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f Pure and
" I am convinced Cleveland's is the . purest baking
powder made and I have adopted it exclusively in my
.' cooking schools and for daily household use.
Mm. & T. RoMK, Principal Pkiladtlfkia Cotiinf Stktot.
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
Waahlngton Avenue.
Up to Date
Wall Paper
To Match
Iron MoulJers' union. No. 31, held Its
annual dance at Turner bull lant night.
Marriage ll"enos were granted yester
day to James Kullon uiul Klixabelh Hester,
Uyphant; Albert Orumaekl and Jiillia,
Uaulkowska, Bcranlon. -
The University of Pennsylvania ath
letic team Will appear at the Krothlng
ham theater March ) lmital of Keu. 4J,
a mentioned In yesterday's Tribune.
"Ruah City," the lively farce-comedy
Whloh played to large and well-pleaHfd
audience at the Urand Opera House, at
Wilkes-Barre. last evening, will be men ut
the Academy thin evening.
Abraham Heller, aged about 4!) years,
a teucher of a private Jewish achool, hi
330 Kayniand court, slipped and fell while
walking In the yurd yesterday, the fall
fracturing one of the bones of a leg. lie
was taken to the Lackawanna hospital.
Street Commlslnoner Kinsley was called
upon yesterday to send a gang of men to
repair the. road at the Intersection of
Wheeler avenue and Mulberry street,
where th watter which runs down from
the fields, had washed a gully In the
The funeral of Mrs. Martin T. Lavelle
will take place from her late home ,540
Willow Mreet, at 9 o'clock Monday m in
Inf. A high mass of requiem will be
celebrated at Ht. Peter's cathedral. In
terment will be made In Hyde Park Cath
ollo cemetery.
Attorneys Htilsander ft Vosburg. repre
senting Owennle Jones and her husbund,
Griffith K. Jones, of Ojphant. brought
uctlon for damages against David W. Hu
ane yesterday In the sum of $2,000. It Is
alleged that on Feb. ,118Uli, the defendant
called Mrs. Jones a thief and said he could
prove It.
An operation for appendicltus was per
formed Thursday by Dr. Burns, of this
rltv. and l)n. Hiadv and Plum, of Haw-
ley, on Ilorton, the ; lU-yeur-old son of
Kplirulm Kimbie. ot Kimowt niauon.
Th. nmieniltT was removed and the oper
ation promises successful results at this
Tlr.irs.lay the Delaware and Hudson
company paid at the lCihly Creek and
Olyphnnt mines; yesterday at the Balti
more slope. Mill Creek and Dennett mines.
The Iackawanna company paid yesterday
r) the ear shops and the Cayuga and Brls
bin mln-. Today employes of the south
ern dtvlsicn will be paid.
The will of Adella gchaffcr, lute of Bcran
lon, nii admitted to probate yesterday
and letters testamentary were granted to
Walter Scott Andrews, of New York city.
The will of William Taylor, late of Old
Forge, was admitted to probate. In the
estute of John Dodge, late of Bcranlon,
letters of administration were grunted to
Margaret A. Dodge,
Attorney John M. Harris filed nn appli
cation for a charter yesterday for the
ftermunla Polish Kvangellcnl Lutherun
Kmanuel Congregation. The directors are
J'red Noldy, Joseph Klinlack, Adolph
Holsman, Martin Schloasser, Martin
Lack, August Zwatzkl. Louis Munskl,
Paul Prsebarnski, John Numzlck and
Charles Barkowskl.
An appeal for Murderer Joseph Boschlno
will be made for a new trial before the
Supreme court on Monday, Keb. 24. The
points to be argued deal with assignments
of error In relation to the rulings ot Judge
Gunater. before whom the cose was tried.
Attorneys Cieorge 8. Horn, W. U. Ward,
and I P. W'vdeman will argue for Boschl
no and District Attorney John R. Jones
Will oppose them. ,
A meeting to organize Democratic
young men for campaign purposes was
held last night In Kaub's hall, on Wyom.
ing avenue. City Chairman George Horn
called the meeting to orler, and R. J.
Beamish was elected chairman. Speeches
were made by Mr. Horn. Mr. Beamish, M.
