The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 25, 1896, Page 6, Image 6

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.it, mm
Kim in
top J right, ISM, by Baeheller, Johnson anl BacTutUsn
Henry Markham, SI. r.. vlnitn the
country house of hi political friend, Sir
Uortre Howard. He brings his secretary
Mr. John Warrington, with him, a the
latter Is Informed aa 'to the subject of their
con t rence. and Is also wrttlutr a book on
bimetallism for Sir. Slarkham to sign. He
ulo holds views as & socialist. He be
comes unpopular In the house, especially
with -Miss Marlon Howard and the oung
people. Some of the boys bribe a rultiuu
to Ick a quarrel with Warrington, who
. ares the man off with a pipe case maa
uueraditiK as a revolver. Miss Howard in
mu eh amused at this, but resents War
i lug ton's Indifference to her. One dky lie
works later tliun usual in (hu study and
l:e tlnds him there while on her househuU
rounds. She Is very prettily dressed. atH
he thanks her fur opmlng- in. She takes
lilin tor timimiutlng that she hua come
to exhibit heraeir. He denies this, n.i a
further mildness prevails.
At last the lmok was finished. Mr.
Markham wus dcliirhted with the tone
nil argument, and signed his name
thereto with a flourish and without
noticing his secretary's look of quiet
contempt. Sllss Howard was Indignant
when she heurd of this: though the sl
nature really iiieuut much, InclinliiiK a
publisher. She bluined Mr. Murkliuiu
more' or less; lull WurriiiKtxii'x conduct
wus Inexcusable. He htid no spirit, she
told lilm. He replied thut It vnn Im
possible fur her to see the mutter from
Mis Howard Veil Kxliaustai Into Hi
liin point of view, that of a man who
hud to work for his UvIiik. and that she
cuuUt not Krasp the complex Influences
in work In such a mean scheme of ex
istence. She left him with unaffected
Mr. .Marklium's visit was nearly over.
The lust evening htid come. A lance
ykuttntt party lind been Iniprovlstd.
All the guests except the secretary,
were on the Ice: a hike live miles over a
lonely moor. WurriiiRton wciu there,
too, but only to look on. He did not
care lo Join the skaters. They did not
care either. One, perhups but that
vim Id anticipate. As the evening; ad
vanced mow beiran to full. It cunie
Kently at Hist and the skaters enjoyed
It. It made them white and pictur
esque. It dulled the sharp ring of their
skates Into a mu tiled rumble us they
sped over the fast coatinK Ice, It clung
in ilHIiihtful little frosty filaments to
The eyelashes of the girls and whitened
the mustaches of the men. It was
(.'land. Then the snow king changed
hia mind suddenly. He sent forth his
tempest n ft moment. The little fleecy
tlakelets we're followed by blinding
drifts. Darkness covered the land and
nn Inibetitiable ' (niowfall tln skaters.
JiacliiK blindly for the lake shore they
found bank here and there In detached
Kioupn; sometimes three or four to
gether, hand-ln-hand; often one by one,
blinded, dazed, demoralized.
The secretary sat on a tree-stump by
the bank and watched, careless of his
snowy Jacket. The thing interested
him nothing,, wore. He told hlmxelf
that lie dl'il "not" care a straw If the
whole party, man. woman and child,
pei-lslied i'li "tile? drifts. Still he wait
ed persistently. He did not tell himself
for what. At last he arose. Just then
the muffled hum of a pair of skates
sounded far out on the ice. The sound
waxed louder and fainter alternately.
I.Ike the traveler in a primeval forest
who had lost his way, this skater was
moving In a circle. Let him circle
there till he perished. She must be
now well on the way to the castle. Hut
duty! Warrington put his two hands
to his mouth and sent a deafening shout
across tho Ice.- A faint cry answered
back. He shouted again to Indicate the
direction. Then he heard the sound
of skates plowing through the deepen
ing sniiw straight for him. The sound
swerved to the right.
