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    : I - "
' Black Dress Goods always seem a
difficult thins to advertise.--not many
shades to refer to, but we can say this,
that our, lilack Goods are just as relia
ble and just as black as heretofore, al
ways fashionable, always serviceable.
, The manufacturers have lately turned
their attention to popularizing novel
ties in the Black Goods line, and we
are prepared to show you besides the
staple lines of Henriettas, Cashmeres,
Serges, etc., Crepons, Brocades, Figures
and many designs not heretofore shown
in Black Goods.
We have qualities and varieties and
the prices to suit all.
The regular prices of these guods
heretofore have been 7i cents. The
above Special Price for a few days only.
413 Spruce Street, Scranton.
Dr. Reevm ha had long nnd vurlnd ex
perience In hojpltnl and private practice
and treatH nil acute anil chruniu diseases
or men, women and children.
lie. with hlK assistants, treat all dis
eases of he nervous system, dlseaxes of
me eye, ear, nose and throut, dyspepsia,
rheumatism, lost vitality, premature
vtenKness or decay in noui sexes, nervous
debility, catarrh, tumors, cancers, nrim-
tions, blood-poisoning, (Its, epilepsy, iu-
uicreuuii arm errors 01 youtn, ifisi man
hood, ri-zcmh. seiofula, St. V'ttis' ilam-e,
Bsthinn, diseases of the heart, lungs.
liver, Kiuncy:, Diauuer. stomacn. etc.
Young .Men Positively Cured.
Offer to tlio I'uMiu for nturrh.
Any one sunVrlnir with Catarrh whn
-lshes to be permanently, qulrklv anil
cheaply cured may receive three months."
treatment for onlv KIVK UOI.I.AItS. Tlie
donor has discovered a speclilc for this
dreaded disease. You ran treat and cure
yourseir and family wlih It at home. It
never fulls to cure. A trial treatment
1 ree.
OFFICIO HOt'TlS-Dully, 9 n. in. to 9 p.
m.; Sundays. 10 to 12 and i to 4.
At This Season
We Invite jour special attcotloa
to our magnificent display of
We will give you full bcneDt of the
recent decline in the price of Carpets.
Price is always a great object, and in
this matter we arc not only determined
to hold our own but to outdo all coov
1'ctitors. Come and sec us. ,
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
J. Scott Inglis
' The Ladlon' Aid Hocioty of the Hilek
church'wlll meet nt the homo of Mrs.
Kdwnrd ItarnpR this nftei-nun.
Archie TlnklepntiKh hn begun the
tsiuiwnt the Kcninton I'.UHlness coIIoro.
,' The Urui'kenmlller fumlly Kiive their
concort In tht" Hrlck rhurrh on Monday
pvm'iIiik. ami It wan highly enjoyed liy
nil. They will be at the'Stewart Mem
orial church this evtmlnjr.
The Old Korse school bourd held their
regular meeting on Monday evenliiR.
TIip teachenand Junltor received their
.for Uie month of Junuut y
The correspondent of the Wayne In
dependent says "the people (of Forest
City presumably) ure In favor of a new
county being formed. Sure, Brother
Budd, sure. They would be also In fa
vor of making Forest City the county
seat anil of having several other things
happen that would be benetlclul to us
In this immediate vicinity, but thut
might seriously conflict with the Inter
ests of a great number of other people.
Look ut the practicability of the thing!
If the stute of 1'ennHylvmila ullowed
every section that was a little incon
venienced, a little more disgruntled and
above all hud an ambition to strike out
for itself, to be formed Into a new coun
ty, the state would soon be chopped up
into counties us small as townships, und
every roadside hamlet would like to be
a county seat and have a court house.
