The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, February 24, 1896, Page 6, Image 6

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Especially if they are affixed to Desirable, Fresh and Seasonable Goods, like those
we have had such an extraordinary sale on for two weeks past.
We have doubled our expectations.
For choice of about 200 Men's Winter Suits (this season's make) in Tine Worsted, Cassimeres, Tweeds and Cheviots,
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It may be of interest to you to know that the ONE"HALF PRICES, tne very lowest you've ever seen, are marked on these goods, and that
almost give-away figures are the only ones you'll find on the balance of our Winter Overcoat.
Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers
220 Lackawanna Avenue
ir Ma'irkhaoi's
Private Scrtairy
(otyilkbt. 1HU, by Bnclialler, Johnson an J B!'h11t
Mr. Henry Markliam. M. P., line! ac
cepted un Invltullon from his political
frleml. Sir l!Hrir Howard, to his coun
try house. Ah the vlKit vus more polit
ical than prlvate.Mr. Markhani brought
hlH private anil political secretary .John
Warrington, with him. An important
measure was before the house, and a.
division was expected to take place Im
lnetliately. Sir (ieorse represented
land. Mr. Markhnm capital; and War
rington knew more r bruit both than
either. Kesldes, Mr. Mark hum wan
vicariously engaged on a work dealing
In bimetallism. Warrington had ideas
on the subject, and Mi. Alarkham be
lieved In these so far that lie hail de
cided to put his own name to them.
Warrington, lie exftiauieu in pir
George, "Is a deuced clever fellow. He
works up my speeches: you pee I am
very busy; and upon my soul I could
not do them better myn?lf." '
This statement, was scrupulously
true. Mr. Markhnm ami his secretary
achieved Immediate and merited un
popularity with Sir Oenrge Howard's
household and Rllests. Markhnm was
ignorant. Ill-bred, ami arrogant. The
secretary was a man of undoubted
natural gifts he was hlgrhly educated
and had a line literary style but he
was lacking In the Ha voir vlvre that
makes civilization worth while. A
strong: character, he wanted that pre
cise mental adjustment necessary to
those who make the best of life as it Is
and leave the conduct of life as It ought
to be to remote posterity. Warrington's
apparent Indifferences to his own and
his chief's soc ial failure was pure af
fectation. He1 was miserable and tried
to ulsguise his emotion by an overdone
cynclsm and a preposterous interest
In bimetallism. He worked night and
day at Mr. Markham's book with only
an hour off in the afternoons for pistol
practice -his sole recreation.
Miss Marlon Howard, Sir George's
only child and mistress of his house,
.was at first civil to tlie private and
political secretary.' It was her duty.
Bimetallism she earnestly believed to
be a lKre, though a harmless one, but
when she discovered that the binietal
list was also a socialist she was not sure
that she ought nut to send for the po-
Prevented by yf
ASHAMED TO BB SEEN became of disfig
tiring facial humours is the condition of
tbouaanui who lire in Ignorance of the (act
that la CCni uRA Soap is to be found the
purest, sweetest, and most effective akin puri
fier and beautifler in the world. For pimples,
Nackheads, red and oily akin, red,, rough
hands with shapeless nalle, dry, thin, and rail
ing bair, it Is wonderful. -
Sold thruhoOl tH BJritUk dMi F. Nw-
Jbmt St Son I, Kins Mwarel-e., J.on4on. pun KB
iie Cass. Ceaf.,eele Fratj-, Beam, U. . A.
1 a
lice. The secretary's fate was sealed.
Henceforth there must be a great
taboo, Warrington wus a dangerous
diameter. Hut the. great division wns
still in the future. The dangerous
character must perforce to be tolerated
for the preHent. A committee of pub
lic safety was meantime organized. Its
president was a public school boy and
Its action was worthy of its president.
One evening the secretary was stroll
ing through the grounds thiiiKing
about bimetallism mid other things.
In a dark corner of a' shrub-bordered
path lie stumbled over the oustretched
legs of a mull lying on the grass. War
rington apologized, but the man wus
not appeased. His coarse, face, enor
mous lunacies, and whole set-up could
hardly be mnvaken; he was a prize
fighter, or should have been. .He would
accept nn apology.
"I have apologized." Warrington
said. "What more do you wnnt'.'"
"I want to know if. as you thinks
yourself a man, you'll put up your
"Ni." said Warrington: 'f won't.
Hut 1 11 tell you what 1 will do." He
put his hand into his hip pocket and
snatched out a short, black object with
a barrel, w hich he pointed at the man's
face, "if you udvance a single step I'll
put a bullet in your skull."
vThe man fell back. There was a
slight movement In the shrubbery.
Warrington noticed it.
