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; :A11 leading teachers
Always makes light
CUtelaxJ Btkin Potuitr Ci., AVai York,
Norrman & Moore
120 Wyoming Ave.
Arc and Incan
descent Lights in
noarly all parti
ol the city.
Our Incandescent Syitem Is absolutely safe
No Oriental opium-scented linen
framed, fretted and worthless, but all
returned fit for wear, ironed with care,
and all of it there.
808 Penn At. A. B. WAR MAN.
. Rugs and Sweepers for the Ho'idar
trade. "Gold Medal" Sweepers in
twelve fancy woods for Christmas Gilts
Pay your Poor Taxes and save costs.
The dlugram for James O'Neill opens at
9 o'clock this morning at the Academy of
Aluslc box office.
Arthur Normllle, of Blnghamton, a
member of the firm of Nomllle Bios., was
In the city yesterday.
' Charles Robinson has purchased by
' sheriff sale the hotel property of Joseph
; l). Lloyd, of 1'rlceburg, for "81.
The Cayuga and Urlabtn mine employes
of the Delaware, Lackawanna and W est
ern company were paid Saturday.
, Peter Oglls and Victoria Sartar were
married Saturday by Alderman Wright
In the office of the clerk of the courts.
Arthur K. Sharps, a lad under 20 years
of nge, has, on complaint of his father.
been committed to Jail on a charge of em
A petition for divorce has been made by
Mrs. Mary Schoonover, through her next
friend, David T. Howell. She wus mar
ried to John Schoonover us recently as
Aug. 4, ism.
1 A well attended meeting of the Jewish
Culture society was held at the vestry
rooms on Linden Btreet yesterday after
noon, when several essays were read by
members or the society.
I The Scranton Clearing houss made the
following exchanges last week: Dec. 3,
ish,IjU(.(i; uec. 4, llbH,745.S; Dec. G, 144,
905.37; Dec. 0, $lG2,Gti.l2; Dec. 7, UD,97157
Dec. 8. $112,440.00; total, S8ti.l.4I.
Martin Ryan, aged 21 years, a laborer.
while drunk lay down on the Lackawanna
' tracks near Swctlund street Saturday. He
was discovered with his head resting over
. one of the north bound rails and asleep. A
i few minutes after Lieutenant Williams
removed him a train passed. In police
court Ryan paid 3 for having his life
1 Charles Cronk, who boards at tha cor
ner of Spruce street and Franklin ave.
nue, and works in the wagon shop of W,
unnooi, on oevenin street, rell in an
alcoholic fit on Lackawanna uvonue lust
evening and was taken to a nearby drug
store. Later he was removed to the cen
tral police, station. A week ago he was
taken to the Lackawanna hospital while
similarly affected.
Pawnbroker Green, of Lackawanna ave
nue, was arrested Saturday on'complalnt
of John C. lloche, bottler, who churged
the defendant with receiving stolen goods,
Mr. Roche was refused the privilege of
seurchlng the pawnbrokers store for
Stolen overcoat, although possessed with
a search warrant. Alderman Fltzsim
mons held Oreen under $300 ball to answer
the charge In court.
The first of a series of basket ball games
In the State Young Men s Christian asso
elation league will be played thlR(evenlng
In the gymnasium between Wllkes-Barra
and Scranton. The positions of the local
players will be as follows: Davis, home
W. Jay, center; Teets, right center! KoS'
ter, right guard; Gill, left guard; Mallot,
goal; Surdam, right forward; Murphy,
len center; uibbs, left forward.
I Alfred Burnes. 40 years of ag. an Enr
llshman and by trade an engineer, was en
Joying an afternoon nau Saturday aealnst
a telegraph pole at the corner of Wyoming
avenue and Spruce street. The weather
.was wet ana not conducive to the ordl
nary enjoyment of an open air snooze, but
Burnes was .snoring when Patrolman
Rodham disturbed him. Burnes was wet
inside as well as outside, so he was placed
In the station house. Ha was sent to Jail
lor twenty, uayo.
