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SCK ANTON, PA.; WEDNESDAY 3i01tXTX, NOVEMliElt 7, 181)1.
si lis
Indignant Wage, Earners,
Who Have Had Enough
: of Bogus Promises
So Is the Democratic Party Kepnlili
cans Elected liy Larue Majorities to
Conduct the A flairs of New York
State Morton Has 175,0110
Plurality and Strom; lieats
(irant by 75,000 Wil
son Is lieaten in
West Virginia.
A tidul wave!
The cause! of m'ntcotlcm anil clean
government hns won nnothr-r decisive
victory, beslele which nil Its past vic
tories havo been InslKnlllcant.
. Hill Ih bcnteit by Morton in New York
statu ly 75,000 plurality. Hugh J.
Giant, the Tammany candidate for
mayor In New York city, Is defeated
by ddimel AVUllani Le. Strong, the
antl-Tammany vundidnte. by "S.ooO plu
rality. Ooff, for recorder, wim hy
nearly 100,000 plurality: Alortnn carries
llfooklyn and Kings county liy,
nnd every Tammany caiiiHelate for
ctetiBt'ess la snowed under, IncludiiiK
gallant General Sickles, the valiant
veteran who trains politically with a
pad crowd.
In New Jersey the Uepubllcans cap
ture the legislature", insuring the dec
lion or a Kepublican te the I'nited
States senate in place of Mcl'liersoi),
Jn West Virginia, "Sir" William Wil
fon, the author of the new' tuiiff, and
th- "member from Grout llritain," is
left at lmnie by his alert antagonist,
Colemel A. (!. Dayton; and in onler'that
lie may not bo too lonesome, the .other
three Democratic congressmen are de
feated also.
"Bloody Hridlcs" Waite, CV.lejrado's
l'opullst governor, is tucked under a
clean 1S.01M) lteimblicon jdufulity, which
also turns down loquacious l.afe Pence,
of Denver.
At 9 o'clock Chairman Alien W. Thur
mun, of the Ohio Democratic commit
tee, said: "The wheile country si-ems
tei have Rone to liot. There is but one
bright spot apparent. South I'nrollita
still stands Democratic. We havo heard
from only 1 precincts In hio, Mil that
is enieiiKh. If it koeis up, the Kepubll
cans will carry tin- state by 1,'.0,(W0,
It means that there will not be a IVtnn
cratlc coiigressmnn elected in Ohio, I
think Outhwalte Is defented by at least
. Illinois goes Republican by 7r.,W, and
elects a Kepublican legislature, which
insures Senator Cullom's re-election.
The KepuMlcans in Illinois have elect
ed sixteen congressmen. Springer falls
by the wayside. Indiana is safe by
frenn 20,000 to 30,0(10, and shows a gain
of six .congressmen. The victory in
Minnesota and Kansas la overwhelm
ing. The whole free-silver west is once
more back in line. And even proud old
Virginia seems trembling on the brink
of a political revolution. All In all, it
was a noble victory, and the next con
gress will, at the present rata of gains
elect Tom Reed speaker by more than
fiO majority,
Pull Pctalls of the Voting in Kvcry Aiucr
lean Commonwealth.
Klectlons were held yesterday in nil
the Btates except Maine, Oregon nnd
Vermont, which held their -elections
earlier in the season. Helow will be
found the result of each election as far
as known up to 3 o'clock this morning
Montgomery, Nov. Ahibnma slate
eflieers were elected August . Today
election passed " quietly. 'j-ne lenu
cram captnreel all nf the nine congress'
men. Clarke defeated Wlekersham. tl.
anil Sibley. P., In the First district; Stall-
Ings rlowned Gardner in the Sei-ond; In
Complete Returns in Later Edition,
the Third General Harrison hnil little sell, Secoml district, Crlsn and Turner,
dllHi'itlty In disposing of the fusion can- Fle-venth, all Democrats, hnvo gboel mn-ilielali-,
"V. C. Robinson; the Fourth, j jeeritle-s.
where two li-iiiocriits. Tom Plowman and I Macon, Nov, . Hnrlleit. D.. carries the
Gaston Robhlns. were runniiK on sepa- ! Sixth e-ongrcsslonal district ty from i'.,1.1"
rate tickets ugninst a l'opnllsl and a Kit- j to I.mW over SVhilake-r, 1".
sio:u.l nas proiiin.iy nen e-urneei nv
lowman. Col.l.e Is elected by a round
majority In the Fifth: in the Sixth, llnnk
head is overwhelmingly re -elected ; 1 ii-n.-on
sweeps tile Seventh. Whijcle.t- tho Klglitn
and l iidcrwood the Ninth.
The vote was light. roiulists made large
Little Rock,' Nov. i!. Arkansas elected
state olllce-r Sept. :i. Following are the
congressmen voted for todav:
First dlstrle-l-P. ). M.rulloch, Jr., R:
It. -M. Col'iniiin, 1'. Second John S.
Little, R. Third Thomas C. .Mediae, R
Knurth VVIUiani L. Teriv, D. : I'elrie-k
Ral-lifh, It.: John H. Che'rrv, P. Fifth
Hugh A. Idnsmorc, D. : Thou. J. Hunt,
If., John ('. jv, P. Sixth P.obert Nelll,
!.; Hairy H. Meyers. It.: A. 1). Tanner, l.
