The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, May 07, 1895, Page 3, Image 3

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Norton's NewStore
Lackawanna Avenue.
S-cent Wall Papers,
C .. 6-cent Wall Papers,
8-cent Wall Papers,
10-cent Wall Papers,
12-ccnt Gilt Wall Papers,
88 cents plain Ingrain Papers,
All new and pretty patterns,
llp-to-date in style and prices.
13-cent Holland Window Shades,
On spring rollers.
15-cent Good Curtain Poles,
With brass trimmings.
Our new stock of fine
Interior Wall Decorations
Is the richest we have ever shown.
Room and Frame Mouldings,
Window Shades for
Residences, Stores, Offices,
Staple and Fancy Stationery,
Mercantile Stationery,
Artists' Material,
I)raughtmcn's Material,
Plank Account Hooks,
Miscellaneous Books
Sabbath School Hooks,
Holy HiMes,
Prayer and Hymn Books,
Our Goods All New and Hright
Large Assortment at Popular Low Prices
322 Lackawanna Ave., Scranton.
Branch: 32 S. Main Street,
Wilkes- Karrc.
A Foe to Dyspepsia
And Always. Have
Good Bread.
Toe Weston Mill Co.
Punch Cigars
G. B. & CO.
Garney, Brown & Co. Mf r's
Court House Square.
Miss Mary H. Torrey Is visiting relatives
In Honesdule.
Stenographer W. D. Coston Is In Hones
dale on business.
William Hanlcy, Jr., spent Sunday with
Lafayette college friends.
Rev. John Davy Is preparing to start
on a European trip on May 22.
Mrs. A. D. Spencer and Mrs. Harry
Spencer are In New York city.
' Chief of Police John Loftus, of Pitts
ton, was In the city yesterday.
Deputy Internal Revenue Collector
Craig was In Stroudsburg yesterday.
Attorney W. W. Baylor started yester
day for Seattle, Wash., on legal business.
Max Frankel and family have gone to
New York, where they will In future re
side. Thomas J. White has accepted a posi
tion as traveling salesman for H. Mont
gomery & Co.
C. M. Florey will return tonight from
Auburn, N. Y., where he went to Identify
an alleged bicycle thief.
,. Miss Cora Farnham, teacher at No. 21
school, spent Saturday and Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Jackson, of Carbon
dale. County Commissioners Giles Roberts, S.
W. Roberts and John Demuth were In the
country districts yesterday distributing
registry books and blanks.
Attorney J. T. Durham, of Oneida, N.
Y., spent Sunday with T. Fiitcroft, divi
sion freight and passenger agent of the
Ontario and Western company.
District Attorney John R. Jones, County
Detective Leyshon and Edward Jones, of
Olyphant, spent yesterday angling for
trout on the Pocono mountain.
J. W. Browning, who has been suffering
for two woeks from malarial fever, was
able to take outdoor exercise yesterday,
and was congratulated by his many
friends upon his partial recovery.
MrB. Harriet McKeehy and daughter,
Miss Kute, formerly of Port Jervls, N. Y.,
have taken up their residence In our city,
at 114 Tenth street. Mrs. McKeeby's son,
Saul, has been here for some time as sales,
man for the Fashion.
James S. Lawson, late of Cleland, Simp
son & Taylor, has accepted a more tmpor
tant position with W. Welcker, of Lacka
wanna avenue. Mr. Lawson Is a young
man of excellent chnracter, and stood
high In the estimation of his former em
ployers. Sanitary Officer W. H. Burke, of the
board of health, has been appointed by
Colonel E. H. Ripple to the office of
commissary sergeant on the quartermas
ter general's staff. Captain Burke has re
ceived numerous congratulations from his
many friends, who feel thut the honor has
fallen upon deserving shoulders.
On Friday last the law examining
board, consisting of J. Alton Davis, Joseph
O'Brien and R. A. Zimmerman, conducted
the final examination of the following
candidates for admission to the bar: B.
F. Tlnkham, Waverly; Edward W.
Thayer, Ralph S. Hull, Seldon Kingsbury,
John Edwards and F. F. Qibhs, Scranton.
