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u Pure
" I am convinced Cleveland's is the purest baking
powder made and I have adopted it exclusively in my
cooking schools and for daily household use.
Mis. S. T. Korer, Principal Philadelphia Cooking School.
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
Washington Avenue.
Up to Date
Wall Paper
To Match
On March E, Alfred J. Pennington will
IJlve a recital In Kim Park church.
The board of school eontroll will meat
tomorrow night for reorganization.
C. . Welchel, of Welr-liel & Millar, re
turner) from New York Saturday. ' Unr
bought a, large bill of good foi
trade. ' ,
Itev. A. I,. Urban will talk to the J
Friendly society on "Tennyson" Bt the
home of Miss Lola Sancton, 701 Jefferson
venue, this evening.
A meeUnr of the executive committee
of the Phil Sheridan fair will be held dur
ing the week to decide the various con
test Chat yet remain undecided.
Hiawatha council. No. 26, Daughters of
Pooohonuia, will give an entertainment
this evening, at whlnh a leading feature
will be a aerlea of living pictures.
The bloycle ohanned oft by Blttenbendcr
A Co. for the benefit of the Home for ti e
Frlendlent, was won by ticket N). tig.
The drawl'jg took place Saturday night.
Michael Murphy, of the South Side, a
runner ut JohiMon'H mine, had Ills tight
hand mashed Haturday morninir bv hav
ing It caught between the bumpers of two
empty cur.
Warden Brockway, of the Klmlr.i re
formutory, pawned through the city Sat
urday from New York city with eltflit
young Incorrigible for the Institution
over which he has charge.
Lee W. NloholU, who assaulted Con
stables J. 8. Miller with a flat Iron, belli
unable to secure ball in the sum of Jaw)
for his appearance at ceurt on the chain
of aggravated suK and battery, waa on
Saturday committed to the county Jail.
The exchanges of the Scranton Clearing
House association last week were as fol
lows: Feb. 17, m3,367.67: Feb. 18. 11V
621.7; Feb. 1. IH2.0S8.ul: Feb. 20. 9t,
899, K: Feb. 21, 1100,294.63; total. tCSi.7til.Jl.
ClearlnTS for the week ending Feb. U.
ISM, t&
Arlgonl Ferdinands, of Penn avenue,
has received he contract of grading eight
miles of road for the new branch of the
Portland and Bangor railroad from Wind
Gap to Penn Argyl. He must have It com
pleted In four months. One hundred and
fifty men will be put to work at once.
A concert will be given In Young Men's
Chrlstlon Association hall on Monday
venlnH. March 1. by Valentine Alt, tne
wonderful mandolin virtuoso, who Is con
ceded to be the most finished mandolin
player the world has ever known. He
will be assisted by Alfred Wooler. tnor;
Professor George Carr and the Philhar
monic, etrtng quartette, consisting of
two mandolins, tnandolo and guitar. A
concert of this kind will be a treat to
Wag Seen at the Academy of Music
- Afternoon and Evening.
"Th Dazzler" mi presented et the
Academy of Music Saturday afternoon
and evening by Cosgrove & Grant's
comedians, headed by Raymond Fin
lay and Lottl Burke.
Flnlay waa seen In the character of
Kieklel Pipes, In which Joe Ott first
achieved fame. He la not as mirth
proving and droll as his predecessor,
but, nevertheless. In very entertaining
and makes a good central figure for the
Lottie Burke, who is a daughter (if
the famous "Dublin Dan." Is a winsome
little soubrette, who sings well and
dances gracefully and mad a decided
hit as Kitty Starlight.
Bobby Rolston, the dwarf comedian.
Max MUler, Alice Whitney, Will West.
Ida Marie Rogers and several other
young women assisted the principles In
the merry making.
At the close of the second act of the
evening performance Miss Burke slip
ped and fell, twisting her ankle. The
Injury was very painful, and she had to
be taken to the Hotel Terrace In a car
riage. Last evening she had almost
completely recovered and expected to
be able to go to Honeidale with the
company this morning.