The Ueinocrum win In every district.
Sacramento, Nov. ft. California elected
its full list of suite officers, to servo four
years, and the legislature, which will
choose a t'nlted Status senator to succeed
George I'. Perkins, Itepiiblican, appointed
by the. governor upon the death of
Senator l.e-laml Stanford. Republican.
Tim people of California also voted upon
nliiu proposed amendments to their State
constitution to establish an educational
itimlmcutlun for tho suffrage; to em- j will elect a successor to I'nlteil States
lamer the legislature to create new Senator Shelby M. t'ullum, (Kim.,) whose
counties; to exempt from taxation fruit term expires .March I, lsill. The people
and nut trues under four years of age and j alos voted upon a proposed amendment to
grupc vines under three years of age; to : tho constitution of the statu, direcllng the
empower the legislature to provide for the legislature .to enact laws rnguliulng eon
dlsposltlnti of real estate hereafter ac(Ulr- tracts between corporations ami their clu
ed by aliens, the litle to lands now held by j ployes. The candidates for State Treas
puch not being disturbed; to permit city j urer are Uermiid J. Clagge -It. Democrat;
and country Koverntnents to be merged I Henry WuIlT, Kepubllean; John F. Knu
under general laws; to reorganize the dolph. Populist; Howell .1. l'ute-rbaugh,
slate board of canalization, making It Prohibition: (Irrlii 1.. .Mann. Independent
consist or the statu controller ami on,)
member from each of the eight congres
sional districts of tho state; to exempt
property used lor five public libraries and
museums from taxation; to add the presi
dent and professor of pedagogy of tho
t'nlversity oil California to the stato
board of education, and to Increase ihn
pay of members of the legislature lo $h)iiu
for the session of W days, the present pay
being $S per day. The candidates for Gov
ernor weie: James II. Kudd,- Democrat;
.Morris .l. Kstec, Itepuhlii un; .1. V. Web
ster, l'opullst; Henry French. Prohibi
tion. The vole of California for presi
dent In Ki2 wus: Cleveland (I)eni.), US..
I.'d; Harrison Giep.), his.a-.'T; Weaver
(Peep.), lXi.311: lildwell (Ploll.l. MISC.
The ongressional numlnivs w ere: First
distrli't Thomas J. Geary, D. ; J . II. Gre g
ory, IT.; J. A. liarham, II. Second An
thony Cumlnelto, H.; Grove h. Johnson,
K. ; Xlark Kappel, IT.; Uttrdette Cornell.
P. Thlrel Sitmuel ti. Hllhorn, H.: War
ren li. Kngllsh, D. ; 1). 11. Scranlon, Pr.
Fourth James G. AlcGuire, 1).; T. Ii.
Shannon, 11. Fiftli Kugeiie K. Lotnl, H. ;
.loseph P. Kelly, I).; James Deiunore, I).
Sixth James Mcl.ue.'hlln, K. : Geeuge S.
Pattoii, H.; J. K. Mcl'omus. Pr.; Professor
W. C. lleiwman, P. Seventh-William W.
Mowers, K.J V. H. Alfonl, U: W. 11.
Homers. Pr. : 1. L. Gilbert, P.
The Ilepiilillians gain three congress
men and elect the state tlvket by in
creased pluralities.
Denver, Xeiv. (!. Culorailo elected nil Its
state- officers, to serve two years, and the i
legislature, whleh will choose a lulled
State's senator to succeed Kelward O. Wol
coit, Kepublican. The people voter! upon
two proposed ameiieliiie-nts to the consti
tution of the stale- one of which allow
cities of o ll.j.iioo Inhabitants to Incur
inelehteelneess to the amount of ." nor cent.
of the ir assesseel valuation, ami the othe r
irovieies for Sl..r,(W.i.uii of lionets to take- no
eiid slate warrants, most of whlvh are
now he-lei by the School Fund. Tho can
didates feir Governor we're: Charles P.
ThomiiM, Democrat; Albert W. Mi lniiri-.
Kepublican. Davis H. Walte. on-sent In-
cumbent. Populist; George Richardson,
l'rohibltion. The vote of Coleiraelo for
Preslelent in Hr was; Democrat-Populist
fusion, r,3,r,lS; itepulellcan, 3bfiX; Prohibi
tion, 1HS7.
The congressional candlebites we-re:
First district John F. Shatroth. K-.'e-
I'ence, I'.: K. It. Rhodes, Pr.; F. T. Iteet-
tom, D. heeonel John C. Hell, P.; Thomas
M. Howen. K W. A. Rl- e. Pr Giles O.
rieree. 1. P.
Aie lntlre- eicfe-.-.ts Wake by 18.i).- Sh.if- !
roth detents l'eiie-e. and Uowen wins in i
the Second. i
Harlford, Nov. 0. Connecticut Heeled a
Governor. Lieutenant Governor. Secre
tary of State-, Treasurer, Controller, all
for terms of two years; a J-eglslatiire,
four Congressmen, eight County Sheriffs,
for t -mis of four years each, iin.l li:i
Judges of Probate for terms of two years.
Thee cauillehiie'H for governor were: Kr-ne-st
Cady, De-mociat; U. incent I'nllln.