The work of compiling averages from the
examination papers was completed yester
day, and It was ascertained that all of the
young men had passed most creditable ex
aminations. If you want a good plumber telephone
. (242. W. Q. Doud & Co.. 609 Lackawanna
: SCROFULA, salt rheum, and all dlsense
of the blood, dyspepsia, headache, kidney
and liver complaints, and catarrh, arc
cured by Hood's Sarsaparllla, tho great
blood purifier.
. HOOD'S TILLS cure Jaundice, bilious
ness, sick headache, constipation and nil
Uvarllls. . .
Meeting of State Council Will Benin
This Morning.
One Was Hold Yesterday Afternoon
and tho Other In tho Evening.
I'rogrnmroo That lias . Ilcen
Mapped Out for Todiiy.
Delegates from every ' part of the
state arrived In the city yesterday io
ntti.nil tlid fitrtxr-ninth finminl Rosslnll
of the Btate council of the order of
Senior United American Mechanics,
which will open this morning nt II
o'clock, In the Ancient Order United
Workmen's hall, on Luckawunnu ave
nue. A preliminary meeting of tho Fu
neral Aid association, of Pennsylvania,
an auxiliary of the order, was held yes
terday at 2 p. m when the following
secretary's report was presented:
"In nui'sUHiiee of the Ijlw pimrted at
the last nnnual session of the state
association, requiring the annual re
port to be made up to April 1, of each
IIhpuI year, I have the honor to present
the following as a summary of the work
done during the past yenr. The past
year has been one of unusual depres
sion In finances nil over the country.
This will account for the number of
suspensions, and the slow accessions to
our ranks. In nlmost every Instance I
have found that members allowed
themselves to fall In arrears . not be
cause they had no faith in the aid,
but because of lack of employment. 1
have made every effort under the au
thority given me at our last session to
kei'P the aid before the members of the
order; lO.Ono circulars were sent out, ex
plaining Its features, and hundreds of
personal letters were written In re
sponse to Inquiries. There are several
facts that I desire to particularly Im
press upon our members.
1st. The small number of assess
ments. There wis durlnir the venr 11
deaths, and 8 assessments were levied,
making the total cost per member for
assessments nnd the years' dues, $1.05;
of these seven beneHcnrles were dhM
$100. The fund In September warrant
ing the commencement of the payment
of $100."
During the year eight assessments
were Issued, costlnc the members
eighty cents and twenty-five cents on-
naul dues, hence the total cost per
member was but a fraction over two
cents per week. The report was signed
by A. u. Saybolt. of Philadelphia.
After the reoort had been discussed
and action taken on the same, the fol
lowing members of the association
were elected: President. Robert M.
Johnston, Pittsburg; vice president,
Isaac H. Rahn, Leesport; secretary, A.
B. Laybolt, Philadelphia; treasurer,
Charles H. Kurtz. Philadelphia; direc
tors, for three years, Walter Graham,
Philadelphia: Samuel M. Wao-ner Me.
chanlcsburg; Howard O. Holsteln, Har-
risDurg; William H. Wind. Philadel
Number of .Members Reported.
The numerical report showed the
number of associations in the aid on
April 1, 181)5 to be 76 as compared with
54 for the previous year, and the number
of members 1333, there having been 449
received during the year and 136 sus
pended. The total revenue was $419.95
and the expenditure $221.39. The state
mentof the assessment fund showed the
total revenue for the year to be $1,063.SO
and the amount paid to beneficiaries
$9000, leaving a balance of $163.80 and a
total amount of $362.36 In the treasury.
During the meeting the secretary re
ported that 2,500 members would soon
be added to the society, thus Increasing
the funeral claim ner member to the
sum of $350.
