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if teaspoonful of 1E!S
11 does more and better work I
V than a heaping'; $
teaspoonful of, otherssA
Cleveland Baking Powder Co., New York,
Successor to Cleveland brothers, J&
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
Arc aud Inean-
dat-tmt Lights la
nearly h11 purl
of the city.
PJ Building.
Cor Incandescent System is absolutely unfa
Improvements used in doing
The Wide Renowned
Laundry work of
So many complaints of irregular
delivery liuvc reached us, which
Wf have traced to stolen papers,
that we now offer $5 reward for
information that will lead to the
conviction of any person caught
stealing The Tribune from the
doorsteps of regular subscribers.
The will of Mary J. Kennedy, late of
Soranton, was admitted to jnobatu yes
terday by Register of 'Is Hok!ns.
The Delaware and Hudson Canal com
pany paid Its employes at Laurel Hun,
lialtlmore slope anil Parsons yesterday.
Select council did not convene last niKht
owlnff to the absence of a quorum. An ad
journment was made to next Thursday
A marriage license was ftranted by Clerk
of the Courts Thomas yesterday to Israel
Onslander and Esther Wclslmrger, of
There will be a meeting: of the Youn:;
Men's Christian association base ball club
tonight In Young Jlen's Christian associa
tion rooms.
The employes of the Delaware, Ijikra
wanna and Western company at the car
shops and Iirisbln and Cayuga mines will
pe paid today.
Next championship frame of basket ball
Young: Men's Christian association teams
Will bo played Monday night between
of l'lttston and Bcranton.
John Heardon, a bartender of Cedar
ovenup, was yesterday morning chared
With drunkenness and smashing windows
on Cedar avenue. He was lined J7.5U and
fl, the estimate damages.
Despite the snow storm of last 'evening
a large number attended the supper pro
vided by the Ladles' Aid society nt the
Kim Park church last night. A very suc
cessful entertainment followed, several
Vocal and literary selections being given.
Otis Rklnner and company appeared at
the Grand opera house, Wllltes-llarre, last
night In "Ills Grace de Grammont" and
Were accorded a most enthusiastic, recep
tion. During the progress of the play Mr.
Bklnner was called before the curtain four
times. The piece Is superbly mounted.
It will be seen at the Academy of Music
The Klrmess diagram for today and to
morrow will open at 9 o'clock at this morn
ing at the music warerooms of J. u.
rence Stelle, 1,14 Wyoming- avenue. Aftor
2.30 this afternoon, the diagram will be
found at the box ofllce of the Krolhlng
Jiam theater. This programme will con
tinue throughout the week, the diagram
being- open only one day In advance
The! K.' L. C. R. society of the Green
Jtldge Evangelical church will hold nn en
tertainment on next Tuesday evening,
J'"eb. 12. A programme consisting of
lilnglng, recitations, etc, Is being arranged.
Special attention Is given to provide good
music. Refreshments will be served at
the close of the exercise. A silver col
lection wUl'be taken for the benefit of the
Aft' application was made yesterday for
(i charter fdr the Wset Side Hospital asso
ciation. The subscribers to the articles
pf Incorporation were V. M. Jones, Will
iam raricll, Moi jnin J. Williams. Llew
ellyn W. Roberts. William A. Paine. John
Van Uergnn, Alfred Twining, John R.
lirr, Daniel 1'. Mannlx, U Unylord
Thomas, William II. Freeman und David
1. Uvans.
E. C. Edwards, after pleading Riillty
to a charge of larceny by bailee In court
Wednesday, was handcuffed to another
prisoner to bo taken back to the county
Jail. When the bracelets were placed
on his wrists ho told Warden Grimes
that he could slip any pair of handcuffs
ever placed Upon him. Mr. Grimes
thought that Edwuids would have a
task to get rid of the pair Just fastened
on him, but decided to watch without
letting Edwards know it. Soon Ite saw
Mm twisting his wrist and by allowing
the muscles in it to contract the prison
er succeeded In reversing his wrist In
the cuffs. As soon w.t the muscles were
relaxed, the new position became very
uncomfortable and painful, and Ed
wards was unable to get his wrist back
to the original position, lie called to
the warden and told him the cuffs had
been put on the wrong way, but they
wore not changed until Echvurdu
reached the county jail. During that
Urn he suffered great agony. It will
probably be some time before lie will
again attempt to nlip a Lackawanna
county hiLtulcuff.