Colonel Monies' post, No. 819, Grand
Army of the Republic, has elected the fol
lowing Stan: E, L. Haas, commander,
John Chandler, senior vice commander
, C. Atwater, Junior vice commander; Levi
Gets, surgeon; jonn Hanford. chanloln
.1 W .TnnAH. officer of thA rinv. T t
w. ... ww , 3 I A. 1 1
officer of the guard; P. Delacy, quarter
master: jonn r. iiowe and John Horn,
representatives to state encampment
of cookery" use
A l nVlQ
m m m . ;-t
fit! I Ml El El X
and '
wholesome' food.
Succtsur it C!rj!ad Brvlhru
Isaac Seed and John D. Jones, alter
nates; T. W. Sampson, trustee.
The Oreen Ridge Oun. club Is preparing
for a pigeon shooting match of large pro
portion. It Is proposed to have a three
days' shoot and a first prize of $1,000,
which It Is hoped will attract such well
known shots as Dr. Carver, J. Klllott,
U. Brewer, K. Fulford, It. A. Welch
and Kdgur Murphy. H. 1). Bwartz is
now In correspondence with the gentle
men mentioned. He anticipates no dllli-
ulty In making favorable arrangements,
as two other large prizes will be offered In
addition to the prize of (1,000.
On Dec. 11, 12 and 13 a fair and social
will be held at St. Paul's Lutheran church
on Short avenue, which will be under the
auspices of the Luther league of the con
gregation. Refreshments served
and the articles to be disposed of will In-
luile a variety of fancy household ar
ticles, llooths representing foreign na
tions will be In charge of young ladles at
tired In the costumes of the different
countries. Kach evening, singing, recita
tions and tableaux will amuse the vis
itors. An admission fee of 15 cents will
ntltle the visitor to a chance on u door
prize of a China tea set, now on exhibi
tion In Welchel & lllllm'n store.
Pabut's Milwaukee Beer, cool and spark
ling, at Lehman's, Spruce street.
William Collier, who came Into proml-
nenco as u comedian by his work with
Reed In "Hoss and Hoss," appeared at
the Academy of Music Saturday night
n his new comedy, "A Hack Number,"
by Edward E. Kidder. It is not an as
sertive comedy of the "Hoss and Hoss"
type. The action moves In a quieter,
smoother groove and the piece alto
gether Is of a more pretentious nature.
Mr. Collier assumes the dual roles of
Benjamin Bennett, a village school
master, and Shiftless Ike, his brother.
human boomerang, in the first
named character Mr. Collier's work has
been described us similar to that of Sol
Smith Russell.
It Is not. Collier will never be a Rus
As Shiftless Ike, Collier was at Jils
best. His natural vivacity and spon
taneity were constantly bubbling forth
and he kept the audience In a merry
mood when on the stage In that char
acter. His Benjamin Bennett was far
from being so well done. Collier does
not successfully assume the role of the
patient, gentle, kind and unobtrusive
school teacher. It Is a phase of charac
ter delineation apparently unsulted to
his temperment and talents. His Shift
less Ike, It Is, that makes the piece en
joyable. Collier was supported by a
fair company which Included George W.
Leslie, James R. Smith, Edward Clarke,
Louise Allen Collier, Belle Bucklln,
Helen Renner and Mattle Barle. The
story told by the comedy Is Interesting
and some of the dialogue really clever.
II II i!
Manager Burgunder has booked an
unusually fine list of attractions for this
week. They Include the best companies
now traveling and Scrantonlans are to
be congratulated on the opportunity
afforded them of seeing artists who
only at rare Intervals leave the large
centers of population. The week's bill
opens tonight with "Blue Jeans" which
has been produced 400 times In New
York city. Magnificent scenery and
mechanical effects are Introduced.
