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Toronto 10
WllkesBarro 0
Springfield 18 Kochcstor 9
Of all the Eastern lonirue games
ttcheduted for yesterday the only game
prevented on account of rait was that
scheduled for Providence at Syracuse.
Springfield won at Rochester and has
become so safely entrenched in first po
sition that nothing but a long losing
Wreak will dislodge it. Toronto won
easily, from Scranton, but the latter
could lose again today and still remain
next 4o Springfield and itled with Syra
cuse, provided that club wins. Wllkes
Barre won in the ninth, from Buffalo.
The positions of the clubs ''show no
change from yesterday.
Standing of Kan tern League Clubs.
P. W. I P C
. Bprlnpfflelo. 15 14 1 fH
Scranton 11 7 4 .0S8
Syracuse 11 6 6 -f-!6
Wllkea-Barre 13 7 0 .538
Providence 12 J .Pit)
Buffalo f ,'. 13 6 8 .3S5
Toronto 13 4 9 .30S
Rochester 14 2 12 .H3
Today's Eastern League Games.
Scranton at Buffalo.
WUkes-Barre at Toronto.
Springfield at Syracuse.
. ' Providence at Rochester.
' JJ'-
Be Lost the Garao for Scranton In the
Second Inning When Ho Wos Hit Safely
Sis Times and Made Three Errors.
Brady Muffed an Easy Fly.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Toronto, Can., May 15. Scranton lost
(today's game with Toronto In the sec
ond Inning, when Quarles made three
errors and was hit safely six times.
His poor work demoralized the team
for the time and even old reliable
Brady made an Inexcuseable muff of an
easy fly. Shaw, for Toronto, was some
what wild, but he proved as great a
mystery to Sarnie's men as he did in
Scranton last week. Excepting the
errors of Quarles, the field work of
Scranton wan first class.
Delaney waa substituted for Quarlea
In ithe fourth Inning and pitched greait
ball during the remainder of the game.
Only four hJts were secured off him and
he accepted five assist chances without
an error and made two hits. Ward
and Whitehead made several difficult
stops.' Their fielding was one of the
features of ithe game.
Soraruton only escaped a shut-out
through Oemont's wild throw in the
ninth, when, with two out, three runs
were scored on tthree hits and a base
on balls. The day was cold, but clear,
A thousand spectators were present.
The score:
Meara, If........ 1
Slppl, 2b 1
Lutenberg, lb..... 1
Smith,' 3b.". 1
Lake, c 1
A. E
Demont, ss 1
Casey, rf.... ............ 1
Congalton, cf 2
Shaw, p 1
Totals 10 ' 10 27 16
R. H. O. A.
Radford, is 0 0 2 8
Ward, 2b 0 3 0 4
Brady, If 0 13 0
Clark, lb 0 0 11 0
Whitehead, 3b 0 0 13
Johnson, cf 0 12 0
Houle, rf 10 2 1
Rogers, o 1 1 6.0
Quarles, p 0 0 0 0
Delaney, p 12 0 5
Totals 3.
Toronto 0 8 0 0
Scranton 0 0,0 0
10 0
0 0 0
8 3
First base by errors Toronto, 5; Scran
ton, 8. Left on bases Toronto, 9; Scran
ton, 9. First base on balls Off Quarles, 8;
off Delaney, 2; off Shaw, 4. Struck out
By Quarles, 1; by Shaw. 4. Struck out
Lake, Quarles. Sacrifice hits Demont,
Whitehead. Stolen bases Meara 2. Double
plays Shaw to Lake to Lutenberg; De
mont to Slppl to Lutenberg. Wild pitches
Shaw. Passed balls Rogers, 1. Umpire
Snyder. Time Two hours.
Wllkes-Barre Won bjr Error In the
Seventh Inning.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Buffalo, N. Y., - May- 15. Until
the seventh. Inning' Buffalo .had
the game wltn; WUkes-Barre well In
hand. Then' errors "by Wise and Dran
by allowed two coal barons to reach
first and second base and let in three
runs, otherwise the game was interest
ing and well played throughout.
Bottenus, Buffalo's first baseman, and
who has done such great stick work,
failed to make a hit. McOlnnls, for
Buffalo, pitched a much better game
than Meekln orWllkes-Barre. Shan
non made a homer.: Thto score:
- "buffalo!
R, H. O. A. E.
Bottenus, If 0 0 3 0 0
Field, lb .' 1 2 10 0 0
Shearon, rf...'... i. 0 1 1- 0 0
Wise, 2b 0 0 1: 2 2
Drauby, 3b 0 0 1 "- 3 1
Clymer, cf 13 2 10
Dowse, c 1 2 4 2 0
Leewe, s..,, . 0 1 , t . -J
McGlnnis, p. 0 10 4 0
rTotala ... t. 10 24 15 4
R. H.
1 '
A. E.
.0 1
Lyttle, If r. o
Shannon, 2b..
Betts, cf,
Lesotte, rf......
Earl, lb .'..
Digglns, c. ......
Smith, 3b
McMahon, as...
Meekln, p
Totals 8 8 27 10 8
Buffalo 0 00001110-3
WUkes-Barre ,....0. 0 '1 0 '2 8 0 6
Earned runs Buffalo, 1; Wllkes-Barre, "
First base on 'errors Buffalo, 2:' Wllkes
Barre, 8. Two-base hits Shearon, Field,
Clymer, Betts 8, Earl, Smith:. Thtwebae
hit Lesotte, Home run Shannon. ' Sac
rifice hltj-Leewe.;' Stolen ; bases Clymer,
McOlnnls,. Betts. ' Bases on balls Off
Meekln,. 4rt' Struck out By McOlnnls, 3;
by Meekln, S" Hit by pitched ball-Bot-tenus.
Passed balls Digglns. Doublo
plays McMahon to Shannon to Eatl.
Left on bases Buffalo, 13; Wilkcs-Barre,
Time 1.50. Umpire Doescher.
I'ntll That Inning Kocnestor Bad Spring'
field Beaten.
Rochester, N. T May 1,5. By the
poor work of "Snap" Lang, Rochester
dropped today's game with Springfield
In the ninth Inning, after It had been
hardly won by the home team. As a
result, the Rochesters are without a
shortstop tonight. Lang having re
ceived his walking papers Immediately
after the close of the game. The game
was a pretty one from start to finish.
