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httmd I Mlooi CnMrr Ymiw
day Aft.rsooa.
Ths funeral awrvtc. over the im
of th late CtNtrles Morris were held
ytawrJay afternoon In Trinity Ifclsco
pal clutvh. . The Masons of this city
attended the services In a The
member of the Cohimtol Hoe com
pany alao attended in a toady, dressed
In full uniform. The cortee of mourn
re tu unusually larse.
The floral offerings were beautiful,
aod were as follows: Anchor. Trinity
rulld; harp, JuHus Spathe; iwreath,
Oeorge Aisle; firemaa'i hat. Columbia
Uos company; keystone Joseph Van
airv; broken column. JuUua Moses;
cross. Gertrude Dennia: PUow. fceartng
the inscription. "Our Only Brother."
Mary Morris and Mr. Iaaac Rogers;
bouquet. T. V. Fowedriy. Lassie Davis,
of Scranton, and iMlnnie Heesler, of
Hoaefdale. The choir, which was com
posed of W. D. Evan iMra. Hannah
Leonard. Mi twee Ida Snyder. Sadie Mil
ler. (Nellie Kemwortny and A. K. Jonea
amd S. R. itLUI, sang very sweetly
mock of Aires" end "Thy WiU be
Done." Out of respect to their late fel
low druggist, all of the drug stores In
tne city were closed during the ser
vices. The pall-bearers were members of
Palestine commandery, No. 14. Knights
Templar, and were dressed In uniform.
They were as follows: J. R. Cameron,
J. J. Srmpean. I A. Patterson. R. M.
Vstnoan, F. Reonimotmeyer and J. W.
Dlmmock. J. W. Kilriek. J. J. Nea
lon. Henry Borth. Anthony Loft us, A.
1 BVattm. Charles BlsJr. John Brown.
Clmrles Smith. 8. Hotlenback, James
WaJDwea). John INealon, Joseph O'Con
tser and Mraew Hart acted as flower
bearers and were aU members of Oo
Strmbia Hose company.
The beautiful funeral service of the
Episcopal church was conducted by
Rev. E. J. Baisiey and Rv. C. E. Bet
tichsr. The body was then taken to
'Maf4ewoad cemetery, where the
Knlirhts Temptar held their service.
The tuner) was one of the largest
vr held In thes oUjr, amd showed the
great esteem with which the young
man was he-Id. Among those from out
of town were: G. Dike, of Albany; Miss
Liule Durls. Joe Baumetster. iHenry
KoMer and George Evans, of Sranton;
Minnie and Kaite Hessler, of iHonesdale.
The Body of John Saras, aa Italian. Dis
eovered Ysstsrdsv Afternosn.
. Yesterday afternoon the report was
spread around town 'that a man had
been murdered and that his body was
lying in the woods near the Northwest
breaker. Upon Investigation the re
port was found true and the body
brought to this city.
A party of miners were on their way
home from work about 2 o'clock and
It wait they who discovered the body.
It was Identified as that of John Suran,
an Italian laborer. Suran was last seen
alive Thursday about 4 o'clock, and
how he cam to his death Is a mys
tery which will probably never be
There are no marks of any kind on
the body to Indicate foul play and this
also does away with the theory of sui
Suran was well and hearty when last
seen and seemed In the best of spirits.
That he bad any enemy who might
have murdered him was Improbable,
as he was on the best of terms with all,
and he had no money for which the
deed could have been done. It Is
uiuugui niai ne wem lor a wain ana
then lay down in the woods to rest. He
must have fallen asleep and never
woke up again.
Coroner Kelley was summoned from
Scranton and he arrived last evening,
but too late to hold and Inquest It
will be held this morning, however.
A Hungarian from Mttstoa Arrested In
This Cltr.
' Joe Salvo, a Hungarian, who for
ir.erly lived In Plttston, but who moved
to this city some time ago, was arrest
ed yesterday by County Detective Ley
shon and Constable Neary for the grave
crime of being Instigator, in a murder.
