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A pure cream of tartar
Pure and Sure.
It does more work and finer work than any other. If you do
not find it exactly as represented you can return vitto your grocer
and he will pay you back your money.
Cltvtiand 2Sak!i:g Fmidcr Co., A'rj York, H licensor tj Cleveland Drolhirt,
120 Wyoming Ave.
descent Light lu
neirly nil part
ol tlio city.
Common w.'al ill
Onr ini-nndescont Systom Is absolutely safa
Improvements used in doini;
The AViUe Henowueil
Laundry work of
SOS Punn Ave. A. B WAR MAN.
Tou Don't Like to Lay Them, Do Youf
It will not cost much. It will bo done ritfht.
W ILL! A ifs & 31 e A X U LT Y
So many cumpluints of irregular
delivery have reached us, which
wc have traced to stolen papers,
that we now offer $5 reward for
information that will lead to the
conviction of any person caught
stealing The Tribune from the
doorsteps of regular subscriber
Snpprr will be served in the Perm Ave
nue baptist church this evening from 0
to 8 o'clock by the Ladles' Social union.
Peter O'ilrlvn, of, hits been
appointed by Collector Herring Ktoie
keeper of the new distillery at Pt-c-kvilk-.
' Tho members of St. Peter'R citheclral
choir, UHflfied by is.-iuor's orchmtra of
fifteen pieces, will repeat the Christmas
mn?lc nt College hall on Sunduy evening,
1-Vb. 3.
Coroner Kelley, after Inquiring Into the
milliner in which Aldon W. Smith, of
CUenbiirn, met his death, decided that n
formal Inquest was not necpsrtry. It vvnn
evident that death was purely aecldcnlal.
The Catholic Choral union resumed their
reheursuls of Sullivan's oratorio, "The
Prodigal Son," at St. Thomtis' coIIcrc on
U'yomiiiB avenue lust evening. Kehenrs
Blu will now be continued on Wednesday
A Kpwial meeting of the Ladles' Aid so
ciety of the lninniore l'resbj tei Ian c hurch
Is called for this afternoon at 2 o'clock.
All members ure earnestly requested to
be present, r.s business. of Importance Is
to be considered.
A mntch game of jiool will be held to
night between Frank Sherman, of Phila
delphia, and Jerome Keogh ut .Mr.
KeoKh's billiard parlor, 223 Lackawanna
avenue. The (fame commences tit S.uO
o clock, admission being free.
Paul IicclioltB, who was arrested on tho
charge of stealing outs, the property of
V. Hallstead, was yesterday com
mitted by Alderman Fltzslmmons In ile
fuult of r,(KJ bail, iie will bo placed on
trial at the next court of quarter Bcs
Blons. A pleasant evening will be enjoyed by
the members of St. Patrick's church choir
this evening In a slelghride to Archbald.
The members will meet ut the church nt
7 o'clock. Professor Haydn Kvnns, or
ganist, huvlng made all arrangements for
their comfort.
The teachers' training school Is closed,
owing to the resignation of Miss Polce,
and will not be opened until the teachers'
committee recommend nn Instructor and
the board of control confirms the selec
tlon. A meeting of the committee has
not been culled.
Edward J. Wheeler, editor of the New
York Voice, tho foremost Prohibition
newspaper in the United States, will lee
ture at Conservatory hall this evening
and his subject will be "Politics." Tho
purpose of his lecture will be to advance
the Prohibition caus and there will be no
admission fee charged to hear him.
The members of the poor board and the
outdoor physicians It employs met last
night to ascertain the cause of the great
increase in the cost of drugs during the
year 18SH over Its predecessors. It was
shown that Increasing the staff of outdoor
physicians from two to live extended
medical relief to a greater upmber of per
sons and consequently more drugs were
Court yesterday .Issued a mandamus
against the borough of Uunmore, order
ing the payment of SW.2U to the iironrln-
tors of the Seranton Times. On Way Hi,
JH,- at the Instance of K. J. Hughes,
William r. Doyle and George A. Jessup,
viewers appointed to assess the rost of
district sewer No. 1 In the Sixth ward of
Dunmore, contracted the bill by ordering
their report printed In the Times. The
bill was for 492 lines ut o cents a lino.