An evening session as also held for
the reception of delegates and ox-state
councilors, when about 150 members
were received In addition to the seven
ty-five members -who were present at
the opening of the meotimr. Tho of.
cers In charge are State Councellor,
Robert M. Johnson, Pittsburg; State
vice-councellor, Howard O. Holsteln,
Harrlsburg; state council secretary
Walter Graham. Phlladelnhln: st.-ito
council treasurer, Charles H. Kurtz,
Philadelphia: state council inductor J
A. Wachob, Big Run; state council ex
aminer, W. C. Jlilllgas, Quakerstownj
state council protector, P. A. Barnum.
Today's Programme.
Mayor Connell will deliver an address
of welcome to the delegates this morn
ing at 10 o'clock at the hall, 421 Lacka
wanna avenue, and a reply -will be
Catlin. Praises Munyon for His
Great Work.
Ills Restoration to Health Duo to
the Wonderful Little Sugar
. Pellets.
General A. B. Catlln, formerly Deputy
Surveyor of the port of New York, Is a
veteran of the army and a well-known
Republican politician.
"I have been troubled with catarrh for
many years," said General Catlin, "I doc
tored for it a great deal; and this winter
my condition was terrlblo. I took cold
easily and my nose became stopped up. I
bad severe pains across the front of my
head, 'my eyes became watery. I sneezed
a great deal, and my bones and Joints
ached continually. Whan I got up In the
morning my throat was filled with a nasty
slime, which dropped there during the
night. I had to hawk a great deal, and
this made me gag and often vomit. There
was a roaring or buzzing sound' In my
ears, and my breath was very offensive
I lost my appetite, ran down In weight,
and became depressed In spirits.
"I tried thoroughly several of the best
physicians, so-called, In New York, took
patent nostrums of all descriptions, but
grew worse all tho time.
"Finally I began .Munyon's Catarrh
Remedies. I thought It was no use, and
had but little faith, but I began to Im
prove right away. My disease rapidly
yielded to the remedy, and I underwent a
change that was wonderful. Within a
short time I was entirely cured, the last
traces 'of the hideous dlBease had van
ished, and today my friends are marveling
nt the great change In me. It Is a won
derful relief to feel strong and healthy
again, and It gives me great pleasure to
testify that restoration to health Is due
to Munyon's Catarrh Remedy."
Munyon's Homeopathic Remedy Com
pany, of Philadelphia, put up a cure for
every disease. No matter what the dls
case Is or how many doctors have failed
to cure you, ask your druggist for a 25
cent viol of one of Munyon's cures, and If
you are not benefited your money will be
Those who are In doubt as to the nature
of their disease should address Professor
Munyon, 1505 'Arch street, Philadelphia,
giving full symptoms of their disease.
Professor Munyon will carefully diagnose
the case and give you the benefit of his
advice absolutely free of all charge. The
Remedies will be sent to any address on
receipt of retail price.
made by State Councillor Robert M.
Johnston and A. B. Saybolt, of Phila
delphia, stute organizer.
Business sessions will be held dur
ing the morning and afternoon and In
the evening the delegates will be enter
tained by a concert to be given by the
Columbian Mandolin and Guitar club
In the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion hall, when the following pro
gramme will be rendered:
Tambour Battant, Fantasia,
AKred Chenet
Soprano solo, "La KloraJl"..Hevlgnanl
Miss Garngan. ,
Recitation, "The Maiden Martyr,"
Miss Jones. ,
Banjo solo, Normandie (March),
tr. McLaughlin.
Contralto solo, "O Promise Me,"
de Koven op. DO
Miss Jordan.
Selection, Belle of New York
(March) Clnrlt
Mandolins. Violins, Guitar and Piano.
Tenor solo, "The Sweetest Little
Girl 1 Know" Mr. Croft
A. B. Saybolt, ex-State Council, O. U.
A. M.
Violin solo, Fantasle. Cavatina,
Karl Hi dim, op. 314 No. 2
Mr. Kiplo.
Liberty Bell (March) Sousa
Duet, "T Pescatorl" Cabussl
Miss Garngan, Mr. Croft.
Mandolin solo. Cocoanut Dance,
op. 193. Herman
'Mr. Neuli.'iucr.
Selection, 'The Lost I'hord"... Sullivan
Male Quartette.