Ke-iiublii.iin: I-Mwln C. liliigham, Peiii
llst: De W itt C. Pond. Prohlhliion; Jc.P-s
F. Tticke-y, Soe-iulist-l.abor. The voteror
presMcnt in was: I x tnocratle-. KMK
itcpiilillcan, Proh bltueu. Th
congressional caiielieliete-s were: First ellte-
trle-l, I', c. 1'lHtt, Prohlbhle.nist: Stevens
Henry, Ke-publle-ien; Louis tfperrv, heiieo-
crat. Second district, Janios P. Piuott.
De-mueM-at; Henry C, Hiilelwln. Socialist-
Labor; X. I). Sperry, Itepublie-an. Thlrel
district. Thomas M. Waller. I , r
Charles A. Knss.-ll. R.-pugllcan. .Fourth
T lien
district, K. .1. Hill, Republican
Robert K.
Del-orresl, Uemoe-rat.
Plggott. u., in Second d sir ct.
Is (1.
rcaieei ny fiHr.y.
New Haven, Nov. B. Returns from ;tn
towns out of lew In the slate, no l ilies.
show a Republican gain of l,jt; over the
vote of is:-, out of a total of H.iii7. The
same ratio through the Mate will elect
the Republican ticket.
Dover. Nov. 0. Delaware elected a gov
ernor tor 11 term ol tour years; a con
gressman anel a legislature, whle lt will
el"ct a successor to I'lilte-I States Senator
Anthony Hlgglns (K. p.), whose term ex
Hires March 4, 1WC,. The peejple also vol.-el
upon tne epiestloii ol nolellng a
to revise the constitution of the slut.-
The i-amll'liete'S for geivernor were; kbo
Walter Tnniit-il, Democrat; Joshua Hem-
kins JIarvll, Republican; J. Alexanel.-r
Fulton, Populist; Thomas J. Pijty, Prohi
bition, The vote of De-hiwaref!r presl
lleent in ls'.c was: Democratic. ISAM; Re
publican. 1S.H77; Prohibition, 310. The con
gre'sslemal caaelldates were: Samuel H.
Hancrol't, Jr., DiMiiocral; W. W. liul
lock, Prohlhliion; Jonathan S. Willis. Kc-
publlcan; Charles Readenkuff, l'opullst.
v iimuiKion, iov. ii. it looks as If the
Republicans will carry Newcastle ami
Sussex counties ami lose Kent count.
This would Indicate a Republican gov
ernor. W ilmington. Now . C The Jlornlng
News, Republican, predicts that Dela
ware haa gone Republican by 2no to 4n0.
1 1.OKIDA.
Tallahassee, Nov. C Florbla fleeted
two congressmen. The election of state
olllcers was ln-lel Oct. 2. The following
wore the congressional candidates: First
district. S. Al. Sparknian, Democrat: Dan
ell L. Jli-Klnnon, l'opullst. Second dis
trict, Charles 'Jl. Coopeer, Democrat;
Mont. Atkinson, Populist.
Florida, has elected a solid Democratic
delegation to congress.
Atlanta, Nov. fi.-Gcorgla elected eleven
congressmen. The state officials were
elected Oct. S. Following were the con
gressional nominees: First district. Ku
fus li. Lester, Demoe-rat; J. F, Hrown
Populist. See-onei district, Uetijamiii 10.
Russell, Democrat; yilllam Lorrlmer
Popullst-Kepubllcait Third ellstrle-t
Charles F. Crisp, Democrat; William C
White. Populist. Fourth district, Charles
L. Jloses, Demoe-rat; C, J. Thornton
l'opullst. Fifth district, l.eonl.las F, Liv
ingston, Detnea-rat; Hubert Toe)d, Popu
list. Sixth elliitrle-t, Charles L Bartle-tt,
Demoierat; W. S. 'Whllaker. Populist
Seventh dlstrle-t, Dr. W. H. Felton, Popit
list;. J. W. Maddux, Democrat, Kighlh
district, Thomas G-. Lawson, Democrat;
W. I. Carter, Populist. Ninth dlstrle't,
Farrlsh C. Tate, Democrat; J. Newton
Twltty, l'opullst. Teiith district, James
C. C. Black, Democrat; Thomas B. W'nt
boii, Populist. Kleventh district, Henrv
(4. Turner, Democrat; Dr. W. 8. Johnson,
Savannah, Nov. . has ubont
8,0111 majority In the First district. Rum-
"""Complete Ketitrtis in Later Edition.
i invito.
j V.olse City, Nov. rt. Idaho electee! a Gov
ernor, Lle-titi-iiant Governor, Secretary of
Stale, Attorney ticncral. "Auditor, Treas
urer, all for terms of two years; a C'oii-
givsman, u Legislature, w hich will elect a
I successor to Ignited States Senator
George I.. Khoup, ilicp,.) whose term will
I expire March 4, lsti;. The. candidates for
I governor were: Kdwunl A. Stevenson,
' Hemocrat: William J. Jh-Comvll, prpsent
incumbent. Republican; J. W. llallentlne.
l'opullst: Henry C. JleFarluntl, Prohlhl
' tion. The voto of Idaho for t'resldent In
i 1KB was: Ucmocratlc-ropiilist fusion, W,
, Mil; Kepublican, .s..Vi'.i; l'rohibltion, 2ws. The
, candidates for congress were: F.elgar Wil
son, K, ; James Gunn, P.; James
leittine, I .
