The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 18, 1894, Page 12, Image 12

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We show a Rror.t variety of beautiful
and useful urtleles, suitable for Kifts
nml (uliiiitecl to every tuste ami every
A tour of In.'iieetion through oir 1p
liarlijirmx would doubtless migest np
lu'opriate Kit Is.
When desired, pun-lmscst will be re
served fur careful delivery on IJeeeni
berZitli. RIBBONS
There'll be fancy work to do. Finest
llibbonVi wore never before so cheap.
Christmas Dress Goods
"Christmas" because there's so murli
happy surprise in them third, some
times half less than last year. And
more styles, better styles to choose
l'rum. Fine wool und new weaves.
Give Her Gloves
they're always acceptable,
they are at bargain prices.
and here
Holiday Handkerchiefs
I'necpmlled assortment I, inen, Silk,
no inonj.rels. Not a price amoim them
that Isn't away below anything hereto
fore. And there are very special lots,
A full line of French ami German Fans,
Feather, Silk, Gauze and Lace, In white,
black and all desirable evening shades.
5!H'., 73c. and $1.00.
413 Spruce Street, Scranton.
Pr. Heeves has had Ions and varied ex
Tieiii nce In bo.ipilnl and private -practice.
ami treats v.W acute nnd chronic diseases
oi Tricn, women and children.
I!e, v.ith his assistants, treat all dis
eases of he nervous system, diseases of
llie eye, ir, nose anil throat, dyspepsia,
ricuriuit it-la, lost vitality, premature
weakness ir der-uy In both sexes, nervous
l bully, catarrh, tumors, canc ers, erup
thiiis, bloiMl-pulsoniiiK, lits, epilepsy, III
discretion and errors of youth, lost man
hood, eizeina, scrofula, St. V'tus' dance
asthma, diseases of the heart, lunijs,
mer, moneys, uiaimer, siomacn, etc.
Young .Men Positively Cured
Offer to the 1'nhllc for ( atarrh.
Any one sufferim with Catarrh who
TVi.-iiics to be permanently, quickly and
cheaply cured may receive three months
treatment for only FIVK nui.l.AHS, The
doctor had discovered a spcciHe for this
dreaded disease. You can treat and cure
yourself and family with It at home. It
never falls to cure. A trial treatment
OFFICIO IloritS-nnlly, 9 a. m. to 9 p.
m.; ouimays, iu 10 ic unci z to 1.
Special prices on all the above goods
for the Holidays.
J.Scott Inglis
Carpet and Wall Paper,
4!9 UCKftWAilNA AVE.
four doors abuvo Wyoming Uousa.
Dr. T. C. Fltzslmmons. of Carbon
dale, was professionally engaged here,
' The new Congregational church will
tie dedicated On Jan. 1.
Henry Carter and lleorge Young were
(lit Carbondale, Sunday.
. Mark, of Carbondale, was a
.Visitor at the Lavln house, Sunday.
Willie, 7-year-old son of William liar
it'holomay, Is 111 of scarlet fever.
Mrs. David Price has recovered from
her laito Ulnet:a.
wit wii 4 xxtuMC
Xov3 romes from Say re that u little
Kill liaby lias arrived at 'the home of
11 r. and Mrs. Albei t ISarber.
J. K. II. Hill will attend the meet
ing of the Interstate Medical society at
UinKhanvton today, and the session of
the Homeopathic Medleul society of
Northeastern Pennsylvania at Wilkea
Harre Thursday.
Miss Winnie Barnes Is visiting at
The fuiK-Restioii is made that the out-
lying districts on Gravel Hill and up j
Turnpike street be taken Into the boi- j
oush and constitute the Third and
Fom'th wards of the town. The Idea Is a new one, and these extremities of
the town, which topether comprise near- '
ly one-half our population, have been
warmly invited to come in out of the
wet several times, but have always re
sisted the appeals. Conditions have
changed in latter years, however, and It
would seem that the lisadvanta(res, if
there were such, have been so far re
moved as to make it of mutual interest
i the town people to combine and work
under one local uovernment. The mat
ter Is worth consideration, at least.
S. Trucey Huberts, the well known
ittston engineer, spent Sunday with
friends in town.
