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Is Confident That He Will Be Able to
. Dcfent Cotbctt. ...
Willing to Have It Come Off Within Six
Weeks from Dote-An Effort to Have
It Take Place In January
. or February.
In his dressing room at the Frothing
ham theater yesterday afternoon Pugil
ist Robert Fitzslmmons, middle-weight
champion of the world, entertained
representatives of the press and was in
terviewed regarding his proposed fight
with James J. Corbett for the heavy
weight championship of the world. The
specialty theatrlcnl company, of which
Mr. Fitzslmmons is a member, arrived
in town in the morning from Hazleton.
He and his manager, Captain Charles
Glori, of Newark, registered at the Wy
oming, and after dinner walked to the
theater, where the "Kangaroo" took his
usual daily exercise.
He looks as healthy as a spring trout
and savs he feels that way. In his
bare feet he stands 5 feet, 11 inches
and weighs now about 1C-' pounds, in
fighting costume. The only part of his
frame that assumes the build of a fight
er Is the upper portion of the trunk,
his massive Bhoulders and long sinewy
arms. He chatted pleasantly with a
Tribune reporter, mainly about his
coming match with Corbett, and he
says without any semblance of bravado
that he will win it.
"The fact that I am willing to fight
Corbett and will stake my money and
reputation on it," he sulci, "ought to be
prima facie evidence that I am confi
dent of whipping him. There Is no
brag about it at all; it Is simply a nat
ural confidence, in myself of my ability
to defeat him."
"Don't you think," asked the report
er, "that you may be underestimating
your antagonist's fighting qualities,
and that you will have a bigger con
tract on hand than you seem to be
aware of?"
Bob Is Confident.
"Never mind, don't worry, I'll lick
him," was the response.
"What is your personal wish about
fixing the date for the fight?"
"I will fight In six weeks from now;
I Just want enough of time to get in
training, that is all. For my fight with
Dan Creedon I trained only four weeks
and I could train In that time to meet
Corbett. You can see I have no super
fluous flesh on me and all I need is
exercise for my wind. I take an hour's
exercise every day and that keeps me
In trim muscularly, but to get my wind
right, I would have to do some running
and walking, or Jogging, anything you
please to call It. There is. nothing
builds a man for endurance, such as
counts in a fight, better than, say, a
walk of nine or ten miles at a good,
Steady gait, and on the return, run four
miles of that swiftly, then break Into
a Jog for a mile or more and switch off
Into a motion like this," and Mr. Fitz
slmmons got up und went through a
pantomime after the fashion of a
goose on n dead run.
He said that he does not think, to
use his own words, "that the light will
ever be pulled off In Florida." Where
It will take place is a matter that he is
as far away from knowing as he ap
parently could be. Corbett does not
want to fight before September, and In
the meantime something may develop
that would disrupt the plans for a fight
If the place were settled upon now.
,'' .". Jacksonville Doesn't Want It.
The city council of Jacksonville, Fla.,
recently rescinded the ordinance allow
ing prize-fighting, and that constitutes
a stumbling block. Mr. Fitzslmmons
would like to fight before the Olympic
club of New Orleans, which has offered
a purse of $50,000. Negotiations with
this club did not pan out, because Cor
bett refused to consider the offer when
It was not accompanied with ready cash.
He refused to allow the club twenty
four hours to stake the money, because
he was unfriendly to that club. Mr.
Fitzslmmons is responsible for these
The Edison Klnitlscope company of
fers $50,000 for the fight and wants to
have It take place in Mexico, where
there is no danger of Interference from
the authorities. The pugilists could
fight, it is claimed, before the instru
ment, and every movement, every blow,
and even the twinges of their muscles
would be reproduced. These instru
ments would be carried through the
country and a price charged for look
ing at the fight through them that
would reap a hnrvest to the stockhold
ers of the company. Mr. Fitzslmmons
favors fighting under Buch auspices.
He prepared himself for his exercise
and Invited the reporter to witness it.
In the center of the stage was arranged
nn apparatus for punching the bag.