A. McGlnley, Nathan Vldaver and others,
after which those who expressed a will,
lngness to work for the success of the
Tlemnnrfltle cltv ticket wrw mmIIuI
Next Tuesday evening will tfecur the sec
ond annual entertainment and social of
Court Young Albion, No. 30. Foresters of
America, at Music Hall. This year's event
promises to eclipse all former affairs of
this popular organization, '-as already evi
denced by the number of tickets sold.
After a varied programme of vocal and
Instrumental muslo, dsnclng will be In
dulged In to music furnished by Professor
McDermott. All Foresters and their
friends are Invited to attend.
It May f Merest Yon.
We believe we are giving the best
bargains In Table Linen and Napkins
ever offered to the ladle of Scranton.
We quote LonesdaJe Muslin, Fruit of
the Loom, Masonville and Fearless, at
7 cents: Pride of the West, at 1H4
centsi Loekwood 6-4 sheeting, I cents;
-4 for 14 rents; - 10-4 for 18 cents.
Silks and. Dress Goods all reduced.
Press Robes for one half former prices.
Good In all departments have been
marked down.
Meari ft Hagen.
Finishing Touches for Neit Keek's
Great Event. ..
Will Be a Full Rehearsal Tonight
In the Armory-Drllllag on a
Theoretical , Stege-Deserlp-tloa
of the Dances.
Today and tonight Ib on all-Important
period to the scores of young men
and young women and children who
will dance In the kirmess. The kirmess
begins Monday night In the Frothing
ham theater and will, continue until
Saturday night. Inclusive, with mati
nees on Wednesday and Saturday af
ternoons. Today la Important to the
dancers because It writ be their lavt
opportunity but one for making 4he
many preparations connected with
their appearance on the stage. Just
now the dancing is the least part of
their worry, as the many arduous re
hearsals have well fitted them for the
terplschorcan part of the thing: It is
the costuming, the carriages and a
hundred and one other details which
now occupy the attention of the danc
Tonight In the armory on Adams
nvenue will be held a rehearsal of all
the several hundred perfo'ri.iers. A
space will during today be- marked out
on the floor to correspond with the ex
act dimensions of the Krothlngham
stage, and upon this sr-are the large
company will co through from the be
ginning the many dances and tableaux
which will bo civen In the theater,. It
hna not been considered necessary o
have a full dress rehearsal ' as the .
clmperones of the different classes have
arranged to have their charges clad In
accordance with Miss Stewart s Ideas,
The kirmess has been styled ,'VFeto
Champetre," the title of the festival
which for several tlayr prevailed
throughout France In honor of Napo
leon's marriage to Murla Theresa. The
curtain will rise on a scene represent
ing an Interior of the Napoleonic
Opening of the Fete.
"Julie," while preparing for the festl"
vul. hears a serenade and throws a rose
from the window. She then rehearses
a dance, planned for the entertainment
of the royalty, and which she carries
out by the assistance' of Hortense.
With the old of the false mirror two
"Julian" are represented Instead of one.
t'poti the entrance of the two serenad
es the trick Is discovered. Then fol
lows the dance of the "Troubadours,"
and the curtain falls upon the group
of merry dancers, to rise again upon
the magnificent tableau of the "Mar
riage Ceremony," representing all the
royal personages of note In France and
Austria. Then comes the Fete proper,
with Its grand procession, its bright
attractive dances, from each of the
provinces of the French empire, the
singing of the "Marseillaise," and Anal
ly the appearance of Napoleon and his
staff. Nupoleon will make his entre
on horseback.
The tambourine dance of Roumania
is full of the wild abandon of the gypsy
life, with gnyly colored gowns ond
Jingling tambourines. One moment In
graceful tableau, then the clash of tam
bourines,' the flying foot and the ex
quisite coloring and all blending in a
brilliant picture of gypsy gaiety and
With alow and stately measure the
courtly knights and ladies move
through the Intricate mazes of the
minuet and gavotte. Wrlth the sweep
ing courtesy and the coquettish use of
the fan in the minuet, one fancies him
self In France at the court of Louis
XIV. Then comes the o.uicker move
ment of the gavotte and the famous
arch of steel.
The Tyrolean dance Is an effective
living and moving picture of the Ty
rolese of the Black Forest, In which the
singing and rollicking abandon of the
peasants appear prominently.
