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AM22 North Main Avenue.
luce Bros. Best Patent Rour,
we guarantee this flour to
be the best made, per bbl. $3.65
feed, Meal and Corn, 100 lbs. 1.12
Best Sugar Cured Hams per lb. 10
Choice Light Bacon per lb. .8
Fancy Leghorn Citron per lb. .10
Fancy Lemon Peal per lb. .10
5 lbs. California Raisins ' .25
$srWe are prepared to
meet the prices of any of our
competitors. '
Passing' Events of the Day on the
West Side of the City Noted.
It Was In Commeraorution of the Anni
versary of Cuinp 178-1'urrof the La
dies' Aid Society of the Wash,
burn Street Church.
St. David's hall on North Main ave
nue was the scene of a grand anniver
sary entertainment, which was pre
sented last evening by the members of
Camp 178, Patriotic Order Suns of
America. The hall was decorated with
patriotic emblems which were taste
fully arranged ubout the room! The
stage was surrounded with a large
number of potted plants and ferns. Miss
Annie Williams was accompanist. The
programme opened with Introductory
remarks by the chairmun, II. C. Hin
mun. Several excellent selections were
rendered by the Dickson Hunjo, Man
dolin and Ouitar club. Solos were ren
dered by Edwin Bowen, Mrs. Charles
letzgar and P. H. Warren. A banjo
solo by Stanley Swartz was well given.
The feature of the evening was a series
of recltutions by Miss Adele Break
stone, Instructor of elocution at Wyo
ming seminary.
Miss Breakstone possesses remark
able expression and is a thorough and
finished elocutionist. Miss Annie It.
Williams gave a piano solo. A quar
tetteconslstlng of Mrs. Randolph Jones,
Mrs. Charles Metzgar, Edwin Bowen
and P. II. Warren rendered the selec
tion, "In This Hour of Soften Splendor."
A. J. Colborn delivered an oration in nn
excellent manner. He made flattering
references to the progress and power of
the Sons of America, pavld J. Davis
recited a piece entitled, "Crisis Hero
Glory." It was given with marked ef
fect. The closing selection was "Amer
ica." and was beautifully sung by the
audience. The affair throughout was a
great success. ThoBe in charge were:
James Stanton, George Hill, E. W.
Scott. Daniel HH1, Frank Bryant, Al
fred Twining and J. G. Sanders..
' I'alr of Ladies' Aid Society.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Wash
burn Street Presbyterian church opened
their annual fair and festival in the
'Washburn street parsonage at 4 o'clock
yesterday. The rooms cantalned a
large number of fancy articles which
had been prepared by the ladles. The
walls were decorated with flags and
bunting. The articles are selling at a
rapid rate. There are six booths and
each Is neatly trimmed.
Those in charge of the front or fancy
booth are: Mrs. George Zerfass, Miss
Belle Harris and Mrs. S. M. Reynolds;
apron booth. Mrs. W.. B. Hull and Mrs
E. O. Eshleman; quilts, Mrs. Frank
Staples; candy booth, Mrs. R. J. Will
iams, Mrs. E. D. Fellows, Mrs. Uurr,
Mrs. Comegys, .Mrs. George Phillips,
Misses Gertrue Becker, Bertha Jenkins,
Maud Vlpond, Matilda Mott, May Belle
Sweetzer, Margaret Hulton, Edith
Richards, Ella Williams, Margaret Ed
wards a"'! Helen Mott; flowers, Mrs.
E. C. Post and Mrs. Penn Warden;
dolls, Mrs. Vlpond and Mrs. A. M.
Morse; refreshments, Mrs. Frank
noldry, Mrs. George E. Jenkins and
Mrs. West Lannlng. The officers of the
society are: President, Mrs. E. It.
Parker; vice presidents, Mrs. T. J. Luce
and Mrs. L. B. Potter; secretary, Mrs.
E. O. Eshlemun; treasurer. Miss Ada
Clark. The affair will be continued this
afternoon and evening.
Social in Moors' Hall.