He superintended the arrangement of
It and suspended the bug with his own
hands. The exhibition he then gave
wlas a marvelous one. Ills cat-like
quickness and agility came Into play
ns his long arms shot out and sent the
bag iupward against the boards as
quickly as the puffs from a locomotive
going sixty miles an hour. He gave an
exhibition of parrying, uppercuttlng,
forearm blows, shoulder thrusts, and
swinging blows that awakened in the
reporter's mind a thankfulness that it
was the bag and not himself that was
getting them; After an hour's vigorous
exercise, he dressed and went to his
He Is Easy to Manage.
Captain Glori, his manager, speaks
in the highest terms of Fitzslmmons off
the stage. His habits and conduct are
of the best and there Is no trouble In
mnnaglng him. He said that the pugil
ist is so anxious to meet Corbett that he
has given cast Iron Instructions to make
no engagements that can not be ter
minated at a moment's notice. He Is
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not under contract at present to fulfill
any theatrical engagements beyond Jan.
20. Captain Glori carries the articles
of agreement between FitislmmonB and
Corbett in his . pocket and says he Is
going to make another effort to get the
fight to take plaoe either In February
or March, If he cannot, he Is willing to
wait until Corbett Is satisfied to ar
rirge a date. As Mr, Fitzslmmons was
ready to depart, ho predicted that the
fight would be settled inslda of twenty
five rounds.
At the Frothlngliam.
Last night Fitzslmmons and his com
pany gave an entertainment at the
Frothlngham to a large audience. The
gallery was crowded, the balcony well
filled, but the first floor had a- number
of vacant seats. The performance
opened with Juggling by John R. Harty,
Little Flo Perry, a mite of tender years.
who should not be allowed to apear on
the stage, sung, danced and recited In
a creditable manner, and Gordon and
Lick, musical comedians, did an enter
taining turn. Miss Nellie Franklyn
sang several character songs in a pleas
ing way, William E. Whittle gave a
good exhibition of ventriloquism, Bar
ron and Forrest, descriptive vocalists,
sung several songs and then, Howley
and Doyle made their appearance.
Howley is a Scranlonian, and was
given a hearty reception. The exhibi
tion of dancing given by himself and
Mr. Doyle was one of the best ever seen
in the city. Joe Hardman did a mono
logue that had some local hits In It, but
was coarse at times, and the Fltzglb-
bons family entertained with songs and
dances. They were the most creditable
feature of the evening's entertainment.
l'iusimtnons Appears.
Cob Fitzslmmons brought the enter
tainment to a close by a Bplendld ex
hibition of bag punching and a Bpar
ring bout with Con Heardon that was
so tame that the gallery protested In
long continued whispers. Fitzslmmons
Is quick, but his work with the gloves
against Iteurdon did not srive the au
dience a viiry exalted opinion of his
jrowess. 1
C. P. O'Ma
ley has been In receipt of
and telegrams of con
many letter;
gratulation since the result of his great
vlctoryln tho Fourth legislative district
became knov n. One of the messages
was from Governor-elect Hastings. It
referred to Mr. O'Malley as the "Baby"
of the next house. Physically and In
tellectually there will be few bigger men
in the next state legislature than Mr.
O'Malley, but he will be younger by
four years than any other member of
the house.
Judge Peck, of Towanda, who is hold
ing court In court room No. 2 this week,
is a pleasant, affable gentleman and
makes an excellent Judge.
Miss Nellie R. Beamish, daughter of
ex-Mayor Beamish, is earning quite a
reputation as a musical composer. Her
latest work, "The Dance of the Brown
ies," has been accepted by Hamilton &
Gordon, of New York, and will soon be
published by that firm.
Attorney John J. Bonner, of Old
Forge, who, a few a weeks ago, was
admitted to practice in the several
courts of Lackawanna county, will, to
morrow, leave for Carlisle, where ho
will take a course at the Dickinson Law
school. Mr. Bonner expects to complete
his studies at that institution next June
and will then begin the practice of law
in this county. I
Protronotary C E. Pryor and Clerk
of the Courts Johri H. Thomas have re
turned from Philadelphia, where they
went for a few days of . rest after the
excitement of the campaign was over.
