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Are handed over to our patrons
that they may know what the
goods are made of, where they
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good for.
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Fur Capes
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ation: 27-iiicli Astrakhan Capes, $18.50
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tiful, the harmony of color in the
combination of effects is a won
derful creation of the artist's
Children's Black Wool
Hose, 25c.
Women's Black Wool
Hose, 25c.
Women's Black Hose,
Fleeced, 35c.
Grand Depot.
412 Spruce St., Scranton.
tr. IteeTaa la now fully established at
412 Bpruee street, Scranton. He has per
formed soma wonderful euros and has
cnlned the confidence of the public. He
has come to stay and will remain PER
MANENTLY at his tipruce street parlor
He has had long and varied experience In
hospital and private practice and treats
all acute and chronio diseases of men, wo
men and children.
He gives advice, services and examina
tions FREE OP CHARGE. No one Is
turned away.
Ho. with his assistants, treat all dla
eases of the nervous system, disease? of
ine -eye, our, nose and throat, dyspepsia.
rheumatism, lost vitality, premature
weakness or decay In both sexes, nervous
oeDiuty, catarrh, tumors, cancers, erup
tions, uioou poisoning, ms, epilepsy, in
discretions and errors of youth, lost man
hnnrl. pnxpmn anrnfiiln fit Vl.o1 Ann
asthma, diseases of the heart, lungs, liver,'
kidneys, bladder, stomach, etc.
Offer to the Public for Catarrh.
Any one suffering with Catarrh who
wishes to be permanently, quickly and
cheaply cured may receive three months"
treatment for only FIVE DOLLARS. The
doctor 1ms discovered a sueclfiu fnr'thia
dreaded disease. You can treat ami cure
yourseir and lamily with It at home. It
never falls to cure. A trial treatment
OFFICE HdURS-Dally 9 a. m. to 9 p,
m.: Sundays. 10 to 12 and 2 to 4.
Take elevator In Christian's Hat Storo,
Remember the name and number.
' Oil Cloths,
Window Shades and
Wall Paper.
All the Latest Designs.
J. Scott Inglis
(our doors 'above Wyoming Ho us.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
Mrs. H. N. Mott has been quite ill,
but Is slowly convalescing.
Rev. J. C. Jehnson, of Bald Mount,
was a visitor here during the week.
Clarence E. Decker, of Scranton,
called on friends here on Thursday last.
W. V. Good has hla newly purchased
home nearly ready for occupancy. He
has made quite extensive alterations In
the same and has put in a furnace for
heating the same.
George Williams has moved Into the
house lately occupied by Mr. Anthony
Lance at the Summit.
M. Luther Miller, of Scott, will oc
cupy his new home on Highland park
An Improvement on our main
thoroughfare quite noticeable is the
placing o f a large quantity of well
broken stone in the same. It Is cer
tainly the best thing that could be done
at this time of year.
The Epworth league rally held here
on last Friday evening and Saturday
was quite largely attended. The lec
ture on the "Philosopher's Stone" by
the Rev. S. Jay Austin, of Vallsvllle,
was very highly appreciated. The
exercises on Saturday were very much
delayed by the Inclement weather, yet
much Interest was manifested In the
articles presented. Miss Lydla Perkins'
report on the Simpson rally at Scranton
was greatly appreciated, as it furnished
new material for thought to the many
who were not privileged to attend; also
the essay on "What Literary Work Is
Practicable In Our Leagues" by Miss
Luella Frace, which drew forth much
comment and discussion. Several
papers were necessarily forced over
Into the uftenioon session. The essay
by Miss Ella Mumford was loudly
cheered. The paper upon the "Aim of
the Epworth League" produced much
discussion by Its many suggestive
thoughts. The "Various Plans of
League Work" was also suggestive, and
will leave many thoughts among the
listeners. At tin? business meeting an
appropriate constitution was adopted
for the government of the newly form
ed "Simpson Epworth League Union,"
which includes the Waverly, Newton
Falls, Palton,1 Factoryvllle, Nicholson
Tunkhannock and . West Nicholson
charges, and which will hold Its meet
ings quarterly. The first meeting to be
annunced at the coming rally to be
held at Bald Mount on Thursday and
Friday of thla week. Any of the places
within the district named by Invitation
may secure its beneficial aid to their
own local chapter, the first meeting to
be held in January, 1895, by applying to
E. W. Kemmerer, president; Albert
Mack, secretary, or the board of con
trol, consisting of Dr. J. C. Coult, Pro
fessor Fred C. Hanyon, of Waverly,
Pa., and A. A. Davis, of Clark's Green,
before the 22nd Inst. From the lateness
of the hour much was omitted. The
singing was largely congregational.
