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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report
(11 .
more interesting tlian
ever, while the general
stock is at its height.
Two essential points to remember:
Our styles are invariably in the
best taste and perfectly correct,
whilst in every instance our prices
are considerably below those rul
ing in other stores. Notice the
splendid specimens in Blue or
Klack Heaver, Kersey and Cheviot,
with tight-fitting and loose fronts,
33 and 30 iuches long.
Down go the prices and up go the
sales like a rocket
At the Friday evening1 moetinff of the
Very Handsome Assort- wendeii iioimes, the poet and novelist,
ments of New Silks are wa &ven y vmur w. m. wood,
tt 1-j a 'luotutlons from his works were
ollOWll for the Holiday also given by the members as the roll
Season. The prices are T ,,,....,, lini ln vi. ninns
for another season, should consider the
laying of sewer pipes upon at least
one of our principal streets. The time
is ripe for something to be done ln that
line. It has been put off from year to
year, and every sort of makeshift re
sorted to to dispose of the surface
water, the result being that a lot of
money has been expended and the
trouble Is nearly as bad as at the begin
ning. The offensive accumulations In
cesspools are ulso growing worse each
year, and humanity calls for some
thing to be done, and that very soon.
Electric lights and public parks will be
welcome Innovations at the proper
time, but the pressing need of the hour
Is sewers.
The county convention of the Patrons
of Industry will be held at the court
house on Saturday, Dec. 29, commenc
ing at 10 a. m.( upon which occasion the
annual election of officers will be held.
F. J. Waiulall, the county secretary,
Invites each association to send one
delegate to every fifteen members.
The Lehigh Valley paymaster made
his monthly visit here Saturday.
S. L. Tiffany, of Nicholson, has been
retained as one of the counsel for the
commonwealth In the case of Fred
Wall for murder.
The new oil movement centers at Car
penter Hollow, on Tunkhannock creek,
between this place and Factoryvllle. O.
D. Nash, the principal promoter of the
Brooklyn diggings, and Perkins, one of
the New York men, were on the ground
a few days ago and convinced the
farmers that It would be policy to form
a stock company of their own and com
mence drilling as soon as possible. It
is for the purpose of forming this com-
pany that the meeting at Factoryville
Is called.
W. E. Little and Itodney J. Bard-
well are gathering up the ballot boxes
about the county. They have covered
nearly all the territory on the opposite
side of the river.
A lire alarm at 12.45 p. m. Saturday
urougnt out the hose company and a
Urge proportion of the population. The
filKlLII IVtM I IIILUV 1"B ar the depot. The tannery com-
!ll III I I lllllililillill I pany's hose was brought into requisl
1I11I1UW IIIIUMIIIHII .lull ho flpo nnmnnnv vrl,-.l
hence the hitter's services were not
needed. The fire originated from a stove
in the building.
James swartz, or Lake Wlnola, was
in town Saturday.
Pickerel fishing on the "flow pond" at
La Grange Is popular sport these days,
and voluminous catches of from two to
four pound fish are reported.
The Centermoreland people have or-
ganlzed a new cemetery association
and are preparing a code of by-laws.
Cards of Invitation are out for the
wedding of Nicholas Fox, the popular
young Tioga street merchant, to Miss
Kate A. Geissler, of Ashley. The happy
event will take place Dec. 25, at 8.30 p,
m., at the home of the bride's parents.
Judge Slttser Is removing his effects
from his otllce at the court house to
make room for his successor, Judge
Rev. W. M. Hiller will attend the
reopenlng of the Parsons Methodist
Episcopal church on Wednesday.
The Gravel Hill Independent School
board, after carefully considering the
matter, have been obliged to refuse the
use of the school building to the United
Evangelical church society for revival
services. The law does not permit of It
we understand.
Miss Susan Fox, of Ashley, Is visiting
at Charles Tremayer's.
Morgan; duet, Thomas Edwards and
Harry Evans; solo, Mrs. Hubert Lle
wellyn; recitaitlon, John E. Evans; solo,
Miss Olwln Howells: solo. Thomas J.
