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-ine Oi!
(Under- thlg heading short lotlen of In
terest will bo published when accompa
nies lor publication, by tne writers
name. The Tribune will not be held re
sponsible for opinions hero expressed.)
Nov. 2G, 21 and 28, 1S94, at 8.00 p. m. sharp, at
Scott flrf Gallerv. a ,Jr"
T if
Corner of Adams Avenue and Linden Street.
Garney, Brown & Co'.s Building, SCR ANTON , PA.
Nou) on Exhibition Day and Evening. ' ;
Cases' That Kill Be Heard During
Second Week and Special Term.
Second Week's List Opens with the Cuse
of Joseph Kuminlsky, Charged with
Murder-Other Men W ho Will lluvo
to Face the Ruck.
On Saturday ,The, Tribune printed the
trial list for the first week of the regu
lar two weeks of criminal court which
beglna on Monday, Dec. 3. Below will
be found the trial list for the second
week, beginning Dec. 10 and the special
term beginning Monday, Dec. 24.
.Monday, Dec. 1 U.
101. Joseph ftumlnisky, murder; Wllli
iam Dougher, pros.
102. John Sylvestro Itostoskey, murder;
William '.erves, pros.
103. Frank Brunncr, fel. wound.; George
I'oloeh'.k, pros.
104. Frank Uruner, fel. wound.; Joe
Trutkoe, pros.
105. Frank Bruner, c. c. w.; Joe Trut
koe, pros.
10. James Reed, lar. by bailee; Robert
Linn, pros.
107. H. C. Clark, alius Clark D. Lawson,
lar. by bailee; F. C. Hand, pros.
108. Adam Walchcskey und Joseph Tho
man, lar. and ree. ; Peter Detmore, pros.
Iu9. August Miglin, fel. wound.; Joseph
Ilhldock, pros.
110. Joseph Bvdochas, Anthony Bunas
nnd Motta Musktinus, mal. mis.; Agnes
llostowskey, prox.
111. Richard Heldrlng, a. and b.; I'eler
Auluarh, pros.
113. Jacob Boes, a. and b.; Lena Boes,
113. Joseph Zabastowskey nnd William
Vlnock, a. and b.; Bartholomer Jlarson,
114. Wllllnm G. Miller, cutting tlm. trees;
Ceorge W. Kramer, pro3.
115. Hike Ruskofsky, tip. house; Joseph
Suloman, pros.
Tuesday, Icc. 1 1,
llfi. Wellmnn W. Hunt, ag. a. and b.;
A. B. Grosvenor, pros.
117. Frances Morrow, burglary; M. Mel
vln, pros.
ills. Frances Morrow, lar. and ree'.; J.
I (I. Wedge, proH.
119. Frances Morrow, fel. wound.; W.
Dougher. pros.
R0. V llliam Hogan, resist, officer; John
Jay. pros.
121. John Howells, Thomas Henry Dodils,
Samuel Thomas and Howell Uavls, aiding
prisoner to escape; V. R. Haas, pros.
122. Valentle Haas, a. und b.; J. W. How
ells, pros. .
123. William Watehoss, att. at rape;
Julia Vrcatz, prox.
124. William J. Mclntyre, emb.; H. Schu
bert, pros.
125. Philip Connolly, a. and b., John J,
Coyne, pros.
120. William Rich, a. and b.; J. T. Kirk
bride, pros.
127. John Mitchell, att. at rape; Kate
Dryer, prox.
128. Antonio Luengo, a. and b.; Vlncenzo
De Murro, pros, ..
129. It. B. Martin, libel; T. V. Powderly,
130. Mary Fuery and Lena Decker, n.
and b.; Teresa Jones, prox.
131. Michael Gollda, att. at rape; Julia
Kopaek, prox.
132. John Mucknock, mal. mis.; M. Col
ish, pros.
133. John Mucknock, c. c. w. ; M. Collsh,
Wednesday. Bee. 12.
134. John Hordensky and Annlo Kos
loskey, a. and b.; Michael Kosloskey, pros.