The fourth anniversary of Patagonia
lodge, No. 32C, Knights of Pythias, was
celebrated hist evening by an enter
talnment and drawing, which was con
ducted In Mears' hall. The room was
handsomely decorated. Large stream
era of bunting were nuapimd.-d from the
celling, uiwl the walls were nearly cov
ered with flags. On the stage were
potted plants and ferns. The first num
ber on the programme was a selection
by the Columbia quartette, consisting
Ilia Sufferings Ended After Using
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure.
Mr. Georsre Smith, of Taconv. Pa..
says: -"I suffered from rneumatlm for
thirty years, and had so many severe at
tacks that some of my joints were
twisted out of shape. At times I suf
fered terrible pain, and, although I
tried many remedies, I never obtained
any permanent relief until I procured
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure. The ac
tion of this remedy was wonderfully
quick, and, although I have only taken
a small quantity, I consider myself per
manently cured."
Munyon's Rheumatism Cure Is guar
anteed to cure rheumatism In any part
of the body. Acute or muscular rheu-
, matism cured in from one to five days,
" It never falls to cure sharp, shooting
pains In the arms, legs, sides, back or
breast, or soreness in any part of the
body In from one to three hours. It Is
guaranteed to promptly cure lameness,
stiff arid-swollen points, stiff back, and all
pains In the hips and loins. Chronlo
rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, or pain
In the back are. speedily cured.
Munyon's Homeopathlo Home Rem,
edy company, o( Philadelphia, put up
specifics for nearly every disease, which
, are sold by all druggists, mostly for 25
of Phil Martin, Watklns, Hughes and
Morgain. It was finely rendered. A re
citation was given by Ml 93 Lizzie Jones.
A recitation by Miss. Edna Evans) was
well rendered. Solos .were given by
Thomas Beynon, Miss Mabel Rennie,
John F. Williams, Arthur Reese, MJss
Fannie Jones, and David Beynon.
Those who recited were: Miss Alice
Williams, . Miss . Margaret Roberts,
Charles Cadwgan, Mtases Edna Evans
and Lizzie Thomas. A feature of the
evening was an address to the members
by Attorney . J. Elliot Ross. A duet
was' sung by Thomas Abraham and
William Evans; Miss Norma Williams
was accompanist. A contest for a
watch and dinner set followed. A very
large number attended,
Brief Notes of Interest.
Thomas G. Thomas, of North Brom
ley avenue, is at Lallln.
Mists Amy Howell, of Washburn
street, Is substituting at No! 14 school.
Mrs. Thomas O. Thomas, of North
Bromley avenue, Is recovering from a
severe illness.
E. W. Williams, of South Main ave
nue, has opened an attractive toy and
confectionery store.
Robert Morris lodge, Order of Amer-
lca.ii Truue Ivorltes, held a meeting In
Clark's hall last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Carlton, of
Schnell's court, are visiting their
daughter, Mrs. J. K. Angle, of Kings
land, N. J.
Miss Genie M mi son, the. charming
young daughter of Mr. aud Mrs.
Charles Munson, of North Hyde Park
avenue, entertained a number of her
friends by giving a social on Wed
nesday afternoon. An enjoyable time
was the result.
The funeral of Mrs. Deborah Milliard,
who died a few days ago, took place at
7.30 o'clock yesterday morning from the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary
Street, of North Bromley avenue. Ser
vices were conducted by Rev. T. J.
Collins, pastor of the Scranton Street
Baptist church. Interment was made
at Great Bend.
James Donnolly jand. Robert Wilson,
two bricklayers, were arrested yester
day morning by Ofllcers Morgan and
Lutz while stealing a ride from Pitts
ton on a Delaware, Lackawanna aud
Western freight train. The men were
taken before Alderman Morgan, of
the Fifteenth ward. They plead pov
erty' and were discharged.
West Side Business Directory.
PHOTOGRAPHER Cabinet Photos, $1.40
per aoien. iney are just lovely, con
'vlnco yourself by calling at Sturner'a
Photo Parlom, 1U1 and 103 South Main
HORSESHOEING N. Bush, practical
horHeshoer. worn done only in a first
class manner and guaranteed satisfac
tory. Shop, Price street, close to North
Mala avenue.
