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Mra. Frit Desired an Inquest lo Peter
mine Cause of Her Husband's Death.
An Inquest was held yesterday mora
ItiK over the remains of Michael Fits,
who was nmothred to death In a culm
rhute. Mrs. Flta. the wife of the un
fortunate man, thought that hlH d-cath
was auspicious and It was at her re
quest that the Inquest was held.
Cotvmer Kidley arrived in the morn
ing and at once empaneled the follow
ing Jury to dwltU whether death was
fipcldpfilul or otherwise: U. K. Blair,
Irving 'Pavls. Thomas Ievison. Joel
CJould. ill. B. Madigan und. Marlon Hd
all. The jury took the street car to the
dead man's house and there viewed 'the
remains. Several witnesses of the ac
cident were summoned, who irave their
account of the accident. Their testi
mony did not plve much llcht on the
mystery, however. Foreman. Shipman
was one of the witnesses. Mr. Shipmnn
had been work In ir In the chute with
Frlta a short time before the accident.
iTtoth men got out of the chute ami
FMrman went to the of! house to nil a
lamp which they Intended to use in the
chute after dark. The work was to
have been csrried on Saturday nlfrht.
Sunday and Sunday nlfrht in order to
Bet it finished as soon as possible, as
It was needed very much. This was the
last Shipman saw of Fitx alive. Fits
belrp found dead by a Hungarian who
was searching for the obstruction In
the chute.
After deliberating upon the testimony
offered by the witnesses the Jury came
ti the conclusion that death was acci
dental, and that no blame could be at
Urbeid to any individual or to the cor
poration. Kports were circulated that
Jlr. Flti had b.-en offee'ed with heart
trouble, but these are false, and Mr.
Fita's death was accidental and un
The Headman at No. I Plane Badly
Henry Gilbert, a headman at No. t
plane, had a very narrow escape from
Instant d"Rth yesterday morning, but
very luckily he escaped with Injuries
which are not serious but very painful.
Mr. Gilbert's duty is to unhvk the
cars from the wire rope to which they
are fastened with a heavy Iron
sllncr. The man who does this has to
1'imp upon the cars while In motion.
The rain was fal'.in? heavily and this
rendered the bumpers of the cars very
slippery, so when Gilbert stepped upon
them he slipped and foil. Those who
nw him fall were horror sitruck. as
they thought that he would be crushed
to death under 'the wheels. However,
he did not fall directly across the track
or he would have Instantly been
mangled. As he fell his head struck on
one of the rails and cut a deep gash in
the forehead. He lay at the side of the
track, so near that the wheels of the
parsing cars grazed his scalp. His
comrades hurried to his assistance and
picked him up. .After he had recovered
somewhat he was U'ken to Dr. N"iles"
nflice, wher he had his wound dresstJ.
Several stitches were necessary to close
rhe gash.
. .
An Estimable l.ody Passed Away Yester
day Mornin?.
The home of John O. Miles, of Darte
avenue, was made sad yesterday morn
ing when death entered and took his be
loved wife. Mrs. Miles, whose maiden
name wa3 Josephine T.ester. was born
in Greenfield thirty-six years ago. In
September. 1ST", she married John O.
I'.les. who survives hr.
The funeral will take place tomorrow
afternoon at 3 o'clock. The services will
lie held at the house. Rev. T. E. Jep
son. of the Baptist church, officiating.
Interment will be made In Maplewood
. - -
The Machinery Will He Put In at
All people of Carbondale will be In
lerested to know that the silk mill will
soon begin its operations. Prepara
tions are now being hurried so that th
machinery can be erected as soon as
The men of B. F. Sturtevant company
are at present putting in the large
Mower pipes. The blower Itself, engine
and steam luatlng coils have been
shipped ftom Boston.
The Trustees Meet.
Mr. P.rennan has secured a position
at the North West breaker under Fore
man Boyle, and will assume his new
duties in about a week.
At a meeting of the 'trustees of the
Alumni Athletic association several
representatives of the Oarrlck iJ'ia
matlc club were present to consult with
them in reference to giving "Iindon
Assurance" for the benefit of the asso
ciation. The trustees were willing that the
club should use their name in present-
Scrofula in the Eyes
t will as in every other form, is perma
acntly cured by Hood'i Barsaparilla.