135. Annie Kosloskey, adultery; Michael
Kosloskey, pros.
130. John Hordensky, fornication; Mi
chael Kosloskey, pros.
137. Phillip Wallmln, carrying away
fruit; Daniel Shea, pros.
138. John Simon and Bridget Simon,
mal. mis.; Philip Wallmln, pros.
139. Charles Thlel, bawdy house; John
Olllbrlde, pros.
140. Samuel Ambrose and Joseph Am
brose, carrying away fruit; John Bernochi,
141. Frank Burrllla, a. and b.; Andrew
Koolomage, pros.
.142. Michael Joyce, ag. a. and b.; Mar
garet Moran, prox.
143. Michael Kalamen, fel, wound.;
Abrahum Burgher, pros.
144. George Prokopovltz, unlawfully re
filling reg: bottles; P. F. Leonard, pros.
145. George Prokopovltz, unlawfully re
filling reg. bottles, P. F, Leonard, pros.
140. George Prokopovltz, unlawfully re
filling reg. bottles, P. V. Leonard, pros,
147. William Mlttleman, unlawfully re
filling reg. bottle; A. K. Morse, pros.
148. Alex - Slanto, .- unlawfully re
reg. bottles; A. K. Morse, pros.
Thursday, Deo. 13.
149. John W. McLain, emb.; R. J. Beam
ish, pros. i
150. Patrick Hennlgan, extortion;. Con
stant Neumlotky, pros.
151. J. W. Clark, extortion; Constant
Neumlotky, pros.
152. Frank Campbell, lar. and ree; W. T.
Simpson, pros.
153. John Shlrak, tip. house; Mathew
Bean, pros.
154. Jonathan Venison, fel. wound.; Jo
seph Wook'ucheskey, pros.
155. Michael Ruslavage, Chnrles Guncos
key, Phcllx Crocenlskny, Andrew Com
mlnskey, Joseph Mlglln, Julia Mlglln and
Rose Miglin, aiding prisoner to escape;
Jonathan Venison, pros.
150. Jonathan Venison, a. and b.; Thos.
Venison, pros.
157. John Mlglln, selling on Sunday;
Jonathan Miglin, pros.
15V. John Mlglln, selling on Sunday;
John Welsh, pros.
159. Joseph Gaumenskey, false pret. ; Jo
seph Mlglln, pros.
100. Frank Maresko, ree; W. T. Simp
eon, pros.
101. James Denungla and Mariano De
nuzla, ree; W. T. Simpson, pros.
102. John Muloy, ree.; W. T. Simpson,
Friday, Ilcc. 14.
1C3. J. Carroll, u. and b.; J. A. Hubert,
104. J. Dunleavy, ag .a. and b. ; Michael
Noonnn, pros.
103. Mary Moran, tip. house; John Car
amui, pros.
100. Thomas James and Winnie James,
a. nnd b. ; Jennie Fleming, prox.
107. H. I. Jacob)', selling on Sunday;
Annie Minnlck, prox.
108. M. I. Jacoby, selling to minors; An
nie Mlnnlrk, prox.
109. Martin liotosjack, a. and b.; An
drlzjy Stariak, pros.
170. Theodore Harvey and William Mc
Laughlin, a. and b. ; Joseph Andrew 01
rus, pros.
171. John Chesterpeck, burglary; David
Weyman, pros.
172. Gabriel Murphy, lar. and ree; W.
T. Simpson, pros.
Saturday, Dec. 15.
173. Bridget McManus, surety; John
Mulderlg, pros.
174. William Stoln, surety; Caroline
Stein, prox.
175. Mury O'Rourke, surety; Martha
Baker, pros.
170. William Whitehead, surely; P. J.
Fallon, pros.
177. John Uelyga, desertion; Annie Go-
lyga, prox.
178. John Shlvack, Burety; Rosle Gla
zier, prox.
179. Michael Burke, desertion; Anna
Burke, prox.
liO. Stanaslaus Sclmlln, surety; Abra
ham Glazier, pros.