GROCERIES Revere Standard Java
ionce is unexceiieu. 1 ne leaning coffje
of the day. For sale only at F. W. Ma
son & Co. Fine Groceries, Ufi South
Main avenue.
ror anyming you nave to sell. Furni
ture, Stoves, Tools, etc. Call and see
the stock of J. C. King, 1024 and 1026
Jackson street.
WALL PAPER-Go to Fred Reynolds,
zuo runn mum avenue, aim see his
complete line of Wall Paper, Paints
and Window Shades. Just opened with
new stock.
PLUMBING-Willlam D. Griffiths, 113
North Main avenue, does first-class
Plumbing. Steam Heat and Gas Fitting.
Satisfaction Is strictly guaranteed.
OYSTERS R. E. Davis' market house.
Dealer In Foreign and Domestic Fruits.
Oysters served In every style. 310 North
Main avenue, next to Clarke's.
Mrs. Herman Brunlng1, of Brook
street, Is .111.
A. C. Smith attended a Christian En
deavor meeting at Taylor last evening.
The Presbyterian Sunday school will
practice music for Christmas this even
ing. Wanted, board and room In Dunmore
by The Tribune correspondent. Private
Miss Mame Plagaman, of Drinker
street, Is spending the winter In Brook
lyn. N. Y.
Mrs. William O'Hara visited her
mother, Mrs. R. Howard, of Avoca,
The funeral of a child of James Hag-
gerty, of Grove street, was held yester
day afternoon.
A talent social will be held at the
home of Arthur Spencer, on Swartz
street, on New Year's eve.
A. H. Allen's new house on Dudley
street Is completed and will soon be
occupied by Mr. Allen's family.
John Mullen has resigned his position
with T. J. O'Donnell and accepted a
position at the Dunmore hotel.
Remember the lecture at Loyal
Legion hall tonight, "At the Battle of
Gettysburg," by Rev. O. L. Severson.
Mrs. J. C. Brown, and Mrs. William
Rodgers, of Philadelphia, were guests
of Mrs. T. P. Letchworth W ednesday
The following are the officers of the
Presbyterian Christian Endeavor for
six months: President, L. M. Smith;
vice president, Inez Irey; treasurer, M.
L. Speck; secretary, Miss Mabel Christ;
superintendent Junior society, Mrs
John Brlegel.
It 1 Held a Meeting Yesterday at Mont
County Solicitor H. M. Knapp, Couiv
ty Surveyor A. B. Dunning and Coun,
ty Commissioners S. W. Huberts and
John Demuth were In Montrose yeatsr
day attending the meeting of the com
mission that haa been endeavoring for
some time to agree upon a boundary
line between Lackawanna and Susque.
hanna counties.
The testimony adduced was mainly
In the line of an Indorsement of the po
sition taken by Surveyor Dunning ut
the time the majority and minority re-
ports of the commission were presented
to the courts of Lackawanna and Sirs
quehanna counties.
Death of Hanson Curpcntcr.
Hanson Carpenter died lust night at his
home on Sanderson avenue of diphtheria,
aged 21 years. His funeral will take placo
tomorrow afternoon at 8.30. Interment in
Forest Hill cemetery. There will be no
services at the house.
Music Boxes Inclusively.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes-. Gautschl & Sons, manufacturers.
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestral organs, only $5 and $10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new tunes.
Beautiful Juvenile Books. '
Picture Framing at Grlffln'a new studio,
jus Wyoming uvenu.
Rocking Horses and Shootlles of all
Sizes and Styles.
Griffin, photographer, removed to his
new studio, W Wyoming avenue, ground
When Baby was lick, e gave hor Castorta,
When the was a Child, she cried for Castorla.
When she became Mist, she clung to Coltorl,
When she had Children, she gv them Castorl
Team and Permanent Man for the
William Connell Hose Company.
Ordinance Was Carried Through by Select
Councilman Connell Beech Street
Property Owners Are Satisfied,
Michucljoyce Wants to Kuce
Edward Mulligan.
By referring to tlhe report of the meet
ing last night of the Belect branch of
the council, found in another column,
Twentieth ward property owners will
observe a piece of Information that will
interest and please them. It Is the pas
sage of an ordinance on final reading,
two ordinances In fact, one providing
for the purchase of a team of horses for
the William Connell Hose company and
the other for a permanent man for the
same company, his salary to be tlxed at
(50 a month.