"Pop" Smith, Rochester's third base
man, was released this morning by
Manager Chapman, being replaced by
Dan Pfennlnger, a local player of good
repute. Smith Is understood to be ne
gotlatlng for a position with the Buf
falo team. Score:
R. II,
Lush, If 2 2
A. E.
Daly, cf 0 2
Hamburg, lb 1
Duryea, p
Bhlnnlck, 2b....
Walters, rf
Wente, c
Lung, ss
Pfennlnger, 3b.
Totals 9 13 27 10 S
It. H. O. A. E.
Shannon, ss 2 3 2 4 2
Donnelly. 3b 2 2 0 6 1
Lynch, If 0 2 2 0 0
Sihettler, rf 2 2 10 0
Gilbert, lb 2 1 12 1 0
Gurry, cf 3 18 0 0
Leahey, c 118 10
McDonald, 2b 3 3 2 0 0
Couglilln, p 12 12 3
Cullalmn, p 110 0 0
Uunson, c 1110 0
Totals 18 19 - 27 13 G
Rochester 0 4 0 0 0 1 1 3 09
Sprlnglleld 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 3 11-18
Earned runs Sprlnglleld, 8; Rochester, 4. hits Shlnnlck, Ounson. McDon
ald. Three-base hits Lush, Shlnnlck,
Duryea. Sacrifice hits Daly 3, Walters,
Leuhey. Stolen bases Sprlnglleld, 5; Ro
chester. 2. Left on bases Springfield, 7;
Rochester, 9. Bases on balls Off Cough
lln, 3; off Duryea, 3. Struck out By
Coughlln, 1: by Callahan, 1; by Duryea, 4.
Hit by pitched balls By Coughlln, 1; by
Duryea, 2. Wild pitches By Coughlln, 1;
by Duryea, 1. Attendance SOO. Time 2.15.
Umpire Qaffney.
Although four National clubB were
prevented from playing on account of
rain yesterday and there was no game
scheduled for the Bridegrooms and
Browns, there was a greater flopping
around in position than is usually the
case on any one day. Cincinnati didn't
play, but the club goes Into second
plaoe through New York's win from
Anson, and-tthe glan'ts go from eighth
to sixth plaoe, the Chloagos dropping
from second to fourth. Pittsburg, by
winning from Philadelphia, gets a
firmer hold on the leading position and
semis the Quakers from seventh to
eighth position. Cleveland and Boston
broke even.
Standing of National League Clubs.
P. W. L. P.C.
Pittsburg 1 13 6 .GSi
Cincinnati 20 12 8 ,WQ
Boston 17 10 7 .58
Chicago 21 12 9 .G7B
Cleveland 18 10 - 8 .550
New York 17 9 8 .529
Baltimore 14 7 7 .600
Philadelphia 16 8 8 .COO
Brooklyn 17 7 10 .412
Washington 16 6 10 ,3.-5
St. Louis ..... 22 8 . 14 .34
Louisville 17 6 12 .294
At Chicago
Chicago 0 001000001
New York 2 0 10 0 4 0 2 -
Hits Chicago, 9; New York, 13. Errors
Chicago, .3; New York, 3. Batteries
Hutchinson and Moran; Meekln and Far
rell. Umpire Long.
At Cleveland First game
Cleveland 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-2
Boston 2 000. 0 0010 3
Hits Cleveland, 5; Boston, 8. Errors
Cleveland, 4; Boston, 3. Batteries Wal
lace and Zimmer; Nichols and Ganzell.
Umpire Murray.
Second game-
Cleveland 0 0 2 0 0 0 6 0 - 8
Boston 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 24
Hits Cleveland, 11; Boston, 8. Errors
Cleveland, 2; Boston, 5. Batteries Young
and O'Connor; SUvetta and Oanzel. Um
pireMurray. At Pittsburg-
Pittsburg 2 0012000 -5
Philadelphia 0 0000000 11
Hits Pittsburg, 5; Philadelphia, 4. Er
rors Pittsburg, 1; Philadelphia, 2. Bat
teriesHart and Sugden; McOlll, Buckley,
Bean and Grady. Umpire Betts.
No game scheduled between Brooklyn
and St. Louis.
At Louisville Louisville vs. Washington,
game postponed; rain. . ,
At Cincinnati Baltimore vs. Cincinnati,
game postponed; rain.
At Haaleton- .- ' J
Haileton 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 86
Reading 2 1000 01 00-4
Hits Hazleton, 10; -Reading, 8. Errors
Hazleton, 2; Reading, 1. Batteries Jor
dan and Westlake; Schelbel and Weand.
At Carbondale
Carbondale 1 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 0-4
Allentown 0 0 1 0 0 0 8 4 8
Hits Carbondale, 8; Allentown, 14. Er
rors Allentown, 6. Batteries McLaugh
lin and Hcbs; Bakely and Mllllgan.
At Pottsvtlle Pottsvllle, IB; Harris
burg, 14. ..'
Collcgo Games. '' '
At Philadelphia
Pennsylvania 0 0 '5 0 0 5 0 0
0- 8
Lehigh 4 0 0 0 4 0 0 0
Hits Pennsylvania, 13; Lehigh, 14.
rors Pennsylvania, 4; Lehigh, 2. Batter
ies Dickson and Brennan; Nevlns and
At Amherst Yalo, 1; Amherst, 2.
Shaw Is Scranton's hoodoo.
Maybe Quarles had a case of rattles.
Delaney will soon be known as the
emergency pitcher.
Pitcher Fox, released by Scranton,
may sign with Hazleton. .
Think of Brady having butter on his
fingers! Certainly something must have
been wrong.
The second -Young Men's Christian
association's team defeated the Elec
trics, of Taylor, at the base ball park
yesterday by a score of 15-5. The best
work of the day was by Doaue, the first
baseman of the Young Men's .Chrlutlun
association. He accepted 15 out of 16
chances, and had five hits, a home run. a
.three bagger , two doubles and a single.
The Young Men s Christian association
Infield all put up a star game. The
Taylor pitcher did good work, but was
poorly supported. '
A'hnndlcap game of alley ball will be
played at Dunmore Corners on Saturday,
2 p. m. Admission; 10 cents. :
Brady Cables a Hot Message Across to
, Lendon.
