The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, August 15, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

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io:rs iLEiii
Rct. "Father" Lucas aew book,
"Afnostitism and Religion," $12$.
Dr. Tkroop's Book, "Half Century
in Scrantou;" illustrated by
nmerou portraits of old timers,
large 8 to. cloth covers, 54.50.
Taylor's New Scrantou Directory, S$.
Peloobet'a Notes Sabbath School
. Lessons for this year, 25 cents,
. until balance of stock cleared out;
Publisher's price of this book is 11.35.
35-cent cloth bound books,
"Little Classics," our price 15c
35-cent paper covered books,
about 100 different titles, 10c
Holland's "Katherena," cloth, 50c,
Holland's "Bitter Sweet," cloth, 50c,
New edition of old favorites,
which were formerly sold at Jl 25.
School Lacka., beautiful new catalogue
for ensuing year. Free, on call. ' .
A Foo to Dyspepsia
And Always Have
Good Bread.
Ttia Weston Mill Co.
John T. Richards Is spending the wk in
Mrs. William Hall, of Scranton street, Is
Visiting In Pltlston.
Thorns Flnnegan. of vIlks-Barre, Is
visiting Scranton frnidf.
T. J. Jernlnps an J Joseph 'E. Donnelly
were In Wilkea-Barre yesterday.
- Miss Elizabeth D. Klotx. of Newark. N.
J.. Is the guest of Mrs. U. E. Dean.
Mrs. J. C. Moyer. of Kingston. Is visiting
Airs. J. w. K el low, or the West Hide.
Misses Loretto Cannon and May Taylor,
Of Jackson street, are at Crystal I.ake.
James W. O'Brien, of OhDhant. will
leave next week for a visit in Satf Lake
- Floyd Decker, of Newton. N. J.. Is the
guest of Mrs. C. J. La Carre, of Ninth
'" Mrs. J. Thompson and Mrs. John Shanti.
of New. York city, are visiting Scranton
relatives. - ,.
Miss Lillian Jacobs, of Bromley avenue,
Is home from a visit among friends In
Miss Bessie Booth, of Southbrldge,
Mass., Is visiting Miss Bessie Rice, of Jef
ferson avenue.
Attorney George W. Peck, who has been
pending a fortnight at Lake Wlnola, re
turned home yesterday.
Misses Mary and Hattie Branin, of
Mount Holly, N. J., are guests of Mrs. T.
A. Patten, of the West Side.
Miss Rose McQuad. of Wilkes-Barre.
has returned home after u two weekV
visit with Scranton friend.
D. J. Camobell Is In Philadelphia on busi
ness connected with the opening of a fire
Insurance agency In this city.
George W. Rice, night, operator for the
Postal Telegraph company. Is spending a
few weeks In Wayne county.
Mrs. Robert Wmrell and children, , of
Breaker street, have gone to Bradford
county for a two weeks' outing.
' Mrs. Sol Goldsmith and family, of this
city, and Miss Flo.-ence Brooks, of New
'York, are summering at Elmhurxt.
Mrs. James Hosie, of Fifth avenue. Is
entertaining Mrs. Dennis Mahoney and
Mrs. Slepen Hoste, of liubnitcn. N. J.
Miss Helen Mott, assistant secretary of
the board of control, was at her desk yes
terday after a two weeks' sojourn at Lake
Miss Mame Duffy, of Jackson street, and
M'.ss Mary Duffy, of Price street, leave
this morning for a visit at JEeopus-on-the-Hudson.
Bishop O'Hara, Rev. Fathers Feeley,
Stopper and Christ attended the reception
at Malinkrodt convent yesterday, as did
also B. E. Leonard and daughter. Miss
Mae Leonard.
Alexander Simpson, clerk at Frank
Thompson Co.'s, who was married Mon
day, In Philadelphia, to Mrs. Wedner, has
returned with his bride to this city, where
lie will make his home.
Sheriff and Mrs. demons and two chil
dren, and Mrs. David demons, Mrs. Aaron
Griffiths, Misses Nettle and Clara Smith,
Florence and Tillle Drinker are at the
Normandle, Ashury Park.
' The Ladles' Home and Foreign Mis
sionary society will hold Its regular
monthly meeting at the home of Mrs.
