The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 27, 1896, Page 4, Image 4

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Ct (hcxanton CtiBune
Mi Weekly. Io Sunday Edition.
foUhM M ealan. ay Ta IWuM M-
llakluf Company,
law Vert Mw TribuM BullAlag, TnwK a
Saty, Muwt,
C. P. RINMBURV. h eaa Oiti-k Mm.
K. M. HIPPLC. ene Taaaa.
UVT S. niCMAHO. Imwt
W. eY. DAVIS. Mihhir
w. w. vounaa, .
i At m fottoiaioB at acKAirrar ..
Tiftce Ia leeotnlied Journal fcr idw
(Mm intee Ta kwinw Tmiaum m the et
MWMM Mttn la Nortbaaaeera Feaneylva.
aaav. TriiiMa'UrkMn
financial machinery of the government
Its iieces.sury lubrication.
No eaus In ever benefited lijr Inces
sant unil Injudicious chumplnnsmp
To win there must bo discretion us w
h vulor. The live id pulillcau hIIv
senators have shown that they are pi
sensed of no better quality thnn that
stupid stubbornness, and the revelull
will Inevltublv cause u sacrifice
their uoVer. Influence and prestige.
They tu-e silver's fool friends, any one
of whom can safely be depended upon to
do It moredamaee In a minute of Idiotic
eal than can be repaired by months
of patient endeavor by a whole regi
ment of blmetalllsts not yet gone daft.
JTa Winir Taiavitc, Imtd T.vrrr gaturdar.
item Twelve Henaeome nwn. whu bu
. i.m Fiction, and WlV Edited Miseel
Wmm Tkiaa Wko Duinot Tmli. TUB DAILY
Tauauaa, the Weekly la Kccommuidad aa the
I Taoaaa Is aw Rale Dally (t tba D, L. and W
autloa el Hohokaa.
Tli Tribuna U tha only Republican
dally la Lackawaana Couaty.
0o tha Republican electors of Pennsylva
nia. The RepubllranH of Pennsylvania, by
their duly chosen representatives, will
meet In slate convention Thursday, April
23. ISSHi, ut 10 o'clock a. in.. In the opera
house, city of Harrlsburs, for the pur
pow of nominating two candidates for
representutlve-ot-luiue in congress ami
thirty-two candlilates for presidential
electors, the selection of eight delegates-at-lurxe
to the Kepubllcan nallonal con
vention, and tor the transaction of nuch
other business as may be presented.
Xty order of tho stats comniltt-je.
Al. 8. sjuitr.
Attest:- Cha'niinn.
Jere B. R?r.
W. K. Andr.'7,
One of these fine morning, unless
En gland has a care, the world will
awaken to read with Its coffee at break
fast of the establishment of a new re-J.ubllc-the
United HtatfM of South
Africa. That saim? Cecil Khodes Is a
man not to be trilled with.
Democracy's Last Card.
The latest political Rosslp from
Washington, on the Democratic side, Is
ti the effect that President Cleveland
la withholding executive Intervention
between Spain and Cuba until shortly
before the Democratic national conven
tion, when he will play for high stnkes
by an earnest appeal to the overwhelming-
sentiment of sympathy In this coun
trv for the Cuban cause. In case he
shall decide not to be a candidate for
renotnluation, the administration man
tip -will be transferred to Olney or Car
lisle, and the presidential battle will be
waged with Cleveland doing his level
best to rally all the Jingoes to the Dein
oeraev's standard.
7 -
This story lias enougn eiemenis m
plausibility to be accepted as approxi
mately true. We do not think that Mr.
Cleveland would be above playing1 to
the eallerlea. The man who could ed
die patronage as he peddled It when
making the light a year and a half ago
.. vtnntil nf th Sherman net: who
could throw the whole power of 'the
presidential office, postoftlces, district
attorneyships, collectorshlpa and all,
Into the scales In a contest of the execu
tlvo against the co-ordinate legislative
branch of the government, as Cleveland
has done on more than one occasion,
need by no means be regarded ns too
pure a patriot or too lofty a partlan to
turn foreign pyrotechnics to political
account. We are aware there Is an lm
nresslon among many peoplo that Mr.
