The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, October 25, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

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;kew wall decorations. :
Autumn Styles Being Received.
We Invite Attention to Our
Beautiful New Designs and Colorings
For Fall and Winter Use.
Now Is an Excellent Time
To Decorate Your Rooms
And Get the Benefit of Use
During Cold Weather Season.
We Have the Finest Stock
Made In This Country
At Half New York City Prices.
Onr Patterns Cannot Be Found
. Elsewhere in This City.
The Fine Work in Large Cities
Is Done in the Fall
We Furnish Good Decorators.
A Fob to Dyspepsia
And Always Have
Good Bread.
Tho Weston Mill Go.
E. B. S'.urges was In New York yester
day. James Sloeum, of Plttston, was here
W. A. Brandamore, Jr.. and W. Branda
tnore are attending a Young Men's Chris
tlan association conference In Erie.
Attorney E. H. House Is on a three
weeks' tour througat the south, the At
lanta exposition wing his objective
Isaac Post. L. T. Mattes. John F. 8ny
der and W. J. Hand have been elected to
nil elders' vacancies In the First Presby
terian church.
Mrs. Emma L. Tweed and daughter.
Helen, of Sanderson avenue, have re
turned from an extended visit In Philadel
phia and Mlllvllle. X. J.
Assistant District Attorney John M.
Harris has returned from Philadelphia.
Miss Mabel Howard, of Hackettstown,
N". J., Is the guest of Miss Tvssie McHale,
of Dunmore.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sllllman, jr., yester
lay returned from Montreal, where Mr.
Bllllman was in attendance upon the an
'jl national convention of the American
Street Railway association.
Hugh Jennings, the champion shortstop,
took a rutr up from Moolc yesterday to
see his many Scranton friends and ad
mirers. He will leave for St. Donaven
ture's college, Allegheny, .'. Y., on
Nov. 6.
Three Things Yon Ought to Know.
That our M. & H. kid gloves at II; cor
sets of different styles at tl; ladles' regu
lar made hose at Stic, are the best value
for the money. Mears & ilagtn.
That Is the Name of a Ladies' Society
Organized Last Night.
At Ancient Order of United Work
men's hall, on Lackawanna avenue,
a women's temple of the Knights of
the Golden Eagle was organized last
night und'-r the name of White Lily
Temple, No. 26. The officers will be
Installed on Wednesday evening,
Nov. 6.
The nomination and election of of
ficers took place last evening and re
culted as follows: Past temple. Mary
Gray; noble temple, Clara Terwilllger;
vice temple, Gwennle J. Davis; proph
etess, Fannie Gallagher; priestess,
Emma Lance; matshal of ceremonies,
Klcla Foster; guardian of music, Irene
Sllney; guardian of Inner portal, Annie
Tlce; guardian of outer portal, Laura
Dreher; guardian of record, Emma
Schuier; guardian of Exchequer,
Lucretla Arnold; trustees, John H.
Gray, Obadlah Arnold and A. E. Ter
Rut Conld Not Secure a Purchaser
Although Ilia Figures Wero Low.
Joseph Glenn, of Providence, wound
up a long: debauch -In police court yes
terday morning when- he paid 13.50 and
made a. protnls to Alderman Millar
that he would drink no more.
Glenn was picked up by Lieutenant
Bpellman, to whom comptadnt was maVle
that he was going- about trying 'to sell
his clothing to luy drink. To the opera
tor at the On'larl and Western station
Glenn offered to sell his pants for SO
Aa tt was a rather chilly night for
a mam to be golnx around In Highland
costume, tffie unselfish operator refrain
ed from taking advantage of the bar
gain. Fin watches at Turnquest's. .
English Capital for American Invest
ments. ' Important to Americana seeking Eng
lish capital for new enterprises. A list
containing the names and addresses of ZGO
successful promoters who have placed
ver 100,000,000 sterling In foreign Invest
ments within the last six years, and over
118,000,003 for the seven months of IMG.
Price B or 125, payable by postal order
to the London and Universal Bureau of
Investors, 20, Cheapslde, London E C
Subscribers will be entitled, by arrange
ment with the directors to receive either
personal or letters of Introduction to any
f these successful promoters.
- This list Is first class In every respect,
and every man or Arm whose name ap
pears therein may be depended upon. For
placing the following It will be found in
valuableBonds or Shares of Industrial,
Commercial and Financial Concerns,
Mortgage loans, Bale of Lands, Patents or
T Copyright.
