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Boys' Buckboards.
Boys' Express Wagons.
Boys' Wheelbarrows.
Babies' Double-horse Rockers
Dolls' Perambulators.
Children's Coaches.
Krough Keigh and other
Very Interesting Prices,
322 Lackawanna Avanua.
And Always Have
Good Bread.
The Weston Mill Go.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wool worth are in
Portland. Me.
John T. Porter spent yesterday In Wil
mington. Del.
Edward Fitzputrick. of Pittston. In
the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Fa'.rchlld returned
, Saturday from Lake Winola.
Mis. Edith Amsdon. or Philadelphia, is
visiting friends at Hallstiad place.
Mrs. 3. C. Moyer. of Kingston, is visiting
Mrs. Will Bel Us, of Adams avenue.
Professor Fred H. Cr'.ger, of Wood's
Business college. Is in New York city.
James A. McAnulty Is at Clifton Spring,
at th bedside of his brother, who Is seri
ously 111.
Miss Anna R. Williams, of Tenth street.
Is entertaining Miss Marguerite Mason, of
Brooklyn. X. Y.
M. F. McCann. M. T. Howley. John Man
ley. Frank Lenard and Joha Collins spent
( yesterday In Plttston.
Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Lillian Weed and Miss
Jioak. of Adams avenue, visited friends
in Peekvtlle yesterday.
Deputy Clerk of the Courts Emll Bonn
lias registered as a student at law In the
eface of Attorney E. C. Newcomb.
J. M. Walker was on Saturday admitted
to practice la the courts of Lackawanna
county on motion of Attorney M. W.
peaking of banks, I'm bound to say
That a bank of tin is far the best.
And I know of one that has stood for years
In a pleasant home away out west.
It has stood for years on the mantleplece.
Between the clock and the Wedgewood
A wonderful bank, as you'll concede
When you've heard the things I'll now
' relate.
This bank was made of McKlnley tin.
Well soldered up at sides and back;
But It didn't resemble tin at all,
For they'd painted It over an iron black.
And that it really was a bank
'Twas an easy thing to see and say.
For above the door In gorgeous red
Appeared the letters, B-A-N-K!
This bank had been so well devised
And wrought so cunningly that when
Tou put your money In at the hole
It couldn't get out of that hole again!
Somewhere about that stanch, snug thing
A secret spring was hid away.
But where It was or how It worked
Excuse me, please, but I will not say.
Thither, with dimpled cheeks aglow.
ACame pretty children oftentimes,
Mnd, standing up on a stool or cha'.r,
'Put In their divers pence and dimes.
Once Uncle Hank name home from town
After a cycle of grand aveats.
And put In a round, blue, Ivory thing
, He said was good for 60 cents!
The bank went clinkety-cllnkety-cllnk.
And larger grew the precious sum
Which grandma said she hoped would
A gracious boon to heathendom.
But there were those I call no names'
Who did not fancy any plan
That did not In somewise Involve
The candy and banana man.
Listen: Once when the wind went
And the raven croaked In the tangled
When, with a wall, the screech-owl flew
. Out of her lair In the haunted barn
There came three burglars down the road
Three burglars skilled In arts of sin.
And they cried: "What's this? Aha! Oh!"
And straightway tackled the bank of
They burgted from half-past ten p. m.,
Till the village bell struck four o'clock:
They hunted and searched and guessed
and tried -But
the little tin bank would not un
lock! They couldn't discover the secret spring!
Bo, when the barn-yard rooster crowed,
They up with their tools and stole away
WKh the bitter remark that they'd be
Next morning came a sweet-faced child
: And reached her dimpled hand to take
A nickel to send to the heathen poor
And a nickel to spend for her stomach's
Bha pressed the hidden, secret spring,
And lo! the bank new open then .
With a cheery creak that seemed to say;
: "i;m glad to see you; come again!"
If you were I, and If I were you, .
What would we keep our money in?
: In a downtown bank of British stoel
Or an at-home bank of McKlnley tin?
Soma want silver and some want gold,
' . But the little tin bank that wants the
Aad la ran on the double-atandard plan
. Why, that la the bank for me and you.
: BugtM field. In ChloBsTO Record.
