The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 18, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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A pure cream of tartar, powder.
" Pure
The true composition is published on every label, information not given by other
manufacture-s. You know what you are eating when you use Cleveland's.
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyo ming Ave.
Aiv uml Ineiui-
dc'Bnt Lights in
ne.irly nil parts
of tile city.
oi i ici: :
Our Ini'iiudcsccnt Systom is absolutely saf:s
No Oriental opium-scented linen
frayed, fretted and worthless, but all
returned fit for wear, ironed with care,
and all of it there.
1 iiUBPenuAve. A. B. WAR MAN.
Hupr niul Sweepers for the IMiday
tiiide. "Gold aIpiIhI'' Sw-c)ur In
twelve fancy woods for C'hr tstiuun Gift!
ray your poor tuxes and save costs.
Today excavation work will be started
for building the western pier of the Spruce
s'rect bridge.
The F.lectrlcal Workers' union of this
city will run a ball ut Turner hall on
Christmas night.
The eleventh annual ball of the F.xcel
slor Athletic club will bo held at .Music
hall on Christmas night.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Venn Avenue Haptist .Men's league will
occur this evening ut 7.30.
Sheriff John J. Fancy yesterday moved
from the jail to a house on Jefferson ave
nue, between Fine and (Jibson streets.
The sale of seats for "I'rlncess Hon
nli!" will open at the box oihee at the
Academy of Music at 9 a. m. this morn
The Keystone Social club will run n so
rlal at St. Itavld's hall Thursday even
ing, Dec. 20. A waltz contest will take
Ordinances providing a permanent man
find horses for the William Council Hose
company were yesterday signed by the
The most complete cottage doll house
ever on exhibition to the public can be
Been at Williams & McAnulty's, Wyom
Ing uvenue.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
union of Green Itldge will hold its regular
meeting this nfternoon at 2.30 o'clock nt
615 Green Itldge street. Kvangelistlc
work will bo the subject for consideration
Hev. A. Grillln, secretary of the Meth
odist Kldscopal Inllrm ministers' fund, de
llvercd an excellent address before the
Methodist r&stors' union nt the Kim Park
church yesterday.
At the Woman's Christian Temperance
. union meeting this afternoon ut their
rooms on Spruce street, the superintend
ent of departments will deliver interesting
reports of their work.
Sir. McGee, of I'hlladelphia, the vepre
pentativo of tho carpet industry pro
posed to bo located in Scranton, Is ex
pected In tho city dally to Inspect the
sites which have been suggested by the
board of trade.
Judge Archbald mado an order yester
day committing Thomas H. Smith, of
Jermyn, an Incorrigible youth, to the
house of refuge. Smith was In tho house
before, but was released last June. lie Is
14 yeurn of age.
The regular monthly business meeting
of the Womun'a Christian Temperance
union will be held in their rooms, 303
Spruce street, this nfternoon nt 3 o'clck
All members are urgently ..Ited to be
present and being friends wf them.
Mrs. Cornelia Peplllo began an action
In trespass yesterday against Mrs. Mario
Cnpona to recover $5,000 damnges for de
famation of character. On Nov. 30 Mrs.
Caponu made charges that seriously re
fleeted on Mrs. Deplllo's reputation for
Wlllam Bevers, tho Delawnre, Lacka
Wanna and Western brakemnn who was
injured last Tuesday and died after on
operation In the Moses Taylor hospital
did not die before recovering from th
effect of an anaesthetic as was erron
eously stated in Tuesday's and Wednes
day s papers.
An entertainment under the auspices of
the Kpworth league of tho Simpson Meth
odist lOplscopnl church will le held Thurs
day night nt the church. One of the fen
Hires of the entertainment will be a grand
stereoptlcon exhibition by Professor K
SH Call und A. K. Vorhls. The price of
admission is nxod at ID cents.
At ti meeting yesterday afternoon of the
executive committee of the Home for the
Friendless It was decided to Indefinitely
.postpone building 1 operations upon the
new structure on Arlington heights. The
foundation walls, nave been erected, but
the committee hesitates to eontlnuo build
ing until the way for procuring funds
seems more favorublo than at present.
