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THE SCRANTOX TKTBTJNE SATUKDAY MUltiSiJNif, ujstiiiMisriu 13, low.
Very Handsome Assort
ments of New Silks are
Shown for the Holiday
Season. The prices are
more interesting than
ever, while the general
stock is at its height.
Two essential points to remember:
Our styles are invariably in the
best taste and perfectly correct,
whilst in every instance our prices
are considerably below those nil
inn i utha stores. Notice the
splendid specimens in Blue or
Ulack Beaver, Kersey and Cheviot,
with tijjht-littini; and loose fronts,
32 and 36 inches long.
Down' ro the prices and up go the
sales like a rocket.
The values here are simply mar
velous. In this connection it can
be truthfully stated that we have
never show n a better assortment
fur the Holiday Season. Silk and
line arc all sclliuy ut reduced
All the Keady-made Hats arc now
much below early prices.
412 Spruce Street, Scranton.
Dr. Reeves had hail long and varied ex
perience In ho.ipltal und private practice,
and treats nil acute and chronla diseases
of men, women and children.
He, with his assistants, treat all dis
eases of ho nervous system, diseases of
the eye, ear, nose and throat, dyspepsia,
rheumatism, lost vitality, premature
weakness or decay In hoth sexes, nervous
debility, catarrh, tumors, cancers, erup
tions, hlood-nolsoninir. llts. enileDsv. In
discretion and errors of youth, lost man-
noon, eczema, seroiuia, Bt. vtus nance,
asthma, diseases of the heart, lungs,
liver, kidneys, bladder, stomach, etc.
Voting Men Positively Cured.
Offer to th Public for Catarrh.
Any ona suffering with Catarrh who
wishes to bo permanently, quickly ami
cheaply cured may receive three months'
treatment for only FIVE DOLLARS. The
doctor has discovered a specific for this
dreaded disease. You can treat and cure
yourself and family with It at home. It
never fallB to cure. A trial treatment
OKFICK HOURS-Daily, 9 a. m. to 8 p,
m.; Sundays, 10 to 12 and ii to 4.
Special prices on all the above goods
for the Holidays. .
J. Scott Inglis
Carpet and Wall Paper,
four doors above Wyoming Hcum.
Mr. and Mrs. Hazlett, of Shlckshlnny,
are visiting at the home of Lewis Ed
sall. Mrs. C. S. Brodhead and daughter, of
Montrose, were the guests of friends
here this week.
Mlsa Maine Searfafls, of Scranton, Is
the guest of friends In this place.
The 2-yjarf-old child of William Shot
well was Interred In Marcy cemetery on
Friday. .
Though eighteen months will elapse
before the election of county superin
tendent will occur, yet talk is rite con
cerning the possible6andidates. Among
those, mentioned for the place are Pro
fessor P. H. Jarvls, of Meshoppen, nnl
Professor V. M. Wood, of this place.
Professor Jarvls is principal of the
Meshoppen borough schools, a thor
oughly practical teacher, a pleasant
man to meet socially, and seems to be
well qualified for the position from
every standpoint. Professor Wood Is
principal of the Gravel Hill independ
ent district school, and was for some
time assistant principal in the borough
schools. He is a rising young man and
has many friends who would be pleased
to see him reach the goal for which he
is Btrlvlng.
H. J. Frear, of Beaumont, is the newly
appointed mercantile appraiser for 1893.
Ed Carey shut a line large wild goose
on the Susquehanna near town this
The carpenter gang of the Lehigh
Valley have repaired the roof of th?
station torn off by the derrick car come
time ago.
Talk of the third rail on the Montrose
road has subsided of late, and If there
Is any Intention on the part of the rail
road authorities of making such im
provement there is no surface indica
tions of it. The addition of another rail
means the practical overhauling of the
road from end to end. The ties are
neither long enough nor heavy enough
to bear tracking for broad gauge cars,
and If they were, the curves are too
torturous to permit of hauling Lehigh
Valley cars around them. It Is pretty
certain that business will be much Im
proved before Che Montrose company
will entail any such expense on the
II. D. 'Bennett, the PHtston book
binder, was here yesterday.
