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The true
A pure crenm of tartar powder.
120 Wyoming Ave.
No Oriental opium-scented linen
frayed, fretted and worthless, but all
returned lit for wear, ironed with care,
and all of it there.
S3 Potrn Avo. A. B. WAR MAN.
Want Carpets,
Wall Paper or
Window Shades
Come to Ds. We haye
a Foil Line of Goods,
and Onr Prices Are Very
Gentlemen's Driving Club races Satur
dflv 9n. m
There will be a moetlnir of the rnnnii
liters of the Florence mission at 1U o'clock
this morning.
The ladles of the Penn Avenue TJnptUt
church will give a turkey dinner ami sup
per In the uhureh parlors Thursday,
Nov. 15.
A mothers' .meeting will be held Tues
day, Nov. 8, at Z p. m. in the Woman's
Christian Temuerance union room. Clo
Green lildge street.
A meeting of the Green Ridge Womnn's
Christian Temperance unlo:i will he new
Hi lin lui'iun, mil iiirvii iviugo miui-i, at. u
... i... . i-ifr .......... ... o
o'clock this afternoon.
N Mrs. Margaret Johnson filed a discon
tinuance yesterday of her action agahiMt
the Scranton Traction company, huving
. received uu in setucmeni.
, ' Alderman Wright certilled over 200 pen
' Blotters' forms yesterday. The pensioners
of the Philadelphia section, which Includes
Scranton, will receive their pay In a few
Morris J: Andrews was yesterday ap
pointed Judge of election of the Kirst dis
trict of the Seventeenth ward to till the
vacancy caused by tho Illness of A. It.
The Young Men's Institute will hold a
social session at its rooms on Lacka
wanna avenue tonight, at which elec
tion returns, both local and general, will
be received.
A roll call of the members of the Green
Ridge Presbyterian church will be held
tomorrow night. Communlcotlons ha've
been received from almost all of the MM
members, some of whom aro traveling
Mr. Starr, who comes here under the
ausHpices or the Kpworth league, will also
deliver a lecture on "Child Saving" In
the Albright Library building Friday,
Nov. 9, at 4.30 p. m. AdmlHston free. All
are cordially invited to attend.
The third annual ball of the Motormen
and Conductors' association will bo held
at Turner hall on Nov. 14. James K.
O'Boyle Is chairman of the hall commit
tee and every effort Is being made to en
sure tho success of the evening.
Tho 'Woman's Christian Temperance
linlnn nrlll mnot nl S n m tiilm, In llin In.-
ture room of Kim Park church. The dele
gates to the late state convention will he
present and give reports of said conven
tion. Come and bring your frlendB. All
are welcome.
Caroline and Daniel Kullman yesterday
brought actions In trespass agalnHt the
Wllkes-Barreand Scranton Railroad com
, pany to recover dumages for Injuries done
their properties by the alleged encroach
ing of the road on the channel of tho
Lackawanna river.
The Scranton Turnvereln held Its third
annual ball at their hall last evening,
when about 150 people were present and
spent an enjoyable evening. The foliow-
.. ing committee had charge of the ar
rangements: li. Oorden, C. Stalber, H.
I Voekroth, T. Qulnanand, S. Conn.
Marriage licenses were granted yester
day by Clerk of the Courts Thomas to
Isaac T. Sehappell, Scranton, and Eliza
J. Proper, Archbald; China Buraon ami
Pelachl Malsko, Mayflelil; Stephen Tifok
and Julia Kurom, Prleeburg; Michael
Coyle and Bridget McOrath, Scranton,
A special meeting of the members of the
Young Women's Christian association
will be held tonight at 8 o'clock. All the
members are urged to attend as business
of Importance will be presented. Tho sing
ers of the association are Invited to como
at 7.30 for rehearsal of convention music.
The regular monthly meeting of the board
of managers will occur Wednesday at
9.30 a. m.
