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    TUJ5 fcUKAJmi-N lliiiUxllIl Til U it allA It iiOAi.rtJ.iSl-. OUrOstilC iil, lJJj.
and Women only
Are mott competent to fully appreciate tfce
purity, sweetneu, and dolicacy of Cutiuusa
kokt, and to dlicorcr now ones for it daily.
In the form of waabea. Mictions, etc., fcr
diatroislng inflammation., Irritations, ar.l
weaknesses of tbo mucout mcrubrono, it baa
proved moat grateful.
Ccticcju Boap appeals to the refined and
rxltlrated srerywhero, as the most effect !vj
skin purifying and beautifyingsoap,aswoll
purest and sweetest for toilet and bath.
Hold throughout tat werM. Bittlfh doli T.Vtw.
mrtt Soki, I, King Kilirdit, London. For j.j
ilaco a Caia. Coir., toll I'rcpi Boiloo, V. a. A.
New York. Oct. 31. Liquidations were
the order of the day at the Stock Ex
change during the greater part of the
session, and the selling was not con
fined to local operators either. London
started oft bright and early with sales
of Reading. St. Paul, Southern Rail
way, Northern Pacific preferred. A a
bnsh preferred, 'Loulsvlllo, and Nash
ville and (Atchison. (Reading was the
first 'tK?k to break, the price falling
from 14V4 to 13. General Kloc'trlc was
then taken In "hand and In a Jiffy the
stock dropuiii nearly four points to
294. a break In electric stocks in Phila
delphia 'having had a sympathetic influ
ence on these shares. Northern Pacific
preferred, which has been very quiet
of late, loomed Into prominence and
dropped from 17 to 10. Other rail
way stocks conspicuous for weakness
were the Grangers, Delaware and Hud
ion and Jersey Central. .Missouri Pa
cific and Atchison were particularly
hravy, Missouri Pacific falling 2 to
30i and AtchiEon 4 to 1M4. In the In
dustrials Sugar lbrke to 101, but later
rose to 102aV4. Chicago Gas closed
strong. Lead fell from 33 to 30Vi and
recovered to 32. In the afternoon indi
cations of support were noticeable in
certain parts of the list and tihis In
duced some of the bears to even up
their contracts especially as the follow
ing on the short side had (become un
coniforta1ly large. The general list
closed ibarely steady. Net changes
show losses of a3 per rent. General
Electric leaUlng. Chicago Gas, Pacific
Mall and iSugar gained per cent, on
the day. Total sales were 356,154
s-hares. 1
The range of today's prices for the ac
tive stocks of the New York stoek mar
ket are given below. The auotntlonsnre
furnished Tho Tribune by G. du J. Plm
mlck, manager for Wllllnm Linn, Allen
Co., stock brokers, 412 Spruce street,
Bcranton. 0p.n. igh-Low-Clos-
ing. est. est. ing.
Am. Tobacco Co m M mi,
Am. Sugar He'g Co.lulH 1 C lot 1 4
Atch.. To. ft, 8. Fe... ? "4
Can. South 64 Mi MH
Ches. & Ohio 1 H J"? " 4
Chicago Ga S'4 J
Chic. & N. W lm 1W'.4 1' l'k'li
Chic, H. & Q W $.,
C. C. C. & fit. 1 42 42 4 i 41 4
Chic, Mil. & St. P... 754 7.. 74 , 7..W,
Chle.. It. I. & P 75? 7il4 w'i iU
1)" Hudson 131 131 I' 1314
151f t. fr C. P 221 23 22'i 22'
Grn. Klectrlc 8214 32i 2!)'4 30
Lnkc Shore 150 150 150 .11
louk & Nairi: :::... b w ;4 w
M. K. ft Texas 1'4 IB1. I"1 1N
Mnnliiittan Ele 105V4 10 10514 10.,-
Mo. i'acdns 32'4 32'4 30!, 8fi'a
Xat. Cordage Vk 74 7 7i
Nat. Lead S24 32'Si 3014 32
N. J. Central. 10Wi lo3
N. T L. E. & V.. n K 12 12
N. Y., -S. &W 12'4 124 11H lli
N. Y., S. & W., Pr.. 34 34'4 33'4 3114
Nor. Pacific i 5 6
Nor. Paclllc, Pr 17 174 K 17
Ont. ft West 17'4 1714 17'4 m
Pse. Mali 30-H iW, 2!H 3fi'4
Phil, ft Read 14 14'4 13 14'4
Southern R. R IIS 11'4 11r,4 H'4
Tenn.. C. ft 1 37 37 3.i'4 m,
Tex. Pacific 9 9'4 8 914
Pnlon Pacinc 12'4 12'4 12 12
Wabash. Pr 20 21i 2(i 21H
West. Union 9H So4 0'4 94
W. L 13Si 14'4 134 13H
II. S. Leather 1214 12 1214 12'4
V. S. Leather, Pr.... 70 71 70 71'4
Open- High- Low- Clos-
WHRAT. ln. est. est. Ing.