A Foe to Dyspepsia
Corier Stoat of Lithuanian Catkolic
Cfcarch Laid at Providence.
Rev. Walter Qulncy Scott, D. It.. Filled
Pulpit at First Presbyterian Church.
Fred Whitiomorc's Conveutloa
Report at Elm Park Church.
Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Hara at 3 o'clock
yesterday laid the corner stone of ft
Joseph's Lithuanian church on North
Otalu avenue, the must noteworthy tea
ture of the ct-remoiilos being that It Is
the first Lithuanian church in the city.
The pastor of the consignation I Rev.
Michael IVza. who, with Itev. P, J. Mo-
i.M.inus. of St. Paul's. Given KUIko;
Rev. X. J. McXlu ius and Kev. W. P.
O'Donn.'ll. of Holy Itovnry church.
North Hntl: Kev. J. J. H. Fwley an J
Rev. M. J. IMiliane. of the cathedral, as
sisted the bishop-
Previous to the corner stone laying
several Polish and Lithuanian civic
and church societies from the city and
county a:iJ Luzerne county assembled
nnd formed In line for the parade.
There were jtvset: also many Polish
priests from other places.
Attired In uniform, the members of
the societies presented a line appear
ance and marched from the central city
to the North Kml. The clergy occupied
carriages at the head of Che proce.'sMon.
The Excelsior Cornet band discoursed
flr.e music leading the societies', and
among tlw various societies in line oth
er bands of mulc were Interspersed.
The emblems of each society and the
American flag were carried aloft side
by side In the ranks. The parade was
a most imposing spectacle.
Ranks were broken on i!he street op
posite the church, and after an opening
prayer the prooesslon of the right rever
end bishop and priests around the foun
dation began. Two thousand people
were present.
After the ceremonies of the corner
stone laying were over, ithe basement
of the church was blessed. The congre
gation will worship ia the basement un
til the church is completed. To the zeal
and co::taney of Father Peia Is due In
a large measure the success of the un
dertaking of erecting ithe church.
Next Sunday the new Hungarian
Catholic church on Cupouse avenue,
near Gibson street, will be dedicated.
Conducted by the Y. M. C. A. at Nay Aug
A novel means far reachlnsr the
masses was begun yesterday afternoon
by the Young 'Men's Christian associa
tion through an open air gospel meet
ing In Nay Aug park. It was the first
of a series of opoa air Sunday gather
ings, and the fact that probably 1.300
persons were attracted by stirring
music and speaking was considered to
portend success for the movement.
Gospel hymn books were distributed
among the throng, which kneluded boys
and girls, worklngmen out for a day In
the open, tired mothers with hruods of
little ones, tough young men and others
of eachi sex whose appearance evi
denced comfortable circumstances.
Many of these joined In the singing of
the association glee club, led by Tallie
Morgan. An earnest, practical talk
was delivered by George G. Many, the
general secretary of the association.
A large platform Is to be erected to
accommodate the singers and speakers
at future meetings, which seem des
tined to be a successful method of
Christian workers for reaching thou
sands who are not regular church
Sermons by Rev. Dr. Scott at First Pres
byterian Chnrch.
The congregations that attended tlw
services at the First Presbyterian
church yesterday momiog and evening
listened to two splendid sermons, deliv
ered by Rev. Dr. Walter Qulncy Scott',
late principal of Phillip's academy. His
text in the morning was a part of Ro
mans, xll, 2: "Renewing of the Mind."
He dealt with the mineral, vegetable
and animal world and traced the prog
ress of each. He raid 'that men learn
more from defeat and misfortune than
from success. Success in life makes
men narrow, selfish, bigoted, while
misfortune and sorrow broadens life
and tests the character of each one.
Such was the central theme of the ser
mon, and all agreed that It was one of
the strongest ever heard In that church.
In the evening 'Dr. Scott's subject was
the first part of the Lord's prayer, "Our
Father, which art in. heaven." The dis
course was on the greatness of the God
Professor Carter Will Retire from Organ
of Film Park Chnrch Sept. I.
It was learned yesterday that Oorre
B. Carter would not he the organist at
Elm Park church after Sept. 1, the date
upon which hi present year expires.
It was said also that .Mr. Carter had
placed a letter In the hands of John T.
