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ICMrrlebt, ISM. by
Now Kins Rudolph, In his great cha
grin and dismay, had himself forgotten
or at least neglwted to warn the count
of Festenburjr that his sister, I'rinceKS
Osra, was residing at the castle of
Zenda: for It was her favorite resort
and she often retired from the court
and spent many days there alone.
There she was now with two of her
ladies, a small retinue of servants, and
no mora than half a dozen guards; and
when Count Nikolas oame to the gate.
It being then after nine, she had gone
to her chamber and sat before the
mirror, dressed in a loose white gown
and with her ruddy hair unbound and
floating over her shoulders; and she
was reading an old story-book, con
taining tales of Helen of Troy, of Cleo
patra, of Berenice, and other lovely
ladies, very elegantly related and cm
bellkdlpd with fine pictures. And the
princess, being very niueli absorbed in
the stories, did not hear or notice the
arrival of the count's company, but
continued to read while 'Nikolas roused
the watchmen, and the bridge was let
down and the steward summoned.
And Siit lie fore llcr Mirror.
Then Nikolas took the steward aside
and showed him the ki:ig's order, bear
ing the king's seal; and the steward,
although both greatly astonished and
greatly grieved, could not deny the let
ter or 'the seal, but declared himself
ready to obey and to surrender the
castle; and the sergeant in command
of the guard said the same: but, they
added, since the princess wan In th
castle, they must Inform her of the
matter and take her commands.
"Aye. do," said Nikolas, sittins down
In the great hall. "Tell her not to be
disturbed, but to give me the honor of
being her host for aa long as she will:
and say that I will wait upon her, if It
be her pleasure." And he smiled to
think of the anger and scorn with
which Osra would receive the tidings
when the steward delivered them to
In this resppct the event did not fall
short of his expectations; for she was
so Indignant and aghast that, thinking
of nothing but the tidings, she flung
away the book and cried, "Send the
count here to me." and stood waiting
for him there In her chamber. In her
white gown and with her hair un
bound and flowing down over her
shoulders. And when he came she
cried. "What Is this, my lord?" and
listened to his story with parted lips
and flashing eyes, and thus read the
King's letter and saw the king's seal.
And her ey"es filled with tears, but she
lashed them away with her hand. Then
the. count said, bowing to her as mock
ingly as, ho had bowed to her brother:
"It la the fortune of the dice, ma
dame." "Yes, my lord, as you play the gjrne,"
ca Id she.
His eyes were fixed upon her. and It
fccmJ to 'him that he was more beau
tiful In her white gown and with her
hiilr unbound over her shoulders than
he had ever feltt her to be before; and
fce eyed fter clowely. Suddenly she
looked at him; and for a moment 'he
nverteij his eyes; but he looked again
end her eyts met his. For several mo
ments she stood rigid and motionless.
Then she said: "My lord, the king has
Inrt the castle of Zenda. which Is the
home and cradle of our house. It was
scarcely 't'he'klng'fl alone to lose. Have
I no title In It?"
'"It w.ui the king's ma da me, and now
W Is mine." smiled Nikolas.
"Well, titien. It Is yours." said ."he;
and. taking a step toward him, she
sobl: . "Have you a mind to venture ft
again, my lord?"
"I would venture it only agahint a
grent intake," piald he, smiling still,
while his eyes were fixed on her face,
and- marked every change In the color
Of her cheeks.
"I can play at dice as well as the
king!" she cried. "Are we not all
gamblers, we Klphbcrga?" And she
laughed bitterly.
"Bdt w'ha't would your stake he?" he
asked eneerlngly.
Princess Osra'a face was now very
pal, but iher voice did not tremble anil
ihe did not fllnoh: for the honor of her
house and of the throne was as sacred
10 her a her salvaitlon, and more than
her happiness.
stake, my lord," said she, "that
many gerMlemen have thought above
any caertle In pretHousness."
, "Of what do you speak?" he akod,
amd his voice quivered a little, us a
man's kHce In exoKement. "For, par-
tk mwm tmln tasiM waist
the old reliable
t , Mm tto Tttt M TIm
Hope: "ss"
A. II. Hawkins
don me, madame, but what have you of
such value?"
"I iave what the poorest girl has,
and It Is of the value that It has
pleased G.hI to make It and pleases men
to think it." said Osra. "And all of It
I will stake gu4iiHt the king's castle
of Zenda and its demesne."
Count Nikolas' eye Hushed and he
drew nearer to 'her; he took his dice
box from his pocket, and 'he held It up
before her, and he whimpered, In an
eager, hoaise voice:
"Name this great stake, madame,
what is it?"
"It Is myself, my lord." sakl Princess
"Yourself?" he cried wondering,
though he had half guessed.
"Aye. To be lord of Zenda Is much.
Is It not more to be husband to the
king's sister?"
"It Is more.' 'said he, "when the
king's sister Is the Princess Osra." And
he looked ivt her now with open d
mlratkm. Hut ho did not heed his
glance, but with face pule us dentin,
she seized a small table and drew It
between them, and cried. "Throw,
then, my lord! We know the stakes."
"If you win, Zenda la mine. If 1 win,
you are mine."
"Yes, I ami Zenda also," said she.
"Throw, my lord."
"Shall we throw thrice, madame, or
once, or how often?"
"Thrice, my lord,' she answered, toss
ing 1'ack her hair behind her n.M'k. and
holding one ha ml to her side. "Throw
iirs't," she added.
The count rattled his box. nnd his
throw was seven. Osrsi took the box
from 'him, looked keenly and delliantly
In his eyes, and threw.
