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Springfield Woo by Narrow Margin
' from Scranton.
Games Traasferred to lb Latter City.
Ho ChaaM la National League
Position Eleven-Inning
Game la Syracuse.
Wllkes-Barre wan the only one of
the four leading clubs in the Eastern
league to lose yesterday, and they paid
the penalty of trying an amateur pitch
er against the strong playing cham
pions of '94. Scranton met defeat by
he Spring-fields, but the defeat was
not without honor. The score was
close and the gtMiie was Interesting.
An eleven-inning rame was lost by
Rochester in Syracuse, and Toronto
defeated 'Buffalo by the narrow margin
of one run. .
Today there will be a shifting around
of the clubs. Scranton has transferred
the three games scheduled at home
with Providence to the lntter city,
fprlngtleld Roes to Wllkes-Barre and
Rochester to Syracuse.
' Yesterday w'M one of the scarce days
tn the National league when the games
do not change the position of any club.
Philadelphia goes up four points nearer
Cleveland by defeating the Washing
ton. The Beaneatem. who fell before
Ttusle's prowess and drop with the
Brooklyn, who lost to Baltimore. Pltts
fcurg and Cincinnati and Ixiulsvllle and
Chicago played tie games.
' Voter Joy's Results.
Springfield U Scranton 8
Providence 11 Wilkes Hnrre 2
Syracuse ,.. 7 Rochester 5
Toronto Buffalo 8
Standing of Eastern League Club.
V. W. U P.O.
Bprthgfleld 112 7ti Sti .679
Providence 11", 71 4t .17
Wllkes-Barre liW 61 48
Syracuse 113 til 2 .MO
Ruft'alo KM 69 61 .4'jJ
Scranton 112 41 US .:M
Rochester l?l 47 "9 .373
Toronto 115 42 "3 .Km
Today's Kastunt League Unities.
Scranton at Providence. -
Springfield at Wilkes-Rnrre.
Rochester at Syracuse.
Scranton's Last League Game at Home
Ended in a Defeat of Honor-Beaten by
One Run in the Ninth.
There is some consolation In that the
Scianton club yesterday closed the
Eastern league season on tlie home
grounds by a game that redounded to
its credit rather thun otherwise.
Bpringtlld won. as a matter of course,
but it was by only one run in the hint
Inning and the less thun lOo loyul
knockers huddled In the middle of the
grandstand had their blood, a-tingllng
during the last three innings, and the
players go to Providence to finish the
season with the satisfaction that on me
from having fought gamely in the fare
well game at home.
Owing to the illness of Captain Don
nelly, of the Ponies, his position at
third was filled by tWkbert, and Gruber
want to first. The Scranton playing or
der was changed by the appearance of
Smlrh behind the rubber and Schrlver
jii 1IKI1L iiriu. o-pittiii Biennis wus
In control of the team owing to the ab
sence In Syracuse of Manager Barnle,
who Is making final arrangements for
the Syracuse players who will play
for Scranton agalnut Wllkes-Barre in
The Tribune' Trophy cup series.
The score was 4-4 untH the fourth
Inning, whet the 'Ponies batted In two
earned runs, and in the sixth they In
creased their lead to three. Scranton
In th seventh earned one on Brodle's
douhli and Meuney's single, and tied
the soo In the eighth on three runs
secured Stearns' two-bagger, a base
on balls "i Tuston. errors by Shannon
and McDo, aid and a single by Ward.
After making a two-bagger In the
r..lnth, Stearns spoiled a chance to
ecore by napping off second, where he
was caught by 'Shannon, Huston hav
ing previously been retired at first.
Sweeney drew a base on balls and
Brodie fanned out.
Springfield's winning run was made
on Jones' triple and Leahy's out to
Meaney, who made one of the star one
hand catches of the season, but the
distance to the plate was so great that
the ball could not be fielded and Jones
Following is the detailed score:
A.B. R. H. O. A. K.
Jiard' 2b'i 4 1 S 3 B 0
Meaney. ct. S 1 2 4 0 0
fichrlver, rf 4 0 l o o n
Smith, c 5 0 0 2 0 0
Stearns, lb 6 13 9 11
.Huston. 3b 4 1 0 1 S 1
Sweeney, ss 4 0 0 2 3 1
Brodie, P 4 2 110 0
Totals iO 1 Ji 5 is 1
,. A.B. ft. H. O. A. E.
Shannon, ss 5 2 2 5 0 2
Oruber,.la. 5 0 2 8 0 0
Jones of 5 12 10 0
Lynch. If 1 l o 0 o (
Lfapy; If 4 i n 2 10
Fcheltler, rf 4 1 24 0 0
CMberi, 3b 4 0 2 3 3 0
McDonald, 2b 8 10 1 2 2
Ounnon, c 4 0 2 8 0 0
Callahan, p. 4 2 1 o 10
Totals .., 39 9 II 27 7 1
One out when winning run was made.
Scranton ...........3 10000130-8
Springfield 3 0 1 2 0 1 0 1 1-9
Karned runs Scranton, 3: Springfield, i.