Don't Miss tb Grestest Bargains Ever
We must sell and are offering our en
tire stock at about half price, and re
sponsible buyers can buy Just as cheap
on time as for rash. Look at the prices:
Hallett aV Davis piano, good as new. $124
Chlrkering Upright piano, used but
little, good as new 240
Chlckeiing piano, not good as new.. 40
Sterling Organ, 6 octaves, oak case,
mirror top, 4 sets reeds 65
Clough ft Warren organ, high top,
- perfect order; used a little SO
Others from $10 to 140.
Many others equally low. Every
thing must be sold In the next 30 days.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Guernsey Brothers,
n -. 224 Wyoming ava
and Sure."
Mall Carrier i:durd It. Pickering, l aid at
Hcst Saturday.
The funeral of M.-tiliitrrler Edward It.
rU'kfiintf was held Saturday. Rev,
Oiuiicu Uolilnsm. 1). 1).. pastor ot the
Second 1'resbytci'lan church, conducted
services at the Inte renltlenc 011 flay
avenue, und afterward the rvintiliM
wen borne on the l-.fii noun train on
the Delaware. Lackawanna and West
ern ailroad to Montrose whore Inter
ment wus made. Services wore also
conducted at the home, of the deceased's
mother In Montrose.
The funeral was In charge of Hranch
1", National Letter Carriers' associa
tion of which the following members
were pallbearers: WlUUlin Ounuon.
John H. Phillips, August Jenkins. M.
J. O'Mulley, of Scranton; Kdwnrd
(irifliths and James Johnson, of Wllkes
Barre. The Scranton carriers bestowed a
floral tribute, envelope-shaped, with
the words, "At Rest," Intertwined.
That of the Wllkes-Barre carriers was
a pillow with the word "Comrade."
Thirty-live of the Scranton curriers
were present at the funeral and they
sang appropriate selections at the
house and ut the jrrave.
The Hough and Ready Hose company
of, entertained the carriers
with a dinner after the funeral and
their hospitality was received with
many thanks.
The Tribune Job Department
has been kept busy day and night for
the past three weeks, and its capacity
has been fully tested. What work It
has done has been in every way satis
factory and we are not "blowing our
own horn" when' 'we state thut our
rapacity is much larger than that
of any other printing house in
the city. Spring announcements
will soon be the order of the
day, and we shall give special at
tention to this class of printing. New
faces of type will be introduced, and
merchants will do well to consull us
before placing orders for this class
of work. Our bindery has been stead
ily employed for months past, but we
will now be able to give attention to
the wants of the business men In rul
ing, binding, etc. Keep this in mind
that our ofllce can print or bind to suit
your necessity.
Very Satisfactory Performance of Sheri
dan' Sterling Old Comedy.
Sol Smith Russell's appearance at the
Frothlnnrham Saturday night In Sheri
dan's favorite play, "The Rivals," was
greeted with a rather sparse audience.
If It waa t that Scranton 'theater-Koers,
with memories of the grand production
given this sterling old comedy by the
Jefferson-Drew company some years
ago at the Academy, feared a Rlurlng
discrepancy, they were misled by their
apprehensions for once. Mr. ltu.sscll
noes not aspire too high when he es
says the role of "Fighting Bob" which
so many worthy actors have chosen to
display their ability in.
So liberal and enthusiastic was the
applause that at the end of the second
act Mr. Russell was compelled to make
a speech. He Bald that It appeared
from the size of tho house that Hcran
tonlans do not take as kindly to the old
Bterllntr come'dles as to some of those
which are the output of the modern
brain, and which are the rage just ut
As a whole the performance was well
staged and generally satisfactory. Next
to Mr. Russell the honors went to Mrs.
Fanny Addison Pitt, the lrn. Mala
prop, and George W. Denhum, the
David. Mr. Hudson made u pood Sir
Anthony, and George Woodward did
well as lr Lucius. Charles Muokny's
Captain Absolute was fairly good, and
of Miss Minnie Radcllffe, as Lydla, the
same might be said. .
Elected a Member of the Victoria Insti
tute of Great llrliain.
Rev. Dr. S. C. Logan has been elected
a member of the Victoria Institute, or
Philosophical society of Great Hrltaln
whose headquarters are In London.
This organization was founded fur the
purpose of investigating the most Im
portant tiuestlons of philosophy and
science, especially those that bear upon
the great truths revealed In the holy
scriptures, with a view of reconcllintr
any apparent discrepancy between
Christianity and science.
