The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 31, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

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Burnett, Mrs., Two Little l'ilijrinis,
by author "Dittlc fauntlcroy."
Hope, Anthony, Count Antonio Chroni
cles. Wlsgln, Mrs., Village Watch Tower.
Wcyman, Stanley, Gentleman of France.
I'emberton, Mas. Little Hugcrnots.
Crockett, Bog, Myrtle ana Peat,
Haggard, Heart of the World.
' King, Capt., Fort Frayne,
Ward, Mrs., Story cf Bessie Cottrell.
Crockett, Men of the Moss Hags.
Wcyman, The King's Stratcgciu.
Goodloc, Mrs., College Girls, Gibson's
Davis.R. H., Princess Aline.illustratcd,
Davis, R. H., About Paris, illustrated.
St me of the recent books, rapid sellers,
McClarcn, Bonnie Briar Bush.
Hope, Anthony, Prisoner of Zenda.
Caiue, Hall, Manxman.
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Good Bread.
The Weston Mill Co,
Mis Mnmo I). Ostrnnder, of Plttston,
(pent yesterdny In theclty visiting frlenJs.
J. E. Hrennnn, clerk of the common
council, of Curhonclnle, wus a visitor at
the city hall yesterday.
William Dull, formerly editor of tho
Scranton Times, Is now the city editor of
the Washington Evening News, one of the
live papers of tho natlunal capital.
Programme That Will He Rendered at the
1'enn Avenue Church.
The following programme will be ren
dered at a concert to be given In
the Penn Avenue ilaptlut church this
Overture, "Flora" Schlegrell
Imperial Quartette.
Tenor solo, "Sweet Little Mary"...Wooler
N. A. Croft.
4kvll ,miUlli....n..( . Ill iPd l!lllt ,31111, ITI
Bong , Eddie and Mary Davis
Violin solo Will Allen
Bolo, "Pattl Walts! Song" Pattison
Miss Hilda Qarraean.
March, "King Cotton" Sousa
Imperial Quartette.
Selection Imperial Quartette
Bolo Miss Slide lilurk
Recitation Miss Lulu Porter
Piano solo Miss Anna Ansluy
Trio.... Messrs. Allen, Klple and Doersam
Duet Misses Garrapnn and lilurk
Selection Imperial Quartette
Miss Laura Oclgor Ilccomcs the Wife of
Dr. Reynold. Of This City.
The wedding of .Miss Laura Oelger, of
Heading to Dr. George B. Reynolds, a
successful young physician of this city,
took place at 11 o'clock yesterday
morning at the home of the bride's par
ents, Mr. and .Mrs. John M. Oelger, in
Heading, In the presence of friends
from Reading, Scranton, Plttston, Phil
adelphia, Allentown, Burlington, N. J.,
and other points.
The couple left at 3.25 p. m. via tho
Philadelphia and Reading road on an
extended wedding trip, and will spend
their honeymoon at the Atlanta ex
position. On their return they will
take passeeslon of a very handsomely
furnished house at 205 North Main
avenue, this city.
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410 fei S!rd.
I'irst Game Was Played on the West
Side Lost Night. .
South SIdo Team Won by a Ssoro of 0-3.
Wine Innings Occupied About an
Hour-Description of tho
New Sport.
The first game of indoor lace ball In
Scranton was plnyed lust night In St.
David's hall on the West Side between
a club representing tnat rectlon of the
city and the South Side club. The lat
ter won by a score of G to i.
Tho game was really an experiment
and for that reason had not been adver
tised, but the result was all that the
promoters of tho sport In this city could
ask for, and the future games of tho
Scranton Indoor Base Itall league seem
destined to bo witnessed by li-rge
crowds. Last rXfrfit's game consisted of
nine innings and occupied only 65
minutes. The summary of the game is
ns follows:
South Side. West Bide.
Ketrlck catcher Allen
Southcra pitcher Kvans
McDonald first huso Davis
J. TlKhe second base A. 1 Utile
Mulurki-y third base Lowry
Hess phortFtnp Peck
Murphy left Held CadiiRgSn
Kerl HBht fUM Major
West Side 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0-3
South Side 1 3 0 0 0 0 2 0 -.
Struck out liy Kvans, 2; by Soothers, I.
Hase on balls Off Hvans, 1. 1'mplro
The possibilities of the game will be
appreciated when last night's (wall
score Is considerol and the fact that
the players had but little opportunity
for practice. -i
Differs from tho Outdoor Cnmc.