Tuesday evening; Richard Mansfield
and his stock company will produce
"Beau Brummell." This will be one of
the dramatic events of the season and a
large and fashionable audience will un
questionably be attracted to the Acad
emy tomorrow night.
James O'Neill, than whom there are
few more capable actors on the Ameri
can stage, will produce "Vlrglnlus '
Wednesday night. He is supported by
a capaible company and will give a fine
presentation of that well known trag
edy. Joseph Ott, of "Dazzler" fame,
who Is starring this season, will give
his new farce comedy "Star Gazer"
Thursday night. He has' character that
sets off to good advantage his peculiar
comedy methods and Is assisted by a
fine company.
Frlduy night Augustin Daly's com
pany, which Includes "Adonis" Dlxey,
will be seen In "A Night Off" and Sat
urday night the Bryne brothers will be
seen in their pantomimic comedy,
"Eight Bells."
Manager Lalne, of the Frothlngham,
has also secured some good things for
the entertainment of theater-goers this
week. Tonight and tomorrow night "A
Trip to Turkey" will be seen at that
house. It Is extremely brjght, enliv
ened by. catchy, sparkling music, re
fined specialties, and a ballet and chorus
with over twenty pretty girls In daz
zling, oriental costumes. The cast In
cludes Richard Gorman, Maurice Hage
man, Harold Hartzell, F. G. Mack. G.
F. Lynn, and Misses Florence Ellis,
Kate Gilbert, Duddle Douglass, Donna
Dean, and little, Irene Franklin, the phe
nomenal child contralto. Thursday,
Friday and Saturday nights the great
realistic play, "The Engineer," will be
11.11 II
Manager Davis has secured Joseph D.
ClIlHon's powerful company for the ear
ly part of this week at Davis' theater,
"The Ranch King" company has had a
continued run of successes and comes to
Scranton with unusually good press no
tlces and the comedy melodrama they
present promises 'to be full of new fea
tures, new novelties and the elegant
costumes which are carried cannot fall
but be a considerable attraction. The
comedienne, Miss June Agnott, Is the
principal actress and Is most natural
and finished artiste and there Is every
Indication that a treat will be afforded
at the Davis theater during her stay In
the city.
Brush and Comb, Manicure, Tpllet and
nnaving Deis.
Chamber Concerts.
The first of the chamber concerts, al
ready announced, will be given In tha
Young Men's Christian association hall,
i nursuay, jjec. is, at o clock. Sub-
scrlptlon, $5 for five season tickets with
reserved seats. The diagram of the hall
will be opened at Powell i Monday, Dec.
Mr. Theodor Hemberger, first violin;
Air. a. itippara, second violin; Mr. R,
J. Bauer, viola; Mr. T. H. Rlppard, 'cello
Mr: J. Willis Conant, piano. Mrs. Qeorgn
duu. uimmicK will be the soloist.
Wood and Brass Easels.
Plllsbury's Flour Mills have a capacity
ul 4i,duv iwrnji a tiny.
Fancy Waste Paper Baskets.' -
Jury Rendered a Verdict of Murder In
the First Degree.
Judge Idwuids States from tho Bench
That It Meet. Ills Approval-Prisoner
Docs Not Seem to Kcallza His l ate.
Secrets of the Jury Boom.
Murderer Franz Bezek was convicted
Saturday afternoon of murder In the
first degree, and the almost unanimous
popular opinion Is that the verdict was
a perfectly Just and deserving one.
Not long after 2 o'clock Judge Ed
wards, who was presiding In surety
court In No. 1, was notified that the
Jury had agreed and was jeady to de
liver a verdict. A messenger was sent
post-haste to the county juil, and at 2.45
Bezek, in charge of Deputy Sheriffs
White and Bortree, was marched Into
the prisoner's dock.