George iRaught, on North Blakely
street, this afternoon at 2.30.
Rev. Richard Hlorns, of Scranton,
had charge of the services In the Pres
byterian church last evening.
Mrs. William 'Beckendorf, of Pitts
ton, has been the'euest of her sister.
Mrs. George Schank, of Collins street,
for the past few days.
The Toung Men's 'Institute will take
a Urge crowd with them to Lake Ariel
today on their excursion. An extra
train will be run at 1.30. Every holder
Of a ticket has a chance on an organ.
iMrs. Louise Bassett, who has been
spending the last few months with Mr.
and Mrs. D. JjiSmlth, of Cherry street,
leaves today for iMIddletown, 'N. Y.,
ivh.PA aha ivlll anonI mnm tlmA I -1 .
Ing relatives.
Mr. and Mrs A. D. Blacklnton, Miss
Cornelia and John Galpln,, of Elm
street, who his tecn at Unadllla, N.
Y., for the past few weeks, returned
home last evening.
' The Ladles' Aid society held a very
- enjoyable and profitable lawn social at
the home of U. D. Jones, on Madison
avenue, last evening. A large number
Were In attendance and a very pleasant
time was had by all.
The 'social held at the residence of
Rev. A L. Urban last evening under
tho auspice of the St. Agnes Ouild of
St. Mark's mission proved one of the
pieasantest or the many events given
by that society. A goodly number were
present and enjoyed the fine musical
. programme . rendered. Refreshments
'were served.
: The Pastime Athletic club, of, Duti
tnore, wave a very enjoyable social to
tr many friends t their rooms Tues.
slay night. Dancing was indulged In
Until a lata how. . . a .
. v. -
' f It ladsscs Sleep. '.J...
, lloreford's Aeld Phosphate
1 Dr. 0. T.' Lineaweaver, Lebanon, Pa,,
ays: ' "It Isduces a quick sloep, and pro
tnstes dlgssUos."-,
X. i .
Cases Tlat Kill Be Tried at Septem
ber Term of CUil Cosrt
Large Kassfcsr of Them Are Actions la
Trcapass-Masy Salt Growlag "
of Mepatss for Wages-Days Set
Apart for Differeat Cases.
The trial Mat for the three weeks
term of common pk-as court, which be
gins on Monday, Sept. 1. aa com
pleted yesterday and is as follows:
Hit ST Wtirlk.
Moaday. September 16.
John Dyne vs. Mooslo Mountain Coal
Company; wagvs.
Daniel Haggerty vs. M. T. Keller;
Ally Miller vs. W. S. Reed; Inter
pleader. A. F. Duffy vs. W"al M. Finn, trus
ts of John 3. Myer Co.; interpleader.
Anna Muuiey vs. City of Scranton;
Max Bersteln va William Stausser;
Giltrallon & McAndrew vs. Patrick
and Ellen Hennegan; appeal.
Oeorge M. Hock, va John Rosar; ap
peal. Lvsey Lltta va Hun A Connell; ap
peal. Jacob Harris v George C. Wilson;
Union Coal Company. Limited, vs. D.
and H. Canal Company; trespass.
Union Coal Comiany. limited, vs. D.
and H. Caial Company; trespass.
Oeorge Millar va. tU. Joseph's Benefit
Society; apteil.
Alva Lewis vs. William Eatell; tres
pass. .
Thomas Conroy vs. Adelta Wagner
and Jansen Code; sol fa.
- Tneadny, September 1 7.
A. J. Colborn, Jr., v -Gomer Reese;
David Y. Jones vs. D. and H. Canal
Company; trespass.
J. H. Uunster. ussltrnee, vs. George A.
Jewup. et al.; assumpsit.
Charles Wagnor vs. T. H. Bray; eject
ment. Anna O'Orady vs. Prudential Insur
ance Company of America; assumpsit.
Albert Henne va People's Street Rail
way Company of Luserne; trespass.
Thomas Monohan vs. 'Borough of
Blakely; trespass.
II. A. Depuy vs. J. A. Brady; assump
sit. Scranton Stove Work9 vs. Lacka
wanna Lubricating Company; appeal.
Morris and tissex Mutual Coal Com
pany vs. D., L. and V. Co.; trespass.