Arthur Harder, a former Tunkhan-
noeker, but now of Coxton, has been
promoted from freight conductor to
anlmaster at Lackawanna and
Unoinshurg Junction.
H. F. Lobeck spent last week In
The prisoners at 'the jail are allowed
to kick foot ball about the Jail yard for
Unfits P. Northup has gone to Sala
manca, N. y., on a business trip.
Frank Chaffee, clerk at O. S. Mills &
Go.'s hardware store, had an escaoado
with a gasoline stove Saturday night
that he Is not likely to forget. It wis a
large stove with a feeder tank at one
.nd, and by some means the gasoline
at the side fat-theft from 'the tank over
flowed the burner 'and enveloped the
stove in flame. A lively fight to keep
It from communicating with the tank
ensued, and he was victorious just as
he was "about to give un in despair and
take to his heels. His hair has scarcely
got settled down to its normal condi
tion yet.
TIil? annual gathering of the Knapp
faxmlly will occur at 'the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Kniuii). Dec. 25.
Dr. I'. K. Dornsife, a student at Jef
ferson Medical college, Philadelphia,
will be home Friday for . his holiday
va .itlon.
The union service at t'he Methodist church Sunday evening, ob
servant of general peace day, was very
pretty and Interesting. The
exerc-iSes ,
were in charge of airs. Theodore Street-
or, president of the Women's Christian
Timpei'.ince union. Mrs. Scull led in
prayor, Mrs. Cm-nell read the Scripture,
ind Mrs. C. J. Heed and Mrs. L. T.
Burns each read excellent original es-
The responsive service was led
by Mrs. Streoter. while Miss Mamo
Williamson, Mrs. Samuel F.yscnbach
and Miss Pace very beautifully ren
dered a trio, ''Glory to God in the High
est." Mrs. O. I). Stebblns made a few
impromptu remarks that were received
with many 'a nod and wink of approval,
md then called for a collection In a way
that brought a Tiearty response. A few
closing remarks by Rev. N. G. Parks,
who happened to be present, and bv
Ilcv. W. M. Hiller, closed the meeting.
Mrs. C. A. Little has returned from
her 'trip to New Jersey and New Yolk
.Mrs. A. R. Puck entertained her
cousin, Miss Martin, from Wyalusing,
over Sunday.
C. J. Heed writes from Fort Mead,
Fla., that he Is Improving In health and
Is delighted with the climate dmvn
there. He has purchased an orange
grove, nd has seat for his wife and
s. in, Sjiencer, to come down.
J. M. Still-well was down from Me-
shoppen this morning.
-V judgment for $110,000 was satisfied,
according to the records at the court
house, a day or two since. It was held
by t'he Mehoopany Mining nnd Manu
facturing company against Calvert
Carey and Sherman I!. Davldge, and
was given for lands up on the Dutch
Interesting services were held at the
Presbyterian church Sunday morning
in memory of the late Dr. Lane. Rev.
N. C. Parke, of Pittston, a college chum
of tlie deceased, preached the sermon.
Dr. L. H. Meade a ttended the funeral
of his father, Stuart Meade, at New
Mllford Saturday. The remains were
brought to South Montrose for burial.
Holicf in Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Hlacldcr dis
eases relieved In six hours by the "New
Greta. South Amtulcan Kidney Cure.",
This new remedy is a great surprlso on
account of Its exceeding promptness in
relieving pain In the bladder, kidneys,
hack nnd every part of the urinary pas
rages In male or female. It relieves re
tention of water and pain In passing It
almost Immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this Is your remedy. Sold
by C. M. Harris, Druggist, 123 l'enn ave
nue, Scranton, Pa.
Mrs. John Flnnerty died suddenly
while going up the steps of St. John's
church early Sundaf morning. Mrs.
Flnnerty was "8 -years old, born In
County Galwuy, Ireland, and came to
this country forty-eight years ago. She
Is survived by two sons; Thomas and
John. Funeral from St. John's church
today at 10 a. m.
Miss Kmma Harris, cf New York, Is
the guest of the Misses Fuerth.
Mrs. Leopold Fuerth returned -home
yesterday, after several weeks' visit In
New York city.
Mrs. Renjaniin Gardner and Mrs. W,
M. Gardner visited relatives In Wilkes-
Uarre, yesterday.