'Tills way." Warrington roared from
the shore. "This way hang you:
In ten seconds Sllss Howard fell ex
hausted Into his arms. It was Impos
Klble to keep the snow off her. He
could only walcuntil she had recovered
breath, and theu without a word of
apology he took her up in his arms
and carried her Into the partial shel
ter of a belt of underwood. The cold
became Intense. Warrington soon now
t hat . before she had even recovered
strength the girl's circulation was run
ning- down. She must be kept niovliftj
or she would freeze to death. She vvus
already half asleep. Fortunately he had
a small flask of brandy that the house
keeper at the 'Cast le. who tool: pity on
htm. "he seemed bo loneHome," had
pressed upon him when he started.
Jle forced Some drops into the frill's
Hps lind. when she partly revived, said,
"Now. then! March!"
"I cannot move a step. I am faint.
J cannot breathe! This awful snow!"
He shook her roughtly. She would
not Btlr. He hardened his heart and
struck her In the face with his onen
hands. She only moaned and hid her
head upon his shoulder. He tried to
cover, her from the awful downfall,
which momentarily Increased. Then,
Instantly Relieved
And Speedily Cured by
A warm bath with CUTICUR A SO A Pi
ind a single application of CUTICURA,
(ointment), will afford Instant relief, per
mit rest and sleep, and point to a speedy,
permanent cure of the most distressing of
itching and burninr skin and scab diseases.
after all other methods fail .
SM snafbMt BM world. 77"V
arlaaa etaali t. Xawiaar a lV J
Owe, l.Klag SawML,Laa- J r J
eaa. rurraa JkuaiaeCaaa. J .
Com ,MTnm .wsm.Vjla i
failing in this, he burst out passionate
ly: "Listen to me. Where are your
friends gone? Why have they deserted
you? (They had not really missed
her). Do you hear me? I am going to
stand by you. And won't you even try
to move?"
"I cannot, save yourself," she
"No; I am not that sort. Now, then!"
He raised her In his arms and stolid
ly plodded through the tuiow. tie had
tramped thut way often and knew it
Well. But the snow was terrible. Down
it came, thlukeniug every minute. It
beat htm soon. He was knee-deep In it
and he wus off the track. When he
discovered this by the- uneven footing
underneath the deep coating he stop
ped. Warrington was no coward. But
his heart failed litin. He was physi
cally incapable of carrying the girl
farther. No shelter was near. The
girl herself was absolutely exhausted,
lie appealed to her again:
"tVuld you not try to walk a bit
Ject to rest me. I tan .! no more. Io
"What's the Rood of trying?" she an
swered feebly. "It Is Impossible. Why
don't you leave nie? I want to sleep.
1 want to die."
"That's where the trouble Is. I don't
want you to die."
He drank some brandy. The snowfall
only changed for the worse. It came
down with a force thut had actual
weight In It. He staggered doggedly
on. Once he fell heavily. The relief
from the cutting wind was delightful.
The snow was soft. 1 1 was a downy
pillow ami to rest Just for a single
moment! He struggled to his feet and
clinched his teeth In desperation. Again
he struggled fonjyard. Some shelter
must be at hand some hel! must be
neur. If neither one nor other well he
could tnke a leaf from the book of the
dainty little patrician he carried in his
weary democratic arms. He too could
die game. And so; forward! The snow
was worse than ever. The girl by a
great effort aroused herself and said:
"You have done enough, too much. T
am sorry I have not tiuite understood
you. I know you now. Cod bless you.
Save yourself. 1 asked you before."
"I will not save myself." he cried
hysterically, "i will not leave you. I
will tight on."
But he wus dead bent. The girl flung
herself from his arms, saying: "To
gether then." Hampered by her dress
the exertion of forcing her way through
the drifts was terrible. Ills courage
gave her strength. The end came soon.
They faced each other silently; each
waiting for the other to speak. Then
the man said quietly:
"The snow must be clearing off or we
are in the lee of something some shel
ter." "Oocl grant It." salil the woman. 'I
noticed it, but feared it might not be
They could not see a yard ahead. An
other effort then! After a few steps
they were brought up by a wall. It
must be nn outbuilding of some farm.