"Fortune is with you, madame," said
he. biting his lips. "For a five nnd a
four make nine, or I err greatly."
lie took the box from her; Ills hand
shook, but hers was tlrm and steady;
and again he threw.
"Ah. it Is but live," said he Impa
tiently, and a frown settled on his
"It Is enough, my lord," said Osra,
and pointed to the dice that she had
thrown, a three and a one.
The count's cyt-s gleamed again, and
he sprang to her and was alniut to seize
the box. Itut hn checked himself sud
denly and bowed, saying:
"Throw first this time, I pray you,
madame, If It be not disagreeable to
"I do not care which way It Is." said
Osra, and she sho-k the box and made
her third cast. And when she lifted
the box. the face of the dice showed
seven. And a smile broadened on the
count's face, for he thought surely he
could beat seven, he that had beat
eleven, and thereby won the castle of
Zenda, which now he staked against
the Prlncers Osra. Hut his eyes also
were w.r" keenly and attentively on
her, ami he held the box poised, shoulder-high.
In his right hand.
Hut then a sudden a faintness and
sickness seized upon th'e princess, and
the composure that had hitherto up
held her failed: she could not meet his
glance nor could she bear to see the
fall of the dice; but she turned away
her head before lie threw and stood
thus with averted face. And he kept
attentive eyes on her and drew very
near to the table so that he stood right
over It. And the Princess Osra caught
sight of her own face In the mirror and
started to see herself, pallid and ghast
ly, and her fuce was drawn as though
she were suffering some great pain.
Hut she uttered no sound.
The Mice rattled In the box; they
rattled on the table; there was a pause
while a man might quickly count a
dozen; and then Count Nikolas of Fes
tenbtirg cried out' in a voice that
trembled and tripped over the words:
"Kight. eight, eight."
But before the last of the words had
left his sinking lips the Princess Osra
faced round on him like lightning. She
rnlsed her hands so that the loose
white gown fell back from her rounded
arm. and her eye flashed and her lips
curled as she outstretched her arm at
him and crledr
"Foul play."
"For. a she watched her own pa1?
face In the mirror the mirror that
Count Nikolas had not heeded she had
seen him throw, she had seen him
stand for an instant over the dice he
"Yes, and ends Also," She Sold,
had thrown with gloomy and mad
dened facerand then she "had seen a
light, swift movement of his left hand,
as his fingers deftly darted down and
touched one of the dice and turned it.
And all' this she had wen before he
had cried elgW! Therefore now she
turned on him, and cried, "Foul play,"
and before he could speak she darted
by him towards the door. But he
sprang forward and caught her by the
arm above the wrist and gripped her,
and his fingers-- cut Into the tender
flesh of her arm,' as he gasped, "You lie!
Where are you going?"
But her voice rang out clear and
loud In answer:
"I am going to tell all the world that
Zenda Is ours again, nnd I am going to
publish In every city In the kingdom
that Count Nikolas, of Festonburg, Is
a common 'cheat and rogue and should
be whipped at the cart's tall through
the streets of Htrelsau. For I saw you
In the mirror my lord, I saw you In
the mirror." 'And she ended with a
wild laugh tho,t echoed through the
room. ,
Still he gripped her arm and she did
not flinch; for an Instant he looked full
In her eye; mid covetuousness and
desire and shame came altogether upon
him ' and overmastered him, and he
hissed between setteeth:
"You shan't! 'By God, you shan't!"-
"Ay, but I. will, my lord." said Osra.
"It Is a fine tale-for the king and for
your friends In Strelsau."
An Instant lonVer he held her wtiere
she was; and he gasped and licked his
lips.' Then, he suddenly dragged her
with him towards a couch, seising up
a coverlet that lay nn a couch he flung
It round her: h folded It tight about
her, and he drew H close over her (face.
She could not cry out or move. And
he lifted up and swung her over hlo
shoulder, and, opening the door of the
room, dashed down the stairs towards
the reat hall.
In the great hall were the six of the
king's guard, and some of the servants
of the castle, and many of the people
who had come with Count Nikolas;
they all sprang to their feet when
they saw hira. But he took no heed
of them but rushed at a run through
the hall, and out under the portcullis
and across the bridge, which had not
been raised since he entered. And
there at the end of the bridge a lackey
held bis horse; and he leapt on his
horse, setting one hand on the saddle
and still holding Osra; and then he
cried aloud:
"My men, follow me! To Festen
burg!" (To be continued.) . , ,
Happening of Interest to the Staple
Trades and particularly to the Trade
In Iron, Steel and Anthracite Coul.
The ImjMirtant announcement has
just been made that the Steel Itullniak
eis' association has advanced prices of
steel rails from t-i to J:'S per ton. It
had been ktn -wii for several days past
that the matter was under considera
tion, and that, while an advance In
prices had been decided upon. It 'hail not
been determined whether to make the
Increase $2 or $4 per ton. Later in the
day a dispatch from Pittsburg stated
that an advance to $28 had been or
dered, and this was confirmed by the
Carnegie company. The price, by the
action just taken, is now about the
same as it wus In 1S'.U. Karly In that
year $-' per ton was quoted for steel
rails, but tarly in the fall the price was
first lowered to til and then to $24.