The pport Is radically different from
tho outdoor game, nlthough tha rtih's
differ but slightly. The bases are only
twenty-seven ft'ct apart, yet It is rare
ly that the large, soft ball Is batted out
side the diamond. Last night's contest
kept the small audience in a gale of
laughter and good humor and the play
ers were f.o enthused that games are
bound to l.e played at frequent In
tervals whether spectators prove nu
merous or not. However, the history
of the game will reverse Itself If in
Scranton It fails to make a lilt. Al
though the flrnt game in this city was
highly successful, the cramped spnee
available In St. David's hall detracted
somewhat front the Interest of the sport
and it is quite likely that future games
on the West Side will be played In
Turner hall. St. John's hall on the
South Side, the Thirteenth regiment
armory In the central elty and Com
pany II armory in the North Knd will
contain the games In those sections.
The following description of indoor
base ball will be read with Interest in
view of the prospects of its popularity
In Scranton:
The game was Invented In Chicago
in 1S87, and camp about through a
frolic among the members of the Far
ragut club. who. In a spirit of fun on
Thanksgiving Day of that year, threw
around the hall an orldinary "boxing
glove, which was struck at by one of
the young men with a broom. With
the players In position they commenced
their sport without rule or wisdom,
but there was great fun, and bo the
sport was evolved.
It Is Popular and F.xlillnrntini;.
The regulations and rules are made to
equalize the difference of size and sur
roundings from outdoor base ball, and
have been found to work satisfactorily
In making up a sport which Is both
popular and exhilarating. At first the
pport -was confined to a few of the
social clubs of Chicago, which had or
ganized a league, but during the past
few years great strides have 'been made
toward having the game spread all
over the United States. Many of the
Chicago cluos made trips to cities in
the west, and played Indoor ball tiefore
larRo crowds of spectators, who had be
come lnltlate.1 in the sport, and conse
quently extremely interested, for It is
said of Indoor tall that It Is the most
excltlnsr sport which the winter months
give for, the F-pace alloted for play
usually being somewhat confined, the
spectators and players are at no great
distance frcm each other, and the
rapid action is of a very exciting na
ture. A different style of play Is noticeable
In the successful Indoor player from
that adopted outdoors. In sliding to
bases there Is perfect abandon, and in
sliding well around the "bag the arm Is
thrust out In passing, and the base
held. In batting, the ball can be bunt
ed succeEsfully, and as the llrst con
tact with the floor decides its fairness,
this feature Is one practiced by many
of the best players. The Ehort stops
usually play close to the 'batter about
ten feet, one on either Bide of the
pitcher, for In the Indoor game the
right fielder comes Into tho diamond
and takes the position known as "right
Size of the Itnll I'scd.
The ball used is of a compact sub
stance, seventeen inches In circumfer
ence, -weights eight and a quarter
ounces, has a white cover, and, while
lively. It Is go made as to do no dam
age to objects surrounding the field.
The limit of size of the bat Is two and
three-quarters feet long and one and a
quarter inches Indlameterat thelargest
part. The weight is not limited. The
pneumatic tip is filled with air, and at
once conforms to the shape of the
palm of the hand, when pressed, thus
making the bat almost Incapable of
slipping from the grasp.
The bases are half filled with sand or
other heavy substance, so they will
remain In place on the floor, unless
grasped by the player In running or
sliding to the "base. They are not at
tached to the floor, tout placed loosely
on a marked ppot, to which they are
returned whenever displaced. The home
base Is of rubber, one foot each way,
and Is also placed on a marked square.
The shoes have rubber soles. Where
bases He near a wall, padded mats are
stood up opposite, against which the
players may strike when running or
The next (tame will be played tomor
row or Saturday night In the Thir
teenth Ttedment armory, between the
North End and Central City clubs.
It Failed to Score Against the Bicycle
Club's Eleven.
The Scranton Bicycle club foot ball
team Jurneyed to Kingston yesterday
and defeated the crack Wyoming sem
Innry eleven In two twenty-five-minute
halves by a score of 12 to 0 In the pres
ence of about BOO spectators, the major
ity of which were students of the
school. It was an Ideal foot ball day
and the Scranton team surprised their
many frlpnds and rooters by the man
ner In which they played. Kymer and
Oendall put up a star game for the
seminary, while the whole Scranton
team, without exception, played In uni
son, and their interference at times
was simply superb.
