The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 19, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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    'ME. SCKANTOX Tit I lit '.N J3 .MONDAY MUUNLNU, 'iNOV-EMJiEtt 19, .189-1.
7 -
Two kinds of Fur Capes ours and
other people's. Ours from cheap
est to dearest, are well made and
Every garment LOOKS more than it
COSTS. Kush of business tremendous.
Pleases women to get "elegance at
moderate cost."
$6,50, $19.50, $23.50,
$25 $27.50 up to $75
Never, never, never so much for so
little. Every detail of manufacture
closely watched and carefully calcu
lated, Result Maximum style, mini
mum cost Prices $5. 50, $0.50,
$7.50, 9.50, 810.50, 812.50 up to
(hO. Every one a bargain. Tell
jour neighbors.
Only the styles upon which Dame
Fashion has set her stamp of ap
provaland just such, too, as
have been pronounced perfect by
competent glove judges.
Grand Depot.
412 Spruce St., Scrantoo.
Dr. Heaves ia now fully established nt
41!! Sdi-uco street. Seranton. He has per
formed pome wonderful cures and has
Kulned the confidence of the public. He
lias come to stay und will remain PER
MANENTLY at his Stiruce street ourlors.
He has had lonir and varied experience in
hospital and private practice and treats
all acute and chronic diseases of men, wo
men and children.
He etvs advice, services and examlna
lions I'Kfcii uj- uiAKUti, sso one
turned away.
He. with his assistants, treat all dls
eaues of the nervous system, diseases of
tne eye, ear. nose aim tnrout, dyspepsia,
rheumatism, lost vitality, premature
Weakness or decay In both sexes, nervous
ueouity, catarrh, tumors, cancers, erup
tlons, blood poisoning, fits, epilepsy, In
discretions and errors of youth, Bst man
hood, eczema, scrofula, St. Vtas' dance,
HSinuia, diseases or tne heart, lungs, liver
Kiuneys, maaaer, siomacn, etc.
Offer to the Public for Catarrh.
Any one suffering with Catarrh who
wishes to be permunently, quickly :uvJ
cheuply cured may receive three months'
treatment for only FIVE DOLLARS. Tho
doctor has discovered a specific for this
dreaded disease. You can treat and cure
yourseir ana ramiiy with it at home. It
never falls to cure. A trial treatment
OFFICE HOt'RS-Daily 9 a. m. to 9 p,
if 7uluu.Vt V IV Aw tVIIU Ji IV .
Tak elevator in Christian's Hat Store,
Remember the name and number.
Oil Cloths,
Window Shades and
Wall Paper.
All the Latest Designs . '
J. Scott Inglis
four doors above Wyoming House.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
jd&fel Baking
i bSS Powder
Durlnff tho week Just closed the
writer had occasion to visit the J'ltlstoa
hospital, and the many striking mani
festations of man's generosity that he
beheld prove that the poor and the af
flicted la their hour of adversity we
not forgotten by the noble spirited men
ml women of this place. The monthly
reports published, which enable the
public to learn just what Is received
11 the way of dellcucles, etc., give but
faint Idea of Its substantial condition.
n the south ward ure thirteen beds, nil
of which have been endowed by socie
ties and residents of this place. Each
bed Is worth $50 and have been donated
by the following: No. 1, St. John's
lodgi?. Free and Accepted Masons. 233;
No. 2, W. G. Nugent post, 24D, Grand
Army of the Republic; No. 3, Gohouto
lodge, 314, Independent Order of Vdd
Fellows; No. 4, Wyoming; lodge, Knights
of Honor; No. C, Royal Arcanum, 134;
No. 6, Mrs. W. L. Watson ; No. 7, Catho
lic Mutual Benefit association, 48; No.
Blessed Virgin sodality, St. John's
(R. C.) church; No. 9, "Mary Bed;" No.
10, "John Brown Bed;" No. 11, Valley
lodge, A. Y. M., 499; No. 12; Luzerne
lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fel
ons, 721; No. 13, Archie F. DeWltt.