Saturday night they witnessed tho big
Republican Jollification demonstration
in the Quaker City.
Rehearsals I nst Night for the Moody Gos
pel Concert a Grand Success.
Last evening there was a large at
tendance at the rehearsal of tho Sacred
Music society, and the liveliest interest
was manifested in the proposed Moody
Gospel concerts that are to be held by
the society at one of the play houses of
the city. It is the intention at present
to hold these concerts at 6 o'clock on
Sunday evenings, and to dismiss in
time for the church services In all parts
of the city.
At the first concert It is expected that
W. C. Weeden, and his sister, who is a
very fine soprano, will take the solo
parts. A circular platform 'will ' be
erected for the chorus, which will num
ber not less than 300 voices, and they
will bo accompanied by piano and or
chestra. Tho admission to the concert
made the arrangements complete in
every possible detail.
Alderman Wright Gave Judgment.
Alderman Wright yesterday gave
Judgment in the action brought by the
forty-five Italians against Contractors
Fahey & Ntcholls, for work done at the
Ridge, Archbald. A largj sum was de
ducted for purchases made at the store
and the figures, as calculated by the
alderman, received by both parties,
Attorneys Taylor & Taylor represented
the workmen and Attorneys Taylor &
Lewis the contractors.
Fresh oysters received dally at Pal
mer's market.
The Potter residence, corner of Blake-
ly and Potter streets, Is being exten
sively repaired.
H. A. Depue and Edward Early have
returned from a hunting trip with un
usually good success. ',
The Pennsylvania Coal company and
the Erie and Wyoming Valley railroad
will pay their employes today.
Miss Ella Walsh, of Peckville, who
has been visiting Dunmore friends the
past week, has returned home.
The Dunmore Cash Btore Is giving
free lunches of "breakfastlne.," served
by a young lady., Drop in and try a
Thomas Thornton has removed from
G. W. Frost's building at the Corners
to his father's house on West Drinker
The Christian Endeavor society of the
Presbyterian church Is growing In
membership. Several new members
Joined last Sunday evening.
The funeral of tho Italian that was
murdered Sunday night was held yes
terday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Inter
ment in Mount Carmel cemetery. '
A surprise party was given last even
ing to Frank Bllckens and Carlton
Letch wotth at their home on Chestnut
street, it being Mr. Blicken's birthday
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your blood, give nerve strength and build
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We have sold thousands and thousands
of alarm clocks .since our arrival In the
city and they gave perfect satisfaction,
Davldow Bros.
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Satur
day, J p. m.
"f " "
Ejectment Suit to Determine Owner
of a Property of That Size.
Distinguished Attorneys Who Are Trying
the Caso for Plaintiff nnd Defendants-Case
of Moran Against Leon
ard Will Go to the Jury Today.
A legal battle that will prove most
Interesting opened In court room No. 3
before Judge Gunster yesterday after
noon, and in all probability will occupy
the attention of the court for several
days. The action Is one In ejectment
and Is brought by the Mutual Life In
surance company against O, S. John
son, the coal operator, and Mrs, Cath
arine Wlnton to obtain possession of
twenty acres of land in the Thirteenth
ward of this city, which Is valued at
upward of $50,000.
Mr. Johnson Is mining the coal from
under this land in accordance of a lease
with Mrs. Wlnton. The plaintiff com
Dany Is reDresented h ritv Solicitor
Torrey and Attorney h' man, of Phil
adelphia, and the deft dants by ex
Judge Harding and ex-Attorney Gen
eral H. W. Palmer, both of Wllkes
Barre. The cause of the present action
is briefly as follows:
All Due to a Loan.