Two duets were sung, the first by the
Misses Uertha Beatty and Bessie Mill
Icnlx, and the second by the Misses
Belle and Eleanor Blesecker, of Bald
Mount. Both were highly appreciated
The last, though somewhat condensed,
was by no means the least. The ad
uress Dy the presiding elder. Rev. J. G.
Eckman, on the "Elements of Strength
In the Epworth League," closing at 4.30
p. m. with congratulations to the visit
lng delegates from Waverly, which was
large, Factoryvllle, Newton, Clark's
Summit, Chinchilla, and the rally
passed into the things that were.
There were no regular preaching ser
vices held in the Methodist Episcopal
church in the afternoon, having been
taken up for the quarterly meeting
service, wnicn was held at Waverlv
Special preaching service was held in
the evening by Rev. J. G. Eckman, who
preached from the text Acts ix, 20 "And
straight he" preached Christ In the syna
gogues, mat He is the Son of God.'
Special meeting of the cabinet of our
Chapter of Epworth league will be held
on 'tuesday evening at the house of J,
w. Aiuuenix.
We have an elegant
goods. Davldow Bros.
line of holiday
jm jtogcrs uros. triple plated table
npuuiis, a Bet. Davldow Bros.
We have Just received an elegant line of
presents, uaviuow Bros.
Mrs. T. D. Williams, of Hyde Park,
spent ednesday with friends here.
miss Mary Williams, of Vandllng, Is
visiting at the home of David Williams,
or this place.
John Olledyke, who has been confined
to his bed with a very severe illness, Is
on the road to recovery.
Miss Georgle Haverly, who has been
Burtenng from a severe attack of scar
let fever, Is now out of dancer.
The ladles of this community held i
meeting on Thursday, the object being
io see in wnat way they could assist
me io. l nose company In making
their coming fair a success.
Alfred Mountford and John H. King
were in acranton on Wednesday.
Gentlemen, have you seen the new stylo
link cuff buttons that Davldow Bros have
lor Baie i - ,
After dinner tea and
oonee spoons
Triple plated silverware.
Davldow Bros,
Solid silver and gold belt pins, neat de
signs, uaviuow tiros.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Mrs. v lnslow s Soothing Syrup" lias
oeen UBeu ior over nrty years by mil
lions or mothers for their children while
teething, with perfect success. It soothes
the child, softens the gums, allays nil
pain;. cures wind colic, and Is the best
remedy for diarrhea. Sold by druggists
in every part or me world. He sure an
ask for "Mrs, Wlnslow'B Soothing SvruD,
and tako no other kind. Twenty-live cents
a bottle.
It is useless for anyone to try and find
a nicer assortment of link cuff buttons
than Davldow Bros have.
Venus, Jupiter r Mars, whichever you
choose to call it ,may be Been In Davldow
Bros, handsome show window.
C. D. Simons Is disposing of a car load
of apples In Scranton. '
O. K. Simons has accepted the posi
tion with H.' F, Nicholson vacated by
Carl Williams.
The Dramatic club of this place will
play "Flnnlgan'g Fortune" at the opera
Latest U.S. Gov't Report
ouse on Thanksgiving night. The
proceeds are to build a sidewalk to the
A clothes-pin social will be held at E.
Nash's this evening.
G. G. Holllster, of Holllstervllle,
called on friends In town yesterday.
Ed. Whitney, of Carbondale, Is look
ing after the monument trade In this
When It Is time that you are In need of
money do not forget Davldow Bros, bank
ing establishment.
Gla3s cut prices. Davldow Bros.
Our miners' friend Is a $1.00 clock. Guar
anteed timekeeper. Davldow Bros.
Colonel H. B. Sprague delivered the
fourth of the couiso of lectures on
Shakespere" for Archbald University
Extension circle on Wednesday eve
ning. The attendance was very large
and the lecture was fully as satisfac
tory as any of those that have proceed
ed it. The speaker dwelt on
Shakespere's minor poems; the Bacon
Ian theory and the changes In Shakes
pere's style. It was Illustrated by cop
ious selections from the Eonnets and
lays of the great author. Colonel
Sprague is not a believer In the Bacon
Ian theory and thinks that there was a
vast difference In the character of the
men and the style of their writings.