The "Mary Bed" was purchased by a
fund creatod by popular subscription
through the efforts of Editor Hart, of
the Gazette. It ln located on the east
side of the building and adjoins the
'John Brown Bed," which has been
provided In tho same manner. The
'Archie DeWltt Bed" was presented by
Archie DeWltt, sr., as a gift In honor
of his son's birthday, which occurred
Oct. 6. The several appliances, many of
them the origin of Superintendent Glle
son, tend greatly to facilitate the work
Incumbent upon the removal of patients
from the several wards to the operating
room. Particularly among them Is a
vehicle with a table body. It Is six feet
ong and two feet wide. The running
geur consists of two rubber tire wheels
ocated In the center, and are of bicycle
pattern. The vehicle Is of polished oak
and Is the same height as the beds. In
the removul of patients Its comfort and
utility can be readily understood. Si
impressed was Lr. Guthrie, one of the
staff of the Wllkes-Barre hospitul, with
the vehicle while on a recent visit, that
he expressed his Intention of having
two built for similar use In the hos
pital in that city. Another feature that
commands the admiration of tho visi
tor is the recent changes made In the
bath room and closet service. With
out exception In point of cleanliness
and elegance they stand unsurpassed
by any similar Institution. The floors
are of tile and the walls to a height of
nix feet are liulshed with a coating
similar to Celluloid. The bath Is of the
latest pattern, as are also the closets
and wash stands. Two radiators furn
ish steam heat to each eomuurtmnet.
Both rooms are convenient to each of
the -wards. .While all these comforts
are greatly appreciated, the necessity
of financial aid and necessaries such as
are needed In Institutions of this kind
must not for a moment be lost sight of.
The winter Is close at hand and a dona
tion of apples, potatoes, turnips, coal,
etc., be the quantity treat or small.
would no doubt be gratefully accepted.
While much has been said In praise of
the generosity of the friends of the hos
pital, but nevertheless deserved, what
the physicians who all along have done
and who continue to .give their time and
attention to alleviating the suffering,
their services, while overlooked, have
not been forgotten. At an early day
the writer will endeavor to eonvev as
minutely as possible some Idea of what
these gentlemen have done without re
ward other than the acknowledgment
of a grateful community.
Joe Hltchner, of "Tld Bit" fame, Is
In trouble. He has been accused of ap
propriating ty his own use a Shanghai
rooster, belonging to his neighbor, Jo
seph Lungford.and must stand trial for
the offense. The trial Is set down for
next Thursday evening In Music Hall,
and all deshious of witnessing the fun
can do so for 50 cents. G. S. Ferris,
esq., will represent Mr. Hltchner, while
1'. A. O'Boyle will look after Mr. Lang
ford's Interests. Burgess S. B. Bennett
will be the judge, while tho jury yet re
mains to be manufactured. It Is safe
to say that the truth will be gaily flirt
ed with.
By a new schedule of the Lehigh Val
ley road, which went Into effect yester
day, the competition which the com
pany has been compelled to suffer by
reason of the Traction company run
ning cars between Wllkes-Barre and
this place1 at a one-third less rate, has
caused the Valley company to annul
all accommodation trains running be
tween both points. 1
Mudam and Augtmtln Neuvllle, In
their new play, "Cell 22," will be seen
at Music Hall next Wednesday evening.
J. H. Miller writes from Oklahoma
that he has acquired the lease of a semi
bitunilnous coal tract about four miles
square. Joe Is a hustllntf youiur sur
veyor who went west a few months ago
to seek bis fortune. If there Is any
money In the coal business out there
he of the sort of stuff to get It out. May
success follow him.
James F. Day, Junior editor of the
Democrat, Is about to take a trip to the
Lone Star state. Ho hns an uncle down
In that region whom he expects to
Washington Camp, No. 4S9.I'atrlotlo
Order Sons of America, of East Lemon,
will hold their annual anniversary sup
per on "Wednesday, Deo. J2, In the base
ment of the Methodist Episcopal church
at that place. The iRast Lemon boys
are naturally hospitable and their
sprends tire always something to be en-
F. P. Avery received word yesterday
morning that his cousin, Mrs. Will
iam Hement, of Philadelphia, is dead.
Some of the members of the family will
go down to the funeral.
The wagon bridge across the Susque
luinna has been replunlced one-half its
entire length. Perry Hillings had the
A. S. Wlntermute Is wearing crutches,
tUt result of dropping a timber on his
foot while working on the river bridge.
Mrs. J.JL Miller gave a. dinner party
to a large number of fnlends Saturday.
A settlement of the ease of the com-
monwiHun vs. t;. t-. voBhurg was
agreed upon, but for some- reason the
selllomeiit was not consummated und
the case will be laid before the grand
Jury nt January term. Vosburg was In-
dloted for tearing down fences and do
ing malicious mischief.