Attorney WeuVman, of Forest City,
who Is associated with Ward & Horn in
conducting the defense In tne Bosch i no
murder case, is becoming a familiar
figure In the Lackawanna county
courts. He Is tall and Impressive look
ing and Is a good talker, as his open
ing address to the Jury yesterday Indi
cates. He will gain much valuable ex
perience during this trial from Ward &
Horn, than whom there are no more
shrewd criminal lawyers in the county.
District Attorney John II. Jones is
receiving many compliments for the
exe !!ent manner in which he Is con
ducting the commonwealth's side of
the Hoschlno case. He is very thorough
and leaves nothing in doubt. When he
is through with a witness the Jury has
nil the information at the command of
the person on the stand. It is a rather
severe induction into office for Mr.
Join s to have the first ease he is called
upon to try one of such great import
ance, but he is proving himself equal
to the occasion.
Chief Engineer H. F. Ferher, of the
fire department. Is still laid up at his
home on the West Side. He Injured his
foot at a tire some time ago and cold
Inflamed the wound to such an extent
as to cause a most painful sore.
Michael MeCiovern, of the firm of Mc
Oi.vern llros., of Lackawanna avenue.
Is dangerously III nt his home on I'enn
avenue as the result of a cold con
tracted a few days ago.
The Academy of Music will have a
theatrical attraction tonight that has
been looked forward to for a long time
with mure than ordinary Interest. It Is
the advent of Otis Skinner as a star
In the new comedy-diama by Clyde
Fitch, entitled, "His Grace de Gram
mont." Mr. Skinner needs no introduc
tion to Scrnntoil play-goers. Ite has
always been held in high esteem here
us an actor of tlv most sterling worth.
His range of ability and tirtistlc per
ception entitles him to a position among
the foremost actors of his day. Percy
Anderson, of London, designed the cos
tumes of the ciiarncters from the old
portraits of Sir I'eter Isely, and now
hanging within the royal palace of
Hampton court, lienutiful and artistic
fit age pictures have been supplied from
the lmish of Walter Hurridge. Mr.
Skinner's supporting company Is a very
efficient nnd capable one. containing a
number of names familiar to Scrantnn
theater-goers for praiseworthy and suc
cessful efforts In other companies.
!i II !!
The ntage splendor, the onpltal fool
ing of the comic players, the charm of
the music, and the excellency of the
specialties, together with a clever little
love story, make "A Haggagn Check,"
the coming wttraotlon at the Academy
next Saturday night, one of the best
light entertainments. Mar k Sullivan,
the. artistic, refined comedian nnd
dancer. Is one of the leading features
with the new farce comedy. Wherever
the play has appeared It has given the
best of satisfaction. It Is, In short, a
rousing laughter maker.
The sale of seats for "The Still
Alarm." Joseph Arthur's thrilling and
popular play, will begin ".o Academy
of Music Saturday nt 9 a. m. The en
gagement will he for ono night only,
Tuesday evening. The piny has been
seen so ften that its strong points nru
familiar to moot local play-goers. It Is
BUlllelent to sav that It will 'oe pre
sented on this occasion by one of the
best traveling cotnpunles on the road
and with an entirely new set of scenery
At the head of the cast Is Edwin F.
Mayo, whose portrayal of the part o?
Jack Manley, the heroic fireman, is the
most forceful that has been given of the
Serious Kcsult of a Fall on Peon Avcnuo
Last Night.
Richard Duskeet, of Webster avenue,
who is a cripple, slipped on the side
walk on Penu avenue yesterday after
noon and fell heavily, his right leg be
ing bent under him.
Mr. Duskeet's thigh was found to bo
fractured and he was taken In the
ambulance to the'Lackawanna hospital,
where he was reported to be resting
comfortably lust oilgh.t
Impression of the l'resent Usefulness
of the Y. M. C. A.
Opcniug of the New lliilldius Brought
About Many New Social Pleasures.