Decker played a star game, mak
ing the largest gains for Scranton,
while Walsh played quarter back like
a veteran. Scranton's line, as usual,
was like a stone wall, the ' seminary
backs being unable to gain at any point
and often being thrown back for a loss.
' Rymer Won the Toss
At exactly 8.30 the Scranton team
came trotting out on the gridiron, fol
lowed soon after by the seminary
eleven. Rymer won the toss and took
the east goat. Decker kicked off and
Rymer ran the ball back to the center
of the field. On the line up. Frantl ran
around the end for fifteen yards, fol
lower by Bymtr around the. other end
for ten more yards. Barnard plunged
through tackle and end for four yards
and Kymer edged around Decker's end
for eight yards, placing the ball on
Bcranton's live-yard lire.
Scranton secured the ball on four
downs and Decker was sent uround the
end for forty-tlve yards. A fumble
end Gendall falls on the ball. Short
dashes by the seminary backs, carried
the ball to Scranton's flfteen-ye.rd Una.
liymer fumbled and Cann grabbed the
ball and started down the field like a
Rash. With a clear field. It looked like
a touchdown, but Gendall downed him
on seminary's ten-yard line, after an
eighty-yard run. Posner dived through
the end and tackle for five yards and
Connery was pushed over the 11ns for
the first touchdown. Decker kicked
the goal.
Plunged Through tho Line..
Rymer kicked off and Cogglna was
downed without a gain. Connery, Zang
and tielbeit r-uw'l through the line
for largo gains and Decker circled the
end, carrying the ball to the middle of
the field. Time was called soon after
with the ball In seminary's territory.
Score 6-0.
In the second half Wyoming kicked
off and Scranton rushed the pigskin
right down the field, where Gelbert
went through right tackle and end for
the second touchdown. Decker, as
usual, kicking a pretty goal. Gelbert
fumbled Hymer's kick and a seminary
man fell on It. The ball was seminary's
on Scritnton's ten-yard line. Rymer
tried to go through Allen but was
downed on the line. Frantz trlscl the
other Ride, but Cogglns was through
and blocked his "inn. Tim? was called
with ball on Scranton's twenty-yard
line. Total score: Scranton, 12; Semi
nary, 0.
Scranton. Som'nary.
Cann left end Taylor
f'o.Tglns left tackle ltet
Connery left guard Stark
Cleveland center Johnson
.ling right gunrd Decker
Allen rlKhl tackle.... Mcpcrmott
Dfcker rlKht end ltolitnon
Walsh j. quarter back Gendall
Gelbert left half back Krauts
Posner right half back Hymer
Carr full back Ttarnard
I'mplie, Gelbert; referee, McCartney;
linesman, Huddy
Tho Trouble at lnihsr's Court Yet in
Stntun Oun.
The possibility of a struggle at Fnr-
biT court Is fact fading away. Henry
Hiefenberg. who represents all the ob
jecting property holders, gave up his
hunt for satisfaction nt 10 o'clock Tues
day night nt which hour ho left City So
licitor Torrey's residence fully satisfied
to refrain from making any disturb
ance until a conference can be had
with Mayor Connell. .
I'p to date the contractors have had
but three men nt work on the private
ground, merely enough to invite in
junction proceedings, after which they
intended to put on a full force. As the
property holders refuse to go to the ex
pense of an injunction the contractors
have decided to delav no longer ond
will this morning put on a full force of
men, come what may.
Mr. Hiefenberg, whose lot Is In the
center of tho plot, has notified the con
tractors not to set foot on his land, until
he gives permission and that be will not
do so until the city comes to buine un
derstanding with him.
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Some of tho Plays That Arc nillcd to
Appear In City Thcutcrs.
The Allentown Chronicle has this to say
of "Shore Acres," which appeared in thit
cily Tuesday nlKht: " 'Sliure Acres' had
Its second presentation in this city last
nlKlit In the Academy of Music before a
large audience. Tho beauty, naturalness
and simplicity of this play grow upon an
audience as the scenes unfold themselves
and the history is revealed. The play Is
like a whiff of fresh air after one has In
haled the miasmatic exhalation from a
swamp. It Is pure, It Is perfect. It Is a
simple story of simple folk,' a revelatalon
of the joys and sorrows, the striiKgles and
ambitions of a household In Maine. All
the accessories fit Into the story. Tho
characters are drawn with absolute fidel
ity. Nothing Is exaKgerated. The com
pany Is the same us regards tho princi
pals, with ono exception, as the one that
presented It Inst season. James Lack
aye's 'Martin Herry' Is to-day one of tho
finest character works on the stage. His
portrayal of the ambitious, sordid, pas
sionate and at last remorseful farmer Is
as clear cut as a cameo. It Is the work
of an artist. The same can bo said of the
personation of that lovable, patient,
sturdy character 'Nathaniel Berry by
Archie lloyd. Kd. J. Connelly was again
tho lank, amusing 'Joell Gates, the glass
widower, whose work was only second to
that of the llrst named. The entire com
pany Is strong and well balanced." "Shore
Acres" will be seen at the Academy of
Music to-night and to-morrow night.