Adam Mctzger, Jr., is homo for a few
Rheumatism Cured In a lny.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures In 1 to .1 days.
Its action upon the system Is remnrkable
nnd mysterious. It removes ut onco the
caiiFO anil tho disease Immediately disap
pears. The first dose Rreatly benellts, 75
cents. Hold by Matthews Uros., Drug
gists, Scranton.
Regular communication of Oriental
Star lodge, DSS, Free and Accepted Ma
sons, will be held this evening, and the
election of olllcers for the ensuing ma
sonic; year will take place.
Mrs. Richard Uren, of the West End,
who has been Indisposed for the past
week, is convalescent.
Invitations are out announcing the
marriage of Miss Elizabeth Swales to
John Jayne, which will take place on
Monday evening, Dec. 24, at the homo
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mr3.
Thomas Swales, on Hickory street. '
Mrs. William Goyne Is sick at her
home on Main street.
The lioso of our new hose company
has arrived nnd la In readiness In ca-o
It is needed, at the Hotel Wilson liarn
until the hose house has been fixed In
proper shape.
Irwin Humes will leave next Monday
to'joln his mother In kansiis.
Mrs. A. J. Stone, of Scranton, called
on friends here on Sunday last.
Electric Star Indge, No. 4!TO, Inrte
pendendent Order of Odd Fellows, will
confer the first degree upon two can
didates on Saturday evening next.
They will also erect several new shodn
! on tile liaptist church grounds tins
Mis. W. V. Good Is convalescing from
her recent Illness.
Mrs. Alice P.catty, of Newnrk, N. J.,
will spend the holidays with her par-
ents here.
Several of our esteemed young ladles
have been seriously affected by epi
demic, but are now "on the Improve,
thank you."
Mr; Roberts, of Waverly, called on
his uncle, Kdwaivl Luisey, on Sunday
Airs. Edward Lutscy was called to Hie
home of her aged mother, Mrs. Lee,
of Wllkes-llarre, who has been ill.
G. F. Spencer, of Thompson, was here
on a business trip last week.
Will'ard Mathews was a caller 'here
on Wednesday last.
Frank Phillips has just purchased of
Mrs. M. J. Mead the beautiful and de
lightful country residence on Main
strent, and will Improve and occupy it
in the spring.
A Christmas entertainment will be
held under the auspices of the Method
ist church at the Summit in their cha
pel on Christmas eve.
Nelson Nichols has changed his place
of knowledge acquirement from Key
stone academy ito the Wyoming sem
inary at Kingston.
The Baptist Sunday school will hold
their Christmas exercises in 'their
church on Monday eve next.
Miss Mary Northup, of Scranton, vis
ited her uncle, J. C. Clark, last week.
J. S. Wagner has made great im
provements m his tenement house on
Summit street, which Is now occupied
by Mrs. Lizzie Wells.
A:-x A. Nichols' family havo been
severely nlliicted by epidemic cold and
sore 'throat, but are now convalescing.
Rev. P. II. Parsons preached a strong
sermon from Matthew, thirteenth chap
tor, thirty-eighth verse, setting forth
the missionary work of the Methodist
church, .n Sunday afternoon.
Richard Grillin. who is now erecting
an elegant residence for Mr. Schoon
over, in Klmhurst. called on friends
here on Thursday last.
Miss I.taio Frace, a seminary ftu
dent at Kingston, spent Sunday with
pareii't here.
The Literary society of Our Public
school, No. 1, will bold an cntertaiii-
! ment In the Dymond hall at the Sum-
mit on Saturday evening, Dec. 22. Ad-
j mission, members of the school, 10
1 cents; all others, l.'i cents. Proceeds to
j be expended ito increase the number of
volumes of their library.
The election of olllcers of the Method
ist Sunday school took place on Sunday
afternoon last, with the following re
sult: H. S. Stone, sperlntendetit; J. W.
Mullen!:;, assls-tant superintendent;
Miss Kmma Coon, secretary; Miss Lu-
ella Frace, assistant secretary; J. W
Rhodes, librarian; W S. Frace, treas
urer; Miss Clara Smith, organist, nnd
Mrs. Klla Chapman, assistant organist,
The board of teachers consist of J. C.