Presidencies of W. J. Ilund und
A. W. Dickson.
When the reader of Young Men's
Christian association, history or the
careful observer of Its work for the
past quurter of a century comes down
to the period of Its existence In the new
building, ho is ut once impressed with
Its great increase in popularity and
usefulness umong the young men
whom It had long sought to reach and
The opening of the new gymnasium
drew many men to the association who
have ever since been regular attend
ants, and though the work suffered at
Intervals because of the lack of a
competent physical director, yet it
showed a constant development of
practical usefulness. Today, with iU
skilled instructor and large classes of
business men, young men and boys, it
Is an important element in the physical
well being of many citizens.
With the opening of the new build
ing came also Increasing social attrac
tions. Muny Christian women, promi
nent in social and religious circles, freely
gave time and money to this part of the
work, and their reports from time to
time show what a large place these so
cial receptions had In the activities of
the association. l!y these agencies
large numbers of young men were giv
en opportunities for social enjoyment
which have left lasting impressions for
goi id.
The Increasing secular attractiveness
does not seem to have lessened the
spiritual activity of the work, for the
reports show that gospel meetings,
Hible classes, etc., were more largely
attended than ever before.
l'.ducutiomil Work llegun.
During the life of the association in
the present building the following men
have served ns presidents: Colonel II,
M. Holes served a second term during
lSSiMS'.ll. It was during this period
W. J. HANI),
Y. M. C. A. President, 1S91-1SU2.
that the association made a beginning
In educational work, and In his annual
report for 1S!0 President Boles said:
"The upper story of our building should
be finished and occupied. It Is too
valuable space to be allowed to go to
waste; it would be an excellent place
for a mumial training school. No edu
cation would be of more positive benefit
to the hoys and young men of our cjty
than Intelligent training in the use of
tools nnd in manual dexterity. Most
of them will have to depend for their
livelihood upon what they earn with
their hands, but our public schools are
us yet exclusively devoted to the in
struction of the mind and brain, while
the hand upon which most must de
pend is entirely neglected." This view
heralds a work which the directors
hope very soon to begin.
Its Youngest President.
In 1S!1 William J. Hand, the son of
the first president of the association,
took the helm as president and served
with fidelity and success until lvj;i.
Mr. Hand's position was In muny re
spects a trying one? because of the
changing of executive officers and
Secretaries, which necessarily threw
upon him an unusual share of responsi
bility for the details of association
management, uli of which he bore with
great prudence nnd wisdom.
In April, one who had for a
period covering almost the entire his
tory of the association been a "wheel
horse", in the harness and upon whom
President, 18S3, 1S91 and the Present In
cumbent. had often been placed the burden of
raising funds wns elected to the presi
dency In the person of A. W. Dickson,
of the Weston Milling company. Mr.
Dickson is still president, and though
carrying muny burdens, gives the needs
of the young men of the city constant
thought and engages In earnest efforts
for their welfare.
List of Secretaries.
During the twenty-six years of the
association's history the following men
have filled the position of general
secretary: W. D. Mossman, 1870-1872;
F. A. Goodwin and W. Hadden, tn 1873;
ThomaB McCune, 1874; II. H. Chnpln
and T. H. Roe, In 1873-1876; C. W. Klrk
patrlek, in 1878; W. A. Cook, In 1879;
D. A. Heldleman, 1880; T. T. Homey,
1881-1891; George W. Smithing, acting
general secretary, In 1892; George O.
Muhy, the present general secretary,
who began hlu term of ofllce In May,
Had Mrs. Hunter Arrested nnd Was Di
rected to Puy the Costs,
A case revealing the lives of some of
Scranton'a citizens Vas heard before
Alderman Fltzslmmons last night, in
which Amos Robinson, of Forest City,
charged Mrs. drace Hunter with 'steal
ing a light blue bedroom suite, folding
If ST. 7ifY,77T t : IT XI .
bed, sewing machine, heating stove and
other articles.