Away back in the seventies the Mu
tual Life Insurance company lent a
sum of money to A. B. Dunning and
took as security for It a bond and mort
gage on his property at Elmhurst, then
known as Dunnlngs. W. W. Wlnton
was security for Mr. Dunning on the
mortgage. The debt was not paid and
the property was sold, but sufficient
money was not realized to pay the
amount due the insurance Company,
and it began proceedings against Mr.
Wlnton to compel him tas security to
make good the deficit. The Green Ridge
land now in dispute was levied on as
his property and sold, . the insurance
company becoming the purchaser.
It never obtained possession of the
property, as It was claimed that It was
not owned by W. W. AVlnton at the
time the sale was made. It is con
tended that W. W. Wlnton owed his
wife Catharine a lnree sum of "nnev.
and that some time prior to levy
made at the Instance of the )ae
company he confessed Judgmt,.. .o her
and the property was sold to satisfy the
claim, Mrs. Wlnton becoming the pur
chaser. This sule, the plaintiff will en
deavor to show, was a fraud. But little
testimony was heard yesterday, and at
4 o'clock court adjourned for the day.
This morning Mr. and Mrs. Wlnton
will be put on the stand.
Morun-Lconord Suit.
In the main court room, before Judge
Archbald, the .suit of J. J. Moran
against B. E. Leonard was tried yes
terday. Moran sues to recover for
work done In erecting a brick stack for
boilers used to heat the Holy Rosary
church buildings at Providence.
Mr. Leonard refused to pay, for the
reason, as he believes, that his contract
did not provide that ho should have the
stack erected. His contract, he says,
was to provide the boilers and a build
ing to cover them, nothing else, and he
believes that Mr. Moran should apply
to Rev. N. J.- McManus, the rector of
Holy Rosary church, for his pay for
the stack. All of the testimony had
been heard when court adjourned for
Mr. Moran is represented by Attor
neys II. M. Hannah and T. J. Duggan
and the defendant by Major Everett
Warren and Attorney C. H. Welles.
The case will be given to the Jury this
.Mills Against Holthara.
Hugh Mills, of New street, was the
plaintiff In a suit tried before Judge
In No, 2. Thomas Holtham, a Penn
avenue wholesale liquor dealer, was the
defendant. In 1892 Mr. Holtham con
ducted a hotel on Capouse avenue and
employed Mills to do some work about
his home, at Green, for which the
plaintiff claimed he was entlttied .to
As an offset to this bill the defendant
alleges that Mills obtained food and
drink at his hotel far In excess of what
the wages claim nmounted to. The Jury
gave a verdict for the full amount of
Mills' claim.
Gay Scrantoninn Who .Made Trouble for
Wllkcs-Burro Authorities.
George Archibald, of Scranton, came
to the mayor's office yesterday and said
his wife had ran away from him and
was living In a house of HI repute on
Fell street, conducted by a woman
named Anna Thoma3. Warrants were
issued and Officers piercy, Helm, Gal
lagher and Chief Brlggs made a raid
on the place at 3 o'clock yesterday af
ternoon and arrested the Inmates, Liz
zie Seymour, Maud Steward and the
proprietress, Anna Thomas.
At the hearing It was shown that
the man Archibald was not legally mar
ried to the woman he called his wife
and that he had another woman living
with him. The mayor expressed his con
tempt for men of Archibald's stamp in
vigorous language, and after scoring
the Thomas woman for being engaged
In such business fined her $25 and the
other women $5 each. The mayor also
held Miss Thomas under $300 ball for
court. Monday evening's Wilkes-Barre
Mrs. Henrietta Button, of Janvier, N.