Leonurd Cooper 1 taking a course at
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Wood's bti'ineis college, Scranton.
MeEhoppen has organized a board of
health and passed the regularly pre
scribed borough ordinances appertain
ing to their work.
Miss Grace Bonner, of Eatonvllle, the
bright and sparkling elocutionist, Is
winning fresh laurels wTi-srevef she
goes. She has been at Forest City uiiil
adjacent towns within a few days und
the press compliments her highly.
The policy of retrenchment on the Le
high Valley has extended to the passen
ger service, and the new schedule cuts
off one Important train running from
New York to Elmira. It Is No. 13,pass-
Ing here at 10.48 a. m. Some important
changes In the running time of other
trains have been made, notably the
New. York vestibule, which passes here
at 2.46 p. m., instead of 3.16 as hereto
fore. Jewelry repaired. Davldow Bros.
The chapel of the Baptist tabernacle
was a very pretty sight Friday even
lag, the occasion being the annual
chrysanthemum supper under the aus
pices of the Ladles' Aid society. In the
center of the room was a large collec
tion of chrysanthemums, artistically
grouppd. The tables were nicely ar
ranged and also presented n tempting
sight. The supper was well patronized
and the ladles added a neat sum to the
Miss Lillian Storm and Miss Whit
more, of Scranton, spent Sunday as the
guests of Miss Mattle Hards, of Lin
coin avenue.
A. A. Hall has returned from a visit
to his sun, Charles Hall, in Elmira,
N. Y.
On Tuesday and Wednesday evening
of this week will be held the annual
supper In aid of the Congregational
Burt R. Hall nnd a committee are ar
ranging for a cantata, "Crowning of
Christmas," to be rendered by the Sun
day school of the Berean Baptist
church. It will be given on Christmas
night in the tabernacle and will take the
place of the unnuul Christmas exer
cises of the school.
C. E. Spencer and daughter, Margery,
are on a ten days' visit to friends In
Ypsllantl, Mich.
Henry Brennan Is on a business trip
to New York city.
Sunday evening Rev. T. E. Jupson, of
the Baptist tabernacle, preached his
second sermon on the Bible as a book
His subject wus, "How the Bible Was
Given Us."
Edward Hinted and family, of Darte
avenue, spent Sunday with Waymart
A most exciting game of foot ball
was played on Saturday afternoon on
the new nthletlc field between the Car
bondale High school team and a team
from the Scranton Business college,
Some hard fighting was done nnd both
sides made a touchdown. The score
was 4 to 4. The teams lined up us fol
Scranton. Cnrbomlale.
Thompson renter Singer
Barnes right guard Watt
Richards left guard .... Hockenberry
Brooks right tackle .Luftus
Burnes left tackle.. ..Hockenberry
Cummlngs right end Abbott
Matthews left end Rutherford
Klple .uuarter Murrin
Peters right half back Bovard
Owens left half back.. ....... Walsh
Beck full back Brennan
On Saturday morninir C. W. Walker
hurriedly entered a Salem avenue bus!
ness place and asked for change for $
he was accomodated. He was In such
a hurry to go out that he opened the
door, but instead of going out the open
door, he came with great force against
the other door which was shut. The
result was that his head went through
the pane of glass and he received a
deep gash on the nose.
Miss Gertrude Dennis, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Dennis, of
Washington street, entertained a large
party of little friends on Saturday af
ternoon In honor of her tenth birthday.
William Plel, prescription drugtflsl
for A. W. Reynolds, spent Sunday at
his home in Honesdale.
Miss Murian Crane and Miss Florence
Harrison spent the Sabbath as the
guests of the Misses Hutchins, of
On Saturday at 12.45 p. m. occurred
the death of John D. Jones at his home
on Wayne street. He had been a suf
ferer for a long time with lung trouble
Deceased was 110 years of age. Funeral
will be held this (Monday) afternoon,
Service -will be conducted in the First
Presbyterian church at 3 o'clock. In
terment will be made In Maplewood
Have your eyes examined at Davldow
Bros. Free of charge.
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been
used for over titty years by millions of
mothers for their children whllo teething.
With perfect success. It sooths the child.
softens the gums, allays all pain; cures
wind colic, and Is the best remedy for di
arrhea. Sold by druggists In every part
of the world. Be sure and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no
other kind. Twenty-tlvo cetits a bottle.
For line watches cull on Davidow
Every watch s uaraiiteed.
