The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 15, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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A pure cream of tartar
Pure and Sure.
It does more work and finer
not find it exactly as represented you can return Htto your grocer,
and he will pay you back your money.
k ' Ckvcland Bilking rswdtr Co., Nrw York, StuUaor h CUvtlanJ Brlhcn.
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
Am mid Incan
descent Llhti in
nearly all part
ut tho city.
01 1 ICE :
Common wealth
ur Inrandoscont System is ubsulutoly saf j
No Oriental opium-scented linen
frayed, fretted and worthless, but all
returned fit for wear, ironed with care,
and all of it there.
808 Penn Are. A. B. WAR MAN.
Rugs and SwocpiTs for the Ho'Idajr
tinde. "Gold Madal" Bweopern iu
twelve ftmoy woods for Chr istman Gifts
l'ny your Poor Tuxes and save eosts.
In the estate of John Oleneross, late of
Iuinmore, letters of administration were
trrunted to Marian ifryden.
Clerk of the Courts Thomus yesterday
'granted a marriage license to Philip 11.
Tucker und Mary A. Owens, of Jermyn.
' A basket ball contest will be held this
nfternoon nt 3 o'clock between the Young
lien's Christian association team und
members of the night school.
New York, Ontario and Western railway
excursions to New York
17lh Inst. Tickets good
ite $-1.3ii round trip.
Hvrne In "T'lirht llotUt"
led hit at Wllkes-liarre
f the best attractions of
ill be seen here this sea-
At the Hint 1'resl.yterlun church to
orrow veiling tit 7.:W o'clock ltev. Dr.
Jumes Mcl,eod, pastor, will continue
his series of lectures by a discourse on
'The Klrst ChriKtlan .Martyr;" morning
service at lo.lio.
, There will be a temperance sermon Sun
day at 1U.3U a. m. In the (ireen iiidge liup
tist church on Monsey avenue at the
request of the (Jreen Itldge Woman's
Christian Temperance union. A full ut-
tendance Is desired.
The regular meeting of the Twentieth
Century club will be held Sunday morn
ing at JO o clock at its hall, 4ux Spruce
Btreet. All clerks nre expected to be pres
ent, us matters of Importance will lie
brought before the meeting.
'The Davles & (Irlflln case continued on
triul before Arbitrators C. I,. Hawley, J,
W. Carpenter und C. S. Woodruff Yester
day. At 3 o'clock an adjournment was
taken until Jan. 2. All of the testimony
lor ine piainiins uas not yet been heard.
Miss Julia Allen and her pupils will
give a recital In Voting Men's Christian
association hall next Friday night. She
will be assisted by Miss Harriet Ward, the
violinist, and W. A. Kelly, baritone, of
Parsons. Professor It. F. Lindsay will be
accompanist, '
llcrtram & Willard's company produced
"The Engineer" at the Frothlngham
again lust night,. The comedy drama Is
most reullstlc and the scene In Joe Sin
gleton's house with the breaker In the
dlstunce Is very effective. "The Knirl
necr" will be presented this afternoon
and evening.
An Important meeting of tlio CongreiU'
tlonal churches of northeastern Pennsyl
vania will be belli at Taylor tomorrow.
The quarterly business of the convention
will be discussed ami Important business
rwlll be considered. Delegates from n
largo district will bo entertained by mem
bers of the churches during their visit.
Karly yesterday morning Ofllcer Unrig
disturbed burglars who were ut work en
neavorlng to enter "The Fashion" store
on I.aeknwunna utenun. Ho found the
. rear had been opened. A coupling pin and
a railroad hammer were found by the
door, but nothing of value had been stolen
and the goods hud not been interfered
A lady entered the store of C. W. Free
. man, Jeweler, oil Spruce street yesterday
afternoon und appropriated articles of
Jewelrw without the consent of the owner.
fiho wks arrested, but later a settlement
was offectod. Many complaints are made
by tradesmen of respectublo thieves, who
take articles and then enter the plea that
iney are Kieptomnntacs.
At, a special meeting of the members of
the Twentieth Century club, Knights of
J .a nor, tne louowing officers were elected
for the ensuing term: Master workman
; Myles J. K. L,ovy, worthy foreman, A. H.