"I had scroi'ul.-,
in my eyet and
tried several phy
Siclana but found
no cure. My wife
persuaded me to
try Hood's Barsa
parilla. I bad a
choking aen ac
tion, wss troubled
with night sweats,
and bad dyspep
sia in very severs
form. After tak
ing Hood's Barsa-
parilla two weeks the choking spells and
dyspepsia troubled me less. I have now
taken several bottles of Hood's Sarnapa
rilla and find that I am entirely cured."
William L, Payne, Berryvllle, Virginia,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
b the only True Blood purifier Promi
nently in the public eyo. fl ; six for 5.
Prepared only by C. I. Hood ft Co.,
Lowell, Mass., U. S. A.
Hood's Pills
TEHMS-Slrlc'ly COSH Daring This Sale.
leuim, Draperies, Window
Shades, and Wall Paper,
4f9 Lackawanna ivenue.
great Alteration sale
We have decided on a Sweeping; Redac
tion rather than cover tip our goods dar
ing oar extensive improvement, and
have marked down everything in thn
store at cost and less, floe our Window
Display, which will substantiate what ws
lesrsla Carpels Irem ISc. ta 80c. World 26c. ta 75c.
rel Csrpsts, 40e. to 80c., Worth 80s. ta 93c
wsD Psssrs, sc., Worts lOe.,
And everything else In proportion.
Ing the piece, and which will probably
be given between Nov.15 and Nov. 20.
"- .
A Thorousb Teat.
Chief of the Fire 'Department aioflltt
made a teat of the new hose of the Col
lege Hose company nt the Hendricks
'Manufacturing works, on Dundaff
street, and found It satisfactory In all
points. A presruro of 400 pounds was
subjected to It and no bad results fol
lowed. This additional protection
against tire will make the new company
more elllclent than they have heretofore
been, although their work In the
past has always been faithfully done.
Olvsotvcd Partnership.
The popular firm of Brennan & Sny
der, who have kept the livery stable on
Main street, hnve dissolved parnership.
1. U Snvder bought up the whole busi
ness and will conduct It at the samo
place in his own name.
Miss Joanna Murphy left yesterday
for Kast troudsburg, where she will
take a course of study in the State Nor
mal school.
Mrs. Job Hawkins, of Sand street, U
very 111 with asthma bronchitis.
Ralph Samls. of Hawley, l'a.. Is vis
iting his cousin, Llzsie t'olwell.
Roger Williams, of Williams avenue.
Is seriously ill.
i.Mrs. Kdward Lewsley and son, of
Seventh uvenue and High street, are
visiting In I'lttston.
O. F. Swlgart, one of our popular
commercial traveling men. was re-elected
one of t'he board of managers of the
Commercial Travelers' Home associa
tion. Announcement has been made of the
marriage of two of the city's most pop
ular young people, Thomas Murphy, "f
I'owderly road, und Miss Kai'e Jtat
of Powdcrly. The ceremony will take
place In St. Rose church on Wednes
day, Oct. 23. after which there will be
a reception at the home of the bride.
The young lady workers of the Meth
odist church are preparing for a birth
day party, to be given In the near fu
ture. This Is one of the fads of the
day. each contributing a penny for
each year of his age.
H. W. Sk'els. who has been 111 at his
home, on Cemetery street, for some
time, Is Improving.
leorge Moon reported for duty again
Monday fter his recent injuries re
ceived by being thrown from his wagon.
Mr. and Mrs. James Farnil, of South
Wyoming street, gave a party Monday
evening In honor of their guests. 'Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Hawks and Miss Mar
cella Powderly, of Brooklyn. X. Y., who
were about to leave for their homes.
The party was one of the pleasantest
social events of the season, the evening
passing only too quickly, as nil Joined
in the games and dancing. The Cres
cent quartette were present and ren
dered several selections In their usual
good manner. Refreshments were
served at 12 o'clock, after which all
dispersed to their homes.
Han. George R. Ressigue. of South
Gibson, was a caller in town yester
day. Messrs. Edwin Moon. Alva Paley and
M. F. Gllmartln, of the Carbondale poor
board, left yesterday morning for Phil
adelphia, where they will attend the
stite convention of the poor directors.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Rohert Hawks nndM!ss
Marcella PAwderlv, who have hen the
gucts of Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell,
of South Wyoming street, returned to
the'r home. In Brooklyn, N. Y., yester
dov morning.
Hon. S. S. Jones spent yesterday In
Andrew O'Connell. of Seventh ave
nue, has accented the agency of the
Ir-n City dish washer.