They found the door; they were saved
for the moment. The house, a mere
cattle shelter, wus fortunately nearly
full of hay. He twisted n firm wisp and
brushed her skirts, boots and stockings
clear of the snow. She must have per
ished If the thick coutinir had been al
lowed to thaw find drench her. He
wrapped her up In a heap of hay and In
duced her to swallow a few more drops
of the brandy. Then he Incontinently
finished the tlask himself; he needed it
doing to the open doorway of the shel
ter he stood on guard.
As the night wore away the snow
gradually ceased. The moon at last
shone out. To his surprise Warrington
recognized the locality a hillside half
way between the castle and the rectory
where Miss Howard's married sister
lived. She was asleep when he went to
her. He awoke her gently. She was
now well rested and almost strong.
"So we can get back to the castle be
fore daybreak?" she asked, anxiously.
"No," he answered. "We can make
the rectory not the castle.
Why not the castle?"
"There are ai ions reasons," he said
She would not argue with him: he
had saved her life. They started for
the rectory, and now that they had suf
ficient light to avoid the deeper drifts,
reached their destination without much
dlfllcnlty. They rarely spoke during the
"Not that way." Warrington Inter-
nosed sharply, as Miss Howard was i
making for the halll door of the rectory.
He wrapped his handkerchief round his
tight hand and broke, the glass of a
"To Come Hack Tomorrow I'or "
ground-floor window. "This will serve
better," he said, us he unfastened the
clasp and threw up the sash. "Let me
help you." He took the girl up in his
strong arms and set her In the room.
The wind was rising: the fitful moon
light failed: snow began to fall again.
"Good night," he said Boftly; "and I
hope you wont be anything the
worse " j
She seized his outstretc-hed hand and
held it fast. "Where are you going?"
"Going! O. going, in the llrst place,
to lose myself in the snow again."
"For what purpose?"
"So that, don't you see? when I find
my way again I will be at the castle,
you here. That that cattle-shelter
business Is all a myth. I say so who
should know. You see now?"
There was a pause, and then the girl
said with a slight sob:
"You are sure you will find your way
to the castle?"
"O. yes, sure enough, and not very
particular whether I do or not."
"You must be not only particular, but
certain. Klse "
"Klse what?"
"I go with you. I know what it
means, but I will go unless you prom
ise to find the way to the castle, and"
"How much more?"
"To come back tomorrow for "
She kissed him on the Hps. He forgot
the piercing cold, the merciless snow.
He took her little perished face In his
benumbed hands and drew It close to
him again.
"Do you mean it?" he asked, In a
trembling voice.
"Yes. with all my heart."
"Then 1 promise."
He tnred from her and set his face
against the storm. Soon he pussed out
or tier sight Into the snow.
"He will come tomorrow," she said
in u low, happy voice.
(The End.)
A meeting of the bituminous coal
Oerators will be held In Philadelphia
on Feb. 25 to try and agree upon some
plan by which the production can be
curtailed ami prices maintained. The
change In the officers of the Consoli
dation Coal company has somewhat up
set the plana of the oprators, as it
is not known how the new officers
stand in the matter. C. F. Mayer, the
ex-president of the company, waa in
favor of a plan for uniting the trade
and It Is thought that the new officers
will be of the same Inclination. The
Seaboard association, which has been
a part of the bituminous coal trade for
a number of years, is likely to soon
pass out of existence, and a new one
Inaugurated in Its place. The opera
tors are very anxious to have some
thing; done, as the time for making the
yearly contracts Is growing near. The
railroad companies are considering a
proposition to advance the freight rates
on bituminous coal, and a movement
is on foot to advance the miners' wages
from 0 to 10 cents a ton.
At the annual meeting nf the Lehigh
and Wilkes-liaire Coal company, held
in Philadelphia. Thursday, the follow
ing ticket wus elected: President. J
Hogers Maxwell: directors, George V
Baker. James A. Guiiand, Charles Hur
rlsh. Joseph S. Harris, Samuel Dickson
C. Pardee.
-:!!:- .