Higgins, W. S. Frac, Mrs. A. A. Davis,
lira. F. S. Re.nodict, A. A. Davis, J. li.
Austin, huclla Frace, Clara Smith,
Guttle Stone and J. W. Mullenix.
The Kpworth league held their elec
tion on Tuesday evening last, with this
result: President, II. S. Stone; first
vice president, Mrs. Klla Chupman; sec
ond vice president, Mrs. Cassie llcne-
dict; third vice president. Miss Clar
Smith; secretary, Kmma Coon; treas
urer, Mrs. LIlliansMullcnlx; chorister
E. J. Chapman, and organist, Mrs. Eila
Grant McDaniels has moved his fam
ily to SliiekshinhVy.
Services were held Sunday evening by
the Kpworth league of the Methodic
Kpiscopal church In memory of Will
lam Kastlake, jr., nnd George Harvey.
Among those who will return from
school this week for the Chlrstmas
holidays are Gertie Vail and Genie Hur-
rctt, Mansfield; Mary Shields, Slroitds
burg; Kliza Osborne, Frank Winter
Richard Gemini!, Ralph Rymer an'
George Dyer, Kingston; W. J. and A. J
Raker, ISaltimoro; Naboth Osborne
Syracuse, and J. H. Crilliths, of Middle-
town, Conn.
Aurora lodge, M.I, Free and Accepted
Masons, will elect olllcers at the meet
ing tonight. There will also be Work In
the F. C. and M. M. degrees
1 lie marriage of Phillip Tucker am
Mary Owens will take place Dec. 25 at
the home of the bride.
Arrangements are well under way for
the fair of the Sacred Henrt church
during Christinas week nnd that of the
Citizens' band beginning Jan. 10.
Rurglnrs again entered the Ontario
and Western station, taking nothing
however, except a few hams from
lot consigned to one of our merchants,
As usual there Is no clue.
I'ay nig'.it C. E. Helmes lost $S0 by the
lllght of a young man who 'has been
hanging around the store nnd doing oe
caslotial jobs when extra help was re
quired. A warrant was Issued by Jus
tice of the Peace Jenkins and one or
two private housc3 searched, but noth
lng was found of the thief, who Is said
to be In New York state now.
Miss Stella Allen and Miss Bertha
Dunn are home from the Mansfield
State Norman schoool on their holiday
Miss Pearl Westgate, of Unlondale,
visited her sister, Mr3. George Ksmay
Sunday. Miss Frankle Lewis, of the
same place, was also a guest of Mrs,
. A very enjoyable entertainment was
given In Maxey's 'hall last Saturday
evening by Ella June, Meado Cake und
Lu li. Cake. It was a rare treat.
Beccliam's pills are for bill
oiisness, bilious headache
dyspepsia, heartburn, torpid
liver, dizziness, sick headache
bad taste in the mouth, coated
tongue, loss of appetite, sa
low skin, when caused by con
stipation; and constipation is
the most frequent cause of a'
of them. ,
Book free: pills 2 t;c. - A
drugstores, or write B. F. A'
leu Co., 365 Canal St., New
James Farrcll, a resident of PSko
street, died Sunday morning at 11
o'clock in the Lackawnna hospital,
Scranton. DeceaS'Hl was born in this
city April 4, 1:05, in which place he al
ways resided, he Is survived by seven
children, who are: Mary, who entered
a novitiate at the convent of St. Rose
of Lima last May; Katie, Maggie,
Kllen, Lucy and John. Funeral will be
held on Wednesday morning at 9.30. A
solemn high mass of requiem will be
celebrated la St. Rose church. Inter
ment will be made in St. Rose ceme
tery. Mrs. Mary White, widow of Michael
H. White, died at her home oh Salem
avenue, Sunday evening, at the age of
C2 years. She was a native of Ireland,
and is survived by three sons, William,
Robert and Henry. Funeral services
will be held in St. Rose church this
afternoon at 2.:)0 o'clock.
At an early hour Sunday morning the
store of Abe Salmi, on South Main
street, was discovered to be on lire, and
before the blaze was under control the
ulire slock was damaged by (lie,
smoke anil water. Mr. Sahm had In
one of his front windows, lor an at
traction, a miniature city, and It was
from this point the lire originated.