Wednesday, September 18.
W. J. Burke vs. John Seism and I
MoKarlan; assumpsit.
Morton Carpenter vs. Thomas Green;
Katz Bros. vs. John Stout; appeal.
Peter Conroy vs. N. Y. Smith and I.
T. Keene; sol fa.
Ann M. Glnn vs. Jonas Brandt, Mar
tin McHale; appeal.
Patrick McOuIre vs. Jonas Brandt
and Martin McHale; appeal.
City of Scranton vs. Anthony Mc
Nulty;selfa. City of Scranton vs. Bridget Mc
Nicholas; scl. fa.
Nelson Steinbaoh vs. City of Scran
ton; trespass. ,
R. A. Zimmerman vs. Pardon T. Bar
ber; ejectment.
Monday, September 33.
Will ft Von Storch vs. Corrlngton
Von Storcti; ejectment.
Edwin Ferris & Co. vs. A. J. Merrill;
scl fa.
F. R. Walker ft Son vs. W. H. With
ers -Paper company Limited; assump
sit. ;
Mary .Roberta vs. Delaware and Hud
son Canal company; trespass.
Margaret snedden vs. Carbondale
Traction Company; trespass.
Thomas Morrison vs. Canbondale
Traction Company; trespass.
frank Wills vs. Carbondale Traction
Company; trespass.
William O. Davles vs. William P.
Bolatnd; replevin.
Patrick OlltraJlon vs. Thomas Foy:
Live right, Greenwald ft Co. vs. T. F.
McDermott, E. A. Barber; assumpsit.
Clnclnattl safe and Lock Comoany
vs. M. M. Dwltt; assumpsit.
w imam staples vs. Archbald bor
ough; trespass.
Griffiths & Jones vs. Francis Seeley;
W. John vs. Lawler ft Conway: ap
Lazarus Moyer vs. Henry R. Richard
son; assumpsit.
Tncsduy, September 24.
Megarge-I & Con mill vs. (Miarv A.
Lewis; assumpsit.
Max Kemmer and Elisabeth Wilhelm
vs. City of -Scranton; trespass.
A. weioner and M. u. Lee vs. CMtv oT
Scranton; trespass.
Patrick Collins vs. Olvnhant school
d 1st riot; appeal.
Emery J. Ehrgood vs. Moscow Water
Company; trespass.
Jacob Surovits vs. John Jermyn;
Frank Wills vs. City of Carbondale;
W. C. Townsendl vo, Frank CarluccI
& Bro.; assumpsit.
W. P. Connell. t ., vs. Mary Zeld
ler, VV. i. SMffec and Frank Shifter;
sci f a.
F. A. Beamish vs. D., L. and W. R.
R. Company; ejectment .
Wednesday. September 28.
J. S. Bach man vs. John Spregel; ap
peal. A. O. Pace vs. Sarah D. Lee; appeal.
Frank iMoran vs. John Griffin; ap
peal. N. C. Collie vs. City of Scranton;
treKpaes, -
Elizatbeth Schneider vs. Patrick Gol
den; appeal.
B. A. Welch vs. . W. Hull; assump
Arrttks King Refrigerator Company
vs. Ruddy ft Co.; assumpsit
Harrison Bros. vs. J. D. Williams ft
Bro.; appeal.
Patrick McGoukMck vs. PeonleV Mu
tual Live Stock Insurance Company;
Pennsylvania General Electric Com
pany vs. CarbondaJe Traction Com
pany; assumpsit. ,
Monday, September 30.
George W. Potter vs. Scranton Trac
tion Company; trespass.
Universal Fashion Company vs. John
H. Ladwlg; assumpsit.
'Harper .Bros. vs. Nelson 1 Walker;
Thomas R. Edwards vs. City of
Dcranion; trespass..
School district of Old Forge vs. John
and Joseph Jermyn; trespass.
Lafayette Decker, Jr., vs. Charles 8.
Lowry and II. S. Hartman; trespass.
Pulslfer Chemical company vs. W; R.
Edwards; anneal.
Edward Mullhotland vs. Rush Brook
water company; trespass.
Ulltcabeth Williams vs. Thomas Spen
cer and Isablla Spencer: assumDslt.