'Selection, "Star of the Night,"
Grand Finale, "Our Colors," t
(a) Drum Corps nnd Color Hearers.
(b) 'Recitation, "Tho Star Span
gled Battle Flag" Miss Jones
(e) "The Star Spangled Banner."
Mixed Quartette.
(d) "America,"
Club, Vocalists and Instrumentalists.
After the concert the delegates to the
number of over 150 will be entertained
to n supper at Caryl's restaurant, on
Linden street.
.Mr. Ilornhufccr's CnnJIdnturo.
The programmes bear the friendly ad
vice, "All delegates should vote for
Vice Councillor John M. Hornbnker."
Mr. Hornbnker Is a thorough-going
member of the Mechanics' fraternity,
and Is always foremost In every move
ment calculated to promote the welfare
of the order, nnd his election is re
garded as a foregone conclusion.
Practically all of the delegates had
arrived in the city last night.
Miss Mary E. Gillan and Miss Hessle
Conway, of Waverly, are visiting their
parents, on Iron street.
Francis Keenan, tho adopted son of
Charles Stewart, of Market street, for
many years a resident of this place,
leaves today for Lima, J., where he will
reside in future.
The drop forge has been compelled to
put on an extra force of men on ac
count of the pressure of orders.
The work of building the framework
of the new Lithuanian church, on Main
avtnue, is progressing. The brick par
titions and supports In the basement
are creeled and the Homing laid.
The annual business meeting of the
Presbyterian church, which was to
have been held last night, was post
poned one week.
K. H. Slurges will plve his last lec
ture on his "Trip Around the World"
tonight in the Green Ridge Presby
terian church. Owing to an error on
the tlel-ets the lecture was announced
to have tnken place last night and a
large number who went to the cnurcn
were disappointed.
Through the efforts of some of our
business meen an entertainment will be
Vw.1,1 in tho Vorth Main Avenue Hantist
church next Monday for the benefit of
the Finishing and Furnishing Fund or
th.. Voiinir Men's Christian association.
In which a number of the best local
talent will take part.
Rev. Daniel Sa.vsge will remove his
family to Mount Carmel, where he has
taken tho pastorate of the Primitive
Methodist church, the Hist part of next
,.,ij- R,.v P. I'rr.Hser will take
chars? of the Green Ridge church made
vacant by Rev. Mr. Savages removal.
The Kxnelslor Cornet band will hold
a social In O'Ponnell's hall tonight.
Word leached this place yesterday
that Patrick A. Malla. the 17-
year-old son of Mrs. Anthony Malla. of
Cusick avenue, had been seriously if
t.t fotnllv Ininred early In the morn
ing near Blnghamton, on the Delaware,
Lackawanna and western railroad, no
i. .ft horn enri In the morning and. it Is
supposed, he boarded a freight train
nnd on approaching mngnamion in
some way Ml under the cars, which
passed over his legs. The full extent
of his Injuries was not griven. His un
cle, P. J. Ruane, left on an afternoon
train for the Parlor City.
a loroo number were assembled In
Company H armory last night, when
ho ,.r,hera of the Father IVhltty so
ciety presented the comedy, "Strife."
The different roles were creunaoiy
filled. After the comedy a social was
given by the members of the society
to their friends, wnicn was wen at
tended. An enjoyable evening was
Bpent .
Desolations Signed hy Mayor.