Kdward Lewsley calkd on friends In
ittston yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Stansbury, of Provl-
lenee, were the guests of their son, W.
li. Stansbury, of High street, oved Sun
ny. ,
Christmas exercises at the P.aptlst
mission on Park street will be.observed
Christmas eve.
All the ladies of the Rerean Baptist
church who recently pledged a dollar
to the "dollars fund" for the purpose
of reducing the church debt are re
quested to bring or send the amount to
the pastor's residence on Wednesday
ifternoon at H o'clock.
Miss Klla Hyland Is the guest of her
cousin, Miss Maine Coyne, of Scranton.
George Gillies is assisting at J .W
Dlinock's store during the holiday sea
Miss Lottie Reynolds, of Forest City
Is visiting Miss Sarah Davis, of South
Terrace street.
H. O. Likely and G. F. Mills spent
last evening In Scranton.
Cottage prayer meetings will bo held
this evening at the homes of Robert
lirodle, fill South church street, nnd at
William Carroll, on Thorn avenue.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Mrs-. Wlnslow a Soothing Syrup has
been user! for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers fur their children whllo
tec-thing, wllh perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain; cures wind colic, nnd is tho best
emedy for diarrhea. Sold by druggists
In every part of the world. Le sure and
ask for ".Airs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take, no other kind. Twenly-livo centu
A Story of Middy Morgan.
From Kate Field's Washington.
Once, while taking care of a friend's
acant country house In a remote corner
of New Jersey, two tramps appeared In
the doorway.
"tome, have you anything for us, old
woman; asked on of them.
Oh, yes," was the answer; "just wait
and I'll bring it down."
.Miss Morgan went quickly upstairs, and
In half a minute returned wllh a seven-
'This Is what I have for you," said she.
'How do you like It?"
The tramps did not wait to answer,
- .
Lord Uiissell's Kusc.
From the Westminster Hudget.
The Lord Chief Justice was too smart
for the juryman who on Saturday sought
to be (xeuscil from serving, "tin what
round?" asked his lordship. Tho man
approached with his hand to his ear and
ild: "I'm deaf, my lord, und cannot
hear the evidence." You can go." said
Lord Russell In a whisper. "Thank you,
my lord, replied the juryman, taken off
his gua'd. Rut the learned Judge bad not
tlnisfied his sentence, and he pternly
idded, "Into the box ami do your duty!"
The man quailed and obeyed In some con
fusion ut the failure of Ills ruse.
From Harper's Kazar.
"Mv wife Is a wonderful wmnnn " Kiild
iai-ley. "Give her time and a shoe-but
ton, and, by Jove, she'll make a bonnet
out of It."
THE CF.Ll only and alone had tlie
stocks, us
S The Woarwell Suit Co., -s
lirodck Fri'iidcndinl & Co.,
Hyde Turk (lolliing Store,
Tlie stocks of the lust two mentioned consisted of the very best and
choicest grade of Clothing and having limiyjit them for less than half
their actual value, we are now offering them to the pulilic on the same hasis
S One Lot Hoys' Kilt Cnpe QQC
uvercoaiH, leuuitir price iz -j u
jjj Boys' Double Breasted Union Cassiuiere and Cheviot Suits;
S also Boys' warm and Humble Cape Overcoats, regular
price, $2.00 aud $3.00. . . . . . '
3 Boys' Fine All-Wool Cheviot and Cassimere Reefer Suits; also
Kj Boys' Melton and Kersey Ulsters, value $3.00,
5 Men's Sinplo and. Double Breasted Cassimere and Cheviot i S
S Suits; ulso Men's Black aud Blue Overcoats, value $8 and $10 iilJ S
S Men's All Wool Cheviot and Cassimere Sack or Cutaway Suits;
S also Black aud Bluo Kersey Overcoats, valuo $12.00,
Men's Extra Fine Blnclc and Blue Clay Worsted Cutaway or
S3 Sack Suits; also Fine Blue and Black Kersey aud Me'lton
S Boole Overcoats, value $20.00
i Sign oi the Bell
ma w
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers
General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
Acute Rheumatism '
Months of Suffering-Hood'9
Sarsacarilla Cured
0 ...