Philadelphia Inquirer: There seems
to be little question now that the new
anthracite coal combination will be in
estimated by the New York legislature,
and there svetns to bo less probability
of any trouble growing out of it than
out of any previous Inquiry of this kind
The motive for aggressive prosecution
Is lacking. The investigation of the
Mcl.eod deal was prompted by the im
mediate advance of 50 cents a ton in
the price of coul to consumers, a step
thut antagonized every citizen In the
Kastern stales. But the present com
bination has not been followed by any
such advance, nor will It be. The trade
will be dull for six months to come, and
no advance In prices will be made In
that period, and yet if the combination
is investigated at all it will be within
six months. Moreover, it can be read
ily be shown that the consumer will not
be damaged by the advance of SO cents
a ton for the domestic sizes that will go
into effect in the fall. He reaped but
little benefit because of the demorali
zation in the trade. The advantage of
reduced prices was nearly all secured
by the wholesale and retail dealers, the
middlemen, who were alive to the spec
illative movements of the trade and
were able to take advantage of them,
There Is really no complaint from con
sumers, and It must be admitted this Is
the weakest combination that has been
farmed in recent years. More than one
company went into it unwillingly, there
Is still much III feeling and still an in
tention on the part of some companies
to push for tonnage. All the Indira
tions point, therefore, to an attempt
that will prove Ineffectual
The annual meeting of the Lehigh
and VVilkes-ltarre Coal company was
held at the company's office, 224 South
Third street, Philadelphia. Thursday.
The reports showed that the business
done during the past year was very
profitable and encourugiug. The elet
Hon resulted as follows: President, J.
Uogers Maxwell; directors. George V
Baker. James A. Garland, Charles Par
rlsh, Joseph s. Harris, Samuel Dickson
undo. Pardee.
The Lehigh railroad has Introduced a
feature to provido for the best of sur
glcul care for persons who may be In
jured while riding upon their line, and
for the care of their employes, who
may meet with an accident while on
duty. In every station is placed a
complete surgical outfit. The equip
nient is enclosed In a small) tin case
about twelve Inches long, eight Inches
wide and live deep. Iu the box are the
following: Two long rubber bands, six
assorted muslin bandages, five yards
sublimate gauze, twelve pieces of ab
sorbent lint, one ounce of stytie cotton,
one-fourth pound aborbent button, one
bottle sublimate tablets, two ounces of
bicarbonate of soda, four surgical
needles, a pair of scissors, a pair of for
ceps, a bottle of green soap, a roll of
adhesive plaster; a pyramid of pins and
six safety pins.
A new and novel system, known as
the numeral system, was Inaugurated
on the entire Lehigh Valley road. Sun
day. The new order affects all passen
ger trainmen conductors, baggage
masters and brakemen and they will
be henceforth known by numbers in
stead of by name. The conductors re
ceive the lowest numbers, the baggage
masters next higher and the brakemen
the highest. The oldest conductors are
assigned the lowest numbers, and thus
with the other trainmen. The object of
this rule is to simplify train running,
and the bookkeeping of the department.
The system originated with the Penn
sylvania railroad some years ago, but
was later abandoned. It Is now in use
on the New York Central and on some
other roads, and is said to be satisfac
tory to the roads and also to the men.
The men generally take the new or
der indifferently and as a matter of
course. They naturally make the mis
take now and then of calling co-employes
by name, but they will soon be
come accustomed to the system and call
by nnmliers mechanically.
"tired out" woman
who complains of
backache, headache,
loss of appetite, ex
treme lassitude and
tbat "don't care"
feeling is pretty sure
to be suffering from
"Female Weakness,"
tome irregularity or
derangement of the
special functions of
womanhood. Very
often womb troubles
set the nerves wild
with affright and as a
result the vnnniii nitf.
fers from sleeplessness, nervousness, nerv
ous prostration, faintneas and dizziness,
irritability and indigestion. In all cases of
irregularity or suspended monthly function
and in all those nervous diseases depend
ing upon local causes, Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription will restore you to perfect
health. Instead of the exhaustion and
feeling of weight and dragging down in the
abdomen, you feel fresh and strong. For
young girls who suffer from tm-gularilieti,
for the hard-working woman who suffer
from catarrhal inflammation of tbc lining
membranes cnusing a constant drain upon
the synteni, there is no prescription used
by any physician which can equal in re
sults Dr. Pierce's. For over thirty years
Dr. R. V. Pierce, chief consulting physi
cian to the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical
Institute of Ilufialo, N. Y., has used hia
"Favorite Prescription" in the diseases
of women which had long been his spe
cialty and in fully ninety-eight per cent
of all cases, it has permanently cured.