Clerk of the' Court; Thomas Issued the
following marriage licenses yesterday:
Oeorge Papovlz and Mary Blmonlk, Oly.
plmnt; Harvey K. Dorshlmcr, of 1 Hilton,
and Bessie M. VVIdeman, of Wallsvlllej
Mletro Teclmuscky and Anna Cli-hon,
Olyphunt; James Munroe, Old Korge, and
-Mary Cassldy. Sifunton; John Havlnskl
and Mary Ann Krypl, Seranton; Klaslrl
nlk Ziu-kowliss and Mary P.utruvlch,
Seranton, and John Heed and liraee Mc
Gee, Duryea.
Seventeenth Ward Citizens Solicit J. A.
Lansing tin J l.uthcr Ucllur to lie Their
Tho following petition which was cir
culated yesterday und received the ap
pended signatures is self-explanatory:
Seranton, Pa., Jan. IS!!",.
Messrs. J. A. Lansing and Luther KelVr;
Crcntlenien Vacancies occur this yea.' in
the Seventeenth ward in olllces of both
select and common councils. The city
expects tho Seventeenth ward to fur
nish representative men, men of hluli
character nil. I business ability, to repre
sent it In the councils, and we turn to
you us such men and iirk you to permit
your mimes, in the order named, to l
presented before the caucus of tile Hepub-
licans of this ward, to be held Jan. W.
in selecting you to represent us, we do
It with u full sense of the responsibility
we place on yuu, and testily to our Lutii
In your honesty, ability and Integrity by
this act. We respectfully ask you to ae-
pt the nomination, pledging you In re
turn our best support to secure your elec
A. Tnppln, K. J. Purrott,
Isaac Post, Sam 11. Stevens,
K. lletts, ,1. 8. McAmilty,
Isaac L. Post, Win. VW Martin,
Frank C. Ferguson, W. J. Hiittin,
Chillies II. Klpp, Clias. Schlatter,
It. J. Ilaag, H. . Sanderson,
L. J. Northup, A. Hone,
A. Molt, James ArclibiiM,
I. P. iiroxvn. Montrose liarnuid,
II. T. Xoithiip, J. W. IVrrin.
I'. K. Taylor. , A. K. Council,
John SimpFon, ("has. I.-;. Wade,
1!. 11. Klvliie, F. 11. demons.
John tl. .MeConnell, C. I. Jones. .
M. W. Hlesecker, William Council,
W. II. Wheeler, Kzru II. Kipplc,
".. II. Uirdsiill,. ,W. W. Watson,
otto L. Moyer, C. W. Klrkpatrick,
A. 1). Pieixon, J. II. Stecll,
J. I-'. Snydi r, 11. S. Kirkpatrick,
Flllson V. L. SnyMer I (envy A. Knapp,
Sain Knapii, II. M. Hannah,
1. J. Tlionius, M. J. Andrews,
L. Merccivau, J. L. Connell,
II. A. Connell, F. S. Siott.
S. II. Itnekus, J. I-:. Punish,
W. J. Nortliup, Clias. H. Scott,
It. A. Chase, C. ti, Pratt,
fieo. II. Cutlln, .1. L.Crawford,
". .1. MeCuw.
i:xci:lsiok i rcniu: party.
.Many Present lit the Hull on Wyomin
Avenue l ast M;;ht.
The first pruRTrnsive euchre of the
present S'-.ii?n given by th" Kxoelsinr
S'lelal club last night in Its hall, jti
Wyoming ivemi", v,as enjoyed hy
about seveniy of the cily's be.H-known
Jt v!:ii men und women. Aiide from
Wie i-ill-lire, tin- evenlnjt's ple.'isttru la
chilled d.-in-.-Ing before and after a do
lk iotis supper, which was i i-ved bi.-furc
J-hc la illt 3' fii-.-t, Ft-71-nd and third
prizes were a rut-g-lass il!.--!l, sugar and
ereani dlshtu, and a su-iilng manicure
file; the gentlemen's prizes, an orna
mental cluck, a fuiiiK-iiin pen and a
sutchel cheek. There we re also Uvu
booby pi-lues. The r'lccerr-ful players
In the order named were: Ji.n. J. I 'ret
man and r. Morris. Mrs. L. Marks ttr.d
y. Krntiisky, Mrs. II. Langfeld and I!.