Resolutions which were signed yester
day by Mayor Connell are as follows:
Awarding tho contract of publishing the
municipal advertising for the current fis
cal year ending the first Monday of April,
IR'jfl, to the Scranton Republican and the
Scranton Times; providing for the erec
tion of an arc light nt tho southwest cor
ner of Gibson street and Cjulney avenue;
directing the city clerk to publish notice
of the ordinance providing for the paving
of Kresslur court between Adams nnd
Jefferson avenues, and Mulberry and Vine
streets, with the names of petitioners
therefor attached; authorizing the city
solicitor to settle the claims of Patrick
Kagen and Bridget GafTney for damages
sustained by them In the widening of
West Lackawanna avenue by tho pay
ment of the amount of tho viewers' awnrd
with Interest! and the city solicitor is au
thorized to compromise the claim of Hig
not and James, of North Sumner avenue,
for $WXl; providing for the erection of a
fire hydrant at the corner of Wyoming
avenue and Vine streets; Instructing the
city solicitor to enter into negotiations
with the Delaware and Hudson Cannl
company with a view to having tho latter
remove Its tracks from the roadbed of
Wyoming avenue, with the Intention cf
opening that street through to Green
Ridge; that the chief engineer of tho fire
department be authorl ed and Instructed
to remove the plug on Washington avenue
and Linden street to the edge of the side
walk, the same being a nuisance as It) now
stands; that the city engineer Is directed
to prepare a new prollle of grade between
Thirteenth and Fourteenth streets on Lu
zerne streets; directing the city engineer
to furnish plans and specifications and an
estimate of cost for grading Summit ave
nue between Onk and Putnam streets In
the Second ward; providing for the erec
tion of an aro light at Myrtle Btreet and
Clay avenue; directing the city engineer
to make plans and specifications and an
estimate of cost for the construction of a
flagstone sidewalk on the easterly side of
Washington avenue between OUvo and
Gibson streets.
Telephone 2242. W. Q. Doud & Co., 501
Lackawanna avenue, for all kinds of
Matters of Interest to
- - Church Discussed.
Settlement of the Difficulty Entrusted to
a Comtnittoo- Disclpllno Had Not Keen
. Complied with In tho Schuylkill
District-Resolutions Adopted.
Considerable Interest was manifested
yesterday In the morning session of the
Primitive Methodist conference nt
Avoca, when Important matters relat
ing to the church was discussed. Rev.
W. J. Richards conducted the prelim
inary devotions, after which the con
ference confirmed the action of the
president nnd secretary In not granting
Uev. W. Letzberger, of Oil City, his
credentials until the money belonging
to the church of thnt city be refunded.
The meeting confirmed the recom
mendation of conference In relinquish
ing all claims against Rev. J. B. Tyler,
and a committee was appointed to In
vestigate the necounts of the Pacllle
avenue property nnd refund nil money
due to Mr. Tyler. The settlement of
thePuclflc avenue matter was entrusted
to a committee comprising tho pastor,
to bo appointed to the charge, and the
trustees appointed by conference. The
committee will be assisted by Revs. G.
J. Jeffries and Wilson Benlley.
Tho report of the publisher of the
Primitive Methodist Journal was re
ceived nnd ordered to be printed.
Rev. A. Woodcock openeil the after
noon session with the customary de
votional exirclses, after which the fol
lowing business was transacted; Con
ference recommended that the sum of
$100 be paid the Youngstown society, In
accordance with the promise made nt
the 1SII3 conference, to assist the so
ciety In Miicliaslng a lot on Federal
street. The question of appropriating
$200 toward salary of the pastor of the
Youngstown society was referred to he
appropriation committee.
Schuylkill District Dispute.
A report was submitted by the com
mittee on complaints nnd appeals, In
which they stated that they were un
able to satisfactorily arrange the dis
pute In the Schuylkill district, us con
ference discipline had not been com
piled with.
With reference to the report of the
traveling missionary It was suggested
suggested that each minister should do
his utmost In obtaining subscriptions
and collections for the ensuing year nnd
report upom tho same at the next con
ference. Last evening a Forward movement
service was held when Rev. T. M. Bate
man made an Ideal chairman and
roused the enthusiasm of his audience
In a masterly address In which he re
ferred to the object of the movement.
Tho address was to the, point and cast
much new light upon the work of the
movement. Rev. J. B. Tyler, who spoke
on "Conference F.vangellzatlon" made
nn earnest address brimful of thought
ful expressions and practical sugges
tions. The audience endorsed his sen
timents In a hearty manner. Rev. G.
H. Acornley delivered an address on
"Conference Publications Interests,"
In which he eloquently urged the neces
sity of more extensive literature per
talnlnn to morals and religion.
Rev. G. Lee, who made nn address
on "Conference Missions," was listened
to with rapt attention hy the audience.