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The management of the Academy of
Music take pleasure In announcing to
their many patrons a double event on
Friday evening, a grand revival of
D'Enm 1 great drama, "The Two
Orphanv Vith that ever popular ar
tist, Miss ivate Claxton, as Louise, und
the distinguished tragedienne, Madam
JanauBchek, in her great Impersonation
of the Countess, assisted by a cast of
superior excellence, only equalled by
the original Union Square Theater com
pany, including such well known names
as Arthur Forrest, Donald Robertson,
William F. Clifton, Nell Warner, Edgar
Halstead. Miss Marion P. Clifton, Miss
Stuart, Miss Douglass and Miss Thor-
At the Frothlngham Friday and Sat
urday and Saturday matinee, "My
Wife's Husband" company, which Is
credited as being one of the strongest
and best comedy dramas on the road,
will be produced. The company is com
posed of a carefully selected metropoli
tan cast of ladies and gentlemen, In
cluding William H. Smeadly, last sea
son with Charles Frohman's "Gloriana"
company and three seasons with
Thomas Keene; Mr. Krafton Walton,
stage manager for Jeffry Lewis the
past three seasons, and others. The
play Is so constructed as to give ample
sedpe for good acting, singing and danc
ing, and Just enough pathos to create
one quart of tears to every 10,000 laughs.
One of the features will be the living
pictures by Miss May Callaham, Ameri
ca's most beautiful model.
"Wang," with a large company of
sixty people and two carloads of scen
ery, drops and properties, comes to the
Academy of Music on Saturday evening
with a special ladies' and children's
matinee at 2.30 p. m. Among the novel
features of the much-talked-about comic
opera, "Wang," Is a banjo chorus ren
dered by ten of the cleverest and pret
tiest girls in the company; a quaint
and taking chorus of nursery rhymes
given by several charming little tots,
none of whom is over seven years old; a
Siamese wedding ceremony reproduced
accurately In every detail; a real launch
and a royal barge floating among
French men-of-war at anchor In the
harbor of Bangkok, and a really won
derful elephant, whose method of get
ting rid of a four-gallon gluss of beer is
a mystery to the audience.
The following resolutions were unani
mously adopted by Green Ridge castle liHJ,
A. O. K. of M. C, at the meeting held
Nov. 5, im:
Whereas, It has pleased God In his In
finite wisdom to call from his labor Broth
er J. H. Manton, who was killed while In
tho faithful discharge of his duty as a
miner In the Alurvine shaft on Oct. SO.
Resolved, That while we humbly submit
to the rulings of un ull-wlse Providence
In the death of lirother Manton, our cas
tle hus lost a worthy member and the
communty an upright citizen.
Resolved, That a faithful husband und
a kind and loving father has been tulien
from his home, and that we sincerely ex
tend the bereaved ones our profound sym
pathy, hoping thut He who dries the
mourners tears will be their consola
tlon In this their hour of alllletion; be It
Resolved, That we drape our charter
for thirty days In memory of lirother
Manton, and that a cony of these reso
lutlons be presented to the family, spread
upon the minutes of the castle and pub
lished in Scranton dally newspapers.
Committee, George Barron, Edward
The following resolutions were unanl
mously adopted by the Green Ridge oaB
tle VM, A. O. K. of M. C, at the meeting
held on Nov. 0, 1894:
Whereas, It has pleased Ood In his in
finite wisdom to call from ihis labor
Brother R. D. Blossom, who died at his
home In Scranton on Saturday, Oct. 27.
Resolved, That while we humbly submit
to the rulings of an all-wise Providence in
the death of Brother R. D. Blossom, our
castle has lost a worthy member and the
community an upright citlzon.
Resolved, That a faithful husband and
a kind and loving father has been taken
from his home and that we sincerely ex
tend to the bereaved ones our profound
sympathy, hoping that He who dries the
mourners' tears will be their consolation
In this their hour of affliction; be It fur
Resolved, That we drape our charter for
thirty days In memory of Brother Blos
som and that a copy of these resolutions
be presented to the family, spread upon
tho minutes of the castle and published
In the Scranton dally newspapers. Com
mittee, George Barron, Edward Jones.
Cured of Malaria and Dyspepsia of Five
Years Standing.
Mr. G. B. Quick, one of our leading
merchant tailors, writes:
Auburn, N. Y., Sept, 6, 'HI,
Dr. Potter Medicine Co., Gents: Five
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IfOn account of oountarfeita we hsve
adopted the Yellow WrapDer, the only genu
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Instruments In every sense of the terra
as applied to Pianos.