Soli'' 14k. ladles' gold watch, guaranteed
perfect timekeeper, only $16.25, at Turn
quest's, 206 Wash, aye.
Blank books and stationery below cost.
Pratt's Book Store, . ,
Silverware at Turnquest's. ,
Wall paper at your own price. Pratt's
Book Store. .
Have youi watch repaired by Turnquest.
a uai action guarantees, sue wasn avs. "
Providence People Ready for Another
v Toll-GateTUt.
That I too Purport of Mr. Crier's Or
dinance Introduced in Common Coun
cil Last Mcht-Discusslon Over the
Exoneration of Firemen' Taxes.
The city has a chip on Its shoulder
and is around lookinn for more trouble
with the) Providence and Ablngton
Turnpike company. The chip In uuvs
tlon Is an ordinunee. Introduced by
Mr. Grler, in common council, last
nlRht. repealing the ordinance adopted
In 188. which provides for the accept
ance and maintenance of that portion
of West Market s-treet, between Leg
gett's crtek and the square, which Is a
lart of the old turnpike' and owned by
thf company.
The aiveinent entetvd Into at that
lime by the Turnpike company and the
cMy was that in consideration of the
company moving: Its toll grate without
the city limits, the city would keep
the road In repair. The city failed to.
religiously, live up to Its pairt of the
compact and Uvat var the company
got a verdict of about $2,000 from tlw
city for damages rcsultunt from the
city's negUct.
It Is to prevent a repetition of such
an expensive law suit, Mr. Urler mated,
that he desires to annul the contract.
He believes that In case 'his measure
passes. Mild the Turnpike company
gees lit to again move lis toll gate to
the square, there will be little or no In
cvMiveiiiem'? experienced by the people
of the North I'.tnl as they can use Mar
ket street by way of any of the cross
The ordinance was favorably re
ceived and rvferred for printing.
KnvoreJ llomj Contractor.
The sewers and dr&lns committee re
ported that they were in a quandary
us to what they Fhould do with the
similar proposals submitted by How
Icy Hros., of this city, and Hart Gib
oons, of Wllkes-Harre, for the construc
tion of the proiwisrd lateral sewer on
North Washington avenue), between
iLarch and New York streets. Each
bidder proposed to do the work for $161
per lineal foot. The committee dl 1 not
wish to make a recommendation, so
decided to submit a resolution award
ing the ontract to Howley Hros. In or
der to bring the matter before the
councils. Mr. Z.eldler made a little
speeh In favor of patronizing home in
dustry and Howley Bros, got the work
by an unanimous vote.
The tire department committee ap
proved of the rtsoluttons providing for
the erection of a tire engine house n
the city lot at the corner of Franklin
avenue and Vase court and council ac
cepted the committee's views.
Property holders on Amelia, Grace
and Meade avenues complained some
time ago of water which collected In
their neighborhood and formed stag
nant, disease-breeding pools, all of
which they alleged resulted from the
water which was caused to flow from
Main avenue. Throop und Parker
streets by reason of grading which has
been done by the city. Street Com
mUdloner Kinsley was aslted by the
sewcis and drains committee to look
Into the iratter and his finding was
that the city was not responsible for
the nuisance and recommended thai
the property holder.? be advised to
construct sewer, which recommenda
tion was adopted y the committee aiid
In turn by councils.
illJs for f urnishing Coal.
Bids for furnishing coal for city build
ings were received as follows: Con
sumer's Company, chestnut, stove
ar.-l egg, ?2"; pea coal. 11.60; James
Flynn, buckwheat, ll.L'J. pea coal. IJ.tio.
chestnut, ti'.T.'i. stow and egg, $2.s5. The
prIio.-als werv referred to the public
buildings committer.
Mr. Oliver Introduced a resolution di
recting that the n-ame of Davies street
be changed to its old name Hock street,
as per petition of all the property hold
ers on 'he mrvet with two exceptions.
The petition was signed by T. Fellows
Mason, S. Elizabeth .Mason, John p
Acker, Wagner, jr.. It. P. Aswellj
Morri Williams. A. H. 'Moure. Mrs.
Maggie McLfc-rm'rtt. The resolution
passed without comment or opposition.