W. rike attended the funeral of
M. B. Wright ut Susquehanna Satur
Silas K. Pike was In lUnghumton Sat
Phllo McDonald, who hod hid hip
dislocated a few days since, is but aKaln
on the streets under the good treatment
of Dr. Lamb.
H. B. Georgia, of the Blnghamton
Herald, was In town Saturduy.
Mrs. M. Brown, who hus been 111,
Is out' again.
L. T. Truvls hns built a new meat
market on Chase avenue.'
U. R. W. Beurle, of Susquehanna,
was In town on Saturday.
A member from this place attended
the funerul of M. B. Wright nt Susque
hanna yesterday.
Unredeemed pledges. Davldow BroB.
Hon. E. K IlanU-tibprgr, Hon. Honry
Wllrtou nml E. A.- Pennlmmi left hero
Saturday to ntteml the. funeral Bvrrlces
of the lute M. B. wrltfht.-
Hunting partlou have been out In the
wllds of Pike county nfU-r the fleet-
footed deer fur neverul weeks past. Sat
urday n litti'ly composed oV Murtln W'lll-
lum Kimble, KusHell Kimble, William I
Blukney and V. E. Cook, returned from
a few days' trip and brounht home two
i flue deoA They are Justly , proud of
their trophies. - t
Harry Svmmong visited friends in
Glrdland lrtist week. : : . '
Miss-Susie Walt, of Hawley, wh the
guest of Houcsdale relatives Saturday.
Magnifying glasses. Davldow Bros.
Miss Alice Pigeon, of New' York
city, visited at W. J. Bergan's last
Ernest Caryl was in Mayfleld Satur
day. . ,
Patrick Bergan was In Scranton Sat
urday niaht.
C. S. Hnyt was in Pittston yesterday.
C. S. Hoyt und H. J, DeGraw attend
ed the Worren-Uulikwertz wedding at
Scranton last Thursday night.
Richard Friend was In Carbondale
Saturduy night.
Walter Griffiths and Edward Masten
W. .1. Bergan und Timothy McCarty
were in the Pioneer City Saturday
Eyeglasses 25c. Davldow Bros.
The employes of the Delaware and
Hudson mine received their monthly
wages Thursday.
Born, tn Mr. and Mrs. William Beero,
a son.
Mrs. Henry Vlzzard, who sailed to
England about two months ago, Is ex
peceted home today.
The Delaware and Hudson mine
worked fourteen days during the last
month. The pay-roll amounted to about
)110UU, and lu,0u0 tons of coal were
Uriah Mitchell, of Monroetown, has
been visiting his brother, II. D.
Was a Good Job,
From the Troy Times.
Waite, of Colorado, attributes his defeat
t the opposition f the women, thousands
of whom voted Tuesday. It was a good
Job. whoever did It.
Alt Katie Rosengrant
lister, reon.
The Worst Case the Doc
tors Ever Saw
Hood's Sarsaparilla Perfectly Cured
"C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Dear Sirs: I wish to testify to the great
value of Hood's Sarsaparilla. For some time I
bad been troubled with scrofula, which early
last winter assumed a very bad form.
Sores Appeared on My Face
and hands and gradually increased in number
until they reached to my shoulder. The doctors
said It was the worst case of scrofula they ever
saw nnd also went so far as to say It was In
curable. I tried ointments uud other remedies
but to no avail. A friend recommended Hood's
Sarsaparilla, and although I was completely ills
couraged, a last chance I resolved to give It a
trial. AitertaKlngoiie bottle I noticed the sores
hod commenced to heal. Alter the sixth bottle
They Were All Healed.
I continued to take It, however, until I had used
nine bottles, and now I am perfectly well."
Hood's Pills are prompt and efficient, yet
asy In action. Bold by all druggists. 2c.
Store Crowded All
siastic Buyers at the
We bought the stock of the Hyde
Salt, and are selling it at a great
1HS.31AL AVEME, HIDE PARK; A great opportunity for the people
of Hyde Park and vicinity to make their winter purchases in C'LOTIILNG at
very low prices.
J RnV5'
Boys' Pants,
2 for 25c.
:. ""J"
Men's and Boys' Overcoats, listers,
at lour Uwn Trice, tvery
Sale at Hyde
Park Hat
Clothing Store
114 vS; .
Main Avenue.
Look for the Sign!
Locomotives, Stationary Engines, Boilers,
liUlollNLi AND
Uraat English Remedy.