Last year another cut was made and
U2 per ton was quoti d up to within a
few weeks ago. when the price was
laised to $21. It Is of Interest to note
In this connection that those railroad
irii lingers who rightly gnuge the
trend of 'business Improvement suc
ceeded in placing their contracts at $-2
per ton. President Roberts, of the
Pennsylvania, was among -the number,
nnd bis foresight has resulted In sav
ing to his company something like
$2i)U,tkM. The present advance carries
Mie price of steel rails to $10.7 per ton
higher than the price abroad, which
was. on Sept. 7. $17.0:1. To liniiort steel
rails, however, a duty of $7.H4 per ton
must bo paid, nnd the ocean freight per
ton is $l."iti. Wins making the cost of
foreign rails at 'New York $26.37 per ton,
or $l.6J per ton less than the present
domestic price. The foreign iron and
steel markets have recently, however,
shown considerable strength and ac
tivity, and. it Is claimed, or. rather,
believed, that foreign rails cannot now
be laid down at New" York at a price
less than domestic figures. The pres
ent advance hns been Induced by re.
cent advances In raw material, the In
crease In the price of Bessemer pig iron,
which Is now $16..rj0, against less than
S10 a few months ago, the probability
that a further advance will shortly be
made In Bessemer ore, and a good de
mand for steel rails.
Two hundred railroads throughout
the I'nlted 'States are at present using
the Alexander car replaeer. which was
Invented by a Forest City man. whose
name It bears, and which a company,
composed of Scrantonians, Is putting
on the market. Joseph J. Jormyn is
president of the company; R. B. Wil
liams, vice president; John A. Mears,
manager, and John T. Richards, treas
urer. It'ls scarcely two years wince the
Invention was placed upon the market,
but so popular has it become that there
are but few roads In the United States
but what have either adopted It or are
giving It a test. The replaeer Is so
simple in construction nnd so effective
In its work that ail railroad men say
that it Is by far theibest on the market.
The new signal system which the
Pennsylvania is putting In at the
liroad street station Is thought to bo
so perfect 'that It Is almost nn Impossi
bility to have an accident on It. The
motive, power will he compressed air,
which Is conveyed from the air com
pressors through a three-Inch air pipe
to the switches and signals, at which
point the valves operating the air are
actuated and controlled by electricity.
In the territory which Is being recon
structed there will be five electric pneu
matic towers. They will do away with
all mechanical power nnd the old lever
switching towers and will .make It
considerably easier for the operators,
a. all they will have to do Is to move
a lever about the size of a lend pencil.
This will Insure a saving of time and a
more rapid movement in the operation
of trains.
The 'Baldwin, Westlnghotise people
are to make a test of the new electric
locomotive In Mouth America. ;
The Brotherhood of locomotive Fire
men will run an excursion to Pleasant
Beach nnd Syracuse tomorrow, over
Ihe Delaware. Lackawanna and West
ern. Trains will leave Hcranton at 6
oclock a. m. Caterer Ilanley will go
along to furnjsh the refreshments.
Iluffulo l.lvo Slock.
Buffalo. Sept. 12.-Cattle-HHee:pts. Mfi
hend; on sale, 10.1 head; market opened
and closed atenily to easy; lKht to good
butchers' steers. $II.7S4: mixed cows, be'f
ers and steers. t3.WuX.Ut; light hulls tl !.
; fat do., tunas. Hogs-HeJeU.ts. V
4WI head: on sale, l.noo head: market
opened Iflc. lower for light grades, about
steady for the heavier kind, closed about
steady with all sold; Yorkers, good to
choice, $l.fBia4.B0; light lots principally at
$4.r-.; mixed packers, $I.GKn4.llO; good to
prime heavy, $4.4ta4.Hl: pigs, $4.4flu4.l:
roughs, 3.2an.T6r.i stags, $S5.2T.. Sheep and
I.amhs Receipts, 8,076 head; oh sale, 6.K
head; market opened stendv for good
hnndy sheep, higher for exports, lambs
fasy, closed easy to lower for light to
fa'r native lambs, with several decks un
sold; prime fat lambs, $4.40n4.75: a few at
.: llht. to fairly good, $; culls,
tt.7SnS.2r; , good to pr!me mixed sheen,
$2.8'a3.40; light to fair, $2 cull and
common, $1.2ua2; export sheep, Stat 25.
"-ntr'n flrslti Mnrket.
Toledo, O,, Sept. 12. Wheat-Heei'pts,
17.S..D bushels; shipments, 67,120 bushels;
market quiet: No. red; cash, and flep
tember, 60c. ; Iecembr, Mav, ITc.
Nn. 3 red,' cash, 67. ' Corn Bece'pt.
7,200 bushels; shipments, $.800 bushels;
market easy; No. 1 mixed, cash, lie.)
No. I do., nr.; No. I yellow, 16c.; No. $ do.,
31c. Oats Receipts. 8.4U0 bushels; ship
ments, 2.000 bushels: 'market dull; no
sales. Clover Seed Receipts, 600 bags;
shipments, 141 bags; market steady: prime,
cash, nnd October,; , February,
HUM: March. $4.56... ... ,
New York, Sept. 12. Speculation at
the Stock P.xchange opened steady to
firm, the result of rather liberal pur
chases of stocks for fonlsn account.
The improvement in prices was unim
portant, however, uniotintlng to less
than a point in the general list. Before
the expiration of the ili- t hour of busl
i: f s the x.dllng movement was resumed
with renewed vigor, and the early gain
was not only lost, but a decline of V
to 3 per cent, was recorded. In the
downward movement the greatest
I. si s were scored by Tennessee Coal
and Iron and the (.imagers. -The feel
ing was pronouncedly bearish at this
lime. Reports were ulloat to the effect
tnat the shipments of gold by Satur
day's Kuiopeau steamers would run
Into the millions, and us the bond syndi
cate contract with the government ex
pires shortly 'the bears made the most
of thc--e rumors. After mid-day, how
ever, the market relapsed Into dullness.