Professor C. R. Wells, of Syracuse, Is
making a systematic visitation of the city
schools and Is supervising the natural
method. of handwriting which was Intro
duced into the schools last year.. He will
meet the teachers In different sections of
the city to discuss the same question with
them. Yesterday he met the teachers of
the central city, today at 4 o'clock he will
meet the West Side teachers, tomorrow
the North End teachers and on Thursday
at the same hour the teachers of the
South Side section.
A meeting of the auditing committee of
councils was held last evening when a
large number of bills were examined and
approved. i A. M, Wagner presented an
account of $30 to the commlttoe, for
Sprinkling Mulberry street around the
city hall for three months. Questioned as
to who had requested or authorized him
to do the work, he said that the first
month he did the sprinkling without or
ders, and after that he thought they
would recognize his work and pay him.
He was not paid, the matter being re
ferred to the mayor and other gentle
men. Gentlemen's Driving club races Satur
day, 2 p. m. .
Pabst's Milwaukee Beer, cool and spark
ling, at Lohman's, Spruce street.
$100.00 to $1.00.
' Those peoplo betting that way should
obtain money at Davldow UroB'. banking
establishment. . ,
I am prepared to receive a limited num
ber of piano pupils. For terms, etc., ad
dress Richard V. Lindsay,
822 Mulberry Street.
pr at Powell's Music Store.
iifl S
and "Sure;!
composition is published on every label, information not given by other1
You know what you are eating when you use Cleveland's.
The Donations Recently Received by That
The Florence mission wishes to ac
knowledge the kindness of friends as
Mrs. Joseph A. Scranton, Mrs. Olllver,
Avoca; Mrs. John Jenkins, Mrs. tten
fhaw, Mrs. McKlnney, Mrs. E. N. Wil
lard, Mrs. J. G. McAskle, Mrs. W. K.
Mi-Lave, Mrs. R. O. Brooks, Mrs. Simon
Klt-e, Mrs. Edith White, Mrs. Ilk-hard
Matthews, Mrs. W. F. Hallstead, Mrs.
A. P. McDonnell, Mrs. V. W. Mason,
Mrs. H. M. Koies, Miss HnBtle, Avof.a;
Miss li. L. Uronson, Miss Zelda Slovens,
Miss Crown, Hubert Oliver. W. II.
Pierce, K O. Coursen, P. B. Flnloy, A.
R. Raub, Williams & McAnulty, Will
lam T. Hnckott, R. H. Fretir, Mrs.
Charles Von Storch, Mrs. George W.
Finn, the Misses Finn, Mrs. L. U. Pow
ell, Mrs. Frank Merrlfleld, Mrs. W. II.
Taylor, Bible society, Mrs. A. K. San
derson, John Clelland, Coursen & dem
ons, Goldsmith Bros., Kerr & Slebecker,
Sarah Howley, William A. L. Waters,
Mrs. H. S. Smith, James Archbald, Miss
NettleUm, children of public schools
No. 27 and 28, children of Miss Oer
ricky's school, children of Mls3 Worces
ter's school, dally papers, Republican,
Tribune and Times, Bible society, Con
rad Milk company, Mrs. Frances B.
Swan, Mrs. E. B. Sturges.
The Tribune tonight will bulletin all
election returns upon an Immense screen
by means of a powerful stereoptlcon. Ar
rangements have been completed to net
prompt telegraphic service by special wire.
Read The Tribune tomorrow for the best
and fullest election news.
Members of the Calvary Reformed Church
Have Awarded tho Contract.
The building; committee of the Cal
vary Reformed church held a meeting
on Saturday evenljj, when the contract
for erecting the new church was
awarded to B. F. Diemi at the sum of
The church has progressed materi
ally, sufficiently so to urge the members
to build a church worthy of their cause
and led by thilr pastor, Rev. Wr. H.
Stubbleblne, they have displayed Indom
itable energy In carrying on the work
In face of serious difllculties, which,
however, seemed to urge them on to In
creased efforts.
Tho congregation Is but one year old,
but thirty members have promised $2,250
toward the erection of the new church
and, as tho members are practically all
working men, the effort has been a
noble one. They have proved them
selves worthy of public support and
contributions will be gratefully received
by the pastor at GHO Qulncy avenue.