JleC'onnell Is probably elected, but tho
i returns are coming In slow ly and Ihe vote
Is close, w llsoii, Jt., is elected to con
Springflelel, Nov. tl. Illinois eleclcd u
Treasurer for a term of two years, a Sup
erintendent of Public Instruction for a
term of lour years, three trustees of the
State I'nlvcrsity, twenty-two congress
inen, twenty-six Slate Senators, l.'a mem
bers of I lie Assembly. The j glslaturo.
Hepuljlican. The
vote or the slate for
was: 1 lemocratic. 12-;,-
Pre-slelent In 1:
181 : Republle-nn,
l'rohibltion. S4.6K4.
1K),'.'SS; Populist, 22,2u7;
Thej e-eingresslonnl candlelates
Klrsfvdlstrlet J. Krank Alflrie-h, It.; W. S,
.Met eehias, A. P. A.; .Max Dombussby, I
Howarel S. Taylor. P.; William S. Taylor,
Pr. Se-e-onel Wllliiim Lorlmer, 1!
.. White-, P.; John .1. Hannahan, D. I
Thlnl-Lawrenee.Me-Gann. D. ; J. P. Chirk,
P.; Hugh R. Hedkapp, II. Fourth Pat-
I rle-k 10. Ryan, D. P.; Frank Diiwle-r, I. I'.;
i ,1. Slliningtoii, Pr.; P. .1. .Minster, li. ;
Charlies W. Wooelmau, P.. Fifth IMwarel
i T. Nnonan. I.; George K, While-, It.; C. G.
I Dixon, I'.; H. C. Fram her. L: Kdwar.l T.
Neelaii, P. Sixth .luliies S. Golilzler, D.j
Louis W. liorges, P.; James L. Llne:han,
P.; F.elwarel ). CiMik, It.; Kelwar.l H.
I Griggs, A. P. A. Seventh George K.
Foss, K. ; Henry D. Lloyd, P.: J. II.
j ill rouble. A. P. A. : Louis Long, 1).
Kiglith-Alleert .1. .Iloplilns, It.; Lewis
i Stewarel. IJ. : George S. Howen, P.: George
' W. L. Slnglinger, Pr.; Xlnth-ltube-rl I!.
! Hill. It.; Daviel F, Thompson. .; Janus
I Lamont, Pr.; Shc-pparel 11. Zimmerman,
P. Tenth -Philip S. Post. It.; S. T. Shir
I e?y, Pr.; Jeinas W. O. lilsem. !.: William
W. Mutthews. P. Klevelilh P.oliert K.
I GilebeillS, I' I.; Walte-r l!e-e-Ves. I!.; William
1 M. Hlre-hey, P.; 'I'. ('. Fulle-rion, 1!.; .Mar
tin Gallup, Pr. Twi-llth Joseph G. Gan
non, K.; Rev. K. 'I'. Hayes. Pr.: T. Dono
van. D.; l-'rcet D. ReMi-ke, J.: Samuel Lea
vitt, P. Thirteenth Vespasian Warner.
R.; Anelrew liarr. !.: Nathan .M. Harm-It,
P.; lltle el ,M. Kl-lieigg, pr
George i. Jlariie-s, i.; J. . Gran, I:.;
Me-Culloch. Pr.: Wllllinii L.
Heibe-rling, P.; William G. Eggleston, I.
i i- irue-iun i ruman Plants, i. ; is. v ,
j .Marsh. R.; .Martin W. Greer, P.; Samuel
W'ooels, P. Sixteenth r'lunls K. Down-
ing, !.; John 1. Rlnakei-i It.: P. D. Stout,
j P.; Jt. Jl. Cooper, Pr. Seventeenth Wll-
Ham JL Springer, D. : Jame-A. Connolly,
! R.; Albert F. Smith, Pr.; James A. Craw
; fui-el. P. i:igliteeieth l-Mwai-'l H. Lane,
i I).; Freelerluk Reinanu, K.; J. S. Itarnuin,
I.I.; Thomas W. Hyne-s. Pr. Nineteenth
Heiison Wooel. R.; Ge-orge- W. Fllhlan, l.;
Henry H. Keple-y. Pr. ; Harvey .M. Krooks,
I P. TwentlKth-James l. Williams, D.j
lorlaneln Hurre-ll, It.; Harry G. Jone-s.P.;
I Rev. W. C. Wllle-y, Pr. Twenly-tirst
! John Hlgglns. 1) .;Kverett J. Jluiphy, R.;
Henry c. .Mel Mil, P.; James Si. Sawyr,
Hr. Tweiily-se-eeinel Geeirge Vt'. Smith,
R.; I'ranels Jl. Youngblooel, D.j John J.
Hall, P.; Khler Calvin Allen, pr.
Ki-publlcaii state? central committee
claims Illinois Kepublle-aii by plur
ality. Plxteen cemgi-e -.smcn, at least, and
both bniiiches of the- general nssi-mb'.y,
which assures the return of I'nite-d States
Cook county gives a Republle-nn plur
ality of
Indianapolis, Nov. C Indiana decled al
3..,.,.,,e,- i.9 Uint., A,,. nr..........