Nearly a year ago a Hungarian was
murdered in his shop by a man named
Gorilla, and It Is thought that She plan
' murdering him was planned by
Jvo and that he used Morilla, to do the
At the time of the murder there was
not enough evidence upon which to ar
rest Salvo, but the officers have been
working up the case and kept track of
the man. . Salvo was In this city, In
tending to start a tailor establishment
In the near future.
The Land la the Vlolalty of Fall Brook
biiii .tenia.
' The people of Fall Brook street and
Iclntty are becoming alarmed at the
sinking of the ground. Some time ago
the earth caved in to a considerable ex
tent and several houses were Injured
somewhat, but fortunately the greatest
cavern did not occur where there were
any houses.
But things are getting serious, as the
ground still sink) and they wish some
thing to be done at once. Large crev-
cases have opened and In places the
area or the sunken places Is quite large.
It with a Onolt While Plsying with
A peculiar accident happened to John
Lyon, Jr.,' son of John Lyon, who re-
' near nurnn i Dresser, at tne
Lyon and a companion were playl
Carpets,' ;
Laci Curtains, ,V-'
Chenille Curtains,
Tapestry Curtains,
Window Shades and
Wall Papers.
Bsmambsr. this w bosalde Clearing Cnl
r ilea mm to aaas. rovsa ler isw gavaa. .
at the time of the accident Lyon had
pitched his last quoit and had run for
ward to see the result of his throw.
As he stooped over to look his com
panion threw his quoit. He shouted to
young Lyon aa he did so, and he Jumped
up but was too late and the heavy quoit
came down upon his head with great
force, catting a severe gash In the
boy's scalp. He was at once brought
to this city and taken to the office of
Dr. T. C. Fltsslmmons. where his
wound received proper attention.
Whea Called oa Aaeoaat of The
Score Stood aad a.
The cruel war between Carbondale
and Haaleton la not yet over; the toma
hawk Is stU! unburied and the pine of
peace Is still unamoked. There were
those who thought that by yesterday s
dvfeat of the Quay county tribe, we
would effectually dispose of their as
pirations for pennant honors. These
thinker may have beem correct an their
thinks, but there Is not sufficient daU
at hand upon which to base an esti
mate. That is. we e short the vic
tory upon which we calculated' Let it
now 'be understood that we were hu
miliated 'by a defeat. ' Hay, nay, Paul
ine! and yet methtaks we were peril
ous nigh It. '
Yerkes, the (boneless man, the snake
charmer, the man with the eagle eye
and the gurta perch spinal column.
waa m the bos for the home team.
"Circus," as he Is ilusjwn ta the profes
sion. Is. without a doubt, the greatest
living contortionist. (His movement in
delivering the ball Is wamtarf ul. origin
a, unique, ImlmlMble. iHe commences
operations by gracefully winding his
lent leg around his neck. He then
twists the loop thus formed sharolv
backward until its apex touches the
ground. His anas then begin to wave
like the tentacles of a spider crab and
mis entire body rooks rentl on h!s
right foot the while his hypnotic eyes
bvi an inew mystic work on the twri
fled batsman. Suddenly the arms are
sum, tne loop breaks wKh a snan and
the emancipated hidl flies toward the
piaie. it require a men or great ex
perience to guage its flieht. Some
times It comes from the bottom of the
araroate neap; sometimes from th n.
ir am sometimes from in amtmfo
ix iwe seven inches.
It iS difficult to nnlaln 1
Mr- Smith, who pitched for Ha.lMnn
got off so easily. Some hold that his
rea sweater exerted a nowerful ms...
ence over the locals. Othr in.i.t
name caused the trouble. Come to
think of It. there is something In the
latter opinion. He almnlv cnillrinft hair.
'ngunea ana lucky with that
name, mere is CaDtaln John Smith
of Old Virginia. Ed. Smith and rv.ui
Smith, of Scranton, Hoke Smith, of
Georgia, ana Charlie Smith, of Car-
sonaaie. -1, for one. onenlv and imh...
itatlngly give my allegiance to the
name meory.
The visitors started out like thnmnrt.
ureaa. ajoran singled. Schaub dittoed
and Jimmy Graham tripled; result, two
earnea runs.