Exceptional In holding their original ful
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Fifth avenue.
1119 Adams Ave.Now Telephone Bdg
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
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destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, thereby sending
(hem to premature graves."
Da. J. F. KiNcniooi,
Conway, Ark.
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E. Mi
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pound; also a large line of Par
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We also handle the Famous CROWN
ACME OIL, the only family safety
burning oil In the market.
. Wm. Mason, Manager,
Office: Coal Exchagne, Wyoming Ave.
Works at Pine Brook.
Wm. Linn Allen
8c Co.
Buy and sell Stocks, Bonds and Grain
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Board of Trade, either for cash or oo
412 Spruce Street.
G. duB. DIM1ICK, Manager.
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known to me."
B. A. Ar.cnco, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
" Our physicians la the children's depart
ment have spoken highly of their experi
ence in their outside practice with Castoria,
and although wo only have among our
medical supplies what Is known as regular
products, yet wo ore free to confess that the
merits of Castoria has won us to look with
favor upon it."
United Hospital and Dispihsaht,
Boitoj, Mass
Alles O. StrrH, Pro.,
Murray Street, Hew York City.
ev Oil
141 to 151 MERIDIAN ST.
All done away with bv the ns nf u apt.
MAN'S PATENT PAINT, which consists
of ingredients well-known to all. It can be
applied to tin, Kulvanlzed tin, sheet iron
roofs, also to brick dwellngs, which will
prevent ubsolutuly nny crumbling, crack
ing; or broiiklm; of the brick. It will out
last tinnlnK of any kind by muny years,
and it's cost does not exceed onc-IICth that
of tho cost of tinnlnK. Is sold by the Job
or pound. Contracts tahen by
J. Lawrence Stelle,
SHAW PIANOS to the Front.
EMERSON PIANOS, Old and Reliable.
That we WILL GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
J0b Also a Full Line of
j . Hold Fast m
1 ..jts Jf R Ipnlipiiflpr X f?n
V Sharpening, Jfrj U (V III
VfV Detachable U lU WU UU W
We have the following supplies of lumber secured, at
prices that warrant us in expecting a large
share of the trade :
Pacific Coast Red Cedar Shingles.
"Victor" and other Michigan Brands of
White Pine and White Cedar Shingles,
Michigan White and Norway Pine Lum
ber and BUI Timber.
North Carolina Short and Long Leaf
Yellow Pine.
Miscellaneous stocks of Mine Rails, Mine Ties, Mine
Props and Mine Supplies in general.
The Only Ep:c!aIIst In Nsrvom Diseases Be
tween Buffalo and Philadelphia,
Physician in Chief for
The Lackawanna Medical Co.
Opposite the New Hotel Jcrmyn, has open!
nlllcoa for the treatment and cure of Kidney
Bladder, Stomach, Bowel, Blood, Skin
unu Nervous Diseases,
inecompauy nasuuoptod tne plan of
to all responsible parties. Therefore taking
npon themselves the risk of failure to cure,
arid proving to a doubtful public the superior
ity or trie uit'diikl talent employed by thtm.
Tuts otfur holds ifood until January 1, 18B.
ijieneto urinary surgery tu all its
hxitiiclit-s will bo poitormsd by Competent
C'ull or send 6 cetiti in stanire for "Good
News," a treatise on Nervous Diseases of
you g muti.
Office Hours-8a. m. to 6 p. in.
CAPITAL, - $200,000
SURPLUS, - $260,000
This bank offers to depositors every fa
cility warranted by their balances, busi
ness and responsibility.
Special attention given to business ac
counts. WIIXTAM CONNELL, President.
GEO. H. CATLIN. Vice-President
William Connell, George II. Catlln, Al
frod Hand, James Archbald, Henry Eelin,
Jr., William T. Smith, Luther Keller.
Scranton, Pa.
Juniata County, Pennsylvania, Whlt
Sullivan County Hemlock Lumber and
Lath. -
Tioga County Dry Hemlock Stock
Elk County Dry Hemlock Joists and