NeHtie E. WaHer vs. Charles K.
Welles and Lackawanan Trust and Safe
Deposit tympany: electment.
, Jacob Shloss vs. Frank M. ,Cobb;
trespass. 1
Ssmuel Shloss by his next friend.
Jacob hloss, vs. Frank !M. Cobb; tres
pass. .
Nelson W. Jagger vs. People's Street
Railway Company of Luserne arid
Boranton Traction Company:- tresoasa.
Central Egg Company vs. Ackerman
Bros.; assumpsit. . , .
Marwood Jordan vs. E.; D. CoUins;
aesujinpsii. '
- Tnesday.Osidber I.
Ingeraoll Sergant Drfll Company vs.
oregersviiie tMit sum Mining Com
mjiv! sssiimnaSt.. '
John 'McJoney vs. Nicholas Kline;
ejectment. : . .
Jotin McOlnty vs. Patrick Jordan and
William -Davies; replevin.
Jasper esnoemaker and Anna U. osoe-
cnaker vs. Depuy ft Atoll; assumpsits
Jasies N. Gardner va James 8. Molr
and Nettie G. Molr; Judgment opened.
William BeU ft Son va Sarah C.
iRviblnson and A. E. Bennett, adminis
trators; sol. fa.
Martin Joyco vs. William Morgan,
et a).; trespass.
Bridget F. Oswald vs. Katie McNifli-
ols; scl fa.
Peter F. May va John W. Millet t;
Ira T. Barber vs. Scranton Glass Co.;
Weiineaday, October 3.
Ambrose Mullcy vs. George H. Shoe
maker; ejectment.
Julia Walsh vs. CHy or Scranton;
C. S. Lowery vs. Scranton Traction
Company; trespass.
Dennis uuigiey va wrought iron
Bridge Company of Canton, O.; tres
pass. Ueorge- w. Cramer ana jonn w. cuse
vs. William G. Miller; trespass.
J. M. C. Ranck vs. George M. Wat
son; Judgment opened.
V i E. O'Donnell vs. John Tlgue;
PA .,
James r iynn vs. vtiiiiam iiopams;
Enos Flynn va. Annie uarrett ana
Martin Barrett; replevin.
Patrick Bltxwitt vs. Central Railroad
of Naw Jersey; trespass.
City of Scranton va Hubert McHale;
scl. fa.
City of Scranton vs. John MoIIugh;
eel fa.
City of Scrantun vs. Catherine Mc-
Howh: scl fa.
City of Scranton vs. Anthony Mo
IIugh; scl fa.
t'my of scranton vs. John tunenun;
scl fa.
Miss Bessie Henwood. of North Main
venue, spent yesterday with Miss
Knapp, of Olyihant.
Lester Losey, of Breaker street, is at
Lake Wlno&a.
Mrs. James Flsk. of North Main ave
nue, left yexierduy for a few days In
New York city.
Mrs. E. A. Reynolds and Mr tfunuay
stiiiool class of the Providence Presby
terian church will spend today at Lau
rel Hill park.
iMiss -Bessie Henwood and Miss uer
trude Guild will leave today for a
week's visit with friends at Glenwood.
Miss Nettle Ross, Miss Mary Davis.
Miss Clark and 'Miss Besle Henwood
visited the poor farm on Tuesday
The many friends of William Bright
will be .pleased to know that he is once
more uible to be about. Mr. Bright
was thrown from his wagon In a run
away some time ago jtnd severely In
jured. Miss Daly Powell, of ipialnsvllle. Is
visiting with IMrs. S. Davis, of North
Main avenue.
Professors Thornton and Gerrlty held
a very Interesting and entertaining so
cial at O'Donnell's haN last evening,
wMch was enjoyed 'by a large crowd.
William Steeler, of North 'Main ave
nue, who was arrested 'by Officer Mar
ker and Lewis on last Monday for beat
ing his mother, was arraigned before
the alderman Tuesday and fined til.&O.
"Mr. Morgan led the prayor meeting
In the Providence Presbyterian church
last evening.
Miss Margaret Vlpond, of Throop
street, will leave today fer a two weeks'
visit at Elnvira, N. Y.