Mayor Connell Is empowered by.'the
Ordinance to name who shall be the
man, but It la almost a foregone con
clusion that Foreman Andrew -White
will be the appointee, becauHP there Is
no other member better qualified or
more deserving. The ordinance will go
to the common branch at its next meet
ing and It may take a month before It
becomes law and Its provision carried
out, whereby the company will become
equipped with two very necessary
wants. Select Councilman Alex T. Con
nell deserves credit for these measures
and ought to be thanked accordingly.
The War Is Over.
At last an amicable adjustment of the
difficulty between the Beech street
property owners and the Scranton Trac
tion company is 'a fact. Select Council
man Westpfahl, of the ward, proposed
to the citizens that they agree to let
the company go ahead with the present
grade and that he would Introduce an
ordinance changing the grade on Beech
street from the present plans and speci
fications so as to come In line with the
grade as It Is now being done. This was
satisfactory and there the case termi
nated. Mr. Westpfahl Is now preparing
the ordinance and will rush It through
the council fast enough to suit the most
Looking for a Kacc.
Thomas Murray, of Mlnooka, Is
anxious to arrange a match between
Sprinters Michael Joyce, of Mlnooka,
and Edward Mulligan, of Old Forge,
for a 100-yard dash, and the purse to be
$100 a side. Mr. Murray Is willing to
back Joyce for that amount and wishes
to serve notice on the backers of Mulli
gan, or on Mulligan himself, that he Is
ready any time to put up a forfeit and
draw up articles of agreement, the
place of meeting to be at the St. Den
nis hotel, Lackawanna avenue. A race
between Joyce and Mulligan would
prove one of the most Interesting and
exciting of local sporting events, be
cause the two men are so eve.nly
matched as to make betting one way or
the other very uncertain. Mr. Murray
expects the other folks to answer this
challenge and hopes to agree upon
all the preliminaries in order to have
the race come off at an early date and
before the snow flies.
Shorter Paragraphs.
South Side board of trade .will hold
Its December meeting this evening.
Rev. E. J. Melley returned home last
night from a visit to New York city.
Miss Agnes Judge, of Pittston, is vis
iting Mls3 Bridget Leonard,' of Pros
pect avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. ;Augttst Bowers, of
Cherry street, are visiting friends in
New York city.
Columbus council, Young Men's In
stitute, will meet to elect officers on
Sunday, Dec. 23.
Mrs. Dolph Glennon, of West Pitts
ton, Is visiting her sister, Miss Minnie
Hand, of Cedar avenue.
Scranton Athletic club met last night
and discussed the arrangements for
their anniversary ball on the evening
of Jan. 21.
John Warner, of Stafford avenue,
who died Wednesday afternoon, will be
burled tomorrow morning In the Twen
tieth Ward German Catholic cemetery
A high mass of requiem will be sung at
St. Mary's church at 9 o'clock.
From a fall received yesterday morn
ing, Mrs. Patrick Judge, of Prospect
avenue, met with a broken leg. Dr.
Walsh attended her and reports that
she is resting comfortably. The fami
ly had trouble only a few weeks ago
by the death of their only child.
Given by St. Paul's Literary Society of
Green Kidge.
An entertainment was given last
night by St. Paul's Literary society In
the parish hall on Penn avenue, Green
Ridge. A carefully arranged pro
gramme of vocal and Instrumental mu
bIc, essays and recitations was ren
dered. The society was ' organized only a
ehort time ago, but is In a flourishing
condition. Rev. P. J. McManus, pas
tor of St. Paul's church, Is president;
James R. Burnett, vice president; Miss
Bralnard, secretary, and James Kear
ney, treasurer. A meeting' is held
every Thursday night.
Requiem Muss Celebrated at St. Paul's
The funeral of John Malloy took place
yesterday morning from the home of
his parents on Penn avenue, Green
Ridge. At 10 o'clock a solemn high mass
, A A A A A A A .fft ft A A A A A d
' TI16 Only Manufactory
lu Scranlou.
518 Lackawanna Ave.
In addition to our ready-made stock,
our SPECIAL ORDMt depot tinmit
cannot fail tn Interest you. Nj such
FABRICS was ever liefora shown in
thli city, We snail be glad to have
yon ah. whether you purchase or not.