Williams; solo, Miss Jennie Loughney;
Instrumental selection. Miss Nellie Tay
lor; solo, Henry Uonno; chorus, "Gloria,"
Taylor Choral union.
William J. Richards and David J.
Harris spent Saturday in Ashley.
Kev. Mr. Race, of Duryea, occupied
the pulpit In the Methodist church yes
terday morning and evening.
Misses Ida and Mattie Courtrlght re
turned home yesterday' after spending
few days In Ashley.
Misses Lulu Gross and Mame Samson,
of Hyde 'Park, were visitors here yes-
The values here are simply mar
velous, ln this connection it can
be truthfully stated that we have
never shown a better assortment
for the Holiday Season. Silk and
line are all selling at reduced
All the Ready-made Hats are now
much below early prices.
412 Spruce Street, Scranton.
Dr. Reeves has had long and varied ex
perience In honultal and private practice
and treats all acute and chronic diseases
of men, women and children.
He. with his assistants, treat all dis
eases of he nervous system, diseases of
the eye, ear, nose and throat, dyspepsia,
rheumatism, lust vitality, premature
weakness or decay ln both sexes, nervous
debility, catarrh, tumors, cunccrs, erup
tions, blood-poisoning, tits, epilepsy, In
discretion and errors of youth, lost mnn-
lioou, eczema, scrofula, St. Vtus dance,
nsthmo, diseases or tho Heart, lungs,
tiver, Kiuneys, piauuer, siomacn, etc.
Young Men Positively Cured,
Offer to the Public for Caturru.
Any one suffering with Catarrh who
whines to be permanently, quickly and
cheaply cured may receive three months'
treatment for only FIVE DOLLARS. Tho
doctor hns discovered a speclllc for this
dreaded disease. You can treat and cure
yourself and family with It at home. It
never falls to cure. A trial treatment
ok kick hui'hs- uauy, a. .m. to a p.
m.; sunoays, iu 10 12 aim z 10 4.
Mrs. A. McCabe died at her home. No.
124 Canaan street, Friday evening, at
the age of W years. Deceased was born
ln County Cavan, Ireland, and came
to America In 18'4. She la survived by
four children, who are: Hon. C. A,
McCabe, of Pomeroy, Wash.; Patrick,
John, and Mrs. Jeremiah Clune, of this
city. The funeral will be held this
(Monday) morning, when a requiem
mass will be celebrated at the St. Rose
church. Interment Will be made ln St,
Rose cemetery.
O. L. Notley, manager of Jones Rros.
tea store, on Salem avenue, was at the
store on Saturday for the llrst time In
six weeks, having been detained at
home by sickness.
Mrs. Van Kirk returned to her home
ln Scranton on Saturday, after a sev
eral days' visit In this city as tho guest
of her daughter, Mrs. E. A. Morgan, of
Park street.
Benjamin Vreeland, of No. 63 Will
lams avenue, was seriously Injured at
the Delaware and Hudson Lackawan
na mine, Saturday morning, by a blast
of rock.
Miss Jennie Oraves leflt on Saturday
for a visit wlht friends In Wilkes-Harre.
Mrs. Harriet Lister has returned
from a visit with her son, Alfred Lister,
In Philadelphia
The employes of the Hendrlck Man
ufacturlng company were paid on Sat
urday, as also were the employes of the
Van Bergan company,
The track hands employed by the
Transit company received their pay
Saturlay evening at the company s
office, In the Altken building.
Mrs. 8. 8. Hards and daughter, Mat-
tie, passed Saturday ln Scranton.
Relief in Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases relieved In six hours by the "New
Oreta South American Kidney Cure, nr!ce nn nil the nhnvo irnnrla This new remedy Is a great Burprlse on
,r. . account of Its exceedl
for the Holidays.
J.Scott Inglis
Carpet and Wall Paper,
Four doors above Wyoming House.
exceeding promptness In
relieving pain in the bladder, kidneys,
back and every part of the urinary pas
sages In male or female. It relieves re
tention of water and pain In passing It
almost Immediately. If you want qul
relief and cure this Is your remedy. Sold
by C. M.' Harris, Druggist, 125 I'enn ave
nue, Scranton, Pa.