181. Mrs. John P. Klemen, surety; Ger
tie Peck, prox.
182. Mlchuel Rlordan, surety; Albert
Stiles, pros.
1S3. William Henry Lewis, surety; John
O. Jones, pros.
184. James Kennedy, surety; Maria
Casey, prox.
185. Mrs. F. C. Pilger, surety; Robert
Girling pros.
180. Frank Kellett, desertion; Mary Ann
Kellett, prox.
' 187. John Jensenskey, surety; George
SOilnollnvkl, pros.
188. Kate Hughes, surety; George W.
Bond, pros.
189. Patrick Shea, Burety; Catharine
McNulty, prox.
190. John Roche, surety; John Banko,
191. Joseph Heldock, surety; John
Banko, pros.
llfi. Thomas II. Smith, surety; Herbert
Smith, pros.
193. Herman Shaefer, surety; Bridget
Snyder, prox.
194. J. Matthews, surety; Lea Allen,
185. John J. Maher, surety; Ann .uaner,
190. Mrs. Robert Lynne, surety; Mrs.
Elijah Drew, prox.
197. Patrick Munley, surety; Margaret
Swift, prox.
198. Jonuthan Venison, surety; Thomas
Venison, pros.
199. Kdward Ryan, surety; Patrick
Moore, pros.
The Great Blood Purifier and
Liver Regulator,
And will PoHtvlv cure Ml disease" arising
Rheumatism Kidney Disorder.
Liver Complaint, Sick and Nerv
oils Headache, Mcuralgin, Dys
Persia. Fever and Acue. Scro'fu
la, female Complaints, Erysipe
las, .Nervous Anecuontt, utfurrh,
and all sypimitic jjihch.hos. .
Call and Get Circular.
The cases set down for trial during
the Bpecla' term are:
Monday, Dec. 24.
200. Philip Gloso, fel. wound.; John
Phlnally, pros.
201. Ann Cummlngs, fel. wound.; Mary
Casey, prox.
202. David Thomas and Morgan Ed
wards, a. and b.j Belle McDonald, prox.
208. Michael Steam nnd v legand Stearn,
ag. a. and b.; David Harris, pros.
204. David Harris and Edward Howell,
a. and b.; W legand Stearn, pros.
205. Michael Lavclle, John Lavelle and
George Callahan, riot; George Starner,
200. Thomas Bilboa, emb.; John J. Shea,
207. Phillip Tallerecko, a. and b.; Pas
quail Grosso, pros.
208. Phillip Tallerecko; a. and b.; Phillip
Roche, pros.
. 209. Pusquall Grosso and Phillip Rock,
a. and ti.; Phillip Tallerecko, pros.
210. Michael Mangan, Martin Mangnn,
Thomas Mangan and Patrick Mairgan, as
Bault; Thomas Casey, pros.
211. Michael McKenna, a. and b. ; Mi
chael Henley, pros.
212. Michael McKenna, mal. mis.; Ml-
vhael Henley, pros.
213. J. Holthnm, burglary; L. F. Holt-
ham, pros.
214. Michael Krolky, ug, a. and b. ; John
Kozetzkl, pros.
215. John Kozetzkl, a. and b.; Catherine
Krotky, prox.
210. Michael Krotky, tip. house; John
Kozetzki, pros.
217. Reese Davis, adultery; Math. Evans,
218. Elhel Davis, adultery; Math. Evans,
219. Onrvey Clnoavltch, Peter Bronscon
skland Peter Clnacavitch, breaking fen?e;
John Dully, pros.
220. Michael Moran and AVllltam Mc
Mullen, a. and b.; John U. Thompson, pros,
221. George Southard, lar. by bailee; A,
J. Mitchell, pros.
Thursday, Dec. 27.
222. George Brown, lar. by bailee; John
Sweeney, pros.
223. Martin Moran, ag. a. and b.; W. L.
Weil in pier, pros.