A resolution exonerating fiom city
occupation lax all flre-men. except paid
rri, who have vlone three years' ser
vice wais Inlro-duoed by Mr. JioMn-wm,
and raised after Mr. Oliver had made
a futile effort to Iwlufle public urticers
and other city officials, members of the
fire department. In the same category
with the paid firemen. Later In the.
evening Mr. Oliver secured a reconsid
eration of tbe measure and It was re
ferred to committee. An effort will be
made Kit ptrllte out the -clntise excluding
pal-'l firemen on the grounds that they
are as much entitled to exoneration as
Mr. Noone Introduced a resolution di
recting the city clerk to Hie with the
City Solicitor cwptes of all ordinance
submitted for consideration of councils
and that the Solicitor be Instructed to
pass upon the legality of same when
occasion requires, the opinion in thrae
cases ti by advisory. The resolution
was adopted.
Some Ksaoluiinus I'nsscd.
'Mr. Rob'nson Introduced a resolution
directing the street commissioner, to
open the alley west of tho block bound
ed on the south by Ce-dnr avenue, on
the wKh Ity AliW street and on the
west by Willow street. It paawd.
Anotlwr resolution Introduced by Mr.
Noone and ad :ted by coum-ll dlrerts
the City Solicitor to ascertain and re
port whether or not there are assess
ments still flue on Loe alley sewer,
which wan conwtrwted by John Camp
bell, and as to whether or not such as-F-eKFmenits,
If there are any, can be col
lected. Mr. Morris dntToduceU an ordinance
for three electric lights In the Second
ward and Mr. Ztlpler asked for one to
shed light In "Darkest Raymond
Newest Shoe
410 Sprues Stnst
court." An ordinance for the grading
of all streets in Dodgvtown not now
graded was introduced by Mr. Noone.
All three ordinances were referred for
The following ordinances passed first
and second reading: For grading of
Wyoming avenue between Green Ridge
and Delaware streets; for a lateral
pewer on Monsey avenue between
Marion and Green Hldge streets; for
flagstone sidewalks on New street.
Ordinances passed on third reading
were: For a lateral twer on Capouso
avenue and Tirh street; approprlatlnir
$1,500 for improving Robinson and
Ninth streets; for flagstone sidewalks
on Lafayette etreet between Main and
Fllmore avenues; establishing grade of
Prescott avenue from Mulberry to
Olive street.
Shows That Arc Hilled to Appear In Play
house of the City.
The popular comedian. Roland Reed,
and his admirable company will pre
sent at the Frolhlnghain this evening
his latest success. "The Politician, or
the Woman's Plank," which has proved
one of the best hits he has ever had.
The characters are all cleverly con
structed. One In particular, portrayed
by Miss Isadore Kuli, a twentieth cen
tury girl, bus created a sensation from
the novel characterization and dress
ing cf the role. Mr. Heed's company
includes M'.fs Isadore Rush, Miss Rose
llrahum, Mr. .Mary .Myers, William
Uernard, ReeJ, James IKmg
less. Charles Wyngate, John 11. Uunny
and Sheridan Tuper.
Tho Hustler rn-to-Dnte.
A play that abounds In enjoyable
music and phasing specialties Is rea
sonably sure of liberal patronage In
this city, and the approaching engage
ment of "The Hustler" on Saturday
next at the Academy, inny therefore be
put down anions the popular events of
the season. There Is something of a
plot, however, to "The Hustler," und
If the story is subordinated to the
more exhilarating quantity it is be
cause the (public prefers the latter.
"The Hustler" exunpuny embraces
twenty-five ladles and gentlemen,
whose comedy talent Is admittedly of u
very superior order.
Ilvrne llrotheiH Mond-iy Night.
The novelty of a steamship turning
completely over In mldocean und the
passengers still remaining rlght-sldo
up, Is certainly a very laughable con-
rei1:. The Hyrne Jtrothers, who appear
at the Academy of Music Monday eve
ning in "Klght Hells" ure doubtless
aware of this feature as a fun-niaker
when they embodied It In their curious
spectacular production of that name.
The Byrnes have als;i retained all the
best features of the old skit which was
funny. These Include the ship scene,
the boarding school action, and the
comical horse, and the stage coach
horse-play. There Is a good variety
of songs and dances In the new ver
sion, with pretty music and prettier
Trvlna to Interest Scruntoniuns in tho
Manufacture of Culm Co'il.
A gtntlemun has for several days
been In rVranton endeavoring to Inter
est capitalists and coal men in a pro-
; cess for manufacturing culm Into a
I material d'slg-nated ws "culn-coal."
; He has met with poor success, as it
Is believed that the manufacture of
the product mlsht Injure the coal trade.