Robinson said that ho lived ot 107
Lackawanna avenue with Mrs. Hunter,
and after some difficulty they separ
ated, but Mrs. Hunter removed the ar
ticles surreptitiously. Attorney Elliott
Ross subjected the plaintiff to a Bevcre
cross-examination, and after some
questions relative to the character of
the house he refused in an emphatic
manner to give any further Informa
tion. Mrs. Hunter, a good looking young
woman, in defense said that she lived
at 107 Lackawanna avenue and was
running the house for Robinson. It
vu3 the resort for immoral characters.
With these earnings of the resort she
bought the goods in dispute. Robinson
did no work and the proceeds of their
business was sufficient for their main
tenance and to buy the goods. The
alderman dismissed the ease and the
plaintiff was mulcted In $3.50 costs.
The linslgn Greeted with Fuvor at the
Acudeiuy of Music.
"The Ensign," an American naval
play, attracted a large audience to the
Academy of , Music lust night, notwith
standing the disagreeable weather. It
abounds in action and halr-liftlng
climaxes, which never fall to evoke
hearty applause.
The action of the play revolves about
Ensign Hen Halrd, of the United Stat ?s
steamship Sun Jacinto, during the late
war, who is court murtluled and seii
tuueed to death for having killed Lieu
tenant Horace Hlythe, of the English
navy, a renegade American seaman,
who escaped from Uncle Sam while un
der sentence of death nnd joined the
English navy under an assumed name.
This man plots to cause trouble ut
Havana In order to prevent the San
Jacinto from capturing an English
prize. He seeks a quarrel with Ensign
l'.alrd, who, knowing Hlythe's design,
refuses to be moved until the latter
pulls down the American flag, tramples
It under foot nnd, with drawn sword,
advances toward l'.alrd. The latter re
taliates and kills his man. The re
markable thing is thnt an American
court martlul condemned lialrd to be
hung from the yard arm of the San
Jacinto for the crime and It required
great efforts tn induce President Lin
coln to pardon him. That court mar
tial finding Is the weak spot In the plot.
The finding ought to be revised.
The drama is produced In an excellent
manner, the cast being a very capable
one. Logan Raul represents President
Lincoln, and his makeup Is a very good
fac simile of the features of the mar
tyred president.
James M. lirophy wns highly emo
tional as Ensign lien liaird, and Marl
borough Hardy, Atkins Lawrence, Jo
seph Tot ten, Esther Lyon, and James
Grady did excellent work.
Common Council InvcstigntorsWill Make
Another Trial.
Members Morris, Rattle, Sweeney
and Hickey, the special fire department
investigation committee of common
council, met yesterday afternoon to in
vestigate the charge recently made that
Chief Ferher had kept the Niagara
company out of service for one week.
District Chief Detweiler Informed thi:
committee that Chief Ferher is con
fined by rheumatism to hlu home on the
West Side and wished the committee to
postpone action until he la able to ap
pear before It.
No evidence was heard and the com
mittee adjourned to meet at the call
of tile chair.
A gentleman well posted in muniol
pal matters told a Tribune reporter
that the investigation will come to
naught, no matter what the evidence
may be. He stated that an investiga
tion committee lias no authority unless
constituted Jointly by each branch of
the council. Select council, he ob
served, will not ratify a conclusion
made without a representation from
the select branch. What Mayor Con
nell will do, Is another question for con
He WusKcjcctcd lly Miss McAiiliffc, of
Lumhortville, N. J.
The New York Herald yesterday
printed the following dispatch from
Lambertville, N. J.: "A crowd that al
most filled the large St. John's Roman
Catholic church turned out this morn
ing to witness the wedding of diaries
H. Cullan and Mamie McAullffe. Miss
.VicAulifl'e some time ago became be
trothed to Joseph Moran, who came
here from Scranton, Pa., and was em
ployed by a tailor.
"Shortly after the engagement was
announced Moran went to Pittsburg,
Pa. At different times he remitted to
his intended bride small sums of monev
for the purpose of defraying the wed
ding expenses. Hut Mamie soon begun
receiving the attentions of Charles II.
Cullan. Her engagement to Callan wns
announced a few weeks ago. Moran
heard of Mamie's unfaithfulness and
came here to press his suit.