In tho reign of Claudius, elephants were
worth 1700 apiece In Egypt and (1,100 ln
In 1201 an ox was sold at Cambridge for
13 shillings; the prce of oxen there now IB
A piece of papyrus as large an a sheet of
foolscap cost un Athenian in the year Is.
C. 241 25 cents.
The people of Iterculnncum paid 12.40
for the shoes that they wore on extraordi
nary occasions,
The Taylor Choral union will give an
excellent concert at the Congregational
dhurch, on; Tuesday .evening, to help
defray the expenses occcasloned by hall
rent for rehearsals. The following pro
gramme will be rendered under direc
tion of ChaJrmnn Dr. K. E. West)
Solo, Thomas Owens; duet, Henry
Bonna and Thomas Williams; recl-ta
titon, John E. Evans; trio, Mrs. Robert
Llewellyn, M. B. Morgan and Thomas
Owens; solo, Thomas J. Williams
clarionet solo, Peter Price; solo, M. B
rlage to take place Dec. 26 at the Oreen
Ridge Presbyterian church.
Mrs. O'Boyle has returned home from
visiting ln Canada.
Miss Edith Wert will spend several
weeks visiting at Newark.
James Hadden has moved his family
from Jermyn to this town.
James Foley, of Elmhurst, Is visiting
at the residence of James Ellis.
Mrs. A. Vanwormer. of Elm street, is
visiting in Newark, N. J.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothors!!!
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for over fifty years by mil
lions of mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect Buccess. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays all
pain; cures wind colic, und is the best
remedy for diarrhea. Sold by druggiuts
In every part of the world. . Be sure and
auk for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup,"
and take no other kind. Twenty-live cents
The council will meet this evening to
mslder the views on the paving ques
tion as submitted by the property own-
s fringing on Main street.
The announcement Is made of the
marriage of Miss Kuitle Daugherty, a
popular young lady of this place, but,
ho for the past year , has made her
onto In Scranton, and Albert Shem, of
hlladelphia, to take place on Dec. 27.
Mr. Shem Is a business man of Phlla-
This week at Music hall Minnie Les
ter and her excellent company of twen
ty-five people, will begin an engagement
of six nights and one matinee,
penlng with the funniest of south
ern comedy dramas, "A Little Busy
Body." Miss Lester's fine orchestra
still remains with her, and on her a,p
pearance here next week will be seen
ln conjunction with the popular little
rtiste In an entirely now programme.
This company carries all Its own seen
ery, calcium effects, etc. Prices 10, 2;
and 35 cents.
The Wyoming high school and the
high school foot ball teams engaged in
game on the West Pibtston grounds
Saturday afternoon. The Wyoming
leven vanquished the local team by a
score of 4 to 0.
Pennsylvania Coal company's bulle
tin: No. 14, Central and Ewen col
lerles will be idle this week and all oth-
rs will. work.
The Pennsylvania, Newton and But
ler mine companies will pay their em
ployes this week.
The Traction company have complet
ed the switch on Parsonage street and
everything Is now In readiness for the
running of cars except the stringing of
the wires.
The Traction workmen strung the feed
wire from the Junotlon to Duryea yes
terday. The running of cars will prob
ably be commenced during the week.
William Morris, of Wilkes-Barre, vis
Ited relatives liere yesterday.
Thomas Rlelly, of Wilkes-Barre
circulated arming friends here yester
Mrs. E. H. Hoffman, of Scranton, Is
lying 111 at the home of her parents, on
North Main street.
Miss Nellie Houser, of Bethlehem, Is
Isltlng friends in this place.
An unknown man was run over and
killed near the Old Forge crossing of
the Lehigh Valley railroad Saturday
evening by the gravel train running
east. He was dressed ln the garb of a
worklngman and had the appearance
of a Hungarian of middle age. The
body at the instance of Poor Director
Seillel was turned over to Mrs. K,
Ruoff, and will be burled at the expense
of the district If not claimed.
Rheumatism Cured ln a Day.
Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3 days
Its action upon the system Is remarkable
and mysterious. It removes at once the
cause and the disease immediately disap
pears. The llrst dose greatly benefits.
cents. Sold by Matthews Bros., Drug
gists, scranton.
Rev. R. S. Jones, D. D., Rev. Thomas
R. Watklns nnd Henry Hitchlngs at
tended the quarterly meeting of the
Northeastern Pennsylvania conference
of the Welsh Congregational churches.
which was held in Taylor Saturday and
yesterday. Dr. Jones preached ln the
afternoon, and Rev. Mr. Watklns read
an excellent paper on "Church Dis
Gordon Wrlghter and Frank Miller
expect to go to Philadelphia today to
look after their overhead advertising
scheme, which Is ln successful opera
tion In that city.
Dr. Dawson, of Main avenue, was re
cently called to Clark's Summit to at
tend the family of V. S. Bates, manager
of the Conrad Dairy company ln that
place. All of them were ill with scar
let fever at the time and unable to as
sist each other ln any way, and one
child was dead. They are now rapidly
recovering. Mr. Bates Is well known
In this place, being a son of Constable
Rev. Jeanette Olmstead, of Gustavus,
O., formerly national lecturer of the
social purity work of the Women's
Christian Temperance union, preached
an excellent sermon last evening to a
large audience ln the Puritan Congre
gational church.
Tonight will be "Longfellow night"
in the Asbury Methodist Episcopal
Miss Martha Bird Riley, of North
ampton, Mass., Is visiting Rev. George
. Guild.
Night school will be opened In the
Dickson avenue school room, connected
with No. 28 school, tonight In charge
of Professor H. S. Burdlck. Cards may
be secured of Controller C. S. Jacobs.
Mrs. F. C. Fritz, of Church avenue.
Is visiting her daughters, Mrs. N. R.
Brower and Miss Minnie Fritz, ln New
York city.
The different schools In this section
are arranging to hold special exercises
next Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McGuIre and
son, Patrick, of Hazleton, are visiting
friends here.
Catholic sees Into one. It is Interesting
to remember that Ignatius Loyola made
great use or Welshmen ln establishing
his Order of Jesus, and that Dr. David
John Rhys, one of the best Welsh pa
triots in the reign of Elizabeth, and the
author of a Welsh grummar that was pub-
usnea at Mllun, was a Welshman.
At Swansea, the struggle for non-sec-
tarlun education Is being fought with per
sistence and vigor ln the present Bchool
board election. Beren Cymru. the Bap
tist organ, whose editor, the Rev. W. P.
Williams, Landore. Is one of the candi
dates, contains an extremely able leader
on the election. The Nonconformists are,
It seems, pretty well organized, and unless
their chunces will be shattered by the "in
dependent" candidates, their candidates
are confident of winning all along the
line. The Seren makes a strong appeal
to nil sections of Nonconformists to be
faithful, united and true to one another.
The Baner publishes extracts from Pro
fessor Hugh Williams' notorious pam
phlet on "Baptism," nnd whllo express
ing the strongest disapproval of some of
Its opinions, throws open Its columns to
Its discussion. Seren Cymru, on the other
hand, though It udmlts that tne profess
or's knowledge of church history is ex
cellent, fulls to understand why Mr. Will
lams does not carry his opinion?-to their
logical conclusion and proclaim himself
on the side of the baptism which, he ad
mits, Is alone mentioned expressly In the
New Testament. The South Wales cor
respondent of the Uaner refers in Indig
nant terms to the harshness of the sen
tence passed on Peggy Lewis.
Steps aro being tuken to erect a monu
ment In memory of Llewelyn, the last in
dependent prince of Wules. The name of
the heroic Llewelyn recalls to mind the
days of Uwalia's freedom and Independ
ence before the brutal onslaught of the
tribes who made up what Is now known as
England proper. England and Wales
were at that time nations with separate
princes, but "might prevailed against
right" and now after an Interval of 500
years the descendants of tho English
metropolis combine with the sons of
Wales In paying tribute to the last of the
Welsh princes. Lord Bute, Lord Ken
yon and other nobilities of Eng
lish extraction, are taking a lead
ing Interest In the question both by
their presence at the meetings and by
their contributions.