, There was a pronounced decreuse dur
ww ymzm r r h
ing the past week In new cases of con
0 S ltmnirm
" and " Sure:
IhkIous diseases and deaths. Eighteen
dentils resulted from all pauses and the
report of the hoard of health shows the
following record of infectious and con
tagious diseases: One new case of ty
phoid, li new cases of srnrli'l fever, 2 new
cases ami i deaths from diphtheria, '1 new
cases and 1 death from whoo;dntf coush.
l'repuratlons are bcini? made for the
Youns lien's Christian association an
mial reception, which will he held on New
Year's day. Last year over 5.01) visitors
Were supplied with refreshments und
participated In the proceedings. It Is ex
pected that this year the number will b.i
(In the evening of Pec. 2!) the drama,
"Hand and Glove." will be stntfed at the
Academy of -Music by the Coyne-Hanldn
Dramatic company. .M. .1. Coyne, of I.o
cust street, who has dlstiKuished him
self in comic roles, will play the leading
part. The rest of the company Is weil
selected anil they have been carefully
rehearsing for the production.
Tim 7.-0 south bound passenger train
Sunday night on the Central Kallroad of
New Jersey struck a cow near the cross
ing at the Kim jitreet bridge and the ani
mal was thro' n to the side of the track
with only a broken leg. She was still in
the same position at supper time yester
day evening and her piteous moans should
have interested the people living near
John Hanlon, of the Cifv Hoarding
house, who was arrested by Officer h'la
hiity for mulling a charge of blackmail
ing against him, and also for disorderly
conduct, was brought before Alderman
! uller yesterday morning. No further
evidence was offered, but Hanlon was
held In ?jeo bail to appeur at court to an
swer the charge. J. I,. Hauling became
his bondsman.
I'lie eighth annua! dinner of the New
Kugland society of Lackawanna county
will be served at the Terrace hotel, on
Wyoming avenue, Friday evening.
Among the guests will be Key. Joseph H.
I'wlchcll. of Hartford, Conn.; Itev. Klhcl-
bcrt I). Warlleld. president of Lafayette
ollege. ot haslon: S. . Nnrthway, con
gressman from the Garlicli! district of
Ohio: Key. W. H. l'earce, und Attorney
T. V. i'owderly.
n Interesting meeting of the llaptlr.t
I'astors' union was held yesterday at the
I'enn Avenue Haptist church, when Hev.
li. 1 1. Williams, of lilakely, gave a splen-
lld address on Schleman's excavations at
Troy. Several of the pastors took part
In a discussion wlih K followed and com
plimented .Mr. Williams upon the schol
arly manner in which the address was de
livered. At . the next meeting Itev. I). C.
Hughes will read a paper on vThe Dlr-
pcnsatlon of the Logos."
Plans for ventilating and heating the
new high school were examined by the
school committee of the board of control
last evening. The system Is the Smith
Healing and Ventilating system and the
Inventor, Frederick Smith, of New York
city, was present at the meeting of the
committee. It Is estimated that the cost
will approach SL'H.tiOO. At the meeting of
the board Friday evening the committee
will recommend that advertisement bo
made for proposals to erect the system
under the supervision of Mr. Smith.
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer, cool and spark
ling, at Lohmun's, Spruce street.
Plans for It Approved hy Joint Ituiljing
Plans and specifications of Architect
Walter for a lire department and police
tillice building to be erected In the rear
of the municipal building were lust
night approved by the Joint pul.lio
buildings committee of councils. When
completed the structure will have cost
$22,000. It is to be built of native sitone
with Nicholson blue stone trimmings
and will be two and a half stories high
with a hose tiwnr for drying purposes
on the northeast corner.
Three double doors will open from
Mulberry street Into a large space octu
pled by a steamer, hose carriage and
chief's wagon und stables forslx horses,
On the same lluor and In the rear with
entrances from the alley will be located
the police patrol wagon, fuel wagon,
stalls for the police horses und an apart
ment for washing apparatus and tem
porary housing of vehicles. On the sec
ond floor in front will be contained the
firemen's quarters, olllco of the chief of
the fire department, bath rooms and
dormitory. Further to the rear and
connecting with the municipal building
by an arched passageway will be oftiees
of the chief of police and sleeping
apartments fur reserve policemen.