The present first vice president. Is the
right honorable the lord high chancel
lor, Halsbury. P. C. F. R. 8.; we are
sure our readers will be pleased to hear
that the doctor has been so deservlnply
remembered and honored. This would
seem to Indicate that the reverend doc
tor is not esteemed abroad, as quite so
Ignorant a gentleman, as the Scranton
Republican (Dem.) would have its
readers believe.
No Advance in Prices Expected for the
Month of Moron.
The president of one of the larger an
thracite coal companies estimates the
market requirements for Murcli at not
exceeding 3.000,000 tons. It is Improb
able that the sales' agents at their
meeting on Thursday of next week will
recommend an advance in coal prices
for March. The cold weather has not
Increased the stocks of any mining und
carrying companies to any great ex
tent. but has largely depleted the stocks
In the hands of dealers.
Very little business has as yet been
done at 'the circular prices established
nt the last meeting of the sales agents,
but after March 1 full figures will be
received on all coal mined. Statistics
on anthracite production, which have
not been published since July. 1S93, will
be given out monthly hereafter.
Chief of the Fira Department Will lie
Chosen 'tonight.
There will be an election held tonight
at 7 o'clock In the borough hall of Dun
more for chief engineer of the Dunmure
fire department.
The present chief, Mr. Btirschell, is
a candidute for re-election and will be
opposed by Philip Warner, a member ot
the Electric Fire company. A large
demonstration In the shape of a par
ade will be held early in the evening.
A Business Opportunity for a Live liar
ties .linker.
The businessof O.K. Barney .deceased
Clifford, Pa., is now for sale. A pros
perous old established business, with
new and convenient shop. An Inspec
tion and inquiry into all the details of
the business . solicited. Rent cheap,
business good and stock on "hand sold
reasonable. Address K. N. JBurnev.
Montrose, Pa. -
" " ! .
Great StruiiQlc Amonfl the fntcrri
iicd fur the Spoils. '
hundred Expect to Kccelve Appoint
ments from Him There M ill lie a -Ulg
Struggle for the Poaitiun
of Cblcf-of-Pullce. ' "
From now until April James O. llallcy
will be a much sought after num. ills
experience during thut time will pre
pare him for what he may expect when
he becomes mayor of Scranton.
Already the hord of place welters Is
on his trull and are beginning to make
his Hie miserable, with their tinportiln
iugs tor positions in the different de
purtnn nts of the idly governments.
During the campaign promises wore
made right and left to everyone who
hud influence enough to get a vote und
now every man Jack of them la coin
ing forward to cluim whut he feels, he is
justly entitled to a redemption of the
promise. ...
It Is estimated that there are fully
1,(100 men In the city who expect to wear
brass buttons und swing a policeman's
club under the Incoming administration
and w hen all of these reinforced by
friends of high and low degree get In
full chase alter Mr. Ualley und those
who made promises In his name U is
apparent thut there is annoyance galore
In store for a number of men who dab
ble in the great American game of
The police department is by no means
the only one In which men have- been
promised positions. Many expect to be
cared for In the lire department or un
der the street commissioner and not u
few are practicing horseback riding
with a view to succeeding Sanitary Po
liceman Hurlio, Food Inspector Thomas
and Detective Dyer.
Candidate for Chief of Police
The candidates for chief of police are
already actively pressing their claims
for recognition. At pivseut Frank Rob
ling, deputy CnlUd States murshul,
leads the procession, lie started full tilt
after the ottice the moment Mr. Bailey's
election was assured and has the hack
ing of August and Charles Robinson, us
well as of Postmaster V. M. Vftnii
ling, Frank Thompson and a number
of other Democrats who have been un
der the ban of the party's displeasure
for some time. If Mr. Butley wants to
begin administration by glvliDf mor
tal affront to two-thirds of f,he mem hers
of his party he will appoint Mr. Rob
Ung. That Is the very thing lie is likely
to do many well Informed Democrats
believe. One of them In speaking to a
Tribune reporter yesterday Bald: ,
"If the Robinsons insist on the ap
pointment of Mr. Robllng I don't see
how Air. Bailey can refuse to do so.