London, May 16. 'Sir George Chet-
wynd and several other prominent
members of the National Sporting club
approve the action taken by the club
In declining to entertain Corbett's pro
posal In regard to a fight with Jack
son under the club's auspices.
The Pall Mall Gazette says: "If Cor
bet t means business, which seems al
most incredible, ho has only to make
a suitable apology for his foolish re
marks and then a match will be ar
William A. Brady, Corbett's man
ager, received the following cablegram
Tuesday from -Matchmaker Fleming,
of the National Sporting club, of Lon
don; "Owing to Insulting remarks
made by yourself and Corbett respect
ing National Sporting club, we decline
to entertain contest."
Mr. 'Brady cabled back: "Corbett
and I have nothing to apologize for.
Your action justifies the accusations
we have made against your club. Your
refusal to give a purse proves the cor
rectness of our statement to the effec:
that your club Is essentially a Jackson
organization. Jackson Is afraid to
fight, and you protect him by a subter
fuge." Having flashed this dispatch across
the Atlantic, Mr. Brady said: "When
In London Corbett refused to get on
his knees to the iNatlonal Spouting
club ofliclals and this is their revenge.
His Independent American ways did
not suit the English sporting autocrutn,
and now they try to turn him down
Corbett and I will never apologize to
them. No American can get fair play
in England unless he abuses his own
Great Brooklyn Ilandlcap Won by a Rank
Outsldcr-I.nzzaronc Gets the Placo I)r.
Rice, the Favorite, Pumped Out and In
the Ruck-Sir Walter the Only Funded
Horse to Finish as Good as Third.
Gravosend Race Track, May 15. The
ninth Brooklyn Jockey club hundlcap
was run at Gravesend today and was
won by Hornpipe with Jockey Uamll
ton up. The result was a complete sur
prise, only one of the horses that was
well supported In the ring finishing
among the leaders. Lazzarone, ridden
by Murphy, got the place and game
little Sir AValter was third.
The last named had been In active
demand on the future books and was
heavily backed at the track. Hornpipe
and Lazzarone opened at 20 to 1 each,
nnd closed at 15 to 1. Ramapo and Dr.
Rice were dual first favorltles during
the early quotations, but Ramapo had
a slight' call over last year's winner at
the close.
Taral, who rode Dr. Rice, is the reg
ular Keene jockey. He did not enter
tain the slightest fear of Hornpipe.
He had a wholesome respect for Rey
El Santa Anita and Ramapo. As Taral
left the paddock II. Lakeland, who
trains for James R. and F. H. Keene,
remarked: "Hornpipe will beat you
anyway." Taral took the remark as a
Joke and laughed. He was Inclined to
believe Lakeland after the race.
Assignee's Killing Pace.
There was the usual delay at the
post, and five false breaks before they
got the signal to depart. Sir Walter
showed slightly In front of the others.
and then gave way to Assignee, who set
a killing pace for the first six furlongs.
Sir Walter, who had been in a good
position all the way, then resumed the
command. Dr. Rice attempted to close
up on him. but soon had enough.
At the far turn everyone was crying
"Sir Walter." Then the shout "Look
at Ed Keaney" arose. This erratic
brute was moving up to Sir Walter.
All at once Penn appeared to be in
trouble. Ed Kearney began to swerve
and stagger about and finally dropped
back to the rear. This was as thev
were rounding the far turn. Penn had
lost a stirrup. In trying to keep con
trol of Ed Kearney he Interfered with
Dr. Rice and Ramapo. Neither, how
ever, suffered much through the Jost
ling, as both were beaten when It oc
curred. Another big change occurred
when they were half way around the
upper turn. Lazzaronb, who had been
In the rear, began to thread his way to
the front. With a phenomenal burst of
speed he collared Sir Walter as they
swung into the home stretoh. oggett
at once went to the whip. Sir Walter
responded nobly and again his name
rang in the air. Lazzarone came
again, but was promptly challenged by
Hornpipe, who had crept up almost un
observed. Won Only by a Neck.
A desperate struggle ensued. The
task was .too great for Lazzarone, ho
faltered under the fierce attack of whip
and spur. This cost him the race.
Hornpipe, running true to the last gasp,
won by a good neck.
Lazzarone beait Sir Walter a length
and a half for the place. Time, 2.11.
Counter Tenor, the 8-year-old, who
went begging at 50 ito 1, was ridden in
and around his field as If he were a
polo pony and was fourth. In the hands
of a capable Jockey this oolt would
have given (Hornpipe an argument.
Rey El Santa Anita, who was kept out
of the race in Bergen fashion until the
stretch was reached, flattered his back
ers for a few strides only. Dr. Rice,
Ramapo, and Rubicon ran as it totally
unfit. They were beaten before they
had gone a mile. Sir Walter would
have done better had Doggetti not
fallen Into the -trap set by Lakeland
with Assignee, and thus killed him
self by itrylng to keep up with the light
weighted pacemaker, -
When you can get your eyes sclen
tulcally tested
Any loss of vision from age or
defect can be corrected by the use
of the Aoro-Crystal lenses, which
will stop all pain in the head.
Have no other. The Acro-Crystal
lenses are sold only by
rtcura: Daily, s to 11 a, m., 1 to 8 and 7 to V p. m
BRAND" . . .
Finest Tbat Are Offered
to the Trade.
122 H. Main Aronna, Scrutn,
Some Events of the Day on the West
Side of the City Noted.
Ho Stolo a Mcklc-ln-tho-Slot Machine
from Saloon of Simon Thomas -West
Side Men Who Attended Ivorltes
Coventlon at Wilkes-Burre.
fThe West Sido Interests of The Tribune
have been placed In the hands of Emer
son Owen, to whom all news announce
ments and complaints may be addressed.
He went up to the bar In Simon
Thomas' North Main avenue saloon
and asked for a drink. He was a
young man, wearing a neatly bisected
hat of the Dunmore ditch species, and
a suit uf black clothing.
As the bartender was serving liquid
to other customers the young man sud
denly grabbed the -nlckle-ln-the-slot
machine, which lay on the bar, and
made a dash for the duurway. Several
men saw the action, bat no one Inter
fered until the young man departed
with his booty. Chase was made a few
minutes later, and as the thief was still
In flight he was followed through
Brown's alley and far on the way to
The police were put upon the track
but as yet the thief Is at large. The
machine contained about $2 In nlckles.
K uniting Away at Leisure.