It was announced later that the l,elilgi
Valley, Lehigh 'Navigation and Head
ing companies had agreed to advance
prices of coal 10 to U0 cents per ton.
Immediately this was accepted as fore
shadowing a more import-ant deul be
tween the anthracite companies, and a
rush to cover followed. Jersey Cen
tral, rose 2'4 to nil1.-. dX'laware and
Hudson I'd to Heading 1 to 20'A,
Tennessee Coul and Iron 11 to 44.
Sugar 1 to U. and the remainder of
the list V to 1 per cent. The market
closed firm in tone. Net changes show
losses of liaVj per cent., excel for the
uuttiracltes, which Improved to I per
cent. Total sales were 2S3,7o;t shares,
Including 36.SU0 'St. d'aul. :S4.:HX Heading
ails' ai.'JOO'.UIstlllliig and Cattle Feeding.
The range of today's prices for tlie ac
tive stocks of lliu New York stock mar
ket are given below. Tho quotations aro
fumlHheil Tho Tribune liy O. du 11. Dini
m.ek. uiuiiagiir fur William Wnn, Allen &
Co., slock brokers, 4U Spruce alreel,
tiuiantuii. ' ,
Op'n- High- Low- Clos
ing, est. h'-
Am. Tobacco Co M tw Wi Hi
Am. Cot. Oil 23 2H !S.'Mi 2:1
Am. bugar Ite'g L'o.llHi Hl'i 110 111
Atch., To. & S. Fe... 2I' 21V 20' 20;
Cuii. South &ri', SkiVit Mi
ches. & Ohio 20', 2n'4 l'!i 20
Chicago Oas 02 li2li Kl;1 62-4
Chic. Hi N. W 101 101 IWl'i 1011'
Chic., 11. & y US' M' H-'j
C. C. C. & St. L 47 47-'k M 4?4
Chic, Mil. A St. I'... 757t 76 7-V V,'t
Chic. It. I. & I 7', 7;4 "XT,, ?.i',i,
Delaware Mud i:il' Iffi's 1W, llU'.j
!., L. W 1639 HU'ii Ki''t IK"
D'.st. & C. F ll'Vi ISA IS IS'-j
Hen. Klectrle :'; SS:V ;'4 S-'k
Lake Shore Wi, W Wl,
Louis. & Nash M'h til' 6-'a U"'a
Manhattan Kle 111! HH'i 111) li:i.
Mo. I'mcIIIc mi 3. 3H 3N-
Nat. Lead 4 115 3i U
N. J. Central Ill li:4 111 112'.
N. Y. Central 102 W Wl lit!1
N. Y. & N. K til'4 611. 61'j lil'i
N. Y., L. K. & W It
N. Y S. & W 124 13 12'i 13
N. Y.. H. V., Pr... 31' 35 3.V,
Nor. Partite 6' fi! Mi 5'),
Nor. Haclllc, Pr ls 18ti ISi W
Out. & West 1S 1S', 18 IS'fc
Phil. & Head W4 20" 19,'i, 1
Southern R. It 134 13' 12'i 12:'i
Tenn., C. & 1 46 45 - !;
Tex. Pacific 12'4 K 12 12-1
I'nlon Pacific 15 15 15 15
Wabash r ' s'i
Wabash. Pr 2I', 2H4 23" 2:!
West. Union W 9I' M&i !fl
U. S. Leather 1ii" 1X Hi Hij,
U. S. Leather, Pr.... 85 85 i 84i
Open- High- Low- Clos-
WIIRAT. Incr. est. est. Ing.
December 6"'i &' 67 i".S
May Oliij 62 61 62
October 1S', 18'i 18 1K
Mav 2o-1i SW'g W' 2"
October 2!K 30'i 2!T4 SOVi
necemoer si" sea
May 2Si 29
October 5.72 6.S7
January 6.80 6.85
October 8 25 8.27
May ."0 9.72
January 40 9.50
27' .
28 2i
5.80 5.S7
5.77 62
8.20 8.25
9 70 D.72
9.40 9.47
Scranton Hoard of Trade Kxchnnge Olio
tntlons-Alt Quotations Dosed on Pur
of 100.
STOCKS. Bid. Ask.
Dime Dep & DIs. Rank 125
Oreen Ridge Lumber Co 110
First National Hank 600
Lackawanna Lumber Co 110
Scranton Savings Bank 2W
Scranton Lace Curtain Co 50
Third National Rank 350
Thuron Coal Land Co W
S.'ranton Axle Works ' 80
Scranton Glass Co 66
Nntlonal Poring A Drilling Co .... 90
Scranton Jar & Stopper Co 25
Lacka. Montrose R. R 100
Spring Brook Water Co 90
Klmhurst Houlevnrd Co 100
Lacka. Trust Safe Dep. Co lf.0
Allegheny Lumber Co 105
Scranton Packing Co 115
Scranton Traction Co 93
Kconomy Steam Heat & Power
Co 100
Scranton Olnss Co 100
Huxhbrook Coal Co., 6 10
Scranton Pass. Hallway first
mortgage 6's, due 1920 110 . .....
People's St. Railway, first
mortgugn 6's, due 1918 110
People's St. Hallway, second.. 110
Scranton & Plttston Traction
Co. 6s 90
Lacka. Valley Trae. Co., first
mortgage 6s, due 1925 100
Scranton Wholesale.