Two base hits Kagan. Ward, Hrod,
Stearns 2, Scheffler, Oruhor, Shannon,
Ounson. Three-base hits Gilbert, Jones.
Stolen bases Ward, Shannon, Leahy.
Left on bases Scranton, 10; Springfield, '&.
Double plays Sweeney to Ward to
Stearns. Struck out Sweeney 2, Itrntllp.
First base on balls Off Brodie. 1; off Cal
lahan. 4. First on errors Scranton. 4;
Springfield, Hit by pitcher Ward. Tlmo
t l.K. 'Umpire Owartwood.
Wllkes-Barre Tried; Amateur Pitcher
McOroarty Against Providence.
Wllkes-Barre. iPa,. Sept. 12. Wllkes
Barre tried an amateur today from
Edwardsvllle named iMcGroarty against
the Grays, and he was an easy mark
for the graduates from the? big league.
Rudder ham was Invincible as usual
toward the coal barons, Digglns being
the only one who could hit him safely.
The game was a listless contest, the
only feature being the work of Cooney
at short. Attendance, 700. The East
ern league season closes here on Sat
urday with Springfield. Score:
Lytle. If 4 1 2 2 0 0
Bonner, 2b 4 118 3 1
Lesotte, rf 8 0. 0 0 0 0
Griffin. f 3 0 0 1 0 0
Earte, lb , a 0 0 32 0 0
Dlgglns, e 4 0.8.4 0 0
flnVth, Sb 4 0 0 1 4 0
McMahort, ss....... 4 0 0 1 S 0
McQroarty, p....... 3 0 0 0 1 0
To'tatt 5 1 . a 1
, ' " t PROVIDENCE, ' '
V ' i i , -.. A.B, R. H. O. A. E.
rLyotis, cf.. 6 8 3 1 0 0
Basset t. Sb ' 4 1 t ' I 10
Knight, If ...5. 0 0 1 0 1
f Borers,, lb ,... 6 3 4 1
Cooney, 'ss 5 2 8 2 6 0
Strieker, lb......... 5 .1 4 2 4 0
Murray, rf.......... 4 . i 2 I 0 0
Dixon, C...J.......V- 4 0 ,t t : 0 1
Bsdderham, .....; 0 O'e ' 0 9
Tetals ..V 42 5 20 27 10?' "i
WHkes-Barre 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0-1
Providence ...u..t.l- I 0 4 0 1 1 -U
Batted ruasWUkes-Barre, . 1 Provi
dence, M. - First base on errors Wilkes
Burre, 1 Left on bases Wllkes-Barre,
5; Providence. 8. First base on balls Off
McOroarty, ; off Kudderham. 2. Struck
out By MeQrourty, 2; by Kudderham, 3.
Home, run Lyons. Three-base hits
Strieker, Dlgglns 1 Two-base hits Bas
sett, Murruy, Lyons. Stolen bases Rog
ers, Cooney, Strucker. Murray, Dlgglns,
Smith. Double plays Cooney to Hussett;
McMahon to Konnnr to Kurle; Cooney to
Strieker to Rogers; McGroarty to Bonner
to Kurle. Hit 4y pitched ball Lesotte.
Umpire Jack Keenan. Time 1.45.
Rochester at Syracuse.
Syracuse. -N. Y., Sept 12. Eagan's
timely batting practh-ally won today's
game for the Syrucusans after the
Kochestcrs had it won. The home
team tied the score in the ninth on
Moss' base on balls. Hess' force hit,
Deluney's single and Kugan's right Held
drive for two bases. The game was
won In the eleventh inning on Hess'
two base hit, singles by Kagan and
Simon and Tlghe's error. Delaney
pitched very effectively except in the
fifth Inning, when Rochester had a
lucky Dtrenk of batting. lie allowed
Rochester but two hits after the fifth
inning. The attendance was only 600.
Syracuse 0 003000020 27
Rochester ....0 110301(000 tt5
lilts Syracuse, II: Rochester, IX Kr
rors Syracuse, 2: Rochester, 3. Hattcr
les Delaney and Hess; Hewitt and White.
Karned runs Syracuse. 5; Rochester, 5.
Two-base hits . Sweeney, Kavun, lle.ia,
Deltiiicy and o'Hrlen. Double plays
O'Brien to Tlghe to Breckinridge. Struck
out By Delaney, 5: by Hewitt. 1. First
base on errorM-rSyrnciise, 2; Rochester, I.
First base on balls Off Hewitt, 3. Left on
bases Syracuse. !; Rochester, 4. Stolen
bases lSagan 2, Simon. White. P. Swee
ney. Sacrifice hits Moss, Harry,. White.
Umpire George Geer. Time-i-Two hours.
Toronto at Buffalo.
Buffalo. N. Y.. Sept. . 12. Buffalo
bucked against Toronto and a Cana
dian umpire today. The latter was a
corker. lie absolutely robbed Buffalo
of one run by calling Buffalo out on
bases when they' were safo by live or
six feet. Toronto had' two runs given
to her In .the third and on balls and
strikes this man's Judgment wns some
thing wonderful. It in a safe that he
will go back to Toronto tomorrow.