Resolutions Adortcd.
The following resolutions were adopt
ed at the meeting:
"We, the ministers and delegates
composing this nnnual conference,
herewith express our grateful apprecia
tion of the kindness of the members
and friends of this Primitive Methodist
church of Avoca, In providing such ex
cellent accommodation and entertain
ment during our sojourn In their wldst.
We also place on record our high sense
of obligation to our denr brother, Rev.
J. Jones, who, notwithstanding his
physical weakness, has so energetically
labored for our comfort.
"We also heartily thank the choir for
their efficient contribution, and the suc
cess of the public services of these con
ferenttal gatherings."
Thomas Burk, of Sport Hill, Is dan
gerously 111.
Spencer Smith, of liuffalo, N. Y., Is
visiting his parents on Cherry street.
George Taylor and wife have returned
from their wedding tour.
James Boyle, of New York, Is visit
ing friends In town.
Terence Cullen has returned from
Philadelphia, where he spent the past
Mrs. Edward Gngel, of New Haven,
Conn., Is visiting relatives In town.
Misses Louisa Walker nnd Mary Mc
Donotigh, of Carbondale, visited friends
In town last week.
Professor D. G. Johns will produce
his opera, "Stella," nt 'Manley's hall.
May 23 and 24. Some of our best local
talent have been engaged to take part.
The admission will be 35 cents for
adults, and 25 cents for children.
A social was held last eve
ning at the home of John Carrell, on
Dudley street, for the benefit of the
Baptist church.
The regular meeting of the council
will take place this evening In the
borough building. The committee on
street improvement will make their re
port, and It Is hoped they will offer
recommendations for the season.
The Young People's Society of Chris
tian Endeavor of the .Dudley Street
Baptist church will hold a social at the
home of Mr. John Connell, Dudley
street, this (Tuesday) evening. May 7.
All are cordially Invited to come and
have a good time.
Word has been sent out from the
Pennsylvania Coal company's office
that all the miners will go under full
time for an Indefinite period.
' The regular monthly meeting of the
teachers' Institute took place Saturday
morning at the central school building.
The following programme was ren
dered: Song, "My Country "TIs of
Thee," teachers; a review of Page's
theory and practice of teaching. Miss
Bridget Walsh; song, "Music In the
Air," teachers; "Seat Work for Little
Folks," Miss Margaret Cawley; duet,
"Italia," Misses Maggie McDonald and
Maggie Golden; "A Teacher's Duty to
Her Profession," Miss Mary Lennon;
solo, "My Margurlte of Longago," Miss
Mary McLnne; a discussion of the
"Farr Compulsory Education Hill," T.
B. Bolnnd; Professor George Howell, of
Scranton, spoke on "Mind Study." At
the conclusion, Superintendent Wil
liams made a few remarks, after which
the Institute adjourned.
Professor Houser spent Sunday In
Mrs. James Matthews has returned
from New York city. '
The house of Robert Bush noil, of
Grove street, was visited with an elec
trical bolt during Sunday's thunder
storm. The damage done was slight.
Miss Mnme O'Horo will leave for Phil
adelphia this week, where she will
spend two months with her sister.
A party was tendered to Timothy
'McCue.of Butler street, last Friday eve
ning. The following young ladles and
gentlemen were present: .Misses Annie
Golden, Nellie Golden, Mary McCue,
Nora Murray, Mary Ruane, Jennie
Golden, Maud Duffy, May Jordan and
Mary Duffy; Patrick Walker, Leo May,
Michael Lyons, William Dooley, An
drew Crane, James Duffy, Raymund
Crane, Willie Kerns and John McHule.
Will lie Continued at i:im Pork Church
'this livening.
A large audience attended at Elm
Park church last evening upon the oc
casion of the annual pew renting. Of
the hundreds of pews In the church 1S3
are rented nnd considerable progress
was made last evening by Auctioneer
A. D. Pierson, who was successful In
obtaining large premiums for choice
pews. A printed plan showing the as
sessed valuation of the seats was dis
tributed in the church and handsnme
sums were realized.