"Mamie, however, would not receive
him, and today she was married to Cal
lun. "The fact that Moran had remulne l
in town and had asked to he allowed a
seat near the altar to witness the cere
mony created the impression that ho
Intended making a scene. He was per
suaded, however, by some of his friends
to leave quietly last night."
Flllsbury's Flour Mills have a capacity
of 17.W0 barrels a day.
QUINNAN. Tn Scranton, Feb. 6, 18M,
John, son of K. J. Uulnnan, aged 3 yea.'s.
Funerul from the residence, 820 Orchard
street, Friday afternoon at i o'clock.
Open Kettle
N, 0, Molasses
Put up in gallon tins by
Q. W. Dunbar's Sons,
New Orleans.
Wc warrant this molasses to
drawn from the original package
Into the cans ('Old, without any
previous heating or rcbolllnir,
thus retaining Its natural flavor
and color. This is on age of
adulteration, hut wc endeavor to
. supply Pure Food Products,
and Intend to carry it out on this
E. Q. Coursen
Snow and intl Has .Made Railroad
Travel Very Uncertain.
Huge Sweepers und (Jan:;s of Shovellers
Accomplished but Little-Cubiuen
Heap a llurvcst-Discourug-ing
Prospect for Today.
At midnight last night the city was
almost snowbound. Long before that
hour regular traffic on the street car
lines was practically abandoned, nnd
the indication!! are that travel on the
railroads will be demoralized before (i
o'clock this morning.
Three large theater audiences found a
blinding storm awaiting them when
ready to go homeward. Sensible per
sons paid famine price? to cabmen, a
few unluckily took chances In a lonely
street car or two while a lurge per
centage stood a few moments In the
whirling snow and after chewing cuds
of wrath depended on their legs to
carry them home.
Up to S o'clock the cars appeared
only In fitful gasps, and afterward
made a pretense of running, only when
preceded by one of the two huge elec
trical sweepers, which, with a small
army of shovellers, accomplished lit
tle against the fury of the snow and
consequent drifting. At this hour
travel was completely nt a standstill
outside the city limits and the two
sweepers were sent out on various lines
to head a procession of stalled cars
on inward-bound trips.
Sw eepers und Plows In I'se.
Horse plows were pressed Into ser
vice on the West Side and Laurel Hill
lines, but they proved useless. At 11
o'clock the two electric, sweepers were
being used to bring in cars with broken
motors on several lines.
The sweepers were kept running
throughout the inlght, but even though
the storm abates it Is not likely that
traffic will be possible before noon.
All the available vehicles In the liv
eries were engaged In advance by theater-goers
with the result of giving the
nlghthawk cabby who holds forth on
Lackawanna avenue an opportunity to
reap a rich harvest. He demanded
and received duublo fare?, and chuckled
with ghoulish glee as he "g'langed"
to his snowballed nag in frequent and
demoniacal trips about the city.
At 1 o'clock ho disappeared with his
tired horse and the belated traveller
had to pay a good price to a livery or
sleep in the snow or a hotel. The
hostelrles were filled.
The Delaware and lludnon train for
the north, due here at 11.20 o'clock, was
forty-five minutes late, and the 11.33
south-bound train was nearly an hour
On the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western road the 12.10 train, going
north, was reported one hour late ut 11
o'clock. Trouble was experienced in
getting freight trains over the Poeono,
and messages were received of consid
erable drifting north of the city. Or
ders were given to hold several coal
trains at Clark's Summit and Great
Hond. Freight trains north and south
were from one to three hours behind
time. Unless the storm abates, today's
passenger service will be thrown com
pletely out of joint.
Storm Is General.
At an early hour the wires of the
Western Union and Postal Telegraph
companies were working properly.
Telegraph reports indicate that the
storm Is general and snow has fallen to
a considerable depth in all the neigh
boring towns aud cities.
Will lie Held ut West l'lttston on Feb. 11
und 15.
The mid-year convention of the
Woman's Chrlrtlan Temperance unions
of Luzerne and Lackawanna counties
will be held in the Methodist Episcopal
church, AVest l'lttston, Thursday and
Friday, Feb. 14 and ,".
Mrs. Louise S. Rounds, the talented
president of Illinois Woman's Chris
tian Temperance! union, will give a
Hilile reading Thursday at It o'clock a.
m. and nn address in the evening.