Attorney General. Superlntnnelent of Puli-lle-
Inslriie-tion, Staiislie-ian Geoleigist, all
for terms of two years: Supreme- Court
Clerk, two Jiielgcs of Supreme Court for
terms of four years, a legislature-, and
thirteen congressmen. The ciniellelaie-s
for See-retary of State- were William K.
.Myers, lie-inocrat; William D. Gwen, Re-pohlle-an:
C, A. Robinson, l'opullst; Wln
fivd Jl. Taylor, Prohibition. The vole of
Inillana for Preslelent in lve was: l)em-aeratle-,
L'llJxlT: Ki-iubllean. ".',i:.:i;i:,; Popu
list, .liis; I'rolilbltion, lll.ail.
The e-anilldates for congress were; First
district Arthur II. Taylor. I).; Junn-s H.
He-menway. it.; Jann-s A. liei.iev, P.; .leitin
I , n,.. . '
JOIlll 1,. 1,11-1?!,
L. Hretz. James A. Iloye-e-, P. Se-e-onel
I).: Colonel A. M.
R. ; Kllsha A. itigglns, P.; William J.
Troul. Pr. Thlrel S. Al. Stoe-kslager, li.;
Robert J. Trae-ewe-ll. R.; l-'rain-l Jl. G.n-rle-t.
P.; Saniui-1 P. i'hi'lnner, Pr. Fourth
V. S. Ilolinan, D. ; James H. Wiilsou,
It.; R. Grogg. P.; S. V. Wright, Pr. Fifth
George W. Coeiper, I).; ,le-sse ( iverstre-et,
It.; L. P. De Turk, P.; Fllhu '. Hark.-r,
Pr. Sixth Henry I". Johnson, R.j Thomp
son Harris. P.; Robert K. 1!. JJndsev,. I'r ;
N. A. Klllol. D. Seventh Wllllii'ni I).
Hyntun, .; Charles I. Heme. R.j Thomas
S. Fast, P.: H. Jl. nioiint. Pr. Flghlh
i:iijah V. Rrookshlre, I).; George W.
Fan-is, R. ; Morion C. Ranking. P.; A. W.
Jaikman. I'r. Ninth J. Frank Hanelli-y,
It.: Alemzo !. Hurkhardl, P. I).; L. Al
Crist, I'r. Tenth-.!. A. Hutch, H.J Vale-n-
tlne .Immertnun, 1).; S. JL Haihorn. P.
Kle-vi-ntli Augiistus
.Martin, i.j (!e-orge
V. Steele, R. ; A. F. Ite-nson. P.; William
r.. i iiamiii rs, rr, i weinn William F.
Jli-Nagny, D. ; J. 1 1. Lnlghty, R.; Junn-s 13,
Grahnin, Pr. ; Freeman Kelly, P, Thir
teenth lwellyn Wanner, b.; L. W
Royse, II. : J. W. Forest, P.
Republicans have galneel live congress
men, certainly, and possibly two more.
They elect their state ticket bv 25 (lOO.
Ilolinan and Hynum ure both defeated.
The legislature is close.
lie's Moines, Nov. ft. Iowa elected a Sec
retary of Stale, Auditor, Treasurer, At
torney General, for terms of tvio years;
Supreme- Court Jtielge for a term of six
years, Supreme Court Judge for a term
of four ycaiOKailroael Commissioner fc)r
a term of three years, Supreme Court
Clerk ami Supreme Court Reporter for
terms of four years, eleven congressmen.
The present legislature will elie-t a sue--ce-ssor
to l'nlted States Se-nntor James F
Wilson, whose term expires March 4, Itos!
The candidates for Secretary of State
were Horatio F. Dale, Demoe-rat; William
M. Jli'Farlatid, present incumbent, Re
publican; Bylvanns H. Crane, Populht;
Reliuett Mitchell, Prohibitionist. The
Vote of Iowa for President In 1SSI2 was'
Democratic, l!i,41!'; Republican. -21!:M-Populist,
2u,.V,d: Prohibition, K,:ri7. The
vote for Geivernor In 1KH3 was: Demo
cratic. 174.7HH; Republle-an, 2o7,ir,9; i'opn
llst. 23.III: Prohibition, lil,ln7.
The icongi-essonnl candidates were:
First ellstrlct-8. Jl. Clark, R.j A.
Duckworlh, D.j James (. Iti-ebe, P, Sec
onel Walter I. Hayes, D.j Jl. Curtis, it.;
Charles A. Lloyel, P. Thlrel David 11.
Henen-i-son, h.j Steven ii. Hashor, D. P.
Fourth Thomas t'lalegraff, R.; .lames F
llabcoek. H.J L. H. Wheller, P.; Jl. II
Daley, Pr. Fifth Robert G. Cousins, R.j
William P. Daniels, 1).; W. H. Calhoun,
P.; J. Al, Hamilton, Pr. Sixth-John F.
iMvy, R.; W. H. Taylor, D.J Allen Clark,
P.; George Gilchrist, Pr. Seventh John
A. T. Hull, R. : R. J. Rancrort, D. P.
Eighth William P. Hepburn, R.; Frank
y. Stuart, D. P. Ninth A. U Hager, R.j
James It. Weaver, D. P.; W, H, Parker,
Pr. Tenth J. P. Dolllver, R.j J. C. Maker,
D. P. Kleventh George D. Perkins, R.j
D. 11. Orseser, D.J Jume-s L. Hurtholo
mew, P.: H. T. Sutton, Pr.