Mrs. John M. Coxklim, of fatttrsoH, Putnam
.v. 4. t .. wriicn ; t am
enjoying pnrrl health,
and nave been since I took
the last bottle of Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion. I took five bottles
of It. Never expected to
be any better when I com
menced taking It. but
thank God, I can soy that
I am glad it reached my
home. I had falling of
the womb, and flowing
caused by miscarriage,
and was very weak when
m ivmuicnnv iukidb; your
medicines. I waa cured ttJ
vj wKiug uvc Domes in
ftlliwn rxt IU. t..-l...
Prescription' and three Ma.Comxm.
of the Golden Medical Discovery.!"
Improved Homoeopathic Remedies
Combine the Best in
All Systems.
In the Mnst Obstinate Cases, Where
All Other Remedies Fail.
If You Are Sick Ask Your Druggist for Man.
yoa's Guide to Health -Buy 15-Cent
Munyon Remedy and Cure Yourself.
Mr. Charles Becker, manufacturer of
line cigars, at -No. 'Ml ltoblnson street
Ki't-ilntiin 1-., l I..,i-a unuiil
hundreds of dollars for my catarrh, yet
when 1 began to use Munyon's Reme
dies I found that the use of the Catarrh
LUi-e and the tablets made a perfect
cure in less than two weeks."
Alunvnki lh,,iiimitluiii i'lii'tt tini'oi'
fulls to relieve In l to 3 hours, and cures
in a rew days. Price, 23c.
Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure positively
cures ull forms of indigestion, and
Stomach trouble I'llce ':, eiil
Munyon's Catarrh Remedies positive
ly cure. Price "Tip encli.
Munyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures
iius in me DacK. loins and groins, and
uu i onus or Kiuney disease. Price, 2m
AiunyoiiH J-eniule Remedies ure a
boon to all wumen Price
Asthma Cure, with Asthma Herbs,
Munyon's Headache cure stops head
ache In three minutes, price, Sic.
Munyon's Pile Ointment cures all
forms of piles. Pi-Ice "-i cento
Munyon's illood Cure eradicates all
Impurities of the blond. Price.
Munyon's Vitalize!- restores lost pow
ers m weaK men. Price, 11.00.
A separate cure for each disease. At
an uruggists. 6c. a bottle.
Personal lettara ... PinrAua..H r..
yon. 1503 Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa.,
answered with free medical advice for
any uisease.
Manager Irwin, of New York, savs It
will not be known till the tenm returns
from Jacksonville which of tho young
players will be pluced on the Jersey team.
If any one of them develops "star" nuall-
no ue aupi wun me .Nutionul
Manager Irwin has arrange.1 the fol
lowing exhibition games for the New
York Giants: April 4. Jaspers, at New
York; ti. Jersey City, at Kergen Held; 7,
Syracuse, ut New York: 8. Jersey City, at
New York; 9, Brockton, at New York; In.
J'awtucket, at New York; 11. Princeton,
v , i-i. jersey t ny, at Aew
uu, uiHiry wrighl Day); 15, Yale, at
new TOIK.
A ba" ball authority states tlia Mun
gers Harnle and Sullivan secured tlfc
nuriioru anu New Haven franchises ill
the Atlantic league, having mi uiuler
ptamllng with President Powers that if
they turned out paying towns the clubs
would defuult Into the Kastern league
next season and strengthen the older or
ganization. That is emphatically deiiletl,
-New York World.
Says the Syracuse Post: George N.