CJ.arence K. Blgelow, of iMulley's
store, left yesterday to spend his vaca
tion with his parents, at Mount Pleas
ant. Gorden Wrlghter, bookkeeper for the
Providence Gas and Water company,
left yesterday for Thompson, to visit
his parents.
Leigh Moses, of Weston place, Is vis
iting relatives In Carbondale.
The eighth annual reunion of the
Stanton family was held at the resi
dence of Eugene Stanton, corner of
Parker street and North Main avenue,
yesterday afternoon and evening.
A large party of young people from
the West Side had a trolley party to
this side laut evening.
John AMen, of Birney avenue, Is vis
iting in Paterson, N. J.
The Honesdale Liederkrang picnics
at Central Park garden today,
Adam Fasold, of Greenwood, is In At
lantic City.
Mrs. James A. iManley and Mrs. Ella
C. Connell are at Lake Ariel.
The South Scranton Steel mill will
not resume operations until Monday,
Aug. 26. The rolls which were being
repaired for several days past were
about ready for use when it was discov
ered that one of the passes or grooves
did not work satisfactorily, hence the
James V. Clifford, of Prospect ave
nue, has left for an extended trip of
several weeks at Portland, Me., and
other New England points. He will in
spect the stores cf Woolworth while en
joying his vacation.
Miss Maggie Laihey leaves for New
York city today, to spend a two weeks'
The building associations of this city
are nowhere morp progressive than on
the South Side. Three have been pros
pering tor many years, and now a new
Germanla, during the present month,
has begun business very auspiciously,
while the South Scranton association,
In existence but seven months, Is una
ble to furnish money rapidly enough
for borrowers.
A game of base ball will be played
at Arhwenk'a park today between the
Amltys of Honesdale and the Scran
ton Amateurs.
The Llederkrans of -Honesdale will
picnic at Central Park garden today.
Mrs. John Kilbride and daughter, Ida,
of Brooklyn, are visiting Mrs. Moran,
of Fig street
EVERYWHERE we go we find some one
who has been cured by Hood's Sarsapa
rllla. It la the greatest curative agent. It
Is the one great blood purifier and nerve
HOOD'S PILLS for the liver and bowels,
harmless, effective, do not pain or gripe.
Sell Watches. This weak we boiler about
that ,
Stem Wind, Stem Set
Neat Case. American Works,
Warranted for Time.
Pull It out of your psrket and correct time
greets you.
Wall Paper
Styles and colorings are
very fine this season.
1 ' Let us nx you up a
saniple room with nice
Gilt Paper, $5.
Lehigh Valley trainmen whose runs
begin at Easton must Mve there here
after or pay fare going to and from
their homes.
- Express Messenger Williams and En
gineer Lewis Whltmore, of train No.
142, Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern railroad, are stopping at the Ital
ian cottage at Cape Hove, near Al
ford. Pa.
Conductors Skeelsland iHehUed. of the
Delaware and Hudson, have returned
to their trains after enjoying a two
weeks' vacation. During their absence
Horace Dailey and Wally Copewell
handled -their punches.
The base ball team of the Railroad
Youmj (Men's Christian association will
cross bats with the club from tftie car
accountants' office today for the Dela
ware. Lackawanna and Western cham
pionship. The game will take place at
S o'clock on the James Boys' grounds.
Great Interest is being manifested in
the contest and it Is likely that a large
crowd of railroad men will be in attend
ance. The Pennsylvania Railroad company
has Introduced a new method of "firing
up" locomotives at She 'Mount Carbon
station. A thin covering of soft coal
is thrown on the grate tbars and satur
ated with oil, after which a current of
air, furnished by the stationary engine,
Is turned on and a lighted torch set the
oil a burning. The cost of "firing up"
In the old style Is M rents per engine,
while the cost of the now Is estimated
at 8 cents.
Tim Carney's aggregation of Indians
boarded a special "Jim-mle" yesterday
and went to Kingston to play the Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western em
ployes of that place. The Carnoyltes
were victorious by a score of 17 to 4.
The scorer credited Carney with two
runs every time he readhed home, and
t'hls materially added to thf victory, as
he scored six times. Weir, of the Kings
tons, used a brake stick for a bat and
made a home run and in the field made
many good plays.