These two runs looked as big as high
uiympus until our half of the fourth
when Big Bill sent a beauty into rlsht
for three bases, and chased himself
home on "Chorch" Stults's hot slnsrle.
The two runs looked "small potatoes
ana rew in a row" when we got
through In the sixth. "Patchen singled
but was forced at second by Massey.
Stalti moved Bill up a peg by another
timely single, and the only AfoQuade
sent him home with a pretty single to
center. McVey threw to Bob Westlake
In an attempt to cut off the score, but
Bobbo allowed the ball to roll through
his legs, allowing Stalti to score an
other, Mac, meanwhile, taking third
Westlake hit a hot one to 'Myers, and
McQuade made a bluff to run home.
Myers was between the devil and the
deep sea. If he threw to the plate, Mac
would scamper back to third and West'
lake would be safe. If he ran to touch
flrst, Mac would surely score. In his
dellmma he tried to do both. He glng
erly polkaed to the left, keeping one
ey on McQuade, and the other on
Westlake, who was rushing -toward
flrst. All this time, Mao was stealing
ground little by little and suddenly
with a .tremendous spurt he dashed for
the plate and scored easily. Westlake
was safe on the clever play, but was
doubled up on Sales' Infield hit,
It was very dark at this time, and
to that fact Haaleton owes the three
runs which she scored In her half of the
seventh. Bob Westlake got a base on
balls, Smith, McVey and Graham
singled and Sales erred on Moran's easy
It was six to four against In our half
of trie seventh, but we decreased the
lead by one run on Shields' base on
balls, Teager's pretty hit, Wetzel's sac
rifice, and Patchen's slow, bounder to
Myers. We tied the score In the eighth
on Staltz's base on balls, a steal and
Westlake's hit. -McVey had struck out
In the flrst half of the ninth, Schaub
had secured a base on balls, and Gra
ham was at bat when Manlove called
the game on account of darkness.
Moran and . McQuade made brilliant
catches of hard hits to left. Following
is the official score.
R. H. O. A. E.
Wetsel, Si..... 0 0 4 3
Patchen, c 0 S 4 0
Masxey, lb 2 110
Btalts, cf....... S 3 1 0
McQuade, If, 4 11 S 1
O. Westlake, 2b.......... 0 12 6
Bales. 3b... 0 0 11
Shields, rf , 1 1 1 0
Yerkes, p 0 2 0 4
Totals 10 24 14
1 ? R. H. O. A. B.
Moran, If 2 1 t 2
McVey, cf 12 10
Schaub, Sb 0 2 2 2
Graham, ss 0 2 2 6
Jordan, rf 11 0 0
Chllds, 2b 0 0 2 3
Mevar. lb........ 0 1 7.1
R. Westlake. c 1 0 4 0 1
Smith, p 1 10 1
Totals .................. 10 . 24 12
Hasleton t 0000040-6
Carbondale 0 0 0 1 II I 1 1-1
Earned runs Hatslaton, 3; Carbondale, 2.
Three-base hits Graham, Massey. Sacri
fice hltsWetsel, Yerkes, Stalts. Stolen
bases G. Westlake 2. Shields. Moran.
Chllds, Meyers, Schaub. Left on bases
Carbondale, 4; Hasleton, 7. Struck out
By Yerkes, 2; by Smith, 1. Double plays
Schaub to Graham to Meyers; Moran to
R. Westlake; Graham to onncis to Meyers
O. Westlake to Wetiel to Massey: Mc
Quads to Wetsel. First on errors Hasle
ton, 2. First on balls Off Yerkes, 4; off
Smith, 3. Wild pitch-Smith. Passed ball
R. Westlake. Time 107. Umpire-
Manlov. ( ' " -v -
Maks Dsoldsd lilt at Dsndsff Last
. Evsnlng-Wsll Attended
Last evening the long-looked-for per
formance to be given by. the Camp
Crystal Vaudevlll company took place
and the per turn wis made a decided hot
Under the competent management of
mrllflM dallv asd ' last - evealns's
performance gave great credit to those
who participated.
Although the weather was threaten
Ih It did not kMB a larse number
of people from attending. Everybody
had a good time aad the way In which
each piece was received showed that
the boys were great favorites.