Those present Included Mlaa Wolf-
ptiin, llaltimore; Mr. and Mrs. Ashen-
brand. Pittston; Mrs. Jacobs and Miss
Lazarus, ltrooklyn, N. Y.; the Messrs.
Hrown and .Mr. Sacks, Pitistun; Mr.
Livingston, VUkes-Hnrre;M; ssrs. Oold
berg. Stern, Levy and Sehrciber, Xc-w
York, and the following from Seranton:
Mr. and Mrs. L. Marks, Mi-, ami Mrs.
.1. Freeman, the Mbses Wormser, the
Misses Goldsmith, Mr. and Mis. Ron
Sumter, Miss Goodman, the Mi:4ses
Lew. Mr. and Mrs. 11. Lanu-feld. Mr.
and Mrs. J. Klein, Mr. and MrY Sim
mons), I'lte Mlrsea Lauer, 'the Mit-'-v-s
JIose, the Mipnes Harris, M!ss Jill
hauser. Miss Minnie Drcser, Mi:s Net
tle N'ye, .Mlf". Gallen, the Me-nrs. Kra
mer, tide- M-ssrs. Morris, the Messrs
Krotnsky, anil JI(-ysi-.. Wormser, tlal-
len, J. Lauer, U. Goldsmith, V. Moses,
Simon Uauer, C. liernsteln, lilce, Oct-
tlngr-r, I. lirowii, Milhauser, Davldo-w,
lre-spn, Lo-wenberg, Guodman, and
Alexander Nye,
Winter Session of tho I piscopnl Arch
denennry v Sernnton.
During Monday nnd Tuesdny the win
ter esslon of the Seranton nrch
deaeonry of the Kpliicotml church was
held at Wllkes-P.arre. The meetings
throughout were Instructive nnd Inter
esting. Among the local clergy present
were: Itev. Kogers Israel, of St. Luke's
church; Itev. I- S. Hallentlne, of Green
Itldge; Ilev. M. II. Mill, of St. David's
church, and Hev. A. L. Urban, of Dun
more. The lay reiiresenta.tives from
Scrantun wero A. D. Holland, church
warden of St. Luke's church; T. I
Jones and .1. Attleus Hobinson, of Green
Itldge, nnd Frank Jones, of St. David's
New Mllftml was chosen for the hold
ing of the spring session nnd Hones
dale of tho autumn session. Arch
deacon Cox rend his report. No clerical
changes hud occurred during the yenr
and there ere no vacuncles In the arch
deaconry, lie recommended that the
rights of church property In the dlo
cese should be vested In the Incorpor
ated trustees of the diocese, so that In
the event of the death of the original
Ir.corporaitnrs no risk of the title would
be Incurred. A. D.. Holland, of Scran
ton, wns appointed treasurer of the
archdeaconry meeting, and T. 12. Jones,
of Green Itldge, auditor, -.
Lehigh Volley Stockholders Will Vote
Ity the United Prcsu.
Philadelphia, Jan. 1C The adjourned
meeting of the stockholders of the ihigh
Valley Itiillroad compuny reassembled at
noon today at tho olllces of the company
to reeelv tho announcement of tlW vote
cast for president anil directors anil me
resolution upon which a stock vote was
requested yesterday.
The resolution asked for the appoint
ment of a committee to inquire Into tho
condition of the property. The vote, how
ever, was not ready to be announced, und
from appearances It will not be reudy tin
til tomorrow night. Another adjourn
ment wus therefore taken until Friday
noon, -
Turkish on RtiHslun Hut lis for Ladies,
At the request of physicians and ladles.
arrangements huve been made to give
oatns to mines on -ruesnays rrom s a. ni
to B p. m. I'll vale entranoe through
Owens cloak parlors on Sprue strret. M.
j. rurceii, proprietor,
Diinmore's I'oicimist Citizen Suc
cumbed to the (Irim Reaper.
Great (Jrlcf Is Felt by All Classes in Dun
moi c Over Demise of President of Lrlc
und Wyoming Kallioud Compuny.
Actlou of llourd of Trudc.