The gentleman is from Philadelphia
: and represents u company of that city
which proposes to manufacture the
; culm product. It is culm mixed with
: chemicals and pressed into flattened
1 pieces about the size of chestnut coal.
Due ton of It will last, It is claimed,
I twice as long as two tons of coal and
will furnish .more heaij ilt can be
I manufactured to sell at about $J per
j tn.
I The comrany's representative has
several barrels of the "culm-coal" In
; Scranton and Is distributing It to Inter
I ested parties who will burn It, thus se
I curing a practical test. The opinion
i has been created that the new pro
duct will create a more ravorahle no
tice and could be manufactured to bet-
ter advantage away from the coal re
; gions.
A Fat D.'sirobto in Some Cases but Not
in This.
An aged Hungarian, named Andrew
Vioss, was went to the county Jail
yesterday by Alderman Millar fur va
grancy. The ja;l authorities, however,
refused to receive him, alleging that
he was unfit on account of his Infirm.
I ltles to be an inmate of any place, but
a hospital.
He was taken back to the station
house, and the case reported to the
poor authorities.
(Under this (lending short letters of In
ttiest will be published when accompa
nied, for pnl.licetloli. by the writer,
name, 'i'hn Trillium will not b Imirt r..
sponsible for opinion here expressed.)
CI- t V.'.,.. I... .1- r. .
( uo jii iiriiiti nun ino oernnion
I TiuHe Mttll imnoi miiiin proposes to nell the
franchise of thin rlty to Full Itlver. I
I think Ibis act will reflect no credit on
! the association, if a ntnall town like
If l !!,.... 1,.. . .
iiiiniK-iiiic tun nu,,iiii n ipitin in mo
Kb .tern league, Serimton can hIho.
Scranton Is one of the best towns for
base ball In the suite If a winning team
, ,,tt ,,', i . 1 1 uui lie. Hci'iiiiipnsiieii
If thi-y keep players like K. Clarke Instead
I of selling all the uuw players to New
i York and other large clubs. Now, let the
1 iiMHoriHtlnn sell the franchise to men In
inr e-njr ui ni-infltoil, Hull, am pOMIIIVH 1 1
they get any kind of a club that will kep
near the top It will he a big thing for the
managers, but If we go back In the fltnte
league, base ball will be killed In Scran
ton. Yours respectfully,
ileorge L, I'ercks.
Hcranton, Oct. :t.
Annual I'nll F.iciirslon.
All arrangements have leen competed
for the annual fall excursion of the New
York, Ontario and We.tern Hallway com
pany to New York, on Oct. 2s. It has been
so arranged that excursion trains will
have the right nf way over all other
trains so as to avoid sny ilelavs. It Is ex
pected that this exeuilon "will ccllpso
any of their former efforts. Last year
over one thousand ppnp'p were rarrled to
the great metropolis on the fall excursion.
The exceedingly low rate of pasnago, one
fare for the round trip, and the reclining
chair cars run on all trains, are great
drawing cards.
Oorham's sterling silverware, at Turn
quest's, 2ili Wash. ave. ..
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Hook Store.
Alarm clocks, only Tile. Turnquest's.
Plllsbury's flour mills have a capacity
of n.WO barrels a day. . .
Personal attention paid to watch re
pairing. Turnquest, 205 Wash. ave.
Inks !F.c. per qt., 20e. per ptnl, writing
paper, envelopes and tabids at half price
for a few days. Pratt's Book Store.
The very latest designs In silver novel
ties at Turnquesl's.iiiii Wash. avs.
R-day clocks, only I2.S9, at Turnquest's.
Taylor'o Now Indox Map of Scranton and
For sale at Taylor's Directory ofllce, 11
Tribune building, or given w th an order
for the Scranton Directory 1SS6.
Clocks, at TurnqupBt'B, 205 Wash. ave.
Plumbers' Attention.
Both the theory and practice of plumb
Ing will be taught at the John Raymond
institute. Young Men's Christian associa
tion building, beginning Krlday evening,
Oct. 25. Terms for membership and tui
tion, $10. The Institute provides tools and
Have your watch repaired by Turnquest,
UK Wash. ave.
Subject of Able Arguments Made to
the Court Yesterday.
Ha Paid Costs Before Taking aa Appeal
by Means of Cheek and Hs Is
Called to Task for
So Doing.
lArprument. was, heard yesterday
morning on the exceptions to the report
of Viewers K. J. McNully. Ii-jhert
Hagg and August SehlmpiT. of tne
Seventeenth sewer -district. Major Ev
erett Warren represented the Lacka
wanna Iron and Coal company and the
Lackawanna Iron and Steel company,
and City Solicitor J. H. Torrcy argued
to sustain the report.