Ktliitzseh, nianaaeil of Hie Slurs, re
turned last evening from an eight days"
trip in the south, where lie has been at
ranging dates ror exhibition gume.4. The
dates which Mr. Kuntaseh has positively
arranged are as follows: Team will report
at Halerson, N. J.. April 4. April 4 mid
ft at Paterson, April ti at Newurk, April 7
at New York with the (Hants on the Polo
grounds, Ap-iil 8 and at Philadelphia
wun tne league emu, April lit at Wash
ington. April II at Norfolk. Aoril'ia mid
It at Baltimore, April 15, li and 17 '.it,
vt urmiifrioii, April is anil l at Newark,
April 21 and ! at YVtlllumxport. April si
and 24 a tlUiaca with Cornell, April M at
Rochester. Mr. Kunlzs.h says the next
three days will be tilled with dates with
teams away from home, but near by. They
probably will be with llobart college at
Geneva, St. John's .Military academy and
and WeedsMrt. Mr. Kunt'.sch evidently
nas also received a little ugni to the ar
rangement of the Kastern league sched
ule, lie says that Syracuse will open the
season at home on May 1 with the Kuil'i
lo team. Toronto will play the opening
league game with Rochester. Williams
port at Providence ami Scranton nt
SpiiiigtielJ. Mr. Kuntsseh elso mlded
with n wicked smile that eighteen games
out of twenty-four Syracuse league games
would be played In this city.
A new field Is being opened up for Ameri
can managers and stars by the growing
demand for pood companies in Australia.
The theatrical season there opens Just
as the one In this country is closing, and
as a result, many successful enterprises
are to be taken across the I'aeltlc in the
spring. "Trilby will be the tlrst to go.
The company, headed by either Blanche
Walsh or Krtith Crane anil Inriurllnn sev
eral of the principles in A. M. Palmer's
original company, will sail from Sen Krnn
clsco on March ft. opening at the Princess
theater, Melbourne. .Mrs. Hotter anil Mr.
Uellew will follow on April 30. opening at
the Lyceum, In Sidney. "A Trip to China
town will be the first of Hoyt's comedies
to visit Australia. Probably the mnst im
portant of the Australian! engagements,
however, is that of Nat C. Goodwin, who
is booked for a season of twelve weeks.
He. with his supporting ronmanv. sail en
June . from San Francisco. He will
also open at the Lyceum theater in Sid
ney probably In "A (Hided Pool.' His
repertory will include "Thp Clold .Mine,"
Ambition and In Mlszoura.
Send S cents for sample package.
FluMUtl sT:kAMlMAl PAaMiiaAu
mora. Md.
Ccaplsiiitn Presstftf
Issisni and,' Tan, and r
Stores in aua to in orup
atl frishnass. jrroduouig a
- - and BMlthr confe
mission. inpTior to bH hwo'
tiosaistlona and .perfectly
tVualMajOf nauodlorSOcuj.
VIOLA MIN OAPJi -r ton in m a
saw pnaflH awjk mi ulil w u Mat. aat mast
SMI k iTmrr. Ua kmuiwjao; aw
sat, ManatlM, MWuena,
O. C. BITTNER A CoT,Tclibo. X
nsralaM i At "all
Bond lot Ctraola
124-126 Wyoming Ava.
Beg to announce that, in addition
to our extensive Alteration Sale,
we have placed on sale a large
shipment of choice new spring
merchandise at special low prices,
llclow we quote some of the spec
ials. Several lots of choice wash silks In the
newest designs.
Leader's Price from 21c. up,
-One lot of fancy silks, all the newest
effects, real value, lie..
leader's Price, t!)c
One lot of line Persian velvets, very
latest for trimming lind waists, .
worth Jl.W,
. Leader's Price, USc
23 pieces of new spring dress goods,
worth -lUc.
. Leader's Price, 2:1c
10 pieces of nil-wool, black serge, 4ti
Indies wide, worth -10...,
Leader's Price, 29c
All of Our Fine Novelty l)i 'ess Put
terns in Winter Weights
'ut Half Price.
11" pieces of fine dress ginghams In
dress lengths, regular iu.-. tuu)lty.