Even In the midst of darkest mo
ments of the great upheaval In France,
from the storming of the Tullerles by
Infuriated Parisians until the final ac
knowledgment of Napoleon supremacy,
Paris had Its gay moments. The light
and gay found vent for their spirits,
and all this is to be portrayed in the
Dance of the Follies.
Youths with mandolins and offerings
of flowers to the maidens are shown in
the dance of the Venetian Gondolier.
n rlnnne tnrether. with castanets.
and the music Is soft and enticing. It
lulls suspicion, envy, all the vice of
humanity, and leaves only the Impres
sion of a lovely dream, as the Venetian
lads und lassies steal away.
The Military Dance.
The Military Is a dance of startling
military effect. The French always
dance with their hearts In the pastime,
and while this dance has the stateli
ness of the minuet. It possesses an in
tense life and action.
I The Corslcan Saltorella Is from the
shining sands of Napoleon's native
Island where some of the gay fisher
lads and lassies are gathered together
in for a merry time In dancing the reck
less Saltorella. It Is certain that the
wild, weird music and the swift, rush
ing, whirling dance will drive away
dull sorrow. ...
In the Dance of the Troubadors Is
shown a gala day and. as was the cus
tom, young and old indulge In public
amusement at the festival in full mask
and rilflCUise.
With castanets keening time to the
crooning measure or tne sweet old love
sonars of sunny Spain, the merry senor-
Itas in the Spanish Cachuca flash their
glittering costumes, bright witn gleam
ing coins, into the abandon of the
dance. .
The serpentine dance shows three
young women with their willowy move
ments and gliding steps. It is an en
trancing spectacle as the Immense
waving skirts, containing at least fifty
yards of silk, flit about amid an amaz
ing and bewildering whirl of rainbow
Tn the skirt dance pretty and grace
fni maidens are gathered together for
a royal good time and dance Falling
Into the spirit of the occasion, they
keep perfect time with their graceful
flowing skirts as they skip back and
Paaea of the Japanese.
The little Japanese dancers are the
cutest, funniest dancers of the Fete
Champetre. and . though their dancing
may not be the most scientific, their
dance Is the funniest, anu . everyone
lauahs without Intermission. ,
In the hornpipe dance there will be
pulling and hauling, hitching up of
breeches and shifting of qutds.and some
of the catchiest, most rollicking music
as the anchor comes up and the sails
are snread.
The drill of the Napoleon guards
shows an exact reproduction of the uni
form of that famed organization.
The dance of the flowers and bees Is
suggestive Of Tennyson's "Queen Kose
of Kosebud Garden of Girls." On comes
a troop of dancers representing In their
dresses, red, white, yellow and ping
rosea, rjbwa an soon followed by a
The Greatest American Prima Donna Dade
Well by Paine's Celery Compound.
There was never a remedy so highly
recommended as Paine's celery com
pound. There was never a remedy tn such
universal demand.
For It makes people well. ,
- Every one among the thousands who
have been delighted by the beautiful
songs of Roma, the great prima donna,
recognize In her one of the world-famous
Horn In California, she graduated
with honors at Eastern musical col
leges, and on her return to the coast,
became first the prima donna at the
Tlvoll Opera House in San Francisco.
It was while making the tour with
the 'famous Marine band of Washing
ton last season, that the beautiful Roma
felt the strain of travel, hurry, and
swarm of bees heralded by a buzzing
A splendid dance last year was the
carnival dunce, which is to be even
more attractive. Most of the little
men and women In the world seem to
be In this dance. And after they, all
get acquainted they really have a dance
king, queen, cavaliers, ladles. Bo
Peep and all not forgetting the clowns
and then they sing. And if you listen
you are quite sure to hear some very
astonishing tales, too.
Adopted by the Members of the Car
pesters' I'nion of the City.