224. Catharine Ryan, com. scold; Thos.
Benson, pros.
225. Mary Keechmarlk, false pret.; Sol
raus Btockeck, pros.
220. William Peck, a. and b. ; Joslah Ev
ans, pros.
227. Joseph Evans, a. and b.; William
Peck, pros.
228. William Peck, mal, mis.; Mrs, David
Wayman, prox.
229. Elbn Farraher, a. and b,; Sarah
Dliimend, pros.
230. Patrick Moran, a, and b.; Michael
Daughterly, pros.
Friday, Dec. 28.
231. Thomas Loftus, a. and b.; Patrick
Roche, pros.
232. Thomas Loftus,, a. and b.;
rick Roche, pros.
233. Abraham Glazier, selling lipour on
Sunday; John Shlvock, pros.
234. John Shlvock, a. and b.; Abraham
Glazier, pros.
235. Andrew Begasla and Joe Narlal, a
and b. ; Mary Carp, pros.
220. Paul Derwin, tip. house; John Cop
erclnskey, pros.
237. John Hyan, mal. mis.; Thomas Rea
gan, pros.
238. Mary Moran, com. scold; Sarah Fla
herty, prox.
239. Michael Sebrlc, a. and b.; John
Reshenlc, pros.
240. Thomas Handley, jr., a. and b.;
Fred Hamm, pros.
241. Michael Morrison, lar. and ree;
Eliza Flack, prox.
Monday, Dee. 31.
212. Nicholas Dermot, fel. wound.; Dom
Inick Marks, pros.
243. Washuk Musgack and Joseph Wins
huck, fel. wound.; John Kogeskey; pros.
241. John Howley, a. and b.; Katie An
drews, prox.
245. Mary Heffron, assault; John Lynch,
210. John Tlerney, a. and b.; James Greg
ory, pros.
247. Catharine McGeever and Sablna Mc
Geever, assault; Annie Halllman, prox;
248. Patrick Munley, a. and b.; Man-
Swift, prox.
249. Wolf Johnson and Flora Johnson,
a. and b. ; Louis i'oliskey, pros.
250. Selet Weed, a. and b.; Louisa Weed,
251. Michael Dougher, a. and b.; Thomas
McHale, pros.
252. Kdward Dunstan, att. at rape; Pat
rick Cosgrove, pros.
253. Patrick Mullally, lar. and ree; An
thony Glluoy, pros.
Wednesday.Jan. 2.
254. George Chart ra and Peter Bashtos
key, fel, wound.; Powell Mynik, pros.
255. M. M. Sweeney and James John
Bton, jr., cruelty .to animals; Charles
L,owry, pros.
250. Edward Wagner, lar, by bailee
Frank B. Shlmmell, pro.
257. Simon Mlglln, a. and b.; Rose Gla
zier, prox.
258. Oscar D. Ehrgood, a. and b.; Chrust
Klemen, pros.
259. Oscar D. Ehrgood, a. and b. ; John
G. Klemen, pros.
200. Oscar D. Ehrgood, adultery; Alice
A. Ehrgood, prox.
201. Oscar D. Ehrgood, a. and b.; Mag
gle Dlmler, prox.
202. Sarah Carey, fornication Alice A.
lihrgoou, prox.
203. Sarah Carey, bawdy house; Alice
A. Khrgood, prox.
204. Cuthurlne A. Richardson, a. and b.
H. Smith, pros.
2uo. Nicholas Young, lar. and ree; L. II
Snyder, pros.
Thursdayjan. 3.
2C0. John Kulenzny and John Koohols
key, lar. and ree; M. P. Judge, pros.
207. William Btodskl, lar. and ree; W. T,
Simpson, pros.
208. Michael Woyjeshk, lar. and ree
W. T. Simpson, pros.
209. John Brodofski and Michael Brod
ofskl, ag, a. and b.; John Zierzlersky
270. Mary Roberts, lar. and ree: Arthur
Heal, pros.
271. George Gollato, tip. house; Joseph
Mehalko, pros.