December B B9H 58 ttt'4
May 63 63 63 63
December 18-H 1'4 H
May 2014 20 2014 20
December 274 27 2714 27
May 2914 29-Ts 2914 29V
January r..2 Rto R,o
May 5.83 S.S7 C.82 5.S7
January 8.02 9.12 9.00 9.10
May 9.30 9.40 9.30 9.40
Scrnnton Board of Trade Exchange Quo
tatlons-AII Quotations Baaed on Par
of 100.
Name. Bid. Asked.
Green Ridge Lumber Co 110
Dime Dep. ft DIs. Bank 130
Bcranfon Lace Cur. Co M
Nat. Boring ft Drilling Co SO
First National Bank 600 ...
Thuron Coal Land Co VO
Bcranton Jar & Stopper Co 25
Scranton Glass Co 63
Lackawanna Lumber Co 110
Spring Brook Water Co 100
Elmhurst Boulevard Co ... 100
Scranton Axle Works SO
Third National Bank 350
Lacka. Trust and Safe Dep. Co ... ICO
Scranton Packing Co US
Scranton Savings Bank 200
Lacka. Iron ft Steel Co 150
Weston Mill Co 250
Traders' National Bank 120
Bonta Plate Glass Co 22 60
Scranton Glass Co 100
Economy Steam Heat &
Power Co 100
Bcranton Pass. Railway first
mortgage, due 1918 110 ...
Scranton Traction Co 95
People's Street Railway, first
mortgage, due 1918 110 ...
Bcranton ft Pittston Trac. Co. ... 90
people's Street Railway, Sec
ond mortgage, due 1920 110 ...
Lacks. Valley Trac. Co., first
mortgage, due 1925 00
Dickson Manufacturing Co.... ... loo
Lacka. Township School 6 102
City of Bcranton Street Imp 6 ... - 102
ftiw York Produce Market.
New York, Oct. 80. Flour-Steady.
Wheat Quiet, lower; No. I red store and
levator, 69c. j afloat, 7114c ; f. o. b., 70c;
No. 1 northern, 67c; options closed weak;
J larch, 9V4c; April, 70Vic; May, 69c;
une, 6914c; December, 66c. Corn
Spots steady, quiet; No. 2 at 37c; elevator,
tsc; afloat; options active; October, 37c.;
November, 36c; December, 3514c; May,
2714c; June, 3514c Oats Spots dull,
steady; options quiet, unchanged; spot
prices, No. 2 at 2314c; No. 2 white, 2414
a24c; No. t Chicago, 2414c.; No. 3 at
23c; No. I white, 23c; mixed western,
Ha25c; white do., 2a29c; white state,
25a29c. Provisions Quiet, unchanged. Lard
Quiet, higher; western- steam closed
I5.s714a6.90; city, $3.55n5.60; October, t-5.9214;
market nominal; refined quiet: continent,
11.86; South America, $6.70; compound, 414
a4c. Pork Steady; mess, t9.75al0.26.
Butter Steady; state dairy, 12a2114c; do.
creamery, 2Ha23c; western dairy, lOalSc;
do. creamery, 14a23c; do. June, 16a21c; do.
