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t. P. KINGSBURY, Phi, imSm'iKm
C. H. RIPPLE, (u'tMiTaui.
W. W. DAVIS. 8uh.tindit.
W. W. YOUNGS, Adv. Mnd'
Iiw Tors omci: teuboni bdildiho.
"Printers' Ink," the recognized Journal
for advertisers, rates THE SCR ANTON
TRIBUNE as the best advertising medium
In Northeastern Pennsylvania. " Printers'
Ink" knows.
Come and Inspect our city.
Elevation above tlte tide, 740 feet.
Extremely healthy.
Estimated population, 18W, 103,000.
Registered voters. 20,099.
Value of school property, J750.000.
Number of school children, 12,000.
Averaue amount of bank deposits.
It's the metropolis of northeastern Penn
sylvania. .
Can produce electric power cheaper twin
Niagara. , ,
No better point In the United States at
Which to establish new industries.
See how we grow: . ,,
Vrmnlntlnn In IRfin
Population in 18fi0.,
Population in 1870.
Population In 1880.,
PoDulation In 1890.
Population in 1894 (estimated;.
And the end is not yet.
For a man who expects soon to re
cover $100,000 in reparation for damages
Inflicted on his character, the Honor
able William H. Hines certainly acl9
strangely In stopping his subscription
to the leading AVIlkes-Barre Democra
tic newspaper. No doubt he is begin
ning to feel the pinch of Democratic
times; but, then, $100,"000 will pay a good
many newspaper bills.
Repeal the Income Tax
One of the very first things thRt the
Republican majority Irt the Fifty-fourth
congress should undertake to accom
plish is the repeal of the Income tax. It
should pass a repeal bill In the house,
Indorse it In the senate and send It to
the president for him to veto at his
peril. If the vote of last TueBday
means anything. It means that the peo
ple do not approve the substitution of
direct for Indirect taxation and, by a
large majority, are not In favor of the
officious Intermeddling which would re
pair Its own deficits by levying legal
ized toll upon honest industry and
The Income tax will soon become
operative, and it will then be seen, to
the satisfaction of the most skeptical,
that It Is a source of revenue which not
only offends every American tradition
of jUBtlce and fair play, but which also
opens the door to rank partiality In its
assessment and gross frauds In its col
lection. Beginning upon the founda
tlon of Injustice and inequality, It will
become doubly unequal and unjust
through the wrongs which will attend
its practical enforcement. Indeed, we
doubt If it will ever be Inforced with
any approach to seriousness, so. well
are we convinced that the Independent
pplrlt of the American people will not
tolerate the Intermed'dling in their pri
vate business affairs of partisan reve
nue agents with grudges to vent as well
as "tips" to earn.
Be this as It may, however, the In
come , tax must go. There can be no
further mlstaHing the popular prefer
ence for the raising of revenue by
means of indirect taxation, such as
customs duties and internal revenue
imposts. Even though it may be lnex
pedlent to immediately undertake any
general dismemberment of the Wilson-
Gorman tariff, there can be no reason
able protest from any respectable quar
ter against the Bummary repeal of this
odious class blackmail levied by the
Democratic party under the whip lash
of Populistlc lunacy and socialistic fer
The United Press correspondent who
Wired a report to the Philadelphia office
on Sunday that McDonald had defeated
Vaughan for senator, according to the
offlclnl count, by 170 plurality, Is en
titled to first honors as the most cheer
rul liar on record. And the cream of
the Joke Is that nine-tenths of the
United Press newspapers In Pennsylva
nia were hoaxed by It.' Explanations
are in order.
The New County Fever.
With another session of the leglsla-
ture near, there Is noticeable a marked
revival In the new county agitation,
It la certain that one new county bill
will be Introduced that to erect pop
tions of Luzerne and Schuylkill into a
third division and It is possible, al
though hardly probable, that the new
Elwqod and Anthracite projects the
former affecting Lawrence, Mercer and
Butlerand the latter mildly threatening
a division of Lackawanna and Susque
nanna may oe formulated, in any
event, however, the only one which will
be seriously considered is the one first
mentioned. It has twice been before
the legislature. Each time the Luzerne
members who favored it have been vig
orously assailed because of their con
nection with It and each time they have
been triumphantly sustained by the
people. This time the claim Is made
that the proposition has gained sufilc
lent momentum to carry it in safety
through houHe and senate, and befor
a Republican governor who will, it is
predicted, accord it his approval.