Fruits ami Produce. Dried apples, per
Hi., 5a6c. ; evaporated apples, 7'miXc; Cali
fornia prunes, 6V..a8c; Kngllsh" currants,
24a3c.; layer raisins, $l.ttial,70; muscatels,
4n5e. per lb.; $lnl.26 per box; new Valen
cies. 5',4aV. per lb. Beans Marion fills,
$:'a2.20 per bushel; mediums, 11.75a
1.80. Peas (ireen, $1.10 per bushel;
split, $2 60a2.iio; lentels, 5aSc. per lb. Pota
toes 4oe. per bushel. Onions a55c. per
bushel. Butter 16a20c, per lb. Cheese 6a
c. per Hi. Kggs liial6'4c. per doz. Meats
Hams, 10'ic; small hams, lie; skinned
hams, lie; California hams, 8c; shoulders,
7'c.; belllegt, xc.; smoked breakfast bacon,
lOtyc. Smoked Ueef Outsliles, 12c; sets,
13Viic; iuslOes and knuckles, 15c: Acme
sliced smoked beef, 1 :-lb. cans, $2.40 per
dos. Pork Mess, $14.60; short clear, $15.
Lard Leaf, In tierces. 7c; in tubs, 8c;
lo-lb. pads, 8'c. per lb.; 5-lb. palls, 8c.
per lb.; 3-lh. palls, 8'V,c. per lb.: compound
lard, tierces, M4c; tubs, 6c; 10-lb. palls,
Vic per lb.; 6-lb. pads, 6rdc. per lb.; 3-lb.
pails, 6-V. per lb. Flour Minnesota pat
ent, per barrel, $3.80a4; Ohio and Indiana
amber, $3.50; Graham, $3.50; ryo flour, $11.50.
Feed Mixed, per cwt., 95c. Ornln Corn,
60c.; oats, 30a40c. per bushel. Rye Straw
Per ton, tlllali). Hay-$16al7.
Mew Vork Product) Market'.
New York. Sept. 12. Flour Weak.
Wheat Spot market sternly, dull; No. 2
red store and elevator, til'vuitNc. ; afloat,
U1'4aUI-S,c. ; f. o. b., 62ati2lc. ; No. 1 north
ern, 63;Vi6JV.; vptionw closed steaily;.
max, nic.; pcpicmDer, nivc. ; ijeiooer,
6Ht,c; Deci:ii:4,L-r, 3c, Corn Spots quiet
and steady; No. 2, 37',ic. elevutof; M'fcc.
afloat; options closed quiet; September,
37'ic.j October, 37c; December, 85i.e.j
May, 84'au, Oats Spots dull, easier; op
tions quid, steadier; September, 23c; Oc
tober, 2340.; Deuember, 24c; May, 25(cj
No. 2 white, October. 25Vbc; spot prices.
No. 2. 23-V.; iNo. 2 white, 28c; No. 2 Chi
cago, 24'.4c; No. 8, 23c; No. 3 whltp, 2fia
2610. ; mixed western, 26c; do. white, Utitt
33c; white stale, 26b33c. Reef Firm; fam
ily. $nl2; extra mess, $7.60a8. Beef Kami
Quiet, weak; $15. Tlerced Beef Firm,
fair demand; city extra India mess, II II. 1,0a
17. Cut Meats Easy, quiet; pickled bel
lies, 12 pounds, 6i.a6o.; do.' shoulders, 6c;
do. hams, 8iaic; middles, nominal,
Lard Quiet, lower; western steam cloned
at $6.25; city, $ft.95a6; option sales, none:
October closed $6.25 asked; January dosed
$17i4. nominal; refined, quiet; continent,
$6.66; South America, $7; compound, 4a5c.
Butter-Fair demand, firmer; stale dairy,
12al9c. ; do. creamery, 20c; western, dairy,
91r1Jc. ; do, creamery, 13h20,c; do. fac
tory, S 12V4jc: Elgin. 2nalhm,e: Imitation
creamery, HalRc. Cheese Moderate de
mand, steady; state large, 6Ha7c. ; fancy,
7a7e; do. small, 6a8c; part sklmi, tu
6c.; full sk'ms, .1tya2o. Eggs Quiet, easy;
state and Pennsylvania, ltal7c; western
rresn, itaivc.; uo. per case, ll.Xua4.16. ,f
Oil Market. ," , , : '
Pittsburg, Sept. 12. Oil opened and
highest, 121; lowest and close. 120. 1
Oil City, flept. ll-Oil closed at !;
opening and highest, 12$. . . J
The Only Remedy in the World That Re
Kinds Purchase Price If If Fails to Care
the Tobacco Habit in 4 to 10 Days Is
It Cares While
Tho greatest discovery of the age!
A certain, plcasuut, permanent
A lifetime's Buffering ended for
Why smoke and spit your lifo
away? Why Miller fiom dyspep
siit, heartburn, and drains on your
vital forces?
Stop using tobacco, hut stop the
right way! Drive the uii-otiuo front
your system by the use of thin
wonderful remedy.
NAKcoTt-CiiitK is warranted to
remove all desire for tobacco iu
every form, including Cigar, Cigar
ette and l'ipo Smoking, Chewing
and Hiiiill' Taking.
Use all the tobacco you want
while under treatment, and iu
from four to ten days your "hank
ering" and "craving" will disap
pear -the weed won't taste good.