Of course we would like to have a new
county, with dear ancient old Coaltown
as the county seat (if we couldn't get
that plum ourselves), but It is not to
be. Wayne and Susquehanna and
Lackawanna will have something to say
in the matter and Anthracite county
will be burled and Brother Mooney will
be the only mourner at the ybsequles,
because nououy else ever loon me mai
ler seriously.
false alarm of fire was given Fri
day night while the blizzard was at IH
worst. The water had frozen in the
valve cup of the Clifford whistle und
was being thawed out. All at once the
whistle began to blow, and before the
steam could he shut off a first class
Are alarm had been unintentionally
sounded. The flremun ut the Forest
City breaker heard It and Joined In with
a shrill note of danger. The lOnterprlse
Hose company, despite the fierce storm,
were at the hose house In a body In an
almost Incredible space of time and had
the hose cart dragged over snow banks
four und live feet high and were half
way up to the Clifford breaker before
they found out they had been fooled.
It was an unpleasant experience for
them, but It showed Forest City people
that there was us good a volunteer com
pany here us can be found in the state.
Mrs. Tyler, of Cocliecton, X.
V., is tin; guest of her brother, C. J.
Division Xo. Ill, Ancient Order of Hl-
berniuns, of Vandling, will hold Its first
annual ball in the Davies opera house,
at Forest City, on Monday evening,
AprM 15.
The Hillside employes received their
monthly pay yesterday. The pay was
a small one, as the Clifford colliery
worked but eleven and one-fourth days.
and the Forest City colliery ten and
one-fourth, both considerably less than
half time.
The people here have known for a long
time that The Tribune was the best
paper for general news and editorial
comment in this "neck of woods." and
they have also observed that Forest
City is getting its share of local notice.
If you want the best in every depart
ment, read The Tribune.
"A Iiarrel of Money" is the name of
a play that Manager Collins expected
to have produced at Davis' opera house
tonight. On account of the storm and
a consequent inability of the company
to till all Its eiuigements the manager
received notice Tuescluy that the dale
would have to be cancelled.
It Is said that Charles Staley will
build and run a steamboat on Crystal
hike next summer. He has hud experi
ence In this line before nnd no doubt
could make It a paying venture.
A correspondent of a Wayne county
paper tukes our councilinen by the
metaphorical ear, shakes their anatomy
up considerably and bluntly tells them
that they gave a traction franchise to
a company on paper so thnt they would
he uble to withhold It from the Lacka
wanna Itapid Transit company. That
company now runs from Carbondale to
Vandling and Intermediate points, and
the correspondent estimates that dur
ing the holiday time alone Forest City
lost I.10U In trade because Vandling and
Uichmondale were connected with Car
bondale by trolley, while If the people
of those places got to Forest City they
had to walk. Xow all this may or may
not be so, hut we cnll the attention of
our esteemed fellow townsman to the
fact that he Is hardly consistent, for
further on in his article he spoils what
he has said at first by saying that "the
road Is a public nuisance" and by
dubbing It a "public man killer."
lothcr! .Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Mrs. Wlnslow's .Soothing Syrup has be"n
used for over fifty ye,-s by millions or
mothers for Uielr children while teething,
with perfect Success. It soothes the nhlld,
softens the gums, allays all pain: cures
wind colic, and Is the best remedy for
dlurrheu. Hold by druggists In every part
of the world. He sure ami ask for ".Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Hyrup," and take i,o
other kind, twenty-live cents a bottle,
A coal train off the track of the Krle
railroad a short distance below Hones
dale ldoeked the pnssenger train lenv.
ing nere at 4.4r Monday afternoon. The
passengers and baggage were finally
transferred to the other side where a
train wes In waiting. It was 1 u. m.
when the return trip was made.
Kev. lieorgo C. Hall returned to his
home In Wilmington Monday.
(Irani W. Lane left for Albany Mon
day evening.
Farmers living within a few miles of
Honesdale are Just beginning to come to
town, having had to shovel their way
nearly the entire distunces from .their
nomes. Tiiey report mammoth snow
drifts. It will be many days before
those living farther buck in the country
can make their way through.
Blnghamton, formerly of Great Bend,
was held in the St. Lawrence church In
Oreat Bend on Sunduy, and was largely
The funeral of John Morris occurred
from his home In Harbertown yester
day afternoon. A large, number of
friends attended to show their respects
to the deceased. Funeral services were
held In the Stewart Memorial Metho
dist church In Rend mm. and Interment
wnB made In the Forest Home cemt
Mrs. llowells died at tier home on
Sunday afternoon at the advanced age
of H(l yearB, She was one of the oldest
residents of thlB place and '-cr death Is
regretted by the community at large.