O'Neill Friday and Suturday Night.
James O'Neill's name Is almost a house
hold word throughout the whole land.
His popularity is not undeserved, because
It may bo truthfully said of him that lie
has always been loyal to his trust as an
artist, us lie has only allowed himself to
be associated with the best, purest and
noblest in art. His lung association with
Monte Crlsto is one of the traditions of
tho American stage This season ha has
Included tragedy in his reportolre and
during his forthcoming appearance at the
KrothliiKhnm on Friday and Saturday ho
will be seen ns "Vlrglnlus" Friday night,
while "Monte Cristo" will be played Sat
urday evening. Mr. O'Neill's first per
formance of Vlrglnlus was given last sea
son In Ban Francisco and called forth
encomiums of unwonted strength from
every art-loving and conscientious critic.
A Black Sheep at the 'Academy.
When the theatre-going public see en
announcement that a Hoyt comedy is
booked to npear here, they not only pro.
paro themselves for the event, but can
rely upon getting the best attraction on
the road. Next Saturday evening at tho
Academy his latest and greatest success,
"A Black Sheep," will be presented for the
first time In this city, with the same cast
and elaborate scenery which characterized
the run of fourteen weeks In Chicago, and
twelve weeks In Boston.
Uccvcs' Company at Davis.
For the last three days of this week Al
Itoeves and his big company holds the
boards at Davis' theater. In this organi
zation are a number of great novelties,
including Nathan, the armless wonder;
Agnes Chcrcot, only lady hypnotist; Al
Reeves, the banjo Paderewskl; the Hlatts,
musical experts; and many other Interest
ing features. This company plays the
best houses in the country, and has a na
tional reputation for excellence.
Palmer Cox's Brownies.
On next Monday and Tuesday evenings
and Tuesday afternoon, C. B. Jefferson.
Klaw and Krlanger's immense production
of Palmer Cox's Brownies will be at the
Krothlngham. Since seen hero last spring,
the Ilrownles has been very materially
Improved, while all of the best features
of last year's piece have been retained.
Such grand effects os a thrilling ship
wreck, a terribly realistic earthquake and
volcano, and the Instant destruction of a
magnificent palace are presented in a way
that has been hitherto unattcmpted.
The very height of stage-art has been
reached In these grand climaxes. The
final transformation, "A Night In Brown
ielnnd,' showing in marvelous hues tha
unfolding into glorious life of the moon
flower and thp nlght-bloomlng cereus, Is
of such magnificence that words fall to
describe It. Over 100 of the highest-salaried
artists are necessary for the gor
geous production. The world-famous
Brownies ore surounded by beautiful wo
men. Among the prominent features are
the serial ballet, danced in mld-alr to the
most superb calcium effects, and the Ori
ental ballet, both of whlcdh created a
Milton Oborn Opera Co.
The success attending the engagement
of the Milton A born Opera company Is
well remembered by Scranton theater
goers, and the Academy of Music will un
doubtedly be packed at every perform
ance. Mr. Aborn made many friends when
he appeared here last season, and will un
doubtedly add many to those, already
gained. Monday "Said Pasha" will ba
presented, Milton Aborn appearing as
Hadad, one of his finest characters. All
last season's favorites will be In tho cast,
and will be seen to advantage in each
opera, presented. Bests on sale Friday
morning for entire engagement.
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Democratic County Csndidatcs Feci
That Their Suits Are HomcIcss.
Ilcllcvo That Their Solvn ion Lies in
Securing The in-Ballots for I'so at
Tuesday's Election Are Being
i'rintod-Nuiucs of Cmtdldatcs.
No quitter campaign has ever been
waged In Lackawanna county than
that which will close on Tuesday even
ing after the voters have expressed
their will regarding the various candi
dates for the otllees to be filled. The
jsct that the battle has ibeen quietly
fought docs not mean that It has been
devoid of lnt?rcst, for such is by no
means tho case.