Carpenters' union began a movement to
bring about tne aaoption oi an uni
form working day of nine hours for
men of their craft and In furtherance
thereof drew un the following set of
resolutions, which were sent out to all
the mill men and contractors of the
Whereas, It has come to the notice of
the Carpenters' unions of Scranton that
certain mlllmen and contractors are work
ing their men ten hours a day and paying
them a low, unfair rate of wages, con
trary to the rules and regulations of our
brotherhood, and by so doing making It
Impossible for other mlllmen and con-
. . a- nlna hniir I lH T ilflV. U Hi I
paying a fuir rate of wages, to compete
with tne tor tne ouuuiug uu, itin--
fHesolved, That on and after April 1. 1SS8.
we, the Carpenters' union of Scranton,
will refuse t ohandle and mill work other
than that made in mills and shops wrere
the men work nine hours per day and gut
a fair day's pay for the same; and
Whereas, It has come to our notice that
certain merchants and real estate specu-
i.. . .... l.iln. thalp ..nntractH tn firm
Ing their men ten hours a day and paying'
pnying a low ri oi
Resolved, That on and after the above
date, we will refuse to recognize, or give
our patronage to ar.y merchant or real
estate speculator who does not recognize
the nine hour work day and paying the
avernge rate of wages recognized by the
different trades unions of our city; and.
Whereas, We know that the public, gen
erally would not knowingly do anything
to deprecate our Interests or the wel
fare of our city: therefore, be It
Resolved, That we request the public
generally to let theU- work only to such
builders and contractors that work their
men nine hours per day and pay fair
wages for the same, and that they Ignoro
all contractors and builders who send their
work out of the city, thereby robbing the
home mechanic of employment they
should have, and taking from our city
capital that should be kent in It.
Resolved. That all the mill men and con
tractors of the city of Scranton be in
vited to meet a committee of the Carpen.
ters' unions, on Friday, the twenty-fourth
day of January. IRiW, nt 8 o'clock p. m
at Hulbert's hall. Wyoming avenue,
Scranton. Pa., for the purpose of discuss
ing the foregoing resolution;.
Philip J. Thomas.
President Ixical union K3, United Broth
er hood of Carpenters and Joiners of
Attest, E. W. Scott,
Recording Secretary.
Endorsed by Scranton Central Labor
union Charles Corless, Jr.,
A. J. Atkinson,
(Seal ) Secretary.
Endorsed by Building Trades' Council.
William Johnson.
(Seal ) President.
Endorsed by Plumbers' Local, union,
No. o. T. F. Moron.
(Seal.) ' Secretary.
Eendorsed by Plasterers' tin?n: No'
100. Patrick McDede.
... P. J. Snyder, ,
(Seal.) - ' Secretary.
Endorsed by Painters union. No .118.
G. IL Smallrldge,
(Seal.) . , President.
Endorsed by Bricklayers' union. No. 18.
Arthur Johnson, President.
Joseph G. Osmond.
(Seat.) Secretary.
Th meeting called for Friday even
ing. January 24, did not materialize
owing to th failure of the mill men and
contractors to pay any heed - to the
I resolutions. Last nignt tn carpenters
met In Hulburt'i ball and adopted tbe
resolutions, .
work, yet in the evenings she greeted
great audiences with smiles and elec
trified them with her voice. Could she
have done this without her nerves were
steadied and her strength built up by
Paine's celery compound? She says:
"In I'aine's celery compound I find a
very much long-felt want for the wor
ries and exhaustive cares attendant
upon an active professional life. Paine's
celery compound brings restful strength
to body and mind. Invigorating the sys
tem and prolonging life."
Paine's celery compound ' has made
thousands of people well. It has Baved
thousands of women from nervous
prostration. It has made the weak
strong. It has cured where everything
else failed. Innumerable testimonials
as to its wonderful value have been
voluntarily sent to Wells & Richard
Ha Held a Coasultation at tho Episcopal
Residence with Rt, Rev. Bishop O'Uaro.
Editorial la th Dloccsaa Record.
Further intelligence Was received
yesterday concerning the appointment
of leather Hoban to the cnadjutorshlp.
The new bishop was In the city yes
terda but could say nothing of his
appointment further than what he has
seen in the newspapers. He was clos
eted with Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Hara for
a time and dined at the home of his
mother, Mrs Bridget A. Hoban, of 518
North Washington avenue.
The fact that Father Hoban was
Bishop O'Hara's choice for the pallium
and that the announcement of hlH ele
vation Is Joyfully received by all the
clersjy of the diocese are? among the
unmlstkable evidences of his fitness.
Prominent Catholic clergymen and the
Catholic press also Join in expressing
satisfaction at the selection made. The
Diocesan Record, the leading Catho
lic paper of the diocese, will today have
this ta say editorially on the appoint
ment of Father Hoban:
Favored by his bishop, recommended as
dlgnior by the elector priests of the dio
cese and as dlgnlsslmus by the bishops ot
the Province Kov. M. J. rioban has been
appointed, by Home, to be coadjutor to Rt.