' actory, 9al4c; Elgins, 23c; Jmltatlon
creamery, 12al7c. Cheese Firm, quiet;
state large, 7al01io.: do fancy, lOalOVic; do.
mall, 714allc; part skims, 3a714c.; full
aklms, J14a3c. Eggs Quiet, barely steady;
state and Pennsylvania, 20a23; "western
fresh, lSaSOc.t limed, lSalOc'
v Toledo Gmlit Market.
Toledo, Oct. 30. Close: Wheat Re
ceipts, 14,615 bushels; shipments, 7,700
bushels; market easy; No. 2 red, cash,
WliCi December, 67c.j May,. 6814c; No. 8
red, - cash. 63c Corn Receipts 43,320
. bushels: shipments, 14,000 bushels; market
quiet; No. I mixed, cash, Kc; No. I do.,
fine,! No. I ytllow, 32140. OatsReceipts.
100 bushels; shipments, none;, market
JuUNo.i miitd, cash, 1014c; No. I white,
2114c. Clovcraeed-Recclpts. 618 bas;
shipments. 200 bags; market ateady: prime
posh and October, 14.2214; March. 11.3714.
j 'clilcaeo Live S ick.
Union Stock Yards, III.. Oct. S0.-Cattlo
Receipts. 19,000 hi-ad; market weak aii-l 11
cents lower; common to extra steers. 13.20
a5.25; stockers and feeders, 2.30a3: cows
and bullH. $l.2oa3.63; calves. $2.&uatU6: rex
ana, 2.60alJO; western rangers. 2.2aa4.
Hogs Receipts, 35,000 head; market 5
cents higher; heavy packing and ship
ping lots. $3l0a3.70; common to choice
1 -J.WJ 7it. Itntcn n.unrtPtl. 13.50a3.ti5l
light. 3.25aS.65; pigs. 2a3.55. Sheep Ke
ceipts, 15.000 head: market steady; Inferior
to choice, 1.40a3.40; lambs, i&i4.
Buffalo l.ivo Slock.
BufTalo, Oct. 30.-Cattle Receipts, 1.733
head; on sale. 110 head; market dull and
weak; choice iteors, .4oa4.5i: good, 34
a4.1o; rough fat stuers, $3.4."a3.65; fair to
good cows and heifers, 2 5a3.25; yearlings
and light stockers, J2u2.30; good weight
stockers, 32.50a2.S5: lteht to good bulls.
I2.30a3; eals, steady; good to choice, t.1.60
a6; extra, S3.50a6.75; heavy fed. S2.7iia4.
Hogs Receipts, 6.5W head; on sale, 6.4W
head: market strong; Yo'kers good to
choice. $3.80a3.S5; light Yorkors, $3.I5h3.kO;
mixed packers, $3.S0i3.85; good mediums.
J3.85; good to choice heavy hogs, 3.85a3.90:
pigs, ;t.75a3.Si); skips and common, JaS.iSa;
roughs. 3a3.40; stags. $2.50a3. Sheep and
Lambs Receipts, fi.800 head; on sale, 8.4O0
head; market firm or lambs and steady for
sheep; mixed and good to choice sheep,
2.15a2.C0; common to fair. $1.85a2; cully,
1a1.75; western lambs, choice to prime.
4a4.15; good, J3.G5a3.90; light to fair, 33.23
a3 50; culls and common, J2.30a3.15; seven
teen loads of Canada lambs offered, prices
10a15 cents lower: eight loads held over;
good to choice sold at fS.9fla4.10; common
to fair, f3.75a3.80; culls, S3a3.C5.
Oil Market.
nttsburg. Pa.. Oct. 30 Oil ooened and
lowest. 31.27; highest and closed, J1.29.
Oil City. Pn., Oct. SO. Oil opened and
lowest, $1.27; highest, fl.29'4: closed, 31.2D.
Philadelphia Tallow Market.
rhl'iu.vlphln. Oct. 30. Tallow Is dull and
unchanged. We quote: City, prime. In
hhds, 4.14'ic; country, prime. In bbls.
4a41sc; do. dark, In bbls, 3a3T4c.; cakes,
"c.; grease, t4a3c.