Abrams; financial seeretnry, Joseph Cits
, tard; treasurer, John Webb; recording
secretary, Micnnei u aialley; worthy In
Bpector, Nelson Tcets; worthy guide, Jo
seph Wilson; statistician, Charles Nolan,
A Hungarian woman died suddenly nt
her residence at .MuylleKI yesterday. Cor-
kz&m few
' bin f jrwrnskrf
I 7
worlTthan any other."J If you do
onpr Kelly empanelled a Jury lust nlitht
and evidence wus ftlven by Dr. Seunlon
and others, which tended to the conclu
sion Unit dentil resulted from no uffectlon
of the heart. The verdict was not ren
dered formally last evening, Viut it was
anticipated that the Jury would decide
thut death wus due to natural cuuses.
Tabst's Milwaukee Beer, pool and spark
ling, ut Lohtnun's, Spruce street.
A Uluncc at tlio Attractive .Music Store of
J. Lawrence Stelle.
The piano ware rooms of Mr. J. Law
rence Stelle, Hiicoessof to Stelle & See
ley, of l;!4 Wyoming avenue, present an
attractive uppenranee these days with
thi? line array of Instruments on ex
hlblton, from which suitable holiday
presents for the musically Incllm'd of
every class may be selected.
Among the leading styles in pianos
that may lie seen are the Shaw, Kmer
son, Krakaner, New England and Krle.
In cabinet organs may be observed the
("lough & Warren, the Carpenter, the
Waterloo and the Crown. These Instru
ments are sold upon easy terms on the
Installment plan, ko that no family of
even moderate means need, to be with
out an Instrument In case any member
of the household lias a taste for music.
On both new and second-hand pianos
and cabinet organs prices have been
fixed that defy competition, The fol
owlng reference to the Shaw pianos is
one of the many testimonials that have
been received regarding the finalities
of this excellent Instrument:
"After the severe and critical tost
which I gave the Shuw upright 1 can
tinhesitatlngy say t hat for power and
beautiful singing, quality of tone, and
an action which responds to every de
mand upon It, the Shaw piano stands
unrivaled. (Signed) Chevclier Antoine
De Koutskl.
The stock of small musical goods is
receiving constant additions and In
cludes almost every instrument in use
in bands, orchestras or In the home
circle. These goods nre always of the
first quality and can be relied upon nt
all times. The stock of sheet music Is
complete with the latest vocal and in
strumental publications, and any selec
tion of music In print not In stock can
be procured for the buyer on short
The ware rooms are pleasantly sit
uated und "visitors are cheerfully wel
comed at all times whether In search of
Instruments or simply upon u tour of
It Wus So Decided at u .Meeting Held Last
A meeting of the Rescue mission
managers and friends was held last
evening. There were present Iter. .1.
McLeod, Rev. W. II. Pearce, ltev. C. K.
Hoblnson, Luther Keller, J. A. Lansing,
Mrs. Frances T. Vail, A. 15. Williams, W.
B. Hand. Jr., D. H. Atherton, W. H.
Peck. A. W. Dickson, Dr. O. K. Dean.
The meeting discussed the llnancial
position of the mission, nnd having re
ceived encouraging communications
from various church It was decided
that the work be continued. Since the
organization of the mission, the com
mittee has undertaken the entire re
sponslbilty of the finances, and.'-Vlng
to the removals of many subscribers
the revenue had decreased until a deficit
was announced.
It is expected, however, that with
the assistance of new subscribers the
liabilities, will be' discharged und the
work carried on permanently.
First Anniversary Sermon
Preached Tomorrow.
The services at the Kim Park church
tomorrow will be unique in character,
as they will constitute the first anni
versary of a church which has been
made famous by the tribulations which
It ha-s passed through and the heroism
of Its members In surmounting the diffi
culties. Services of various descriptions have
been held during the week, and tomor
row the sermons und addresses by
eminent theologians will conclude n
memorable week in the history of the
Fancy Waste Paper liuskets.
No More tioods at Your Own Price.
The rush of holiday trade compels Free
man, the Jeweler, ' 16 close the auction
sales of his stock tonight. Sales today at
2.3U and 7.311. -
Go to Davldow llros. Plclfle castori. -
' Dr. (iibhon, -of
New York city, will bo In his Bornnton
office, 441 Wyoming avenue, veve,ry Mon
day from i iu the morning until 9 in the
Holiday Ooods.
Harris sells holiday goods at auction
this afternoon and evening at till Lacka
wanna avenue. , '
Oxford lilbles and Family Dlbles nt
- -Visit
Davldjiw Pros, establishment be
foro purchasing holiday presents else
where. Fresh eggs; perfect; table use. Coursen.