Repairing, Ke-coverlug equal to new.
All our own make, ahaolutnlv une
oimie.1 for STYLE. QUALITY and
of requiem was celebrated at St. Paul's
Catholic church.
Rev,. J. Dunn was celebrant, Rev. P.
J. McManus. deacon, and Rev. M. J.
Donlan, of Dunmore," sub-deacon. A
sermon waa preached by Rev. P. J. Mc
Manus from the text, "Thy Will Be
Done," In which he spoke of the manly
and noble qualities of the deceased and
his obedience and devotion to his par
There were many beautiful floral
tributes. Interment was made In Hyde
Park Culthollc cemetery."
A meeting of the friends of the Res
cue Mission will be held tonight, when
the question of continuing the mission
after the present month will be con
sidered. The committee, consisting of
J. A. Lansing, Luther Keller, Mrs.
Frances T. Vail, A. B. Williams. Col
onel K. H. Ripple, W. D. Kennedy. Dr.
G. E. Dean, Mrs. J. L Stelle, W. J.
Hand, A. W. Dickson and W. H. Peck,
are faced with a deficit, which must be
met before the responsibilities of the
new year are shouldered. No one will
deny the usefulness of the mission and
the work it has accomplished, and
those who have taken an active inter
est In Its welfare are very anxious lest
the liabilities may not be discharged
and the work absolutely cease. One
useful and practical feature of the mis
sion has been the shelter afforded to
men, who, seeking employment, have
no money tq pay for a night's lodging
and would otherwise be compelled to
paps the night at the station house in
the company of professional tramps.
Fourteen hundred and thirty-nine such
cases have been relieved. There are
many other phases of the work which
commends the mission to the favorable
consideration of Its supporters and it Is
to be hoped that satisfactory arrange
ments may be made to carry on the
Sheriff-elect Frank H. Clemons called
on Sheriff Fahey yesterday afternoon
and after a pleasant talk concerning
the otllce of sheriff and Its routine
duties, Mr. Fahey and Mr. Clemons pro
ceeded to the county Jail and the latter
was shown through the Institution und
the manner In which It is conducted
explained In detail. Mr. Clemons Is
anxious to familiarize himself with ;lu
duties of his off!? bof.iro laUng up th?
performance of them.
Judge Arohbald has returned from
Laporte, Sullivan county, where with
Judges Rice and Searle he on Tuesday
entered upon the work of disposing of
the contest of Judge Slttser against E.
M. Dunham for the office of Judge. A
number of those who signed Judge Sltt
ser's petition for a contest wanted to
withdraw, but as It would leave the
contestant without the necessary fifty
signatures, the Judges refused to allow
them to do so. The preliminaries of tlhe
contest were arranged on Tuesday and
Che commlsion then adjourned until Jan.
3. Tho Dushore Review thus described
Judge Archbald's appearance on the
bench: "Judge Archbald's little bald
spot on his judicial pate, his twinkling
eyes, twitching mouth and round, rosy
face tell of the Hibernian blood that
flows In his veins." It will no doubt be
a surprise to Judge Archbald to know
that 1ils ancestors came from the Green
Isle of saints and sages.
He Delivered an Eloquent Sermon at the
' Cathedral Mission Last Night.
Fhom the text, "What does It profit
a moat to gain the whole world and In
the end lose his Immortal soiil?" Rev.
M. H. O'Donnell, of Providence, de
livered a beautiful sermon at the
Woman's mission In St. Peter's cathe
dral last night. "No eye can picture
nor can any mind conceive," he suld,
"the magnificence, of God's heavenly
abiding place There the spirits of the
blessed dwell In unutterable happiness
for all eternity, supremely aloof from
sorrow, misery, or wretchedness, know
ing aught but the adoration of God In
the unspeakable contentment of their
. "On the other hand the lot of the
damned soul, burning In the unbearable
fires of God's wrath, nnd suffering the
enormity of the torments of hell, is
something that confronts every mortal
being on this world Death Is the end
of every man and there Is no escape
from one or the other of two conditions,
either eternal happiness or eternal
damnation. When a soul Is Judged on
the lust great day, that sentence is
final. God Is Just and will reward every
man for the good he has done and pun
ish htm for the sins of which he Is
"Then," said the speaker, "can we af
ford to Insult God in this life, who Is to
Judge us In the life to come?" Father
O'Donnell concluded by extorting ;all
the women to make the mission well.