A brief service will be held this even
ing at 6.30 o'clock, when the ground for
the new church will be broken and Rev.
Charles U. Robinson will deliver the
prayer of consecration. The new church
will be located on the corner of Monroe
avenue and Gibson street.
It Will Do Held This livening at Con
scrvntory Hull.
Tlis Prohibitionists of the county are
going to hold a reunion this even
ing at Conservatory hall, 402 Lacka-
wanna avenue, opposite the Wyoming
house, when they will receive the com
plete election returns of all parties
from all over the nation. The ladles
will serve refreshments free of charge,
and there will be vocal and Instru
mental music by Tallle Morgan's male
voice glee club and Conrad's orchestra.
The gathering will be entirely Informal,
and people can come and go from !
o'clock until 2 the next morning.
It Is the intention of the Prohibition
Ists to begin the next campagn tomor
row evening by the organization of a
working league, or rather to have the
Central league to hold public meetings,
and to have every election district
thoroughly organized. The county will
be organized also on the same plan.
The rooms tomorrow evening will be
open to all friends of Prohibition
whether members of the Prohibition
party or not.
Election officers are hereby notified that
a plan has been discovered to chango the
marks on Republican ballots. The first
person caught doing that should be in
stantly arrested. With a free ballot and
a fair count the whole Republican ticket
will win. Let no guilty man escape.
Irst Entertainment Will He Given
Jfext Monday Night.
The lecture committee of the Young
Mens Christian association has been
generous In Its plans for this year's
course, and has arranged for bIx en
tertainments Instead of five as hereto
fore, though the price of course tickets
remains the same.
This season's course will be opened
on Monday evening next by the John
Thomas company, of Boston. It Is said
to be a company In which fine humor
and artistic musical ability are very
agreeably combined. The sale of re
served seats for the course Is now In
progress at the Young Men's Christian
association ofllce.
Almost Doubled Those of the Preceding
i Seven Days.
The mortality report of the board of
health for the last week shows that
the number of deaths nearly doubled
that of the week preceding. Last week
there were thirty-three deaths from all
causes. t
Only one death, typhoid, resulted
from contagious disease, although eight
new enses developed as follows: Two
of typhoid, three of scarlet fever, three
of diphtheria. Ninety-four deaths oc
curred during October against 113 In the
month (If September. The average
numebr- of deaths In October, for the
previous four years waa 115.
Turkish nn Rusnlan Baths for Ladles.
At the request of physicians and ladles,
arrangements have been made to give
baths to ladles on Tuesdays from 8 a. m.
to p. m. Private entrance through
Owens' cloak parlors on Spruce strret. M.
J. Purcell, proprietor.
Exciting Struggle of the Dominating
Parties for Supremacy.
It Is Practically Assured-Democrats,
However, Cluira That They Can Discern
a Victory on the Horlzon-So Can
Members of the People's Party.
Old observers say that not In years
has Lackawanna county' seen such a
tierce, stubborn and desperate political
campaign us was the one which came
to a close last night. Beginning In nl
most a supine fashion, It came down
the home stretch In a regular Garrison
finish of bold and daring management
on both aides; and not until late to
night will it be known, to a certainty,
which side has won. Tho ugliness which
has characterized the Democratic por-
tlon of this contest the lies and libels
on tho opposing candidates and the
coarse utterances of Democracy's ut
terly unscrupulous organ has been n
conspicuous, but not necessarily a do-
cislve feature. The profane pouring In
of administration money would have
meant a stubborn battle In any event,
whether the smut mill had been leased
or not. Then, too, there were other In
fluences but the enumeration of them
all would take far too much space and
time. It Is sufficient to summarize the
whole story by saying that the fight
winds up In a spirited canter, with tho
Republicans well In the lead, but not
yet safely under the wire.