Late Tuesday night a team of black
horses, attached to a rig; was running
up North Main avenue at a fast rate of
speed. No driver was upon the seat
and no one occupied the interior of the
carriage. When near Tripp's crossing
a passing workman noticed the run
away and stopped -the team. The work
man brought the turnout to the livery
establishment of Michael Wymbs, on
Jackson street. Mr. Wymbs was
aroused and announced that the run
aways were his property. The driver
could not be found.
A. O. of T. I. Convention.
Many members of Robert Morris
lodge attended the convention of the
order held yesterday In Wllkes-Barre.
They that attended participated in the
afternoon parade of the visiting and
local societies. Badges were worn
designating the West Side order. At
last night's meeting of the convention
Attorney W. R. Lewis, of this side,
made an able speech, receiving many
enconluma for the endeavor. A full re
port of the convention will be found
In another part of the paper. Among
those from this side were John J. Da
vis, Will R. Lewis, E. E. Robathan, B.
Williams, Dr. J. J. Roberts, John H.
Phillips, representative of the local
lodge; C. E. Daniels and O. A. Will-
nase Ball Matters.
A base ball game was played yester
day on the Round Woods' grounds be
tween a team from Gammon's hill and
the Achilles, ithe former winning to the
musio of 18 to 14. A large crowd wit
nessed 'the game, wthlch was Interesting
throughout, although the Gammon's
hill boys had the best of it In ithe twlrl
er's be. Batteries, English and Phil-
Hps; Davles, Thomas and Evans.
The Blue Bells accept the challenge
of the Starlights. Game to be played
at 4 o'clock, Monday, on the Little
Woods' grounds.
A challenge from Ithe Hyde Park
Stars Is hereby given to the West Side
Pansies for a game to be played on
May 18. Answer in this paper.
Many other base ball announcements
have been received at the West Side
office, and will appear later.
Brief Items of Interest.
The Druids meet tonight. -
The funeral of Nellie Sweeney oc
curred Tuesday.
As yet there Is no clue to the robber
of Keene & Thomas' store.
Clarke Bros, have begun excavating
for their new and handsome store.
Thomas Looney, of Falrvlew avenue,
has an invention which he will soon
William Tork, of Jackson street, will
return today from a two weeks' visit
ait Cincinnati.
Tommorow night a Brownies social
will be held In the Garfield Avenue
iMIssl-on house.
The lady contingent of the Scranton
United Choir ment and rehearsed last
night In Mears' hall.
George Griffiths, sign painter, form
erly of this paper, has furnished B.
Davis with a handsome sign for his
South (Main avenue store.
David Owens, of South Sumner ave
nue, will play at the Initial bag for the
first Young Men's Christian associa
tion team. Frank Reese holds down
center garden.
Base ball is booming on thts side.
What's the matter with forming a
league, boys? The Tribune sporting
department contains everyday notes
concerning West Side base ball clubs. -i
A horse owned by Louis fjcboen, the
Jackson street grocery man, was pull
ing a heavily-loaded wagon up Scran
ton street hill yesterday evening, when
one of ithe animal's legs, strained by
the weight behind, twisted and was
made useless.
! Annie, the' 11-year-old daughter of
jUr. and Mrs. William Tprk, enter
tained many of tier- Httle friends yes
terday afternoon ait the Jackson street
home. Between the hours of i and 5
-the young people enjoyed games and
tea was afjterward partaken of.
i- The' Shakespearean club( an organi
zation formed for .the Intellectual .ad
vancement of Its members, has moved
Into the former social rooms of Robert
Morris lodge In Mears' , hall. The
Shakespeareans have furnished their
rooms in handsome style and possess
one of the finest suite of rooms In the
A meeting of the Ladles' A 14 society
of the First Baptist church, Scranton
street, was held last evening, when It
wraa decided that a supper be promoted
by the. ladles of the church whose sur
names commence wWii the letters A, B
and C. The supper will be given on
Thursday next and the proceeds will
be devoted to the fund for recarpetlng
the church. .
West Side Business Direetory. '
PHOTOGRAPHER Cabinet Photos, $1.40
per doien. They are just lovely. Con
vince yourself by calling at Starner'a
Photo Parlors, 101 and 103 South Main
GROCERIES Revere Standard Java
Coffee Is unexcelled. The leading coffee
of the day. For sale only at F. W. Ma
aon & Co. Fine Groceries, 116 South
Main avenue.
for anything you have to sell. Furni
ture, Stoves, Tools, etc. Call and see
the stock of J. C. King, 1U24 and 102(1
Jackson street.
WALL PAPER-GO to Fred Reynolds.
206 North Main avenue, and see his
complete line of Wall Paper, Paints
and Window Shades. Just opened with
new stock.
PLUMBING William D. Griffiths, 113
North Main avenue, does nrst-claBS
Plumbing, Steam Heat and Gas Fitting.
Satisfaction is strictly guaranteed.
. 1
Substantial crosswalks are being laid
In Green Ridge portion of the second
ward. :
The exterior of new No. 27 school
house, at Sanderson and Columbia ave
nues. Is nearly completed.
Dr. C. H. 'Thompson, of Main avenue,
has decided to open a drug store In
Brown's building on East Market
Mark Moran, the right fielder of the
Allentown 'Base -Hall club, visited his
parents, who reside on Bloom avenue,
A large number of friends gathered
at the home of Miss Mame Robinson,
on Leggetts street, Tuesday night, and
spent an enjoyable evening.
A game of base ball between the
Browns, of Olyphamt, and the Cardons,
of this place, will- be played on the
Price-burg grounds tomorrow after
noon. Owing to previous engagements the
Church Avenue Base Ball club cannot
accept the challenge of the Alerts for
June 1, but will play them on their
grounds on June 18.
The Crystal Literary and Dramatic
society intends running an excursion
to Mountain Park on August 6. On
June 5 they will give their friends a
complimentary ball In Company H
armory. ,
Abednego Reese and family, of
Kingston, are visiting friends and re
latives here. They expect to leave to
morrow for Richmond, Va., where Mr.
Reese has accepted the position of gen
eral superintendent of the coal mines.
The "International tea, which has
been conducted by the ladles of the
Welsh Baptist church, was successfully
closed last night. The rooms were en
tirely too small to accommodate the
crowds, a large number of ou-t-or-town
people being In attendance.