"What's thv meaning of this?" said
a Tribune reporter yesterday lo Ticket
Agent M. L. Smith as he was tacking
up a huge placard which read "To New
York and Return, $2.75." "It means."
said Mr. Smith, "that people will tilde
on the Delaware, Lackawanna and
estern as aheap as any other road."
Judging from this there is llkvly to be
a season of cheap excursions. The Le
high Valley, Jersey Central and Dela
ware, Lackawanna and Western ran
excursJona to New York last Sitnrday
for $3. The Erie and Wyoming Valley
are to run one to New York for $2.75,
and upon hearing this the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western decided to
do likewise, and as a consequence1 a per
son can go to N"W York next Saturday
over his choice of roads for 12.75 or pos
sibly less if any road should take It
Into Its head to make a further cut,
which indeed would not be astonishing.
Was Held at Uosne of Mr. and Mrs. S. W.
tA verv nleassnt hlrthrinv anmiaA
party was held 'Monday evening at the
home of i.Mr. and 'Mrs. S. W. HufVord,
on Jadwin street. iDurlng the evening
the friends presented Mr. HurTurd with
a handsome rocker. After a very en
joyable evening was spent In playing
games, refreshments were served, and
at midnight the friends departed, wish
ing nunroru many more such birth
days. '
Those Dresent were Mr nn,l at
George 1'earce, Mr. and 'Mrs. Klstllne,
Mr. and IMrs. Abe iDepew, 'Mr. and
IMrs. Williams, iMr. and Mrs. Brokln
shire. Mr. u nil IMr ii..r,.., m..
-.. . 'J.'. .1 , .1, i a,
LMary Brokenshlre.
" How to Curs all Skin Diseases."
Simply apply "Swayne's Ointment."
No Internal medicine required. Cures tet
ter, ectema, Itch, all eruptions on the face,
hands, nose etc., leaving the skin clear,
white and healthy. Its great healing and
curative powers are possessed by no other
remedy. Ask your druggist for Swayne's
Buy the Weber
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros.
Medical Wonder,
Is creating great excitement in Scranton with his wonderful
and quick cures of all diseases.
He tells your disease by looking at your eyes. Has re
moved Monster Tape Worms from our citizens in the space of
forty minutes, head and all, without diet or pain. Catarrh in
its worst forms cured; Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Rheumatism,
Stomach, Liver, Kidney or Nervous Diseases permanently
cured ; Blood Troubles of long standing cleared away. Dr.
W. H. Long carries with him 40 ladies and gentlemen and his
Led by Prof. Harry Ackerman, and a grand concert and enter
tainment is given each night, FREE, at the BIG INDIAN
CAMP GROUNDS, The wild and picturesque band of In
dians, including the pretty little Indian baby, ROSE BUD, are
on exhibition each day. . .
; You can visit the Indian Doctor's Wigwam each day from 9 a. m. till 11 p.
m and consult with them FREE OP CHARQE. They are now located at
Schwenk's Park. People of the suburban towns can take the Bellevue Street
Car, which passes the rounds.
Koova the world aver as the
richest, choicest of ceramic pro
ductions; thin, light, white, abso
lutely free from cracking. It
compliments the good things on
the table, pays its silent tribute
to the good taste of the hostess.
We keep a full line of it in
The newest and prettiest from
the Limoges factory. You can
have a Dinner Set made up to
suit your requirements can buy
a little at a time until you have
all you want
China Hall
04 WYMIlfi liEHUL
Walk in and look around.
You're getting them at next to
nothing. Wouldn't offer them
to you at such a Mucrlfice if we
didn't really have to get rid of
them to make room for our
Fall Goods, now nearly due.
14 pair Ladles' Tan Vici Button, ra
zor toe, former price $3.!H.
Closing Out at $2.50
30 pairs Ladies' Tan Fox Button,
needle toe, former price $.'1.5.0.
Closing Out at $2.50
28 pairs Ladies' Russet. Goat Lace
Shoe, new opera toe, former
price $3.00.