Happenings of Inierott to ths Staple
Trades and Particularly to tho Trado
in Iron. Steel and Anthracite Coal.
Reading's coal tonnngs for tho week
ended Oct. .v.nounted to 3C0.727. an in
crease ovir tj.e correspondlnff week last
year of 4;; it' tons. For the year to date
the lpn.enta ba3 aggregated 12,
092.M7, fen Incrcrso over tho same pe
riod lasl yr f 1,107,079 tons.
Reyrls are that tee coal traffic on the
mnin Una of the Pending rnllrond for
tho month of October has ex .ceded that
of any previous month In the history
of the road.
The New York, Susquehanna and
Western railroad reports an increase In
net earnings for September of $25,714.
Rare Treat In for Regular Headers
of Tho Tribuno-r.mlnont Authors to
Contribute Serial Stories.
Beginning next month The Ti'ibuno
will entertain 'Its constantly growing
circle of daily readers with a new se
ries of choice serial stories, by the very
best of living authors. These stories
will 'be the best that money can buy,
and they will be Illustrated correspand
Ingly. Amon.'r tho authors 'to be represented
there are Mr. Conan Doyle nnd ftlr.
Stanley J. 'Weyman, famous for their
historical novels, "The "White Com
pany" and "The Refugees," "A Oen'tle
man of France" and "Under the Ued
Robe," 'both worthy successors of
Walter Scott and Alexander Dumas.
Mr. Doyle's versatility brought him
still wider fame as the creator of Sher
lock Holmes, 4he most fascinating de
tective that ever untangled a web of
There are also J. M. Barrio, whose
"Little .Minister" Is still In great .de
mand by thousands who know It only
'by Its reputation; Mary H. Wilklns, an
unsurpassed photographer of .New Eng
land village life; Rrander Matthews,
whose plots have the Intensity of a
plage play; the same may be said of
Oeorge R. Sims, author of the "Lights
of Ix:ndon," and other famous dramas;
S. Raring Oould, who Invests his stories
with the wonders of scholarly lore and
the experiences of a clergyman in close
contact with the people; Rudyard Kip
ling, the most original genius of 'the
latter pant of . the century, a literary
Columbus, revealed a new world
to fictl'an readers; Eugene Field, whose
verses, witty tales and Impish humor
ore a constant deKght to his readers;
Jerome K. Jerome, who has never lost
(he favorer flavor acquired by "Three
Men In a iTtoat;" Ian MaOlaren, the
latest Interpreter of feol'ch character,
and an tdept .In Scotch dialect; Eliza
beth Sturat-.Phe.lps-Ward, whose popu
larity h'as never diminished since
"Gates Ajar" made her 'the friend and
counselor of thousands of hereaved and
of 'those wavering toward skepticism;
Grant Allen, another English writer
whose knowledge of science, travel and
human mture has been Impressed
deeply on his popular books, and An
thony Hope, who In the "Prisoner of
Zen da" and Its sequels has Invested
Oriental modern life with the atmos
phere of the Arabian Nights.
This by no means exhausts the list of
authors scheduled for The Tribune's
readers around the evening lamp this
coming winter, but It sets forth enough
to make their "moifths water" for the
appearance of these attractive stories.
The Invention of Dr, R. V. Tierce, chief
consulting physician to the Invalids' Hotel
and Surgical Institute, at BufTalo, N. Y.,
has, during the past thirty years, made a
record in the cure of bronchial, throat and
lung diseases that fairly entitles it to out
rank all other advertised remedies for these
affections. Especially has it manifested its
potency in curing consumption of the lungs.
Not every case, but we believe
. ,: Fully 98 Per Cent,
of all cases of consumption, in all its earlier
stages, are cured by Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, even after the disease
has progressed so fur as to induce repeated
bleedings from the lungs, severe lingering
cough with copious expectoration (includ
ing tubercular matter), great loss of flesh
and extreme emaciation nnd weakness.