In The Tribune office a large force sl
workmen were engaged yesterday
printing the official anil specimen bal
lots, which will be used Tuesduy ut th
polling places of the county. Alto
gether 72,179 are required to supply the
needs of tho county. Of this number
12,080 ata specimen and 60,119 ofilclal
ballots. The following are the candi
dates on the official ballots:
State Treasurer Benjamin J. Hay
wood, Republican; li?njumin F. My-.
ers, Democrat; William ,H. Kerry, Pro
hibitionist; George W. iJnwson, Peo
ple's; George Anton. Socialist-Labor.
Judges of the Muperior Court James
A. Beaver, Kdwnrd N. Wlllard, John J.
Wlckham, Charles K. Rice, Howard J.
Reedor. George U. Orlady. Republican;
Harinnn Yerkcs. James 8. Moorhead.
Charles Henry Noyes, Peter 1. Smith,
Oliver P. Hechtel, Christopher Miigee,
Democratic; Edward Campbell, Will
lam W. Lnthrope. David Sterrott, Lewis
D. Vail. F. Harry Hoffer, Ad! 3 A. Stev
ens, Prohibition: John II. Stevenson, D.
O. Couchlln, William C. Rhuem, Peo
ple's. Coroner Snmuel P. Lnngstreet, Re
publican; John A. Kelley, D?mocratlc;
John C. Rateson, Prohibition.
County Surveyor Udmud Hnrtl, Re
publican; At ram R. Dunning, Demo
cratic; Milton P. Mitchell, Prohibition.
Delivery of the llnllots.
These nro the men voters of Lacka
wanna will have an opportunity of
making a choice between on Tuesday.
The work of printing the ballots Is al
most completed and on Saturday the
county commissioners will begin to de
liver them to the election officers of
the county. At this election the new
schedule adopted by the last legislature
for the payment of election officers wil'
go Into effect. It differs but little from
tlw umounts that have heretofore been
paid, but grades the figures according
to tho number of votes cast in a dis
trict. This campaign haa been notable for
the absence of torchlight processions,
rallies and the other means usually em
ployed to stir up the enthusiasm of the
laggard partisans. While thee pub
lic manifestations of campaigning have
been lacking tho candidates for the
county oftioss have bestirred them
Eelvets and went 'about the county that
the voters might see what manner of
men were asking for their suffrage.
Reports from all parts of the county
show that Dr. S. P. Longstreet, the Re
publican candidate for coroner, and
Edmund A. Burtl, the candBJate for
surveyor, have made a splendid im
preavion on the voters everywhere and
the indications are that they will re
ceive a large party vote and draw not
a little from the ranks of the opposition.
They are both men of unquestioned
ability who will make excellent officials.
Get Out tho Vote.
Ono thing that should be remembered
by Republicans all over the county and
that is to vote and get their friends to
vote. As. this Is a light year, politically
speaking, many may be tempted to stay
away from the polls and thus reduce the
sise of the emphatic majorities that
ehould confront the Democrats on the
morning succeeding the election.
The candidates for county and state
officers should not be neglected by any
Republican on Tuesday. Judge Wll
lard Is entitled to a large vote at his
own home and it Is the duty of the
members of the party he has for years
so faithfully served to cast a vote for
blm and the other Republican candi
dates for the Superior court.
The Democratic county candidates
are making a HI1 hunt for votes in all
parts of the county. Such disaffection
exists through all the ramifications of
their party that they realize that their
pult for public favor is hopeless If they
fail to dnw votes fom the Republican
party, and they arc using all their wiles
with that end In view.
Many Sorrowing Friends Follow the
Remains to tlio Crave.
Many sorrowing friends followed the
remins of Mrs. Charles F. Wagner to
the grave from her late residence in
Petersburg Tuesday afternoon. She
was the wife of Chief Clerk Wagner, of
the county commissioners' office, and
was a woman of rare loveliness of dis
position. She Is survlvel.1' by her .husband and
the following children: .Minnie C,
Catharine, Henrietta, Emma, Sophia,
Charles F Clarence I;., Oscar W., Ger
trude M. and Louisa C. Wagner.
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Peautiful Pearl, gold trimmed, (f Q Cf)
double achromatic, 7 quality.. $diJU
Morocco, double achromatic, ox- (JO Qft
tr atrong leases $it)U
Come Today,
213 Lackawanna Avenue.
Cures Colds, Lays Out LaGrlppe,
Cures Incipient Consumption.