Then throw awuy tobacco for
ever. Narcoti-Curtis is entirely vege
table and free from injurious in
gredients. It never fails to give
tone and new vigor to the weakest
Itemember Narcoti-Cuhe docs '
not deprive you of tobacco while
effecting a cure; doesn't ask you
to buy several bottles to be entitled
to a guarantee; doesn't require a
month's treatment; and, 'finally,
doesn't enable you to atop tobacco
only to 11 nd yoursslf a slave to the
habit of tablet chewing.
Bolts, Nuts, Bolt Ends, Turnbuckles, Washers, Riv
ets, Horse Nails, Files, Taps, Dies, Tools and Sup
plies. Sail Duck for mine use in stock.
And a full stock of Wagon Makers' Supplies, Wheels,
Hubs, Rims, Spokes, Shafts, Poles, Bows, etc,
SomeMsWi needs s reliable, onthlf , mtnlstlaf medirtne. Oqly harmlen Od
the pgml drup hesid ke aied. If yoa want ihe batt, gel
Dr. PeaB'c Pennyroyal Pills
ThT are tmaipt, aale ae4 oertsln In nnlt. The nnalne (Dr. Foal'a) neTer diiap."
nulBL 6ot 11.00. Addreu Fi. Mkdicisb Co., UeTeUnd, O.
For sale by JOHN H. PHELPS,
Spruce Streot, Scranton Pa.
srar rpvivo
u M Brornnrs uitii m
' WmW 1 Aj nMivnu maun.
it. "7. Made a
isDw.sJ"Wweii wian
MtbDsy. 0f Me.
THi OH AT 801b fony.
prodaeee the nboTe remits la 30 tlejre. It acti
powarfallr and qulcikljr. C'una whan all othera fall
Touai uu will nf ale their loit manhood, and old
tarn will neovar thatr Touthful vigor by naln
RRTI VO. It quickly and lurely roalorc Nentoua
naaa, tMi VltalltT, Impoianor. Nlshtly Kniiailonu,
Loet Fowar, l"llln Memory, WaatluB Dlw-Mei. and
ell effects of aelf abUM or aicoaa and Indiscretion,
which onflta one tor aturiy, bualneM or marrlasa. II
aot only eurra by alanine; at the wiat of dlt-s, but
laaareat aertetnnie and bliiod builder, bunt
Ins Deck the pink (low to pete chceha and re
atari nf the fire of youth. It warda off Inaitaity
and Oonaumptlon. Inalat on having RKVIVtv, no
ether. It can be carried In wet Docket. By null,
(Jl.00 per paekaa-e, or all for S.OU, with a poel
tlee writ ten guarantee to rare ear refund
the money. Circular free. Address
Ve sale hy Vatthews Bros., DlMglst
awantoa . FaV
To nil auflniora of 1RIIORS OF YOL'IU,
WOMI X. 208 KBtfea; cloth bound: ai'Ciiioly
waled and mailed tree. Trmtnieot lr niafl
atrlctly oeiindentlal, and a pueltlvaqnick rare
(nit snteed. Mo matter how Ions atamlinf, I
win poamyeiy euro you. write or can.
IID ADD 320 13th St.. Plillada., Pa.
Mile UUVU m yearn'
cnntimicaa prnctice.
French Injection Compound
Vares potltlvely, qnlrkly. (not merrly cherka.)
Uuaraiiteed or moiHiy rarundnl. AvulU daiieroiia
raniedk), rrlnBeeejlBirUttle. Mix Battle
(will cure aevereat caiw) nt prniialil. aecuru (rum
eoeervaUon. with only aclentlllcalljr made ayrlaire,
ti"- AT.IlIrH lew
1 ''., nan
Ban yea tore Throat, nsiplet, Oopper-3ol
pott, Aeaae. CM Sorea, Uloere in Month, HaJr
HiuiUt TTlHeCeeAaylaVtvrMa
OewltaU a-faa.PaUeoUcared alae yei
a tf vaAMndaJ4wlLa fc,iwla
met I
Continue fh? Us? of
With Narcoti CtntE, when you
are through with tobacco, you are
through with the remedy. One
bottle cures.
Hend for book of prominent tes
timonies like the following;
Huntinitot, H iss , March 18. 1805.
Tun iARl OTl ClIKMII AI. ( O ,
SpriutrBeid, Mans.
Oentlemon; I have usod tobaoro for
over tweiity-flv.) years, ehowinr and
smoking vrory day fr m 7 a. to. to H p. m.
fctuppiuiC only for munis.
On Monday. Feb. 4. I called at yonr
ofnee in siiritigfluld, and bnuuht a Ixitile
or tun ( pus which I usvd nn directed,
mii t on tin tenth dny tlie di-sim for to
Iiu.ti, nail li'ft inn iioJ it lias not re
turned. I did unt l"so a nioul whila tak
ii (t I ' i. Cuiik. My pputit, Iihh iinprovsd
uiil I eiuaider Naui.oti-i'urh a (fraud
thing. Very rwtr.u.'tfully.
Mr. Frank IT. Mnrtoni of chlcop o
I'nllt, JlaH lale insieitor of public
LuildiUK for UaKiacliuiiuttH, saya:
I ued tobacco for twenty-live year,
and was a conflrnii'd mnukir. In J'wt
eitrht. daya' trnatment with Nascoti
drill! wai through with tobacco, in faot
tlio duilrv for tobacco vanished tike a
dream. Very resin'Ctfnily.
If your druggist is unable to give
full particulars about Narcoti
CuitK, Hend to us for Rook of Par
ticulars free, or send $5.00 for bot
tle by mail.
Springfield, Mass.
a Woo
22 Commonwealth
Scranton, Pa.