Tho New Webster Dictionary, bound In
Leuther, for 50 cents, at
Ilcst (ioods for l.ccst Money.
Fresh Key West and Imported Cigars at
Park & TUfonl's prices. 10. O. Coursen.
Excelsior Diaries for 1805,
All kinds of Etchings, Engravings and
Water Colors at Urltnn'fl new Btudlo, 209
Wyoming avenue.
Finest line of Duvls' Automatic Ink
stands ut REYNOLDS BROS. -
I am prepared to receive a limited num
ber of piano pupils. For terms, etc., ad
dress Richard F. Lindsay,
KB Mulberry street.
Or at Powell's Music Store.
Beautiful Water Colors, Fac-slmlles,
Photogravures und Etchings, Framed: and
rnfrumed, ' ,
You can Havel money by buying holi
day presents at Davldow Pros.
' Plllsbury's Flour Mills havs
Of n.WO barrels a duy.
Engraved cards at REYNOLDS BROS.
Highest grude. Finest grain. E. O.
I Coursen,
I'aid Tire Department Ordinance
rraetiealty Completed Last Xiijht.
1 lie Hoard of Nine Members to Be Cro
atcd-I-'irst Year's Expcnso Will Show
un Increase of $15,8SO-Ordlnanco
Will lie Introduced Thursday.
On Thursday evening In select
council will be presented the ordinance
creating a paid lire department ' In
Tlie ordinance If passed will create a
fire commission of nine members.
Accompanying this article are pre
sented the cost und details which were
decided upon at a gathering of city
officials last night.
Those present were Mayor Connell,
City Controller WIdmayer, Chief of the
Flre Department Ferber, Select Coun
cllmen Durr and Finn, and Common
Councilman Hobathan.
The amount decided upon ns the
needed appropriation for a paid de
partment the llrst year is $r.6,S.10. The
expense for the volunteer department
for the current year Including special
appropriations will lie $41,000 when the
fiscal year closes, which shows an In
crease of only $15,850 to maintain a paid
Chief and Assistants.
A chief engineer, 4 usslstunt chiefs,
G engineers, 34 permanent men, OS call
men und 1 veterinary ofllcer will be the
force provided for.
It is proposed to have a fire commis
sion of nine members, the president of
Which shall be the mayor. Councils
are to choose the other eight members
in such munner that each branch shall
be represented by four members, equal
ly divided between Republicans and
It could not lie determined at Inst
night's conference whether the chair
men of councils shall appoint the4, com
mission or whether councils shall elect
the necessary number of members.
The opinion prevailed thut the com
missioners should be appointed under
a procedure Identical to the method of
appointing councllmanlc committees,
but the point was not clearly estab
lished, und the city solicitor will be
asked for his opinion..
' City Solicitor Will Decide.
The creating of the commission will
be dealt with In the ordinance ac
cording to the city solicitor's opinion.
While In some minor details the or
dinance may be changed, the facts
given substantially cover the measure
as It will be finally presented.
It Is believed by the promoters of the
paid service Idea that the creative or
dinance will fully satisfy a few coun
cilmen who might have opposed it on
the question of expense.
It is known that many of th? city's
most prominent business men will urge
tlhat the measure be supported.