Shakespere had a luxurant imagina
tion; there 13 SEntlment. warmth, feeling
and a wealth of Imagery In his work.
Bacon was almost without poetic feel
lng; he had sentiment and imaglna
tlve power but not the graceful man
ner of expression that one finds In
Shakespere. His mind was the mind of
poet Aside from the difference in
style and temperament. Mr. Sprague
gave other reasons tending to prove
that Bacon was not the author of the
olavs attributed to Shakespere. The
next lecture will he given on Wednes
day, Dec. 5. It will relate to his char
acter and other qualities that have
made him famous. .
The Transit company Is now using
covered cars. They wore run for the
first time on Tuesday afternoon. They
are elegant and comfortable, a vast im
provement over the refrigerators that
have been used on the line.
The fair of St. Thomas' congregation
continues to attract large crowds
nightly. A large number of persons
from out of town attend each evening.
When your watch or clock needs rtpali'-
ng, call on Davldow Bros.
A household maxim for the busy bar
gain seeker, Davldow Bros.
We have an elegant line of ladles stick
pins In sterling silver. Davldow Bros,
W. L. Van Busklrk has returned to
Philadelphia after a two weeks' stay
Misses Cuslck. of Hyde Park, and
Mollle O'Malley, of Pltlston, were visi
tors here Monday evening.
The revival services conducted by
Mrs. Grace Welser Davis at the Meth
odist Episcopal church are being well
attended, and a number of persons are
becoming converted at each meeting.
The fair of the German Evangelical
church commenced last evening at
Weber's rink.
One of the most pleasant social gath
erings held In this place for some time
past was given at the benutlful resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Winslow,
corner of Grove and Washington
streets, on Monday evening. The
event was a surprise party In honor of
their son, Fred's, twentieth birthday
After the usual birthday greetings
were exchanged, the . young people
made themselves perfectly . at home,
and then the evening was enjoyably
spent In playing games of all kinds.
About 11 o'clock a light lunch was
served to the assembled guests. The
following persons were present: Misses
Jettle Winslow, Lena King, Edith Van
Busklrk, Mary Van Busklrk, Edith
Price, Anna Gordon, Kate Ludgato,
Anna Nash. Mattle Courtrlght, Ida
Courtrlght, Maria Thomas, Anna Bel
seeker, Sarah Reese, Anna Field, Grace
King, W. S. Decker, H. J. Daniels,
Thomas Davis, William Gordon, John
Gordon, Frank Decker, David Harris,
Gomer Davis, Harry Winslow and John
Liberty council, No. 2, Daughters of
America, will hold a ball and supper
tonight at Welsenfluh's hall.
Before Davldow Bros: change their win
dow display, do not forget to gaze upon It.
Now Is tho time to seek holiday pres
ents. Hemember Davldow Bros.
Eight-dny clock3.
Davldow Bros.
Black walnut or oak.
, The report cards of last quarter were
dlntributed Friday. They brought
smiles lo the faces of Home, but frows
to others.
"Phi Mu" Bocloty held Its first meet
lng for the new term Friday evening.
The following officers were elected
President, E. W. Thompson; ylce-pres
Ident, II. S. Swallow, secretary, Beards
ley; treasurer, Boles; critic, Swallow;
librarian, Lappens.
An Interesting meeting of the Young
Men's Christian association was held
Tuesday afternoon. The subject was
"The Rewards of Righteousness;" the
leader, E. W. Kemmerer.
Monday morning Principal Loomis
made the appointments for the annual
prize speaking contest of the young
men. The contestants are the follow
ing: W. M. Dennlson, E. J. Dunklce,
E. W. Thompson, H. Seamons, Beards-
ley, C. E. Bunnell, E. W. Kemmerer, Jf
Mumford, H. S. Swallow, U. P. Hen
The foot ball team had Its picture
laiien r nuuy.
Tho Anahnnta rhinn unnnlmouslv netl-
tloned Principal Loomis last week to
allow them to continue the Anabasis
Instead of substituting two books of the
Hellenlea, as was Intended. The prlncl
pal granted the petition.
' Mrs,
L. V.r. Stone, mother of John L.
Is still confined to the house by
her recent Illness .
Hurry Kennedy has returned from a
week's vacation In Wayne county.
Miss I.lzzle Krauss. of Dunmore, la
the guest of Miss Llertha Bald. ,
The wedding of Albert C. Card to
Miss Nellie Winters was solemnized at
the home of the groom last Saturday
evening. The service was performed
by Elder Winters .father of the bride.