Porter, chalrmam of the music commit
tee of Elm Park church, stating that
he would not apply for the position for
the coming year. Owing to Mr. Por
ter's absence from th city, he being In
Wilmington, Del., this report could not
be cor.flrmed.
Mr. Carter Is at present enjoying a
two weeks' vacation, which he Is spend
ing in New York city. It was Just be
fore his departure that he placed the
letter In "Mr. Porter's hands. .
Heeont Chattanooga Convention IX-
scrined By Fred Whlttemore.
At the Kim P.-irfc chnri-li Inaf nltrfct
Fred Whlttemore gave an Interesting
talk on the recent Epworth league con
vention at Chattanooga, Tenn., to
which he was a dlwrnte. It wua at.
tended by 13,000 Epworth leaguers, and
Mr. wnittemore said it was one of the
most inspiring (rattler Intra that he ever
During the evening En worth ion
songs were sune by the Epworth league
chorus of the church, under the direc
tion of Mr. Whlttemore.
Cond acted by the Salratloa Army at That
The Salvation Army held a camp
meeting; at Lily Lake yesterday, which
was attended by many of the people of
the country-side, in sxddttton "to the
members of the army who went from
this city.
The day wan taken up wVth periodical
sons; and prayer services, and no
amusements that would tend to violate
nctlxy of 4 he lord's Day were
A. V. Bower preached last evening;
In the Washburn Street Presbyterian
Rev. Vr. I. C. Hughes preached at
the Jackson Street Itaptlat church yes
terday morning and evening.
The Sunday school of the Ureen RWge
Presbyterian church will conduct an
excursion to Lake Ariel next Wednca
day. The fourth Sunday after Trinity was
observed by the congregation and pas
tor. Hector M. H. Mill, of the St.
David's tihurvh.
Itev. lr. V. If. Pearce returned from
Ocean Grove Saturday, where his fam
ily Is summering, to conduct the ser
vices at Kim Park church yesterday.
Professor Haydn Kvana will till the
p. sltlnn of orgmlst at "the First Pres
byterian church during this month.
Miss ltU'hmoml being away on her va
cation. Kev. I C. Floyd l on his annual va
cation. Yesterday morning his pulpit
was tilled by Rev. K. 1. Doty, of (he
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal
church, and In the evening by Rev. E.
It. Uvl.
The Ladles' Aid socl.-ty of the As
bury Methodist Kplscopal church will
bold an Ice cream festival on the lawn
tf Mrs. E. H. Reynolds, of Sanderson
avenue, this evening.
Itev. K. 1. lVty Is doing great work
at the Hampton Street Methodist Kpls
cnpal church. Mr. Doty's name Is very
frequently confounded with Mr. Dony,
of Sunday cloning fame.
A quartette composed of Mrs. Joseph
O'Brien. Mr Airred Connell. Richard
Thomas mid Alfred Wooler sang In the
Klin Park church yceterday at the
morning and evening service.
The Young Ladles' Mission circle
of the Dunmore. Presbyterian church
will hold anotitdiiormeetliiK at NiayAug
Park on Thursday afternoon. Instead
of their regular monthly meeting.
In the North Main Avenue Clvltian
church the psstor. Rev. D. M. Kinter,
exchanged pulpits wlith Rev. C. W. Har
vey, of Plymouth. The congregation
of the Christian church enjoyed two In
teresting sermons.
In the sermon by Rev. Foster U.
Gift In the Young Men's Christian as
sociation rooms last evening, before the
congregation of the Grace Lutheran
church, the speaker dealt with the
Christian's relation to our country.
Rev. Hrander Matthews, of Harvard
university, preach: J two interesting
sermons In the Puritan Congregational
church, and the choir of thirty voices
under the direction of Chorister Reese
Watklns rendered some excellent mu
sic. Hon. John O. Woolley, of Chicago,
will address a mass meeting of Chris
tians of all denominations ut Mountain
Park on Aug. 5. It Is expected that
10.000 people will be prerent. as Mr.
Woolley Is known as one of th great
est Christian orators In the nation.
Rev. E. R. Lewis waa In great de
mand yesterday. In the morning he
preached at the Hampton Street Meth
odist Episcopal church, In th evening
at the Sumner Avenue Presbyterian
church, and at 7 o'clock Mr. Lewis filled
the pulpit of the Simpson Methodist
Episcopal church.