Cleveland Is a cherubic Innocent In
1 ties, who Is daily saved from po
lltU ul annihilation only by virtue of an
unbondlne. iron will, and a blunt hon
esty which by its sheer momentum
sweeps opposition before It. let we
resrnrd this Cleveland art an Ideal crea
ture, existing chiefly In the people's
tickled imagination, whereas the real
drover, as Henry Watterson says. Is a
man who knows the game of politics
HIca tha rambler knows his cards, and
whan in a tight place doesn't hesitate
.to make bold and daring plays that
fcowever unlike politics they may su
perflclally look, are. In reality the
shrewdeit politics. '
The trouble with the present project
however, la that the people are already
wall Informed .as -to the..status of. the
Cuban revolution, and will wonder why
a presidential recognition of the Cubans
rood next Mav or June should not have
been equally opportune the preceding
February. Any attempt to mane po
littoat rnnltal out of Cuba will fall be
xnuao. from the nature of the situation,
Us motive must necessarily be appar
ent. For Cuba's sake we shall be glad
to get even an eleventh-hour word of
cheer from Orover Cleveland, the friend
nf written monarchy In Hawaii: but If
delayed until then the word which he
shall speak will be bereft of political
significance, and will only lllustratethe
desperation of Democracy a case.
It Is very evident that Spain's great
eat. fear In Cuba Is that the war cor
respondents will get a chance to tell
tho truth.
Silver's Fool Friends.
In consequence of their refusal to
vote for the Dlngley revenue bill unless
It -were amended so as to provide for
the Independent free coinage of silver,
the, free . silver . Republican, senators,
Cannon, of Utah; Carter and Mantle,
of Montana; Dubois, of Idaho, tond Tel
ler, of Colorado, have caused the defeat
of that measure and have assumed de
liberately the full responsibility of
whatever crises may result through the
Insufficiency of the government's rev
enues to pay current expenses.
These men assume to be actuated by
fidelity to the cause of free silver coin
age. Rut their action Is that 'of ene
mies of silver, who would by Ill-timed
obstinacy and general contrariness, lose
for It the favor of all fairmlnded but
hitherto' neutral 'observers. . These five
senators might as well refuse to draw
their salaries because free coinage Is
not tha taw of the land aa to make that
tho basis of their refusal toIve tha
: of
Attorney General McCormlck has
made a rullnir in the Cambria iron
company store case to the effect that
there is no sense in his beginning a
nrosecutlon under the anti-company
store law when It is evident In advance
that the case wtmld not be sustained
In court. The onlnlon Is in effect that
that law was a bit of buncombe pur
posely framed so as to permit the pass
age throutrh It of a coach-and-slx; and
we guess that Is not far from the real
The Future of the Booths.
It la to be hoped that Balllngton
and Mrs. Booth will yet be persuaded
to undertake a plan of evangelistic
work In this country along the lines of
the Salvation Army with the faults of
that organization left out. To regret
that the recent unpleasantness In the
army should ever have occurred Is no
longer fruitful. The fact has appeared;
let the best be made of it.
In a comparatively brief season the
Salvation Army, at first glance seem
ingly crude, dissonant and suggestive
alike of buffoonery and Irreverence, has
won general recognition ns an actual
and positive agency for good. line
conventional Christianity sat back and
sighed at urban vloe. poverty and social
degradation, fearing to soil Its skirts In
close contact, the followers of the
Hnoths. however noisily, roughly and
with theatric-affectation, carried the
buttle of the Cross Into the Yieglected
slums, and wrought where others had
halted. The results of their campaign
ing everywhere spenk for themselves.
No longer Is the opinion of conventional
Christianity sarcastic and critical. It
hus literally been shamed by these poor
uriny folk Into getting down to the level
of Its illvlnely appointed work.
To Hulllngton Booth and his noble
wife belong much t the credit for this
nllirmatlve temporal triumph. They
supplied the brains which prudently
planned the campaign; und without
their wise counsel the army will surely
fall into decline. The circumstances of
their dismissal do not leave much hope
that they will be recalled and re-lnstat
ed. The chances) are against that. Hut
it Is Impossible to believe that they will
long Vie permitted to hide their talents
under a. bushel, or that the public Is to
be nmde the loser because the elder
Booth of a sudden grew unworthily
jealous) of his ablest son.
Some one has raised the point that
Major McKlnley I a Methodist, Gener-
al Harrison and Senator Allison Pres
byterians, Governor Morton nn Kplsco-
pallan und Thomas B. Reed an agnos
tic. Where shall wo place Senator
Reaping the Fruits.