272. Mary Mebalko, a. and b.; Paulina
Dehofskl, prox.
2i3. James Dougherty, breaking fence
Richard White, pros.
274. John Grlfltn, Clarence Dopue and
Louis Glabb, nuisance; Thomas Moore,
275. William Axon, emb.; H. Schubert
Friday, Jan. 4.
276. John Connor nnd Thomas Carroll
lar. and ree; W. T. Simpson, pros.
277. Mllllum Nancarrow, false prot. ; An'
drew Wlttko, pros. "
278. John Nancarrow and Mary Owens,
tip. house; Jacob Oprlntek, pros.
279. John Corstlck, def. b. h. keeper; Joe
Lahorskl, pros.
280. Patrick Judge, a. and b. ; James
Moran, pros.
281. Martin Farrell, mal. mis.; Catharine
Welsh, prox.
(2. Thomas Roland, assault; Mary Rot
land, prox. '
283. David II. Evans, a. and b.; John' J,
Thomas, pros.
Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: Your comments on my communi
cation In Saturday's Tribune do me
great injustice.
First I do not ask old party preach
ers to vote the third party ticket, but I
do demand that, in view of their own
church declarations, they shall stop vot
ing saloon license tickets. If such
preachers do not like the Prohibition
party, let them show us a better one.
It Is the rankest hypocrisy, imbecility
or Ignorance to vote with a saloon li
cense party and at the same time deign
to be In favor of Prohibition.
Second "He "reads the riot act' to
every preacher who does not agree with
Mr. Hogan's politics." In that state
ment you seek to give the impression or
assume' that the position taken In my
former letter is peculiar to me that it
Is merely an Individual opinion. But
there Is where you err exceedingly. I re
fer you to the fact that all the great de
nominations, have declared, "That no
political party ought to receive the sup
port of Christian men. so long as it
stands committed to the license policy,
or refuses to put itself on record in an
attitude of open hostility to the saloon."
No, Mr. Editor, it is not a question of
partlsanlsm with me. I am not a party
Prohibitionist even; I am a Christian
citizen, and I therefore work and vote
for the third party ticket. If I were
merely a Methodist, consistency would
compel me to do that, for it Is the only
political party in harmony with my
church declarations. I am not, nor will
I ever be guilty of party Idolatry.
Third The reason I, as a Methodist
preacher, "use the pukplt and the cloth"
In this holy agitation Is because the
Methodist church Is a Prohlbitlonchurch
by her declarations she belongs to us;
and I challenge bishop, preacher or poli
tician to interfere with my "use of the
cloth" In the interest of this cause.
Fourth As to the strength of our
vote, the matter of a few votes more or
less does not concern the true Frohlbi
tlonlst at this time. He works and
voles for principle, and his vote is never
lost. As a Christian he Is not concerned
so much about the winning side, as be
Ing on the l ight side. Cordially,
J. C. Hogan.
Forest City, Nov. 24.
Austin Monro, of 347 Franklin Avenue,
Lived Here Since lloyhood. -
In the death of Austin Moore, wh
died Saturday night at his home, 347
Franklin avenue, Scranton lost one of
Its oldest and most respected residents,
He was an ex-member of select coun
oil and was extensively known as a
practical manager of coal ' interests.
A wife and a son and daughter, both
living at Johnstown, survive him.
Mr. Moore was in charge of the Flor
ence Coal company's mines, was Inter
ested In the Keystone colliery and mines
in the Pottsville region. During the
war he served In the navy. He had
resided in Scranton since boyhood and
was 59 years old at the time of his
death. The funeral will bo held
Scranton's Business Interests.
THE TRIBUNE will soon publish a card
fully compiled and classllled list of the
leading wholesale, banking, manufactur
ing and professional Interests of Scran
ton and vicinity, -ins edition w 11
bound in book form, beautifully lllustra
ed with photogravure Views of our pub
lic buildings, business blocks, streets,
etc., together with portraits of leading
citizens. No similar work has ever given
an eaual representation ot Bcranton
many Industrie!. It will be an Invaluable
exDosltlon of our business resources.