They contributed liberally to defray his
campaign expenses this year and also
rendered him great assistance when he
run for sheriff. The mayor-elect Is not
the kind of a man to forget their kind
ness and If they press Mr. Holding's
suit It Is not likely thut they will he
turned down. If he does uppulnt him
1 feel sorry for the inuyor-t-lcct. Ills
path will not he strewn with roses."
t ft her candidates for chief of police
are John .1. Shea, ex-county detective,
and Joseph Tuylor, of the West Side.
The names of P, J. Carroll, of Hellevue,
and John Fitzsliumoiis have also been
mentioned. The name of Mr. Fltr.slm
mons is also frequently mentioned In
connection with the office of captain, of
police. A compromise will probably be
affected by which one of the disappoint
ed candidates for chief will be made a
captain in case that office Is continued.
Clerk of the Common Council.
There Is the liveliest kind of a fight
on for the office ot clerk of the common
council. Among those whose names
are mentioned for the position are
James C. Bandsh, John J. Cordon, D. J.
Motiarlty, John J. Cfrmpbli, M. J.
O'Toole and William McLean. The lat
ter was clerk of the common council
during the fiscal year 18114.
P. J. Hickey, the member of the com
mon council from the Nineteenth ward,
wants to be chief of the lire depart
ment, and A. T. Detweller, of Provi
dence; Harvey I,on. of the central tit",
and several others have a similar am
bition. John J. Fahey has been mentioned for
the position of chief of police and street
commissioner, but says he does not
want either. Daniel P. Battle Is not so,
he would have no hesitancy whatevet
in accepting the position of street com
missioner, und his friends nay that It
would be a graceful act on the part of
his late compatriots on the Democratic,
ticket to provide n-miug berth for him.
Attorney John M. Corbet t Is a candi
date for the position of private secre.
tary to Mayor Ralley. There are oth
ers who have an eye on the sume olllce
and Corhett will be fortunate if he does
not get the marble heart about April 1.
In the Other Departments. -
There are already or soon will be In
numerable applications for positions
under the city treasurer and city con
troller. John J. Uaffney Is a possibility
for deputy city controller and -P. J.
Ruane for deputy city treasurer. A
large body of the young Democrats of
the West Side will urge the appoint
ment of William llaggeiiy. of the Fifth
ward, us food Inspector to succeed Rich
ard Thomas. Kvery other position that
Is available Is eagerly eyed by the of
fice seekers and there will be no lack
of talent ready and anxious to fill them.
The otllce hunters are nil basing llnir
calculations on the assumption that
Air. Bailey will make a eloun sweep
when he goes into ofllce. He will find
It entirely Impracticable to do so. a cir
cumstance which will be apt to Involve
htm in unpleasantness with the spoils
seekers. Scranton. during recent years,
has been getting down to e. mure solid
business basis each year, and men have
been retained year In anu year out
through different changes of adminis
tration because they were qualltled and
experienced men whom It would not he
good business policy to change. That
policy has been steadily bringing the
departments of the city government to
a high standard of excellence In the
matter of transacting public business.
The system employed in well ordered
business houses has been applied to the
city government, and any radical de
parture from It made nt. once by Mr.
Bailey after going into ofllce would
seriously embarrass his administration
at the start.
To expedite the work of doling out
the spoils and to make each appoint
ment as satisfactory as possible, a com
mittee of the Democratic lenders has
been appointed to consider all applica
tions for positions.
Their decision is sup)Osetl to be ac
cepted by the man having the appoint
ing power.
It Will Be Given at tho I rothlngham This
l:vciilng. '
Miss Koch's concert at the Frolhlng
hnm this evening promises to be one
of the best attended entertainments of
the season, by reason of Miss Koch's
personal popularity nnd the excellence
of the programme which has been ar
ranged. Those who will participate are:
Thomas Kgbert Perkins, Miss Marlon
Short, Miss Kthel D. Houston. Kd
ward Stevens Hoe, William Otto Pole
manry and Miss Anna Ida Koch,
Work Been Begun on an Entrance to the
,The work of rebuilding the arcade
was begun on Suturday. The new
structure will be but a single story in
height for the present nnd virtually
nothing more than on entrance to the
Frothlngham. Two stores will occupy
the Wyoming avenue front am facing
Oulitord court, will be two smalfer
stores. The entrance will be arched
and will be Hanked on either side by
The box ofllce and nmnnger's ofllce
will also be located in the new build
ing. The decorations of the entrance
will be in keening with the Interior of
the theater. It will he lighted at day
with immense sky lights nnd nt night
by numerous Incandescent lamps.