Do you donbt that hundreds of such cases
reported to us as cured by " Golden Med
ical Discovery " were genuine cases of that
dread and fatal disease ? You need not take
our word for it They have, in near! v every
instance, been so pronounced by the best
and most experienced home physicians,
who have no interest whatever in mis
representing them, and who were often
strongly prejudiced nnd advised against
a trial of "Golden Medical Discovery,"
but who have bcon forced to confess that
it surpasses, in curative power over this
fatal malady, nil other medicines' with
which they ore acquainted. Nasty cod
Hver oil and its fllthy "emulsions1' nnd
mixtures, had been tried in nearly all these
cases and had cither.iilterly failed to bene
fit, or had only scented to benefit a little for
a short time. Extract of malt, whiskey,
and various preparations of the liypophos
phites had also been faithfully tried in vain.
The photographs of a large number of
those cured of consumption, ' bronchitis,
lingering coughs, nsthma, chronic nasal
catarrh and 'kindred maladies, have been
skillfully reproduced in a book of , ifo
pages which will be mailed to you, on re
ceipt of address and six cents in stamps.
Yon can then write those cured and leant
their experience.' , -
Address for Hook, World's Dispensam
Usdical Association, Buffalo N. Y.
Eminent French Physicians Havi
Fcundlt Invaluable -What tho "U.
S. Health Report" days About
Sparajus Kidney Pi.lj and
Their Curativa Powers.
Asparagus is a kidney tonic.
ll bulldj up anil tavlsjrate3 tho kid
neys, and cures them frora the effects of
Injuries, overwork, etc.
Doctors agree that Asparagus is good
for t'ae kidneys, but no strong ex'.rdct
wl.h all the medicinal (properties t.zi
been prepared until Dr. Hctb prepared
It fiom the rocts by a special prccetj cf
his own.
lie found f:ils to successful that ke
trade It up Into pills, with so'iV.j few
other -Ingredient's, and u?cd flhem In tils
private practice for years.
Tiila was the origin cf Dr. Hobb's
Spa vagus Kidney V'AU.
Frent'h .physicians of repute have
cart'IuHy tested Asparagus In all kidney
troubles, and consider U of great value.
Now the Unitel' States Health, Re
ports, Vol. XXIV.. No. 2. hiu this i.o ssy
abiut Dr. Hcftrb's iSparasw KMncy
"Er. E-:o I'.v.'s tald: Nteitcon dis
eases cot of twer.'iy originate from dis
eased 'kidneys, and 'those wha Ciave
made pathology a rtudy will agree wM'h
this evninent phyilclan that where th-j
kldneyj 'fail to perfi rm Khelr!aa
In any way tha whole system occ-mes
enervated and the Iscdy diseased. When
the kidneys fall to perform 'their work
ed 'task, effete and Injurious matter Is
cariUHi to all parts of ths body.
T;'.rcu'::h a enistakem d!agno3li, 'i';se
pymp.'crr. are cften pronounced sep
arate ard distinct diseases, but on a
n.E'itcT cf fact '.'hey can enly'be cured y
remedies which roach and relieve toe
oveiuvcrked kidneys and rlrc.-Tlihcn
them, so that they can successfully act
their part as cleanser.? of ilhe bcJy,
thereby Insuring regularity, atreng'.h
and good health throughout t'ae entire
"Among n!1 the Remedies claiming to
perform .tills much-desired result, ar l
which have been Investigate'!1 by the
compilers of these Itepot'Is, It has been
four.d that -while there waa much to
ceirrrr.en J 'there was much to be desired.
It Is, there-fore, with mere ordi
nary pk'2'iure, after a imoji: painstak
ing investigation, end a long and care
ful examination o! '.'h-e results achieved
by the reincdy 'placed upon the market
by t'ae Hobb's 'Medicine Co., known as
Dr. Ilolb's Spaiaus KUney Pill j, thai;
we this preparation a kld
r.!3y remedy tar-excellence, and one
that will cipeedlly and effectually cure
all O.'scases of l.he kidneys, w'iiatevtr
lher crlgl'n or name, or however chro
nic cr decp-s?a'!ed they may be.
"During a quarter of a century of
Journalism, during which time Ave have
exercised a watchful care over many of
the preparations having for 'their object
the cute of kidney diseases, we have
never come across a preparation of
such merit 83 Dr. Hotb'8 Sparagua Kid
ney Pills."