W. E. Bullock Is still in poor health.
The Baptist young peoples' entertain
ment was well patronized, considering
the other attractions, and a satisfactory
sum added to their funds.
A major portion of the school direc
tors of the county were out to hear the
address by State Superintendent N. C.
SL'haeffer at the opera house Thursday
afternoon. The bent of his talk was
toward the establishing of high schools
In the rural districts so that scholars
might receive the benefit of a better
education without going to the larger
towns or cities to obtain H. This would
call for a change in the apportionment
of the public money, as a larger per
centage of it would have to go to the
rural districts, and, of course, the cen
ters of population would have to get
along with less. A scries of resolutions
embodying this idea, and also favoring
seven months instead of six as the mini
mum school term, together with other
things, were finally presented and
passed In a modilled form.
People over in the eastern section of
the county have now conceived the no
tion that oil underlies them, and a
committee of three has been appointed
to awaken public Interest and Induce
capitalists to put down a bore hole in
either Overfteld or Clinton township.
The movement Is baaed on what is
thought to be "good oil Indications" dis
covered by a Lake Wlnola farmer. A
meeting has been called at Matthew
son's hall, Factoryvllle, on Tuesday
next at 10 a. m., when the matter is to
be talked up.
A lunch counter car Is a new innova
tion on the Lehigh Valley. It Is said
that they will be Introduced on all Its
lines next season.
The Montrose road Is hauling down
lots of lumber from Ituggle's mill at
Lemon and stacking It along tjie old
canal basin between East Tioga and
Bridge streets. It would furnish grand
fuel for a big conflagration if Are should
get Into It, and nut only itself would
burn, but probably the spool mill and a
number of other adjacent buildings.
The Mutual Musical alliance, which
covers a scope of territory in the west
ern portion of this county and the ad
joining part of Bradford, will hold its
eighteenth annual session at Laceyvllle
the last week in December.
The Sullivan Republican Is authority
for the statement that the costs In the
election- contest already foot up over
$400. This will start some of the I-told-you-so
people to talking again.
Richard Ellsworth and sister, Emma,
of Hornet's Ferry, have been visiting
their parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Lyman Ells-
wortlh, for two or three days past
Temple chapter. No. lit, will hold Its
annual election Monday night
Albert P. Miller and family have re
turned from Oberlln, O
The teachers' Institute closed this
morning after a brief session and the
pedagogues dispersed to their homes.
The session was addressed by Professo;
Bible, of East Stroudsburg, after which
a series of resolutions mourning the
death of Rev. C. R. Lane, a former
county superintendent; execrating the
custom of compelling teadhers to board
around; recommending that the mini
mum school term be eight months; and
thanking the county superintendent,
the Instructors and others for the good
time they had enjoyed, were adopted.
Dr. K. H. Wells, of Meshoppen, Is
president of the newly-formed County
School Directors' association and
Charles Dietrich, of this place, the secre
Dr. C. W. Prevost, of VVllkes-Barre,
was here yesterday
Charles Dietrich nnd daughters, Pearl
and Blanche, will spend Sunday with
Scranton friends.
Burton Joslah Cronk and Catharine
R Dean, of Lake Wlnola, are among
the newly married people.
Relief In Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases rellevud In bIx hours by the "New
Greta South American Kidney Cure.
This new remedy Is a great surprise on
account of Its exceeding promptness in
relieving pain In the bladder, kidneys,
back and every part of the urlnury pas
sages in male or female. It relieves re
teutlon of wator and pain In passing It
almost Immediately. If you want quick
relief and cure this Is your remedy. Sold
by C. M. Harris, Druggist, lffi 1'enn ave
nue, Scranton, l'a.
Henry Purdy received the contract for
the new dwelling house of W. J. Broad
and has a force of men working on It
Enterprise No. 1 is the name of the
new hose company.