Sent to persons outside the city, copies of
this handsome worn win attract new com
ers and be an unequalled advertisement
of the city. The circulation is on a plan
that cannot fall of good results to those
concerned as well as the city at large.
Representatives of THE TRIBVNE will
call upon THOSE WHOSE NAMES are
DESIRED In this edition and explain Us
nature more fully.
Those desiring views of their residences
In this edition will please leave notice at
the office.
Catarrh of the Nose, Throat and
Stomach Life Made Miserable by
Headaches, Pain and Cough.
Llda McCandless, 1230 South Thlrtv-
fifth street, Philadelphia, in conversa
tion with a reporter, said: "I had a
ery bad case of catarrh of the nose.
throat and stomach, with frequent
headaches, pain under the shoulder
blades and a horrible cough. I had to
keep my mouth constantly open day
and night to breathe, and felt as miser
able as one possibly could. I was ad
vised to try Munyon's Catarrh Cure. I
am happy to say that from the begin
ning 1 felt relieved and continued to
grow better until now I am entirely
well. I am so thankful that this re
markable remedy was ever discovered,
and hope others will take advantage of
my experience."
Have you catarrh? Are you willing
to investigate a treatment that cures
Catarrh by removing the cause? If so
ask your druggist for a 25 cent bottle of
Munyon s Catarrh cure and a 25 cent
bottle of Catarrh Tablets. The Catarrh
Cure will eradicate the disease from
the system, and the Tablets will cleanse
and heal the afflicted parts and restore
them to a natural ana healthful condition.
Munyon's Homoeopathic Home Rem
edy company, of Philadelphia, put up
specincs lor neany every disease,
which are sold bp all druggists, mostly
for 25 cents a bottle.
A Slight Difference of Opinion.
Editor of The Tribune.
Sir: I quote from Dr. Sureth
"Now the relation that typhoid-malaria
bears to typhoid fever Is about the same
as that of a white man blackened bears
to a true negro. You can no more get (a)
typhoid fever from a malaria germ than
you can get a timothy stock from a
clover seed, because each germ is dis
tlnct In itself and gives rise to a fever
peculiar to Itself." Dr. Sureth.
I quote from Professor Austin Flint
"If simple remittent fever be protracted
certain symptoms denoting the typhoid
state may appear namely low deliri
um sordes, subsultus tendlnum, etc,
These symptoms are not sufficient to
show the union of typhoid fever and
remittent fever they are liable to oc
cur in all fevers, 'and in various other
affections. In. typho-malarinl fever the
symptoms distinctive of typhoid fever
are intermingled with those of period!
cal fever. The symptoms referred to
are those connected with the abdominal
lesions of typhoid fever; namely: diar
rhea, tympanites and llllac tenderness
The characteristic eruption, even of
typhoid fever, is sometimes observed,
Typho-malarlal fever is caused by the
combined action of malaria and the
special cause of. typhoid fever. PractI
tioners in malarious situations have
been accustomed to say that remittent
becomes converted Into typhoid fever
this mode of expression is not accurate;
there not a metamorphosis of the one
disease into the other, but a combina
tion of both diseases, the phenomena
of the one or of the other disease pre
dominating in different cases."
If the precocious intellect of this
young medical giant is in need of farther
instruction which is doubtful he can
be accomodated. "
RHEUMATISM In the back, shoulders
hips, ankles, elbows, or wrists, Is caused
by accumulation of acid in the blood
Hood's Sarparllla neutralizes the acid
and cures rheumatism.
HOOD'S PILLS are the best family
catarthlc and liver medicine. Harmless
and reliable.
of the constitution may follow in the track
of a disordered system, Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery prevent) and cures all
liver and kidney Diseases. It rouses the
liver to healthy action, purities the blood
and niinys congestion
of tuo moneys.
Geo. W. Sweknev,
Eso.. of ifninrutinrii.