Rev. John Davles, pastor of the
Fourth Avenue Presbyterian church,
New York, who Is spending part of his
vacation with relatives In Dunmore,
occupied the pulpit In the Presbyterian
church last night and gave a very in
teresting addres,talting his text from
"The Sermon Upon the Mount."
Rev. Dr. C. E. Robinson preached
yesterday morning and evening. On
July lu he will leave the city on his
vacation and 'his pulpit will be filled by
the following: July 21, Dr. G. Parsons
Nichols, Blntrhamton. N. Y., July 23,
Dr. Rufus S. Green. F.lmlra; Aug. 4.
Mr. Henry W. Luce, Scranton; Aus.
11-18. Rev. James Anderson, Leroy, N.
J.; Aug. 25, Rev. James Eels, N. J.;
Sept. 1, Mr. Henry W. Luce.
In the Providence Methodist Episco
pal church the paxtor. Rev. Mr. Edgar,
In the morning, delivered his third dis
course on the Lord's prayer, his text
being "Thy Kingdom Come." In the
evening there was some spnclal music
by the choir, and a solo by Miss Smith,
which was excellent. The pastor made
a short address on "Ood So Loved the
World That He Gave His Only Uegot
ten Son." John lil, 16.
In the Providence Presbyterian
church yesterday Rev. William Dun
ning preached from tho text "Art thnu
He that should com';, and do we look
for?" Matthew xl, 3. His sermon was
very interesting and Instructive. In
the evening preached a very Inter
esting sermon on the text "I have set
the Lord always before me, because He
Is at my right hand; He shall not be
moved," Psalm xvl, 8. The choir rene
dered some excellent music.
In the North Main Avenue Baptlot
church the sacrament of the Lord's
supper was observed In the morning.
and three new members were added to
the church. The pastor, Rev. Mr. Wat
kins, delivered an Interesting address
on "Christ's Poverty the Source of Our
Enrichment." At the song servkce, In
the evening, the choir rendered several
selections of beautiful mnlc, the two
anthems, "Welcome Pilgrims" and
"Praia Ye the Ixrd," and the solo by
ATI De Graw, "There Is a Oreen Hill
Fur) Away" (Gounod) and the two quar
tfttos, were of a high degree of ex
It Is a Mistake to Snppoe They Are Syn
onymous Terms.
Writing to the Cleveland World con
cerning his impressions of a recent visit
to Ireland, Elbert Hubbard says: "There
Is a theory to the effect that the Universal
Mother In giving out happiness bestows on
each and all an equal portion that the
bggar, trudging along the stony rond. Is
as happy ss the king who rides by In his
carrlnite. This Is a very old belief, and It
has been held by many learned men.
From the time I first heard It, It appeared
to me as truth. Yet recently my fnllh
hns been shaken: for not long ago In New
York I climbed the mnrblo steps of a splen
did mansion and was admitted by a ser
vant In livery, who carried my card on a
sliver tray to his master. This master
had a son In the Keeley Institute, a daugh
ter In her grave, and a wife who shrunk
from his presence. Mis heart was as
lonely as a winter night at sea. Fate had
sent him a conch man, a butler, a gardener
and a footman, but she took his happi
ness and passed It through a hole In the
thatch Into a mud-plastered cottage In
Ireland where, each night, six rosy chil
dren soundly slept In one straw bed,
"In that cottage I stayed two days.
There was a stone floor and bare white
washed walls, but there was a rose bush
climbing over the door, and within health
and sunny temper that made mirth with
a meal of herbs, and there was tenderness
touched to poetry the prose of dally du
ties. 'But happiness Is possible even In a
palace," said Marcus Aurollua; but this
remark . was t mad seventeen hundred
years ago."
Printing for Orooers.
Circulars, cards, booklets, letter heads,
eta printed so well at The Tribune of.
flee that they will aell foods for you.
latercstiag Meeting of the Lacks'
waina School board Promised.