Leader's Price, 5c
25 pieces of corded dimity worth 8'ic,
Leuder's Price, 5c
23 pieces of new printed cambric, 32
inches wide, worth 9o.,
Leader's Price, (ijc
One lot of blankets, slightly soiled,
worth tJ.M,
Leader's Price, $2.4
40 Inches heavy brown muslin, worth
Leader's Price, 5c
42 inchea blea'ched pillow casing,
Leader's Price, 7Jc a yard
White outing flannel, good quality.
Leader's Price, ;lc per yard
10 pieces of extra heavy cosson flannel,
1m. quality,
Leader's Price, 10c
4-4 Hill bleached muslin.
Leader's Price, 6c
Bert Standard Piintes, .
Leader's Price, 3c per yard
Fine pparl buttons worth 10c. a dozen,
..' ' Leader's Price, 5c
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Daw Signals
Mart than btlf tbt victims of consump
tion do not know they bavt it. Hire is a list
of symptoms by which consumption can
certainly be detected :
Cough, one or two slight efforts on
rising, occurring diirinj the day and fre
quently during the night.
Short brtatbint after exertion.
Tightness of the chest.
Quick pulse, especially noticeable In th
evening and after a full meal.
'u Chilliness in the evening, followed by j
Slight fever.
Perspiration toward morning and
'Pale face and languid in the morning. 1
i, Loss of vitality.
If you have these symptoms, or any of
them, do not delay. There are many
preparations which claim to be cures, but
Dr. Rchtr Ciglish Rr4for Consumption
has the highest endorsements, and has
stood the test of years. It will arrest con
sumption in its earlier stages, and drive
away the symptoms named. It is manu
factured by the Acker Medicine Co., 16
and 18 Chambers St., New York, and sold
by all reputable druggists.
iNBALin Will can inn. A
wonderful boos to nffenn
f rem C!il, MoreThroac,
hlmia, Hrsaehllla.
or DAT FkvKB, .4 for 4
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H toc9tt.iMT to S'l on rat IndlcUon of cW.
! Vm F.stt PrsaMBf Cnra,
0fMUOBmtMtorBOny refunded. Prleo,
eta. Tnsl fr at Ilrnwlat. Harliterad mail,
Ut or by mail prapaid. Aitreu aaaboTa.
FoMlMby Matthews Bros. and John
Made a
Well Ma'.
of Me
pradaea tha sboa reialta In 30 day. It act
iwanuiiF ana quicsir. inrea won ail otaan tan
mmm aaaa will niala tbalr loat manhood, aad old
Baa will saeorar their youthful vigor by uilos
HKVlTO. It aulcsir ad auraly restores Kanoua
ass. Las Tltalltr. Imnoteas;. Klcbtly Eminaloni
Loat Powatv. Falling Memory, Waatirut Oiaeasea, and
all aflssto of saU-abuaa or aieaei and Indlacratloa.
wales tmzta on for atady, baaloaaa or narrtM. It
not only enrea ay starting at to aaaf at alaaaja, but
Is a crass tMra tonic aud blood trallitar, brlti
Ist back tna sink Blow to paia ahsaks and ra
Marina ska lira of youth, la warda off nnanitj
aad Oansuiniitloa. liultt on kiTlnc RKVIVO, so
atbar. It can ba earn ad la aaat ocet. By ntil
3 1.00 ar paokaca, or all tor S8.00, wltk a poal
tla written coaraatao to air a sof one
;tMmaaay. Circular fraa. flaws
kjjr Matthaws Bias, Bt vatglr
AO Ootaa .war with br tba usa of HAKTV
Of Inaiwdionts well-known to aJL It can bo
aapuod to tin, ralvanlssd tin, ahaat Iron
roofs, aJao to brick dweltae. which will
raront avbsolutaly any crumbling, crack
la or braaklni of the brick. It will out-
n tiinina; oi any aina ay many
and It'a east does not axoaad onavAfl
of tba ooot of tinning. Is sold by Ika
Or pound. -Contracts taken by
atMTOMXO UA&TklaJfN. aS Btrak I
TNI aitlAT S0th bay.