They contend that the cost of insur
ance will be reduced, that better fire
prqtectlon will be offered, and that the
saving In fire losses will counter-balance
the Increased cost of malntaln
lather Dunn, of Great lien J, l'rcuched on
the Consequences of Sin,
One of the largest congregations- the
cathedral has held was present last
night to hear the sermon delivered by
ltev. M. II. Dunn, of Great Hend
Father Dunn was formerly rector of the
cathedral und he had not been heard
here before In a number of years. His
text was from tho eighth chapter of
St. John, twenty-first verse, "You shall
seek me nnd you shall not find me, and
you shnll die in your sins." In part
Father Dun spoke as follows:
Of all the virtues shining forth in
the life of our Savior none is more ro-
murkable than his admirable patience
This he manifested toward the greatest
sinners whom He received with the
greatest benignity It was only after
Jerusalem, unmindful of her visitation
und rejecting alike Ills warnings and
His promises, that divine patience and
mercy would seem to have been ex
haunted nnd no longer uble to stay the
anger of God toward tills stlftnecked
people. He employed all the attractions
of His love to soften their hearts and
Induce them to believe in Him who
was to bo their Redeemer
Hut this once chosen people rejected
all the efforts of His mercy nnd love,
notwithstanding the predictions of his
prophets which marked with clearness
the precise time of His coming; not
withstanding the numerous miracles
which attested Ills divine mission. Ho
came to his own and his own received
Him not. So, too, with Christians of the
present day. Christ comes In person
ns he did to the Jews, seeking to gain
admission to their hearts; but blinded
in their passions and sins they render
themselves liable to that divine oracle,
"you shall seek Me and you shall not
find Me, and you shall die In your sins
Father Dunn exhorted his hearers not
to copy the sad example of the once
chosen people of God,-but to return to
Illm by true penance and thus avert
the awful fate of the unrepentlng sin
ner. Delays are dangerous nnd there
nresome sinners for whom God does not
wait. His mercy Is infinite, no doubt,
but It has Its fixed time. There ure
sinners whom, In His Just Just wrath
He permits to die as an example and a
warning to others. For others a time
Is fixed and beyond that no mercy Is
shown to them. "Oh, then," he said
"permit It not to be said, that Christ
died for us In vain, that all the benefits
of redemption ore null and void, but
return to Him by true and sincere re
pentance. You shall then seek Him and
shall find Him, but only when you are
converted to Him with your whole
Owing to the excessive price asked
for the various sites there Is some feat-
expressed that the representatives of
the Philadelphia carpet Industry, who
are anxious to move their plant here,
muy yet full to make arrangements to
locate In the city. Strenuous efforts
are being made to secure a site on the
West Side, nut as live acres are re
quired, the undertaking Is not easy to
accomplish, . ;
Chestnut and Price streets are lora.ll
ties which should receive the attention
of the board of hoalth. Its officers must
be unaware of the unsatisfactory sanl
tary conditions of eome properties In
that neighborhood, where cess-pools
are within two feet of open windows
of dwelling houses.
J. H. Latne has retired from the man
agement of the Frothlngham theater
and the proprietor, Artihur Frothlng
ham, and the treasurer of (the house, O.
E. Jones, will for the present at least
dlylde the work of managing the pretty
play house. Mr. Laine has made many
friends since he came here to beeom.-f
manager of the Frothlngham. He pos
'sesses a wide and varied experience In
matters theatrical.
Alterations are being made on the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
track at Tripp's crossing to allow the
Traction company's rails to be laid
across there. The grades are contrary
and will have to be adapted to the re
quirement of both tracks. The Trac
tion company has graded North M.iin
avtnue on the hilt leading to the cross
ing. Formerly driving was dangerous,
owing to the rock which protruded
through the surface of the roud, but
now the projecting rock in the ;-oadway
has . been removed und the road wid
ened and improved.
l inden Street llridgu Can lie lluilt for
Less Tluin the llstiinuto, hut Spruce
Street Ilridue Will KxceeJ It.
The ordinance providing for the snle
of the bridge bonds provide that uny
surplus remulnlng from the expense of
building either bridge shall be applied,
If necessary, to the cost of the other
structure, and that the final surplus
shall be placed in the sinking fund to
be used for paying interest on the
bonds. An approximate made In the
olilce of the city engineer yesterday In
dicates that $lll,t!G4.39 will remain from
the building of the Linden street bridge,
while the Spruce street or South Side
structure shows a shortage of $1 0.14.
The estimates are unolllclal but are
based upon the supposition that coun
cils will decide upon an asphalt floor
ing und thut contracts will be awarded
to the lowest bidder on each bridge ac
cording to the proposals now In the city
clerk's oflice. In detail the estimates
are Interesting and show a final surplus
of $19,053.45 as follows:
Linden Street llridge.
Appropriation $125,000 do
Premium from sale of bunds 1u,iH.'i (0
Masonry $11,'11 OS
Iron work 72.UHMIO
Lund -. SL'.'d'i (
Inspection . 7"J 00
JU.-.W fil
Jalunce , $ I,W S
Spruce Street Ilridge.
Appropriation l-o.O'Vrt flu
Premium from sale of bonds.... Ui.W.i W
WSfilZ 00
Masonry ..