This evening tho renting will be con
tinued, when another opportunity will
be given those persons who were unuble
to attend last night to rent seats.
A new member was received Into the
Acme lodge, No. ljocotnntlve Fire
men, on Sunday last. The lodge has ut
present no sick claims to meet.
The Moses Taylor lodge, No. 420,
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, is
In a flourishing; condition, nnd has re
cently received a considerable accession
of new members.
H. J. Ferrell, fireman on the southern
division, is one of tho best-known
men In secret societies of this city,
and hns rendered Invaluable assistance
to railroad lodges and the order of the
Knights of Pythias In their effort to
place t lie lodges upon a proper llnanclal
R. K. White, agent at the Delaware
nnd Hudson Lackawanna avenue sta
tion, baa tei-ved the company faithfully
for th.) long term of twenty-seven
years, and is now one of the best
known men on this section.
Thomas K. Hart, who has, for some
lime, Ik'cu engaged as trainman at the
Delc.wnro and Hudson station for the
Union Transfer company, has resigned
his poallion to take up Insurance busi
ness. Kmployes nt tho Delaware, Lacka
wanna vhops will bo paid today.
(TTnder this heading short letters of In
terest will be published when accompa
nied, for publication, by the writer's
mono. The Trlliiino will not bo held re
sponsible for opinions hero expressed.)
tins Troubled with lloils.
Editor or Tho Tribune.
Sir: As there are a great many peoplo
who cannot understand why I made such
a poor rcore nt Wllkes-Barre and Scran
ton In my pigeon matches with Dr. W. F.
Carver, for their hem-lit I wish to sny that
there nre times when crack shots can
shoot better than others. In the first
place this was demonstrated by tho poor
score I made ot Wllkes-lliirre, and on the
following day In Scranton, where I shot
at nn So per cent. rate. I hail live boils
on the buck of my neck at the time the
shoots took place, but as the dates were
made. It was Impossible to postpone them,
nnd the recoil of the gun every time It
was shot was something tremendous, and
the strain on my neck and the agony 1
shot under no one but myself could realize.
I have killed 71 pigeons out of 7.1, nnd my
past record shows for Itself thnt while I
do not profess to clolm I can kill WO
Mailt In stock, nil siz-s. If ono of them
will fit your picturo the coat will do little.
100 whitound gold, CU foot high, go at
Your pictures framed at prires that only
wo cau iigure for you. Largest stock of
Alio mouldings,
Wall Paper
Styles and colorings are
very fine this season.
Let ns fix yon up a
sample room with nice
Gilt Paper, $5.
, Lackawanna Avenue.
New :
Fibre and Kid Gloves,
Lace and Jet Trimmings.
TJCSrWe cordially invite you to call and see them.
straight, yet If I wore In prime condition
nt the time my shoot took place, I believe
I could have killed at least 95 out of 100.
I also wish to say thnt I was not unnerved
In tho least, for there was no reason for It,
ns 1 have shot In events where Cnptuln
J. L. Drewer, J. A. R. Elliott and nil the
cracks of the country participated, with
the exception of Dr. Carver, and I wish
to say that I never, In my life, got ner
vous when shooting; If I did, I could not
make tho scores I hove In the past.
Yours truly.
It. I). Swarts.
fill IB.
fl 111
We have a large variety ot
above at all prices,
as low as
10 Cents Each.
Kangaroo and Russets'
Patented Compressed
Corrngated Sole 12.50 B
Finest Line of Russet Shoes
in the City,
.1, $31 lid
In the-Latest Styles.
Manufactured at the Witpwitflopcn Mills, Lt
eurno county, I'n., und nt Wil
mingtou, Delaware,
General Agent for tho Wyoming Distrlot.
113 WYOMING AVE., Scranton, Pa
Third National Bank Building.
TITOS. FORD, Httxton, Pa.
Jl)HJ H. bMJTH ft HON, riymnnth. Pa.
E. W. MtH.MMAN. Wilkm-liarro, Pa.
Agents for the Kepauuo Chemical Com
pany's High Expkwivos.