Rev. William O'llira, D. D., bishop of
Scranton diocese. Father Hoban Is hon
ored as the elevation to the episcopate Is
an exalted dignity which honors the gifted
and gives opportunity of extensive useful
ness to the zealous and raises Its recipient
to the position of confessor of the truths
of religion, preserver of Its laws, shep
herd, father and Judge.
The qualifications required to be a bish
op, as described by St. Paul through the
grace of God. enable him who is chosen
(or Oat exulted position to perform his
duties toward humanity and for the glory
to UoJ. Recognised by thoae who recom
mended his elevation to the episcopal dig
nity, as posseevlng the qualities required
in a bishop. Father Hoban must feel en
couraged to undertake the glorious mis
sion assigned to him even though Its re
sponsibilities and burdens are great. Ho
tuajaettn a diocese begin, Increase and
flourish through the untiring, ceaseless
energy and toll of its first bishop whose co
adjutor he is to be. tie has been of the
clergy whose co-operation aided the bish
op to make the desert bloom and thus
enabled religion to reap a bountiful har
vest. Laborious, Indeed, has been the work
done by our bishop to build up our dio
cese and unceasingly will he contlune to
toll, even though his priesia should re
quest and lie desire to rest since he has
an assistant, as there will be work for
both to do. Aye, will there be work to
be done and all the qualities of a bishop to
be exercised, but our coadjutor will be en
couraged by our bishop and the co-operation
of the clergy will be given to our
young assistant bishop, not only because
we have confidence in his natural quali
fication: and respect his priestly quulitlf s
but also because he is ours. He knows us
and v. know lilni und the mutual knowl
edge will benefit religion. Rome has
shown its confidence in us by appointing
one from among us, above us, and we,
priests and peopie.wll lshow that this con
fidence Is not misplaced by co-operating
with the bishop who selected and the
bishop whom he selected in all their ef
forts to advance the glorious cause of re
ligion in our beloved and flourishing dio
cese of Scranton.
The details of the consecration have
not as yet been discussed and will not
be except Informally until the official
letter of appointment is received from
Rome, which it Is expected will be
toward the latter part of next week.
Acrlon Taken to Assist In th Election of
th C It y Ticket.
"Enthusiastic meetings of the Ninth
ward. Seventeenth ward,' and Key
stone Republican clubs were held last
evening in the Central Republican club
rooms on Washington avenue. . The
meetings were conducted separately
but there waa a uniform purpose In
the deliberation of all of them; name
ly, tba arrangement tor Insuring
son Co., who prepare it In Burlington,
Paine's celery compound Is the most
remarkable remedy for Jhe blood and
nerves known to the 19th century. It
Is employed by the foremost physicians
In curing liver and kidney troubles
and the diseases due to nervous disor
ders, faulty nutrition. and impoverished
blood, producing results that seem little
short of the miraculous.
Paine's celery compound builds up
the system, purifies the blood, regu
lates the nerves. The weak and worn
out soon find their frames Invigorated,
their spirits raised, and their strength
It makes people well.
It is as superior to the ordinary ner
vines, bitters, and garsaparillos as
strength Is better than weakness.
large and solid Republican victory on
election day.
The meetings were attended by rep
resentative men of the party and
among them there was a well defined
plan of campaign mapped out for oper
ation on election day. Remarks were
made by many and the tenor of them
was that party patriotism Is para
mount to factional feeling and that a
united effort will be made to show the
groundlessness of the supposition that
the disaffection exists to any extent.
The clubs propose to do efficient an
active work from now on and the re
sult may be expected that handsome
Republican majorities will be recorded
In the Ninth and Seventeenth wards.
Win ton Borough Is Divided Into Hire
Judge Archbald handed down a de
cree yesterday dividing the borough of
Wlnton Into three wards, First, Sec
ond and Third. Each of the wards will
elect a councilman and a school con
troller, but not so as to Interfere with
those already elected.
The following election officers were
appointed to serve at the coming elec
tion: First ward. Judge of election,
George E. Dando; Inspector of election,
Matthew Chllds and John Evans; Sec
ond ward. Judge off election, E. W,
Squires; Inspectors of election, John
Malloneji and A. L. McQInnis; Third
ward, judge of election, Nicholas Loft
us; inspectors of election, Michael Dee
and John F. Loftus.