Both headquarters were besieged all
day yesterday by scores and even hun
dreds of Impecunious hangers-on. In
this particular, honors were even be
tween the two parties. Many of these
would-be "strikers" alternated with
true non-partisan fairness between the
rival nead(uarters, nist ' touching a
soft-hearted Republican candidate for
a contribution to charity and then pur
suing a parallel course toward one of
Mr. Roche's candldatorlal staff. The
drift of opinion at both headquarters
seemed to be that the "striker" ought
to go. But no one appeared to be quite
able to get him to go.
Predicts Republican Success.
Chairman Ripple, when asked for his
opinion, replied: "I never predict. It
will be time to do that when the votes
are in. Every Indication, however. Is
favorable to Republican victory. I can
not see why we should not elect every
candidate, provided every Republican
goes to the polls. Yes, the contest has
been an earnest one, but I feel very
confident we will win."
Mayor Connell was even more out
spoken. "You can put It just as em
phatlcally as you wish that I predict
the election, by good pluralities, of
every Republican nominee. I will be
the most surprised man In Scranton If
we do not."
Chairman Roche was found at Demo
cratlc headquarters last night closeted
with Secretary Sando and others. He
was figuring out majorities, he said: "I
am confident of the result," Mr. Roche
continued, "and firmly believe that the
Democratic county ticket is going to be
elected by decisive majorities. The re
ports we receive from every quarter
indicates that fact." "
Tullle Morgan, secretary of the Pro
hlbltlon county organization, was In
charge at Prohibition headquarters and
said that his party will poll a bigger
vote today than ever before In the his
tory of the county. He placed the fig
ures at l.oOO.
Pcoplcs's Party Claims.
M. J. Coleman, chairman of the Peo
ple's party county committee, was In
terviewed. "We will surprise people to
morrow by the vote we will rull up," he
said as he puffed at a very Bhort cigar.
"Our fight has been conducted on. prin
ciple and every honest man in the
county will vote with us, I feel
sure. I do not think our entire
ticket will be elected, but I believe that
several of our candidates will pull
through all right. This campaign Is
but preliminary to a great fight against
the corruption that now exists In local
politics, against which we propose to
wage a vigorous battle In the future.?
Boodle In Hyde Park.
The day was prolific In Its revelation
of Democratic tricks. Early In the af
ternoon It became known at Republi
can headquarters that the Democrats
had planned In, certain districts to
erase the marks on Republican ballots
and substitute other marks. Arrange
ments were at once made for a sys
tematic notification of overseers and
watchers. Such other precautions will
be taken as occasion shall demand.
But one of the most daring of these
cunningly planned schemes to pollute
the ballot was discovered last night
when Intelligence was received from a
thoroughly trustworthy source that a
large quantity of Democratic boodle
had been taken to Hyde Park, for use
In the attempted alienation of strong
Republican wards. The names of the
distributors, the amounts to be dis
tributed and the name of the candidate
In whose behalf It was contributed, as
well as the name of the contributor,
were made known to tho proper au
thorities, and any attempt to carry put
this plan will result, it Is said, In Im
mediate arrests.
Election officers aro hereby notified that
a plan has been discovered to change the
marks on Republican ballots. The drat
person caught doing that should be In
stantly arrested. With a free ballot and
a fair count the whole Republican ticket
will win. Let no guilty man escape.
Ono of tho Members of tho Holmcs-l-or
' rest Combination Taken 111.
Owlnff to the sudden Illness of one of
the leading members of the Holme
Forreste combination, "East Lynne"
was substituted for- "The Counterfeit
ers" at Davis' theater yesterday after
noon. Taking Into consideration that
the change wai necessary at ' the
last moment, the performance Was high
ly creditable and an excellent represen
tation of the popular novel was given.
Last night "Kathleen" vras given In a
very satlafastory manner, and will be
seen again today and tomorroy.
A large numDer wno nave witnessed
the production of this popular piece
will avail themselves of the opportunity
to see a correct and realistic representa
tion of that gallantry and chivalry so
prominent In Irish life. The Holmes-
Forrcste combination is a powerful one
and will do justice on the stage to the
work they have in hand. "The Coun
terfeiters' will be presented during the
latter part of the week.