Mlsslleazle Durkln visited her mother
at Archbald yesterday.
The crossings on our streets have
been In a terrible state this past week
with mud ankle deep. Why does not
our council attend to It and see that we
have decent crossings,
The Babylonian drill under the aus.
pices of the Yl'ung People's society will
be repeated In New Year's eve with
the finest nf's'cal talent that can be
brought toother, including Professor
George IlCarter, Alfred Wpoler and
Lew IIuurt. o Scranton, and Miss
Cecelia flay Nlles, of New York city,
andMIs. ''kestone, of Wyoming semi
nary, if ens3 will be spared to
make this one of the best entertain
ments that hns ever been given In this
Lieutenant James G. Stevens post,
Grand Army of the Republic, elected
the following officers last Wednesday
evening: P, C C. C. Battenburg; 8. V.
C, Charles Walllck; J. V. C, August
Zimmerman; secretary, J. H. Callonder;
chaplain, E. T. Harding; G. M., Halsey
Lathrup; O. D., Jessie Scott. They will
have a public Installation on Jan. 9. A
cordial lnvitatlonto attend is extended
to all.
Chicken thieves entered the hennery
of James Nute. at the West End, last
Wednesday night by pulling off the
roof, and took eight choice chickens.
John J. Bo wen has been added to the
clerical force In the postofllce during
the holiday season.
Mrs. Benjamin Maxey, of Forest City,
was a Carbondale visitor yesterday.
C. D. Rose and family will leave to
day for a week's visit with friends In
Brooklyn. ,
Mrs. H. S. Bolton Is the guest of her
parents In Honesdale.
Haydn Evans, of Scranton, was on
business to this ctly yesterday.
The Andrew Mitchell Hose company
No 1 are In receipt of a handsomely
framed picture of members of Montrose
Hose company No 2, who were the
Mitchell's guests on Firemen's day,
which was celebrated In Carbondale on
Sept. 27.
Miss Mary Rrcnnan Is the guest of
Scranton friends.
Rev. E. J. Balsley returned home yes
terday from a short stay In New York
The firemen's fair will re-open In the
W. W. Watt building on Monday even
ing next.
Mrs. C. G. Evans and children have
returned home from a visit with rela
tives In Wilkes-Barre and Plymouth.
Daniel Robinson, who has held the
position of chief clerk in Hotel Ameri
can for a short time, has resigned and
accepted a situation In Scranton, to
which place he will remove at once.
Delaware and Hudson passenger
train No. 1G, leaving this city at 2
o'clock p. m. In charge of Conductor
Wallace Copeland, with Alexander
Copeland engineer, yesterday ran over
and killed a woman at Providence by
the name of Mrs. Cuscy.
Mrs. W. J. Maxle, of Forest City,
called on friends In this city yesterday.
The fair In the Anthracite building on
Sixth avenue to be conducted by the
Trinity Guild will be opened today at
noon. The place has been arranged In
a very attractive mnner and the ladles
should receive a liberal patronage.
Miss Lillian Robinson has Issued in
vitations for a party to be given at
her home on Robinson avenue on Mon
day evening from 8 to 12 o'clock.
The present source of our water sup
ply does not give the required pressure
for lire purposes in the more elevated
portions of the town. By extending the
pipes and taking water from Baylor's
pond, a sulllclent pressure could be
had for all parts of town and for all
Master Willie Hang visited his uncle,
George Eisenhart, of Waverly, N. Y.,
a few days this week.
Joseph Ball, who died at his home at
Carpenter Hollow, was burled at this
place yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Llndley, of Syca
more street, have Issued about seventy
five Invitations to a birthday reception,
to be given on Saturday afternoon from
2 to 7 at their home, In honor of their
little daughter, Miss Mabel Llndley.
The armory of this place, which was
burned last Monday evening, was for
merly used by Company G Instead of
Compnny F, as stated In Wednesday's
The subscribers of the Scranton Trib
une at this place say The Tribune Is
ahead of all other Scranton papers.