The Iron und Coal company excepts
because, as alleped, the assessment
levied by the viewers is for property
owned by the company In the Twelfth
and Nineteenth wards, where the pro
posed sewer will not abut. This Is the
reason given by the Steel company,
supplemented with copy of the or
dinance creatiiiK the sewer district.
The both companies, as 'Major Warren
argued, maintain that only property
that nbllts on the sewer should be as
sessed. The Supreme court so con
strued the act of lS'.'l. under which the
viewers were appointed. The argu
ment specified that the land of the
companies affected 4y the assessment
consists of fourteen acres of farm and
mountain land, that lit no way can be
helped by the sewer, or any branches
of It.
Decision Will Ho of Importance.
Mr. Torrey argued that the decision
of the court will be one of vital Impor
tance to the city. He said that the or
dlmmce creating the district was draft
ed under the act of 18t!, which pro
vides that all property In the district
Is subject to the sewer assessment.
A good deal of amusement was en
Joyed ait the expense of Attorney I. H.
Hums. The case of 'Hopkins & Roberts
agulnst Arthur Krothlngham. rule to
restore re-cords, came up for argu
ment. The plaintiffs were represented
by Attorneys Hums and Prank T.
Okell. Attorney M. W. Lowry repre
sented Mr. Krothlngham. Hopkins &
Roberts -brought a suit against Mr.
Krothlngham for a large amount of
money. It was heard before arbitra
tors and the award was against the
plaintiffs. Hint on the last day of the
twenty days allowed by law In which
an appeal can lie taken, Mr. Okell went
to the office of-Prothonotary Pryor and
paid the costs by oheck, and took out
a rule for an appeal.
Along with other argument. Mr.
Lowry contended that the plaintiffs
were not entitled to be heard on the ap
peal as the costs had not been paid In
cash, but by check, and Mr. Lowry di
rected the attention of the court to the
fact that Mr. Hums, of plaintiffs' coun
sel, has a case against Attorney Cor
nelius Smith in which the costs were
paid by check. 'Mr. Hums' perennial
smile was not disturbed by the Jests
of his brethren at the bar.
Talking About the Fashions.
The argument for a new trial In the
case of the Universal Fashion com
pany, of New York, apalnst John 'H.
Ladwlg, proprietor of the Four-Cent
store, was made by Attorney C. W.
Hawson. The Jury found a verdict of
$1 for the Fashion company, although
the suit was 'brought for J5t)0, and
Judge Ounster Instructed the Jury to
find for the full amount of the claim in
case they found at all for the plaintiff.
Mr. Dawson arpued for a new tr'nl
and Attorney C. If. 3oper opposed the
granting: of a rehearing of the case.
The objections of '.Mr Super were that
the fashion patterns furnished by the
company to iMr. Ladwlg were of the
style of revolutionary days and not up
to date as per agreement. lie did nit
think that It would le fair If a person
ordered a horse to get a mule or If one
ordered a race horse to get an old
The rule to set aside traverses In the
case of the commonwealth against
Henjamln S. Ca.rk was argued and
made absolute.
Railroad men will await with Interest
tho outcome of the dmnn1 made upon
the olticials of tho Pennsylvania lines
west of Pittsburg by a discharged con
ductor for either an honorable d!s
charge or the refunding of the money
he has tild Into the relief fund of tho
company In the past five years. This
man, along with two other conductors,
wns summarily dismissed upon re
ports of "spotters. In addition to ask
Ing for tho refunding; of his money this
conductor will sue tho company for his
interest in a car accidentally damaged
some years ago and for which he paid
the company J10 as his share of the as
sessment for damages. He considers
that his Interest In the total earnings
of that car sln-e that time has
reached quite a neat sum. The claim
for the sum Invested in the employes'
relief fund Is said to be a new point In
law. that looks very plausible, although
It has neverr been tried before. The
attorneys claim that a man who Invests
his money In the relief fund has or
ought t have the same right that a
man holding a policy In any other
Insurance company Is possessed of, and
that the law will not Justify any In
surance company discarding a bona
flde policy holder from the rights and
privileges as defined in the contract
We Have Them
In Great Variety,
Your Attention
Is Invited to Our
Immense Stock of
Black Dress Goods
of German Manufacture
They Are the Best Ooods Obtain
able; Our Prices Are Not High.
attached to his policy, neither will K
permit the railroad company to retain
the money iId In by a member of the
relief after he has been cut out from
the right to receive benefits.