Superior Face Bleach
Positively Remove All Facial Blsmlshes.
m aw "a V (VOI . 1 HI
Azalea Face Pomiltr ia superior to any faca
powdur vvor iunuts tured. I aeit and com
tuemied by leadiui: y and irofassiouul
bohutiea, Lct-auMo it gives the l;rat oauibUi
ottxi-t and never leaves the akin run nil or
kcaly. 1 rire jti eenU.
ThrlxuKcne, Nature's Hair Grower, ia tlu
great'-at niiir inv Ik-orator of tlie present pro
Kremive aire, lialnu purely a vegetable com
pound, entirely liainil'M. and luarraloua in
iia beiu-ilo-iut effect. All iltai-Hhrn ot tue Hair
an la. alp are leaililv cured by the uau or
Thrixoudiie. Pries All centa ai d $1. For alu
nt M. lUtzol'a Uatr-dreaaloK and Mauirurj
farlora, Lv-kavranna ave. and No. I
iiln Buildiuir. Wilkea Barro. Mall ordora
11 1 ltd proniptlv.
tC.,aaiaia.(..xl a1,, a..
kCduli atn-iidlnif aUliutnta,
both of youajf and T'liliiH
hkvA men ana wemt-n. Ths
nnwiw wi ruiiuiuii r.iuii'ri, irvuUL'UiaT
pttm. Nervous iH liility, nightly Kmlwfons, Consumption,
cratavts OrywnauiifllUiitr ona frirtuJyt tuuilncM aud matv
riaRttlHquit-klyouredljjrlyr. l(otlrfruaiuiiiiUh Niv
;ruta. Tin. not onl cure hy ulHninr attlwuvat ofditv
up. tut araa irrtt AIltVK TONIu atJ iii.aiiii
IU ILIiKIt, brlriifltif hock tho pink mw to mU
kaba mnfi taaatm-iti dr tl.a. VlttV AtU -lalTI'ia .:. T
puiipot, Byiuil, I.hi tjfrboxor 6 far OwUthwrlt
iM guarantee fu i-iirc or rcliind monfv. Rook
fr-l wialafc ?rti ! . 08!I. Aew .W.
Iw ml by JOHN H. PTTELPB. Drn
TO our patrons:
Washburn-Croshy Co. wish to assure their many pts
rons thut they will this year hold to their usual custuaa
of milling STRICTLY OLD W11EAT until the new crop
la fully cured. New wheut is now upon the market, ana
owing to the excessively Ury weather many millers ara
of the opinion thut it is already cured, and in proper
condition for milling. WashhurnCrosby Co. will take
no risks, and will allow the new wheat fully three
months to mature before grinding.
This careful attention to every detail of milling hag
placed VshburnCropby Co.'s flour far above othaa1
Bolts, Nuts, Bolt Euds, Turnbitckles, Washer.?, Riv
ets, Horse Nails, Files, Taps, Dies, Tools and Sup
plies. Sail Duck for mine Use iu stock.
'and a full stock of Wagon Makers' Supplies, Wheels,
Hobs, Kims, bpokes, bhatts, roles, Bows, etc.
SoauMBf aafds a reilabla, aaenthlr, raamlaUsi medldse. Oolr ksmlaaa n4
i tue puxaa.cuugi aaaaia aa naea. iijiinaianmiin
;i Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Plllo
'C Tsar an prompt, taiaard certain In reran. The tesaroe (Or. Fail'i) mmr iSatpt
oolnt. oeniearwaere, ABdraaa rmataama wgw vJ.m, v.
For aala by JOHN H. PHELPS Pharmaetat, eer. Wyoming Avenw an
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Ipeelallf iiks:ed lor Heidii, ud
Conaumea tbreo (8) fcot of gas pet
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(SO) caudles.
eMvitiK at least bs pet oank i
oraioary up uuraera.
Call and Seo It.
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OAAcrrvt Barrels perAnntrd
Moosic Povdor Go,
Rooms 1 ud 1 (taeweitt mi
Lafflln A Rand Powdar Co."W
Orange Gun Powdci
Bloctrlo Batteries, rases for oxaaoaV
In blasts. Safety
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