John Ti. Smith, president of the Erl?
and Wyoming Valley railroad nnd gen
eral superintendent of t'he Pennsylva
nia Omul company, died at his home in
Dunmore ait 7.05 o'clock yesterday
morning. He was SO years of age and
had been nlllicted with diabetis for sev
eral years.
The funeral will 'take place Saturday
lfternoon from the old liiomestead, the
family resilience ever since Mr. Smith
movt'd to Dunmore. Itev. J. W. Will-
joiin h. smith.
lams, pastor of -the church of which the
deceased -was a mem'ier, will preach
til? strraim. Itev. J. Parson Nichols,
I). !.. uf Ilingliamton; Itev. S. C. Lu-, D. D., of Seranton, und Itev. N. G.
Parke, -of Plttidnii, will al:-o be pi t-sent
Mr. Smith Is survived by two children,
Gei-rtje ii. KmLt.h, -superintendent of tile
Kile and V.'yomlng railroad, and Mrs,
A. D. lllacklngton, who lived with llielr
father. A daught"r, Mrs. (Valpin, of
l:'.iiBlv.i.mtvn, died last uinmer; her
two children have since resided with
t'hi !r gi-.indf:i;iir, Mr. Sminh. Mrs,
John 11. SmSWi die 1 nine years ago.
An account of Mr. Smith's career ap
peared in yesterday's Tribune along
with tihe facts id' Ms Illness. An tin-
f.u-tL-inate ,nn,r In tihe headllm-s mui l
It nipp.-.n r that Mr. Smith was demented,
U!.'lcn, of course, was not true. He was a
member of the Independent Order ol
Odd Fellows of Cacbondale and the
Free and Accepted Masonic order of
Hawley, and lieen for a numbt-r of
yi-ars r.nenf the d!reclur.t of the Scran
ton Gad and Water company,
add S-.-.ilth's dcalh
The Dunmore hoard of trade held a
m -et'iig last evening to take action on
the druih of Mr. Smith, and after ai
pointing n conimiltee on resolutions It
was decided to Invite the citiein 1 1
m-i-t In lioyle's -li-.ill this evenin;; at S
o'clock to give expression to Che great
! ,ss the lxirough sustained in Mr.
Snath's dcalh.
liio nn -si prolounu Borrow wai
catuieil yeiueiday In Dunmore when the
nrvs cf Mr. Smll.h't? death became
noised t broad, lie was one of tho bor
ough's m..Kt progri.-sslve citizens who
was always Interested in any move
ment that would assist Its development
or tend to enhance the well-being of his
p. iMhbois.
lie was charitable, but his acts were
done so quietly that few realized tlie
amount of good he did by Ufwltlng
worthy organisations and giving n
helping hand to individuals who had
become only too familiar with the
thorny Ride of life.
Scverul Verdicts Ketiirncd by Jiirlcs-Dc
tails of the Actions That Wero Put on
When court assembled yesterday
morning the Jury that hud heard th
assumpsit suit of Assignee S. It. Mutt
ni-.ainst Charles I. Jadwln, returned a
verdict in favor of the plaintiff for
Sl.-HO.75. A verdict was also rendered
In the sum of $l,r0() In favor of the
plaintiff In the trespass suit of James
O'lloro ngalm-it the city of Seranton,
The suit of Charles 13, Terry ag-alnst
L. M. Itozelle wns for wages, and the
Jury found a verdict In favor of the
plaintiff for $:!8.S:i. In the suit of l'.cnj.i
min Howey against James Wilson the
Jury found n verdict for the plaintiff In
the sum of JUfl.N.I. The trespass suit of
John G. Jennings ngalnst the Lehigh
Valley Itallrond company was con.
tinned until the next term of court
In the suit of Hull & Co. against John
Faurot nnd Mary I-'aurot a voluntary
non suit was entered.
Judge McPhersoii, in court room No,
2, presided at the trial of the replevin
suit of Sweetser, Pembroke & Co., of
New York, ugalnst P. V. McDonald
and T. J. (lllpntrlck, of Carbondub'. At
torneys Thomus Wells and J. 13,
liurr were for the plaintiffs nml At
torneys K. N. Willard and II. A. Knapp
for the defendants.