A. B. Kioistead has the contract for
the masonry anil the 1'eck Lumber
company for theRuperstructure. The
plans for the lVnn avenue entrance
huve also been completed und will be
one of the possibilities of the near fu
Sumnel C. Ma tied v. of .Mlnoaka. Arrested
Saturday Might on n erln Charge.
Sumtid C. Mahedy. of Mlnookx.. spent
the Subbuth In a prison cell in the cen
tral police station, huving.bceii arrest
ed at 11 o'clock Saturday night by Con
Siable Joseph F. Woolkers. of the
Kleventh ward, on a warrant sworn
out before Justice of the Peace Whulcn.
of Avocn, on the charge of betraying
Nora McUlyntl, a pretty young girl of
Pleasant Valley.
Mahedy was seen In 10s cell Inst night
by a Tribune reporter und he admitted
that he hud been guilty of criminal acts
with the prosecutrix. The warrant wax
sworn out by the mother of the girl.
The culprla kept dodging arrest foe
weeks, but was llnully landed Satur
day night. He expects some one to go
his bell today.
1)11 Wednesday, Feb. D. at 8 o'clock in
the evening, Mahedy and Miss Nellie
Kenny, of Cienet street. Twentieth
ward, were married without any dis
play or ostentation at St. John's church.
Thomas Murray, ot Minooka, his
brother-in-law, was groomsman, and
Miss Polly Cotter, of Greenwood, was
bridesmaid. So quiet was the mar
lioge kept that even the most Imme
diate friends of the bride were not
aware of it. She went to work In the
Satiquolt Silk factory the next day and
worked until noon, but then the secret
leaked out anil she could no longer
stund the gossip, so she went home.
Almost fiiiiullaneouK with the news
of Aiahedy's marriage came the story
that lie was In duty bound to marry
Nora Mctilynn. of Avocn. Her friends
were around to. see him, and it is al
leged thut he promised to marry 'her
the day berore he niarrieu Altss Kenny.
Immediately after his marriage he
left town and the reports are that he
went tu Lee, Pu. He was in the em
ploy of the ilreenwood Store company
as delivery clerk before lie began to
dotlge constables. He Is T2 years of
age, has auburn nair anu a uimpie m
his chin.
Had Possession of the House and Was
Demolishing Things in General.
At .1 o'clock yesterday morning, Pa
trolmen 1. F. Jones and Victor Sartor,
while In the vicinity of Luzerne and
Sixth streets, heard a great commotion
In the house of James Rodgers, located
on the corner, and hurrying in discov
ered the son, John Rodgers, swinging
a chair and demolishing everything In
His pu rents and brothers and sisters
hud sought places of safety In order
to evade the general demolition, ana
left the drink-crazed youth In lull pos
session of the bouse. It wus with much
dlfiloiilty he wan placed under arrest
anil It gave the two patrolmen as much
as they could do to get him out of the
house. He fought the otlicers with all
his might on the way to the station
house, and finally they had to call a
cab to get him to Jail.
Alderman Millar. In police court yes
terday morning, guve him thirty duya
In the county Jail. At the hearing it
developed that he has. no occupation
and Is In the habit of terrorizing his
household ana neighborhood.
A Much Desired Improvement Knocked
in tho Head. ,
Unless the estimates committee
changes its mind, und It Is not likely it
will In this particular respect, the nr
tillelu! lake at Nay Aug park, which
wus designed for a swimming and
skating pond will not eventuate this
At Friday night's meeting the esti
mates committee cut down the park ap
propriation one-third, knocking out tho
various items which provided Tor tne
construction of the luke thereby mak
ing It impossible to carry the scheme
through this year.
This will be a great (i'sappolntment
to citizens generally und to the young
people In particular who had counted
on the park commissioners tilling this
long felt want ere the warm weuther
set In. The popular demand for it. may
however load to extraordinary means
being ndopteil to raise money for the
much desired Improvement.
Italian l olls from a Bridge at Night and
Is Not Olscovored till Morning.