Closing Out at $2.50
30 pairs Ladies' Tan Vici, 3-Button
Oxfords, good style, former
price $3,00,
Closing Out at $2.00
24 pairs Ladies' Tan Vici Oxfords,
needle toe, all sizes, former
price $3.00,
Selling at $2.00
410 Spruce Street.
18 MliM
i mil mmm m.
i.Jjnswjs. I'M
I AT 1 6
Tha Philadelphia Specialist, and his aso
elated stall of English anU German
physicians, are now permanently
located at
OM Postoffles Building, Corner Pann
Avenue and Spruce Street.
Ths doctor Is a araduae of the Unlyer.
Slty of Pennsylvania, formerly demon
strator of physiology and surgery at ths
Medlco-Chlrurglcal college of Phllariel.
phia. His specialties are Chronic. Ner
vous. Bain, Jieart, Womb and Blood die
Ths symptoms of whlcH are dltxlness.laclc
of confidence, sexual weakness In men
and women, ball rising; In throat, spots
floating before the eyes, loss of memory,
unable to concentrate the mind on one
subject, easily startled when suddenly
spoken to, and dull distressed mind, which
untlts them for performing tho actual du
ties of life, making hapvlness Impossible,
distressing the action o,1 the heart, caus
ing flush of heat, depression of spirlts.evll
forebodings, coward lev. fear, dreams. mel
ancholy, tire easy of company, feeling as
tired In the morning as when retiring,
lack of enenry, nervousness, trembling,
confusion of thought.depresslon, constipa
tion, weakness of the limbs, etc. Those se
affected should consult us immediate!
ard be restored to-perfect health.
Lost Majihood Restored.
Weakness of Young Men Cured.
If you havi been given up by your phy
sician call upon the doctor and be exam
ed. He cures the worst cases of Ner
t.nis L-eblllty, Scrofula, Old Bores, Ca
tarrh, Piles, Female Weakness. Affec
tions of i be Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
Asthma, .Icafness, Tumors, Cancers and
Cripples 1 1 every description.
Consultations free and strictly SSOTsd
and confidents. Office hours dally frsm
I a.m. to p.r. Sunday, to 1.
Enclose five 2-cent stamps for symtpora
blanks and my book called "New Life "
I will pay one thousand dollars In gold
to anyone whom I cannot cure of EPI
... . C'R. E. OREWRR.
Old Post Office Building, corner Pans)
avenue and Spruce street.
Cooling- drinks are neaesury. Th.y are ths
universal antidote for excessive waimin.
Nntblba- la so DoDular with tbe fair hi la
Scranton as our soda served la all the various
Savors and wits cream for only s nick.l a
f lass. To have their attentions well received,
young men should trrat their sweethearts
coolly, ana by Inviting them ta enjoy our rods,
which Is really the coolest and most delightful
summor drink in the city, wholesome, health
ful and invigorating. Huda heads tbe list of
summer beverages, and the teaming stream
from our fountain heads the llat of all sodas.
BpteUIl) Idutri (or litfiij ui Beitfe
Consumes three (3) feat of gas per
hour and (rives an efficiency of sixty
(60) candles.
Bavins at least 83 ner cant orw tb
ordinary Tip Burner.
taii ana see it.
rUnufacturers' A tents.
are located ths finest fishing and hunttsK
gronadi in the world. Descriptive books oa
application. Tickets to alt points la Maine,
Canada and Maritime Provinces, Minnas polls,
Bt Paul, Canadian and United 8aUs Mertb'
wmU, Vanconver, 8eattla, Taoenu, Portland,
Ore., San Franolico.
First-Class Sleeping and Dining Cart
attached to all through trains. Tourist ears
hilly fitted with twdding. enrmtas ana sped
tally adapted to wanta of families may be had
with second class tickets Bates always las
than via other Hnes, For faU.faforraaUon,
tliue tables, stc, on application to
Sweet Potatoes
Hone Groin Tomatoes
And Green Cora,
Jenny Ltnd Cantelonpes,
Bartlett Pears,
Peaches, Etc.
Curvs Colds, Lays Out LaGiipps,
Cures Incipient Consumption.
Manufactured by O. ELM EH.
DORF, Elmlrm, M. Y., and for sate
by the trade generally.
fnolesile .gents, Soitxtsi, Pi
Coder the Auspices of ths
Excelsior -: Athletic :- CM,
Fare. Round Trig. ....M.....4S.7S
V Siesm li
If tMOIift
Qeoa for Ten Days
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