Iron work.
i2,5ss ni
W.315 1(0
35.000 00
702 00
$135,035 'A
Shortage $ 10 01
lnal surplus : 19,or,3 l.i
The Joint streets and bridges commit
tee will meet Tuesday night al i..V)
o'clock to consider the bids. Unofficial
ly the Edge Moor lirldgo company, of
Wilmington, is the lowest bidder on the
Linden street bridge for cither asphalt
or plank flooring. On the Spruce street
bridge the lowest bid Including an as
phalt floor was made by the Plienlx
Bridge company, and the Pennsylvania
Bridge company bid lowest on si jdank
i.OOto California
Is the price of double berth In Tourist
Sllcplng Cur from Chicago on are famous
riillllps-Rocl: Island Tourist Excursions.
Through cars on fast trains leave Chi
cago Tuesdays via Fort Worth and El
Puso, and Thursdays via Scenic Route.
Write for particulars to A. Phillips & Co.,
Ill South Ninth street, Philadelphia.
Wood and Brass Easels.
Taxpayers Take Notice.
That your city and school taxes are
now due. Councils, by resolution, ex
tended the time of collection until Jan
uary 1, 1VJ5. If not paid within the time
allowed a penulty of 7 per cent, on the
city nnd G per cent, on the school will be
added, and un additional 1 per rent, each
and every month until paid. Don't put
off payment until the last day, as it may
be impossible to receive It.
R. G. BROOKS, City Treasurer.
Free! Free! Free!
For a holiday compliment to our patrons
we will present with every pair or La
dies Shoes, costing una upwards, a
pulr of cloth overgalters.
UlAJUli (SHON HTOltb;,
227 Lackuwunnu avenue.
Fountuln Pens, Gold Pens and Pencils
Fresh Key West und Imported Cigars nt
Park & Tllford's prices. E. O. Coursen.
Eplscopul Prayer Hooks and Hymnals.
T. I). YicCllntoek.
has Just received u lurge lot of Palms,
Ferns, etc., for holiday presents and in
terior decorating.
Catholic Pruyer
tho city ut
Books, largest line In
Magncsiu und Magnuhestos Sectional
Coverings, -
Orders for breakers, houses und steam
plants generally, solicited.
Successor' to Mneun & Co.
J. T. REYNOLDS, Manager,
. 321 Center street.'
Leather Traveling Cases, Collar und
Cult Boxes. ' '
Finest qualitv of Granulated
Sugar for $1.00.
Finest quality of Tomato
Catsup, 19c.
Finest quality English Plum
Puddings, 21c.
Triple Blend Java, 34c. lb.
Everything reduced to the
lowest eash basis. You will
not only find the best grade,
but our prices (quality con
sidered) the lowest.
E. Q. Coursen
BEST StlS Of lEIH $8.00
Inoludlng tho painless extracting of
teeth by an entirely new process.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
Tried to Have a Girl Released from
House of Good Shepherd.
Person She Was Anxious to Send Buck
to Shameless Career Proved a Disappointment-Writ
Dlsinlssscd and
Divckccpcr Told to Pay Costs.
Lulu Shannon Is certainly a most
bold and daring woman. Thursday,
under the name of Mary Smith, she
retained Attorney C. W. Dawson and
told him she had a friend in the House
of the Good Shepherd, named Nora
Kelly, who was anxious to be released.
She directed Mr. Dawson to take the
necessary steps to secure the freedom
of Miss Kelly.
Mr. Dawson thereupon obtained a
writ of habeas corpus from Judge
Archbald, which was made returnable
yesterday at 2 o'clock in chambers.
.Miss Kelly was present in charge of
Mrs. W. II. Duggan and Chief of Police
Simpson, und Attorney John F. Scragg
was present to oppose the writ in a
legal way.
The "friend" also put In an appear
ance, nnd proved to be none other than
Lulu Shannon, one of the most notori
ous dive keepers in the city. She was
dressed very modestly In black, and a
veil partly concealed her somewhat
dissipation-marked features. She af-
ftcted a coy and Innocent air, nnd when
asked her name said it was Mary
She Knew Her Name.
' That won't do Lue," Chief Simpson
said, we Know who and what you
'Well my right name is Mary Smith,"
declared Lulu, with rlslntr inflection.
I guess I ought to know."
"Your honor," said Attorney Scragg,
this young lady does not want to leave
the home. This wicked woman is try
ing to get hold of her to lead her back
to a life of shame."
Judge Archbald directed that Miss
Kelly be .sworn and in response to the
questions of Attorney Dawson said that
she did not want to leave tho House of
the Good Shepherd. She would prefer
to remain there.