She Took the Money but Would Not Marry
Anna Rollenayts and Kaslmer Tar-
ashavlchls have found to their cost
that the course of true love does not run
smooth and have proved the truism
that there Is danger of a slip between
the cup and the lip. Anna promised to
marry Knsimer, who resides on Blair
avenue. Providence, anu tnings nau
progressed sufficiently to take out tho
marriage license, when Kaslmer, full of
devotion and Implicit confidence in his
Anna, bestowed upon her all his accu
mulated wealth for the purpose of fur
nishing their Intended little cot.
Anna accepted the money and In a
cold-blooded manner announced to
Kaslmer that the match was off. Al
though he "loved her still" he was
anxious about the money, and Bought
the aid of the law, in the person of a
constable armed with a warrant, but
their efforts were unavailing, and tho
abject of his misplaced affections. It is
rumored, has used his savings in pay
ing the railroad fure of another beau
and herself In escaping from the wrath
of Kaslmer Yaroshavlclils.
Thut Did Not Mcun Everything to Mrs,
Cyrus XV. Dean and She Left Her Hus
Testimony In the divorce case of
Cvrus W. Dean against Kate E. Dean
was taken by Stenographer Costen be
fore Judge Edwards yesterday after
Mr. Dean Is a farmer, who resides
at La Plume, where he owns a fifty acre
farm. On Sept. 23, 1S85, he was mar
ried at Keystone Academy at Factory-
vllle to the woman from whom he now
wishes to be divorced. Rev. Dr. John
II. Harris performed the ceremony.
In giving his testimony Mr. Dean
said thnt two years ago last May his
wife left him nnd went to reside with
her parents. Why she did bo he was
unable to say. They hud not always
lived happily together, but he gave her
a comfortable home. They have a son
8 years of age.
Frank and Charles Chase testified
that Dean had a very comfortable
home, but could throw no light on the
reason Mrs. Dean left her husband.
John K. Jones Advertises His Campaign
from an Electric Cur.
Another original feature of John It.
Jones' business-like Republican candi
dacy for the oflloe of district attorney
was seen yesterday In a gaily bedecked
electric car, which made a tour of the
city and was run up and down the val
ley. It contained the Germanla band,
Mr. Jones and a party of friends. On
eltner side or tne car was displayed a
streamer, which read, "John R. Jones,
candidate for district attorney."
In the suburbs and at various points
In the valley above and below the city
Mr. Jones or Mr. John M. Harris made
brief speeches. ' ; ' '
The music of the band was almost
incessant, and the whole unique outfit
occasioned considerable comment and
Interest. The music of the band and
travel of the car were Incessant, and
when evening came it was the general
opinion thnt this method of campaign
ing had been the most unusual of the
present contest.
Many Friends Assembled to Pay their
Last Tokens of Esteem.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Mary
Connery, of South Washington avenue,
took place yesterday morning amid
many signs of great respect from a
large gathering of friends.
(Solemn high mass of requiem was
celebrated at Ft. Peter's cathedral, Rev.
Father Mlllalne being celebrant, Rev.
Father O'Reilly deacon, and Rev.
Father Golden, sub-deacon. A large
number of wreaths and floral tributes
were placed on the handsome casket,
Including a "Gate Ajar," harp and pil
lows. The flower bearers were Daniel
Dougherty, Daniel Gelbert, J. H. Du-
higg and James Fltzsimmons, and the
pall bearers J. Mahgran, Peter Kelly,
Thomas McCourt, Patrick Whelan,
Luke Moran and John Hawks. The In
terment took place at the Hyde Park
Catholic cemetery.
Election Returns Will Bo Read at tho
I-'rothlughoin Tonight.
Manager Lalne, of the Frothlngham,
has made arrangements by which the
election returns will be read from the
stage of the Frothlngham during the
performance of "Shaun Rhue" by Jo
seph Murphy and company tonight.