The plans include details for complete
fire quarters equipment and the build
ing will be known, as "Headquarters of
the Scranton Fire Department."
Stewart, the Wyoming avenue Art
Dealer, is headquarters for tine picture
frames. Call and inspect his large line
of White lind Gold, Oak Gilt, Sliver and
Gold Mounted.
Tho New Webster Dictionary, bound in
Leather, for 60 cents, at
.Magnesia and Mngnuhestos Sectional
Orders for breakers, houses nnd steum
plants generally, solicited.
Successor to Macan & Co.
J. S. REYNOLDS, Manager,
321 Center street.
Excelsior Diaries for 1893.
All kinds of Etchings. Engravings and
Water Colors at Grtilln's new studio, 203
Wyoming avenue.
Finest line of Davis' Automatic Ink
stands ut REYNOLDS HUOS.
I am prepared to receive a limited num
ber of piano pupils. For terms, etc., nd
dress Hlrliurd F. Lindsay,
' S22 Mulberry street.
Or at Towell's Muslo Store.
Beautiful Water Colors, Fac-slmlles,
Photogravures und Etchings, Framed am:
BROWN.-In Factoryvllle, Dec. lfi, 1801,
Mrs. Hurrlet A. Brown, wife of James
M. Brown, uged 07 years. Funeral ser
vices from Methodist church at Fac
torvvllle, Wednesday, Dec. 19, nt !1
o'clock. Interment in Evergreo cenic
tery. '
HEWKTT.-In Danville, Dec, 1C, Mrs. F.
H. Hewett, aged 72 years. Funeral
Wednesday nfternoon ut 2 o'clock at
her residence, 1123 Diamond uvenue. Jn-
terment at Forest Hill cemetery.
SCANLON.-In Scranton, John J. Scan
Ion, at the home of J. J. Getting, WcBt
Luckawanna avenuo, aged 21 yeurs.
Funeral, toworrow morning at 9 o'clock
from Bt. Patrick's church. Interment
in Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
1 HiyCU
Opinion mi the Subject Handed Down
by ,liidc Gimstcr.
Traction Company -Must Cross the lcla-
ware und Hudson Tracks nt Moosic by
Means of an Overhead Itrijjjc
or Not At All.
Judge fiunster handed down his opin
ions yesterday disposing of the Injunc
tion case between the Scranton and
Pittston, Tructlon company and the
Delaware and Hudson Canal company.
The matter ut Issue was the right of
the Traction cuinnaiiv to cross the
Hacks of the Delaware and Hudson
'anal company at grade at Wyoming
avenue and Spring street In Mooslc.
Judge Gunster decides that such a
grade crossing would be extremely dan
gerous and that the Tructlon company
must cross the railroad company's
tracks at these points by means of an
overhead bridge.
About 150 trains pass over those cross
ings every day, nnd under these circum
stances the Judge believes It would not
right to allow the grade crossings
ii be established. The fact that equally
as dangerous xrude crossing exists In
this city at Carbon street and West
ackawunnii avenue was no reason
why additional grade crossings should
be made, the judge said. The opinion
loses us follows: . .
Overhead CrossinR Practicable.
It has been suggested that overhead
rosslngs are not practical because they
are not practiced. That Is a mistawe.
They are practiced, and, as I have shown,
grade crossings are not only to be dls-
ouraged, but whenever It Is reasonably
pracllcalilo to avoid them It Is our duty to
prevent them. The evidence does not dls-
lose how often or how frequently the
traction company proposes to run Its cars
over these crossings, but It Is reasonable
to suppose that they would do so as often
us public travel warranted It. It Is
common experience that If a grade cross
ing is once established It is to all intents
and purposes established forever and
neither the company whose road Is
rossed nor the public at large can rid
themselves of the Inconvenience und dan
ger caused thereby.