The performance went off without a
hitch. It betas- made more amusing by
the Impromptu lines which were some
times added. The dancing by van ana
Unmn uullnt and the farce
well merited the applause which It re-
reived. The banjo and mandolin spe
cialties by Kata and Freeman were one
or the beet on the programme. They
were encored time and again. But to
give a sketch or all tne pieces wouiu oe
too long a task. All were good and the
boys deserve great credit tor the cre
ditable manner In which they gave
Several busloads of young people
went from this city and came back In
the wee small hours.
.ml N. H. Hlller. of Lincoln avenue.
Is entertaining her sister, lMl?s Derfla
Howes, of Uttoa, N. Y.
Hev. and 'Mrs. W. B. Grow have gone
to Michigan, where they will make an
extended visit with relatives.
Mrs. William BuwrveW ana sons.
Frank al Willie. sptrndlng their
vacation wKV friends In the country.
Mr. and Mrs. Daralel Davis are en-
Joying a trip to Atlantic City.
Mrs. James Htflbert. who lws been
visiting her paremts, Ut. amd Mrs. W.
K. Allen, was called to her home in Jer
sey CHy by 4 telegram atrvnouuetng the
iilli:M of her husband.
Louis Davis, foreman of the Ijeadrr
Job rooms. Is spend iinig his vacation In
New York ci ty anti at tne seao-nore.
J. D. Nealon la making a business
trip through central New York.
Rev. Charles Lee and1 sons, accom
panied by W. iM. Lathrope, W. T. Price
and Rev. Plrtneus Kennedy, of Forest
CHy. left yesterday for Foynteille.
where they will enjoy camp life for a
Conductor E. keels, of the Delaware
and Hudson, has resumed work aifter
a weeks' illness.
Professor and Mr M. J. Hoc ken-
berry, of Salem avenue, are spending a
few days In New York city.
IMr. uind 'Mrs. E. A. Whefler are
spending a few at Atlantic City.
Rev. W. A. Nealon la spendtnir a few
weeks' vacation at Rockaway Beach.
Lewis Davis left yesterday for his
vacaJtlon, which wMl include a trip to
New York city, PhlVulelphla, At'lamUc
Cltv amd other places of Interest.
Frank P. Browfr of 'North ilam
street. Is entertaining Peter Shannon,
of New York city.
Mrs. E. C. Ely is r ponding a few days
at t'he home of her pa.rtfvts at Brook
lyn, Pa.
Abo.ut a dozen people from this city
took advantage of the low rates and
left yesterday for Atlantic City on the
excursion' conducted by (the Central
Railroad of New Jersey.
'Mrs. J. O'Hearn and daughters, and
James Barrett left yesterday for a trip
to New York city,. Ocean Grove and
other places of Interest.
Harry Lucas has returned from At
lantic City, where he haa been spend
ing his vacation.
G. F. Swigeri and family and Miss
Grace Brlggs returned yesterday from
Poyntelle, where they have been camp
ing for the last two weeks.
Quite a number of the members of
the Bicycle club took a spin to Dun
daff lant evening, where they attended
the entertainment given by the Camp
Crystal Vaudeville company.
Arrangements are being made by the
Ccttags Hose company to hold a grand
picnic In the new Riverside park, on
Brooklyn street, on Monday, Aug. 19.
Miss Lucy Gerrlty, who has been
spending .the last two weeks with rela
tives in Schenectady, N. Y., has re
turned home.
Mrs. Patrick Lunny, of South Main
street. Is entertaining Miss May Igo,
of Honesdale.
'Mies Maggie Reed, of South Main
street, his gone to Atlantic City,
where she will spend her vacation.
Professor Rogers, late principal of
Wood's Business college In this city,
left yesterday for Boston, which he will
make his future home.
Killlan Bauer, of Wllkes-Barre. has
returned home after spending the last
two months in this city.
Miss Mary Flannery is visiting her
cousin, Miss Mary Mortimer, of Pitts-
John O'Connor, of Lincoln street, left
Wednesday to spend a few weeks with
his uncle, at New York. ' 1
Richard Williams and family, of
Main street, have removed to Peckville.