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avenut and
i w
Uanufartnrera of the Celebrated
CAPACITY l Barrels per Annum
Haanfartnrod at the Wapwallepea MOla, La
serae ooonty, Pa, and at WU
mtnarton, Delaware,
General Agent for the Wyoming Dietriot.
118 WYOMING AVE, aVsrantoii, Pa
. Third MaUlooal Bank rtaUdiaf. '
HOB. 1TCHIX Mtteton, re.
ata. for the lvpaaa Cheat leal Oatv
Central Railroad of New Jersey.
,Mn,i,u uiu nuMjunwiioa LflViaKMM
Aniliraclto coiU Uktni eaulualvaly, tasuiw
intf ciaHattiiueas etflat Tvnitfiri.
'iiM hi I A li l.l. l. kiKr k.Ci' JUNE 1. 18ML
Traina leave Scranton for Itttstaa.
tY tlkea-atarro, utc, at (.Ha, ILK avaCa
i a. i.w, i.uit, S.w. .m p. iu. buuaaya. 7o5
a. in., l.on, 2.1S, 7 to p. ni.
For Atlantic City, . a.m.
For New York. Newark and Kllsabetka
. ,n.. ,.m tcaprvaa v iin rtur
let parlor car), S.0S (exprcaa) p.m. guo-
u.iy, ila p. in. Train leaving 1.23 p. m.
Urrlliuu a 11klla.luli.kln II Ji J.
IiihI. 6.21 p. m. anil New York 8 4a p. ni
For Mauch Chunk. Allentown, Betble
tiem, biaston ana Philadelphia. 12u a.nx.
h'ot Lung Branch, Ocean drove, eta. at
a. in., 1.2:1 p. ni.
For Heading, Lebanon and' Harrtsburc.
via Alientiiwu, .a . m 1.21, 6 0U p. m.
Bunrtuy, 2.15 p.nw
Kr I'oitsville, e.20 n. m . 1.SJ p. rr.
Rturnin leave New Tork. foot of Lib.
erty atruet. North river, at 1.10 expreis
a.m.. l.lo. .. 4 (express with Bufr.t
parlor curl p.m. 8unUay. 4.30 a.m.
ail.'tv '"dBlphu. Reading Terminal.
km "ua 4a u-m- un1
irSt V-kt,, P0,n, ,OWM
IL hJ"1 on application In ad.
vance to the ticket agent at the station.
. H. OLHATJSKN. O.'tIupl"- A"t
Del., Lack, and Wcttcrn.
Effect Monday. June 14, 1RW.
Traina leave Hcranton as follows: f2a
Ps. Qr. !on' York """I ll points East.
1(0, 2.50, 6.1u, 8.00 and OS a m.; 11.66 and 3.H
Express for Eaaton. Trenton, PhlladeU
h a"?.'?.0 outh. e-15. t oo and .6S a.m..
12 M ami J 34 p.m.
Waahlnitton and way etatlona. I KS p.m.
Toljyhanna ar-rotnmodutlon, S.10 p.m.
KxpreHS for Dlnhumlon. Oawego, Kl.
nilru Corning. Fath. Danavllle, Mount
Morris and Buffalo, 12.10, 2 36 a.m., and 1.2i
P.m., making cloao cunnvcttona at Buf
fulo to ull polnta In tho Weat , Northwest
and Houthwest.
Bath apcommodation, a.m.
Minghamton and way stations, llJTp.m.
NlcholHon accommodation, at 4 p. m. and)
110 p. m..
Blnghainton and. Elmlra Express. t.Ot
Express for Cortland, Syracuse, Oswega
Ullca and Richfield Springs, 136 a.m. and)
1.24 p.m.
Ithaca, 2.35 and Dath $ a.m. and 1.21 p.m.
For Nortiiumlierland, Plttston. Wilkes
Burre. Plymouth, Bloomaburg and Dun
vlllo, making close connections at North
nmberlnnd for Wtlllamsport, Harrlshurg.
Baltimore, Washington and the 8outh.
Northumberland and Intermediate ata
tlons, 6 uu. 9.66 a.m. and 1.30 and 6.07 p.m.
Nantlcoke and Intermediate stations,
J. 08 and 11.20 n.m. Plymouth and Inter
mediate stations. 3.40 and I 62 p.m.
Pullman parlor and alreping coaches o
all express trains
For detailed Information, pocket time)
tablee, etc., apply to M. I,. Smith, city
ticket ofnre, a?8 Lackawanna avenue, or
depot ticket cfllce.
Commeni'lng Monday.
WATl'rWam ''"V- JuV 30. ail trains
mm M alV will arrive at new Lack-
W m m awunnu avenue station
JftW as follows:
n " Trains will leave Scran
ton Motion for Carboiidale und In
termedtute points at 2.2U, 5.46, 7.00, h.25 and
10.1U a.m., 12.00, 2.20, 3.55, 5.15, 6.1a, 7.26, 910
and p.m.
For Farvlew, Waymart and Ilonesdala
at 7.00, 8.25 and 10.10 a.m. ,12.00, 2.20 and 6.1S
For Albany, Saratoga, the Adirondacks
ami .Montreal at 6.45 u.m. und 2.2u p.m.
For Wllkes-Barre and intvrmcdlr.te
points at 7.45, 8.45. 38 and 10.45 a.m., li.ou. 2 35. 4.00, 6.10, 6.ti5, 9.15 and 11. 3$ p.m.
Trains, will arrive at Scranton station
from Carbomlale nnd Intermediate points
at 7.40. 8.40, 34 and 10.40 a.m., 12.00, 1 17,2,31,
3.40, 4.54. 6.56, 7.45, .ll and 11.83 p.m.