The sermon this evening will be deliv
ered by Rev. M. H. Dunn, of Great
Bend, one of the most eloquent priests
In the Scranton diocese.
Mrs. George W. Van Scholes, of
Market street, has recovered from u
serious illness.
Miss Agnes Stevens,, of Lenorfville,
Susquehanna county, has returned
home from a visit with Miss Blunche
Halstead, of Oak street.
Mrs. Giles Decker and duughter, of
Cayuga street, expect to leave 'today
for a two months' visit with relatives
lu New Mexico. On their way home
they- expect to stop at a number of
places of Interest ulong their route.
Interest lu the fair of the St. Paul's
Lutheran church continues unabated,
An excellent programme Is given each
evening. Those in charge have decided
to continue the fair tonight, when it
will positively clone.
Henry Smultz, of Providence road,
and Miss Annie E. Stanton, of Diamond
avenue, were united In marriage nt the
bride's home on Wednesduy noon by
Rev. George M. Scheldy, pastor of the
St. Paul's Lutheran mission, In the
presence of a large number of friends.
After a wedding dinner the; young
couple, accompanied by a number of
Immediate friends and relatives, left for
Pittston, where a reception was ten
dered them at the home of the groom's
parents. Among those present from out
of town were: Mrs. Avery Ferris and
Miss George Clarke, Elmhurst; Mrs. D,
M. Rosengrant, of Tunkhannock; Mrs,
Margaret Wardell nnd Mrs. Byron
Wardell. of Moscow; Mr. and Mrs. Levi
Sch&ultz, of Pittston; Miss Ann Sausen,
of Tobyhanna; Mr. and Mrs. Burton
Stanton and daughter, of Elmlra, and
Mrs. Clark Terwiniger, or. Clark s Sum
mlt. ' .
Chronic Rheumatism Can Be Cured.
Dr. Potter's Rheumatic Pills, a radical
cure for chronic Rheumatism, (lout,
Rheumatic Gout, Rheumatism in the hips,
and ail diseases depending upon or having
their origin in Uric Arid Diathesis. They
act direct upon the blood and kidneys
eliminating the uric acid, the cause of
all Rheumatism, -etc. If you are suffering
from Rheumatism take Dr. Potter' b Rheu
matic Pills. They have cured cases of
years' standing and will not full to cure
you. Price, tl a box. For ule wholesale
and retail by Matthew Bros., Scranton,
Bills Offered to .the Public at The
aters Last Night.
The Knglnccr Seen at tho I'rotlilngliara
and Myrtle Ferns at Duvls'-Dnly's
Company at the Academy Tonight.
. Other Attractions Coining.
There are few droller comedians on
the stage than Joe Ott, who made his
first appearance in this city as a star at
the Academy of Music lust night. The
Venice he has chosen for his stellar
flight is called the "The Star Gazer,"
and like ull furce comedies Is almost
destitute of plot.
Mr. Ott Is the same In make-up and
style of comedy work that he was when
the chief attraction of "The Dazzler"
company, with which ho first came Into
prominence. He was, If possible, more
grotesque, droll and mirth provoking
lust night than on his previous visits to
this city, and kept his audience in a
merry humor. At the close of the sec
ond act the entire company was called
before the curtain, and Mr. Ott thanked
the audience for the kind reception ten
dered. He was supported by his brothers,
Matt and Phil, two clever young men,
and Joe Hurrlngton, J. B. Watklns,
Richard Carle, Dorothy Grey and May
Jordan. Many bright musical numbers
and entertaining specialties are Intro
duced. The Engineer ut Fruthinghuin.
The realistic comedy drama, "The
Engineer," was produced at the Froth
lngham last night by capable com
pany. The scene of the drama is locat
ed In Missouri, and the story that is un
folded as the action of the drama pro
ceeds Is very Interesting.