Last Wednesday evening the Odd
Fellows of this place again assembled
for a feast, and entertained, as
guests, fifty-nine fnm the following
sister lodges: From Mill City, ten;
Great Bend, six; Nicholson, thirty-two.
Watklns, N. Y., one; No. 490, two;
Brooklyn lodges, four. The visitors
were entertained by Miss Lizzie Gll
bvlde, elocutionist; Davis and Rice, of
Iullon, banjolsts, and the Factoryvllle
band. A very nice supper was served
b the wives of the members of tht
Red Jacket lodge of this place.
Pastor Watklns will attend the fun
eral of Charles J. G. Capwell, of Nichol
son, tomorrow morning. Rev. Hull
will occupy the pulpit of the Firs;
Baptist church in Rev. Watklns' ab
Mrs. Pardon Knapp has returnee5
from a fortnight's visit to her daughter,
Mrs. Edward Reet, of Windsor, N. Y.
Khciimatixm Cured in a Day.
. "Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism am
Neuralgia radically cures In 1 to 3 duys
Its action upon the system Is remarkabk
and mysterious. It removes at once tht
cause and the disease immediately dtsap
Dears. The first dose greatly benefits, 7i
cents. Sold by Matthews Bro3., Drug
gists, Scranton.
Miss Cora Ammerman, of Seelyvlll-?,
called on Huwley friends on Wednes
day. Dr. II. A. Plum has been pppndlng thf
week In New Yoik and Philadelphia.
Miss Louise Kellnm visited friend
In Dunmore and Scranton this week.
Mrs. K. L. Smith, of Scranton, Is In
town on Thursday and Friday of each
week. Mrs. Smith has a largo musk
class here; she is an excellent teacher.
The property of the late H. Var.
Houten was sola this week to Mrs. A
Daniels, of Patterson, N. J. Consider
ation, $250.
William H. Decker, who has been
confined at his home for the past l'oir,
months by sickness, Is much better.
Mrs. Philip Davis, of Dunmore, called
on friends In town this week.
The new sidewalk on River street, In
front of the Keystone hotel, Is a much
needed improvement.
M rollers' Mothers!! .Mothers!!!
Mre. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup 1ms
been used for over fifty years by mil
lions oi moiners ior ineir rniiuren wnin
...l,lnr urltll rtAt'fidt BIIKOOaB It an. .Hi..
the child, softens tho gums, allays all
pain; cure wind colic, and is tho best
remedy for diarrhea. Sold by druggists
In every port of tho world. Bo sure on. I
ask for "Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup,"
and tuka no other kind. Twenty-live cents
a boltio.
he Is going to erect near the Delaware
and Hudson railroad.
Mrs. John King is slowly recovering
from a serious illness.
Mrs. Kate Gearhart and four child
ren visited at the home of her brother,
George Tregallls, the past week.
The Christmas exercises of the Meth
odist Episcopal church will be held
Christmas eve.
Rev. F. A. King, of Taylor, will
preach In the Methodist Episcopal
church Sunday morning. Rev. Tenant
will preach In tho evening.
Yesterday the railroaders and watcU.
men employed by the Pennsylvania
Coal company received their pay.
The Kpworth league will meet
this evening (Saturday) at 7.30 o'clock
leader, John King.
' Mr. Lancaster has begun digging for
the foundation of his grist 4nUl, which
A Christmas tree will be held in the
school house, at Alford, Christmas eve.
Farmers' Institute will be held at
Lake View In the church Dec. 18.
Union meetings will be held at the
Methodist Episcopal church, Jackson,
next week.
Attorney W. D. B. Alncy, of Mont
rose, was In town Tuesday.
Mrs. C. W. Lilly is critically ill.