"WH1, that's nil we have to offer,"
said Mr. Dawson, who began to realize
the true inwardness of the case.
"The writ Is dismissed nt the cost of
Miss Smith," sternly remarked Judge
Archbald, as he looked severely at the
abashed Lulu.
"You bad, bad woman, you'll be made
to pay for this," declared Mrs. Duggan
shaking her finger at Lulu, as she led
her charge out of the room. To a Til
bum; reporter Mrs. Duggan said:
"That's an awful woman, that Lulu
Shannon, and 1 propose that she shall
be made to understand that there is
law In this country that can reach sttth
vultures as she. Why, she takes
children into her resort and starts them
on the downward path, and I know of
one case where a yetting woman was
drugged, taken to her resort, ruined um
then kept there. That young woman
was rescued und is now in the House of
the Good Shepherd."
In the Consecrated Class.
Miss Kelly ha i been in the house over
a year, and on account of her earnest
desire to lead a good life has been pro
muted to the consecrated class. She
did not ask Miss Shannon to endeavor
to secure her release and at first was
not even able to recognize her.
','1 have decent, honorable relatives to
secure my release any time I want to
leave the home, and It Is not necessary
for me to ask the aid of such a person
ns Lulu Shannon." Such was Miss
Kelly's comment on the proceedings,
Finest lino of Calendars ever shown In
the city at RKYNOLDS BROS.
Huhhit l unch.
llasenpfeffer put up to order at Fred
Martin s, Penn uvenue.
Catholic Pruyer Books.
Now Is the Time to Look for Your
W. W. Berry
lias a hrger KtucU of Novelties
(hail ever telWe. KIOIIT IP
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Uctawanna An
i, il
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est novelties in
l'Ott THE
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late in the Jewelry line ca
and see Rogers' stock before
making your final selection
as he can show you the lates
and a large assortment to se
lect from.
tr t Preient tht Mrt Popnlir tad Frtfimd b?
UCflUllllf AlllflK
Wiriroomt: Opposite Colutnbu Monument,
208 Washington Aw. Scranton
And said he was stand
ing on the corner of Penn
and Lackawanna avenues
and saw a crowd moving
up street and followed
out of curiosity, and they
carried him right into the
store with the green and
gold front Wool worth's.
Do People Go There
In Such Crowds?
Simply because there is
where they find the great
er variety of Holiday
Goods in town at the
lowest prices.
Green and Gold Store Front
n i
m lbs. G. Sugar, . $1,00
31 lbs, C, Sugar, 1,00
Fresh Eggs, per doz. .18
Choice Mixed Candy, lb .07
Choice Mixed Candy, 41bs., .25
Mixed Nuts, .09
Mixed Nuts, 3 lbs,, .25
Peanuts, 3 quarts ; .10
Walnuts, per bushel, .60
Butternuts, per bushel, .60
Almonds, per pound, .15
Sweet Florida Oranges, .13
Sweet Florida Oranges, 2 doz ,25
Per Box, - - 1,90
Tangeriens, per dozen, .15
Per Box, half size, 1.75
Malaga Grapes, per lb,, .20
Fine Choeolates, Bon-Bons, French
.ui!as, Taflys, French Fruits, Nut Can
dies, Butter Cups, Ktc, Etc., in excel
lent quality and great variety. We are
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in this line of guilds.
F. P. PRICE, Agent
Will be open evenings
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We can suit you in $hoes aud will deal lightly with
your pocketbook. , ,
More Cloaks
to select from in our store than live ordinary' stocks; in fact we have
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good fitting Cloaks at February prices, which means about one-third oil",
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most forgot to mention that we have just received a handsome line of
Umbrellas, mounted with beautiful handles of Silver, Gold, Dresden,
Ivory, bone, etc., any of which would make a desirable Holiday Prcscut
Will be sold for less than
they cost us to manufac
ture them. We guaran
tee everything satisfao
We are offering Ladies'
Tailor-made Coats re
gardless of cost.
We are selling goods be
low cost. Come and look
through our stock and
see for yourself.
Have Your Furs Repaired by the
Only Furrier in the City.
Fine Tricot Cloths
Iu Colors Brown, Blue
and Garnet
$8 $10 13 in,
And as High as $20.
At Greatly
Reduced Prices
to make room for entirely
new stock of
during the month of December
Corner of Lackawanna and
Wyoming Avenues.
r AND 6
Clothiers, Heltersi Furnisiiers.