I-Jnough returns are at hand to Indleato
the election of the entire Republican stato
ticket by ejO.ooil with the exception of
Judge Granger ami II. I. Sallinger, for the
supreme court, whose opioueuts were In-
Continued on Pago 2.
Hero of JobosfouJD
Elected Governor
fl? Fiilfils Chairman Gilkeson's Prediction of
a Plurality That Wotild Exceed Grou)'s.
Joe Sihlcy Succumbs to the Inroads of Matthew Griswold, Buck.ilcw
Is Hcaten by Kulp, Strubinner Is Laid Out by Stable, and Mc
(Allien lulls He fore a Six Thousand Plurality for Hal
terinaii Details of the Culmination of Pennsyl
vania's Great Protection Tidal Wave.
Allegheny ..
Armstrong .,
I fed ford
He rks
1 I Hair
j Hn-.elford ....
I Mucks ,
Cambria ....
1 Cameron ...
. Carbon
: Center
Chest er .....
I Clarion
' Clearlle-ld ..
; Clinton
: Columbia ,.
; Cniwfoiel -..
-, iM"t ,
iVfloi .
4,si; ,
2.. i! ,
-llltl .
2.1. KH)
I i uiuoeri.iuil
1 i i- ..
j-eueieieiei ,,,
! Delaware ..
! F.Ik
Faye-uo ....
I Franklin ...
I- lllloll
' VI,,,, II... ..In..
! lneiinnu ....
lii'j! ;),
;t..',inj ,
2,I.NI ,
li.lJlKli ,
ll.iiXl ,
2,rioo' .
2,7'JO ,
Leleliih ..
Luzerne .
JlcKe-an .
Jle-rcer ,.
I '
-Montgomery ...
Northampton ..
Philadelphia ....
Siisipichiiiiiia ...
Washington ....
2.7'l' 110'
2. Sent
V e-simoivlllllel ,
Totals '
Total plurality.
.04 1,'J'i,,
"Great Jlajorities" Grow has been
eclipsed by "Great Majorities" Hast
ings. The voice, of lVtisylvaiila has been
heard, ami 1 is uncompromisingly and
emphatically for protection and clean
At midnight, conservative estimates
save Hastings 2uo,tnjn plurality. Me car
ries Allegheny by 4,000; I'hll.ide-lphla
by 70,oeu, and swee-ps all but twelve or
thirteen counties.
Sibley Is defeated for congresj by
Griswiild, in the Craw feird-Ki ie district;
JlcCulle-n, D., in Randall's old district,
is beaten by Hultcimitu, R., by over
O.oou; John Deiseni'ing walks away with
Hilly Mines' scalp by 2,5a0 in ohl Lu
zerne; Sip Is neatly euchred by A he
son: and everything points to the do
feu t of Strublnser by Stahle and liuck-
iilcw by Kulp, In the Nineteenth and
! Seventeenth districts respectively.
I Menu tt l-etllt-nu f ,i ,i,i I !., V.ll,tK l,li,.,,t
that If Hart has been successful over
Judge Kirkpatrlck it will have been by
an exceedingly small plurality. General
Frank Reeder still claims Klrktin trick's
election. -
A special dispatch to The Tribune
from Wllkes-Hurre at 1 a. m., says:
"Indications all point to the election of
John LelsenritiK over William II. Mines
for congress by a majority of l,s00. The
balance of the Republican ticket is
declared elected with lesser pluralities."
Incomplete state returns received up
to 12.S0 a. m., show a net Republican
gain over 1x92 of S0,8!)l. The same ratio
of gain would, in the districts yet to hear
from, indicate a plurality in the stale
for Hastings for governor of at least
200,000. Philadelphia gives Hastings from
65,000 to 75,000 plurality.
A special dispatch to The Tribune
from Monesdulc says: "Seventeen out
of thirty-seven districts heard from in
Wayne county show large Republican
gains. Hastings' plurality is now 400.
Mardenbergh, for state senator, has 700
majority. The balance of the ticket
gives Republican candidates from MO
to 400 plurality. The entire Republican
county, ticket Is elected."
A special dispatch to Tho Tribune
front WIlkeB-Rarre dated 2.80 njclock
says: "The raw, Inclement weather of
today did not cause interest In the elec
tion to lag. Bright and early the party
workers got down to work anil the re-
h Complete Returns in Later Etitm,
5 i I
COUNTIES. 1 s ' ; i '1
i 5 ; I s ! r.
suit shows heavy gains fed' the Repub
licans throughout the' entire county.