D. W. Hall, a representative of the
Viasara Cotton Batting company, of
T.nckport. X. Y.. called on the trade in
th's city yesterday.
here will he a reception at the Meth
odist parsonage this afternoon from 3
to 7 o'clock. All ladies of the church
mrl roreregation will be most heartily
This evening at S.15 the marriage of
fl"s Stella tee. daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Roseoe I.eo. of Darte avenue, and
.Tame Cnmnbell the sin of Mr. nnd
fr. lame' Camnbell. of ii7nnann street,
will t.iVe nlnce it St. Rose church. Rev.
T. F. Cof ev wMI net-form the ceremony
nn'tlng the vnung coiinle. The bride
will be Attended bv Ml iry TViteh
crty, of Pllte street, and Marcus Bren
nan will act as groomsman.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Charlotte
More .tool; nlfice yesterday afternoein
at the M'thodlst Episcopal church,
wherp an Impressive sermon was
preached by Rev. J. B. Wagner. After
services the cortege moved to Marcy
cemetery, where Interment was made.
The pall-bearers were F.lwarrt 1ilrd,
W. J. Rennlman, William Brown,
Mark Bosly, Chris Bruffner and John
Mitchell. K. C. Kellum was flower
Miss Arne Mitchell, of Wet Avoca,
Is entertaining iMtss Agn-es Walsh, of
.Tohn Anderson, of the West Side, Is
lying dangerously 111. having suffered
a relapse of his former Illness.
The Infant class of the Methodist
Fp'sconal church, conducted by Miss
Kate Campbell, wilt entertain their
friends In the church on Friday even
ing. The little, workers have been col-
1fMng small sum In senlfd bores,
which will be opened and presented to
the pastor to psnM In dnfnylng the ex
penses of the flagstone walk recently
placed In front of the church property.
'rorge Ouppy. 'of the Weft Side, Is
sufvi IntT from tynhoid foyer.
Mrs. 'Mlehnel Quecney. of the West
Side, . lying dangerously 111.
M'ss Nellie Boylan Is visiting friends
In Plains..
The dath of Mrs. M. A. Connor, of
West Avoch. tfik place on Monday
evening at ft o'clock at her late rest
d"nce on McAlplne street. roonarted
was one of the most respected ladles of
the town, and her dfath has cast a
gloom throughout the neighborhood In
which she lived. She Is survived by hf-r
father and two slcters. Margaret nnd
Mrs. Peter Harding, of this place. Fu
neral will 'take place on Thursday, with
a requiem mass at St. 'Mary's church.
Infrmont will Ije made In Plttston
The strike at th Hcld.dhurg rolMrrv
Xo. 2, of the Lehigh Valley company
has bren settled. Ahnti't half the me"n
went to work tHIs morning t the old
price. It Is expected that nil the em
ployes will report for duty today.
The fumrnl of !?enry Pllger was
largely attended at. his home on Mon
day afternoon. The services were con
ducted by Rev. Mr. Rendolf, pastor of
the Petersburg Lutheran church, whose
remsTks were wry Impressive and p
proprl'at. Interment was made In
Petersburg ccmotf ry. The pall-benrers
were fl. J. iMcDonald, Thomas Evans,
Oliver Simpson, Ouy Stanton. John
Wallace and George Richardson. The
floral offerings were very fine. Including
an anchor nd cross with the words
"Our Son," Inscribed In pold. JVeeiisi1
was IB years old and was respected by
all who knew him.
We loved film: w loved him; but angels
loved him more;
And they have sweetly called him to yon
der shining shore.
The goMen gates were opened a gentle
voice snld "Come,"
And with fnrewelli unapoken he calmly
entered homo..
Rejief ui SI Honrs.
tMstressIng Kidpey and Bladder diseases
rel'eved in six hours by the "New 8ottth
American Kidney Cure. This new rem
edy is a great surprise on acnunt of its
exceeding promptness in relieving pain In
the bladder, kidneys, back, and every part
of the urinary passages. In male or fe
male. It relieves retention of water and
pain In passing It almost Immediately. If
you want quick relief and cure this Is
your remedy. Sold by C. M. Harris, Drug
gist, 126 Penn avenue, Bcranton, Pa.
The Plttston omce of tho Seranton
Tribune Is located at No. & W.lllam street,
where all advi-rtlKemetits, orders for Jul)
work and items for publication w.ll ri prumpt attention. OflU-e open from
H u. in. to 10 p. m.J
Closo of tho M. P. Conferenct Monday
The M. P. conference, which has been
In session here the past week, closed
Monday evening.