According to the testimony of Samuel
W. Allei-ton, the Chicago packer, dellv
ered a day or two ago before the sub
committee of the house ways and
means committee which is investigat
ing the benefits of the reciprocity poll
cy and the effect upon trade of revok
lug the commercial agreements which
were made with Germany, Austria,
Brazil, Spain and other countries ilur
ing the Harrison administration, the
repeal of the reciprocity arrangements
has cost the cattle trade 6(K,000 head of
stock per year in the quantity of lis
exports and a shrinkage of at least fl.&O
per KM) pounds in the price. This is
simply one Item. There are others.
The Wilson bill has cost in many
other ways. It has been estimated that
its net damage to the country Is great
er than twice the cost of tho civil war.
This cannot be proved, but It is prob
nbly true. One thing at least Is certain.
It lias cost a great deal In the way of
deficits. The following table shows the
national receipts- und expenditures by
months since the .Wilson law became
Kx pen
Receipts, illtures.
L-2.1'I.-.'L'.H p,xa.w
, l.l;fl.L'io X!.7i:t,o:w
IMll.-lltf 2S.477.1HSI
l,Sjti.t:iti ':7,l.'i,460
!!.'. I . 474
' Z8.r,2.tM
$7.701 .7.19
lii.f.xu.ttt) I! :t.ii2.44:
1M.MII,IIU3 U.47X.&3
02.Km.lK4 3,tiCj,',3
2i.sju.4xi I :i.;i:?.m
:l4..Vl3.42ri (
27.IH9.2S3 1,212.7)111
2T..K14.317 II 47I.O
29,237.r,70 32,090,830 3.4.r.9.1.'i0
October ...
pecember .
lsW, .
January ...
February .
Heptember ,
October ...
December .
January ..
Totals (429.323.353 $ri02,4S7.C3OS74,104,290
Surplus. Net deficit
It will-be seen that the seven months
of the fiscal year Bhow a deficit of 120,
000,000. Mr. Carlisle estimated a deficit
for the fiscal year of about $17,000,000
The first seventeen months of the Mc
Klnley law brought a surplus of $26,-
016,198. The first seventeen months of
the Wilson law have pro'duced a deficit
of $74, 164, 296. Can we wonder that
people long for Republican restoration
Technically, the charge against Dr.
Jameson is that he warred against a
friendly state; in reality, the charge is
that he did not win.
Not Worth the Powder.
Senator Garfield, of Ohio, a son of the
late president, has undertaken, so far
as the Buckeye state is concerned, to
arrest the swelling tide of collegiate de
grees which are being so lndlscrlmi
nately conferred, usually for a consid
eration, by the Increasing number of
small-fry colleges that dot the hillsides
and punctuate the plains. He has In
troduced a bill providing for the crea
tion of a state college and university
council of ten members, appointed by
the governor, which shall pass upon the
fitness of each college to confer de
No doubt the senator's Intention is
excellent; but is the game worth the
powder? A collegiate degree unsus
tained by merit is at best a harmless bit
of nonsense. The man who has enough
brains to win a degree by. honest
scholarship generally has enough to
arry him through life independent of
adventitious ulds and secure against
the competition of quatii; doctors of law
and of philosophy. No doubt u well
earned title Is a prize worth keeping for
those who deserve It; but after all. the
main thiim Is the ability, of which
such a title is merely a symbol.
Able men do not need titles. They do
hot need to worry us to whether titles
are cheap or dear. They can stand on
their own feet, though the woods were
full of alleged scholars -made so only
by the grace of college faculties. '
That McKlnley will lead at St. Louis,
on the first ballot. Is conceded. But
the real question, after all, is, who will
lead on the last one? ,
Encouragement for Crime.
One of the strong notes in Theodore
Roosevelt's eloquent address at Chi
cago on Washington's birthday was
Founded In discouragement of the
maudlin sympathy" which society is
wont to bestow upon the clever crim
inal. "Nothing," said he, "Is mere re
pulsive In our public life than the
tendency to deify mere 'smartness'
that is, the tehdency to treat a cer
tain kind of intellectual acuteness as
In Itself admirable, even though ut
terly divorced from honest: and mor
ality.. A self-respective community, a
community quick with the spirit of
stalwart honesty, will regard the clev
er criminal w'th even more abhorrence
than the stupid criminal, and will war
upon -him relentlessly,"
The point Is emphatically re-stated
by the Chicago Tlmea-ilerald when It
says: "There has been In times past
too much hero worship of criminals.