1'a., sttysi " 1 whs for
years unrdly able to go
about. 1 sulfered from
y livcrand kidney troub-
le. six different Doctors
v treated mo diiriuir tbut
time but could do mo
no good, i give your
" Medical Discover
the nrnlse for my cure,
Then, too, my wife
had a bud esse of Asth
ma which wns cured
by the use of that
a w. Swkemit. wontieirui oiooa-pun-
on raoNEY uetirned.
The $40,000 School Uonse
for Columbia avahut ha been let and will
be commenced Immediately. There ur
till a few more lots left at a low price.
.. Arthur Frothlnghain,
' ' Oitlce, Theater Lobby.
MoosiG Powder Co
Rooms 1 and 2 Commowealtb Bld'g,
Lafllln & Rand Powder Co.'s
Orange Gun Powder
Eloctrlo Batterlerf, Fuse for explod
ing blasts, bafoty Fuse and
Ropauno Chemical Co.'s High Explosives
All done awny with by the use of HART
maw a rATKNT paint, whlon consists
Of Ingredients well-known to all. It can be
applied to tin, galvanised tin, sheet Iron
roots, also to bricK awenngn, which will
prevent absolutely any crumbling, crkek
i us or orenKing or tne Dricg. it win
last tinning of any kind by many y
and It's cost does not exceed one-fifth that
ot the cost of tlnulng. Is sold by the jo!
or pounu. oniracis inKen oy
. Children Cry for It.
They cry for it but they smile at it
Palmer Cox's "Queer People" cause
smiles rather than tears. Part One will
not be sold after next Wednesday, for
on that day the sale ot Part Two begins
just in time for a good, hearty, happy
Music lioxes Inclusively.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tunes. Gautschl & Sons, manufacturers,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestral organs, only $j and $10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and Improved with new tunes.
Plllsbury's Flour Mills have a capacity
of 17,500 barrels a day.
ffbca Bahy was sick, we gave her Castor!,
ffhen sbo was a Child, she cried for Costorla,
nrhen she became Miss, she clung to Costorla,
Vhtsn die had Children, she gave thea Castorla-
The Only Specialists Id Nervous Diseases Be
Iween BuHilo and New York.
What is
ViW- v- - -1
Castoria Is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years,' use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
feverishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
toria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend .
"Castoria Is an excellent medicine for chil
dren. Mothers hare repeatedly told me of its
good effect upon their children."
Da. O. 0. Osoood,
Lowell, Mass.
" Costorla Is the best remedy for children of
which I am acquainted. 1 hope the day is Dot
far distant when mothers will consider the real
interest of their children, and use Castoria in
stead of the various quack nostrums which are
destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
them to premature graves."
Da. J. P. KnrcstLOB,
Conway, Ark.
" Costorla Is so well adopted to children thai
I recommend It as superior to any prescription
known to me."
E. A. Aaoain, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. T.
" Our physicians In the children's depart
ment have spoken highly ot their experi
ence In their outside practice with Castoria,
and although we only hare among out
medical supplies what Is known at regular
products, yet we are free to confess that th
merits ot Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon It."
United Hospitu, ado Dispikbakt,
Boston, Ucia
Alum C. Sunn, Pre$.,
The Centaur Company, Tl Murray Street, New York City.
Anl his staff, mong whom should be men
tioned the celebrated
Treat and Cure all NERVOUS DISEASES,
BID HA HITS of the young, NERVOUS
use of the parts affected, EPILEPSY,
EASES. Surgical treatment and radical
cure without the use of the knife of
EXAMINATION FREE nnd conducted
In German, Welsh and English.
Send for "Our Book" on nervous dis
eases of men. Otllce 327 Spruce street,
OEFICE HOURS-S a. m. to 8 p. m.
Sunday, 10 a. m. to 2 p. m.
Music Dealer,
134 Vyoming Avenue, Scranton,
The Finest In the Citjv
The latest Improved furnish'
ings and apparatus for keeping
meat, butter and eggs.