A new ruse to win favor has been
adopted by the measure's advocates,
Heretofore it was proposed to call the
new county Hazle county. This time
the bill will designate it as Quay coun
ty. The territory lh question, that is
to say, the southwestern part of Lu
sernt and the northern part of Schuyl
kill, embraces a population of about
65,000 persons, and would, in the opin
ion of the Hazleton Sentinel, which is
the new county's persistent champion,
"make a large and wealthy county
without very much , affecting either
Schuylkill ion Luzerne. Only a few
townships would be taken from Schuyl
kill, just enough to get the necessary
400 square miles, and all of them terri
tory that would be greatly conven
lenced by having a county Beat at
Hazleton. Many of the residents of
these townships, In fact, are obliged
to go through Hazleton to reach Potts-
vllle, a distance of forty-seven miles,
while Inhabitants of lower Luzerne are
obliged to go fifty miles to rench the
county "seat at Wllkes-Barre. To do this
they are obliged to cross three moun
tain chains. The work of the courts
of both counties Is very much behind,
owing to the enormous volume of busi
ness, and the situation as at present
constituted amounts to a practical de
nial of justice to the people of the coun
ty. To take away the territory cut
from either county would really be of
advantage to both the old counties, as
at present It costs more to both nf
them to govern this territory than they
receive from the territory in taxes,
owing to the enormous mileage. The
portion that asks, to be cut off pays
in all, at pi t sent about $50,000 taxej,
which Is more than sufficient, as stii
tistics show, to run over thirty-three
counties of tho state."
It must be admitted that there Is a
large measure of Justice In the com
plaint of these people at their present
unsatisfactory county government.
The lawlessness of the Hazleton region
has become proverbial not because the
people of that region lire worse than
those of corresponding regions else
where, but because of the inevitable
otlioial laxity of the present system of
attenuated government. The one draw
back to the erection of the proposed
Quay county Is thut 1 would set an ex
ample In new county making which
would soon, deluge the legislature with
lmilar propositions having less foutv
iition of Justice and fair play. If the
Quay county project shall again fail of
its purpose, this will most likely bo the
prime cause of Its defeat.
In the hour of defeat "Boss" Croker
rows philosophic. "Politics," he says,
is like a ship plying between two
ports and patronized by the public. If
the ship makes cruise after cruise for a
long time without being overhauled and
nspecteil carefully she la sure to be
come unpopular with the travelling
public, as barnacles and other sub
marine growths cause her bottom to be
come, foul. She loses her speed and
patronage, so that If her boilers do not
blow up the ship's owners are forced to
send her to the drydoek for repairs, as
the public have lost their confidence In
both the Bhlp and her crew." The In
ference from this somewhat mottled
figure of speech presumably Is that
Tammany is only temporarily dry-
docked. We wish we could muster up
ufficlent confidence to dispute tills as
sertion. Unfortunately, the history of
municipal 'thievery Is nearly all on
Croker's side.
Woman and the Ballot.
The conversion of so practical a poli
tician as ex-Postmaster General Clark
son to woman suffrage Is a significant
fact of the time. Having made a per
sonal study of tho experiment in Col
orado, he records It as his honest con-
Iction that tho placing of the ballot In
the hand of the fairer sex has done
much to lift that state out of the mire
of Populistic misgovernment Into which
Indiscriminate male suffrage had
plunged It, and has been attended, as
yet, with few If any serious evils.
This brings us back again to our old
contention that while a majority of the
Intelligent women of this country muy
not yet want to assume the serious re
sponsibilities of the suffrage, they will
have as good a right to that privilege
when they shall really desire It as have
the majority of Intelligent males, today.
It has not yet been established to our
satisfaction that that rule is Intrin
sically Just or fair which refuses to take
the ballot of an Intelligent woman and
yet unprotestingly accepts the ignorant
vote of the Illiterate and unthinking
If the purification of the American
ballot Is ever to be achieved with even
approximate success, we contend that
It will be achieved along the line of fit
ness to vote, and not along the line of
discrimination ngalnst color or sex.
It Is unfortunate, of course, that all
mankind cannot be happy over the re
sult of last week's elections. But since
there must from the nature of things be
malcontents, we do not mind confess
ing that we prefer to see them In Eng
land rather than In America.
Wilson on His Defeat.
Professor Wilson, in a carefully pre
pared statement In explanation of his
party's overthrow, compresses his rea
sons into the following paragraph:
" 'The counsels of calamity are seldom
wise,' and a vast multitude of voters
rush blindly and passionately Into the
assaulting ranks with no pure idea of
what they are to gain by doing so, and
with only the consciousness of their
own hurt for which they are euger to
punish somebody and that somebody is
necessarily the ruling, not the minority,
party. Moreover, the whole teaching
of the protective system trains men to
depend not on Individual effort, the plain
virtues of Industry, thrift and temper
ance, for business prosperity and ma
terial comfort, but on government aid
and laws of congress. We may rally
a majority against the system Itself,
but It la a much harder and longer
task to purge their minds of a gener
ation of false teaching. Today It Is the
Republican party that Is the bene
ficiary of this popular discontent,
More than once In recent elections
It has been the victim of It.".