By eating Asparagus a slight effect Is
had cn 'the kidneys, !ut the greater part
of the cui atlve property of the plant Is
not absorbed and goes to waste.
The extract of 'Asparagus, however,
as prepared ty Dr. Hobb contains all
the active curative elements so pre
pared that tthey iare at once absorbed
and do their work of curing the kidneys
without waste or loss.
Dr. Hotlb's 'Sparagus KMney Pills
cure all kidney diseases ar.d all blood
diseases, such as Rheumatism, Gotit,
Neuralgia, Anaemia, etc
They will cure when other remedies
wIM net even relieve.
For sale by all druggists, or mailed
pr"ld for 51 ennts a box.
"Write for valual'le paim.r-hlet "A Fil
ter for Tour Wood," free on apDlIcatlJn
to Hcbib's iMedlclne Co., Chicago or
San Francisco.
The Lehigh Valley icompany Is pre
paring to equip Its main line complete
with I'liedlall raffty switch system be
tween Easton and Pittston.
When the "LrhlR'n Va'lley railroad
awa.rd-d a contract for thirty locomo
tives some time ose to tho Baldwin
Locomotive works, Hie option was re
served to Increase the to fifty,
on the ramp terms. The company last
wei'li ava'.lcd Itself of the option, and
an order for twenty additional engines
has 'been placed.
The employes in a number of de
partimenis In the Pennsylvania shops
at Altoona have been working twelve
hot'.-s per day the past week. In order
to hasten new work and keep tin with
the rt;iairs. Today both fourJarles,
the two erecting shops and the ma
chine, vise and cab departments will
work all day, BcaieUilng very unusual.
A conference will be heM thla week
between Pennsylvania, Reading and
Lehigh Valley rallrcad officials to dis
cuss the question of freight rates In
Sectary Taylor,' of the Reading
ra".-sad, has sent out proxies for the
annual election to be held on Jan
uary 13, and Tesiponses have already
been rc.narkably libera'!. The proxies
are made out In favor of Mr. Harris, or
In his W. R. Taylor, tfie sec
retary, Is to vote them..
The Reading railroad's coal tennarre
for the week ended Oct. 19 aggregat
ed 358,742.17 tons, an increase ever the
same week last year of 41.230.04 tons.
The company's C03I tonnage for the
year to Oct. 13 Is estimated at 11.
731,820 tons, or 1,064,771.14 ions ahead
ui i'.iu Eime xime lasi year.
During the second week In October
seventy-nine railroads Increased 6.48
per cent. In gross earnings. During the
third week thirty-five roads Increased
7.88 per cent.
The number of railroad accidents In
this country In September were 108, In
cluding mty collisions, finy-fcur de
railments, and four ot.her accidents In
which thirty-eight person's were killed
and 178 injured. j
The contract which the Electric Stor
age Dattery company has made with
Manhattan for an experiment with the
storage battery on Manhattan provides
lor iuimt up one or more cars to run
on the Thirty-fourth street ferrv eon
nectlon. It Is believed that a arood test
of the battery tan be there wli.h
cut Interferrtng with traffic. The stor
age 'battery cars are expected to be
ready for use in about sixty days.
Relief In Six Honrs.
, Distressing Kidney and madder diseases
relieved In six hours by the "New South
American Kidney Cure. This new rem
edy Is a great surprise on acount of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain In
the bladder, kidneys, back, and every part
of the urinary passages, In male or fe
male. It relieves retention of water and
pain In passing It almost Immediately. If
you want quick relief and cure this is
your remedy. Bold by C. M. Harris, Drug
fist, Ui Psna vsnus. Boranton, Pa.
Superior Face Bleach,
P.siilTj. E m.TJ AH F.ciil BUm&i
No more Frcclclcs, Tan, Sunburn, Blsck-n-;i.-ls,
Liver Spots, P.niples and Sallow
Complexions If ladles will use my Su
perior Fare illeach. Not a cosmetic, but n
medicine which acts directly on the skin,
removing all dlscolocatlons, an one of the
greatest purifying agents for the complex
ion in existence. A perfectly clear and
spotless complexion can be obtained in
overy instance by its use. Price, $1.00 per
bottle, l'or sale at E. M. HetxM'a Hatr
dresslng and Manicure Parlors, S39 Lack
awanna ave. Mail orders filled promptly.