The basement of the new L,urneran
church, at Main avenue and Theodore
street. Is being covered. It is the in
tention of the members to complete
the basements so that servlcesican be
conducted in it while the remainder of
the building Is being erected.
The Anthracite Literary and social
club has taken possession of Its new
rooms, over Cowles' hardware store,
in the apartments formerly occupied
by Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Crippen.
The rooms have been thoroughly reno
vated and are elegantly furnished.
Rev. John O'Toole married Miss
Ca therine Fleming, of Holllster avenue,
and Michael iHughes, of Grace street,
In the Holy Rosary church yesterday
afternoon at 4 o'clock in the presence
of a large number of friends. After the
ceremony the couple, accompanied oy
the groomsman, James Carden, and
the bridesmaid. Miss Bridget Ready,
took a. short carriage drive, after whlcn
a receiptlon was tendered them eJt their
own -home, on Grace street, where sup
per was served. The bride and brides
maid were dressed In lavender buk ana
carried bouquets of white and pink
carnations. The couple were the recipi
ents of a number of valuable presents.
John Palmer, of Carbondale, was in
town yesterday.
. . . . ,
John Jermyn's carpenter aim umtn-
smith shops were destroyed Dy nre yes
PURE RICH BLOOD is essential to
good health, because the blood is the
vital fluid which supplies all the organs
with life. Hood's Barsaparllla Is the great
blood purlflor.
HOOD'S PILLS are purely vegetable.
harmless, effective, do not pain or gripe.
loo Crop nt Niagarn.
The Icemen at Niagara Falls are re
joicing over the excellent Ice crop, whlsh
ia said to bo the best in thirty-live years.
Years of experience here and abroad' en
ables us to perfectly repair all kinds of
American as well as English and other Im
ported watches. All work guaranteed.
Turnquest, 205 Washington avenue.
Printing for Grocers. ,
Circulars, cards, booklets, letter heads.
etc., printed so well at The Tribune of
fice that they will sell goods for you.
Excursion pasters printed at The Trib
une office In many different and attractive
Drop us a postal or telephone us and wo
will call for your clocks and other heavy
repairs. Turnquest,, 205 Washington ave'
nue. 'Phone, 2652.
Watch repair done by. Turnquest, ZOG
Washington avenue. ,
Excursion tickets printed at The Trib
une office.
"I have used Burdock Blood Bitters In
my family for two years. It Is. the best
medicine I ever used. It cured me of ery
sipelas In very short time; also cured my
son of scrofula after the doctors had
failed." Louie S. Woodward, Laurel Hill,
Fayette County, Pa. . , ,
If your watch needs repair bring it to
Turnauest for repairs, 20ft Wash. ave.
Dr. Wood's Norway Pina Syrup la pleas
ant to take, positively harmless to the
most dallqate constitution, and absolutely
sure to- cure the most obstinate cough or
cold. A household boon.
Watch repair done by , Turnquest, 05
Washington avenue. , .i ' '
flTien Eoby iru sick, w it her Castorta.
Wken she was a Child, she cried tor 'Castofta,
Waen aao became Mist, she clung totastoria,'
Vhtn ah bad Children, aba gave them Uaatorb
Every Bfaa Wao Woald Kaow it,
Unas Tratas, the Plain Facte, the
New Discoveries ef Medical Bcloaee
ae Applied la Married Lite, Whe
Woald Ataaa'for Past Errors and
Avoid Vatare Pitfalls, Saoald Beearo
Ike Wonderful Little Book Called
" Complete Manhood, and IIow to At.
, tala II." .
" Here at lost is Information from a high
tsedlcM source that must work wouder with
this generation of men."
The book fully describes a method by which
to attain full vigor and manly power.
A method by which to end all unnatural
drulosou the system. . -
To core nervousness, lack of self-control, do.
spondency, Ac,
To exchango a jaded and worn naturo for
one of brlichtnn, buoyancy and jwwur.
To euro forever effects of exoeiwet, overwork,
worry, Ac.
To glvo fall strength, development and tone
to every portion and oraan of the body.
Ago no barrier. Failure luipouiblo. Two
Uioiiund references.
Tho book Is puroly medical and scientific,
melon to cnrloilty eutkera, invaluable tu men
only who need It.
Adiwvairlnif man, who hnd applied to us,
soon after wrote : 1
"Well. I tell yon that first day la ono I'll
never forget. I just bubbled with Joy. I
wanted to hug overybocly and tell thvuimy
old self had died yet-terday, and my new self
was born to-day. Why clldu't you tell mo
when I ilrst vrcoto that 1 would Hnd It this
And another thus:
"It you dumped a rart ldad of gold at my
fect it would nut bring such gladness Into my
life as your motlioa has done."
Bnffale, N. Y., and auk for the little book
called "COMPLETE MANHOOD." Heferto
this paper, and the company promises tosend
tbo book. In pealed envelope, wlthnnt uny
laarku, and entirely free, until It la well lutio
Why not treat with a physician to whom
you can tell your troubles and will CURE
you? Why send your money miles away
from home to some one you never saw,
when you have the greatest Specialist
near you with whom you can talk It over
and be cured.
Dr. lieeves, 412 Spruce street, Scranton,
by his new and specific methods and
remedies cures all the following:- Impot
ency, Lost Manhood, Vartococele, Gonorrhoea.-
Syphilis, Blood Poison, Nightly
Losnes, Stricture, Seminal Weakness, Re
stores Lost Vitality, Lost Memory, Eradi
cates all the bad effects of "Self Abuse,"
Excessive Venery, Purifies tho Blood, Re
stores "Shrunken Parts" to their normal
size, Arrests decay and makes you a V.MI
and hearty man again. If you are nerv
ous, have a rapid irritable heart, tired,
dull feeling In the mornings, Offensive
Breath, Constipation, pains back of neck
and head, or any of the above diseases,
call and be examined. It will cost you
nothing and you may benefit largely by It.
Everything strictly secret and confiden
tial. OFFICE HOURS-Dally 9 to 9.
Sundays, 10 to 4.
nR RFFVFS "o- y.5JP!;C9 ns.,cc,'
Till MWJ
Thli Famous Kemody carps quickly and ptr
iDftneDtlf all norroui llooaM'. such as Weak
Memory, Loss of Urala Power, Heartache, Wake
fulness, Lost Vitality, ntflitly eratnilonn, evil
drenmn.lmpotencjraiKl wattlntf dUaaseB canted by
youthful errors or xceae. Con m inn no
op I iite n. Is a nerve tonic and blood builder.