Mrs. George E. Stevenson has fully
recovered after her recent Illness.
William Sehaeffer, the genial hotel
proprietor of South' Gibson, visited his
old friend, G. H. White, last Wednes
day. Miss Kate Fanning, who Is lying se
riously 111 with typhoid fever at her
home on Breaker street, Providence,
spent the whole of last summer here
and made a host of friends who sin
cerely hope for a speedy recovery.
Watches that keep railroad time guar
anteed. Duvldow Bros.
Our line of ladles' solid gold and silver
necklaces Is the ilnest in the city. Davl
dow Bros. i
Our lino of ladles' solid gold band rings
for $1 is largo and varied. Davldow Bros.
Miss Fannie, daughter of J. J. Depue,
has gone to Philadelphia for treatment
for throat difficulty.
Rev. C. R. Lane, of Chambersburg,
Pa., a former pastor of the Presbyte
rian church here, Is lying at the point
of death with pneumonia. He has sev
eral relatives and hosts of friends here
who are very anxious about his case.
Elmer E. Brown, clerk In the commis
sioner's office, Is remodeling and en
larging the house on Harrison street
he recently purchased.
The harvest home festival given by
the Epworth league last evening was In
charge, of Mrs. C. J. Reed and Miss
Addle McKown, and was a complete
success In every particular. The dec
orations were fine and the programme
very pleasing. Miss Ella Brown as
"Queen of the Harvest" did the honors
gracefully. A nice little sum for the
treasury waa netted.
J. u. Rouse, of Philadelphia, was a
guest of his brother-in-law, J. J. Depue,
White & Dietrich are erecting a fine
monument at Newton Center today In
memory of the late Henry B. Collum,
of that place.
Today, at high noon, occurred the
marriuge of Dr. F. Judson Hai dwell to
Miss Hattle R. Little, at the residence
of the bride's parents on Waircn street
The ceremony waa performed by Rev
S. C. Hodge, pastor of the Presbyterian
churoh. Miss Sallle Bannatyne acted
as bridesmaid and Rodney J. Bardvvell
as best man. The occasion wus a bright
and happy one and the bride and groom
the recipients of many elegant and
costly presents. They will spend the
honeymoon vltiltlng New York, New
Haven and other places In the east.
The Wyoming county teacher's Insti
tute will be held the week commencing
Dec. 10.
Miss Ida Brungess, of Centermorc
land, one of the brightest teachers of
the county, Is reported very 111 of ty
phoid fever.
We hove an elegant line of ladles' stkk
pins in sterling silver. Davldow Bros.
Great English Remedy,
Gray's Specific Medicine
IF Vnil SIIFFFR from Nor-
vtaTWH. urn nut Tons Do
cility, Weakiifssof Body and Mind, Sperma
torrhea, and and all diseases that
rise torn over-indulgence and aolf-abuss. as
Loss or Memory and Power, Dim hobs of Vis
Ion. Premature Old Age and many other dia
caaea that lead to Insanity or Consumption
and an early grave, writo for a pnmphlet.
Address GRAY MEDICINE Co.. Buffalo.
N. T. The Bpeciflo Medicine ia sold by all
druggists at Si per package,, or six packages
for to, or sent by mail on receipt ot moner,
and with ovory 15.00 order UIC RDARnNTFF
cure or money refunded. c ffVwnw"
lrun account or oounterrelta we have
adopted the Yellow Wrapper, the only gtna
lue. Bold In Bcranton by Matthews Bros.
All done awny with by the use of HART
MAN'S PATKNT PAINT, which consists
of ingredients well-known to all. It can be
appneu to tin, galvanized tin, sheet iron
root's, also to brick dwellngs, which will
prevent absolutely any crumbling, crack
ing or breaking of the brick. It will out
last tinning of any kind by manv years.
ami It's cost does not exceed one-ltfth that
of tho cost of tinning. Is sold by the Job
or pound. Contracts taken by
AKW.MU liAKTAlAflliN, !7 Birch St
Store Crowded All the Week with Enthu
siastic Buyers at the
We bought the stock of the Hyde
Sale, and are selling it at a great sacrifice. Sale now going on at the store,
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of Hyde Park and vicinity to make their winter purchases in CLOTHING at
very low prices.
Bo3's' Pants,
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Men's and Boys' Overcoats, Ulsters,
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Sale at Hyde
Park Hat
Clothing Store
... c
1 14
Mail! AveUlie.
Look for the Sign!
