruiser was In company with the
aggressive one, but apparently took no
Interest In the proceedings. Xo shon
wrs fired from the warship, as the
distance was too great for any display
of gun pt act Ice. It Is claimed that us
the bUhelred was outside the three mile
limit the cruiser hud no right to at
tempt to stop her. The Kthelred ob
tained considerable notoriety lust sum
mer by being fired upon off the Cuban
coast by the; Spanish gunboat.
. Havanu. March !. News, bus been
received here of an encounter yester
day amid the ruins of Cayajabos. prov
ince of Plnar Uel I tlo. between the
I forces of Macro and a column of troops
under Colonel Frances. The enemy
were entrenched behind walls. The
troops foug-ht valiantly. The otllclul re
port of the fight says that the troops
tails have pot been mud public.
Colonel Hernandez also had an en
gagement on the Medcedes estate.
The columns of I. inures, Kchevurrlti
and Inclun are In pursuit of Mncoe's
Come, who was in the province of
Matauzas during the past two Weeks,
is now suld to have moved west and en
tered the province of Havanu,
Dissection Reveals tho Terrible Condition
of tha Cattle on the stock form of II.
W. I dwards.
Wilkes-Bane, Pa.. .March 19-Flfty-elght
head of valuuble Jersey cows and
one bull, the property of H. W. Kd
wurds,' a dairyman of l.acey vllle. Wy
oming; county, that hud, been condemned
by the state board of agriculture ns
being afi'eeted with tuberculosis, were
shot on Tuesday morning on Air. Kd
wurd's farm. They were brought to
Slckler Urns.' desslcatlng establishment
In curs, a few miles from this city, at .'
o'clock this morning. They were ut
ence removed from the cars Into the
rs'abli'hm-iit and arranged in three
loitfc rows, und after the description of
the animal and the registry number
was recorded. Fourteen men were In
structed to remove the hides, which re
quired the greater Portion of the day.
Professor Leonard l'ierson, of Philadel
phia, state veterinarian, and Dr. Harry
Waller, l.uzetne county inspector, at
once proceeded to hold 'their post-mortem
for the stute.
The llrst cow that was opened re
vealed a truss of tuberculosis und ab
scesses that contained from a teu cup
to a quai t of the most malignant broken
down tissue Imaginable. All the other
animals revealed similar conditions,
and some of the sights discovered by
the doctors were horrible In the ex
treme. They were a splendid herd, and their
destruction to the owner will entail a
net loss of -nearly $7.(WU. His. Leonard
and Walter will make a detailed report
to the state sometime this week.
((lastly Manner of Celebrating a Wei
ding Annivcrsnrt.
Akron. ., March 19. A few nights
ago a couple celebrated the anniversary
of t'lelr wedding by giving a "spook
lunch." Knch guest was handed a di
vided skeleton with the request to
lituke a complete one. and repair to the
dining room. Tills room wus very ap
propriately arranged for such an occa
siot,. Numerous skulls and cross
bones decorated the walls, ceiling and
chandeliers and several rare etchings'
of oilier regions with messages to prom
inent physicians nmong the guests, were
Placed It frames of black and white.
Seated on a raised dais a ghastly com
pany cf nipuiclans discoursed music
suitable to the occasion.
A fenpt. unique In character, was
served by goblins in Weird fantastic
dress. The entire scene wus Illuminat
ed by tiilbi.v dips. As the feust proceed
ed the li;-:hts were extinguished one. by
one by a nust of the wind from "spook -duiii,"
until the guests were left in total
da' kness. Kuch change was si range
ami bore its impression of ghostllness.
A New Anti-Combine Hill Is Introduced
in Xew Jersey Legislature.
Trenton. N. J.. March 19. Assembly
man Skinner introduced a most import
ant bill this afternoon which was passed
to a second reading without reference.
It Is aimed at all "combines" in coal
and other necessaries of life, by pro
hibiting any combination, contract or
agreement, whereby honest competition
may be stilted. It clothes the attorney
general of the state with greater pow
er than he now possesses In proceeding
against any person who appempts to
create such uuluwful combinations.
It was accompanied by a lengthy re
port from the judiciary committee em
bodying an opinion from attorney gen
eral Stockton, unon whose suggestion
the measure was based.
Shipping News.
New York, March 19. Arrived: Steam
ers ilalia from Mi Ulterraneuii ports: a
anilum from Rotterdam. Arrive out:
Lticanlu at yueeui-lown: Spree at Itremer
huven; Persia at Hamburg; llulle nt Hte
merhaven; Thingvulla at ' Copenhagen:
Sanrnduni at Rotterdam. March IS. HullM
for Xew York: Kdam from HouioKiej,
.Manitoba from London.