A direct wire has been run on the
stage, from which authentic returns of
all elections, local, state and United
States, will be received. The election
returns meeting will be kept up until 2
a. m.
An tniquo Exhibition.
A shadow gymnastic exhibition will
bo given In the Young Men's Christian
Association hall Thursday night. It
will be very Interesting and amusing,
as every thing will be done by shadow.
Reserved seats can be had at the Young
Men's Christian association ofllce.
A gentleman came In Satur
day and said he w)ild like
book and pay monthly; that he
had just discovered that we not
only sold the BEST, but that his
money went farther with us than
elsewhere. His name can be
seen on our order book Nov. 3.
Open to all.
E. Q. Coursen
429 Lackawanna Avenul
Legal -Steps on Behalf of the Persons
Charged with Abduction.
Joseph Church, of Bull's Head, Has Inter
ested Himself In Behalf of Scrafina
Canute and Simon Sncher and Ob
tained Writ of Uabcas Corpus,
Application for a writ of habeas
corpus was made before Judge Ed
wards yesterday In the Interest of the
Frenchman and Italian woman, who
are charged with kidnapping a child
from Montevideo, South America, and
who were arrested by the police Friday
night. Tomorrow morning was set for
the hearing, and until thaat time the
abductors will be under police surveil
lance at the St. Charles hotel.
Joseph Church, of the North End, In
stigated the proceedings on behalf of
the accused, and engaged as counsel
Hulslunder & Vosburg Rnd John M.
Corbett, who applied for the writ. It
is expected thut the police department
will have received by Wednesday from
the Argentine consul general In New
York city, to whom has been sent pho-
tographsof Sacher, Seraflna Canate and
the boy supposed to have been stolen
Neither the woman nor tho man has
been swerved from their former state
ment that Seraflna Is the boy's mother
The little fellow Is very fond of her
and she displays an Intense affection
for him. During their confinement they
have been very orderly nnd have won
the sympathy of many Interested In
the caBe.
Election officers are hereby notified that
a plan has been discovered to change tho
marks on Republican ballots. The first
person caught doing that should be In
stantly arrested. With a free ballot and
a fair count the whole Republican ticket
will win. Let no guilty man escape.
Discussions on Agnosticism, Sabbath Ob
sorvance and the Tent Missions.
The City Pastors' union held an in
teresting meeting at the Young Men's
Christian association rooms yesterday,
when Rev. Warren G. Partridge read a
well-written paper on "Agnosticism.'1
Rev. Dr. Robinson, chairman of the
Moody finance committee, gave a do
tailed statement of the receipts and ex
pendltures of tho recent tent missions,
The sum of $3,702.93 hud been expended
and all liabilities were discharged
Rising votes of thanks were tendered
the reverend gentlemen nnd the other
officials of the mission committees.
The union also discussed the question
of Sunday observance and the methods
of carrying out the desires of the com
Election money at Davldow Bros.
Committees to Confer.
A special conference committee of
select council will meet tomorrow even
ing ana consider the bids for paving am:
curoing west Lackawanna avenue
The original award of select council
was amended In the common body bo
that Dunn Bros., should receive the
gutter and curbing work and Nichols
& Fahey the paving. Select council re
fused to concur on the amendment.
Big Uctting Odds.
You can get nlentv of betting monev at
Davldow liros . banking establishment
Mansfield State Normal School.
An effective training school for teach
ers very liberal provision made for
post graduate work and for the prepara
tion of students for college. Students ad
mltted to the best colleges on our certlll
cates. Much attention given to physical
culture. 'Superior advantages for special
Instruction in music and art. Amply fur
nlshed reading room and cabinet. Tho
best and most modern physical apparatus.
Five flourishing literary societies.
strong athletic association and fine
grounds for sport. Four large buildings
all heated by steam. New furniture In
the dormitories of both the ladles' build
Ing and gentlemen's halls. An eclevator
in the ladies' building. Prospective teach
ers receive material aid from the state.
Expenses for the Junior year (42 weeks)
$18. Senior year sill).