Boys' ulsters
I -93C J
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers
General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
ilr. P. ir. Bush
Analoniluk, Teiio,
A Wonderful Cure
Ulcer in the Stomach
Hood's Sarsapariila Restores Flech
Strength and Health.
" C. L Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass. :
"I feel It my duty to suffering humanity to
give a statement of the wonderful cure Hood's
Sarsapariila brought about for me. Over two
years ago I became 111, duo to an ulcer In mv
slomucli. I had six or seven different physi
cians, whose standing was of the highest, lu',
they did not cure me. I was brokeu down us
health and lost In weight from
145 to 118 Pounds.
t could hardly get around, and alter suffering
severely for about a year, I commenced tal(lt:i
Hood's Sarsapariila. After the first bottle I be
gan to (eel like a new man. I purchased an-
other bottle and bad not taken half of it when 1
waa cured of my trouble. I am now hi health,
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ulnrlv to mv work. 1 nrinly believe Hood's Par-
saparllla saved my life." I", W. DfHH, Aualo-
nuiik, Pennsylvania. Get Hood's.
Hood's Pills are hand made, and perfect
Id proportion and appearance. 25c. per box.
Manufacturers of the Colobrutoi
100,000 Barrels per Annum
Coal of tho best quality for domestic
use, and of oil sizes, delivered In any
part of the city at lowest price.
Orders left at my OtHce
Rear room, first lloor, Third National
Bank, or sent by mall or telephone to thu
jiine, will receive prompt uttention.
Special contracts will be mndo for the
lale and delivery of Buckwheat Coal.
Park Hat and Clothing store at Sheriff's
Boys' Waists,
2 for 25c.
Suits, Pants, Underwear, Hats, Caps, Etc,
Purchase a Genuine Bargain.
Sale atHyde
Park Hat
Lack. Ave.
Main Avenue,
Ji9"' . '"S
f J i
O- 1 ail f P 1 1 """
. Ill ! gt I I 'rgjjt
v 400402 LacKawansa Avenue. A
gg , , , r-ff
ts ' o
f V-&1
Chen l e Table Covers
- 6-4 Chenille Cover, $1.00 each; reduced from $1.25.
We also carry the 4-4 and 8-4 sizes.
Chenille Draperies
An endless line of patterns. The low prices will as
tonish you.
Japanese Screens
Black and Gold, White
Cloth Screens.
Unfilled Oak Screen
Oak Tables
75c, 90c., $1.25, 1.50
Great Bargains
406 AND 408 LACKA. AVE.
Branch at Carbondale.
That's the word that expresses the results of the
past few days of our annual Room-making Sale.
The best advertisement we have had will be spread
around by the crowds of pleased buyers who attend
this sale. The bargains we are selling are some
thing more than noteworthy, something more
than wonderful, and although at these prices al
most everyone is paying cash, we still continue to
extend the use of our PEERLESS CREDIT system,
to all who desire it, at price's lower than that of
exclusive cash houses. Prompt delivery guaran
teed, due to the increase in our wagon service.
Prompt attention from salesmen, as two more
were added this week. Join in the march and
look these bargains over :
The best 11.25 quality English Brus- 19c.
sels Carpet for 7Gc. ttr yard. Ueot inc.
Woolen Carput fur COc. per yard. 19c.
Yard-wide Ingrain Carpet per l'.ic.
(yard) for...
$35.00 Pollshod Oak Sideboard, Jl 90
handsomely carved base and J1 M)
top plush lined drawer, lurire ?1 90
bevel mirror, $U.50. An 18.(io Met U Hi
of Dining Chairs, high backs $1 0
curvd, pur ihalr for. .'. $1 'JU
Notwithstanding above give-away prices, we continue
to give the American Onyx Finished Clock .with $50
purchases or over and the' ioopiece Dinner Set with $75
purchases or over.
and Gold and Light Colored
and $2.50 each. These aro
$15.00 Silk Tliish Tarlor Suit, five $3 75
pieces for $28.00. $75.00 All SIIK 8 75
Brocatelle Fringed and Over- $3 75
muffed Suit, $39.00. A TapflStry 75
Covered Lounge, IS springs for... S3 75
Special bargains In Chambor Kur- $5 75
nltiire, $25.00 suit. Antique Dak, $0 75
line gloss nniuh for $111.00, tine $5 75
quartered oak suit, piano flnhih, $5 75
larffo French bevel plate, $.50. J5 75
Neat odd dressers, eaeh for.?.,.. $5 75