Events of the Hay as Gathered on the
South Side of the City, In the
North End. Uansaore
Quite aa lively a time has been going
on at the meotlugs or the Lackawanna
townehlp achoolboard within the past
two weeks was nut Iced when the no
torious deadlock on organisation exist
ed or Ave meetings. The scene is the
same now. except that the bune of con
tention Is on letting out a contract for
supplying the schools with maps of the
continents. Morgan, LVloCrlndlu and
HlggliiH are arrayed against Loverlng.
King at id Davis.
The bitterness, the outgrowth of the
compromise organisation, has a good
deal to do with the Inability to con
sider the map contract Impartially.
The board will meet this evening at
No. 3 school; perhaps the deadlock may
bo broken or It may go on, so that the
schools will be 'without maps alto
gether. Funeral of Stephen Rudolph.
All that was mortal of Stephen Ru
dolph, of Fifth avenue, was laid In the
grave Saturday morning In the Twen
tieth Ward German Catholic cemetery,
As he was one of the best known cril
xens of the South Side his funeral was
attended by all the prominent people of
the place. A high mass of requiem was
celebrated at St. Mary's German Catho
lic church on. River street. Although
he was an old man, yet his vigor and
activity kept him amoms; the front
ranks of Industrious citizens, and in his
death the South Side sustained a serious
Shorter Paragraphs.
At the Hickory Street German Pres
byterian church the evening service has
been discontinued until the first Sun
day of September.
Mountain Lake was visited yester
day by at least 2,000 persons; a street
railway to this refreshing spot is prom
ised for next summer.
Closed cars were run on the South
Side mid Mooslc lines yesterday be
cause the machinery of the summer
cars needs repairing.
The North Stvet mill has resumed
operations this morning, and will go on
running a double teurn, barring acci
dents, for the coming three months.
Com ad Schroeder has been awarded
the contract of the erection of the addi
tion to the Sanquoit Silk mill; the brick
work Is to be completed In ninety days.
Rev. Father Green announced yester
day that until further notice Is given
the masses in St. Joseph's church, Ml
nooka, will be at 7 and 10 o'clock, In
stead of at 8 and 10.30.
Rev. J. L. Race, pastor of Cedar Ave
nue Methodist Episcopal church, and
family are away on a visit for the bene
fit of Rev. Mr. Race's health. Mr.
Parsons conducted the services yester
day at the church. The pastor and
family will return Thursday.
A. R. Hollenbuck Is camping at Lake
Mrs. Catherine Hopkins Is erecting
a house on Cayuga street.
Mrs. J. L. Medway and daughter are
vIsitHng In Wayne county.
Misses Bessie and Julia Henwood re
turned Saturday from Glenwood.
Mrs. W. B. Christmas, of North Main
avenue. Is visiting at Lake Ariel.
Miss Ella Cobb, of Dickson avenue,
Is spending a few days at Lake Winola.
Mr. amd Mrs. G. O. Mahey, of Sander
eon avenue, have returned from Mil
ton, Pa.
iMIss Frances Wlnton, of North Main
avenue, will leave today for Shelter
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Gillespie, of Oak
street, left Saturday for a short visit at
Miss Rose Hart, of Blnghamton, Is
visiting with Mrs. J. J. Varley, of Dela
ware street.
Miss Margaret Moram, of West Mar
ket street, Is visiting with friends at
Wellsvllle, N. Y.
L. Stonier has commenced work In
his new planing mill at Ferdinand
street and Church avenue.
The Green Ridge Presbyterian Sun
day school will run its annaal excursion
to Lake Ariel on Wednesday.
Miss Blanche Wood, of Honesdale, Is
visiting with 'Miss May Mason, of San
derson avenue.
Joseph Foster and . wife left Friday
for "Mladletown. N. Y where they will
spend part of their vacation.
W. C. Thompson, of Sanderson ave
nue, will move Into the old bicycle club
house on Wyoming avenue this week.
The steamer Berlin, which 'Rev. Mr.
Guild sailed In for Europe, arrived at
QiieenEtown Friday morning at 10
Rev. William Dunning, of Gllberts
vllle, N. Y., preached two very Interest
ing sermons In the Providence Presby
terian church yesterday.
Rev. A. F. Ferris, formerly of the
Puritan Congregational church, West
Market street, amd Miss Rev. Jeannette
Olmstead, of Gustavus, O., were Joined
In wedlock at the home of IDrs. W. L.
and E. L. Gilchrist, Ashtabula, O., on
June 13, by Rev. S. B. Hershey.