Winter Term begins Dec. 3d.
For catalouges address
8. II. ALBRO, Ph. D., Principal,
Mansfield, Pa,
Election money at Davldow Bros.
Annual commutation tickets for the use
of the Nay Aug Falls and Elmhurst Bou
levard for driving purposes can be pro
cured at tho office of the treasurer, room
7, Commonwealth building. Price, $15.
Election money at Davldow Bros.
I have just received a new line of
Cut Glass
for Wedding Gifts. Step in and see
our new stock.
Minn nt leu tf
It tt rnienl UM Hoit PopnUr nnd rrcftmd if
Leadliif Anuil .
WartrMmi 1 Opposite Columbus Monument,
905 Washington Av. Scranton, Pa.
Inoludlhg the painless extracting of
tasth by an entirely new process.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
S 1 417 Lickawanna Ave. J ;;
The Best Oyster Broilers made, 25c
Lap Board, a good one, 09c
foot Step Ladder, 7aC
foot Step Ladder, gl.00
8-foot Step Ladder, 1.23
hoop Wood Pail, IOC
Cedar Pail, 2 brass hoops, 2ik'
Ironing Beards on legs, folds up, $1.19
Folding Clothes liars, C9c
Coal Hods, IftC
Stove Pipe, per joint, 15c
Stove Pipe; elbows, IOC
ardiniercs,an elegant assortment,
from l()l'. to 85.00 each.
Rice Root Horse Brush, a "corker" IOC
Celluloid Side Combs, imitation of
shell, per pair 10C
Hair Ornaments, Spears,. Daggers,
etc., same quality as above,
each - . - 10l'
New Class Celery Tray, a beauty, IOC
Lots of New Goods arriving
every day.
Green and GoldStoro Front.
s here and so are mopt men who wear It
after the latest Ideas In this line. They
una everything new. novel, ilrew-tak-
ng and superbly elegant, Inviting goods
at still more inviting litit-eH. foiir-ln
hands, sailor knots, etc., all of the finest
materials and exquisitely nU-hsing In de
sign. Always first In the Held, we keep
there Indisputably and Irresistibly with
an exhibition of Neckwear surprises.
do vou dread Monday
washday? Can't blame you
much slop dirt confusion
heat enough to drive you
out into the street. Wouldn t
it be better to send your whole
tamily wash to us every week ?
Special " POUND RATES "
to families. Write for these
Crop a postal-our wagons will call promptly,
Many a long mile before you will
Gild Shoes to equal our new lines
of Fall and Wiuter Footwear.
ity that is lirst-class and desira
ble Our prices are as low, if not
lower, than you are paying for
poorer Shoes.
Are you aware that we are giving
away Handsomely Framed Pictures with
sales of $4.00 or over ?
AVINQ withdrawn entirely from
wholesale trade and having
transferred our wholesale stock
to our retail department to be offered
to our patrons at wholesale prices, w
mention a lew or our prices:
French Black Ly hx,26 In. 8.00
Electric Seal, " 15.00
Wool r!eal.
Water Mink $1.60
E t'ctrle Seal . . 1.75
Hudson ltay Sable 4.60
Stone Marten 4,50
With Double Heads.
In Ladies' Tailor Made Coats
and Capes we carry the handsomest
line in the city.
In Millinery Department
We carry a line line of Trimmed and
I ntrini mod, and the latest in a Child's
School Cap.
Have Your Furs Repaired
by the only practical turner In the
city. Send for illustrated catalogue.
jr. BOLZ
138 Wyoming Avenue.
In Town
Clothiers, Hrfters.FurnisfiEra
128 Wyoming Ave.
We are now showing an e&
quisits line of
At special prices
them in our stock.
to introduce
OUR NEW RAZOR or Needle Toes for
Ladies and Gentlemen are the per
fection of the Shoemaker's art
They cut their way into favor with
every one who sees them.
will prove attractive to parents
w ho are looking for reliable Shoes
at the lowest possible prices.
Comer of Lackawanna and
Wyoming Avenues.