After a careful examination of all the
evidence In the case I am of the opin
ion that It would be extremely hazardous
and dangerous to permit the defendant to
ross the plaintiff's road at grade, and
that it is reasonably practicable to avoid
such grade dressings nt both of the
points in question by an overhead cross
ing. This conclusion muy, and no doubt
will, work hardship to the defendant.
The net of 1S7I Imposes Important and
delicate duties upon our--ourts of equity
We cannot do less than perform them In
the spirit in which they are imposed, and
that Is, that the public Welfare Is para
mount to any private or corporate In
The rule Is made absolute and the in
Junction heretofore granted Is continued
until otherwise ordered.
, That Road to .Mooslc.
This opinion will put a werlous oh
stacle in the way of the completion of
the electric road from this city to Pi Ms-
ton. It is now completed and cars are
running us far 'as .Mooslc and a portion
of the road between Mooslc and Pitts
ton is laid. It only required the laying
of these crossings to practically give a
connected line of electric roads running
from Simpson In the upper end of this
county, to Nanticoke in Luzerne.
Lieutenant Governor Wat res and At
torney Lemuel Amerman.who appeared
for the Traction company -at the In
junction hearings, were seen last even
Ing by a Tribune reporter, but said they
could not tell what action the company
would take with regard to the opinion
handed down by Judge Gunster.
meeting of the stockholders will be held
In a few days at which the situation
will be discussed.
Plan for llourd of Commissioners Muy lie
It Is possible that the Idea of estab
lishing a board of fire commissioners In
connection with the proposed paid lire
department will be abandoned. Never
theless, City Solicitor Torrey was yes
terday consulted upon the' manner of
creating the commission In order to
facilitate the creating of the commis
sion If such a board Is decided neces
Regarding the paid call system, which
It Is proposed to embody In the creative
ordinance, but to whlcJi there seems
to be some objection, Chief Ferber
said yesterday: "San Francisco, Jer
sey City, Hoboken, Easton, Erie, Lan
caster and a number of other large
cities, many of them larger than Scran
ton, have found the call system a de
cided success. It Is better than volun
teer service, no matter how good that
may be, and for that reason is worthy
of support. Statistics show that call
systems in the cities mentioned have
proved a saving; I .cannot believe that
those In authority will deny Scranton
the privilege of Improvement."
According to the ordinance two of
the existing companies will be aban
doned. It Is proposed to have seven
hose companies, five engine companies,
one chemical company, and one hook
and ladder company. Which particular
companies are to be abandoned can
not be determined until after the pass
uge of the ordinance.
To Consider the lHJs for tho llrldgcs
There has been one week of delay In
awarding the contract for the ' Iron
work of the Linden street bridge owing
to the difference of opinion between
common and select council members of
the street and bridges commit ten upon
the resolution providing for the award
lug of contracts on the two proposed
bridges. Tonight tho committee will
Wrhen the members of the committee
met a week ago the common counc
members broke the quorum by leaving
the city clerk's office before the meeting
wrts formally called to order. This ac
Hon was based upon their inability to
convince the selectmen that one com
pany should be awarded the contracts
for the two bridges provided the total
of Its two bids Is lower than the tw
bids of any other one company. It .Is
the opinion of City Solicitor Torry,
Mayor Connell and Rlr. Lauer, who
drafted the resolution, that the measure
provides for the contract on one bridge
to be awarded to the lowest bidder In
dependently of the bids on the other
bridge, the contract for which should
separately be awarded to the lowest
bidder on that particular bridge.
The commoners have half gained
their point by delaying action until to
night. Since the evening the committee
failed to meet It has received the bids
on the Spruce street bridge which have
been read in council and will be consid
ered along with the Linden street
bridge tonight. Unolliclally, the Edge
Moor Bridge works, of Wilmington,
has made the lowest bids, Including
either an nsphalt or plank flooring, for
the Linden street bridge; on the Spruce
Htreeet bridge the Phenix Bridge com
pany has bid lowest on a structure
with an asphalt floor, while the Penn
sylvania Bi ldgecompany has bid lowest
on n plunk tlooivd structure. Nineteen
thousand dollars will remain over from
the bridge appropriations urter about
$10 are transferred from the Linden
street bridge appropriation to cover
that probable shortage on the Spruce
street bridge.