Mnkestho pile end puny ruronif and plump. Easily
carried In vest nokct. SI per box; 6 lor t)&. By
mall prepaid who a written guarantee to cure or
money refunded. Writ us for free medical
book sent noaledlii plain wrapper, which con
tain testimonial and financial rnforencca. No
charge Tor eoatultntlona. Btwart nf fmfto
(ion i. Snld dt our uilrortlwd aaentn. or addroni
MKV HEED CO.tMasoolo Temple, hleno.
Complexion Presund
Bemorei Freeklse, Pimata,
Liver . Moles, Blaokhoads
8 unbare and Tea, and re
stores the akin to Its origi
nal freshness, producing a
dear and healthy com-
frerorsUons and perfectly harmless. At aU
Orugglsti, or moued lor Met, Sand lor Circular,
1 VIOLA SKIN 80AP taHr lcaN. a
SSU purtftlai SoHt immM at o MM, vHfcmt a
llnl k u mrntrj. AbMtauV jmn aid IShilrtj BU
sua. Attrasttra, Prlea 25 Caa,
G. C. BITTNER& CO., Toledo, O.
. .For tale by Matthowa Bna. and John
H. Pholpa.
atssORf- it ths Hieatrr Mtmeu Aenroamta
you jrr.i nnu
lHSMLIB will ears yon. A
wonderful booa to Huff, ran
fromiCelds, reThraat,
Ialaeaaa BraahlUa
or at A X riTia, AWtrH
TmmrdtaU rW. An !,,
raaaMlT. MnvMnlnt til Aa
In poeiet, mAt to nse on flrjt iudlcatloa of cold.
Catlaaje4 Via Knew reraaaaen Core.
ausf action nareateed or sonar ret unded. Frlea,
SO eta.
-mai irte at vrau lite, Kwutarad mall,
M. I. CDSIall, Or,, Urn lima auk, 1.1. a,
rial free at praulita. KwUtared mall,
Wot at.
tt ann Ait
IIPNTHni The rarest and safest remedr for
PlbninUL. all aiodlaeaaas1Bcema,llh. Salt
Bbenai, old Bores, Uurns, OnU. Waaderrwl rem-
ady forFILEa. Frlea.aa psa. at Drug- B II li
gists or hy mail prepsld. A(ldis,sasbpT. DWLIW
Forealeby Matthew Bros, and John
H. Pheloa.
tlAKBRl Or
Ofiloai 330 Washington Avenuo.
Workal Nay-Allg. Pa E. k W. V. R. R.
General Sales Ageut, Scranton, Pa
vr VMM
ft! xT
Coal of the bast quality for domastle.
se, and of all aiaoa, delivered in any
part of the city at lowest price.
Orders left at my Office
Rear room, first floor, Third National
Bank, or sent by mall or telephone to the
nine, will receive prompt attention.
Bpaetal contracts will be made for the
laie and delivery of Buckwheat Coal.
The Philadelphia Specialist, and his axso
elated start of English and German
physicians, are now permanently
located at
Old Poatofflce Building, Corner Penn
Avenue and Spruce Street.
The doctor is a Biuduao of the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, formerly demon
strator of physiology and surgery at the
Medico-Chlrurgicnl colk-go of Philadel
phia. His specialties are Chronic, Nor
vous, Bkin, Heart, Womb and Blood dis
The symptoms of which are dlzzlness.lack
of confidence, sexual weakness in men
and women, ball rising In throat, spots
floating before the eyes, loss of memory,
unable to concentrate the mind on one
subject, easily aturtled when suddenly
spoken to, und dull distressed mlmi, which
unfits them for performing tho actual du
ties of life, making happiness impossible,
distressing the action of the heart, caus
ing ilUHh of heat, depression of splrlts.evil
forebodings, cowardice, (ear. drenms.mol
ancholy, tire easy or company, feeling as
tired In the morning as when retiring,
lack of energy, nervoiiHncs.i, trembling,
confusion of thought, dupresHlon, constipa
tion, weakness of the limbs, etc. Those ho
affected should consult us immediately
ard be Tentored to perfect health.
Lost Manhood Restored.
Weak uess of Young Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your phy
sician call upon the doctor and bo exam
ifd. He cures tho worst cases of Ner
vous Lability, Scrofula, Old Sores, f'n
turrh, Piles, Female Wcukncss, Affi-c
tlons of the Kye, Ear, None unrl Throut,
Asthma, Deafness, Tumore, Cancers and
Cripples of every description.
Consultations free nnd strictly pacred
and confident. Ofllce hours dally frem
a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday. 9 to 2.
Enclose five 2-cent stamps for svmlpom
blanks and rrfy book called "Now ,lf "
r will pay one thousand dollars In fold
to anyone whom I cannot cure of EPI
Old Poet Office Hulldlns, corner Penn
avenue and Spruce street.
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
100,000 Barrels per Annum
Moosic Powder Go
Rooms 1 and 2 Commowealtb Bld'g,
Lafflin & Rand Powder Co.'a
Orange Gun Powder
Electric Batteries, Puses for explod
ing blasts. Safety Fuse and
fiepauno Chemical Co.'s EigliExpIosiYSJ
(run lift.
Marie a
. ti t A f . H ft A
1st Day. VSMPp- Wfflii' n
MthDay. of Me.
THE OREAT 80th Day.
xxuekn"Oxx rtxa&xzsxvsr.
produce the abovo remits In 30 !nrn. It ati
powerfully sad quick lr. funs wlieu all otbera fail
Vouus men will retain tuolr intt nmahood. and old
men will recover tbtlr youthful vuor br uilng
RBT1 VO. It ouickljr and lurcl; restores Nervouu
bmb. Loat VlUlltr, Impotent)?. Nigutlr KraiHslonH.