An Italian with the Anglicized cog
nomen James Brown, fell through the
bridge at No. G mine, Dunmure, some
time Friday night and remained help
less ami hleedln? on the ground until
day light, when some passers-by
picked him up and had him conveyed to
the Lackawanna hospital.
Examination showed that his injuries
were not of a very serious nature. A
sculp wound was the only apparent
Injury, and unless he was hurt internal
ly vill pull through all right In a few
Tho First of a Series of Talks on Cookery
Will Bo (iiven Today.
The subject of Mrs. Rorer's first lec
ture, which will be given this afternoon
at 2.:!0 o'clock at 1H1 Washington ave
nue, will be as follows:
"The Food Value of Eggs and Their
Cookery." I'pon this bubject Mrs..
Rorer will explain receipts for omelette,
frothed eggs, omelette soutllee, egg a la
Newberg. vanilla, soutllee, vanilla
sauce. Tickets for the single lecture
or the entire course may be had at the
A Cord to the Public.
New England Mutual Life Insurance
Company, Alarston & Wukelln, Gen
eral Agents.
Philadelphia, Feb. 21. 1896.
Mr. II. M. Walton, who has been fa
vorably associated with us as district
agent of our company for ten years
past having resigned in order to devote
his time to another branch ot life in
surance, we take pleasure in stating
that Air. John K. Broudbent, one of the
company's old friends and customers,
has taken charge of our affairs In
Scranton and vicinity, and we bospcuk
for hint your kindly co-operation. The
ofllce will remain at No. 4(1, Common
wealth Building.
Mars'ton & Wakelln,
t.leneral Agents.
l ive Attorneys Admitted.
Five young men were admitted to
practice as attorneys in the several
courts of Lackawanna county Saturday
morning at a special term of court,
presided over by Judge tiunslcr.
Michael .1. Murtin und George C. Yocum
were admitted on motion of Hon. Lem
uel Ainermnn: James J. O'Malley, on
motion of Hon. T. V. Powdeiiy. Kd
win W. (leaiiutrt was admitted on mo
tion of Attorney V. H. Oenrhart: and
Fred K. Beers was admitted on motion
of R. L. Grambs.
Westlnke' Pointer Won a Prize.
Robert F.. Weslluke's pointed, "Lad."
took third prize nt lust week's dog show
In New York city. The prize Is a good
sum In caHh nnd the ribbon. Mr. West
htke Is secretary of the Scranton Poul
try and Tet association.
M. A. I'rlcdlnndcr & Co.
Have removed to 008 Spruce street,
formerly occupied by U. .W. Owens,
opposite Court house.
Two More Murders AuVcd to Its
' Terrible Kccord.
Michael Walsh killed by Uis Companion.
Denals Connlff-Polander Is Re
ported to Uave Beaten Out Ilia
I fa's Brains with a Poker.
Two more murders have occurred In
Duryea since The Tribune last went to
press. Suturday night, during a drunk
en light M Ichuel alsh was shot und
almost lustu-ntly killed by ltenuls Con
nlil, und lost night about 9 o'chs-k a
Polunder beat out Itla wife's brains with
a poker. 'this makes three murders
thut have been committed In and about
Duryea within a week.
The first murder occurred early
Wednesday morning at a Lithuanian
bull In Mike Uutel'B hotel. Wllllum
Yushursky, aged 24, was the victim.
He was beaten about the head with an
Iron bur during a fight In the rear of
the dance hall and died from the effects
of the blows -the ; next day. John
Pukutka, John Lavtne and Andrew
Koslosky are now in the Luzerne
county Jail charged with him murder.
They, ot course, deny being the assail
ants, but admit having seen the assault.
The Saturday night shooting resulted
from a drunken quarrel. Walsh und
Connlff In company with several others
were in Joyce's saloon at the place
known as "Head of the Canal" and
from some cause thut has not yet devel
oped tho two men got into a light and
before anybody could Interfere Connlff
drew a revolver and shot Walsh In the
breast. The wounded man rnn Into the
street and fell dead before he had gone
fifty feet.
Murderer Connlff Arrested.
Dr. Baker was hastily summoned but
life was extinct before he arrived.