The overdraft of tho Pontypridd eis
teddfod committee at the bank now stands
at 2i.o, and the pavilion has yet to be dis
posed of. The guarantors stand some
chance, therefore, of having a little of
their money returned.
', Two Catholla priests in Wales are
able to preach Welsh. One is Father
Ilayde, of Cardiff; the other Is Father
Jones, of Carnarvon, a native of Bala,
who Is mentioned In connection with the
proposed unillcutlon of the two Welsh
Mlaa Katie Jlosengrant
Ulster, Tcnn.
The Worst Case the Doc
tors Ever Saw
Hood's Sarsaparilla Perfectly Cured
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. :
"Bear Sirs: I wish to testify to the great
Value of Hood's Sarsaparilla. For some time I
had been troubled with scrofula, which early
last winter assumed a very bad form.
Sores Appeared on My Face
and hands and gradually Increased ln uumber
until they readied to my shoulder. The doctors
said It was tho worst caso of scrofula they ever
saw and also went so fur as to say It was In
curable. I tried ointments and oilier remedies
but to no avail. A friend recommended Hood's
Hood's Cures
Sarsaparilla, and although I was completely dis
couraged, as a last chance I resolved to give it a
trial. After taklnn one bottle I noticed the sores
had commenced to heal. After the sixth bottle
They Were All Healed.
I continued to take It, however, until I had used
nine bottles, and now I am perfectly well."
MISS KATIli KOSKNOKANT, Lister, i'enn.
Hocd's Pills are prompt and efficient, yet
easy ln aclloiu Bold by all druggists. 25c.
Instruments In every sense of the term
u applied 10 1'ianos.
Exceptional ln holding their original ful
ness or lone.
Fifth avenue.
1 115 Adams Ave.New Telephone Bdg
Miss Louise Lutz has accepted a posl
Hon In the Dun more Cash store.
The Prohibition club will meet thl
evening ln Loyal Legion hall. A full
attendance Is desired.
William Roper, of Detroit, Mich., is
111 at the home of M. H. Grady on Chest
nut street.
Mrs. B. Manly Is home from visiting
ln Philadelphia.
Wanted, board and room at private
house by The Tribune correspondent.
Mrs. Mary Blesecker died at her home
on Shoemaker street Saturday after
noon after a long Illness. Mrs. Ble
secker had lived In Dunmore for the
pust twenty-six years. Her husband,
who was a soldier in tho late war, died
ln lXfiS. Seven children and a very large
circle of friends mourn her death. Tho
children are as follows: Owen W. Ble
secker, Mrs. James Ilallock, Miss Sarah
Blesecker, Mrs. Lizzie Lltchenhan, of
Dunmore; Mrs. V. F. Swartz, of Dun-
more; Mrs. Hattle Kreske, of Huntland,
Tenn.; Mrs. Louis Hayden, of Wulls-
ville, Pa. The funeral will be held this
afternoon at 2 o'clock at tho house.
Tho services will be conducted by Rev.
J. C. Leacock. Interment in Dunmore
The lecture given Friday evening by
the Rev. O. L. Severson was greatly en-
Joyed by all his hearers. His vivid
word pictures nlmost made the audi
ence believe thut they were on the
sceneof battle ln reality, as ho described
the march of the union army north
ward from Virginia on to Gettysburg.
Mr. Severson Is nn eloquent orator. His
wonderful memory serves him to de
scribe In every detail the principal
scenes of Interest, historical facts and
Incidents of that memorable battle, the
Waterloo of America.
Loyal Legion hall was well filled
Saturday evening to hear Rev. F.
Dreyer, who gave a fine address. The
speaker spent many months In Chicago
and described that city as a modern
Sodom, possessing every allurement to
ruin men for this life and that beyond.
John Raught is visiting his parents on
Blakely street.
Amos Washer celebrated his sixty
second birthday on Thursday.
Miss Rachel Llnford, of Old Forge,
visited relatives In town last week.