Murderers and highwaymen are no
sooner arrested and put upon trial tliun
they find themselves the center of pop
ular admiration and attraction. Weak
and silly, men and women llock to the
court rooms and the Jails bearing pres
ents of flowers and food. The enorm
ity -uf the crime is lost sight of in nil
this adulation, and even when punish
ment Is inflicted It has been so long de
layed that It no longer has a deterrent
effect. For all this society must bear
the blame, und until criminals cease to
be heroes the community must suffer
from epidemics of crime."
What would Mr. Roosevelt and the
editor of our esteemed Chicago con
temporary think If they should learn
that In the great commonwealth of
Pennsylvania there Is an olllclnl Instl
tutlon known as the Board of Pardons
which literally makes a business of
turning convicted criminals loose on
the community, murderers preferred 7
Richard Binder Is a name that Phila
delphia ought to hand down to posterity
along with that of rare Ben Franklin.
Binder owns a number of barber shops,
and in these shops he has posted signs
saying that employes who are caught
accepting tips will be discharged. There
can be no doubt about it the need of
the century Is a tlpless and a tulltlcss
shave. .
Americans will be glud to learn that
President Crespo and the Venezuelan
government appreciate the stand we
took In support of the Monroe doctrine.
our Uncle Samuel may be a trllle
dense In his present adjustment of do
nestle affuirs, but his foreign policy,
under Olney, has been "up to the limit,
as Chlminle Fadden would say.
The sultan's special commission has
made Its report on the Armenian mas
sacres, and finds that the Armenians
were wholly to blame. It seems that
they exhibited a most disloyal unwil
lingness to being wantonly outraged
and butchered,
From the Montrose Sentinel.
The prlng elections In the state of
i-eiinsyivanlu liavo now pussed Into his
tory and unothur step in the onward
march of triumphant Republicanism Is re-
conleU. There were several contests.
however, in important cities through tho
state, where Republican munielpul gov
ernments were replaced by Deinoorats
from thesecontcsts the Republicans should
draw a lesson. These, local Democratic.
victories are of but little political slgnid
ranee and other years would be of no
real Importance, but In such a yettr aa
this when the Republican party Is to
once mure wage fierce buttle for uuprein
ni'y in the nation over the common enemy
It is certainly unfortunate 'ami ren t
table that through the bitter differences
between factions of the Republican puity
the Democrats are given even temporal y
control cl city governments.
Factionalism in political purtles seem to
lie necessary adjuncts to political life
and when all differences la the party are
tinned ut the primaries, 'then, porhups,
factionalism Is not unhealthful to the 'tur
fy; but when, us has been the case In fey.
erul Instance'" this year, these differences
ure carried to the polls and the cjndi
dates of the party betrayed by a faction
unsuccessful ut the primaries, the fam
My quarrel has been carried too far. and
the success of the party in the futurces
endungereih': It may all be well enough
for traitorous factions. Who lust Tuesday
succeeded In defeating their patty, to
gloat over their achievement, provided
that their rejoicings be of short duration,
the shorter the belter.
The duty of the hour Is for all faction
alism to be laid aside and for all of us to
rememberthat above and beyond any mere
faction we are Republicans and as such,
we must now "get together" and prepare
for "a long pull for Republican restora.
lion in every branch of the national gov
ernment. Let i's make this the greatest
Republican year of all hiory. It can l'C
done and our faith is strong that it will
be done, through the harmonious co-oper
ation of al) true and loyal Republicans.
From the Chicago Record.
Colonel A. K. McClitre, the venerable
and eloquent editor of the Philadelphia
Times, who Is a Democrat, but knows
pretty much all that Is going on in Penn
sylvania, talks in the same way. He
thinks that Mr. Quay had a great deal of
solid encouragement from other states
before he consented to have his name
used, and that there will be a great sur
prise nt the St. 1.0'tis convention when
his strength Is disclosed. Said he: "1
think every one will give Colonel Quay
credit for being, a shrewd politician.
think he is the shrewdest politician In
the I'nited States, and he is a very much
bigger man than most people suppose,
He Is a student and a scholar, a lover
of good books and he owns the best prl
vate library In Pennsylvania. Tha world
has seen very little of that side of his
charcter. He Is a silent man, with a se
cretive disposition, cool-headed, far
sighted, and has remarkable executive
ability as well aa polltcal shrewdness,
Colonel Quay would have made a great
general if fate had thrown him Into a
war, and, there being nothing lert ror mm
to undertake but politics, he has. been
equally successful In that line."