Manufactured by G. ELAIEX
DORF, Llmlra, N. Y., and for sale
by the trade generally.
Wholesale Agents, Scranton, Pi
A 11
We Are Showing
Newest and Nicest
Stock of Ladies
At prices that attract the at
tention of every lady who exam
ines them.
others more for the same
HI j
raw ci
And other choice French
makes. Our assortment is
now very large, having just
opened several direct im porta
tlom containing a'.l the latest
Walk in and look around.
la Now at His New Store
with a
Sole Agent for Knox Hats. Come
aud Kce Me.
1 lii Bi
Special Attention Given to Business
and Personal Accounts.
aro located the finest Ashing and hunting
grounds in the world. Descriptive books on
application. Ticket to all points In Maine,
Canada and Maritime Provinces, Minneapolis,
Ht Paul. Canadian and United States North
wests, Vancouver, Seattle, Tauoma, Portland,
Oro., San Francisco.
First-Class Sleeping and Dining Cars
attached to all through trains. Tourist cars
fully fitted with bedding, curtains and sp o
inlly adapted to want of families may be had
with Rocoaddass tickets. Bates always lesi
than via other linos. For full information,
time tablos, etc, on application to
China fia
1. P. HUM
raffle ftp
.UWUElfl 1
niny a i una n.a.hulbert's
til OlllO 6111 1111
Are still offering the large stock of goods from
25 to 5o per cent, below cost.
These Goods Must Be Sold
And if you want bargains come and get them
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MM I i
The Ph:iade!hia Specialist, and his asio
c.uted stu.'f of iiei:iih and Oermaa
physicians, are now pertha
ncntly located at
Old Postefflce Building, Corner Penn
Avenue and Spruce Street
The doctor Is a graduate of the Univer
sity of IVnnaylvania, formerly demon
suator of physiology and aurgery at the'hirurgle'ul college of Phlludel
phUi. Hia epeclalties are Chron'.c. N'er
ous. Skin, Heart, Womb and lilood d.
I lie symptoms of which are dizziness, lauic
of commence, sexual weakness in men
and women, hall rising in throat, spots
II jat. iin before the eyes, loss of memory,
unuble to concentrate the mind on one
subject, easily startled when suddenly
spoken to, and dull, d'stressod mind, which
unllts them for performing the actual du.
ties of life, muklnrf happiness impossible
distressing; the action of the heart, caus
ing flush of heat, depression of spirits, evil
forebodings, cowardice, feur, dreams, mel
ancholy, tiro eay of company, feeling a
tired in the morning as when retiring;,
lack of energy, nervousness, trembling,
confusion of thought, depression, consti
pation, weakness of the limbs, etc. Those
ko affected siiould consult us Immediately;
and be restored to perfect health.
Lost Manhood Restored.
Weakness of Young Meu Cured,
If you have been given up by your phy
Blcian call upon the doctor and be exam
ined, lie cures the worst eases of Nerv
ous, Debility, Scrofula, old Sores,
Catarrh, Piles, Female Weakness, Affec
tions of tho Kye, Kar, Nose and Throat,
Asthma, Deafness, Tumors, Cancers and
Cripples of every description.
Consultations free and strictly sacred
and confidential. Otllce hours daily from
9 a. in. to 9 p. ni. Sunday, 9 to 2.
Knrloso five 2-cent stamps for symptom
blanks and my book called "New Life."
I will pay one thousand dollars In iro'it
to nnyono whom I cannot euro of EPI
Old Post Office Building, corner Pens
avenue and Spruce street.
Also a large stock of first-class
We Will See What
Bicycles We Have on Hani!
At a price which Mill save tha
buyer money.
Victorias. Gendrons, Relays',
in Men's Wheels.
Victorias and . Gendrons in
Ladies' Wheels.
We have some second-hand
Wheels at your own price.
Baby Carriages at a bargain.
TtfC PRDC and your eye will
lAKt lAnt t.kecar. of yon. U
M ...... .., you arn troubled with
OF YOUR EYES kadache or nerrou.
Ur IUWI1 LILkJ nossgoioOR.SHIM.
W'KG'S and bnvo your eys examined frsa.
We Lave reduced prices and are the lowest in
the city. Nickel spectacles from fl to Mi gold
from t to W.
305 Spruce Street, Scranton, Pa,
IjOElfl j All,