Onvc mi Excellent Entertainment
Davis' Theatre.
Cyrene uppeared with her high-class
audevllle company at Davis' theater,
yesterday, and In her remarkable slack
wire act, which he performs In an or
dinary stret t costume, shows the per
fect method of training. She also gave
a line exhibition of dancing. Her per
formances should be seen to be appre
ciated. The uudience was delighted with the
original comedy-sketch, "Grandpas
Darling," by James Campbell and lit
tle Annie Robinson. One of the chiet
attractions of this powerful company,
however, Is Albert Sylvester, In his sen
sational aerial contortion performance,
In which he was loudly applauded by
the audience. Charles and Lottie Fre
mont, the comedy couple, are excellent
artists and provoked much merriment.
The entire company is good and quite
worthy of a visit by the patrons of this
popular house.
Professor Weston Will Kelivcra lecture
on This Subject Tonight.
Professor Weston will deliver a lec
ture at the Penn Avenue Baptist church
tonight noon "The Church und Young
Men." The lecture, although delivered
at the Invitation of the .Men's league,
will not be con lined to the members. A
cordial Invitation Is extended to all
friends to attend.
Professor Weston has n wide and
varied experience In connection with
young men's organizations in many
large cities and his fund of information
is as valuable s It Is practical. As the
admission is free, there is no doubt
that a large audience will gleet the
Common Council Committee W ill Report
Favorably on It,
The petition of the residents of
Minooka. and Greenwood, who want the
South district of Luckawanna town
ship unnexed to Scranton, was consid
ered last night by the judiciary com
mittee of common council. The peti
tion was attached to a favorable reso
lution which Members Godfrey and
Moir refused to sign on the ground
that the locality Is too far distant to
permit of practical or desirable annexa
tion. Members Untile, Noone ami
Hlckey signed the resolution, which
will be reported to common council
Thursday evening.
bountiful Imported Goods for HoliJuy
Presents nt Mm Spruce street.
Owing to lack of space to accommo
date the large stock of beautiful goods
purchased by Mr. Eugene Kleberg on
the occasion of his recent visit to
Europe. I have opened the store, 20S
Spruce street (old postollice building)
with the rarest stock of imported
China, vases, lamps, bisque goods, etc.,
ever brought to Scranton. These goods
were all selected with exquisite taste
and are admirably udapled for holiday
Tliey must be sold and prices have
been marked exceedingly low. Remem
ber the place.
CharluK Tropp, Coinmltttee,
80S Spruce street.
. -
Please place your orders as early as
possible, our candles received fresh
daily. We have a large line of HCYLIORS
In I, 2, 3 nnd 5-lb. hpxes and In beaullfiil
boxes.. We offer good mixed nuts, 3 lbs.
for 25c; 7c. per lb. In qnnntlty.
Wholesale and Retail.
Fancy Waste Paper Baskets.
We Arc Very llusy
but have a large force of extra clerk!).
Everybody will be wulted on quickly and
goods delivered promptly. Please order
us early In the week us possible.
Oxford Bibles und Family Bibles at
Plllshury's Flour Mills have a capacity
Of 17,000 burrela a day.
Engraved cards at REYNOLDS BROS.
Episcopal Praver Hooks and Hymnals.
T. K. MeUintoek.
has Just received a largo lot of Pulms,
Ferns, etc., for holiday presents and In
terior decorating.
Catholic Prayer Books, largest line In
the city ut . REYNOLDS BROS.
Leather Traveling Cases, Collar and
Cuff Boxes.
Every year wo try to improve
our X mas Candies. AVe niako
a specialty of Hand Dipped
Boa 1'ous and Chocolates; not
crystalized. This year our fin
est, with or w ithout fruits, 35c,;
equal to Candy sold in mauy
Candy Stores from GOc. to )S0c.
Chocolates, 15c. to 25c per lb.;
Fancy 5Iixture9, '25c per lb.;
Plain Mixed, Sc. to lie; Crys
talized Bon Bona, Iflc, to 25c;
Glace Fruits, 25c. to 35c."