Change of Ownership.
In 1S90 the plaintlirs sold a bill of
goods to Gllpntrlck, one of the defend
.nts, who wns engaged in the grocery
business In t'arbondale. The bill
amounted to something Ilk' $l,fi8. , Mc
Donald, the other defendant, clerked In
tho store nnd was Gllpatrick's uncli
The latter boonmo financially envolved
and turned over all the goods In the
store to McDonald. The bill of winds
sold by Sweetser, Pembroke & Co. was
not paid and the. suit was brought ti
recover that bill. Th evidence did not
tend to show that any. collusion had
been carried on between the two de
fendnnts, but that It wns a regular
bona fide business transaction. The
ense wns given to the Jury nt adjourn
Hefore Judge Gunster the appeal of
Wllllum Moore against James Howley
wus tried and almost finished when
court adjourned. Tho plaintiff was
represented by Attorneys Hulslander
nnd Vosburg and the Uefeudunt by At
torneys Frank J. Fltzslmmons and Fred
H. Stark. Tho suit Is to recover pos
session of the land on Wyoming- ave
nue, this city, under the title of slier
Iff's deoif The ense will be given to the
Jury this morning. v
Tried Hefore Judge l.dwnrds.
Only one case was tried In court room
No. 3 before Judge F.dwards. Idlwnrd
J, McDonald wn the plaintiff and was
represented by Attorney George D,
Taylor. Mrs. Patrick O'llnra was the
defendant and Attorney James Malum
represented her. In 1S8B her family wag
supplied by Mr. McDonald, who Is a
grocer of Carbondale, with goods ti the
value of $150, Attorney Muhon moved
f m
i rah
' 1 '
that binding instructions be given the
jury for a verdict for the defendant on
the ground that a wife enn not be sued
separately from her husband. Judge
Kihvards took that view of the case and
bo instructed the Jury.
Hctiirns of Kcgistry Lists to County Com
missioners Show u (in in in the County.
Yesterday was the last day for regis
ters of voters to return their books to
the county commissioners nnd the total
shows that there are at present 37,741
registered voters in Lackawanna coun
ty, or rather there are Hunt many
names on the lists. Two registration
returns nre made annually, one In Sep
tember, preceding the fall election, nnd
the other In January, preceding the
spring election. The totul of this re
turn shows a gain of 5G7 over that made
six months ugo.
In the country districts, including all
townships und boroughs, there are 1,4,-
344 votes registered; In Carbondale,
3,470, nnd in the twenty-one wards of
the city there are l!'7. Taking these
Hgli-rea as a "basis of calculation bhey
would indicate that Seranton has a
population of 100,000.
Impressive Services Over tho llody of
.Miss Mary C. Doersum in Penn Avenue
llnptlst Church-Interment in l'orcst
Hill Cemetery.
At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon
about 400 friends mid sympathizers
won present ail the Penn Avenue l'.ap-
t I'M t church ito participate in the burial
eervtoeM uf Miss Mary C. Doersam,
daughter of Philip Docrsam, of IVnn
avenue. Miss Doersam was a member
of -the First Presbyterian church .nd
ulso a hardworking member of the Penn
Avenue ltaptlst Sunday school. She
also manlfe.-ited a warm Interest In the
work of the Young Women's Christian
association, mud ithe large attendance
yesterday was a tangible token of the
high e:- teem In which tfhe w is held.
Itev. James Mi-Lend coiuluoted the
services, which were opened by the
singing of "Just O'er the Morderland"
by it he Misses Hose, W. C. Wceden and
Hector H. J.i in i, after which Itev.
Warren G. P:u tridge offered prayer in
L.iinesit terms on behalf of the nlllicted
family. Itev. Charles Itolilnsoii, 1). D.,
read a portlo.n of Scripture and itev.
S. C. Logan, who was visibly affected,
made a few remarks of condolence with
the family to whose previous alllie
tlons he refirred -In -sympathetic terms.