In the third act Is a scene In an en
gine room, which Is an exact fac Blmlle
In every way of what It purports to
be. The Missouri Whoopers furnish
amusement In the second net. Among
the clever people with the company
are: Eugene Bertram, Bassett Wll
lard, Craig Roylston, Charles B. Poore,
Fannie Ogden and Mary Davis. "The
Engineer" will be seen at the Frothlng
ham again this evening and tomorrow
afternoon and evening.
Myrtle Ferns at Davis',
Miss June Agnott, as Chick, In the
"Myrtle FernB" at Davis' theater yes
terday, was a great success and was
warmly applauded. The play has an
exciting plot, which Miss Agnott suc
cessfully unravels as the piece proceeds.
The manner In wihlch she -releases the
Innocent Robert Myrtle from prison
awoke great enthusiasm. Joseph D.
Clifton, as Morgan, the hunchback, Is
an actor of great merit and was heart!
ly applauded. "The Myrtle Ferns" will
be continued today and tomorrow, both
afternoon and evening.
Duty's Comedians Tonight.
Augustln Daly's famous company can
be safely classed as a perfect mosaic
of light pomedlans. As such have they
been accepted in America as such
abroad. Mt; will take but a glance nt
the names of a few prominent members
of this body of artists to bear out this
statement. Henry Dlxey, "Adonis;"
Francis Cnrlyle, Charles Leclercq. Miss
Percy Haswell, Mrs.. Thomas Barry,
Miss Martha Ford, each Individual
member a stur In themselves. The com-
pany and management Is under the dl
rectlon of Augustln Daly, and this fact
alone speaks for Itself, that we may
look for a perfect representation of
delightful comedy with all the perfec
tlon of detail that has marked the sue
cess of the company In the past. Friday
evening will unquestionably be a mem
(liable one In the history of the Acad
emy of Music.
Brothers Byrne lu Light Bells.
The famous Brothers Byrne In "Eight
Bells" rjave everything ready for the
season. The production, this season, Is
far superior to anything attempted In
the line of pantomime. The Brothers
Byrne have expended a large amount
In new scenery, tricks, etc. The paper
Is all new, original and catchy. The
theuter patrons can be assured of see
ing a wonderful production when It Is
presented ut the Academy of Music on
Saturday evening. The Byrnes are
simply Immense and so are the fake
horses and octopus; the fearfully and
wonderfully mude ship and a lot of
other things. Sufllce to say that "Eight
Bells" Is the funniest thing of Its kind
and a sure cure for dyspepsia In Its
most virulent form.
Thomas Shea Next Week.
. The well known actor, Thomas Shea
will be seen Monday, Tuesday, Wednes
day, F'-lilay and Saturday evenings and
Saturday afternoon at the Academy of
Music In a repertoire of popular plays,
The success of Mr. Shea, the young
actor, Is a subject of much discussion
among thenter-goers. All agree that
he Is a remarkably clever young nctor,
and with strong magnetic power, and
one who holds his audience with him
ut all times; a thorough student and
artist, and one who thoroughly under
stands the why nnd wherefore of all
things connected with the dramatic art,
All the Testimony for the Plulntiffs Nit
Yet In.
The arbitrators In the case of Davles
& Griffin against Insurance companies
met yesterday morning and afternoon,
but when they adjourned lust evening
all of the testimony on the part of the
plaintiffs had not yet been heard.
T. Ellsworth Davles and Lewis Jones
gave the principal testimony yesterday
Mr. Jones said he left the store with
Mr. Davles on the night It was de
stroyed, only a few minutes before the
explosion occurred. He was unable to
explain the cause of It.
Mr. Davles' testimony was chiefly an
explanation of the various entries on
the books of the firm and the manner
In which Its business was conducted,
The arbitrators will meet again today.
Rare Collection ot Books in Holiday
Auction sale every afternoon at 2.50
and 7.30 at Freeman's, corner Penn avenue
and Spruce street. Col, L. M. McKee,
Having suffered from Dra
plla for three years, I as
elded to try Burdock Blood
Bittirb, and after using ou
bottle I found myself so much
batter that I waa oncouraged
to nae another; after taking
this I find mvsolf ao f ullv re
stored that I do not need any
mora medicine, reeling truly
grawiui 10 . i. a.