Owing to the heavy vote polle-d the re
turns were slow tei come In, Feir con
gress, tejrty-femr ellslrlcts out or a total
of 2,riti give a plurality to Jeehn helst-n-
rlng of l.r.nj over W. II. Mines. The
balance of the county ticket as far as
heard from shows heavy gains lor the
Republican candidates, thereby insur
ing the election of the entire ticket tit
from ,:.00 tei li.OfiO pluralities. For
president In the last preside ntial elec
tieui Harrison carried Luzerne county
by a vote of !!.i":;2 over Clovuland, who
received 2.409. Comparing the vote with
these figure's shows a net gain by the
Republicans of 7:i2. while- the Demo
crats ran 177 behind, taking Rhone as
having the" largest vote. In upper Le
high, the home- of Candidate I.elS'-n-ring,
a unanimous vole was given him,
w hile in Mr. Mines' own ward where he
sheiuW have' received a majority of 40
he falls twenty-seven behind Mr. Slng
erly's vote-. The Individuality of both
men Is roiisvquently very appiiiviit. Jt
Is estimated Lelsenrlitg w ill bury Mines
by a inujority ranging between l,H) to
"At 3 a. m. the vote Btnod as follows:
Congress, Lelsenrlng, 8,204; Mines,
l,7"ft. Orphans court Judge, Parte, 2,
7!ii; Ithenie, 2,2(1. l'lothotiotary, Lle
wellyn, J.linri; Si-liappert, 2.110. Clerk
of ceetiils, Wagner, :i,; lilco, 2,tfti).
Dislrle-t attorney, lll, :;,i:in; o'ltoyle,
1,om4. Jury commissioner, Taylor, :l,u7l;
Dohl, 1,87'J."
Voivst t : it Returns.
Special lo tin- Se-ranloii Tribune,
Forest City, Nov. ii. The vote In the
Si-ioiiel war, I rrives :i Re-publleiin liuijor
ll.'of'17 over the I lemocrals anel Prohibi
tionists on the state- ami county ti. ke-1.
The- i-oitnl In the First ward Is not yet
compli'te-el, but It is probable- thai the
ward will go Itepublle-an by 40 votes.
yomittg and Stillhun Safe.
Special to the- Scranton Tribune.
Tiiiikhanuoi k, Nov. t!. Tiffany. Repub
lican, eleeteel tei legislature by 2.MI major
ity nverWhe-clcr. Sltzer for Judge, home
county, by 2w. Sullivan county claim
for Dunham, Republie-an, by 2M, will
lnelli-ates election of Republican Jiielge.
hchti.m; ix t.i;ok(;iA.
One Alan killed and Sex eral W ounded in
un Lleetiou Melee.
By tho l'nlted Pivss.
Augusta, Ga., Nov. !. There were
several lights here during the day, one
ivsulling in the death of one man and
the wounding of several others. In the
Fifth ward, which has a large i'optt
llsile. vote. John Jl., one of the
i'upullst workers, chnllenged a negro
vote. In the difficulty that followed
(loss drew his pistol ami a general fust
lade of shots followed. Geiss was
most instantly kllli-d.
Among the wounded were: George
Heckle-, marshal of Sununervillc, llesh
wounds; Dan Howies, llesh wnunds;
Will Roll lei-, seriously injured.
All parties were white. Others re
ceived sngni cuts ami bruises, negroes
and white's lighting em both siele-s.
Negro Suspected of Crime Surrenders to
Kseiyo Farmers,
liy tho l'nlted Press.
West Chester ,ln Nov. 0. An ottt-
ragi'ous assault was made upon Fran
ces 1. Greggs, It Is alleged, by Isaac, i
W'oodburn, it colored man. Frances is '
only 14 years old and resides with the
family of Jlrs. Klleu Given, at North
brook. While alone in the- bouse she
was assailed, she says, by Woodburn.
When the negro heard the angry
threats of the farmers in the neighbor
heieid, after the news had spread, he
was so badly frightened he surrendered
toOonstuble O. W. 1 linked, who brought
him to Jail last night.
The Outcome of a Polltlcul light In Indian
Ry the t'nlted Press.
Purls, Tex., Nov. 6. The news was
received this morning of the foul mur
der of Dixon Irwin and his wife In bed
at their home in Cedar county, Choc
taw Nation, Saturday night.
Dixon was n prominent adherent of
tho Ijocke faction, and the murders are
believed to have been on account of
' China Sues for Peace.
Loinlon, Nov. 0. The foreign offiVe,
response to lniUlrle-s, i-onilrms Ihe report
that the Chinese government has reiiucHt
eel the powers having Immeellate com
mercial Interests at stake to Intervene
for the purpose- of securing a settlement
of the war with Japan.
bullet in Ills breast.
F,rh Pa., Nov. fi. James Caullln,
Nickel Plato telegraph operator at Swiss
Vallev station, was foutiel deml In the of
fice toilny, with a biille-l through his
brenBt. Hn had often threatened his life.
Complete Returns in Later Edition.
R Will He Kepublican by a Safe Working
Relow will be found a tabulated sum
mary of the congressional returns freim
the various states. In Pennsylvania
the Democrats are given four congress- :
men, but the probability Is that they '
will have to be content with one. At
3 o'clock Mart's defeat was claimed by I
Kirkpatrlck and Sibley's by Orlswolel.
Brumm carries Schuylkill by 4.0H0. I
Rep. Demi Peep
i .. i ..
ie 2 ,.
1 .. 1
:t l
10 1
li; u ..