Itefcrring to t(ic Imto M'ss Doersam, he
dwelt on lier earnest purpys-s In en-ib-av'i
ring to do her turnout In helping
in the -work of 'her Ma-iter. He kn.uv ot
no one more pure am earnest in heart
nnd she -hud hei-n subllmily happy In
the associations of those she loved and
her life ihad been as a height and shin
ing light, and they could truly ay t.hut
.'he Juid accomplished all the could for
tile church of God and the glory of 'her
Fafher. They .should rejoice -and be
glad that 'their dear sinter was able, by
the ol. ss-1 power of fuil-h which Christ
had given, to face the grave. She h id
now cone to h-r rest where they would
have the Inestimable privilege of meet,
lug 'her once more.
Tile quartette sang "Sleep On, lie
loved," and Itev.- Dr. Mi-Leod pro
nounced the In ip dii'tion, .after which hundred p, viewed thi re
mains. The pall bearers were K. S.
Williams, William Inglls, John Wag
ner, Harvey lll.u-kwood, P. O'Malley
and Itobei't IJeadle. The flower bearer
were Ted Trimmer and C. F. Hess.
Several exquisite wreaths and Moral
tributes were arranged around the
casket, Iirti rinent was made ut Forest
Hill cemetery.
I'niquc Kntertulnmcnt to lie Given nt Y.
M. C. A. Hull.
A very pretty entertainment will be
given at Young Men's Christian asso
ciation hall on Friday and Saturday
evening, Jan. 25 and 2ti. A Saturday
matinee had also been rr,.inged for.
The entertainment consists of "The
lirownlcs In Fairyland." u musical can
taita In two acts by Palmer Cox, the
originator of the lirownle Idea, with
original music by Ma.lcta.lm Douglass.
For this eaintata. Ilfty little boys, who
will Impersonate the ItrownSes, and as
many lllitle- girls Who will appear us the
fairies, are being drilled by Physical
Dlnxtor Weston, of the Young Jinn's
Christian association. The progress
they have made would Indicate that
Uie eiiti'i't'ainmeiH Will be one of the
most unique und pleasing ever given
In the city.
The cantata will be staged and Its
production 'personally supervised by
one of Palmer Cox's agents.
Mrs. Potter and hyrle llellew to Appear
Here Next Week.'
It Is a pliiaisui-e to note the appear
ance of twoueih dlHtingulshed und ital
un'ted people jus 'Mis. Potter and Mr.
liellew, Avho nre announced hi appear
nt the Avade-my of Music on Tu 'sibny,
Jan. 22, Inilhiir latent and most success
ful play, "Charlotte Corday." Mrs.
Potter hiaif .-been receiving unstinted
praise from t.Ke critics wherever tin;
has apipeaivd during her present Amor
lean tour, nnd it is needless to add that
Mr. Hi Hew, who 'has long pinee bi-e-n
reeogmlzcd as one of the leading actors
uf his age, Is entirely in
w.y pant he ma y be si-en. The suppont
lmg company is neurly the same that :-c-onipantfid
them on their last visit to
t'h'ls country, about two seasons luge,
und Is said to be highly satisfactory tu
fvery reispect. The sale of seats Will
open at the Acialemy of Music box olllce
on Saturday morning at 9 o'clock.
Talking about Flour, we
presume you are satisfied,
but if not and you waut
the BEST buy
The price is less than
half the price a few )'ears
ago. It bakes the whit
est, sweetest aud best
E. G. Coursen
Usefulness of the Alliriijht Library
Constantly Gruuinu..
Report of I ihrai inn Carr SliowsTbnt 8,071
Persons Now Hold Cards Untitling
Them to Tukc Out liooks-I'luns
for tho Future.
At the fourth annual meeting of the
trustees of the Albright Memorial li
brary held Tuesday ex-Justice Alfred
Hand was chosen president; William T.
Smith, vice president; Henry J. Carr,
secretary nnd librarian; Henry IJelln,
jr., treasurer.
The estimate of expenses for the
maintenance of the library during the
year submitted by Mr. Hand was ns
follows: nooks. $2,940; salaries, $5,lfi0;
Incidentals, $2,700; total. $10,800.
Treasurer Helln presented the follow
ing statement of cash on band: From
citizens' subscription, $IS.2i); from city
appropriation, 770.H4; petit cash, $2S6.::ti;
total, $1,105.50.