The following appointments were
read: President, Rev. S. K. Spnhr; Kast
port and Manor, T. K. 1avls; Cos Cobb,
D. K. Day; Silver .Mines, . K. Davis;
Vista nnd Kastwoods. J. H. Brown;
Brooklyn, N. Y.. 8. K. Spahr; Franklln
ton, C. II. Day; Tarrytown. R. T. Ty
son; Roselund, Alex. Patton; Jones'
Poln't, to be supplied; Tompkln's Cove,
H. S. Applegate; Cannrsle. H. S. Hull;
Aqulduct. W. II. Bliindy; Hamilton
uvenue. Pattrson, N. J., J. H. Robin
son; iMaln street, Pntenson, X. J.. J. H.
llolden: Canterbury, A. II. Purdy;
Rockvllle Omt.-r. G. A. Ogg: South
CMmian, J. Cody: Palevllle. .1. F. Oir
ratt; Itulwlns, S. Tamblyn; PitlLston, it.
S. llul.init; Inwootl, D. W. D, Forest:
Ccnterport. to be suppllbd; Risers a:id
Mir. Cobb, v. A. Smith: Supernumerary,
J. J. Smith, 1. D.. llenel , Vaults V. D
.1. S. Serene, 'H. V. Wnrdell and Anna
II. Shaw.
Miners at Heidelberg Colliery io Hack to
Work nt ths UI Rute.
The miners at Heidelberg colliery of
tho Lehigh. Valley Coal company, whj
struck last week for an increase In
wages, and a rate of dockage not great
er than live per cent, returned to work
yesterday at the old rate.
The strike was not so much the re
sult of any real grievance on the part
of the workmen as interference by a
few cunnilng and plotting for
eign rum dealers, who are kings of
their respective countrymen, and who
sought In this way to cause trouble for
the foremen.
Charges have been made, It Is alleged,
by these same whiskey dealers that tho
bosses exacted a feeffom every for
eign wou-knian under " them. . These
charges were laid before the oQinpnuy,
when the bosses courted a full investi
gation, and tendered their reslgnaiMn,
pending an Investigation, but their res
ignations were refused.
Scotch Hill tlitens A:nln I'p in Arms
Against tho Traction (tompnnv.
The Plttston an.l Scranton Suburban
Street Railway company a few days
ago distributed electric poles along
Broad. William and Fulton streets, and
the residents of those thoroughfares
have not since had a good night's rest.
The poles are as -crooked as a ram's
horn; and after looking at them no
wonder the residents aforesaid ore
troubled in their sleep with horrible
nightmares of the gods of cliff dwellers
and devi'l fishes, sea serpents, etc.
There Is a big howl against the com
pany erecting these poles and the city
councils will be called upon to stop
them. If this Is not done un Injunction
will be applied to restrain the com
pany ftom erecting them.
As the night 'train on the Lehigh Val
ley railroad rounded the curve at the
paper mill night before last, the en
glner saw a man on the track, at the
rear of the Kagle hotel, and' quickly
reversed the engine and applied the air
brake, bringing the train to a . stop
within a few feet of the fellow, who
proved to be a well-known West Side
man about towu. How he came to be
on the track at that place was a mys
tery. (
Mrs. Harriett Hatfield has gone on a
v'.slt to friends at Lake Wlnola.
There will be a special meeting of the
common counoil at city hall this eve
ning at 7.30 o'clock for the purpose of
acting on the bonds of the members of
the board of appeals, who are John P.
Kearney and James Langan, of the se
lect council, and M. T. Lynott, J. Cou
ncil and P. Doran. The proposition to
build a sewer In the vicinity of Galland
brothers' building will also be consid
ered. A call has been Issued for a meet
ing of Democratic city campaign cam
mlttee, rtccntly organized here, at the
city hall this evening at 8 o'cl ock. The
committee Is composed of live from each
voting precinct of the city, ond a chair
man, secretary and other officers will
be ehospn.
Miss Ina Hltchner. of the West Side,
has returned to Mie Neff School, of
Oratory, at Philadelphia,,
Contractor Lindsay expebts. to begin
work on the sewer outlets tomurrow
The Amphycton society of Wyomlnf;
semlr.ary will give a concert at Music
hall Thanksgiving evertng, assisted by
Wlllard Howe, elocutionist.
ifiichael Aeliuek. a foreigner, working
nt Exeter shaft, had tooth 'legs and an
arm cut off yesterday morning. He taken t the hnspMal. where he
lbs 1n a precarious condit! in.