223 Wyoming Ave.
Europoan Plan. First-class Bar at
tached. Depot for Bergner & Engle'l
Taunhacuser Beer.
H.E.CoMOth and Filbert StsPhila.
Most desirable for residents of N. E.
Pennsylvania, All conveniences for
travelers to and from Broad Street
station and the Twelfth and Market
Street station. Desirable for visiting
Sermitonlans and people In the An
thraclto Region.
psiTRit snoK co., im'p. capital, st.oeo.Mg.
"A dollar larnl it a dollar tamtd." 1
Thlstjtdles' Hollrt French IMmgoln Kid But
ton iloot delivered fra anywh.r Id Ih. U.S., on
receipt 01 uun, uonoy uroe r,
cr 1'o.tml Not for tl40.
lr.nnil nvArv v.v thm hoot.
sold In all KUill tton for
14.60. We intko this boot
ouraolvM, ther.for. wa guar
anttt tli. fit. ttvli and tetar,
aud it any on It not satl.fltd
we win ramna uia money
Mod another pair, upara
To or Common Benae,
W IU Ul. y, I I. Bt, C Aft,
1 to S and ban
Stn J your ti;
II Jit H.
Dexter Shoe Co., BOSTON. MASS.
bold Uliauttu oooiumtra ATtnw Est nni ts
erar baforo
inn-tarf All
on.rL Buy oii.ji puiu liu
id unuuifafuittr,. Vt . alilp
rnimiMK n r.x .taiXATtoi,
iva ou lnm nt to W vr wiit. A tailor
nt tun, s.iu. fan or winter ovareoata,
l.Mi. llu;,' combination tulll C2 18.
Kt it 0O:i0.Ta a Hi'M um. Banj tulay
tor t KiIl litalmimth cutoff, addreu
J44 wabatnAve., Chicago. ill.
That we WILL GIVE you beautiful new pat-1
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select trom at
Also a Full Line ot
F r ni n pi p mump
m m dummu m m
m Hold Fast
I x. jRtpnlipnflpr lh
W Sharpening, ,J I K 1 V Ml
VV - ; Detachable . f U V WW UV W Ul
Scranton, Pa.
We have the following supplies of lumber secured, at
prices that warrant us in expecting a large
share of the trade :
Pacific Coast Red Cedar Shingles.
"Victor" and other Michigan Brands of
White Pine and White Cedar Shingles,
Michigan White and Norway Pine Lum
ber and Bill Timber.
North Carolina Short and Long Leaf
Yellow Pine.
Juniata County, Pennsylvania, Whlto
Sullivan County Hemlock Lumber and
Tioga County Dry Hemlock . Stock
Elk County Dry Hemlock Joists and
Miscellaneous stocks of Mine Rails, Mine Ties, Mine
Props and Mine Supplies in general.
Vw dticoTtry. Will braw vea nptn WMk
lt.iji ia AMI buuf.
toi will VBTTTH
;0RAN,KR to cor. x.rra.iD.biliti. I,ou ofs.iual Powar in allhMaaa,
luvoltinttt f Kintstioui from any cau... If aogUCd, anch IroubUa 14 f
cnmmnptloii or luiai Hf , ll.Wptr box b mail, tM lor So. With 'n't
ortl.r air. a vrlttim guaia.i.r iv auia Q t(ua4 tka aaoaay.
FAL kUIHCiNI CO.. Chx.Loil, Cliio.
Foraalc By JOHN H. PHELPS, Pharmacist, cor. Wycming Avenua and
Sprues Strsst, Scranton, Pa.
m 1st
Maawa wmastay f - "
ever offered to Ladiss,
espeoiaUy rseommoad.
d to married Ladlas.
a .k wiimiia vvvimATiT. VTT.T.S1 and taV na rt1,.
irsntl for olroular. JPrtco 1.00 par box, 8 boxaa lr o.UO.
liTU MOTP8 CHEMICAL. CO, CloveUod, Ohio.
For SalebxJ-iijJlARJRIS, Druggist, 127 Penn Avenua.