The Brooklyn oil well is down 2,475
feet. Oil has been found In small quan
tities at 2,300 feet. A meeting of the
stockholders will be held to decide on
putting the well down 3,000 feet If
Dr. D. Alney was In Nicholson last
evening attending the Masonic festivi
The Congregational Sunday school of
Harford will have Christmas exercises
and a tree at the church on Christmas
The ladles of the Congregational
church will serve dinner and supper In
the Odd Fellows' hall Dec. 17 and 18,
for the farmers' Institute. Proceeds
for the church.
John W. Truesdell, of Minneapolis,
Minn., formerly of this township, died
of heart dlsense this week.
There will be a dance and oyster sup
per at the hall In Brushvllle, Christmas
The members of the Methodist Epis
copal society of Harford will serve din
ner In Odd Fellows' hall Tuesday, Dec.
25. Proceeds for the benefit of Rev.
Thomas Eva.
Stuart Meade, who was stricken with
paralysis while performing his duties
ut the graded school, died at his home
There will be a Christmas tree and
entertainment at the Methodist Episco
pal church, Foster, Christmas night.
There will be a concert, entitled
Christmas glory, at t)'e Unlversallst
church, Foster, Christmas eve.
O. C. Whitney received a carload of
cabbage today, which he is selling for
$3 a ton.
Mrs. Charles P. Samson, of South
WIlkcs-Barre, Us visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Edwards, on
Main street.
John L, L. Travis, of Scranton, was a
visitor here yesterday.
William Bolund, of Scranton, was a
visitor here yesterday. ,.
Josopih Bennett, of Main strerit, who
has Doen ill for some time, commenced
work yesterday.
William Davenport returned yester
day from Dalesvtllle, where he had been
hunting for a few weeks. He was well
loaded with game.
A slight fire occurred In the school
house on Grove street last night at
about 9 o'clock, while night school was
In progress. The lamp which hangs
from the celling became unfastened
from its place and fell to the floor,
breaking the lamp and causiing the oil
to run over the place. The seats were
slightly scorched.
A Christian, Endeavor society union
meeting was held at the Methodist Epis
copal church last evening and was quite
largely attended. Several members of
She Scranton society, who were dele
gates to the state convention held In
York, Pa., recently, were present and
spoke on the work of that body. Re
freshments were served after the meet
ing came to a close.
to W. Fay Langdon at her home on
Second street, Dec. 26.
All Run Down
Always Tired, Sleepless and
. Without Appetite
Blood Vitallzod and Strength Ro
newod by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" For a couple of years, I was subject to feel
lugs anything but good. I always felt tired, I
could not sleep at night and the llttlo 1 could
eat did not seem to benefit ino any.
I Did Not Have Any Ambition
to go around or work and In fact was not able to
do a good day's work. I happened to pick up a
circular embracing advertisements and testi
monials for Hood's Sarsaparilla, and after road-
Hood's Cures
lug them decided to give Hood's Sarsaparilla a
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Feel Like a Now Man.
I would recommend it to all sufferers and would
urge them not to hesitate but to decide at once
to toko Hood's Sarsaparilla." Paui.M. Wkheu,
1112 North Tenth Street, Reading, Pennsylvania,
Hood's Pills are prompt and efficient, yet
easy In action. Sold by all druggists. 25c.
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of Me.
1st Day.
lotnuay. T
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Lost Power, Failing Memory, Wartlnu Diseases, am
all effects of aelf-abuae or excels and Indiscretion
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sot only cures by starting at tho snat ot disease, bin
is a great nerve tonic and blood builder, bring
lng back the plnlc clow to imlo cheeks and rc
storing tba Are of youth. It wards off Jnsanlt
and Consumption. Insist on having RF.VIVO, t)'
other. It can be carried la vest pocket. By mil:
91.00 per packaxo, or six for Sff-OO, with a post
tive written guarantee to care or refum
the money. Circular free. - Addresa
'0YAL MEDICINE CO.. 63 River $1., CHICAGO, I Li
far sale by Matthews Bros,, DrngxU'
Scruuton . f.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilde left for
Cold Springs, Fla.. yesterday to visit
their Orange Grove.