Shot His Mother.
Indianapolis. Ind., March 19. About 1
o'clock this afternoon Albert Klrchlow
shot and fatally wounded his mother and
then killed himself. He was recently In
jured by an accident and his mother' was
caring for him.
Superior Court Adjourns.
Harrisburg. Pa., Murch 19. The Bitpo
rlor court adjourned this morolug to meat
at Pittsburg Muy 1
Weather Indications Today:
Fair ; Decidedly Cooler.
1 Silver Mn Deliberate.
The La rest Cuban War Xews.
SI. Uethelot Kxpbiins.
On the Lookout for tieneral Garcia.
Diseased Jerseys Dissected.
Latest .Moves of the Politicians.
2 Cuban tvbate in Congress.
Oenernl .Market and Stock Reports.
S Cardinal Sutolll to Receive a Ceuerous
Lively Time In Councils.
(Iruiui Jury Returns.
4 IMItorlal Comment.
The Raines Hill.
What out' Contemporaries Say.
u Local liemoerucy Still Striving for liar,
Crlshku Makes ti flenerul Ietilal.
Contest In the Twentieth Wurd.
League of Republican Clues' Meeting.
0 "(nr learned Fellow-Townsman."
Railroad und Industrial Xews.
7 Happenings In our Husy Suburbs.
Report of City Knglneer.
8 Xews I'p and Pown the Valley.
The Scranton Boy Loses the I'irst Game
in the Series for the championship of
the World.
Pittsburg, Pa., March 19. The first
game of the pool match for the cham
pionship of the world and ll.mio (f:M a
side and a purse of $ri(H) between
World's Champion William 11. Clear
water, of this city, and Pennsylvania
State Champion Jerotce H. Keogh, of
Scranton, was played here in the great
Northern llllllard hall tonight and re
sulted in a score of 210 for Clearwater
and UK for Keogh.
Three games of '200 points each are to
be played, the contest closing next Sat
iit day night. It being necessury to
clear the table is the reason Clearwater
scored the extra ten tonight.
Alfred Ue oro, the Cuban, has chal
lenged the winner of the Cleurwater
Keogh match. He has put up a forfeit
of 1100 and according to the terms of
the championship, the match will hove
to be brought off some time next month.
(Slant Kby, of Springfield, Ohio, has
challenged the winner of Ihe match to
be played between De Oro and the wln-
v:ruH Ui'f Clearwater- Keogh mutch and
has deposited, a 75 forfeit.
lie leads All Other Candidates at the
' York, Pa., March 19. In cnmpllunce
with the county rules of the party, the
Republicans of York couuiy at the pri
maries on Suturday cast their voles for
the presidential candidate.
Returns from the tifteen districts In
this city and forty districts covet ing the
leading towns and townships show bow
the voters balloted. There are still
thirty-five districts to henV from, but
these will not change the ratio. The
figures for the thirty-five districts re
ceived ure us follows:
McKinley. 4,217: Quuy, fillS; Reed. l:H;
Allison. 40: Morton, :io. The overwhelm
ing McKinley sentiment was reflected
In the county convention which In
structed the natiotiul delegute for him.
Omaha. Neb.. March 19. The tight
between the McKinley and Munderson
Republicans is ut an end, terms of a
compromise having bean agreed upon
this evening at u conference of the
leaders. The provisions nf the compro
mise Ic.iclly stated ure these: The stute
delegation wilk be for McKinley, but
M.indcison's name will he formally pre
sented to the convention unless it Is
apparent that the Ohio man's nomina
tion Is assured.
Indianapolis. Ind., Murch 19. The
Republicans of liiiliuna today ll 'Id their
congressionul district conventions fur
the election of delegates and alternates
to the national convention and for the
nomination of candidates for congress.
McKlnley's name was well received at
all the conventions in the thirteen dls
trlsls and most of them either endorsed
the Ohio limn for nrcsident or iiibmteil
the striincer course of instriietliifr tlieli i
delegate? to vote for him until his
name wus withdrawn or his nomina
tion had been accomplished.
.Marshall Goodman Arrested in Towanda
After Evading Justice for KiRht
Word was yesterday received from
Towunda. liradford county, of the ar
rest there, of Marshall (loodniun the
colored porter who rnnsucked the Fuu
rot house, on August IU last, and got
uway with about t-W worth of valu
ables. At the time of the robbery Chief
Simpson sent out descriptions of the
thief and it was through one of these
descriptions thut (landman was arrest
ed. Among the articles Hint were stol
en were a diamond pin and a pearl pin.
These were recov ered by Chief Simpson
in a local paw n shop.