Burgess Howard, of Olyphant, was
in town on business yesterday.
Joseph Olllgallon returned home the
forepart of the week after spending
the past three months with friends at
New York.
New consignment of parrots and
canaries at Furgeson's, 130 Franklin
avenue, Scranton.
Thomas F. Kane, of Scranton, was a
caller In town yesterday.
Martin Walsh, or Albert street, Is
slowly recovering from his recent ill
ness. Relief In Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases relieved In six hours by the "New
Great South American Kidney Cure."
This new remedy Is a great surprise on
account of Its exceeding promptness In
relieving pain In the bladder, kidneys,
back and every part of the urinary pas
sages. In male or female. It relieves re
tention of water and pain In passing H
almost Immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this Is your remedy. Sold
by C. M. Harris, Druggist, 123 Pann ave
nue, Scranton, Pa.
The new buildings which' are being
erected at this place are growing rapid
ly. The Austin building Is now nearly
completed and the stores are being oc
cupied by H. W. Kllng, who has the
middle storeroom. One of those sides
will be occupied by Austin ft Turn
bull, and the other by W. E. Smith.
Francis & Derahlmer'S' new lumber
yard building is now enclosed and when
completed will be a very suitable build
ing. The Eaton building Is now
raised and the roof nearly on. W. A.
Dean's new building Is now completed
and ready to occupy. It if reported
that Melville Cbert expects to occupy
. Mr. Heefener, of Port Carbon, Wat
visiting his daughter,. Mrs. A. O. Jvee,
at this ptece, Wednesday.'
The .painters havs commenced work
on the scoot building. ; .
New consignment 'Of parrots and
canaries at Furgeson's,' ISO ; Franklin
avenue, Scranton. .
Charles Norton, of Wllkes-Barre, ts
mopping at the DaHon House. -
Howard Ball, the carrier boy for The
Wednesday. While stepping from a car
he sprained his ankle.
Miss Sarah Randall of Mount Holly.
N. J., left for her home, at that place,
last Tuesday, after .spending a few
weeks at this place. "- ' '
t-MIss Finn, of Clifford. U visiting rela
tives at this place.
Mrs. A. B. Davis has returned to her
home, st this place, after spending a
few weeks with relatives in New York
state. 1
Dog days have come, and some of
our good citizens are observing the
same by muzzling thetr dogs, while
others are not. Why Is tt not a good
Idea for all to observe the ordinances
of our borough?
Mrs. Charles Miller, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
ts vltUIng her mother, here. ,
The painters have completed the
Methodist church, and It looks very
Mrs. Frank Mosher. of Pa sale, N. J.,
Is visiting at this place.
"Fair Play." not content with abus
ing the correspondent of The Tribune
and the supporters of good government,
last night had the monumental cheek
to deny a statement made by the correj
spondent of the Leader of Carbondale.
It is a coward that won't fight when
you get him cornered, and "Fair Play"
made a good light, but like all of his
statements was false. The ".gang"
itlrink that they can mislead the vot
ers by denying facts which are not
pleasant for them to hear. They know
that they have cheated Mr. Esmay out
of being county committeeman for the
Second ward, and when told so make
great harte to divert the facts which
can be proved. Mr. Esmay told the
correspondent that he saw C. S. Alex
ander today, who was Judge at the last
caucus, when Mr. Esmay was elected
county committeeman, and that he sent
his credentials to Montrose. Whose
statements are false? "Fair Play,"
have you got the manhood to own up
that yours were, and That you knew It
at the time?
The Indications are that Frank Hol-
lenback. Lew Jones, Or. Blakeslee and
Benjamin Maxey will be commissioned
by a large majority to carry the ver
dict of this borough to Montrose and
thereby repudiate the tactics, used by
t ne yuay supporters to control the elec
tion machinery here and uphold Gov
ernor Hastings In his effort to secure
representative government for the
New consignment of parrots and
canaries at Furgeson's, 130 Franklin
avenue, scranton. a
The Methodist Episcopal and Baptist
Sunday schools picnicked . at Heart
LAKe Wednesday.
Posts for the new street lamp "syS'
tern" have been erected this week, and
the current will be turned on some time
next week. k
The creamery at Tlngley Is bottling
the larger share of Its milk for ship
ment these days.
