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Autumn Doings Amonij Troinintnt
Leaders of the Season's Gaycty.
Ihe Uiimut of the Week's l.vcnts SoiinaeJ
lu Short Purugruphs-Giiests und Kit-ttnuiitci-s-PerbOiiul
.Mention Ke
dueeJ to u l omptiel Compiles.
By reason (if tli inniiy weddings of
thi past vtvek hul lit tit- opportunity Iiuh
Ixvu nlf'eivd fur oilier ph-uHuiitrios of
tin- miulul win-Ill.- Horo mid Uuto lnis
liei'ii kIvcii a vi-iy small dlmifii-or fvt'ii
iiur ciunpaiiy, but lni'j and formal nf
luirs have been conspicuous only by
their ubsi nee. From pivw-nt Indica
tions soclfty will not enliven itself Kon
cially until the eve of the holidays.
It in a curious fact that no one siRn
fo clearly Rives, evidence of the pre
vailing llower thali the boutoniere of
the very proper young num. and, for
that matter, the frayed lapel of the or
dinarily dressed individual is very
much in evidence just now. That this
is the season of Die tufted chrysanthe
mum goes without saying. The feath
ery flower In all Its ninny colored and
many sized glory is omnipresent and is
seen equally often on the precise frock
of the matter-of-fact business man,
Clasped to the waist of the high heeled
miss or borne In all its cabbage-head
proportions on the flat chest of the
Charley of cigarette and kid glove in
clinations. Kveryone is loyal to the
llower and everyone wears it.
If it wore believed that the chrysan
themum craze Is the product of a
scheme advanced a few years ago by
-New York florists for the sole object of
getting dollars nnd cents, the passion
for the flower might be somewhat les
sened. These New York florists, know
ing the hardiness of the blossom and
the simple process which makes it
bloom lu any desired color brought it
to the public's notice in an Ingenious
manner. They secured for n considera
tion the patronage and assistance of
some of the Impecunious New York
swelldom and advertised a "chrysan
themum show" to be given in the old
Jludlson Sipiare garden. The profits
of the first show and that of the year
following were divided between the
practical florists and needy society.
Each year following, the shows in
creased in splendor, variety and at
tendance until now it costs n pretty
penny to gaze nt society gazing at
The llower eventually became a fad
anil was even suggested as the nation
al llower when the rose, lilly-of the-vab
ley and daisy were set aside that the
graceful and natural golden rod of ple
blan birth should occupy the pinnacle
or national lloral worship. The failure
of the llorists in this last enterprise
cast no damper on the people's autumn
fad. In horrid yellow, washed-out
pink or in purple hue that gives nit art.
1st the nightmare it nods Its feathet
duster head from every conceivable
style of dress ami has come to stay.
But with all its misuse and abuse It Is
a handsome, gracerm llower when u
person of good taste kuows how to
wear it and lu what shade of color.
I; il
T. Cramer von Storch and his bride,
nee Miss Jessie JVnnypaeker. who were
married Oct. 4. In St. Luke's and re
turned from their wedding trip last
week Friday, were given a reef lion
last evening by Jlr. von Ktorch'n mo
ther, Mrs. Theodore von Storch, nt the
family homestead, Itinn North Alain ave
nue. The day also witnessed the anni
versary of Air. von Storch's birth and
the wedding anniversary of Ids sister
Airs. Frank AI. (Helen Josephine) Valid
ling. The guests Included many well
known Scrariton people nnd friends
from abroad. From 9 o'clock until after
midnight the old mansion was ablaze
with Jovial light and tilled with good
cheer and hospitality. Florist, musi
cian and caterer had made every possi
ble arrangement for the comfort and
entertainment of the guests.
Airs, von Storch was assisted in re
ceiving by Air. and Airs. T. Cramer vmi
Storch and Air. and Airs. F. AI. Vand
llng, and the following young ladles as
sisted in entertaining: Alisses Aladge
and Alice von Storch, May Kingsbury,
kuth Jackson, (lesella Smith, of New
Atilford; Alay Pen- packer and Jessie
lloiee. '
The house was decorated by Clark
Willi palms, ferns and wnilnx aiid roses
and chrysanthemums. From the din
ing room chandelier four wreaths of
sinllax were strung to the corners of the
table, where they were entwined in
lurge clusters of roses. A run, ling sup
per was served by Huntington. Music
was furnished by Hat. r.