Among the other valuables taken,
which have never been recovered are a
box containing valuuble papers and
Jewelry worth S'JJ; another article of
Jewelry worth Jltl and a trunk full of
gentlemen s clothing valued at JIOU. An
officer will he sent after Goodman to
day. y
Ha (into the Itride u I nlquc Sort of
Wedding .Present.
Mayor Council performed his first
marriage ceremony yesterday, when he
mude Mary Hellnmii and Kugene Pas
senger mini und wife. The affair took
pluce in his private office and was wit
nessed only by Private Secretary M. K.
Kdgnr and the bride's attorney, John
T. Martin.
His Honor took no fee and he says he
did not kiss the bride. He. however,
gave her lis a wedding present a "nol
pros" In the case In which she Is de
fendant and the mayor prosecutor. The
groom Is employed us a blacksmith ut
Cuslck's stable.
Judgment Against tho City.
C. I.. Teeter, contractor for the lay
ing of sidewalks on certuin streets In
the Thirteenth ward, yesterday obtain
ed judgment ugalnst the city before Al
derman Wright for $174, which Is being
held back by the city to satisfy claims
against the contractor for labor and
material tiled with the city controller.
Assistant City Solicitor U. J. Davis,
who appeared for the city, will appeal
the case.
Booth-Tucker Will Sail.
London. March 19. Commissioner Month
Tucker, who hast been appointed to the
command of the Salvation Army in the
I nlted States, and his wife, will sail front
Southampton for New York, on board tha
American line steamer St. Louis, on Sat
urday, In the Interest nf Harmony.
Harrisburg, Pa., March 19. There t-111
be no tight for delegute to the Republican
national convention from this county. DIs.
Irlct Attorney Uetwller this evening wlih
drew in favor of Senator McCurrell P"
the interest of harmony.
His Statements Have Uccu Cxurjiicr
atctl by the Festive Reporter.
Russia la Also silent, but Germany, Italy
and Austria Assent to Lnglleh
Advance I'p the Valley
of the Nile.
London, March 19. In the house of
commons today Mr. Curzon. under for
eign secretary, announced thut M. Her
thelot, French minister of foreign af
fairs, had Informed Lord Dufferiti, the
Hritlsh ambassador to France, that he
lepudlated all responsibility for the
statements made In reporting the pur
port of the interview between the min
ister und the ambassador on Tuesday.
In which the former is represented as
having demanded tu know the reasons
.for the lirltish expedition up the Nile
and as having pointed out the gravity
of the consequences of the movement.
Such statements. M. Rerthelot had said,
must have been published hy misin
formed persons. France, Mr. Citraon
said, had been informed of the intend
ed pluns of Cireat Hrltain in the Nile
valley, but the French government hthl
not as yet made any reply.
The Italian government. Mr. Curfm
continued, had informed Knglund thut
Italy would not evacuate Kussulu un
less the military authorities there
should find it impossible to hold the
Mr. lfulfour, first lord of the treas
ury, and the government leader In the
house, suld that the Hritlsh ambassa
dors to Paris, Heilln. Vienna, Rome
and St. Petersburg, had been Instructed
to communicate to the respective gov
ernments to which they were accredit
ed the grounds upon which the Kngllsh
advance up the Xlle valley hud been
made and also to point out the fact that
in order to meet the expenditures re.
quired it mlfrht be necessary to use a
larger sum than was at the disposal of
the Kgyptlan treasury, und thut the
government hoped thut the commission
of the Kgyptlun public debt would us
sent to the expenditure of f.VKl.OOft from
the reserve fund which was now 2,500,
Unn. The governments of Germany, Italy
and Austria had given replies assent
ing to this, but Russia and France had
not answered. As the operations were
in the Interest of Kgypt. Mr. Ralfour
said, the costs should naturally be de
frayed from the reserve fund. It was
not possible, he said, to form nn exact
estimate of the expense at present.
Purls, March 19. In the chamber o'
deputies today M. Rerthelot, minister
of foreign affairs, said that there were
serious objections, both financial and
political, to the British expedition
against Dongola, and that representa
tions had been made by France to the
government of Knglund and to thut at
Cairo negotiations resulting from
which were now proceeding.
M. Rerthelot added that Frnnee had
declined to accede to Great Itrltaln's
request to take lioo.Olkl pounds from the
l-.gyptlau reserve to meet the expenses
or the expedition. Tfie expedition was
not a defensive hut an offensive act.
Mayor-l.lect lluiley Said to Have Decided
on the Appointment. .
It was reported on good authority
last n I, tf lit thut Mayor-elect Ruiley has
decided on the following appointments:
Chief of police. Captain Frank Itubllng.