Lonla Farrar la) packing his grip for a
trip to Maryland In searoh of peaches.
Scrlbner and Smith's circus, which
held forth here Tuesday, was well pat
New consignment of parrots and
canaries at Furgeson's, 130 Franklin
avenue, Scranton.
Mr. and Mrs. John Jay and Miss Rich,
of the Jay house, blked It to Bingo
She lost the skin from off her shin,
She's a bjlster on the heel,
And many a bruise 'neath her Trilby
In trying to ride a wheel.
Dyspepsia, Indigestion
Ami distress In the stomach caused m
Intense agony. I lost flash, strength and
energy. I was so weak that I could not
walk without my cane. My family and
friends prevailed on ma to try
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and now I am a well and strong man of
66 year. lows my Ufa to Rood's." W.T.
BPSNon, Fort MltcheU, Virginia.
Hood's Pills SlisrBy
,h .u!r tor domestic
-"" " "im. aauverea IB
part of the city at lowest prlc.
Orders left at my Office
Sift 4. UiVkAlUA
Rear room, first floor, Third National
omum, wr wmu ujr iukii or leiepnone to
kiln, will mmmh. -1 . . 1
) the
Special contracts will be mado for
ISJs sad delivery of Buckwheat CoaT
Tbe stork we purchased at the Sheriff's Sals
at Hasletoa, Pa. Our Bale alace opening,
proved mora sU'sfautory tbaa we thought.
Th crowd on Monday was enormously largr,
and carried away th Barcalna. and the stoek
which la left we'll dlspow of at your own
itrloaa Bale ill wek at the following prieea:
1 ease Dress Oingaams. grons prios, f orata,
Our Price, 3 Cents
t cats of Unbleached Brown Cotton, 4,
heary, for shoitlog only, Kroas price.
cent., Our Prlog, 4X Cents
1 ess Checked Crash, all linen, groat price,
u ocnts, Our Pries, 0 Cants
1 ease Bleached Towels, by the pair,
fringed, gross price, ) cents, -
Our Pries, 10 Cants
lrass 9 Bleached Mohawk Muslin, gross .
prios, M cants. Our Pries, 12K Cents
A great sals for the ass of amy household,
least of Ttwkty Red Covers, sites 8x4 and
10x4, grots prlca 11.00 and 11.60,
Our' Pries, 60o. snd 69e.
Past Turkey Bad.
Have Yon Got It?-If Yon
Have, Now Is the Time
to Be Cored.
There are very few people of middle or
advanced age that have not had more or
leas experience rheumatic pains, and
those who have not experienced those
pains can be thankful that they have been
spared from the suffering of one of the
greatest torments of which fksh Is heir to.
What ts the cause of rheumatism Is a
question frequently auked. A volume
could be written on rheumatism and Its
causes. This term Is applied to all In
flammatory affections of the fibrous, mus
cular and serous tissues, which are not
clearly referable to Injury. The cause
may be said to be exposure to void and
wet, sudden chills, residence In cold, damp
snd variable climates Is a common cause.
Lactic acid in the blood is supposed to be
one of the chief causes. A great deal has
been written on this subject the cause
of rheumatism. A Joint or muscular tis
sue that has been spraiined is more liable
to be the locality of an attack. The
shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles and lin
gers are the Joints generally attacked by
this complaint; also the muscles, and at
times is accompanied by a low grade of
fever, but let the complaint be seated
where It will, the patient Is a great suf
ferer, and the question arises where and
how to get cured of this terrible com
plaint. Dr. F. B.. Smith and staff have
made the treatment of rheumatism one
of their specialties for years and have
met with wonderful success. Their treat
ment of this disease by magnetinm has
brought a permanent cure to hundreds of
sufferers who bless the day they went to
Dr. Smith and staff for treatment. Jf
you or any of your friends are suffering
from this complaint do not watt until the
winter rains and winds have caused your
pains to be so severe that you cannot leave
your home, but go at once, see those doc
tors, place yourself under tfhelr care and
be cured. Consultation free from 9 to 6
dally except Sundays. Tuesdays and Fri
days from 9 a. m. to ( p. m.