Mrs. Q. Wnn.t
and all mothers who are nursing
babies derive great benefit from
Scott's Emulsion. This prepara
tion serves two purposes. It
gives vital strength to mothers
and also enriches their milk and
thus makes their babies thrive.
is a constructive food that pro
motes the making of healthy
tissue and bone. It is a wonder
ful remedy for Emaciation, Ceneral
Debility, Throat and Lung Complaints,
Coughs, Colds, Anaemia, Scrofula and
Wasting Diseases of Children.
Send for Pamphlet 0 Ssott'i EmuUhn. fru.
ScottiBowne, N.Y. All Druggists. BOc.andfl,
The Great Blood Purifier and
Liver Regulator.
200 DAYS' TREATMENT, $1.00
And will PinlUvtlv cure all dlaeano arising
Rheumatism, Kidney Disorder,
Liver Complaint, sick aud crv
ous Headache, Neuralgia, Dys
pepsiu, l ever and Ague, Scrofu
la, Female Complaints, Erysipe
las, Nervous Affections, (lutarjh,
and all Syphilitic Discuses.
Call and Got Circulars.
Made a
lit Day. W
iwcii .v. an
of Me.
inc uncAi 3otu ray.
prodncca the above rcsultd tn30 days. It actt
liowerf ullr aud quickly. Cures when all othora full
Young men will regain their lost manhood, and old
men will recover their youthful vigor by using
REVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nervoua
ness, Lout Vitality, Inipoteuuy, Nightly Emissions,
Lost Power, Falling Mrmory, Wlhtlnx Diseases, and
all effects ot seli-abuse or axcewi and Indiscretion
which untlts one for study, business or marrisgft. It
not only cures by starting at tha seat ot disease, but
is a great nerve toiilo and blood builder, bring
teg back the pluk glow to pale chocks and re
storing the fire of youth. It wards off Insanlti
and Consumption. Insist on having RF.V'IVO, nc
oilier. It can ba carried la vest pocket. By mr.ll
1,00 per package, or six tor 88.00, with posl
tlve written guarantee to euro or refund
the money. Circular tree. Address
far aale y Matthews Urol., Drncgls'
Scrauton . Pa.
Instruments In every tense of tha term
u aipneu 10 nanou.
Exceptional in holding their original ful
ness of tone.
nun avenue.
1 115 Adama Ave.,!New Telephone Bdg
Win. Linn Allen
8c Co.
Buy and sell Stocks, Bonds and Grain
on New York Exchange and Chicago
board of Trade, either for cash or oq
G. diiB. DIMMICK, Manager.
p tnm life
ar J tnu
Music Dealer,
134 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton,
.e,srs D pnhpnflpr J k
KSf U b Ub lib (X UU.
m. U Scranton, Pa.
Also a large stock of first-class
The goods are yours at your own'
price, if you happen to be th
lucky bidder.
of C. W. Freeman's valuable and
high class stock of Diamonds,
Watches, Jewelry, Silverware,
Bric-a-Brac, etc.
as the store is rented, the fixtures
for sale, etc., and Mr. Freeman
positively retires from business.
a.30 AND 7.30 P. M.
Private sales at less than cost
price during the intervals between
Manufactured nt the Wapwallopen Mills, Lo
zerne county, Pa., and at Wil
mington, Delaware,
Geueral Agent for the Wyoming District.
118 WYOMING AVE., Scranton, Pa.
Third National Bank Building.
THOS. FORD, Pittston. Pa.
JOIIN B. SMITH & SON, Plymouth. Pa,
. W. MULLIUAN, Wilkes Bane, Pa.
Agents for the Rupauuo Cuomlcal Cora,
cany'g High Explosive.
European Plan. First-class Bar nt
tauhed. Depot for Bergner & Engle'l
Tanuhaeuser Beer.
H. E. Cor. 15th and Filbert Sts., Phlla.
Most desirable for residents of N. E.
Pennsylvania. All conveniences for
travelors to anil from Broad Street
station and the Twelfth and Market
Street station. Desirable for visiting
Hcrantonians and people In the An.
thruulte Region.
CALL UP 3682.
M. W. COLLINS, M'g'r.
cents a bottle.
Pa. .
Tab.rg, Ontlda Co., 8.Y,