Specific Medicine
mrw ana uuadULaMU
biUty, WeakneM of Body and Mind, Bpm
torrn, a ad Imuotaney. and all diraaaes that
aril tiom OTM-kirtuldeioe and aelf-abniw. as
Loaa of Memory and Powar, Ulmutea of Vis
ion. Prematura Old Age and many otbar Ola' I
ease that lead to Insanity or Conanmptiun
anu au iy grave, write ror a pamuniet.
.Addrew GRAY MEDICINE Vu.. Buffalo.
N.Y. Th Bpecino Uxdlclna la sold by all
druggists at II par package,, or six cackagee
for $5, or tent bv mail on receipt of mooev,
and with every 5.C0 order Ur RllnRoNTFc
a cure or money refunded. 1 V'fHnB"lri
IWVn account or counterfeits we nave
adopted the ullow Wi-apser. tho only Etna-
hie. Bold In Bcranton by Matthew Bros.
s so
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
100,000 Barrels per Annum
Win. Linn Allen
& Co.
Buy and sell Stocks, Bonds and Gralr.
on New York Exchange and Chlcagi
Board of Trade, either for cash or on
412 Spruce Street.
G. duB. DIHMICK, Manager.
'Spectacles !"
Yes sir ! We
have a specialist
here to Gt you who
dues nothing else.
Sit right down
and have your
eyes fitted in a
If If I
scientific manner.
Coal of tho best quality for domestic
use, unu 01 an size, delivered in
part of the city at lowest price.
viiiurH mil. &i my umce
Hear room, first floor, Third National
dank, or sent by mall or telephone to the
nine, will receive prompt attention.
Special contracts will be made for the
uie nun ueiivery or jsucKwneat Coal.
the Week with Enthu
Park Hat and Clothing store at Sheriffs
sacrifice. t Sale now going on at the store,
ktfir.Q I Boys' Waists,
yiviui v r 2 for 25c.
Suits, Pants, Underwear, Hats, Caps, Etc.,
Purchase a Genuine Bargain.
Sale at Hyde
Park Hat
Lack. Ave.
Main Avenue.
- BARRE, PA., Manufacturer of
. . General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
e - . 2 ,1 . s -V
Iflhe ..Fair. 1
400-402 Lackawanna Avenue. . , v
ifi glg)
II IBM 1111
Chenille Table Covers
6-4 Chenille Cover, $1.00 each; reduced from $1.25.
We also carry the 4-4 and 8-4 sizes.
Chenille Draperies
An endless line of patterns. The low prices will as
tonish you.
Japanese Screens
" Black and Gold, White
Cloth Screens.
Unfilled Oak Screen
Oak Tables
75c, 90c, $1.25, $1.50
Great Bargains
406 AND 408 LACKA. AVE.
Branch at Carbondale.
NOV. 19, AT 8
We inaugurate our annual " ROOM-MAKIXll SALE" for our Xmas dis
play. One-half of our superb stock, comprising the choicest of all
departments, will Lave to be sold at almost any price, as our Holiday
Goods are arriving daily. This will be good ' news for all and will
arou9e pleasant anticipations in the minds of those fortunate ones who
secured great bargains last year
usually large trade we have secured extra salesmen in all department
and extra wagons to deliver,as we
Salesmen will keep busy
Selling Antique Bedsteads,Springs,
Mattress, Comfort and Pillow,
worth 15, for $17.50 entire outfit.
Salesmen will keep busy
Selling $:s Cook Ranges for $11;
best made.
Salesmen w ill keep busy
Selling 'i: Sideboards for $0.75 5
Ant. Oak.
Salesmen will keep busy giving you all the credit you want and
giving you THAT Handsome Timepiece with purchases: of 50, or
Diuuer Set of 100 Pieces with $73 purchases.'
REMEMBER Xext Monday,
pijiww nil wifw
and Gold and Light Colored
$1.40 EACH
and $2.50 each. These are
at this sale. In anticipation of au un
believe in delivering goods promptly
Salesmen will keep busy
Selling 75c, English Brussel Car
pet for 4MCi new patterns. ' "
Salesmen will keep busy '
Sclliug.jSi.:5 Lcae Curtains for 75C
Salesmen will keep busy
Selling 05c. Kitchen Chairs for 30C.
Salesmen will keep busy
Selling the Finest and Heaviest
,j8 Bedroom Suits for f 25,
Nov. 10, at 8 o'eloek, at the
mi: rtv,AV'J
I, -