Everybody to look all around
and then como In. You will
very soon DKC1DE where to
buy your CANDY.
E. Q. Coursen
Miss l'linlinicr of Wilhes-Harrc Weds
Jim 'ah of the Same I'lacc.
Alderman I ltsiinmous Tied the Knot
Thut.Mudc Them Man and Wlfo-Slio
Wus Formerly Employed In
Wuh's l.uundrj .
One of the dark chapters In the ebb
and Mow of the tide of life was enacted
In Alderman Fitxsimmon's office yester
day afternoon at 4 o'clock. A few min
utes before that hour four persons ar
rived at the olllce and were ushered
Into tlle private room. Two were men
und two'women. The former were Jim
Wall and Slug Lee, two Chinamen, und
Minnie Plummer and Annie Murdock
were the women.
Alderman Fltzslmmons looked aghast
when the first named Mongolian pro
duced a marriage license und intimated
that he wanted to be joined In wedlock
with Miss Plummer. She lifted her veil
und assented, and her face revealed
features once handsome, but strongly
marked with the undeniable lines of
They had just been up to the court
house and w-ere granted u license by
Clerk of the Courts John H. Thomas.
The Chinese groom gave his ng? as 411
and the bride-to-be admitted that she
was 22 years old. Alderman Fltzslm
mons questioned the girl closely about
the matter and When he was convinced
by 'her answers that It was a bona fide
agreement on her part to become the
Chinaman's bride, he Instructed them
to get ready for the ceremony.
Wall caught the girl by the hand and
summoned her to stand before fhe al
derman and with a nod of his head ho
urged his male friend to stand by his
side. The girl's companion took her
proper place and Alderman Fltzslm
mons pronounced the words that made
the contracting parties man und wife.
He Did Not Kiss Her.
"Kiss the bride," said the alderman
to the perplexed groom, but the newly
elected bride with a look of disgust and
contempt mingled, warned the China
man to. hold off. They left the office
and both Chinamen turned toward
Spruce street and ' the women went
toward Lackawanna avenue. The
Chinamen went their way and turned
toward the laundry under Ryan's drug
store at Penn avenue and Spruce street,
the women walked down Wyoming ave
nue to Lackawanna and up Penn to the
laundry which they entered a few min
utes later.
Wall told the story of how he met the
gill and how rthe consented to be his
wife. He Is In the laundry business In
Wilkes-ltarre at 120 Market street. He
has been In this country for the past
twenty-eight years, nineteen of which
he spent In Wilkos-Bnrre. He says that
he Is worth about $5,01)0, besides owning
the building where his shop Is located.
He was married before 1io left China
but ho left his wife In the old country
and she has been dead for the past
twenty years.
Bus Known Her Ten Years.
He became acquainted with the girl
Who married him yesterday when she
was only 12 years of iige. Her story
from this out Is that ut the age of 12
her parents drove her out on the streets
to earn her living and she was em
ployed by Wah to wash clothes. Her
treatment ut home was so cruel that
often she had to seek shelter on the
street, and eventually she drifted to a
life of shame. The Chinaman lost sight
of her and one day about four years
afterward he located her in a house of
ill fame on Canal street, Wllkes-Harre.
lie asked her to abandon that career
and live with him but she refused. He
persisted and tit length she agreed to
marry him. That was two years ago.
When they were about to get married
she got sorry and left the town, going
to ftlnghamton.
She made a tour of New York state
nnd a week ago returned to Wllltes
Uarre nnd ngaln met Wah. He re
newed his proposal and she again ac
cepted. Shu was poorly dressed and he
furnished her with money to buy new
clothes. One of her companions in
shame, Miss Murdock, was told of her
Intention fund she argued with her that
Is was better to be even a Chinaman's
bride than an outcast upon the world.
Gave Them Twenty Dollars.
After the ceremony Mrs. Wall und
her companion called the foolish old
Clilnnman one side, whispered In his
car a few words, und he opened his
pocket book nnd gave them $20.
After going to the laundry and re
maining a few moments the girls
started out and visited several of the
hotels in the central part of the city
to celebrate the marriage. Husbund
Wah nnd Slug Lee were allowed to re
main In the laundry while the young
women Imbibed cream de mint.