Captain of p , .mini FlUslmmon.
Street commissioner, James fuller.
Mr. lluiley refuses to make known his
pluns but there Is nevertheless every
reason to believe that the above have
been decided upon.
The name of A. P. lied ford lias been
mentioned frequently of lute as u chief -of
-police possibility but nmong the
lieinocratle leaders the general impres
sion Is that the berth will be tendered
to Air. Uobling.
It Appears That Nobody Is Anxious for
Ills Arrest.
After waiting until noon yesterday
for the Plttston authorities to signify
their desire to possess Z. V. Whltbeck,
who gave himself up on the duy pre
vious. Chief Simpson turned him loose
and told him to go his way.
Whitbeck heard thut his wife in Pltts
ton had preferred charges of inliiiclity
or something' of that nature against him
and that a warrant was out lor his
arrest. To show his readiness to an
swer her accusations nnd to relieve him
self of the worrimcnt. occasioned by
the constant expectation of u visit from
the police, he gave himself up.
. When Chief Simpson wired the Pitts
ton utithorlilfs of Whitbeck's uction
they answered that they would send
after him. They fulled to do so up to
noon and as he wus tin expense to the
city the chief concluded to turn him
tiiosi: in: aiin; HI us.
llullding Committee Considers tho pro
posals Last Nicht.
The building committee of the board
of contiol met lust night to consider
the bids for hen ting nml venl Hating new
Xo. in school building. Their is u
npiiiteii rivalry for the souring of the
contract and us a coiisciiiciicc the rep
resciitailves of the various firms which
have sent in bids were present to urge
their claims.
The coinm'ttee gave them nil a hear
ing ami then went Into executive ses
sion. They refused to divulge the re
nult.of their deliberations.
Special Commission I hot Is framing It
Meets Again Last Night,
Health Offlcer W. K. Allen, ltullillnr
Inspector John Nelson, M. T. llowley,
muster plumber, und Architect F. L.
lironn, the commission engaged in
forming the new sanitary code, held
their second session last evening In the
building inspector's office, In the city
Much was accomplished towards the
completion of their task but they report
that the work is only well begun. It
will require many more meetings to get
their report in shaue for presentation
to the board of health.
Piled in .Siipcrvisorship Contest in l.aeka -nunnn
Attorneys Donahue nnd Donovan filed
a supplementary petition yesterday In
the contest against the election of Wil
liam H. Fern over Patrick Coyne by six
votes for supervisor of Lackawanna
It specifies that there were Kill Illegal
votes cast at the recent election and
they were d.vided among the districts
as follows: Northeast district. 40 votes;
Kust district. 3 votes; South district. 10
votes: Southwest district. 10 votes:
ft West district, 40 votes,
'VVe have now opened
our second spring stock
and will only say that the
Js sufficient proof of IU
popularity and a guaran
tee of the excellence of tha
goods In s tyle, quality and
finish, -as well as
We solicit your inspec
tion. Muslin gowns, trimmed with Insertion I
ami cambric rutlle,
1 69 CentJ
Muslin gowns, tucked and Embroid
ered eollur and cuffs,
75 Cents
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yoke, embroidered collar,
, 89 Cents
Cambric gown, tucked yoke, embrold-
ereu couur ana cutis,
Sacque gowns, embroidered front, col
lar and cutis.
Cambric Sacque gowns, embroidered
una ruined eollur and cutis,
The Mclba gown, square reck and
emuromereu rume,
Extra super Nainsook gowns, bishop
siieeve, rujlled und embroidered col"
Elegant gowns with lace and embroid
ery trimming . ii.M, 1 and up to 17 acn.
Also a line of extra size guu, 17 und
Very superior line of umbrella iklrt
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Drawers from 2Kc. to $3 per pair. Corset
covers, Uc, lm-. is", and up to iSi". each.
Children's gowns, sizes I up to 9; chil
dren's drawers, slsses, 1 up to ! child's
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Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs.
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the prettiest, inexpensive,
Easter Gifts in u
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. : : I
Thought to Have llcon Identified with
Knnkmakcr Swindle.
Chicago. March 19. William H. Mc
Nutt. the most notorious wire taps?r
in the I'nited States, was arrested at
noon today In the Brevoort house on
suspicion of being implicated In tha
sensational wire tupping case at New
Orleans last Hnnday. This was the case
In which bookmakrrs all oyer tha
country"-were hit for $irrfi.00t on tha
substitution of ltoyal Nettle for Plug-,
as winner.
McNutt was lin ked up In the central
station but was not booked. He claims
he hud nothing to do with the wlra
tapping, but he knew all about It.
Kwnrect Stai