From Honesdale, Waymart and Far
view at 9.34 a.m., 12.00. 1.17. 3.40. 6 55 and
7.4f, p.m.
From Montreal. Saratoga, Albany, etc.,
at 4.54 and 11.33 p.m.
From Wltkes-Bai-re and Intermedlnto
polntu at 2 15. 8 04, IftoS and 11.66 a.m.. 1.1.
2.14, 3.39, 5.10, 6.08. 7.20, 9.03 and 11.16 p.m.
Erie and Wyoming Valley.
Trains leave Scranton for New Yorkj
and Intermediate polnta on the Erie rail
ruad at 7.00 a. m. and 3 24 p. m. Also (or
Houcadale, HawUy and local points at
7.00, 9.40 a. m. and 3.24 p. m.
All the above are through trains to ant
from Honeidale.
Train for Lake Ariel 5.10 p. m.
Trains leave for Wilkcs-Barre at 1.31 a
m. and 8.45 p. m.
May 12. 1S9S.
Train leaves Scranton for Philadelphia
and New York via D. H. R. R. at 7.4t
a. m 12.06. 1 20, 2.38 and 11.38 p. m.. via D ,
U ft W. R. R.. t OO, 8.08, 11.20 a. m., and l it
p. m.
Lcuve Scranton for Plttston and Wilkes
Barre, via D.. L. W. R. R., (.00, 10s, U.2t
a. m., 3.60, 6.07, 8.62 p. m.
Leave Hcranton for White Haven, Ha
tleton, Pottsvllle and all points on tho
Beaver Meadow and Pottsvllle branches
via K. A W. V. R. R., (.40 a.m., via D. A H.
R. R. at 7.45 a. m 12 00. 1.20, 2 39, 4.00 p. m..
via D., L. W, R. K. (.00, 8 0s, 11.10 a. m.,
I.311, 3.60 p. m.
Leave Scranton for Bethlehem, Easton,
Reading, Harrlsburg and all Intermediate
points via D. A H. R. R., 7.45 a.m., 12.03,
1.20. 2 38. 4.00, 11.38 p. m via D., LaW.K
It., 6.00. 8.08, 11. 20 a. m., 1.30 p. m.
Leave Scrunton for Tunkhannock, To
wunda, Klmlra, Ithaca, Geneva and all
Intermediate polnta via D. H. R. R , I 41
a.m., 12.0T and 11.36 p.m., via D.. L. tc .
R. R., 8a. 9.56 a.m., 1.30 p.m.
Ixave Scranton for Rochester, Buffalo.
Niagara Falls. Detroit, Chicago and all
points west via D. eV H. R. R., 8 46 a.m.,
12.06, 9.15, 11.38 p.m., via D.. L. A W. R. R.
and Plttston Junction, 8.08, (.56 a.m., l.M.
1.60 p.m., via E. A W. V. R. R. , 8.41 p.m.
For Klmlra and the west via Salamanca,
via D. A H. R. K , 8.45 a.m.. 12.06, ( 06 p.m.,
via I)., L. A W. R. H., 8.08, 9.56 a.m., 1.30.
and 6.07 p.m. ... ,
Pullman parlor and sleeping or L. V.
rlialr cars on all trains between L A B.
Junction or Wllken-Barre and New York.
Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Buspensioa
CH AS. 8. LEE, Qen. Pass. Agt., Phlla., Pa,
A. W. NONNEM ACHER, Asst. Qea.
Pass. Agt.. South Uotblehem. Pa.
fiCRA4T(4 niYIeilOM.
la Kltrei, Mar 19th,
Nona uae.
aatti BatMMl,
MOt f MjtKM)
05 HO3it01 1
a. xi rams uaiiy, sx-(q
I ceDtHunday ) 13
r hip
Arrive Learei
10 M 7 )
N. Y. Franklin St.
! 7 1 ..,
west vaa streeu
IU T 7 UUI ,
p Mir mi
Arrive LesveJi
Hancock JuncUoai
Preston Park
Pleasant Mt.
rornet city
White Bride
Ma j field
vYIntoa -Peokrilla
. Throop
Park Plae
Imto Arrival
AU trains ran dally except luaday.
t aijiuJleettrtlBsatopeastiBti fcr t
sengera. .
reouro rates via Ontario a Wettera torn
Rurchaslng tickets an save aaoaey. Bay as4
tagt lipreas to t" . .
1 tofimmA
l 1 r if
B 951 1 151 ....1
""l ....1 ai
bi in ....
SIOtltM ....
601 lill) ....
4 6.11140 ....
4 fW 18 ai ..
4 47 1( 14 ....
411(0.1 ....
(4.(11.'. 9 ....
4U4 M
4 0011 81 (IS
. ...flKtffl 91i
tM ...JWlll
8 Mil 831 (01
(61 II W (5r
34firi1l5 854
(4311 II (N
81107 144
8 3JI105 (41
0 33 II 01 119
8M110M ((
nxTflOBT 8U8
8 H6 10 65) fi ft'
ICO .... Ill
(is .... in
( .... iu
(M .... (41
(4 IH
it .... 1 a
(66 .... IK
KM .... (M
T top 11 I II
7(419(4 184
n ttfiMi(4i
r it'll 49 (4
T4l(t Id
telKM 164
f4(1IM IM
tUI 104 4M
f S 1(7 4(t
(3H 411
I Soil MIT
I Mist 4(1
r hU m a kl
I. au si