"Observe," he said sharply. "You
think I could not hit you in the head In
this light? See me take that branch off
the v!" He pointed the pistol
straight at the densest growth of un
derwood. There was a hasty scramble
and the sound of running footsteps.
The pugilist aain gave ground.
"flu!" said Warrington. "And If ever
you moles: me asain I'll lire first and
think the matter over afterwards."
In the smoking-room that evening.
Warrington was reading and moking
a cigar, when young I'hurlle Telford,
the president of the committee ex
clairiied: "What do you think of a sweep who
draws a revolver on an unarmed man?"
"Thnt he Is a sweep," came so unani
mously it was evident the scene had
been rehearsed,
Warrington uid out appear to hear.
"What do you say. Warrington," Tel
ford asked, pointedly.
"It deepens," replied the secretary,
"upon what the unarmed man was do
ing or going to do,- If he was inoffen
sive the man with the gun was a crim
inal rutllian."
"Suppose the unarmed man was of
fensive?" "Then the man with the gun was an
"For what'"
"For not lirlng."
"O. indeed! Perhaps, tinder the same
circumstances, you would have llred."
"Why. certainly."
"That's curious," broke In two or
three. "For thes say that you yourself
were molested this evening, anil that
you didn't lire."
"i was molested, as you say, but II
wasn't necessary to fire, fortunately
for me, as I had not a gun."
" won't haggle over the word
'gun.' It 1r certain you had a pistol."
"O dear, no," said Warrington,
knocking the ash from hie cigar. "I
had only a plpecnse." y
The? subject was dropped,ind with
It the private secretary. Vwn Miss
Howard received the reMirt of the com
mittee she laughed immoderately. So
they hud bad their trouble for nothing.
At the same time the girl did nut for
give tin secretary certain sins of omis
sion. He had treated her from the first
with marked indifference. Still she
was glad of the overthrow of the com
mittee She. wanted to be her own ex
ecutive. .Next morning Miss Howard received
a written apolli-ution fro the secre
tary, lie required his meals served In
the room where he worked; otherwise
he would have them provided In the
village. Tills was a terrible dilemma.
To give way to a private and contu
macious secretary was not pleasant.
But to ullow u stranger within the
gates to seek In the. village what it
must be presumed had been dented In
the castle was unthinkable. Miss
.Marion did not forirct this lo the man
wno nan set me irauiuons or a inou
Kiind years at defiance. Warrington
had his nienls In the room given over
to him. They were splendid feasts,
lb ate what he required of the simpler
foods mill ignored the mystic delicacies.
He made good progress with Mr. Mark
ham's book on bimetallism.
Miss Howard told her best girl friend
that she began to hate the secretary
heartily on bis own merits. She often
met him as he was'cnterinrr or leaving
the castle for his dally walk. When
she was wearing a new or particularly
attractive gown she was certain to
meet him. This coincidence was with
out exceed Inn. The secretary's tired
face began to brighten lis she passed.
Her antipathy' was really less violent
than she had described to her frii'nd.
But he was still contumacious. He had
not yet bent the knee and did not seem
likely to do so.
The mistress of the ensile was going
on u round of visits. She was beau
tifully dressed. It was the secretary's
hour for "knocking off." Hut be did
not knock off at oil that day. Conse
quently Miss Howard found him in his
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Kadway's Heady Hclief
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Price, 50c. per Bottle. Said by ell
working-room at the time when he
should have been out of It. She only
waited a moment; just long enough to
leave the breath of a delicate perfume
and the recollection of a charming face
liguiv and costume with the secretary.
He lookeil up as she was going out with
a short apology for her presence. He
hail been working hard thul day.
"Thank you," he said, quietly.
"Kor what?" she asked, surprised.
"Kor letting me see you in that dress.
It helps me with this;" lie indicated
the muss of manuscript on the table.
'It is kind of you. 1 hope yon will
have a pleasant day"
"Do you dare to say," she cried,
"that, I came here to exhibit myself?"
A chunge came over his face a
change so midden and so ugly that she
stopped sharply.
"I beg your pardon." he said, coldly.
"It Is altogether my fault. I thought
It would have given you pleasure to
know that you hud done a kindly act,
even though you did It unconsciously.
1 am sorry that you ure angry with me
for being grateful. 1 shall not offend
you again."
He' arose and preceded her to the
door as confidently as If the house were
his own. Ami he bowed her out with
a dignified courtesy which he could not
have cooled if a. thousand dancing
masters had posed for him. His griev
ance lent him grace. She said "good
afternoon" frigidly. He returned her
salutation with studied politeness.
They did not meet again for several
To be concluded.
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p I Pie lie
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For sal by JOHN H. PHELPS, Pharmacist cor. Wyoming Avonu an 4
Spryca Straaw Scranton Pa.