Word was telephoned to Plttstou nnd
Chief of Police Lol'tus went to the
scene. With two local canstables he
proceeded to Connlff's house and placed
htm under utrest. He hud heard thut
the otlicers wore after hint and was pre
paring tt give himself up when they
came. He made no attempt to deny
the shooting but maintained that he
could not remember anything about it.
He also denied that there was a long
standing quarrel between himself anil
Welsh anil stated that they were on
good terms before they got drunk.
He was taken before Justice of the
Peace Gibbons in Pittston and by him
committed to the county Jail.
The wife-murder, reported as having
occurred last night, was first made
known In this city ut midnight through
tne following united press aispatcn:
Wllkes-Barre. Fa., Feb. 23. A quarrel
ensued between a Polander and his wife
at Duryea tonight nnd the former struck
her on the head with a poker and she fell
dead on the iloor. Kvery effort has been
made to I. -urn I heir names but at this late
hour they could not tin obtained. This
is 'the third lit tinier that has occurred In
this town within the past week.
The foregoing could not be verified by
telephone with parties in Duryea and
Avoea. Neither could anything be
learned from the crew of the Traction
company cur running between this city
and SmlthvUle, four miles below Dur
yea. At 1.45 o'clock this morning a tele
phone message from Pittston partly
verified the story. The man murdered
his wife at noon, but the crime was not
discovered until late at night. The
murderer In the meantime had made
good his escape.
Joseph I.evlnson, Crazed by Pain, Ends
Hie Sufferings with a Revolver.
Wllkes-Barre, Pa., Feb. 23. Joseph
Levtnson, aged CO, a retired merchant,
living on Lincoln street, this city, com
mitted suicide this evening. Levin son,
who has been suffering from an attack
of erysipelas, which gave hint great
pain, went to his room about S.30 o'clock
and placing the muzzle of a 88 calibre
revolver in hit month pulled the trig
Death waa Instantaneous, the whole
top of the head being lifted. He
leaves a wife and daughter.
An American Missionary la Danger of
Sharing Fate of Armenian ChrUtlans,
London, Feb. 23. In regard to the
case of the Rev. George p. Knapp. one
of the American missionaries at HI tils,
who Is accused by the porte of hav
ing encouraged seditious movements
among the Armenians, and who will go
to Constantinople for trial, the repre-
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tentative ot the United Press learns
that for some time there have been
charges against hlin of inciting and as
sisting the Armenians to revolt against
the porte. The charges are undoubted
ly made for the purpose of forcing Mr.
Knapp to leave the country. Mr.
Hampson. the British consul at Rltlls,
rejau ted that the charges were absurd,
but. nevertheless. Air. Knapp was sum
moned before the criminal court to an
swer a charge of connpli ao . I Ie tele
graphed to A. W. Terrell the American
minister at Constantinople, asking hlin
w hat he should do.
Mr. Terrell, replied telling him not to
obey the summons, and advising him
If he was In danger of arrest to stay In
his house. Air. Terrell then Informed
the porte that he would not allow Mr.
Knapp to be tried In the manner pro
posed by the Turkish authorities. Hulll
Rufuat Pacha, the grand vlster. an
swered thut he could not stop the course
of justice. There la some talk of an
American commission (ruing to Con
stantinople to examine iptu the affair.
His Name Is George Howard and lie Waa
Airested for llnralary.
Five prisoners ' escaped from the
county Jail at Whrreit; O.,- yesterday
morning by assaulting Turnkey Lucius
Bartlett with the arm of un old chair
and taking his keys while he was un
conscious. Four of the fugitives who were held
on a charge of burglary at Glrard. gave
their names and residence when arrest
ed as follows: Wllliiim Williams,
Greenville, Pu.; George Howard. Scran
ton, Pa.; John Stemyer, Cleveland, and
Theodore Thomas, Chicago.
Attention Company C.
All members will report at the arm
ory Tuesday morning.. Feb. 35. at 1.30
o'clock in uniform to attend the funeral
of Corporal John Rafter. Also drum
corps. Frank Robllng, Capu
Henry Cullen, First Sergeant.
F.x-Senutor hnvis Dead.
Wilmington, N. C, Feb. 23. Hon. George
Davis died ut 7 o'cluck this morning, aged
70 years, lie once represented North Ca
rolina In the confederate Senate and waa
also attorney general of, the confederate
slates. He wus famed for his oratory and
wus universally beloved. -
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