Sjxallj" .'or Reading and Sewing.
Consumes three (3) foot of gas per
hour and Rive au efllciency of sixty
(60) candles.
HavliiR at lenst 33 per cent over tbs
ordinary Tip Uuriicrs,
Call and See It.
Manufacturers' Agents.
Contains all that has mtilo Hnrumond Work
ramnus, and NEW, NOVEL and I'SEFt'L lln-
provuments. "HammouJ Work tha Criterion
of Hnmmond Superiority. " "Hinmond Sslus
tbo t riterlon of Hnmmond Popularity." Ilnm
monil No. 2. The Pcrfot Typewriter. Ex
amine It nnd ba ennvincod. Fhiladulphia
branch of Tb lUinmonl Typewritur Co., 110
, bixth Street.
F. A. & A. J. liltANDA,
414 Sprues St., Scranisn RepresenUtlvii.
We are He.idqURrt.-rs for Oystcrj and
ara handling tlia
CclcbrntcJ Duck Rivers,
Lynn Havens, Keyport.s,
Mill 1'onds; iilso Shrews
bury, Kockuways, Maurice
Klvvr troves, Wetern
Shores unit Ulite Points.
tVWemnk3a Kpeeislty of dellverlnj
lilue Points on hell' hiil in carrier
CALL UP 3682.
M. W. COLLINS, M'sr.
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Sizes and Styles
Sizes and Styles
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General Agent for tbs Wyoming District.
tt8 WYOMING AVE-, Scranton, P
Third NaUonal Bank Doilding.
Aesacnrs :
TH08. FOSliHlt"on, Pa.
JoHN B. HMITH A (SON, Plymouth, P
E. W. MUI.UOAN, WUkea Barre, Pa.
ag.nt for the Hrpauno Cuaixucal
S Ulga awainuaivca.
Stocks, Bonds
and Grain
Rough, and sold on New York
Exchange and Chicago Hoard
cf Trade, cither for cash or on
412 Spruce Streot.
'Telephsno 5032.
II. 1). SWAKTZ & CO.
t An thi Loading Wbolsiale Agpnti la
Smokeless Powder,
L f. Smith's and Remington
Cans, flay Ngcons and
Tlgcon Traps.
Telephone 2733. Open ETenlnz.
S13)4 Bpracj Street, betweea Peon anl Wro
nilng Arennaj.
81 1 Laak. At. aad Stewart's Art Store.
Photo Eo(rtTlnt for Clrcnlara, BocU,CiU-
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' KahVTonwa Ml Un Wort.
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HOUSE, 320-322 Pcnn Avenue.
W. G. D0U1) & CO., 509 Lackawanna Avenue.
F00TE & SliEAIt CO., 119 N. Washington Ave.
It. J. HUGHES, 121 South Main Avenue.
EatioDal Bank cl Scranton.
CAPITAL 250,000
HKT,TVTA, lTTXn3, rrealflcnt.
W. W. WATBON, Vlve-l'realdent
. D. WILLIAMS. Cashlor.
Bamufl Illne?, Jamoa M. Evortart, lnr
Ibb Finch, l'lurco B. Klnloy. Joseph J.
Jvrmyn. M. H. Kcmorer. Charlen P. Mat
thown. John T. Porter, W. W. Watson.
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Sizes and Style;
Sizes and Styles
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Faultlesi Chsmical Company, Baltl"
mora, Md.
Atlantic Refining Go
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Llnsoed Oil, Napthas and Oaaa.
lines of all grades. Axle Grooae,
Pinion Qrciae and Colliery Com
pound; also a lrco Una of Pat
afflne Wax Candk-4.
We also handle the Famous CHOWN
ACME OIL, the only family safety
burning oil In tho market.
Wm. Mason, Manager.
Office: Coal Exchngne, Wyoming Ava
Works at Pine Brook.
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