President Powers reinstalled iMirsclier
tonight and "l.Kiesch" will Judge to
morrow. The BufTalos were In poor
shape today. They crossed the lake
from Toronto this morning and all
were seasick owing to the gale. Bot
tenus had to leave the game and
Sheuron was so sick that he could not
piny. (Attendance, 600. Score:
Buffalo .'. 2 0031 02008
Toronto 2 0 5 0 0 1 1 0 09
Hits Buffalo. 13; Toronto. 13. Errors
Buffalo, 5; Toronto, 1. Batteries Wadn
worth and Dowse; Payne nnd Lake.
Earned runs Buffalo. 4; Toronto, 2. First
btise on errors Buffalo, 1; Toronto, 3.
Left on bases Buffalo, 0: Toronto, 10.
First base on balls off Wads worth, 5; off
Payne, 2. Struck out Ry Wadsworth, 1;
by Payne, 2. Three-base hit Wise. Two
base hits Clymer 3, Dowse 2. Stolen bases
Demont, 1'ro.uhart, Wise. Double plnvs
Dcmnnt to Slilnnlek to Lutenbcrg. lilt
by pitcher By Wadsworth, 1. Wild nltch
Wadsworth. Umpire Joe Lyndon. Time
Standing of National
en (t ne rinbs.
P. W. L. p.r.
Baltimore 113
XI .6".8
4i ,iil7
47 .5911
51 ..v,7
Cleveland K'i 71
Philadelphia 117 7a
Brooklyn 115 i
Boston 115 Ci
Pittsburg 11H 64
New Vork 120 63
Chicago lit. til
Cincinnati 1 14 59
Washington 111! 35
St. Louis lR :w
Loulsvlllo 116 30
At Pittsburg R. 11.13.
Pittsburg 2 0 1 0 0 0 00 0 0 3 11 2
Cincinnati 0 002 U 01 0003 6 0
Batteries Hawley und Merrltt; Fore
man and Vaughn.' Umpires Kmslle nnd
McDonald. Called, darkness.
At Baltimore R. II. E.
Baltimore 016 1 4 0 3 3 IS 21 0
Brooklyn 1 00 2 00 0 2 0 5 8 3
Batteries Hoffer and Robinson; Hum
bert, Abbey, Grim and Burrell. Umpire
At Washington R. H.E.
Washington ,...00 0 4 0 1 0 5 5 D
Philadelphia' 4 2 0 2 5 0 4-17 14 3
Batteries Boyd. Gllroy, Mularkey nnd
McGuIre; Carsey nnd Buckley. Umpire
Murray. Called, darkness.
At Louisville- H. H.E.
Louisville 0 0000200 2 6 2
Chicago 0 0000200-2 6 2
Batteries Cunningham and Warner;
Friend and Donahue. Umpire Jevne.
Called, darkness.
At New York R. H.E.
New York 2 0011012 - 7 11 2
Boston 0 0000000 1 1 C 0
Batteries Biisle. Farrell and Wilson;
Stlvetts and Ganxel. Umpire Keefe.
St. Louis-Cleveland game scheduled for
today has been postponed until tomorrow.
At Carbondale- R. H.E.
Carbon. lale 0 1 2 0 2 0 0 0 1 6 S 2
Lancaster 2 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 05 7 3
Batteries Anderson and Patchen; West
and Both.
At Haxleton R. H.E.
Hazleton 3 00 2 1 00 0 0 6 ID 4
Reading 1 000 0 0100 2 4 5
Batteries Keener and Westluke; Mayer
and Stanhope.
Negotiations Are Closed with the Syracuse
Players Who VI ill lluttlo fur Scranton
In the Cap Scries.
Manager Barnle was In Syracuse
yesterday closing the negotiations with
the 'Syracuse players who will wear
Scranton uniforms in the Herb-H against
Wllkes-Barre next week for The Trib
une Trophy cup. .Last night he tele
graphed that he had positively secured
Power, Egan, Minnahan and .Moss, the
Syracuse Inlleld, and Burnett, the crack
Syracuse t wirier.
It hud been the Intention to pitch
Johnson, Meaney and 'Burnett In the
series, but Johnson last, night received
a message that his mother was dying
In San Francisco and he will leave for
the west this afternoon. He was last
night notified by President Betts that
He Is reserved for next season. This
unforseen circumstance will make It
necessary to engage another pitcher.
Manager Barnle was Informed by tele
graph of the situation and it Is not un
likely that he will get Harper of the
Word, was received from Wllkes
Barre last night that Manager Shannon
was on a skirmish for a strong pair of
pitchers who, with Keenan, will repre
sent Wllkes-Barre In the box. as Coak
ley is obliged to go to Pittsburg on busi
ness. Through a well-known Scranton Jew
eler the trophy cup has 'been ordered
from New York and during next week
will be placed on exhibition. It will be
of especial design and will nosaess con
siderable Intrinsic value.