Lost rower, Fslllnr Memory, Wutlnz Dinratiea. and
all (fftcH of Mlf-abuM or eiwnand indlicretiOD
which onflti one for study, btialnnw or marrlue. It
not oaly enrea by itartlns the 't of dlsaue. but
lit fret I ncrrtnle tud blond builder, brluf
luf btcl the pink Blow to pale cheek tud re
taring the fire of youth. It wrd off Jnniuittj
and Ooaiumption. IuIit orrhiTlnx KKVIVO.uo
other. It otn be carried io vml poc ket. Dy mrtl
1.O0 per ptcktxe. or tlx for 63.00, with a poll
tiro written guaranta to euro or refund
the money. Circular trot. Addicts
To aal hj Matthewt Bre-i.. Drarclt
ficrantoo . Va.
A distil lal Ion from the South American palm
tree, free from mineral oi chondral com
pound. An infallible cure for Halilnctii,
Halr-Felllii(r. Dandruff, Thin or Bcllcate
Hair, Koieina, Tetter, and nil dlsenxen of tho
Ilali' and Heal p. PuLM-ORim-i Hntamo for
beautlfyinir the Hair; a delightful, cool and
refrethiue; Bhatnpoo t exqumile odor. All
purchaters of tho PaLm-christi PitffAF.
tions are entitled to free treatment of the
Bealp, Shampooing nnd Halr-DnKslnif, at any
of our Ilalr-Dreaalng Parlora.
raieteee eNivavTNK
: P. 8. Our parlors are In charge of tnrclal
late on Rtlcctlnna f the Hair and Scalp. All
advluo fiee. M" Write for circular.
ii - - "t ntv ntt
oar Hair Druaeara call unja taa:n can make
appointments by addreaainv
Sola Agonta for Scranton.
fill's B
Central Railroad of Nov Jersey.
iLoliIgh and - U3qu)..auni Division)
Antu radio caul UacU exclusively, insur.
ing cleuulinusa und cuuiCort.
Tj.Uu; lAtHvi-. i.n Kh'r'rlCT MAY 12, 1895.
Trains krwo Scranton for Pittston,
VVilkes-Uariu, etc., at 8.20. 8.15, n.30 a.m..
l.i.), 2.U0, 3.110, uM, l.iu p. 111. tiundays, .UD
a. ni., 1.00, 2.1c, 7.10 p. m.
For Atlantic C!ty, 8.20 a.m. '
For New York, Newark und Elizabeth.
8.20 (express) a. in.. 1.23 (express with Buf
fot parlor car), 3.05 (express) p.m. Bun.
day, 15 p.m. ,
For Munch Chunk, Allentown, Bethle
hem, Easton and Philadelphia, 8.2U a.m.,
1.23. 3.05, f..cKj (except Philadelphia) p. m,
Sunday, 2.15 P.m.
For Long Branch, Ocean drove, etc., at
8.20 a. in.. 1.23 p. m.
For Heading, Lebanon and Harrlsburg,
via Allentown, 8.21) a. m., 1.23, 6.00 p. m.
Sunday, 2.16 p.m.
For Pottsville, C.20 a. m.
rteturning, leave New Tork, foot of Lib
erty street, North river, at 9.10 (express)
a.m., 1.10, 1.30, 4.30 (express witii Buffet
parlor car) p.m. Sunday, 4.80 a.m.
Leave 1'hllndelphla, Heading Terminal,
9.00 a.m., 2.00 und 4.30 p.m. Sunday 6.27
Through tickets to all points at lowest
rates may bo had on application in ad.
vanco to tho ticket agent at the station. .
Gen. Pass. Agent.
J. H. OLHAUSEN. Gen. Supt.
May 12, im.
Train leaves Sc-ranton tor Philadelphia
anil New York via I(. ft II. R. k. at 7.15
a. m.. 12.05. 1.20. 2.38 and 11.3S n. rn.. vin 11 .
; L. & W. it. It., COO, 8.03, 11.20 a. m., and; 1.38
! p. m.
Leave Scranton for Pittston nnd Wllkes
Barre, via !-.. L. & W. It. it., (i.00, 8.0S, 11.20
a. m., S.Do, t.07. ti..'.2 p. m.
I Leave Kerantun for White Haven, Ha-,
1 zleton, Pottsvllle and all points on tho
Heaver Meadow nnd Pottsvllle branchns,
via E. & . V. II." it., 0.40 a.m., via I. & H.
H. K. at 7.i5 a. in., 12.00, 1.20, 2.38, 4.00 p. m.,
, via I).. L. & W. it. It. O.W, 8.03, 11.20 a, m.,
I. 30, 3.r,0 p. m.
Leave Si-tanton for Dethlehem, Canton,
Reuding, 1-lurrlsburu and all Inlcrmodlata
points via L). & H. R. It., 7.45 a.m., 12.05,
1.20, 2.38. 4.00, 11.38 p. m., via I)., U & Vf. R.
It., 8.0, 11.20 a. m., 1.30 p. m.
Leave S ranton for Tunkhannock. To
wanda, Elmlra, Ithaca, Geneva and all
Intermediate points via D. & H. R. K., 8.43
a.m., l.e", and 11. M p.m., via 1)., L. & W.
R. it., 8.08. !'.r,r, a.m.. 1.30 p.m. . -
Leave Kerunton for Rochester, Buffalo.
Niagara Falls, Detroit, Chicago nnd nil
points west via l. A- H. R. K., 8.45 a.m.,
2.0-i, .i:.. 11.38 p.m., via l.. L. & V. It. it.
and I'lttFtuu Junction, 8.0S, H.65 a.m., 1.30,
8.r,0 p.m., via 10. & W. V. R. It., 3.41 p.m.
For Elmlra and the west via Salamanca,
via U. & H. 1!. It.. 8.15 a.m., 12.05, G.05 p.m.,
via 1)., L. & V. R. It., 8.08, ".05 a.m.,
und 6-07 p. in.
Pullman parlor and sleeping or L. V.
chair cars on all trains between L. & E.
Junetlon or VilI;es-Hurru und New York,
Philadelphia, liufl'alu, und Suspension
CIIAS.S. LEE, Gen. Pass. Agt., Phila., Pa.
A. W. NONNE.MACHER, Asst. Geo.
Pass. Agt., South Bethlehem, Pa.
CommencinK Monday,
-a day, July m, ail trejna
" will arrive at new Lack
awanna avenue station
an follow:
Trains will leave Scran
ton station for Carbondale and In
termediate polnu at 2.23. 6.45, 7.0, 8.25 and
1U.1U a.m., 1.00, Z:m, 3.50, 5.1i, 6.16, 7.25, S.10
and 11.20 p.m.
r'or Farview, Waymart and Honeadala
at 7.0, s.5 and 10.10 a.iu.,12.00, 2.20 and 6.1
For Albany, Saratoga, the Adirondack
and Montreal at S.-lu a.m. and 2.20 p.m.