The remains of an Infant child of
T-." "wuf Will help yon If you
no, II Is a recent wlentMo Invention to as
sist the besring of any one not CORN daaf.
W ban In the ear It Is Invisible, and does not
ciim the slight t discomfort. It Is to the Mr
whst glannie are to the tye. so ear spectacle.
An experianend Aurlst will be at the Wyo
ming llnust , Horsnton, on July L , 8, 4, 6 and
S. from a. ro. to 6 p, m where toey can ba
testtd Frea of Charge.
71 8 Metropolitan Bldi, Madison Square
New York.
Wall Paper
Styles and colorings are
very fine this season.
Cet us fix you up' a
sample room with nice
Gilt Paper, $5.'
Jerry Donavan were Interred In Ml-
nooka Catholic cemetery Saturday.
The school board will meet this eve
The Greenwood No. 1 colliery will be
Idle today.
Miss Katie Ly'nett. of Avoca, visited
Ml nook a friends yesterday.
Thomas O'Brien, of Avoca. circulated
among Ml nook friends yesterday.
The Cuckoos and the liluea will cross
bats at Greenwood grounds this after
noon. The'Mlnookas did not play yesterday;
the Hustlers failed to put In an ap
pearance. iMkta Maggie Durkln. of Plainsvllle,
visited Miss Mary JefTeia, of Da via
street, yesterday.
Mrs. C. X. Dodge, of Honesdale, la
pending a few days with relatives on
William street.
MIks Jennie Osborne, of WUkes
Barre, Is Uui guest of Mrs. A. D. Black
Iraton, of Elm street.
41 ips Yo"t, of Shenandoah, Is spend
ing some time with her cousin. Miss
Ruby Yost, of South Hlukely Btreet.
D. G. Hosar Is tearing down the
ruins of his house, on lllakely Htrent,
which was destroyed by lire over a year
Rev. John lavle and family, of New
York city, are the guests of Mrs. Da
vies' parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Mof
fat t, of Elm street.
Allss Inea Ivey, of Shoemaker avenue,
will represent the Presbyterian church
society at the Christian Endeavor con
vention to be held In Boston this week.
Itlanohe and Florence Search, of
WUkes-llarre, who have been upending
the past few duys at the home of A. C.
Smith, on Elm street, will return home
The Junior Christian Endeavor soci
ety of the Preabyterlan church will
hold no meetings during the montlin of
July and August, the next mentlng- be
ing held the tlrst Sunday In September.
Tine Iullen' Aid society of the Pres
byterian church will meet at the home
of Mrs. W. R. Teeter, on Elm street,
Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A
large attendance Is di'Sired, as no more
meetings will 'be iicld during hat
By the overturning of a carriage,
Domlnk'k Corcoran and two ladiea were
thrown violently to the ground ut the
Corners Saturday afternoon about A
o'clock. Fortunately, the horse did
not run, or some one might have been
seriously Injured.
At the regular weekly meeting of the
Iiyal legion Saturday night a very In
teresting programme of recitations,
musical selections, andla one-act drama
entitled "Two Gentlemen In a Had
Fix," were given, which was highly
appreciated by the large crowd in at
tendance. James Doud, a brakeman on the Erie
and Wyoming Valley railroad, had a
narrrow escape from death on Satur
day. He was thrown from the top of a
box car, falling between the cars, but
retained his presence of mind enough
to draw his legs out of the way, or they
would .have been crushed. He received
a dislocated hip, and was considera
bly bruised.
The Delaware and Hudson Canal
company Saturday paid Its employes
at the Grassy Island mines at Olyphant
and the Delaware and Mill Creek shafts
at Mill Creek.
James Doud, a conductor on the Erie
and Wyoming railroad, was dangerous
ly hurt by falling between the cars of
his train Saturday afternoon. He was
removed to his home, In Dunmore.
Oscar Blackmore was held In $300
ball Saturday for further hearing on
the charge of breaking Into a leln
ware and Hudeon freight car In Green
Ridge last fall and stealing a quantity
of potatoes.