She was a true Christian lady and in
her death the church loses one of Its
most substantial workers. Her funeral
will occur today. Services will be held
In the Welsh Baptist church. Rev. Mr.
Jones, of Kingston, a former pastor of
the church, will officiate. Interment In
the Forest Home cemetery.
Preparations on an extensive scale
are being made for the first annual
gi and bull of the Taylor Hose company,
No. 1, to be held In Weber's rink on
Friday evening. ''
William McMillan, of Avoca, was a
visitor here last evening.
Luckawannu Valley Council, Xo. SL
Junior Older Fulled American Me
chanics, and Liberty council, Daugh
ters of America, will enjoy a slelghrlde
to Wllkes-Burre tomorrow evening.
M. V. Wnndall, the man who expects
to build the abutments to the, new
bridge, is endeavoring to purchase the
stone piers of the old canal ncqueduct,
which now belong to the Lehigh Vulley
Kallroud compuny. The stones are
nicely dressed und would make excel
lent material for the purpose designed.
The company removed a lot of them
to Coxton a few years ago and used
them in the construction of their new
roundhouse at that point.
The Packer House Is advertised for
rent, which carries with it the assump
tion that Landlord Hewitt will retire.
It Is a first-class hostelry and nicely
S. S. Hreesp is laid up with a severe
Reynolds & Ackerson are doing a
good trade In musical merchandise, and
are putting out some line Instruments.
C. II. Young was elected lire warden
about a year ago, but his office wus
never confirmed by the borough coun
cil until Monday evening of this week.
He has now entered .upon the uctive
duties of his office.
'Squire N. P. Wilcox was down from
Nicholson yesterday.
Frank S. Harding, of Faston, is act
ing as commissioners' clerk, pending
the Illness of Klmer Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. X. W. Reynolds) ure
visiting Nicholson friends.
The Wyoming district, AVomen's
Home Missimiury society, will hold Its
annual convention here early in March.
Mrs. Pen fee, wife of the pastor of Kim
Park church, Scranton, Is president,
ami Mrs. T. II. Dale, also of the same
city, corresponding secretary. The
Scranton ladies will prepure the pro
gramme. A gungof workmen are excavating the
Montrose railroad tracks. They ex
pected to roach Springvllle last night.
Mrs. Susanna Russell, mother of
Truman Russell, of Washington town
ship, died about !) a. m., yesterday.
The funeral will occur at the home
stead on Thursday nt 10 a. in., with in
terment on Carney Flat. She wus SO
years of age, and bore the respect- of
the entire community.
The local dealers report a slim trade
In valentines this season. The meat-
axe artist's products are apparently us
horrible as ever, but there's a deficit
in the treasury.
X. II. Mack's people lire likely to
be obliged to abandon moving this
k on account of the sickness of
their little boy.
William Sweet, while assisting to re
move the machinery at the stone mill,
fell from the upper portion of the build
ing, Inside, crippling his buck und
otherwise injuring him.
It is rumored that a man named
Jack linker was found frozen to death
on I'.riar Ridge, in Auburn township,
during the bllzWird. The supposition
Is that he was intoxicated and became
bewildered In the storm.
The (Jriivel Hill independent school
district mode the following nomina
tions at a Citizens' caucus, held yester
day: School directors, Ralph Avery,
Pierre Ashcld: auditor. K. S. London.
Communication with the distant
points about the county Is gradually be
ing re-established, and the various
stories of the blizzard that came
flouting In sound like the breezy west.
At Russell Hill Dr. K. H. Wells, of
Meshoppen, was hemmed in from
Thursday until Saturday at the house
of a patient. At Vose several drum
mers were Imprisoned five days. One
farmer was oldlged to carry water for
twenty-seven head of cuttle, and an
other farmer's 40-foot well was drifted
completely full of snow. The mails,
when carried at all, were overland on
The first train over the Montrose
railroad since the blizzard arrived In
that out-of-the-way place Monday
evening, the citizens turned out en
musse to witness the event arid lingered
around the postofllee till past midnight
to iiwnlt the distribution of the long
delayed mall that they might learn
what wis transpiring In the clvlllsted
Isaac (iilhsple Is seriously 111.