A comprehensive report of the work
of the library was presented by Libra
rian Curr. It showed that during the
year 1SH4 2,012 persons registered at the
library for the purpose of availing
themselves of Its privileges nnd at Un
close of the year 8.074 cards were In
use. The smallest issue of books on any
day during the year was 222, and the
largest 1,075.
Growing in I sef illness.
Since the library opened there has
been a constant Increase in the num
ber of those who avail themselves of its
privileges, nnd It is still reaching out
and extending Its usefulness. When it
was llrst opened a few years ago it had
1(1,000 books, and that number has since
grown to 2'j.OOO. Librarian Curr said
yesterday that less books would be
added to the library this year than last,
as the fund subscribed by the citizens
of Seranton is almost exhausted and
there Is now only the money to be re
ceived from the city to make use of.
"We shall endeavor," said Mr. Carr,
"tobuild up the Industrial and neleintilic
side to the library during the next few
years. Tliie is n great Industrial com
munity whose future must be closely al
lied to Its inuuufiictoi'U s of all kinds.
The men employed in these establish
ments come iiere In search of Informa
tion on the particular branch of me
chanics or science they ure engaged In
or that Is tributary to It. and it shall
be our effort, as far as possible, to put
within the reach of all such searchers
after knowledge all the Information we
possibly can.
Purts Arc Well Supplied.
"In the matter of general literature
nnd fiction the library Is fairly well
supplied at prese nt, and a good portion
of the money v.e will expend dining
the nT-xt year or two will bo in the di
rection of bringing the Industrial and
seientillc portion of the library up to
a high plane of usefulness.
"We already have the nucleus of a
medical library," remarked Mr. Carr,
"pointing to the Throop collection in
tin- galliy. "which may develop into a
most valuable feature of the library."
"What are your plans for extending
the work of the library?" asked the re
porter. '
"Well, as to that, I would like to see
a distributing agency connected with
the libra ry lo?ate l In Giv. a ltid;?
Providence, Hyde Park and the South
Side, but such additions would increase
the expense of the library about $5,000,
and as the city has many Increased
appropriations to meet this year we
made no request in our estimate to
councils for money to extend the work
of the library in the matter of estab
lishing these distributing agencies."
i:jurJ J. Itutledge and .Miss Minnie
Hand Made .Man and Wife.
Rev. K. J. Melley, pantor of Si. John's-.
Catholic, church, South Side, at " o'clock
yesterday afternoon officiated at the
nuptials of Miss Minnie Hand, youngest
daughter of Brewer Michael J. Hand,
of 121.2 Cedar avenue, nnd Kdward J.
Itutledge, one of Pltfton's prominent
and piogresslve citizens. The marriage
ceremony was private. Representative
W. 11. Itutledge, of the Fifth Legisla
tive district, comprising Pittston, was
the groomsman, and Miss Agnes Glen
lion, of Wert Pittston, was the brides
The bride's gown was of brown Penn
Dessoie silk, trimmed with velvet nnd
ornamented wish maiten fur. The
bridesmaid's costume wus of the same
fabric, with velvet and steel cut trim
mings. The grnoin and groomsman
Were attired ill conventional black
broadcloth suits.
After the marriage ceremony the
bridal party returned to the home of
the bride on Cedar avenue, and ut 7
o'clock n reception was held. An hour
later a wedding reliant was served In
the dining hall. Mr. and Mrs. ltutb-,1
received the guests and the ushers
were P. H. Coyne, of Cedar avenue,
nnd Frank Lavan, of Pittston. Many
costly and exquisite presents were be
Those present were: Rev. F.. J. Mel-
nllllL u
The last year has been
our best
We are replenishing
our stock and will have
everything new for the
spring trade.
15 U
1 1
417 Lackawanna Ave,,
BEST SETS Of Hi, $8.00
Including the paining extracting ot
tetth by an entirely new prooess.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
ley and Rev. James A. Mofflt, of St.
John's church, and Rev. Edward J.
Phillips, of Plains; Mr. and Mrs. Dolph
Glennon, Pittston; Mr. and Mrs. James
J. Crogan and Miss Winifred Melvln,
South Side; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H.
Glennon, Pittston; Mr. nnd Mrs. R. H.
Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge W. Bene
dict, Miss F.lla Lavan, Miss Blanche
LuvaiV, Miss Nanna Lavnn, Frank
Lavan, Miss M. A. Rutledge, Miss Be
linda Itutledge, Miss M. A. Rutledge,
Miss Louisa Gibbons, Miss Bridget
Murphy, Mr. and Mrs. James II. Col
lier, Miss Mary A. Itutledge, John T.
Itutledge, Miss Lizzie Itutledge, John
H. Hutledge, Duvld Glennon, James
Murphy, nil of Pittston; Roger lie
Garry, William T. Rutledge, Miss Mag
gie itutledge, Miss Jennie itutledge, all
of Wllkes-Hurre; Miss Katie Reardon,
P. II. Coyne, South Side.
The Germunla band visited the Hand
residence at 10 o'clock und tendered a
delightful serenade.
Diagram now open nt Powell's
store for concert of New York Philhar
monic club next Monday evening, 21st,
In Frothliigham theater.
The $40,000 School House,
for Columbia avenue has been let and will
be commenced Immediately. There are
still a few more lots left at a low price.
Arthur Frothliigham,
Oilleo, Theater Lobby.
, y iMAItUII'il),
LHIDXrcrt - RTRATTON.-Tn Seranton.
Sat in-day, Jim. 12, ut the resilience of
llev. K. I,. .Miller, on .Mulberry street, G.
II. Lelihier und Miss L. J. Struttoil.
U'CICT'in. At 4 o'clock yesterday morn
ing at the home of her father, Fanny
Lueker, aged about 17 years. Funeral
Saturday afternoon; hour not yet llxcd.
'or Fancy Work, in the followinR
colors; White, Blue, Orange,
Grci'ii, Beil, Pink, Lavender,
cream ana Yellow for
10c. l'cr Package
White China Plates for Decorat
ing 10c. Each
Magic Gas Lighters, 40c. Each
Japanese Napkins,
Sc. Per Dozen
A full assortment of Extracts in
the following odors: Liluc Itlos
noni, Fran;;ipanni, Jockey Club,
White Heliotrope, West End.
Orane-e HIosjsom, White Rose, Vio
let, Lily of the Valley aud t'rab-
Appio 25iossoiu. Choice of above
21c. Per ().., 12c. 1-2 Oz
A new assortment of Celluloid aud
Horn Hair Pius at 10c. each.
Side Combs 10c. per pair.
Green and Cold Store Front
tt it Prestnt tin- Mi..t I'ornltr and 'rtferre4 by
bv.l:1l!. AltltitA
U'Arorpoms: OppoutV.unibus Monument,
nt; Wdxtiin.jrren Av. Seranton. Pa,
'mm CD I
E :.'vu-. AV -I-
r-'j k 1 e r. r 1 ' n
All Kinds
Has proven such a success that we have decided to
continue it one week longer. i
8.00 Garments reduced to $5.50.
$10.00 Garments reduced to 7.50.
$12.00 Garmeuts reduced to $8,00.
$17.00 Garments reduced to $10.00.
$18.00 Garments reduced to $1 2.00.
$20.00 Garments reduced to $13.00.
$25.00 Garments reduced to $17.00.
$30.00 Garments reduced to $20.00.
Men's qoc. Lined Gloves reduced to 35c.
Men's 50c. Natural Wool Underwear reduced to 39(5.
Boys' 50c. Silk Plush Cap reduced to 39&
Boys' 25c. Winter Cap, Scotch Knit, reduced to 19c
Dr.- Jaeger's Woolen Goods at greatly reduced prices.
ioo American Lynx Capes,
30-inch long, for $6.98
formerly sold for $13.
1 lot of Wool Seal Capes.
$18.00, worth $35.
Electric Seal Sacques for
$69.00, wortl1 110'
Closing out our entire
stock of Cloth Coats,
Your Choice at $5 Each.
138 Wyoming Ave.
Have your Furs repaired by the only
Practical Furrier ii the city.
Fine Tricot Cloths
In Colors Brown, Blue
and Garnet
. $4, $5 AND $6
11 $10 AND $12,
And as High as $20.
Clothiers, HsUera8i rurnisnera
03 nWCO At Greatly
bLUVCu Reduced Prices
.o make room for entirely
new stock of
of Rubbers.