Of the Scranton team It Is probnble that
In addition to Pitchers Meaney and John
son not more than two of the present club
will bo reserved for 1890. Schrlver will
probnbly be one of tho two; the other
player's Identity Is a guess.
Apropos of the exclusion of Sam Crane,
of the New York Press, from the Polo
grounds, a western contemporary re
marks: "Bnse ball magnates seem to
think that the principal duties of newspa
per men are to throw bouquets at them."
Will Sandy Griffin manage the WUkes
Barre club next year? Inside Information
says thut Jack Keenan, the WHkes-Barre
twlrler, who has won about 73 per cent,
of his games, will be drafted by Washing
ton to be transferred to Rochester along
with Dnn Shannop.
Dan Shannon Is tinder reserve contract
as mnnager of the Wllkes-Barre club, but
the reserve clause will not' prevent Wash
ington, of the National league, from draft
ing him. Washington will then turn him
over to Rochester. .The national agree
ment (7) Is as solid as a sieve.
Dan Shannon Is In his dotage. He says
Manager Barnle cannot secure for The
Tribune cup series a team that will defeat
WHkes-Barre In a majority of games.
Wllkes-Barre has a good team, but there
are other players on the face of the earth.
They will be drafted from other clubs of
the Eastern leajeue and In the series the
Alligators are bound to run against a
strong combination.
In the face' of the report that Tom
Burns, of Hprtngfleld. will manage the
New Yorks next season the assurance Is
given from different sources that Jack
Chapman will undertake the contract of
leading the Giants to victory. Chapman's
achievements with the Toronto during
his control of that club oasts Burns'
Springfield record ill the shade and oil the
strength of this fact Chapman may get
the berth.
Parson Davles Thinks Governor Culber
son Means Business.
Tt Is reported that Champion Cor
bett's friends lo not believe that the
fight with Fltxslmmons will come off,
and that consequently ho Is not train
ing. Pbrson Duvis says:
"I saw Corbett about a week ago.
and I did not like his looks, lie did
not seem to have the life and energy
which he formerly possessed, and iiis
eyes were dull and listless. I attrib
uted this to the fact that he had been
knocking about the country a great
deal playing ball, attending theatrical
performances, keeping late hours and
other dissipations. Corbett Is a won
derful man. though, and a great light
er. If he trains all right and enters
the ring In tit condition there Is no
doubt but he wil whip Fltxslmmons.
Bob, however. Is in great condition
right at this time, and will put up an
awful tluli t. If Jim Is not right up to
tho mark he may suffer defeat.
"I don't attach much Importance to
what I hear of the condition of the two
men, for I don't believe they will meet,
at least not tn Texas. When a gov
ernor of a state announces that he
will stop a prise fight, he usually
means what he says, and In this In
stance I think Governor Culberson is
In earnest."
Qunricrmarch and Humps Win in Straight
Philadelphia. Sept. 12. The fall meet
ing ut the Philadelphia Driving park
(Point Breexe) ended ithls afternoon.
Two of the principal events of the meet
ing hud been kept for the last day, but
there was not enough speed In the
fields to drive the winners to their
best effort.
The races today were the Blngham
House purse of 32,000 for the 2.20 cIiibs
trotting, and the Point Breeae purse of
$2,000 for the 2.24 class pacing. Both
were won In straight heats. In the
pacing event three of the live starters
were distanced In the first heat.
Bumps, the winner, going the mile in
Summaries: 2.20 class, Bingham
House purse, $2,000, Quartermareh
(Snyder) first; Rosellne. br. m., (Clark)
second. Time, 2.18H. 2.174. 2.17.
2.24 class, pacing, Point 'Breexe purse,
$2,000. Bumps, b. g., by Baron Wilkes,
(Wilson) first; Comet.' s. m., (Barnes)
second. Time, 2.10V4, 2.17V4, 2.15',4.
Valentine .Matched Against McKcever.
Uodfrcy-Choynski Fight Off.
New York, iSept 12. 'Manager Ken
nedy, of the Kmplre Athletic club,
signed Arthur Valentine, champion
lightweight of England, this afternoon
to meet Charlie iMcKeever, the crack
lightweight of Philadelphia. The men
will box twenty rounds on Oct. 2. The
match between "Young Orlffo," which
was down for Sept. 27, before the Km
plre Athletic club, has been declared
off, owing to the fact that Lavlgne,
after having agreed to meet "Young
Oriffo," backed out.
Boston, Sept. 12. The fight between
George Godfrey and Joe Choynskl,
which was to be decided here, has been
declared off.
Will Test the Deelsion.