"Is he In earnest?"
"Yes, I think he Is in earnest. I think
he wants to be presla-nt and that ne oe
Ueves this to be the year. He has been as
railed as bitterly as uny man In Ainc il
ea. i po!l:!ot-as Utterly ui Grant but
Justly or unjustly b .a.turi:y desires h
vindication, and wLtit w'i! be .nuiO'.if a
vinilleatlun than to til lu the presidential
From the I'hiladeloh'U Huiljtln.
file attent'ous vxhlih tile secretary of
the treasury Is receiving ill New York
have suc.iicyt.'d the humca of a I'ar'lslj
pretddt'titlul boom. A-el vet theie ha.
been no victim f ihe secjnd advent of
I'levi Li-id who lies fallen no low un 1
wietchedly in public repute us this oiev
honored ran of Kentucky. John U. Cai
llsla li now o:io of the last m?n In
tho ccuntry wh.i.n i.iost men think -'i-
ously of evtr seeing In tho white house.
In mental power be Is the ablest Demo
crat In uetlve public life; but In ropa.'l'y
for public business he has been the most
signal failure It has yet produced. ,ir.
Cnrli.-le may live to be a very old man.
bet he will not llvo Ions enough to w'pe
out from the recollection of his country
men the nightmare of his administration
as secretary of the treasury.
One day at a dinner with some news
paper acquaintances the wulter brought
raw oysters. One of the company sug
gest!', whisky und the whisky whs
brought. "I can't rat raw oysters and
drink whisky," said Mr. Nye. "1 onto
did It cut west. Tho liquor baked the
bivalves and 1 was s'.clt for a week."
Well." said t'harlee H. Hoyt. who was
at thj table, "hurry up and do one .r
the other."
Nye looked nt tho oysters. Then he
looked at the whisky. "Waiter," he said.
'take away the oyrters.
From the Wilkes-Jlarre News-Deuler.
A great many politicians thbilt Con
gressman Seruntoii. by Ids courts In the
Scrunton municlpul election, killed him
self politically. We nre not so sure of
thut. The Democrats of l.a.ka annu
county mny be Induced to put up a "dum
my" candidate for congrey tie' coining
full, and sacrifice blrn in Scninton's Inter
est. The conirresf.mun from the 'Tv If th
district Is wily und has had considerable
experience In fixing combinations favora
ble to himself.
From the Wllkes-Harre Times.
If the l'errlne comet, which Is speed
ing toward the earl h at the rate of l.U0,i)K)
miles u day. Isn't particular wh-re It
strikes, we beg leave to suggest Wilkes-
Hurre. Scrnnton Tribune.
If that comet should ever strike this
city our solidity Is such that the thing
would be knocked Into smithereens.
From the Carbondale Herald.
Dr. Rothroek's lecture last week in
Scrunton ought to arouse Interest In Mils
section In the preservation of our forests.
With every natural advantage the towns
of Lackawanna ought to be surrounded by
groves of maple, hemlock and beacn.
Dally lloroseopo Drawn by AJncohn Tha
Tribune Astrologer.
Astrolabe cast: 3.U a. in., for Thursday,
Feb. 27. 1SH0.
A child born on this day will notice
that when ex-Deputy Burke smiles the
face of Collector Herring wears an expres
sion of Woe.
The problem of providing a policeman's
star for each of the patriots wno paruaea
on the South Side the other night will dis
turb Mr. Bailey's slumbers for some time
A "snell" has been cast upon a Wilkes.
Burro cow und tho uiiinml refuses to give
milk. The Republican cow or tnis cuy
seems to have been fixed In the same man
ner, nnd there Is u suspicion that Uncle
Joe Is tho hoodoo.
Oil that stills the troubled waters down
at the cooking school will hereafter need
to be pure olive.
Aioccluis' Advice.
Do not get married on 'the strength of
Mrs. ltorer's a.sertlon that ." a week
will feed six persons. Better Hint open a
boarding bouse and become wealthy.
131 AND !33 N. Wf SHlXGTON WE. '
ill PL
For Permanent Decoration.
Also a fine line of Jardinieres.
i rn o'i
Advance Styles now daily arriving. We have taken
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fulness, workmanship and materials. You will find
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Dress Trimmings and Buttons.
Just opened a great many Novelties which aro
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Every Street Car Stops at the Door.
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