China Hal
Combining all the requisites of a fins
Spring Overcoat and possess
ing water-proof qualities.
in at
4l S i
In the New Shade cf Brown,
FOR $2.00.
Lackawanna A?a.
4!6 Lackawanna Avanae.
Have no goods except those
made by the most reputable
manufacturers in the United
If You Would See the Latest
Be Sure and Ca!f on Them.
Specially Adapted for Reading aud Sowing.
1 Put fit
S.ecdy mi
Consumes (litv? (.") fret of pts imt
hour niul icives an rftteiency of sixty
((ill) pa tidies.
Snvinn nt least 3:!. per cent, over die
ordinary Tip l'.tirtu-rs.
Call and Sec It.
HIT a C81EU it
nanufacturcrs' Agents.
It would he impossible to
find four wheels that are bet
ter made. We are sure that
we can please 3-ou on a wheel.
Come and see.
Iff Kf yivyV
r &
8- VI I
311 Lack. Ay. and Stewart's Art Storo.
Photo Engraving for Circulars, Bocks, Cita
logues, Hijwspapars.
Kalf-Tonea nd Line Work. .
aonflcy, Tuesday and Wednesday,
MAY 6, 7, 8, 1335-
In tlio 1 1 "tii"!Tn!o Ir'flh C'omoily,
rissi ileal
Pro'lwPtl wit'i tjpw pna oWborntfl -nii
ff;Vv ti:, A rtruiiK fust, introtluciug now uirl
nn vol rfT'itn.
Now M usje. Niw Sniicr nml D.virea, A ffen
nifio Irit-h li'irpipy il:yer. Hear nil tho
latrst pomrs.
Extra Ventilation Has Lately
Been Provided,
ADMISSION, 10,20 GR 30 CEI1T3.
RriS. ALICE LOrrS "D:X:E'S LtflC."
Trv mir b"-t 1 rh-atfi cnnvth JAVA nnd
MiH'HA (Vi7 nml lv convinfvl tlint wo
t l! n tiling l'iit tho Tiir-st and nt.
Wn rorcirn il nils' VUFSTl I'OfiS, rnl
CUKAIl.IiV IU.TTr.niMU up In l.pound
prints pound ius- ;tiU nnd tulw.
Ot'.r Canned Goods,
Fruit and Vegetables
Am frr'm th l't ju;k'ri; tin stock is r
TKnvt'd f'Vry fU:;u 'lny.-i in tin dmi t
int'tit, t'uii3 insuring yoiTuoihiug buttresli
or nil kit'ds, r.-litah will be Bout to us daily
from LnPmmo &s uoon ns tho naason open
Wo tT'irir nto quick delivery of pood
frmnn'l d'Mrtmeti'n, honest weight and
measure on all ff'jods purohiuod.
frsT.Mtl.Ilir.h i7l).l
(Virrlnc Ilnsincm Wnna, Konairln? Horsa
sliiMMiiir. P.iiut li-'nii'l UiihulHtvrinir. No "W,
mil, ;!'.'," SmvutU strtut, bciautou, Pa.
T!ic Finest in (he City. !
The latest improved f.imish
ings nnd a;par;ittis fur keeping
meat, t utter and cgjs.
223 Wyoming Ave.
CoM nf tho bort qu:illty for domfstfa
iiso, nnH of nil Finn. iliMvpred in any
pnrt of tho city nt Imvpst price.
Orrtirn lnft nt mv otllce
flour room, tlrst tloor, Thirrt National
Itai.K, or npnt hy mail or tnlophono to tho
nine, will reivive prompt attention.
Uloclnl contracts r ill bo mad.i for th
lalo aiiU delivery of Iiuckwheat Coal.
Cures Colds, Lnys Out LuGrippc,
Cures Incipient Consumption. .
Manufactured hy G. ELMEX
DOKE, Elmira, N. Y., and for sala
by the trade generally.
Wbolcsalo Agents, Scranton, Pa.
CALL UP 3682.
fldf fill ID
X' I I V I .
M. W. COL.L.IIMS, M'flfr.