Lieutenant Edgar Jadwin Is visiting
his father, Hon. C. C. Jadwin.
Miss Hattic B. Lake will be married
Instruments In every sense of the terra
as applied to Pianos.
Exceptional in holding their original ful
ness of tone.
Fifth avenue.
1 115 Adama Ave.,'.Now Telephone Bdg
Cheap Buying
Makes Cheap Selling
110 18 CHER IN "IB Mil !"
THE BELL only and alone had the grit and courage to buy three entire
stocks, as follows :
The Wcarwell Suit Co., . ltt West Third Street, New York
Brodek Frendeiitlial & Co., - Waverly Plack, New York
II dc Park Clothing Store, 111 South Main Avenue, Scranton
The stocks of the last two mentioned consisted of the very best and
choicest grade of Clothing, and havin? bought them for less than half
their actual value, we are now offering them to the public on the same basis
One Lot Boys' Kilt Cape A 00 One Lot of Boys' Houblo ftAC
OveramtH, regular price f 2 25 JO j Breasted SullB, worth $1.75 v) If
Boys' Double Breasted Union Cnssimero nnd Cheviot Suits;
also Boys' wurm and Durable Capo Overcoats, regular d j K
price, 2.00 and $ 3.00 J) 1.4 ,)
Boys' Fine All-Wool Cheviot and Casslinere Reefer Suits; also O QQ
Boys' Melton and Kersey Ulsters, valuo $5.00, . , L,00
Men's Kiiiplo and Double Breasted Cassluiero and Cheviot
Suits; also Men's Bluck and Blue Overcoats, value $8 and $10
Men's All Wool Cheviot and Casslinere Sack or Cutaway Suits;
also Black and Bluo Kersey Overcoats, value $12.00,
Men's Extra Fino Blnck and Bluo Clay Worsted Cutaway or
Sack Suits; alsoFine Bluo nnd Black Kersey aud Melton
Poolo Overcoats, value $20.00, . , , . .
11.37 I
Sign of the Bell. 230 LACKAWANNA AVENUE.
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers
Genera) Office: SCRANTON, PA,
400402 Lackawanna Avenue.
s f I' III
.. z
IE ' 49
ii tun v 2
1 HolitovGoods
Hanging Four Shelf Book Rack, $350.
Big Value, $3.50.
A Graceful Four Leg Table, $1.90.
And Four Fold Screen Frame, all of exceptional
values and of latest patterns.
Plush and Leather Seat, $3.00 to $25.00 each
In Bamboo, Oak and White Enamel.
Hampers, Waste, Work and Fancy Baskets, Step
Ladder Chairs, Card Tables.
406 AND 408 LACKA. AVE.
And our Grand Holiday Display is ushered before )rou
in all its brilliant glory. Don't be dazzled when you
enter our store (as it's far superior to our last year's
display), and goods are so much cheaper. Come here
any day and take your time to look. Our store is a
GRAND FREE FAIR, without the raffle and wheel
of fortune fiends. Go upstairs. There you will also
see beautifully fitted up departments. Aud in the
basement the same way, but more of the solid aud
substantial. Our Credit System ? Oh ! yes ; that's
in the same working order as heretofore. We want
you to make use of iti t We extend goods to you as
liberally that way as though j-ou paid cash.
Hundreds upon hundreds of Onyx Tables, Lamp
Stands,' Lamps, Shades, Clocks, Ornaments; thous
ands of Chairs, Fancy Gilt Chairs, Rattan and Up
holstered Rockers, Solid Oak, Birch, Maple and Ma
hogany Rockers, in antique and novel designs. Book
cases with desks and without; Ladies' Fancy Desks
in different woods, Music Cabinets, Ladies' Toilet Ta
bles, etc., etc. Nearly five thousand of the handsom
est and loveliest things you ever set eyes on.' Come
and walk through. We'll welcome you.