Wuh is an exceptionally homely Mon
golian and his bride has evidently
neither love nor respect for him.
. . .
Wood and Brass Easels.
l'ur ("apes und Clonks.
Our assortment for Christmas Week Is
very complete.
Fur Capes, $7.00 to $50.00.
Jackets, $5.00 to $311.00.
Also lorge assortment of Fur Scarfs and
Small Furs.
(!. W. OWENS, Cloaks nnd Furs,
60S Spruce St., Court House Square,
Foontuln Pens, Gold Pens nnd Pencils
Finest line of Calendars ever shown in
the city at REYNOLDS BROS.
- -
Catholic Prayer Books.
Now Is the Time to Look for Your
W.W. Berry
lias a larger stock of Novelties
than ever before. 11IG1IT IT
TO DATE, with everything new
Lackawanna Avs
TOfflffl'S GREAT-
We had thought that
with a store four times
the size of our old one that
we could accommodate ev
eryone, but we find that
even now we are crowded
afternoons and evenings.
We would ask as many
as can to I .
Green and Gold Store Front.
24 lbs. G. Sugar, $1.00
31 lbs. C. Sugar, 1.00
Fresh Eggs, per doz.
Choice Mixed Candy, lb., .07
Choice Mixed Candy, 41bs., .25
Mixed Nuts, ' .09
Mixed Nuts, 3 lbs., .25
Peanuts, 3 quarts .10
Walnuts, per bushel, .60
Butternuts, per bushel, .60
Almonds, per pound, .15
Sweet Florida Oranges, .13
SweetFloridaOranges, 2 doz .25
Per Box, - - - yo
Tangeriens, per dozen, .15
Per Box, half size, 1.75
Malaga Grapes, per lb., .20
Fine Chocolates, llon-Bons, French
.Villus, Tali'ys, French Fruits, Xttt Can
dies, Butter Cups, Etc., Etc., iu excel
lent quality and yteat variety. We are
unquestionably Hca'dquarters this year
iu this line of goods.
F. P. PRICE, Agent
-- '-J
Will be open evenings
until 8 o'clock.
We can suit you in Shoes and will deal lightly with,
your pocketbook.
More Clodl(s
to select from in our store than five ordinary stocks; in fact we have
too many Cloaks, and as the season is advancing rapidly we must re
ditcc our stock or carry over a yrcat many garments. We have there
fore decided to reduce our-prices now, giving you stylish, well-made,
good fitting Cloaks at February prices, which means about one-third off,
"A word to the wise is stiflicient." Buy your Cloaks at our store. Al
most forgot to mention that we have just received a handsome line of
Umbrellas, mounted with beautiful handles of Silver, Gold, Dresden,
Ivory, bone, etc., any of which would make a desirable Holiday Present.
Astrakhan Circular Capea
$i).98, worth $18.00.
Wool Seal Circular Capes, worm au.uu.
Electric Seal Circular Capes
$19.00, worth $35.00.
Persian Circular Capes
U5.00, worth $95.00.
Brown Marten Circular Capes
$35.00. worth $50.00.
50 dozen Fine Neck Scarfs with Ani
niul'B Heads at $1.49, worth $3.00.
50 dozen Baltic Seal Muffs
$1.49, worth $3.00.
50 dozen Children's Sets at
98c, worth $2.50.
3 dozen pairs Electric Seal Gloves for
uentieuien 2.49, worth $5.00.
The balance of our Cloth Coats and
Capes we will oll'or for 50c. oa the
We will sell for less thau 50c. on the
138 Wyoming Ave.
Have your Furs repaired by the only
Practical Furrier in the city.
Fine Tricot Cloths
I11 Colors Browii, Blue
and Garnet
ony.$U5 AND $6
$10 AND ll
And as High as $20.
Clothiers, Hrft6rs,& furnisnera
At Greatly
Reduced Prices
to make room for entirely
new stock of
during tlie mouth of December
Corner of Lackawanna and
Wyoming Avenues.
vr new T 11 Jll nviui