The Jury filed alowly into court and
took seats In the box to the right of
the bench. On the faces of every man
of thtm was depicted a solemn look
that was a forecast of the determina
tion at which they had arrived. The
prisoner was led to the defendant's
table; and 'ha looked somewhat pale
and nervous. Every seat in the court
room was occupied and along the walls
listeners were lined three deep. Mar
tin Woyahner sat beside the prisoner
and conversed Interestedly with him.
Judge Edwards ordered 'the verdict
taken, but before this was done At
torney Watson asked the court to order
the stenographer to read the court's
instruction to the Jury In the morning.
After this was done Deputy Clerk of
the Courts Thomas P. Daniels read the
names of the Jurors, and each one an
swered aloud.
"Gentlemen of the Jury, ha-e you
agreed upon a verdict'.'" asked the
clerk. C. W. Klrkpatrlck, the foreman,
answered, "We have." Court Crier
Snyder took the paper oh which was
written the prisoner's doom, passed It
to Clerk Daniels, who handed it to the
.Murder In tho First Degree.
Every neck In ithe vast auditorium
craned forward, and on the face of
Judge Edwards, while he read and re
corded the verdict, were fastened hun
dreds of ieyes as If to anticipate the
ominous announcement. The counte
nance of the Judge was as Imperturb
able and Icy as If It had been
the most commonplace document he
was examining Instead of the fate
ful paper that meant death to
the unfortunate prisoner at the bar.
Not , feature of the Judge's face be
trayed the text of the document. But
only a minute elapsed and court re
turned the paper to the clerk, who ad
dressed the Jurors, "Hearken unto your
verdict as the court hath recorded It."
And stopping for a few seconds to read
the paper, Mr. Daniels resumed, "You
say .In the case la which the common
wealth Is prosecutor and Frank Bezek,
the prisoner at the bar Is defendant,
you find the defendant guilty of murder
In the first degree, so say you all."
"We do," chorused the Jurymen. The
Jury was then polled, one by one, and
lit answer to his name each Juror stood
up and firmly replied, "Guilty of mur
der In the first degree." The prisoner
was yeit unconscious of his doom and
by some dt Is said that even still he Is
not aware that the rope is dangling be
fore him.
Judge Edwards spoke to the Jury as
follows after discharging them from
further attendance upon court:
"Gentlemen, we appreciate the diffi
culties of your position during the week
and you receive the sincere thanks of
the court for the patient consideration
thut you have given to this cuse. Your
verdict meets with the entire upproval
of the court."
Taken Duck tojull.
Bezek was led back to the prisoner's
dock, handcuffed, and, In charge of the
deputy sheriffs, brought back to the
county jail. As he walked across the
court room his step had less of that
jauntlness and his countenance was
more serious than at any time since his
trial began. All during his trial he ap
peared to be as absolutely unconcerned
as If the case In which he was defend
ant was one of the most trivial In the
court calendar. Until he Is sentenced
no one will be allowed to speak to him.
Following the usual order of business
he would be sentenced next Saturday-
Keeper Flanaghan at the county juil
last night stated that Bezek is not less
cheerful, nor is there anything to lndl
cate that his mind Is very much
troubled. Mr. Flanaghan is of the
opinion that Bezek does not know ,his
impending doom.
It Is the universal desire to know how
the Jury stood while they were deliber
ating upon a verdict, Inasmuch as they
were locked up for forty-two hours be
fore they could agree. The Jurors are
reticent about disclosing the Becrets of
the Jury room, but one of them to a
Tribune reporter stated that the way It
stood since the first ballot was taken
was eleven for first degree and one for
second degree. One of the eleven
charged the stubborn Juryman with
being "fixed" and u light ensued. The
enraged man sprang at his accuser's
throat and almost throttled him. Mr,
Devine, the last juror chosen, was the
one who held out for second degree.
Will Ask for a New Trial.
Attorneys Colborn and Watson went
over to Bezek after the verdict was an
nounced and assured him that they
would stand by him and seek every
means at their command to save him
from the gallows. Today they will ap
ply to court for a rule to show causa
why a new trial should, not be granted.