With reference to Democracy's future,
Professor Wilson says much, of which
this Is the essence:
I do not believe the people have rebuked
or discarded tariff reform in their action
last Tuesday. To tuppose such a thing
would be to accuse the American people
of a levity and fickleness of purpose ut
terly Inconsistent with capacity for self
government. To contend that the people
have now chastised the Democratic party
for doing what they put It In power to do
is to question their honesty and Intelll
genre. If they have Inflicted chastise
ment because of Its dealing with the tariff
It has been rather because the party did
not carry out, with sufficient promptness
and thoroughness, the work they com
mltted to It and becuUBe they held the
whole party responsible for the actions of
a few of Its representatives in thwarting,
delaying and maiming this great work
It Is hazardous, of course, to indulge in
hypothetic, but I have no doubt that had
the bill which passed the house on the
first day of February passed the senate
as early as April or May In substantially
Its original snape me result in many sec
tions of the country would have been re
versed, and the Democratic party mliht
even have weathered the Industrial storm
With credit, if not success, -
There is much that is plausible in
this explanation; and we will be gener
ous enough to believe that Mr. Wilson
Is absolutely sincere. No less sincere,
however, are those much-abused Pro
tectionists In the Democratic camp who
Insist that only their Intervention In
the senate saved the Democracy from
utter and merciless annihilation. The
wicked partner idea works both ways.
in politics as well as In business; and
while Professor Wilson blames It all on
Senators Gorman, Brlce and Smith,
there is no lack of counterbalancing
blame, from good Democratic sources,
for the estimable professor himself.
But, whichever view one chooses to
take, one thing at least is sure: The
Democratic party, as at present con
stituted, will be unfit to reform the
tariff until It shall first have succeeded
in reforming Itself. And in the mean
time, conservative Republicanism will
do well to spare It the necessity of
again undertaking the task at which It
has once so completely failed.
Few Democratic tears will be shed
over i lines defeat. About the deadect
kind of a dead man in politics is a dead
Demagogism's Emphatic Rebuke.
John Leisenriiig's oillclul plurality in
Luzerne county over Wllllum H. Hines,
for congress. Is 5,470, or exactly 1.S71
votes more than were given for General
Hastings, who led the remainder of the
ticket. This means that Wit! more Demo
crats voted for Lelsenrlng than there
were Democruts who voted for the Re
publican candidate fur governor. The
Lelsenrlng plurality is by all odds one
of the finest expressions of popular re
buke thut has ever been administered
to blatant dcmagoglsm which seeks to
trade upon public calamity and indi
vidual misfortune. It is a notification
to Mr. Hines that hl3 career us a politi
cal firebrand Is at nn end; and that, for
one time in their lives, even the Demo
crats of Luzerne county have arisen to
flagellate the windy emptiness of a
typical agitator.
When It is remembered at what odds
Mr. Lelsenrlng fought how, having
hud the temerity to succeed In business;
and to rench an influential position as
a wleliler of capital and a generous em
ployer of labor, he naturally became
tho target of envy and the objective
point of socialistic abuse the victory
which he has won becomes addition
ally lustrous as a tribute to reasserted
common sense and triumphant princi
ple. Upon the other hand, had he been
defeated, it would have given Just
ground for the Inquiry whether, after
all, the ability of the people to govern
themselves discriminatingly Is not fre
quently disproved.
The price of bread Is being reduced
about the country on account of the
low price of flour. Scranton bakers will
no doubt gracefully fall Into line. There
really seems no reason why the price of
loaf of bread should be the same as
was fifteen or twenty years ago,
when a barrel of flour cost more than
twice as much as It. does today and
when labor rates were much higher.
A. J. Colborn, jr., who went to Phila
delphia just before the close of the cam
paign, at the express invitation of David
Martin to deliver seven political speeches,
could not get 'away until those seven had
grown to seventeen. Even then, only an
attack of Illness released him from the
demands of the city committee. One of
his experiences before a Philadelphia au
dience was dramatic. It was the Satur
day night that Governor McKlnley and
General Hastings alternated at two mon
ster meetings, the principal one at the
Academy of Music, where Major McKln
ley spoke first. It so happened that Mr.
Colborn was chosen to follow General
Hastings at the other gathering, with
Instructions to hold the audience until
MeKlnley should arrive. No one knew
just when this would be. After speaking
with telling effect for more than half mi
hour, "Our Jack" decided that If Me
Klnley didn't Intend to get there In proper
season that wasn t his fault, hence he
proceeded to declaim his peroration In
this wise:
"After all the havoc, ruin and loss that
his agitation had cost to the industries of
his countrymen, it was but natural that
Sir" William Wilson should flee for con
solation to ,the applauding legions of
Great Brltuln, who received him with
open arms. Leaving Englishmen to wine
and dine tho stout champion of English
Interests, you men of Philadelphia, you
fellow citizens of Pennsylvania, will turn'
to greet the defunder of your Interests
and your political (faith, who comes
among you in the person of Ohio's gullant
governor, Major William McKlnley!