NorrlstoT), Pa., Sept. 13.-The Norrls
town wheelmen held a meeting tonight for
the purpose of taking action on the decis
ion of Chairman Gideon, of the League of
American Wheelmen, In transferring the
class A riders, Walter . Douglass, Wlcse
Hammer, Carroll H.Jack, Percy C. Dickey,
W. M. Trott and John F. Urauch, to class
B. Tho men were transferred because of
an allegation that a diumond ring for
whleh they raced hero was worth more
than fco. the class A limit. This the
wheelmen deny. A committee was ap
pointed to test the decision of the chair
man, either by process of law or by au ap
peal to the League of American Wheel
men at the next national meet of that
body.- The committee was authorized to
expend $l,0fto In the furtherance of Its
The Morning Glories, of Dun more, chal
lenge the Jermyn base ball club to a
game on Dunmore grounds Friday or Sat
urday. The Shamrocks, of the South Side, chal
lenge the Shamrocks, of Avoca, to a game
Sunday. Sept. 15, on Dutch Hollow
An alley hall game between O'Connors
and Scott and Wilson and Fallon will lie
played on the Exchange hotel court to
morrow afternoon at 3.30 for $10 a side. .
Thatcher and Johnson and Their Com
pany (lave an I p-to-hate Performance.
Thatcher ft Johnson's minstrels were
at the Academy uf Music last evening
and gave a good entertainment. Inno
vations have 'been yearly creeping Into
minstrel performance and Inst night's
Twentieth Century minstrels had Its
The grand opening, which was In the
nature uf a social session of the Royal
Hunt club, was a repetition of the time
honored fealture of part 'first In min
strelsy. Interspersed among the ebony
hued comedians, dance artists and fair
complexioned ballad singers was a light
sprinkling of the new woman.
Raymond iMoore, famous as a com
poser and singer of ballads, contributed
a number of his sweet vocal tenor se
lections, among them his latest suc
cess, "Dear Louise." Part second con
tained a number of specialties that were
well -received. Barbie and Ritchie, as
the cyclist and tramp, gave an exhibi
tion of rldlngend acrobatic work on the
bicycle that was marvelous. They also
performed on the unlcycle, tricycle and
every other kind of whell.
' Thatcher and Carroll held down the
ends in the opening port, nnd In the
concluding number, "The Sidewalks of
New" York," they port rayed the parts
of Svengali and Little Billee.
Mayor Conncll Signs the Resolution In
the Arlington Tnrnplke Case.
The resolution directing the mayor to
accept as final the decision of the lower
courts In the lAblngton turnpike case
was 'yesterday approved by Mayor
Connell, and the threatened litigation
Is now a thing of the past.
Many North iF.nd people who have
been having trouble with the Turnpike
company were averse to the verdiot of
$2,000 which was given the company,
because of the city's failure to keep In
order the portion of the turnpike which
thn company granted to the city on that
condition. .
. Others,' who seemed to be In the ma
jority, wanted the matter settled, ' be
lieving that the Turnpike company
only received Its Just dues. - Numerous
prominent people have Interviewed the
mayor concerning the -measure, -and no
small amount' of 'lobbying was dune
while It was on Its' way through coun
cils. ''.,. (
. By. the. provisions of the, resolution
the street commissioner Is directed to
hereafter keep the thoroughfare In good
repalri '
Plllsbury's flour mills have a capacity
of 17,600 barrels a day. . '. . . : .
Per Dozen
Luce Bros.
Scranton and Taylor.
Some Events of the Day on the West
Side of the City Noted,
It Was Given at the Homo of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry klino. of South Hyde
Park Avenuo Personals
and News Notes.
(The West Side Interests of The Tribune
have been placed in the hands of Emer
son Owen, to whom all news announce
ments and complaints may be addressed.)
At the South Hyde Park avenue home
of Mr. und Mrs. Henry Kline lust even
ing an enjoyable party was held in
honor of Miss "Winnie Bunell, of Allen
town, who Is visiting here. (Many of
our young people attended and for
several hours passed a delightful even
ing In various social amusements.
Messrs. fieorge Rowlands and Thomas
Thomas figured In the vocal endeavors
of the evening. At midnight refresh
ments were served. tMiss Bunell has
attracted many frlend since her short
stay here and the demonstration last
evening proved her popularity.
Those who attended were: Misses
Jennie Lawrence. Father Thomas. -Lizzie
Lawrence, Anna Williams, Clara
Ross Kelley, Llsxie Batt. Ella Cobb,
Ixnilse Corless, ..Mume Kromer, 'Mamo
Faton. F.lla lloyles. Lizzie llredllne,
Rose Shneffer, the .Misses Stetter, Min
nie Holing, Martha Beach, Ella Staff,
Jennie Jones. Johanna Davis, Mame
Williams. Mame E. Schlechter, Sally
E. Met.. Jennie Lewis, Hattle Williams
Etta .Stuff, Mattle Batt, Kitty Brown
and Cora Williams: Messrs. 'Brown,
leorge Shaeffer, Will Thomas, Will
Sof(ly. Dan Tralnor, Dan Thomas,
Harry Relnhart. Elmer Wilson, Frank
Shaeffer, John Beagle, Jay Reese, Bert
Sherman, Thomas Thomas, C. 'H. Der
by, John A. Tonkin. M. Staff. Sam
Pelrce, W. "l. Oaughnn, 'E. A. Schwurs,
Oeorge Rowlands. Mr. Rosar. Mr.
O'lbbs, Charles Mansfield, Charles
Brennahan, Bert (Use.