If a new trial shall be refused, the
supreme court will be appealed to. If
after all these recourses the law must
be carried out, it will devolve on Sheriff-elect
Frank II. demons to launch
the murderer Into eternity.
Rare Collection of Books In Holiday
Bindings. t
Preparations for tho Market of the First
Presbytcriun Church.
Seldom, if ever, In the history of a
Scranton church have such extensive
and elaborate preparations been made
as those of .the First Presbyterian
church women for the Market to be
given Wednesday, Thursday and Fri
day in the armory on Adams avenue.
It would be Impossible in limited
pace to enumerate the many novel
features arranged, but it Is evident that
the Market will be complete in its stock
of articles for sale and will attract
large crowds of visitors. Not the least
attractive feature will be a supper, of
different menu for each evening.
They DIew Open the Safe of HannickJt
Taylor borough was visited by burg
lars early Saturday morning. Hannlck
& Moore's wholesale liquor store was
entered and the safe blown open. The
cracksmen did not secure any booty,
there being no money In the safe at the
The burglars entered the store through
the front door, which they pried open
by means of tools stolen from O. F.
Wells' blacksmith shop on Union street.
Between 12 and 1 o'clock George
Dowse, the night watchman at the Tay
lor breaker, heard noises around the
blacksmith shop and on Investigating
found"three men endeavoring to break
In. They bored a hole In the door of tho
safe and filled it with powder. The
shock broke the safe and every window
In the store as well as windows in ad
joining residences. The cracksmen In
escaping went in the direction of Aus
tin Heights.
Reports Made at Meeting in the
Presbyterian Church.
The congregations of the Second and
First Presbyterian churches united in
the latter edlllce last night, when was
held a business meeting and the Thirty
eighth anniversary of the Lack a wanna
Bible society. President Alfred Hand
presided at the meeting, which followed
the usual evening devotional service
conducted by Rev. Dr. James McLeod,
pastor, and Rev. Dr. Charles Robin
son, of the Second Presbyterian church.
Rev. Dr. McLeod delivered a sermon
after the business session.
Mr. Hand explained the purpose of
the society In its distribution of the
Sculptures, which are given to any per
son who cannot alford to purchase.
He closed his brief remarks with an
appeal for a liberal contribution.
A. W. Dickson and C. W. Klrkpatrlck
were appointed to nominate officers
and directors for the ensuing year and
requested to retire for conference and
report as soon as possible. W. H
Richmond, 'treasurer, reported as fol
lows: Wm. H. Richmond, treasurer, In ac
count with Lackawanna Bible society.
Nov. 27, To balance 1 488 i4
Nov. 27, To collection annual meet
ing 19 C6
Nov. 7, To check from Rev. S. S
Kennedy 300 00
Deo. 8, To check from M. Norton,
sales back
382 88
Dec. 15, To check from Rev. S. S.
34ri GO
2 20
Junuary. 1893, Interest at bank
July, lsi'3, Interest at bunk
S1.53S 99
1892. Credit.
Nov. 29, By paid donation to Penn
sylvania Bible society 100 00
Nov. 30, By paid donution to Rev.
8. S. Kennedy for services las
April 28. Puld Pennsylvania Bible
society account -oo oo
Deo. 30, Bulunoe on hand 1,040 21
$1,538 99
Dec. 30. 1893, To balance $1,040 21
At the request of the president the
secretary, Colonel H. M. Boles, read the
report of Agent S. S. Kennedy an in
teresting argument covering a period
of two active and fruitful years.
The report of the nominating com
mittee was made and adopted unanl
mously. as follows: Alfred Hand, presl
dent; C. F. Mattes, first vice-president
J. L. Stelle, second vice-president; Col
onel H. M. Boles, secretary; W. H
Richmond, treasurer; 'William Connell
W. W. Lathrope, Samuel Hlnes, S. G
Kerr, J. Van Bergen and Luther Keller
Dr. McLeod preached from Romans
xl, 2, 3, "What advantage then hath the
Jew," a convincing exposition of the In
fluence the Bible has had upon human
ity and In advancing civilization.