President Wilbur and the other offi
cials of the iLehlfh Valley railroad,
who went to Buffalo last Thursday and
returned home Friday morning were
treated to a fast ride sifter their de
parture from the latter city. The spe
cial train consisting of two private
cars, weighing 100 tons, left Buffalo at
9.30 a. m. as a second section of train
No. 4. It was drawn by engine No.
602, with Engineer Moddy at the throt
tle, iKochester Junction was reached
at 10.48, making seventy-four minutes
for the distance of sixty-nine miles.
Deducting twelve minutes for deten
tions the actual time was sixty-two
minutes. The run from Buffalo to
Manchester, eighty-nine miles, was
made In one hour and forty-eight min
utes, including twenty-four minutes
delay at IKochester Junction caused by
the omclultt stopping to look over the
property there. iNo. 652 is one1 of the
Lehigh Valley's light high-speed en
gines. It has CD-inch driving wheels
and was recently built under the su
pervision of Master Mechanic John
Campbell, for :hlgh speed. Its perform
ance on this occasion E'hows how well
his work has been done. While some
mechanics Insist that hard coal Is not
adapted for high speed, anthracite coal
waa used in making Friday's big run.
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wests, Vanosaver, Seattle, Taostua, Portland.
Ore., San t'rancisea.
First-Class Sleeping and Dinlni Can
attached to all through t raise. Tsarist ears
fully fitted with bedding, ear tains and ap o
tally adapted to wants of famlttes Buy be hd
with serond claas tickets. Rates always leas
than rta other lines, Per foil inforautlea,
time tables, etc., on appUcatkta to
Are still offering the large stock of goods from
25 to 5o per cent, below cost.
These Goods Must Be Sold
And if you want bargains come and get them
at once.
The Philadelphia Specialist, and his asso
elated staff of Kncllsh and Gsrmaa
physicians, ar now perma
nently located at
Old Port office Building, Corner Pane
Avenue and Spruce Street
Th doctor Is a graduate of tho Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, formerly demon
strator of phy!olo-y and surgery at tho
Medico-Chirurvical college of Philadel
phia. His spec. allies are Chronic, Nerv
ous, Skin, Heart, Womb and Blood dis
Tne symptoms of are d. nines, lack
of confidence, sexual weakness In men
and women, ball rising tn iliroat, spots
floating before the eyes, loss of memory,
unable to concentrate the mind on on
subject, startled when suddenly
spoken to, and dull, distressed mind, which
unfits them fur performing the actual du
ties of life, making happiness Impossible,
d. strewing the action of the heart, caus
ing flush of heat, depression of spirits, evil
forebodltiKH. cowardice, fear, dreams, mel
ancholy, tire eusy of company, feeling ae
tired In the morning as when retiring,
la'k of enerry, nervousness, trembling,
confusion of thought, depression, consti
pation, weakness of the limbs, etc. Those
so affected should consult us Immediately)
and be restored to perfect health.
Lost Manhood Restored.
Weakness of Young Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your phy
slclan call upon the doctor and be exam
ined. Ho cures the worst cases of Nerv
ous, Liability, Scrofula, Old Sores,
Catarrh, P.les, Female Weakness, Affec
tions of the Kye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Asthma, Ieafness, Tumors, Cancers and
Cripples of every description.
Consultations free and strictly sacred
and confidential. Office hours dally from
I a. m. to p. m. Sunday, to 2.
Knclose Ave 2-cenl stamps for symptom
blanks and my book called "New Life."
I will pay one thousand dollars In ?ol
to anyone whom I cannot cure of EPI
Old Post Office Building, corner Penal
avenue and Spruce street,
Also a large stock of first-class
Ws Will See What
Etcyclss We Have on Hand
At a price which will save fht)
buyer moaer.
Y Ictoriae. Gmdrou, Relays,
In Men's Wheel.
Victorias and Gendro&s tit
Ladles' Wheels.
We have same sccontMiaiitl
Wheels at your own price.
Baby Carriages at bargain.
and oor eyes trill
take ears ef you. If
pVRG'S end here y.ur ogres examined free,
we Bare reduced prises aad are the Immt in
tbe city. N loael spectacles (rem f 1 to tl; gold
from 14 to M.
305 Spruce Street, Scranton, Pa.
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