The ladles of the l'lttston unions ex
tend a cordial Invitation to all Inter
ested In temperance work. Entertain
ment will be provided for all who at
tend the convention.
Telephone 2212. W. O. Doild & Co., fiU
Lackawanna avenue, for all kinds of
- -
City Scavenger.
Business promptly attended to, and
prices reasonable. Charles Cooper, 719
Scranton street.
Have used Dr. Thomas' Eelectric Oil for
croup and colds, and deelure It a posi
tive cure. Contributed by Win. Kuy, 670
Plymouth Ave., Buffalo. N. Y.
Position Wanted.
By a competent accountant (.11) posi
tion where experience and business ablllay
In required. Highest references as to
ability, Integrity, etc. Address C 11.
Noyes, Chenango street, Blnghur.i
ton, N. Y.
Your watch run for
ever without having it
cleaned and repaired.
Take it to
Who has repaired
Watches and clocks
for over 25 years.
417 Lackawanna Avo,,
Including the psiulem extracting ot
tenth by au sntlroiy new prooua,
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
Fine Chocolate Candies,
Puncheon Queen Olives
Royal Milk Biscuit, :
Popular Graham Wafers,
Babbitt's 1776,
Modeling Java Coffee,
Golden Rio,
Firkin Butter,
Full Cream Cheese,
Messina Lemons,
Golden Maize,
Pearl Barley,
Saratoga Chips,
Camelia Buckwheat Flour,
Turkish Prunes,
Bill Pickles.
F, P. PRICE, Agent.
" ;r -t
': K- b- .ii? .1
fats": rViV)IM
Tills is the nearest to
Iiei fectioii of any Waffle
Il'Oll ever invented.
II IS lis s
Tlio Most Simple in Construction.
iwi .mi wiueiic 10 utiuuie.
Ubicst to Clcuu.
Andean be used on any sized stove.
Keeipes lor making Waffles
go with each iron.
Price 89c. each.
Green and Gold Store Front,
tr tt Present tl Moot Popnlar ud tnttmi It
l.tling Aru:a.
Wtrcrooms : Opposite Columbus Monumsnt,
00 w-ohinn-ton Av. Scranton. Pt,
The mouth of February of each year is devoted to the
cleaning up of stock, getting rid of all odds and ends
aud making room for new Spring Goods.
Wc mark such prices ou all goods that make them move
quickly. Our February and August sales are too well
known to need any special comment, but we wane to
say that during this sale we will have more and better
bargains for you thau ever before.
Music Dealer,
134 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton,
Astrakhan, large
sleeves, lull skirts,
$53.00, former) $100.00
Electrical Seal Sacques,
large sleeves, full skirts,
$05.00, formerly $125.01)
Seal Sacques, 30-incli long,
9;.uu, lormcriy $uu.ou
The balance of our Fur
Capes we are selling at half
price. We also offer Cloth
Coats and Cloth Capes at 40c.
ou the dollar.
600 Mackintoshes for $3.00
which are useful both for
traveling and stormy weather.
Have your Furs repaired by the only
Practical Furrier iu the city.
138 Wyoming Ave.
II III llll. I UUM.
When the advertising atmosphere is so
heavily charged with exaggeration, it
is well to remember wh the houest
advertisers are. Windy assertions about
GKEAT reductious---advertising goods
at impossible prices, find no lodging
place in the minds of intelligent people.
Hull trade throughout the legitimate
business season may make necessary,
wild statements from sonic clothiers to
attract trade, but the seheniersjvill
have to scheme harder and Cud new
disguises for their lame excuses before
they can stop the people from coming
to this store for houest values. The
triumph of this store is the triumph of
intelligence, and yon have made it so.
Trade has been up to the mark here,
yet there's a touch of attractivenessjti
the styles and assortments. We've add-
ed another and more taking attraction
-Ri;iJL'ti:i) l'KICL'S, natural order of
things here at this season; LOWER
Glottars, MersAfurnishera
Miss Alcutt
Will Explain the Advantages aud
Fit 'the
Week Commencing Monday,
February 11, ut
a m a r