The Eagle Hose company will have a
grand time at their rooms tomorrow,
firemen's day. They huve made ar
rangements to entertain the Wilkes
arre firemen, who will be their guests,
on an iaborte scale... Judrre Wood
ward Is evpected to be among the dis
tinguished guests present.
,An alarm of fire Wd3 turned In from
box No. f.8 yesterday afternoon. A
small house on Wharf street, occupied
by ii man named -Patrick Flynn. took
fire from a defective flue, but the ftanica
were extinguished before the fire com
panies arrived.
Thomas T. Hush, who returned a
week aeo from a five months' visit to
his native home. In England, nnd who
was confine! to his home for a few
days, Is able to be out again.
At a mefl.lng of the Young Men's
Christian association Inst night W. L
fc.M" I. L. Bevan and B. F. Arm
strong were elected di Icrratcs to the
state nnventlon, to be held at Erie Oct
24 to 27.
James McCnlvey, of Avoca, who has
been. In the county jail the p'tst scv
eral tveers on a charge of stoning a
street car at Duryen, wan released-on
n habeas corpus hcarlns- hrbl i,.,f,-
Judge Lynch yesterday.
A large number of people from thin
nlac went to Wilkes-Ha rr last even
ing to witness Marie Wqlnwrlrht In
"The Love Chase," at the Grand Opera
Plttston diKiness IMrcctorv.
on Wright At Co., 07 South Mnln street.
A new rcmge for sale or exchnnge; also
second-hand household goods, bought or
CSeorge Drake, Jr.. left on Tuesday
for a hunting expedition In Illinois.
Miss Musette Edsall spent Sunday
with Mi'is Fitch, of Plttston.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atherton, of
Paw Paw. III., returned to their home
on Tuesday, after an extended visit
with friends In this place and v-lclnlty.
iRev. R. L. Snntre was a visitor to
Scranton on Monday.
If the Haby Is Cutting Teeth.
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Byrup has been
used for over Fifty Years by Millions of
Mothers for their Children while Teething,
with Perfect Success. It Soothes the
Child, Softens the Gums, Allays all Pain;
Cures W'nd Colic, and Is the best remerty
for Diarrhoea. Bold by Druggists In every
part of the world. Be sure and ask for
'Mrs.. Wlnslow's Soothing Byrup," and
take no other kind. Twenty-five cents a
bottlt. .. J
v . - r-r Nsily
E L.r . vr-v
yoODloBACGO Sold For
According to announcement already made, we com
mence Oct. 14 to dispose of the entire stock contained in our
two large stores. The goods have all been marked down to
first cost, many goods even below cost.
fl IP
If you have any present or prospective need of relia
ble goods be sure you come while this sale lasts. But
the earlier you come the better for you. We mention
below but a very few of the
The stock is entirely new and includes the latest
ideas in desigu, texture and manufacture in the line of
Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Linolenms,
Oil Cloths, Draperies, Window Shades and
Upholstery Goods of Every Description,
tlIf you intend to buy, now is the time. Our
Dissolution of Partnership Sale places before you the
lowest prices ever quoted in Scranton.
StmsHme netJs a rellsblt, aiontbiy, rejnlstlnjt msdlotne. Only Ktrmlets U4
the puioitdrufi abeulii be and. If jreu wsat ths bast, get
Dr. FoaS's Pennyroyal PHIs
Thus are arntnpt, l in'l oertala In ranlt. Ths rsnslne (Dr. Fast's! never diup.
1 nuiut. tiBturwhre. ll.tO. AddreufCAbMssiaaa Co.. ClovsUnd.O.
Foraola by JOHN H. PHELPS, Pharmacist, cor. Wyomlna Avonu" and
Sprub b.rjjt, bcranton P.
That Has a Full and Complete Lino of Underwear Is the EMPIRE
DRY GOODS COMPANY, 51 6 Lackawanna Avenue.