There Ih much talk current as to the
formation of a semi-professional thea
trical company on this side to produce
plays during the coming winter. That
there Is talent here Is a certainty and
the enterprise needs only a good busi
ness management to make a success of
the venture. Among those who could
furnish an evening's entertainment are
the Misses (Margaret flilibs, the talent
ed elocutionist: Martha Davis, a reol
tatlonlst of ability; Kitty M. Brown.
hIso a recltatlonlst; May Fisher, and
Messrs. .Myron Evans. C. E. House, Will
Reynolds. Horace Johns and the well
known artist. Harry Storms. (Mr.
Storms would make and acceptable
Social Inst Evening.
Socials were held last evening at the
Simpson Methodist church and at the
Tabernacle church. At the former the
Epworth league held forth, with a re
ception to Its members, who have been
summering out of town. The event
was very much enjoyed by a large at
tendance. Refreshments were for sale
and the patronage was largo. At the
Tabernacle, n novel cob web social
was held. A large crowd attended,
and were caught In the web of the en
tertainment. A neat sum of money
was obtained as a result of the enter
prise. Another social was held at the
home of Mrs. Moore, on South Main
William MeAndrew Dead.
William MeAndrew, an old resident,
died yesetrday morning at his home,
on North Sumner avenue. He had been
a sufferer for about four months and
death was expected. Jiecensed' was a
life-long resident of this side, and was
well known. He is survived 'by a wife
and seven children. Their names are:
William, Frank, John, James, iMary,
Delia and Kate. The funeral will be
held Saturday. Unterment will be made
In Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
News Notes and Personals.
The Indies of St. David's church will
hold a peach cream social next Tuesday
Mrs. John Williams, of .Bellevue, Is
seriously 111. .Her recovery is doubt
ful. Eddie Davis, the lad who was assault
ed by Jimmy 'Dean, Is recovering.
. Miss Lorctta Flanaghan, of Hamp
ton street, has returned from a sojourn
nt Crystal 'Lake.
The .Misses Lizzie Stnnton nnd (Mar
garet Burns, of Pleasant street, have
returned from a visit to friends at
The Ladies' Aid sorlety of the Scran
ton Street Baptist church held a sup
per last evening at the home of Mrs.
Moore, of 414 South iMaln avenue. A
social was enjoyed in the evening by a
large crowd. Mrs. Moore entertained
her gueBts in a hospitable manner.
D. T. Evans has returned from
Airs. iP. W. fl Wallow, of S87 North
Bromley avenue, called on Plttstoro
friends yesterday.
Falrchlld's hotel Is receiving the fin
ishing touches on the recently built
Clarke Bros.' new building; Is about
Mrs. .Mumaw and Miss Grace Itoberl
son, of Hasleton, who were visiting- at
the home of their uncle on North Re
becca avenue, returned home yesterday,
Miss Delia .Roberts, daughter of (Mr.
and iMrs. John Roberts, of Decker's
court, was quietly married In Blng
hamton last week to Judson Lltman,
of Jackson street. They are residing
at present with She bride's parents, but
will In a few days begin housekeeping
on the West tstde.
(Mrs. F. P. . Ooty and son, Howard,
are attending the annual convention of
the Lackawanna county ' Women's
Christian Temperance union, now In
session In the Presbyterian church at
- West Hide Business Directory.
BICYCLES - repaired, ' scissors ground,
tools sharpened, saws filed, keys fitted,
machines repaired by W. L. Bteenback,
dealer In Ouns, Fishing Tackle, under
West Side Bank.
PHOTOGRAPHER Cabinet photos, 11.
per dosen. They are Just lovely. Con
vince yourrelf by calling at Staroer'i
Photo Parlors, lot and 103 South Mala
. avnue.
BARBER. Hair cutting and shaving done
In a flrst-class manner at John It. Rey
nold's Barber Shop, at Falrchlld's Hotel
CRIX'ERiES Revere Standard Java
Coffee is unexcelled. The leading coffee
of the day. Kor sale only at F. W. Ma
son Co. Fine Groceries, 111 South
Main avenue.
for anything you have to sell. Furni
ture, Stoves. Tools, etc. Call and see
the stork of J. C. King, 1024 and 102
Jackson street.
WALL PAPER-Oo to Fred Reynolds,
200 North Main avenue, and see his
complete line of Wall Pawr. Paints
and Window Shades. Just opened with
new stock.
PLUM Bl NO William D. Ortmths, lit
North Main avenue, doek tlrst-class
Plumbing, Steam Heat and Gas Fitting.
Batisfactlon is strictly guaranteed.
W. C. Tnnstall Is Suing to Hoover Money
as a Consequence.
Attorneys M. A. (McOlnley, W. W.
Lath rope amk David W. Brown sat as
arbitrators yesterday and heard testi
mony In the assumpsit suit of W. C.
Tunetall. publisher of the Providence
Register, ugulnst Joseph F. Bannis
ter. Simon iLuuor, C. W. Wcstpfahl,
Harry C. ilaak, tleorge Frable.-llenry
T. Koe'hler, L. C. Armbrust, John Blat
ter, A. F. .Stokes. W. H. Coons and B.