Mv. XoaK J. Horner
Biahlbtown, l'enn.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. :
"tioiitleinun: Four yearn last Jaritary I wns
taken down with sub-ncnto rheumatism wliioli
located at tho huso ot tlio brain. It was elt;'it
weeks lc:s one day before. 1 vas able to wall:
out of the house and alter muiitliii of sutferh-s
and much I caret!
I Would Never Bo Well.
My physician advised mo to use. Hood's Sars
parilla. Alter taking It in half doses for two
weeks I felt hotter, so at different times after
wards I used it awhile, and during the last 3 e.1t
I have again been restored to invigorated health
by it. I attrlluito my restoration to health to
the use of Hood's Kai'sap.ii'illu. My sou luu- had
caturrli slneo quite young and last nuninier
while attending school he used two bottles of
Hood's Bar sapai Ilia and said it did h!n more
pood than he realized from $100 fur picsciln
lious, etc." Noah J. Horner, Postmaster mid
General Merchant, Slahlstowu, Pennsylvania.
Hood'O Pill8 euro liver Ills, constipation,
biliousness, jauudlce, sick headache, itidigcsllou.
Rooms 1 and 2 Commowealth Bld'g,
mm and BLASTS
LnfTlin & Hand Towder Co.'a
Orange Gun Powder
Electric Ihitterles, Fuses for explod
ing blast's, Safety Fuse and
Repanno Chemical Co.'s Hign Explosives
Instruments In every sense of the terra
as applied to Pianos.
Kxceptloniil In holding their ordinal ful
ness or xone.
Fifth avenue.
1115 Adams Ave.New Telephone Bdg
All douo nwtiy with l.y the uso of HART
MAN'S I'ATKXT PAINT, which consista
of InKiedlenls well-known to ull. It can be
applied to tin, Kiilviinlzcd tin, shecl Iron
roofs, also to brick ilwelinK-s, which will
prevent absolutely any crumbling, crack
lnir or breaking of tho" brick, it will out.
lust titinitiK of any kind bv manv yearn
and It's cost does not exceed one-lifth that
of the cost of tinning. Is sold by the job
ur puuuii. v-oicrucis i.-ikcii ny
grit iind courage to buy three entire fS
follows :
10 Vest Third Street, Xew York
Waverl) IMaek, New York S
ill Soiilli Main Avenue, scranton
One Lot of Boys' Doublo tflC s
ureasteu buiw, wortn i.7o
81.45 I
2.88 1
11.37 i
? tr
m a S . I
it:tnfjfiiM nfsr,siNi
3f pitj;
400402 Lackawanna Avsnue.
i, un
r in
wmu uio
lit READY.
Hanging Four Shelf Book Rack, $3.50.
Big Value, $3.50.
A Graceful Four Leg Table, $1.90.
And Four Fold Screen Frame, all of exceptional
values and cf latest patterns.
Plush and Leather Seat, $3.00 to $25.00 eadl.
In Bamboo, Oak and
Hampers, Waste, Work and Fancy Baskets. Step
Ladder Chairs, Card Tables.
And our Grand Holiday Display is ushered before you
in all its brilliant glory. Don't be dazzled when you
enter our store (as it's far superior to our last year's
display), and goods are so much cheaper. Come here
.any day and take jour time to look. Our store is a
GRAND FREE FAIR, without the raffle and wheel
of fortune fiends. Go upstairs. There you will also
see beautifully fitted up departments. And in the
basemeut the same way, but more of the solid and
substantial. Our Credit System? Oh! yes; that's
in the same working order as heretofore. We want
you to make use of it. We extend goods to you as
liberally that way as though you paid cash.
Hundreds upon hundreds of Onyx Tables, Lamp
Stands, Lamps, Shades, Clocks, Ornaments; thous
ands of Chairs, Fancy Gilt Chairs, Rattan aud Up
holstered Rockers, Solid Oak, Birch, Maple aud Ma
hogany Rockers, in antique aud novel designs. Book
cases with desks aud without; Ladies' Fancy Desks
in different w oods, Music Cabinets, Ladies' Toilet Ta
bles, etc., etc. Nearly
est And loveliest things you ever set eyes on.
aud walk through. We'll welcome you.
1 "TSV-?'' --.'VfKv-i L.
e i air
- TiP
White Enamel.
five thousand of the handsom