A party of forty Elks went to Atlan
tic City yesterday morning over the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
railroad to attend the annual meeting
of the grand lodge. Their headquarters
will be at Hoteil Brunswick.
The Delaware and Hudson railroad
hae arranged to run an excursion 4 rain
to Boston for the convenience of those
wishing to attend the International con
vention of the Christian Endeavor so
cieties, which will be held thore this
week. The fare for the round trip will
be 19.35.
It Onght, Says This Medical Authority, to
be Treated as Such.
A medical authority says that grief Is a
disease, and must be treated as such. It
cannot be 'ignored, neither can it bo con
soled away. It must be accepted nnd al
lowed to wear Itself out. As a rule, read
justment comes slowly. Sorrow, grief and
the emotion caused by all great misfor
tunes chould be regarded as ukln to acute
Infectious tllseoees, which they resemble
In result; and later, as convalescence from
such diseases. In this class of lUnera, se
clusion, rest, sleep, appropriate food, fresh
air, sunshine and Interests Mist tnx neither
mind nor body are required. After ex-
' The crowds passing, in and out our
doors? Our competitors only (rave
us a few months lu Hcranton. Now
tbey are goinu; to let us atny right
To Close Out
Ol shopworn Turkish Pieces,
Divana, Chain and I'lutforni
Rockers In the Muslin to he
covered In Figured Corduroy.
Will close them out at 28 per
cent, ot list price.
J. L BENTON Adams av
The Scranton Training School
Y For Kindergarteners,
Thaaerend year of the Scranton Training
Behool for KlndergarteatM will open Septem
ber It. IMA. Diplomas will ba awarded June
IT, 1N6. tor olranlars and other aartloulars
treme sorrow the nervous system needs,
above everything, complete rest.
The poison of grief Is more than a name.
To urge work, study, travel, the vain
search for amusements. Is both useless
and dangerous. For a time the whole or
ganism Is overthrown and temporary se
clusion is imperative for proper readjust
ment. Recent medical observations show
tlvut the physical results of depressing
emotions are similar to those caused by
bodily accidents, fatigue, chill, partial
starvation and loss of blood. Birds, moles
and dogs, which apparnntly died In con
sequence of rapture and from conditions
that correspond In human being to acute
nostalgia and "broken heart," were exam
ined after death as to the condition of their
Internal organs. It was found that th
nutrition of the tissues had been Inter
fered with, and the substance proper of
the various vital organs had undurgone
the same kind of degeneration as that
brought about by pliuHphorus or tho
germs of Infectious disease.
Ills areatli In Kvldenco.
From the Iioston Transcript.
There Is mauy an amluliltt young gen
tleman who flatters himself that ho Is a
devil of a fellow simply because he goes
about with a cloven breath.
A U001 APPETITE an4 refreshing
sleep at this season Indicate a condition
of bodily health. These are given by
Hood's Hursupurlllu. It makes pure blood
am good health follows.
HOOD'S 1'ILLH are purely vegetable,
harmless, effective, ro riot pain or gripe.
That meritorious coods are one of
the first requisites of success in
business. You will also admit
we have been successful. It has
only been by giving our customers
the best goods at the lowest prices
at which goods can be sold. We
are proud of our success. You
should be, also. If you have
Scranton's interest at heart there
is only one way to make the city
prosperous; that is, by patroniz
ing such institutions as are a
credit to the city; who give you
better values than you get abroad.
Call and sec our line of Tea,
Dinner nnd Toilet Sets,
Lamps, Cut Clans, Silverware.
China Hall
The Razor Toe that tits feet
comfortably. IT 'DOES NOT
PINCH. Brown Glace Kid. Tan
(ilucc Kid, Chocolate Glace
Kid, Hlack Glace Kid. AH sizes
All widths. Complete line at
$2 the pair.
Wc also have in addition to
the above complete lines of
Common Sense, Opera Toe
and Piccadilly Toe Oxfords at
$1.50, '2.(HI, $2.50.
410 Spruce Street.
Late of Pittsburg.
First-Class Livery in Connection.
Cures Colds, Lays Out I.nGrlppc,
Cures Incipient Consumption.
Manufactured by G. ELMEN
DORF, Elmira, N. Y., and for sale
by the trade generally.