Miss Kate Stanton has returned to
her home at Whitney's Point, N. Y.
The ninth annual fireman's ChrlstmnB
eve social under the auspices of the
Independent Hose company will be held
at Keystone hall Monday evening, Dec.
24. The members are working hard to
make it a success, as It has been In
years gone by. . , . , ,
Mrs. Jacob Christ has returned from
visiting Tunkhnnnock friends.
Cards are out annuonclng the coming
marriage of Miss Cora H. Philips, of
North Park, and Charles - Hamilton
Ashton, of Cambridge, Mass., the mar-
m t
I Mate Cheap Mk
THE BELL only and alone had the grit and courage to buy three entire
stocks, as follows : S
I The Wenrwoll Suit Co.,
I lirodek Freutleiitlial iV Co.,
jjj Hyde Park Clothing Store,
111 West Third Street, New York
Waverl) IMaek, New York E
111 South Main Avenue, Scranton jjf
The stocks of the last two mentioned consisted of the very best and S
3 choicest grade of Clothing, and having bought them for less than half s
S their actual value, we are now otlering them to the jmblic on the same basis s
S Ono Lot lioyqJKllt Cape HOC One Lot of Hoys' Double ' AC E
jji Overcoats, regular price $2 25 JO Breasted Suits, worth $1.75 Uv S
Boysi Double llreasled Union Cnsslutere and Cheviot Bultn;
also Boys' warm and Durable Capo Overcoats, regular
price, (2. Of and $3.00
Boys' Fine All-Wool Cheviot and Casslniere Reefer Suits; also
Boys' Melton and Kersey Ulsters, value $3.00, . .
Men's Single aud Double Breasted Cassiuiere and Cheviot
Suits; also Men's Black aud Blue Overcoats, value $8 and $10
Men's All Wool Cheviot and CasHimere Sack or Cutaway Suits;
also Black and Blue Kersey Overcoats, value $12.00,
Men's Extra Fine Black and Blue Clay Worsted Cutaway or
Back Suits; also Fine Blue and Black Kersey and Melton
Poole Overcoats, valuo $20.00, ....
S1.45 I
2.88 I
7.G5 I
11.37 1
1 Ihe Fair 1
2 400402 Lackawanna Avenue.
tf"- ' ; , , i i
CS . . . . .
Hanging Four Shelf Book Rack, $3.50.
Big Value, $3.50.
A Graceful Four Leg Table, $1.90.
And Four Fold Screen Frame, all of exceptional
values and of latest patterns.
Plush and Leather Seat, $3.00 to $25.00 each.'
In Bamboo, Oak and White Enamel.
Hampers, Waste, Work and Fancy Baskets. Step
Ladder Chairs, Card Tables.
li -
Sign of the Bell. 230 LACKAWANNA AVENUE.
fl PCs
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers
. General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
406 AND 408 LACKA. AVE.
And our Grand Holidajr Display is ushered before you
iu all its brilliant glory. Don't be dazzled when you
enter our store (as it's far superior to our last year's
display), and goods are so much cheaper. Come here
any day and take your time to look. Our store is a
GRAND FREE FAIR, without the raffle aud wheel
of fortune fiends. Go upstairs. There you will also
see beautifully fitted up departments. Aud iu the
basement the same way, but more of the solid aud
Substantial. Our Credit System ? Oh ! yes ; that's
in the same working order as heretofore. We want
you to make use of it. We extend goods to you as
liberally that way as though j-ou paid cash.
Hundreds upon hundreds of Onyx Tables, Lamp
Stands, Lamps, Shades, Clocks, Ornaments; thous
ands of Chairs, Fancy Gilt Chairs, Rattan and Up
holstered Rockers, Solid Oak, Birch, Maple and Ma
hogany Rockers, in antique aud novel designs. Book
cases with desks aud without; Ladies' Fancy Desks
in different woods, Music Cabinets, Ladies' Toilet Ta
blesetc, etc. Nearly five thousand of the handsom
est and loveliest things you ever set eyes ou. Come
and walk through. We'll welcome you.