As he spoke, ho turned impressively
toward one of tho wings of tho stage and,
sure enough, nt the very Instant, the
crowd gave way and a man came to the
front who was none other than Major
McKlnley himself. The enthusiasm that
followed was something extraordinary.
It was fully ten minutes before McKlnley
could begin his speech.
The coincidence wns wholly unpremed
itated; yet no doubt half the audience
thought It pre-arranged.
With the trolley railway already a fix
ture In our American life, It ought to lie
posslblo coon for material Improvement
to manliest itself in the quality or trol
ley car accommodations. Tho barn-like
characteristics of most winter street cars
are us unnecessary as' they are crude.
There Is absolutely no fair reason why
for five -cents the average passenger
aboard a street ear should not receive as
comfortable a seat as the average pus
senger receives who pays three cents a
mile to the Bteum ear oilleluls. The St.
Louis trolley compuny which has ordered
palace cars correctly interprets a growing
public demand. When will the palace
street car materialize In Scranton?
The faculty of Lafayolte college, In
vetoing a proposed game with Princeton,
assumes that foot ball, as now played,
Is dangerous and brutal. And is It not
right? Those who recall the scene In this
city, a few weeks ago, when a robimt and
strapping youth was pounced upon by a
horde of kicking wild men until, with a
crack, his thigh bone was broken so that
Its ragged ends Jutted out through the
bleeding flesh, are not open to argument
on this point. Foot ball as a pastime may
have Its good points; but It is yet far too
If the undertone of confidence how aud
ible among Scranton business men shall
expand into the business revival that
most persons regard as certain to result
from Republican restoration, it will soon
be time to revive the quiescent new ar
mory project. That was originally pros
trated as much by "Democratic times" as
by anything else. Give Scranton its "sec
ond wind", and the new armory will cer
tainly materialize.
' Tho uncertainties of politics have sel
dom been better illustrated than In the
election of George Llewellyn, of Plttston,
to the Lucerne prothonotaryshlp. . The
day Mr. Llewellyn was nominated he
was three hundred miles from the con
vention and probably had no thought of
becoming a candidate for office. When
the congressional nomination went to
John Lelsenrlng and the judgeship to
Captain Darte, the leaders of the conven
tion decided It was time to do something
for the upper end, and hence threw the
prothonotaryshlp to It. It Is doubtless
the exact truth to say that Mi. Llewellyn
was as greatly surprised as Mr. Bchappert
was when Informed of his election,.
Congressman Springer was beaten 2,933
votes, a change of 5,190.
New York's court of appeals will be
come Republican on Jan. 1.
It Is said the president sent a large
check In aid of Wilson's campaign for re
election. F. iK.t Downing, (the only Democrat
elected to congress from Illinois, has CD
Friends of Jeromo B. Nlles, of Tioga
county, will push him for speaker of the
house at Harrlsburg.
It is thought that Mr. Culberson, of
Texas, win be "Father" of the Fifty
fourth congress.
One Populist and one Republican have
been elected to congress from Texas, und
the Democrats elect the governor by b0,
000. Congressman A. C. Harmer, of Phila
delphia, was elected by the biggest major
ity of any nutional representative in the
state. In round numbers it was 10,000.
The proposed "Greater New York" by
consolidation was carried In the cities and
towns concerned by 33.809 majority of 292,
943 votes cast, of which majority Brook
lyn contributed 1,708.
By far the smallest votes of all the
sixty-seven counties was cast by Cameron,
Pilte and Forest. Cameron polled Just
1,400 Republican and Democratic votes,
Pike gave 1,510 and Forest went Pike Just
one vote better, 1,517.
A Bellefonte dispatch says that Gen
eral Hustings has already begun to feel
the penalty of a successful candidate for
otllce. On Saturday he was besieged by
a hoard of oltlce seekers from all over the
state, nearly hn applicants visiting the
governor-elect to ask for places. Gun
eral Hastings turned a cold car to all, and
refused to make any promises. He will
leave Bellefonte today, to avoid the rush.
It was evening. It wan moonlight. It was
luto, und It was fair.
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She was pretty, sho was blushing, she was
willing to bo wed
Ho arrived and he objected. He was papa,
so I fled.
I returned. He was repentant. She was
coaxing her mamma.
He relented, and I thanked him and for
gave him dear pupal
Then he blessed us. I was happy, while
she blushed a rosy red.
Ho was willing. She was willing. I was
willing. We are wed. Vogue.
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The Soranton Tribune
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M mi