230 Uskawanna Am, Scrantoi
Tbe Times Hay Net Be All
It Should Be, bat Oar
WIU s a great way toward
evening as things
for oar customers
Ken's Suits, regular price $9, $4.65
Men's Suits, regular price 12, 7,75
len's Pants as low ts . $,65
Ben's Casslmere Puts ' 1,45
len's Fine Dress Pants 2.25
A SerilceaMe Salt for $ ,85
k Good Wool Suit for
A Hobby Dress Salt for
2 Pair Knee Pants for
230 Lackawanna Ays.
1 eases of Summer Balbrlggan Man's Un
dwwsar. In all qualities, gross price, too.,
Vta and Silo., our
Pries to Cless Out Entire Lot 20c
eidoxen Man's White Unlansdried Shirts,
pore llntn boaom, double front and back,
gross price, At) cants,
Our Pries, 29 Cents
UO dozen of Ontlng Bhirta, In all qualities,
gross prlca. Wo., aOc, Ma., )o. and 75c.
Wswulmtkta aweenon the entire lot
and let her go at 25 Cents Your Choice
HOSIERY These prices will bold good
for all this week. MiO pair Man's Bocks
: at Be., gross pries, 10s. ; 64 pairs Ladles'
' Fast D'ack Hose, gross pries, 10 rants,
Our Pries. Be.) 10 dosan of French
. Balbrlggan Half Hose, aad Past Black
Heea Bross Dries. 86 sent. - -
Our Pries, 124 CsnU
' Ladles' Vests at one-half last than slstwhert.
Be careful aad call. .
TO our
rnna that thev will
I.ZriS. cVniS.
" "V" 14 j m 1 WHEAT until the new crop
Is fully cured. New wheat Is now upon th market, and
owing to the excessively dry weather many millers aro
ot the opinion that It fc already cured, and In proper
condition for milling. Washburn-Crosby Co. will tako
no risks, and will allow the new wheat fully three)
snnntna to IwtAM '
,Thi5 r ul attention to every detail of muling
Wholesale Agents.
Quality considered oar prices for Mattings through
out the season have been below the market; hence
the present cut will give our customers " the best
value ever offered. The quality is uniformly kept up
to the notch and the patterns, in many instances, are
quite different, from what you will see elsewhere. '
Samples sent by mail. State quality wanted.
Highest grade inserted figured and fancy stylo
Cotton Warp Mattings, former price $12.00, now $0.
Fine Seamless Fancy, was
Superior Seamless Fancy, was $io.5o,
Extra Heavy, was $10.00, - -A
Good Stout Matting, was $7.00,
A Medium Grade, was $5.00, -
All Mattings measure 40 yards to a roll. Cut quan
tities 2c. and 5c. per yard above the roll price. Any of
these Mattings are cheap enough to buy for future use. An
early visit of inspection is earnestly solicited.
EB9 81EBEBKE8 ft W,
406 and 408
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers,
Oeasnl0f0c4N SCRANTON, PA.
Odds antil End
The tail enders are all in, and are rounded up in our
show windows for the last call. They are the result of a sort
of general review of all departments, and consist of various
pieces that were either overlooked or considered too good to
chop up into odds and ends, but we cannot conscientiously
class them as fall styles, and Odd and End prices will foil
the temptation and make a
Straw Matting
Is occupying space that we require fCr other goods. If yott
are at all interested in this line, peruse the following quota
tions, then call around and examine quality and design, .
Extra Heavi Fancy China, seamless, at
Medio " " " at
Fair Quality " " at
Best Inlaid Japanese Cotton Warp, at
A Very Fiiit M " V at
Good Fancy Figure- " " at
.Via i i
.-.ttr.; "! " ir laauau caas
$ 11.2s,
now $8.35
now 7.5o
now 7.00
now 5.00
now 4.5o
Lackawanna Avo.
Clean Sweep.
24c. k
nmnnTif furniture co.;
U- ; "9 aim a j
Wycsiirii Aven-ie
Andy O'Connell, the campers had be"
I Tribune, met with an aoolUeat last
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