A few cases of scarlet fever are re
ported in the township.
Amos Wilcox, who hns been 111 for
several months, died at his lAune In
this place Saturday morning, and the
funeral was hejd from the Methodist
Kplscopal church Monday.
Delaware, Lnckawnnnu and Western
trains ure running on fline ugaln.
Every farmer who appears In town
these days carries a shovel and tells of
snow banks from ten to twenty feet
high. Many of the country ronds will
not be open for travel for a week or
Kngeno Casey, of Oxford, N. Y.( Is
homo on a visit.
Frank Moxlcy. of Blnghamton, was
in town Tuesday.
It Is reported that Professor Hnnrn
han's dancing class will close with a
masquerade hop.
Mrs. (teorge Stone, of Blnghamton,
spent Sunday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. 11. MoCreary, In this place.
The Ladles' Aid noddy of the Presby
terian church Will hold a fair In the
Flreman'8 hall in this pluee on Feb. 1!'
and 20. t ,
T. McManus, of Salem, Mass., Is vis
iting at the residence .of his brother.
Mlohacl McManus.. on Dayton avenue.
Miss Linda McDonald, of Dallas, Tex.,
Is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. McCor
mlck, on Front street... .. .', '
Mrs. George Ward was In tho Parlor
City yesteniay. i
I lie Tiini.rni (.U A11ES MliVY 11!1, Ul
P. F. Kllker Is manipulating the key
at Jermyn during the illness of Agent
W. R. Dodson, who is laid up with grip.
C. S. Hoyt was In the Pioneer City
last night.
F. S. Blxlcr, of Bixler & Connell,
Hasten, Pa., wus In Mayfleld yesterday.
The Traction company succeeded in
opening their line for travel Monday
after having been snowed under since
Thursday night.
M. Sharak, of Hill Btreet, was in the
Electric City yesterday.
The Hillside Coal and Iron company's
employes at this place will receive their
monthly stipend today.
The members of Professor Herman
Weber's dancing cluss are Issuing In
vitations for a large ball, to lit given
by them on the evening before Wash
ington's birthday.
The mail for Stormsville was sent out
on horseback on Saturday morning, be
ing the first mall sent out since the bliz
zard. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Myers, of
East Stroudsburg, left on Wednesday
for a slelghrlde to Huston and it was
feared they had become snow-bound,
but reports from them stute they are
safe in Easton, but will not be able to
get home until the latter part of the
week, owing to the excessively large
drifts In the road.
Rev. Dr. Hurdle, of East Strouds
burg, occupied the pulpit of the Re
formed church, Sunday, owing to the
absence of Rev. Dr. Hlbshman. the reg
ular pastor. Professor E. L. Kemp, of
the Normal, preached in the evening
to an exceedingly large audience.
Rev Dr. Hibshman preached in
Hamilton church In the morning and at
Keller's church in the evening, on Sun
day last.
Morton Decker, secretary and treas
urer of the Standard Manufacturing
company of East Stroudsburg, Is slow
ly recovering from a severe attack of
The Standard Manufacturing compa
ny, of East Stroudsburg, have a large
force of men on the new addition to
their factory. The offices of the com
puny will also be built alongside the
Miss Roberts, of the Normal, spent
Sunduy with her parents at Delaware
Water flap.
Large arc lights have been put in
pluee of the Incandescents at the depot.
County Detective Shafer is slowly
convalescing. '
Robert Keller, the well-known funi
tu re dealer. Ih out again, ufter a pro
tracted illness. ,
Mrs. Daniel Thomas, of Scranton
spent Saturday last in town visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kel
ler, sr., of Main street.
Professor ormond left on Monday for
Princeton college, after a visit of a few
days with his family, on Center stre-t.