S. Eimory for a debt of ?M .89. Attor
ney James J. H. Hamilton represented
the defendants, and Ross & Vldaver the
The defendants some time ago or
ganized a stock company to publish a
paper called the "Sons of America,"
representing the Interests of the Patri
otic Order Sons of America In Lack
awanna county. The paper was print
ed 'In the olilce of the Providence Reg
ister. They (had ft meeting one evening and
appointed Barry Hopewell manager of
the Sons of 'America and at that time
the assets exceeded the liabilities, it is
alleged. IMr. Hopewell was empow
ered to collect all -bills, etc., and lie
claims that the revenues did not flow
in quickly enough to liquidate the obli
gation, for which they now are sued.
Mr. Hopewell, as manager of tho Sons
of .America, was agent of Mr. Tunstall,
of the Register.
. The testimony of the plaintiff show
ing the agreement was heard and
part of the testimony of the defendants.
Attracted on Audlcnco Which Taxed tho
Capacity of the House.
Rlchardi Jlarlow, chic Bessie Botiehlll
and Ross Snow carried "141)2" through
with a swing and a dash at the Froth
Ingham last night, although it was the
first night of the company's road sea
son. It was never intended that "1492"
should be dissected or seriously con
sidered. It won't stand that sort of
treatment. As an amalgamation of
cleverness, now. alas, somewhat behind
date In spots, It Is most enjoyable if
you don't dip below the surface.
Conceived to entertain and please It
was made redolent of life, color and ac
tion to accomplish that purpose. Every
stage grouping was arranged with an
eye to artistic effect and a series of
attractive pictures are the result,
which appeal to one sense, while bright
dialogue and lively music do to an
other. To add variety the Kllanyl living pic
tures are Introduced. They were given
last evening under the direction of Herr
Kllanyl with the attention to coloring
and detail which made each picture pre
sented almost an exact copy of the ori
ginal. Bessie Bonehlll was a favorite from
the moment she appeared upon the
stage. She Is a very versatile and en
tertaining young woman. Richard Har
low was every Inch a queen In appear
ance. His make-up wus a work of art.
Ross Snow demonstrated that, as the
King of Spain and Charley Tatters, he
Is a worthy successor to Walter Jones,
who crented the roles. 'Mr. Know Is a
comedian of more than ordinary clever
ness. An sudlence that taxed the cnpaclty
of the house saw the performance.
West Side Building Are Especially Af
fected and Transfers Are Necessary.
During the next week Superintend
ent of Schools Phillips will make a
number of transfers of students In or
der to relieve some of the buildings,
which are now overcrowded. Nos. 14,
15. IX and ill. on the West Ride, are
taxed to t'helr utmost capacity. There
are over 800 students In No. 14. and
as the building cannot comfortably ac
comodate this vast number. It has
been determined to transfer one of the
primary classes to the annex. Forty
pupils will also 'be transferred from
No. 36 to 'No. 32 In order to relieve the
The dividing lines between Nos. 27 and
28 were yesterday ilxed bv Superin
tendent iphilllps. All children living
north of Delaware street and east of
Sanderson avenue In the old No. 28 dis
trict will die accomodated at the new
No. 27. All otihers will go to No. 28.
Six rooms have already been opened up
at No. 27 and two new rooms will be
opened immediately.
Owens' Fur Store Closed.
Sheriff Frank H. Clemens closed the
fur Btore of George W. Owens, of Spruce
street, yesterday morning on three execu
tions amounting to t2.3lil.37. The creditors
nre: .Mary M. Owens, tl.1AI.7l: Peter
Egler, t-li2, And the John Kusx'.t's Fur
company, of New York, tl7.Cii. The sale
will take place next Monday morning be
tween the hours of 9 and 10 o'clock.
We have decided to close oat this entire
took of Pine Shoes and Slippers at actual cost.
These Shoes are all in perfect condition no
eld styles or shelf worn goods. This Is a rare
opportunity of obtaining the highest grade
Footwear at tho prices usually paid for ordl
nary Bhoes. Call and examine them while the
stock Is oom Diets.
lie ttfiii store union
A Modern Fireproof Hotel containing 800
rooms, 200 with bath and toilet
Good Rooms, (1.&C: Large Rooms. S3, and
With private bath 92.511 and upward per day.
la close proximity to the principal theatres
and the shopping district.
Fire minutes from Orand Central and
jtJ5 onore uepois.
J. n. jife,
Wagner Kcis, Lessees and Managers. .
'' - Engagement of
and bis distinguUlicd company tn snporb pro
ductions uf L'husio flays.
ffSTAs this uttraction docs not
Pluy in Wilkcs-Harrc, ull orders
by muil or telegraph promptly ut
tended to.
Hale of scats opens at tkix Office Wednesday
to. ui.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Sept 16, 17,18,
The Prodigal Father
The Most Exponsive Puree-Comedy Organ
ization ever seen on tour.
It Is Fresh.
It Is Snappy.
It Is Strong.
It Is Yaried.
It Is Brilliant.
It Is Fetching.