For Wlikes-liarre und Intermediate)
.-ma at 7.45, 8.46. 9 a? and 10.46 a.m., 12.05
i.2), 2.38, 4.00, 5.10, 6. OS, 9.16 and p.m.
Trains will arrive at Scranton st&tloil
from C'arbomlale and Intermediate- point
at 7.40, 8.40, f'.il and 10.40 am., 12.00, 1.17,2,341
1.40. 4.64. 6.C-5, 7.45. 9.11 and 11.33 p.m.
From Honcsilale. V.'aymart and Far)
view at .i a.m., 12.00, 1.17, 3.40, 5.5S an4
7.45 p.m. ,
From Montrea', Para toga, Albany, etc
at 4.54 and 11.33 p.m.
From Wllkpa-Barre and Intermedlatrl
pr.tntn at 2.15, S OI, 10.05 nnd 11.66 a.m., 1.1U
'- U. 8.39, 6.10, 6. OS, 7.20, 9.03 and 11.111 p.m.
Del., Luck, and Western.
Trains leave Scranton as follows: Ex
frees for New York and all points East,
40. 2.50, 6.15, 6.00 and 9.65 a.m.; 12.65 and 3.50
p.m. i
Express for Easton, Trenton, Philadel
phia ami the south, 6.15, 6.00 and 9.55 a.m..
12.55 and 3.50 p.m.
Washington and way stations, 8.55 p.m.
Tobyhttnna accommodation, 6.10 p.m.
Express for ninsharnton, Oswego, El
mlra, Cornlnp. Hath. Dansvllle, Mount
Morris and l'.ulTalo, 12.10, 2.35 a.m. and 1.24
p.m., making r!o.o connections at Buf
falo to all peints In the West , Northwest
liaili accommodation, 9 a.m.
Itinuiiomton and wav stations, 12.S7 p.m.
Nicholson aceomtno'lntlon, at 6.15 p.m.
rinshamton and Elmlra Express, 6.0S
F.xpress for Cortland, Syracuse, OsweffO
Utlca nnd Richfield Springs, 2.35 a-m. and
1.21 p.m.
Ithaca, 2.35 and Bath 9 a.m. and 1.24 p.m.
For Northumberland, Pittston, Wllkes
nnrre, riymouth, Bloomsbunr und IJan
vllle, maklnit close connections at North
umberland for Wllllamsport, HarrinburtT,
Baltimore, Washington and the South.
Northumberland and Intermediate sta
tions, 6.00, 9.55 a.m. and 1.30 and 6.07 p.m.
Nantlcoko and Intermediate stations,
8.08 and 11.20 a.m. Plymouth and Inter
mediate stations, 3.50 and 8.52 p.m.
Pullman parlor and Bleeping coaches on
all express trains
For detailed Information, pocket time
tables, etc., apply to M. L. Smith, city
ticket oflice, 32S Lackawanna avenue, op
depot ticket office.
Erie and Wyoming Valley.
Trains leave Scranton for New Tork
and Intermediate points on tho Erie rail
road at 6.-10 a. m. and 3.21 p. m. Also for
Honesiiale, Haw'icv and local points ut
6.40, 0.45 a. m., and 3.L'4 p. m.
All the above are through trains to and
from Honesdale.
Trains leave for Wllkes-Barre at 6.35 a,
m. and 3.41 p.m.
In lilleet Sept. 10th, 1804
North Itiniid.
Month Bound.
205 20i 201 iO'i !tU4 24X1
ag r, ? 6tatiou9 isgfia .i
S gj H (Trains Dallv. 5 & j & S
J a J Kxcepl Sunday) " 5 Q "
I r M A rrive I-ave A u
.... 7 2" . . NYFrankliaSt .... 740 ....
.... 7H'.... West 4ind Si .... 76., ....
70ii.... Weehawken .... 810 ....
r H P m Arrive lave amp h .
Tail-Ti" .... lluncock Juuc. UOJ oS
610 109 .... Hancock 606 Sit
75H 13Ni ... Slarli-jht 6 1H 82 ....
7 61 13 4U .... Preston Park 0SW 8 31 ....
?." M) .... Cumo 63'J 941 ....
7SH ISO .... PoTtltelle 0 40 8 so ....
783 12 IS ... Belmont 6 4S 2 it .....
7IW 1203 .... rieOMint lit M 00 ....
710fll.VI ... Dllloildale f 6 68 3 00 ....
70s 1140 li ForsctCity 7 10 8 19 P at
661 1181 816 Cirbondnln T94 6 34 B 34
6 4S fllSO 9K White Bridge 7 2Tf3 3-4 8 37
r6 43 fOOtl Muvlleld f7 3? f3 43 (5 44
6 41 1183 0ttl Jeimrn 7 81 3 4r 5 45
6.1!) II H 8 57 Archibald 7 40 8 51 ft 51
6 3-' fill.') B!t Wintotl 7 43 8M 5 5t
61M 1111 8.V) PeckTlllo 7 4H 3 50 5 59
6 25 1107 8 41 Olrphatit 7 BO 4 04 6 04
6 81 1105 6 41 ' Wcksoo 7 54 4 07 6 07
610 11 03 8 3:1 Throop 7M 410 610
6 14 1100 8 3l Providenca 600 4 14 614
f6 13 fl(7 8 83 Park Place 8 0-if4 17 6 16
6 10 10 55 881 Scranton 8 05 4 80 6 80
p ll A A M Leave Arrive a p mp at
f. f lenlllat that trams stop on Big rial for pa
Secure rates via Onmrlo & Western before
purclMslniF. ticket and save money. Day anal
Night bpreas to the West.
J. C. Anderson, On. Pan. Act,
T. Flferoft. llv. Pum. Agt., Scranton, Pa.
Bare you Bore Throat, Plmplet, Copper-Colored I
Kpots, Action. (Mil rjorca, uioers in Aiontn, ui
.'alllnir? Write 4'ooU Kenierli- Co.. aotH
tonleTrnplFA'hleatro,111.,forprooftof eures.1
CanlialWSOOjOOO. PatlentacnredBtaereatnl