Holler's Dukcry Destroyed by a Blaze o
I'nknown Origin.
The bakery of Benjamin Roller, in the
rear of his residence at 717 Beech street,
was'almost entirely destroyed by fire at
12 o'clock last night. The origin of tho
Are Is unknown.
The loss umounts to over $1,000 and Is
covered by insurance.
Chimes of Normundy.
There will be a musical rehearsal of the
"Chimes of Normandy" at the hall over
Powell's musln store, at 8 o'clock thl
evening. Richard F. Lindsay.
I am .prepared td receive a limited nunv
ber of piano pupils. For terms, etc., nd
dress Richard F. Lindsay,
822 Mulberry street.
Or at Powell's Music Store. "
Duvls' Automatic Inkstands.
All kinds of Etchings. Engravings and
Water Colors at Urlftlu's new studio, 209
Wyoming avenue.
Eplscopul Prayer Books urn Hymnals.
Dr. Gibbons,
of New York city, will be In his Bcranton
office. 441 Wyoming avenue, every Mon
day from 8 in the morning until 9 In the
Oxford, International, Bugster and Hoi
man's Bibles.
Attention Everybody.
We want your co-operation by calling
at our store and securing a package
that world-famous food absolutely free
of charge. Colonial Food stands without
a rlvul. ' O. T. MILLKK,
Court street and Diamond ave.
Gold Pens and Pencils.
Buy the Weber
and get the best. At Guernsey Bros
J Buys fancy fresh El
( gin Butter.
Buys, York State
Creamery, in i lb.
Prints, no waste.
(Buys Coursen's Phil
Print Butter, sold in
large cities at 50c.
per lb. This is the
Finest Butter made.
E G. Coursen
Xnctudinc th patnleit straotlnf ei
tMth by an entirely nw process?
Si C. SNYDER, D. D.-Sfc
rouble brewing Over Alleged Illegal
Contructs with the City.
aw Soys Companies Containing City
Officers Cannot Make Agreements with
the City-Several Such Contracts
May Now Be Nullified.
Trouble Is brewing in the city hall
for certain corporations which are pre
paring to bid or have bid on furnlwhlng
supplies or performing contract work
for the city. Recently several bids for
furnishing supplies to the city have
been recommended by councils und are
now awaiting the signatures of the bid
ders and city officials. There ure two
city ordinances, howes-er, which pro
vide that oiilcers of the city shall not
be Interested in an agreement creating
a debt and that councilmen Interested
n a measure must not vote on the
same. The lutter ordinance prescribes
severe penalty.
In the recently Issued digest of city
laws appear the following:
"Puge i, Section 13, Officers not to be
interested In agreement creating a
debt, etc. No member of councils or
other officer of such city, shall, either
directly or Indirectly, be u party to or
n any manner Interested in any
contract or agreement with such
city for any matter, cause or
thing whatsoever, by which any
liability or Indebtedness is in any way
or manner created against such city.
and if any contract or agreement shall
be made In violation of the foregoing
provision the same shall be null and
void and no action shall ever be main
tained thereon against said city."
Sliull Forfeit Ills Office.
"Page 6, Section 10, Councilmen in
terested in a measure not to vote. A
member who has a personal or private
interest In any measure or bill proposed
or pending before councils, shall dis
close the fact Ito the branch of which
he is a member, and shall not vote
thereon, nor take part In the discussion
of the same. If such member shall
vote without disclosing his Interest in
such measure or bill, and the same be
carried by Ills vote, he shall forfeit his
olfice, and such measure or bill shall be
When asked if the last mentioned
section did not nullify the section pro
hibiting councilmen from being inter
ested in cKy contracts, City Solicitor
Torrey was disinclined ito give his
opinion to a Tribune reporter. He
finally said that neither ordinance had
any bearing- upon the other; that the
first related especially to contracts, and
that the scope of the second Is wide in
Its relation to councllmanlc measures
and contains a specific penalty. A
perusal of the two excerpts will show
that the ctty solicitor's real opinion Is
that no company In which a council
man Is Interested has a right to make
a contract with the city.