PRICES AS UBL'AL-IOc, 20c. and 30c
When yon can have your eyes scientifically
Tested Free bv the new method.
tVThers are hundreds of people if they
knew this, would go miles to have their
examined. DON'T WAIT.
WWhon yon got lenses, or ('asset, as'
many people call them. Got the Best, as they
won't cost yon any more tnun poorer ones.
Do not trust yourvaluable sight to ped
will correct the vision and stop all
pain In the head.
Placed Id tbe Finest Solid Gold Frames for J3
Th-so Legtos are sold only by
Oppcslte Scranton House.
303 Lackawanna Ave., SCRANTON, PA.
Hours Daily:
I to 11 a. m., 1 to 5 and 7 to S p. m.
Monal Bank ot Scranton.
CAPITAL 250,000
SURPLUS, $40,000
BAMtTEt, ITTNEa, President.
W. W. WATSON, Vice-President.
A. a WILLIAMS, Cashier.
Samuel nines, James M. Kverhart, I nr.
Ing A. Finch, Pierce B. Flnloy, Joseph J.
Jermyn. M. 8. Komerer. Charles P. Mat
thews. John T. Porter, W. W. Watson.
mat bonk Invites the patron ore at bus.
kssas men end Arms ceneroly.
The Acknowledged Expert in
Horseshoeing and Dentistry,
la Now Permanently Located
on West Lackawanna Ave.,
Near the Bridge.
CUrlam. Badness Wieoas, Bmtrlaf. Hem
Bhoelng, Psintiaoad Upkolnterlnf. Hos. A
til, tt, & aVreuU street Soros too. Fa.
This And
Show Is
Has Now
Won Right
Its On
Way Top
life EYES
Saturday Matinee.
Here is where we all laugh.
The Big- Farce-Comely Buocess. inter
preted by a strong company.
the Bh.iifr In "Old Jed Prouty" for Are years,
late with Charles IL Hoyt
The famous Barefoot Trilby Cancers, Misses
Chartressnd Raycieta,
Hale of seats opeus Bpt 11 at o'clock,
Prices IS, 2, 51) and 7.rm. ; matinee is and five.
- - - 4
Monday and Tuesday, Sept. IU and 1 7
Superb Production of tbe Ureat Bcenic
The Struggle of Life
Battery Park In Winter
Rutgers Slip in a Snow Storm
Exterior of St Patrick's Cathedral
Typical Dance Hall in Water St
Death Trap In a Deserted Cellar
Hale ot seats opens Saturday, Kept, li, at t
o'clock. Keitular prices.
America's FavorlteComedienne,
Presenting tbo Latest Musical Faroe Craze
Bale of tests opens Monday moraine-, Rent.
18. at o'clock.
Scranton, Pa.,
This Week' Second and Last
Pain's Gorgeous Production,
The Most Dazzling. Realistic and
Magnificent Scene Ever Shown
to the Public.
350 Performers on tlie open air stage 350
Keallstic Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
Orand Balluts, Brilliant Pageants,
American and Europeau Specialties.
Friday, Orand Army Nlfrht
Saturday, . . . firoinen's Might
General admission 25c re
served seats 25c. and 50c extra,
box seat SI.
Single Fare for Round Trip on all
Koads Entering Scranton.
Apply to yonr nearest station aif-nt. In
c9h t rain ticket!) Kood for next elnar night.
(W Dun't inias this opportunity to see the
greatest spectacle of tbe ae.
On the Brotherhood of Loco
motive Firemen's Excursion
Saturday, September 14th.
Would Be a Source of Pleasure
to You ?
HALF FARE will be charged from
towns up and down tbe valley to Scran
ton anil return.
Htrcct cars will run on all lines to
connect with excursion train morning
and uigut at D L. & W. depot, Scran
ton. t rT-TrsIn lenvos D.. L. W. dejiot st
0.00a. tn.: arrive nt Beach at 11. Ju a.m.
Litare Peach at 6.:W p. in.
I'atorer llanley. t,f the D . L. ft W.
Dining Konuis, will furnish rcfreh
ments of all kind which is a aunran
tee that the quality and price will suit
i I
' i
-A itllmr tattdUa dolimr senna." n
Tssstdlas'Hnlift Fmeta Psesjsas KldBw.
i mm itiii Hi 1 1 - - f-1- - "
nmrnnuH, ami vnm,
or Postal Note far
Bqnsls enty wsy SSS seoss
sold la oil rstad Hens far
S'i.M. We make tola sees
oaraehes, tteieleie we fmaf
antf the ju, Uff mmm swap.
i II any ene is set awasise
or Msd another pair. Opsra
Toe or uosnscw ummm.
widths CD,I,t KB.
1 to sad oobT
. Ettial ttrmu U Dmitn.
, fin,
the best place In the city to get flshlnf
tackle and sportsmen's supplies. That
STERLING WHEEL, of his Is a beauty,
aodu for quality well, Um Otkers an aet
la it Opea eYtnint.
il4..tS?!aV .a
Kk s I isr Jriv;""v.
r ii "Tt in , !i
U ll 1 1