Und rwpar for Men, Women and Chllilivu, anv prion and different
LTudca. You pan" Mnd with us Natural Greys, Camel's Hair, Fleeced
Lined Hed, (Iroy Merino. They are boiiRlit for spot rash at times when
goods were nt tho lowest fictirei. This was In April, IbM. and the only
Niyer In Underwenr Hint umUiMtands quality is Mr. Henry Goodman
Manager of the Cut l'rjce Store,
In Underwear, Jersey Overshirts in different 'styles. We will not quote
any prices, but we are willing to take off 25 per cent, straight than usual
prices elsewhere. ,
We Are Also Direct Agent
For the Superior Ilyglena Underwear Company
Non shrlnkable, the best for health. We guarantee them to be equal to
the ones you pay $5.09. Our price on them, for Shirts $1.50, or $2.50 for
the Suit Come and see them. Largest assortment of Wool Hosiery,
Sweaters, Cardigan Jacket.
TO our
M ashhurn-Croshy Co. wish to assure thefr many p
rona that they will thl , year ' hold to their usual custom
p! milling SIKK.ILYOl.lJ WHEAT until the new crop
is fully cured. cw wheat in now upon the market, and
owing to the excessively dry weather many millers ar
of the opinion that it Is already cured, and in proper
condition for milling. WashburnsCrosby Co. will take
no risks, and will allow the new wheat fully thrc
months to mature before grinding.
Th!i rnr(ful f, 1 1 - , t ti,ri tn .., .1n ,1 m ..
...... -- -.... ...... w . j uimi ui iuiiuuk nam
ilaccd W ashburn-Croshv Co. 'a flmir ta- h.a
Wholesale Agents.
VeoqsIo Powder Go
Rooms 1 and 2 CommowealUi Bld'i,
Lafflln & Rand Powder Co.l
Orange Gun Powder
Electric Batteries, Fuses for explod
ing blasts. Safety Fuse and
(tepanno Chemical Co.'s HighExplosiYB
Coal of the bent quality for domestli
Sse, and of all sizes., delivered in any
art of the city at lowest price.
Orders left at my Office
Rear room, ttibl floor. Third National
Bank, or sent by mall or telephone to the
time, will receive prompt attention.
flpeclal contracts will be made for tkf
Mm and delivery of Buckwheat Coal.
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers,
Ocncral Office: SCRANTON, PA
Until you've read the list "DEPARTMENT
HINTS" we are offering yours for credit
as always that's our creed everything or
anything under the roofs of either of our
stores is yours for the promise to pay 1 Now,
why should you do without ?
In Bedroom Suits
You're fm tunatc In our possession
rrice is low enough for you to pos
sess one of 'em.
Urns rs, top !M liifhos denp, 42 Inchon
loif, 11,'VOI Ulas '.".'xis Inrlies. hoipbtT?
tiH'liot. 11 drawer: rtrd. 4 feet U incnos,
sUt. d f.-et 2 luetic loiitf. 7tl Inches luph
SHlistnnd CinlinHtlin rlihnrd. mln.
bnr bsck, :tl inches lonff-high gloss Ha
lh, RMliuon.ik. prio JUOO.
Yours while advertise J.
In Parlor Suits
Have them 3 4 5 6 or 7 pieces
what's your choice? One we show, 0
pieces, silk or crush plush, mahogany
linished, frame highl? polished the
price, ,128.50, Yours tor credit If you
want it.
In Dining Room Furniture
Your perceptive qualilics were well
exercised last week. The way yon
nvailed yourself of those $n Dining
Koom 8u:ts was even more than wc
expected hut it's understood when
the "Economy" says 'it's there !" it's
there and there arc more even a
little improvement on the last
An Antique Bolid Oak Hidohonrd niar1y
four f't't long, with lurcn Vtevol Ftate
Mirror It hum also tor fill 30.
ILUiniUKS. , ""'
Roofing Co,,
326 Washington Arenas.
scranton, Fa.
Ebonite Yarnisli,
Gravel Roofing,
Pipe CoYering,
Building Felts,
Sheathing Papers.
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All kicds of roofiDK work done. All kinds of
gravel or slag roofs made.
An done away with by tho use of HAMW
MAN'S PATENT PAINT, which eonniit
of Ingredient well-known to all. It can ba
applied to tin, galvanised tin, sheet Iron
roofs, also to brick dwelina, which will
prevent absolutely any crumbling, crack
ing or breaking of the brick. It will out
last tinning of any kind by many years,
and It's cost does not exceed one-fifth that
of the cost of tinning. Is sold by the Joe)
or pound. Contracts taken by
Banquet Lamps and
Silk Shades
An assortment larger than the com
bined stocks of all who sell them in
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them no longer an article ot luxury.
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Floor Coverings
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From Mrs. Outoft Ownpurchase
Wc deliver eoods free everywhere 1
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7 Wyoming Ave.