Wholesale Agents, Scranton, Pi
Sit Laek. Ay. and Sto wrt' Art 8tor.
Photo Eogrit Ing (or Clrcalirs, Bosks, Citi
lOttUM, Hewipiptrs.
Half-Tone and Una Work.
Muoot, P. Ok B. of A., O. A. B 8. ot V..
0. V. A. It., In fMt all lod(sa and octettes
Inttndinir to rnn eKcnnions can bar tlia
bast printing In taa ottr at lowast prleta
by calling at Taa Taiauaa Job Ospart-
BMBt. .
Tnnninm nnnnirnn MimnviTnnn-
1 mi lull hi 1 mm 1. vi
Combining all
Spring Overcoat and possess
ins water-proof qualities.
308 Lackawanna Avenue.
Owing to the lrre increase of business duriujr tha
months mid lo hIiow our appreciation of same, we havi
elded to give our numerous customers tue balanca or tin
lowing Bilicles ut tue astonishing low prices iu order to
out the entir.- Hues
Trimmed Huilors blttck, lilue and brown, 25c now
Trim Died Bailors, lilueU, blue and browD, 60c -now 2&C
And endlesM variety of MILLINERY of all kinds
at great reduction
Don't forget to look at our S9c. Ladies' Waist.
It will do your eyes (:ood to see ourSilc. LudioV Walnt.
Our 75c. Valt in stripes cannot be duplicated for tl.00.
To close our 75c. While Lawn Waist at 48.
Tic. w II buy an elegaut Lawn Waist, nicely trimmed,
worth tl.OH. ,
Will left.a few White Parasols which we aieofIVriDKatl8e.
The Le-t and cheapest -0 inch Sun Umbrella lu the city,
fast black, for JSc.
lis! Iff!
We ure receiving a few daily,
and are prepared to furnish Vie
tors, Gendrons, Envoys, Fleet,
wings. Relay Special, Relay Road
ters, Crowns. Lii.MiNnms: all new
in both Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Call and Examine.
Also a large stock of first-cloaa
DITTO not CO, tSwSSSt?
TateLatUM1 Hell) rranch Doala Kid Bat.
tarn Bant detiwed f mm njrwaere la the U-JUaa
receipt or Veen, mmrnf uran,
or IVmuI Mote fer M.
Kqtiale frr way UM beota
old la eU retail stare for
tlH. W raaae this beet
euraerree, therefor we faar
II any one M no eansnea
1 will refund the Bioaey
or tend another pair. Opera
1 to i aad salt
mm ruMT ml
wUIJU aea,
AH dona away with by th use of HARTS
MAN'S PATENT PAINT, Which consist
of Inaradlenta well-known to all. It can ba
applied to tin, galvanised tin, sheet Iron
roofs, also to brick dwollnga, which will
firevent absolutely any ommbllna, crack
na or breaking of the brick. It will out
laat tinning of any kind by many year,
and it's coat does not exceed one-fifth thai
of the cost of tinning. Ia sold by the Job
or pound. Contracta takon by
1 1
I.. I"-1
diul SV
i0 J Joe
the requisites off a fins
Hnrs. Curtis ft Wheeler are recognized aa
the leading manufacturer ot Ladies' Hne
Footwear intDiaconctrr. Their Shoos poaieaa
superior monts over nearly all others. Tbey
are beautiful in design, (rraoefnl In appear
ance end posiKM the Rlore-flttinff qualities aa
much sought after in dress shoes- We rail
your particular attention to our complete line
i.f Oxford Ties in black and fnov leathers ia
any style ot last and in all widths from A to
We Invite a comparison with other niton1
shoes at the same prices.
unavsioi mi
Sptciillj Adapted lor Reading ud Sating.
, Conaumpa three (8) feet of gaa pet
hour and gives an efficiency of tlxtf
(00) candles,
Having at least 33 per cant over tb
ordinary Tip Burners.
Call and See It.
flanufacturera' Agents.
Standard Instruments ta avary aaaM aj
m.. . .11.ii m Pianoa.
BzcMtloaal la holding their erlgtaal Me
Vtfta avaaua. ; ' -. ;
. na jmUm A Maw ; 1 as
a a 1
JD 1 Pure lis
H) lit
r twit
'. I