Reports from Various Sections Recently
Molstened-Bridgcs Washed Away and
Buildings Damaged.
Harrlsburg, Feb. 7. The river was at
a standstill this evening at thirteen
feet above low water mark. No dam
age was caused by the high water here.
The heavy rain washed the embank
ment and roadbed of the Perry county
railroad at the head of King's dam so
that when the passenger reached that
point the engine went down with the
track, but never left the rails. No
body was hurt..
Wilkes Bsrro Still Above Water.
Wllkes-Barre, Feb. 7. The Ice In the
Susquehanna river gave away this
morning and the water has been slow
ly rising until it has reached fifteen feet
OUR plan of rental, with rent
to upply ns purchase money.
Is very popular, and makes
It possible for almost tiny family
to act a first-class instrument.
Full particulars on application.
Music Store,
; gaeojo WYOAHNU AVE.
above low water mark tonight. There
Is no fear of a gorge, and will have to
rhw another font before the low lands
or the west side are Inundated.
Corvtrsvllio Is All Right."
Carversvllle. Pa., Feb. 7. There Is no
truth in the report published this morn
ing that this town was swept away by
the floods of yeuterday Two or three
ouiMings were damaged, but beyond
that the town suffered no worse than
the other storm swept districts.
Rivers Receding.
Enston. Pa., Feb. 7. Th Delaware
and Lehigh rivers at this place receded
today. Trains on the Eazton and
Northern and the Bangor and Port
land railroads were, however, unable
to run on acocunt of washouts. , A
bridge on the Bangor and Portland
road, at Portland, was washed away.
Reports from the surrounding country
are that great damage was done by
high water. ,
HERBSTER Feb. C 19, Mary Phll
lpplna Herbster. Infant child of Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Herbster. aged five
months. Funeral Saturday after
noon at 2.30 o'clock.
KRAUSE In Scranton, Thursday.
Feb. , 1896. H. Harold Krause. aged
11 months and 24 days. Funeral from
the residence, 741 Monroe avenue,
Saturday, at 2.TO p. m. Interment at
Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
BORV. ,.
CARPENTER To Mr. and Mm. Theo
dore Carpenter, of Unlondale, on Feb.
2, a daughter.
Glob Uotel.
Between the Academy of Muslo and th
Frothlngham. Special rates made to the
atrical people and Jurors. Rates 11.00 to
ll per day. Bird & Flanaghan, Props.,
22 Wyoming ave, Scranton, Pa.
Special attention and private dining
rooms for dinner parties at Lohmann's,
Spruce street. Service and culalne un
excelled in this cltyL
Dr. nunaell's Croup Powder, th Favorite
medicine for croup, sore throat and
cough. Sold by dealers, 25 cents a box.
Men's Felt Boots and Overs
Men's Overshoes, worth 60c, our
sale price
Men's Overshoes, worth 70c, our
sale price.....
Men's Vulcanized Leather Insole
Woonsocket Boots.worth, 2.7o,our
sale price
Boys' Woonsocket Boots, worth
81. 75,' our sale price
Ladles' Overshoes, worth S5c, our
sale price...
Men's Wool Lined Alaskas, regular
price, $1.00, our sale price
231 Penn Are. Opp. Baptist Church.
Toilet Sets
You had better pay us a
visit to be convinced.
Formerly Eugene Kleberg
231 Peon A?& Opp. Baptist CburctL
laelndlag th ainleas straotsat f
teeia vj as entirety aw I
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
Have you read about the
increase of furs in the London .
market? Furs were never so
high as they will be for the
next two or three seasons.
If vou intend to buy furs
buy at once. We are selling
our manufactured stock foe
io per cent, less than skins 1
alone cost. ' .:''
We use the best materials.
have the prettiest styles, the
most skillful operators and
long experience. - That's the
combination that has won
such reputation tor our furs, J
we will sell at your own prices,
jr. b5lz
138 Wyoming Avenua.
Malcolm Lov
Clon0li & Warren,
And Lower Grades a!
Very Low Prices.
Spring Styles.
412 Spruoe, 205 Lack, Ave.
School of Elocution
and Oratory
Send h Circular ol ttmi!.
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