Miss Miranda. Dnubert, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Doubert. of East
Stroudsburg. died on Sunday afternoon
after nn illness of a few days. The
immediate cause of her dentil was the
grip. Miss Dauhert was aged lit years
and 7 months and was one of the bright
scholars in the public schools. The
funeral will be announced Inter.
The members of the Stroudsburg
Cun club will meet nt tho store of
Hlrlani Klstler, on Thursday int, for
the purpose of elect Ing officers for the
ensuing year. Arrangements are being
made for a grand shoot at live birds,
to be held In the near future.
A meeting of the Strondsburs Prohi
bition flub will be held on TiU'Sdny
evening In J. Y. Sigaf'us' oflic:. All
are Invited. ,
Robert Crawford, of New York c!ty,
pi nt .Sunday in town visiting friends.
John Donnelly has left East Strouds-
l.uig for his home at South,
where lie will spend the winter.
V.rH. I1. M. Mutchier, rt rlust Strouds
burg, has returned from a vlfit to
friends at Newark, N. J.
Hvh, Lottie 6'ok
Tyrouo City, l'euii.
After the Grip
Back Health
Hood's Cave
That Dreadful Prostration Cured.
"C. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.!
'(ientlemen A little over a year ns'i. 1 was
attacked by tho grip und, after the crisis had
paiscd, I was left so wcuk and with that dread
ful prostration, thut I was unable to dress my
elf for almost nine months. Some friends who
Hood's5 Cures
knew its merits, persuaded me to take Hood's
Sarsapurllla and I am now taking my fourth
bottle. I am so thankful to he aide to say 1
can do uiy housework, und urn gaining fust.
I Sleep Well,
do not have sourness of the stomach, and c:in
eat with good appetite. I think Hood's Sarsa
parilla deserves all the praise it gets and more."
Jilts. I.KTTiu Cosh. Tyrone City, Teim.
Hood's Pills cure liver Ills, constipation,
biliousness, Jaundice, sick headache, indigestion.
If Ft
230 Lackawanna Ave,, Scranton, Pa.
H 85
. Are
8 85 $15.00 AND $18.00
S S3
S So
S 8-j
Youth Is the time for the formation of
good habits. Kemember that good lit
erature Is us necessary for the boy as
good company. Throw away your
trashy novels and subscribe for The
Tribune. Orders taken by John 11.
Pearl, agent nt Moosie.
All Moosie Is) singing "We never miss
the water till the hydrant runs 'friz.' "
An abscess in the head Is the final
wlndup of a case of the grip with one
of our townsmen. Andrew Storms.
Mrs. Vnngorder, of Meshoppen, was
calling on friends In town lately.
Mrs. Hemic! t, of l.aceyvllle, Is visit
ing her sisler, Mrs. John King.
The Dailies' Aid of the Methodist
Kplscopal church will celebrate their
third nnnlv.M-sary by holding n 10 cent
supper in the church parlors this even
ing, Pel). U
Ureot Eugliah Remedy,
Gray's Specific Medicine
lllty, Weakling of Uodyand Mind, Hpermt
torf hi-. nnd Iinnotency. and all disease that
risa f.oni ovr indulgence and self ftblme. as
Loss of Memory and Power, Liininras of Via
Iod, Premature Hid Age and many other din'
eaaos timt lead to Insanity or t'onanraption
and an rarly grave, writn for a pamrhlet.
Addreno GRAY MKbll'INK l)i.. Buffalo.
K. Y. The t-jie:iflo Medkin ia aold )y all
8 So
s s.-
8 83
8 So
8 Sj
8 85
8 So
8 8")
8 Hb
8 85
.8 S3
,8 8,5
8 85
8 85
8 S3
8 85
8 S3
S 85
8 85
8 85
8 85 I
8 S3
diet lots,
in Suits ;
Single and
Black and Blue
Long Cut Kersey
in Overcoats.
8 S5
S So
8 S5
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S S3
! 8 S3
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1 8 85
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S S 3
18 S5
S 85
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j 8 85
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S S3
8 85
8 85
230 Lackawanna Ave.
drugirlsta at J pur package,, or liz l ai-aniiea
for g-r, or ftflit bT mail en receipt nf uioner.
and with evory 15.00 erder 11 C RMAR1NTFI-
cure or money refunded. T Vr'l'llhi
Ir-un account oi oountorreita
we hive.
adopted tho Yuliow Wrapper, the only oku-
lue. Bold la Bcranton by Matthew Broa
Come and see us about the Job
Vvorkyou will need soon,
The Scranton Trihnne Job Dept.