Mr. Torrey refrained from a detuiled
consideration of the matter on the
ground that he would soon be obliged
to render an official opinion on the sub
There are at present several con
tracts In the office of the city controller
awaiting execution, but which will be
affected by the ordinances mentioned
Mayor Connell is of the opinion that If
a member of council mnkes known his
Interest in a bidding company or cor
poratlon, such action prevents the con
tract being nullified. City Controller
Wldmayer and Mr. Torrey hold to the
opposite opinion.
Several councilmen are said to have
silent interests In paving, building and
other contracting firms, which for
years have held municipal contracts
Two such firms now have agreements
with the city, but It Is anticipated 'that
the present consideration of the matter
will result In a more restricted con
tract-letting policy In the future.
Beautiful Water Colors, Fue-slmlles,
Photogravures and Etchings, Framed and
Now Is the Time to Look for Your
W. W. Berry
lias a larger stock of Novelties
than ever before. RIGHT IP
TO DATE, with every tuiug new
Lackawanna Ave
Is receiving daily all the lat
est novelties m ,
When in need of something
late in the Jewelry line cal
and see Rogers' stock before
making- your final selection
as he can show you the latest
and a large assortment to se
lect from.
M si Fnttat cb Mwt Vnlsr tmi Tntmi if
Uatlns Alikll
Wirsreofflt: Oppttltt Columbus Monumsnt,
20WMMriftonAv. Swanton.Pt,
O F -
Green tnd Gold Store Front
23 lis. G. Sugar, $1.00
31 lbs. C. Sugar, 100
resn Eggs, per doz. .18
Choice Mixed Candy, lb., .07
hoice Mixed Candy. 4 lbs.
Mixed Nuts,
Mixed Nuts, 3 lbs.,
Peanuts, 3 quarts
walnuts, per bushel,
Butternuts, per bushel,
Almonds, per pound,
Sweet Florida Oranges,
SweetFloridaOranges,2doz .25
Per Box, - - -Tangeriens,
per dozen,
Per Box, half size,
Malaga Grapes, per lb.
Fine Chocolates, Hon-Bons, French
Nuas, Talljs, French Fruits, Nut Can
dies, Uutter Cups, Etc., Etc., in excel
lent quality and great variety, We are
unquestionably Headquarters this year
in this line of goods.
F. P. PRICE, Agent
Will be open evenings
until 8 o'clock.
We can suit you in Shoes and will deal lightly with
your pocketbook.
Cloakmakers Strike
Made It difficult for firms to obtain Cloaks in large quantities for a
time, btit that time, so far as wc are concerned, is past
We have on hand a magnificent lot of Cloaks tailor-made and
r'ght up to date In every respect that we are making a big drive on.
Our customers say they have never got such fine goods at such low
prices, and want to know how we do it. We simply say that it is only
our well-known custom of selling the very best goods at fabe very low
est prices.
Remember, our stock of Cloaks is unusually cotnplete.and the prices
are within everybody's reach. ' '
Will be sold for less than
they cost us to manufac
ture them. We guaran
tee everything satisfac
tory. IN OUR
We are offering Ladies'
Tailor-made Coats re
gardless of cost.
We are selling goods be--low
cost. Come and look
through our stock and
see for yourself.
Have Your Furs Repaired by the
Only Furrier in the City,
In Town
GLOVES RedudPfces
.o make room for entirely
new stock of
during the mouth of December
Corner of Lackawanna and
. Wyoming Avenues.