S 5
10 1
7 .. 2
2 !l
3 4
11 2
7 .. .,
., 7
n 12
t .. ..
T .. 1
11 2
21 in ,.
.. ' 9 .4
1 ..
1.". U
x 1 ..
1 u
I 2' .. ..
I 4 t!
I -; ;
! I " -
I -i :: ::
I 7 a
A labH ma
Delaware ,
New Hampshire
New Jersey. ...j
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington ............
West Virginia
I Wisconsin
20", ' 14.'.
llu Pocketed the .Members' Hues
Changed the Accounts.
By the t'lilted Press.
New York, Nov. 6. Bookkeeper Louis I
M. Ryeis. of the Brooklyn club. Is, it is j
alleged, a defaulter to the extent of
$7,d"H or more. On Friday last it was
suspected that there was a shortage in
his accounts, anil an expert ae-colintant
was set to weirk 011 the books. Ryeis
disappeared and has not been seen or
he'll 1 11 of since.
Me had been bookkeeper fed' the club j
for nearly ten years, and was implicit
ly trusted.1 Of late yeiil'D he paid all
the' bills, banked all the money and re
ceived the tne-nib'-rs' fi-os.
Hank n nJ Jewelry House Play Lacli Other
as Creditors in Vuin.
i By the United Tress.
St. Louis, Mo., Nov. C After operat- !
Iiifr similar swindles In New Orleans I
and Chlcagei, Oscar St. Clair and T. IT. j
Ashteen have fled from here, leaving j
in the luri-h all their employes of the I
banking linn of J. Otis Stevens & ( V.
and the Ashtou Jewel company. Ash- I
teen managed both, and tried to make !
Jewelry purchases in New York, nam
ing the bank as His Jewell'' firm's back-
i e-rs, anel endeavored lo buy expensive
bunking llxtuivs here, nanilnif the Jew
ell y heiimu as backer of the bunk.
I- A.
Iiinniuett Hangs Himself in u Pitts-
burn Hoarding House, '
Ry the Vnlted Tress.
Pittsburg, Nov. li. L. A. Dumtnett, a
sali'snuin for an eastern camly manu
factory, who has been in Pittsburg for
two lneinths, committed suicide by
hanging In his room at the home of
-iljjohn 0'lo)inell, No. 1 l'ride street,
h I .Mrs. O'Dotinell found him suspended by
I a roiie from a nail driven in the wall,
j Mis hands were grasping the rope, as if
! he had repented of his deed when too
late to save himself.
Dumiuott was Til years old. Xo cause
fejf the d eel Is known.
Lancaster's pullet! census shows a popu
lation of :W,led.
Falling timbers In n Mahanoy City initio
kllle-el Jlie-liai-1 Ke-elusky.
Thlives Steele ?.ii worth of clothing
from Peter Faust's store, at Wutsontown,
A ellvlele-nil of la per cent, was deedared
to creelilors of the defunct Cony N i- 1.....L' t t',',-i.
I no OOIIV Ol llu llllHlie.ll lieaei n-,r
fouiiel by the! rallroiiel track near Hath
ami muree-r Is suspei-ted..
A stable belonging to Contractors Dooth
& Finn, I'ltlsbiirg. cnllapse'el ami William
Garhart was fatally hurt.
The charter of the Knights of Jlaltil
lodge at lialh, Northampton county, him
been revoked for Insubordination.
At lit risk of her own life .Mrs. Au
gustus Swavely, near lilrelshoro, rescued
all ihe live stock from a burning burn.
Gladstone's translation of "The Odf of
Horace" will be issued la London today.
Hovns In Jliulagascar have replied that
they won't submit to France, unless
fore-eel to.
Thousainls at Nuremberg celebrateel the
four huinlreiith anniversary of the birth
of Hans Sai'lis, the German poet.
Ons year's Imprisonment ami a lino of
IjMiiii were tmposeel upon Gcrault Rle-haril
In Purls for publishing an Insult to Pres
lelent Caslmlr Perler.
The steamship Ri-rlln, Just arrived al
Southampton, hue! the stormiest voyage
across the Atlantic that her captain hail
expericliceel since 1S77. Thlrel OIHeer
Hromlev was washed ove-rbemnl ami two
sailors West! biully Injured by tri-menilous
Germany Is said to be dissatlslle-d with
postal union rates.
Freelerle-k Fitzgerald, a nephew of Col
onel Samuel Coll, of Hartford. Conn., was
appointed consul at Cognac, Fiance.
President Cleveland has commuted te
Imprisonment for life Ihe seiitunen of Au
gustus Ji-nklns, convicted of murder In
the Distrle-t of Columbia, anil sentenced
to be hanged this month.
The treasury department has liberally
e-onstrueel paragraph 1 of the new tariff
and directed that window glass piuk-st
In cases of el feet square anil multiples
thereof be admitted tei entry,
The Cornell university eleven elefe-aled
the Crescents of Hrooklyn yesterday by
a si-ore of 22 to 0.
The Franklin nnd Jiurshiil Foot Pall
team at Uini-aster yesterday afternoon
defeated the Rutgers' college team by tho
score of ON to 4.
For custom Pennsylvania, partly
clotnly: slight change In temperature;
west winds, becoming variable.
Complete Keturns in Later Edition,.
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