If we bad not bongbt this stock from the shcriiT, selling nt such
prices as the following would be impossible. Taken all round
(key only figure up about half the value of (he goods:
This is how trout the Clonk stock: $10
garment go at 3.MI, $7 garnn'iit at :t.,"A (ft)
garment at $'i garment ut SitH etc. fcvory
garment up to duto in Htylo.
filio children 'a Uretchon Overcoat, etc., at
your own jji li-o.
100 Vh:t Wnrsilllrs Quilt, new patterns,'
lnrt'imlr.,-. 411m. wi-IkIiC. Mirunia; MIm. weight.
I.U cimte; (I I Ik. wmuht, KU ci'iila. They i-oot
moio to man iifuotui'c.
Til Di-at Bloarlu il FliiTtlnu nn tln market
nt any lirtwj is tho "Alohuwii." Everybody
know till; twta the new prica: B-4 wUW, li)4
I'viita; 1H-4 nh lb cuutti.
At lesa tlmn tin eonf of the yarn In ft Wo've
pil hiTod ti frutlmr 8 HI dozmm of ull anrtnnud
hiwa lioin Uoodnnui'a ati ck. Tlioy'roodda mid
ends nt rtixulur numloiH, and we're not .k
hiV half what thoy cost fir your choice.
Fast Mark for mlsae!1 or children, Tic! extra
ooavy innki'H, Jo wnts, etc.
Same value all tliu way through for muu',
womou and children sizes.
in yards-f at nilnr Drcs Print S ic
Men' atroiiu Hatf Hose
Men' Fancy Print uhlrta, with collar., lil'e
llrn'a l.aundrloil bhirtxi Anchor cotton) 4Uc
Men Strong Cotton Pant "
Youth' Long Punt 4!c
Heavy Overall and Jackets t't
Now Uutint Mnunela (heavy 1 .... "
Hove' All-Wool Mult Si '.
Heal Turkey Ked Tulilo Daniaak, etc.... lUo
On Monday, from R to II n'nlork n. m.. we
will ml 11 n uood heavy Toweling Hi 1 Vu conta n
yard, and from Htolu o'clock 5-cont llmidlier
enlftfn At 'i eetitH. - .
ThoHa cooil cannot lie had nt the price
C'lotsd one mlnuto alter tho horn named.
$50,000 worth of Dry Goods, No
tions, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing
Gbods,niIlinery, Cloaks, Furs, Infants'
Wear, &c,
The steady increase of our business
compels us to enlarge and remodel the en
tire store for spring trade, and as the stock
will be in the way
,-, - - - .
W egg
Ihe Fair, 1
400 and 402 Lack Aye,,
T Scranton, Pa.
We commence today, and shall continue through
out this week, the sale of a complete assortment of
Irish Point and Tambour Lace Curtains, 3 and 4
yards long, at one third off former prices.
A fine line of Brussels Points have also been put
in with this lot of Curtains, on which we have put
prices that will surely please you.
Suitable for hangings, in choice colorings, at $1.50
and $2.00 per yard; formerly $3.00 and $4.00 respectively.
In a splendid line of colors, $1.50, worth $2.50 per
Iu all sizes and qualities, at moderate prices.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Ave.
V v L't
our mm m
XOW we do. It's saying a great deal, as there
arc some lut'sc stocks in Scranton. See
onr's. Every grade and make exhibited
here, in conjunction with 500 Kolls of Mat
tlncic from V' nn .1 roll iinu'.-irris: or if van
arc thinking of other HoilscFlirillslllngS,
we have them at the right price.
Cau be secured at this
$'20.00 Worth of Goods for $2.00 Per Month
1 20.GO1
Larger bills in proportion.
"Economy's Easy Way to Pay."
Experiment with
,. . . ' . ..... 1