The guests from al. find were: Air.
and Mrs. Jerome Ueyo .mil son, Afrs. J.
U Cramer and William liooth, of
Foughkeepsle; Mrs. Lysander O. Par
ker und Aliss Parker, of Itoston; Airs,
(lllbert Craig, of Albany: Aliss Florence
Hurr, of Kingston. N. Y.; Air. and Airs.
Charles Aliner and Sidney Miner,, of
Several pronounced departures from
the various details of correct society
weddings appeared in Thursday's swell
nuptials lu Newport when Aliss Killth
Norman, of Huston, licence Airs. YVIU
lam It. Hunter.
The bride wore a cream colored
satin gown, with puff sleeves, and on
the dress, as well us on the long tnl!-
veil, were bunches of orange blossoms.
She carried an Ivory covered prayer
book. There were no bridesmaids, but
the'slster of the bride, Aliss Alabel Nor
man, gowned In white silk, trimmed
with lace, was her maid of honor. She
wore a hat trlmed with ostrich feathers
nnd carried a bouquet of lillleH of the
valley. Air. nnd Airs. Hunter mapped
out tin original wedding trip. They left
late in the afternon for Providence,
where they were to find the bride's fav
orite pair of ponies attached to a buggy.
In this the newly married couple will
drive through Uhode Island to Connec
ticut, thence to Stockbrldge, Mass., nnd
expect to go west ns far as New York.
With five weddings of well known
Vest Side people in one night there
does not appearany dearth of marriage
able Scranton maidens nor an indispo
sition on the part of young men to
marry them. "In the spring the young
man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts
of love" might be followed by "and In
Gilnwres Aromatic Wine
A tonic for ladies. If you
are suffering from weakness,
and feel exhausted and ner
vous; are getting thin and all
run down; Gilmore's Aro
matic Wine will bring roses
to your cheeks and restore
you to flesh and plumpness.
Mothers, use it for your
daughters. It is the best
regulator aud corrector for
ailments peculiar to woman
hood. It promotes digestion,
enriches the blood and gives
lasting strength. Sold by
Matthews Bros., Scrautou.
the autumn he takes her for better
or worse." Its a very, very small even
ing those times when the man In the
moon don't smile down on several
scenes each including bridal robes,
flowers, the minister and that sort of
thing. A studious minded literary so
ciety recently debated "Why doesn't
vegetation begin in the fall when the
temperature is the same as in the
spring." The debaters might have found
good facts for argument If they had
observed the amount of autumn nup
tial vegetation so greatly lu excess of
that of the spring, und even rivalling
the month of roses and weddings.
n . . , 11 il I'
Benjamin Hughes, of Washburn
street, celebrated his seventh-lli birth
day on Thursday, and the event at
tracted considerable attention among
the Welsh element of Hyde I 'ark. Air.
Hughes has long been a prominent
figure in the Cymric circle und, asso
ciated with Judge Kilwards ami 1). AI.
Jones, has originated many movements
of central Interest on the West Side.
"Hen Hughes" is one of the most en
tertaining conversationalists of the city
nnd his relation to the numerous Inci
dents in his career in the new und old
worlds are always fresh and interest
ing. Air. Hughes has also manv recol
lections stored up of the early Welsh
divines, whose eloquence so 11 red the
people of the hills and dales of Cam
bria in the forties , and, If placed on
record, would be read with avidity. His
career has been an eventful one, and
such ns supplies a pleasant and sweet
retrospect, and, although in his seven
tieth year, Air. Hughes can yet sten
with agility that would shame manv a
man of 4ii. Hundreds of friends have
wished him many hnppv returns of
the day.
'I I! I'
Mr. and Airs. Iteese O. Brooks gave
a very enjoyable nnd informal party
last evening at their home on Qulncy
avenue for Air. nnd Mrs. Henry Evans,
of Salt Lake City, and Airs. John Evans,
of Westerly, 11. I. Twentv-seven years
ago Air. Evans was a resident of this
city, but for the last twenty years has
been engaged in the mercantile busi
ness In the west. Those who comprised
last evening's gathering were personal
friends of Air. Evans when he lived in
Scranton. There were present: Air.
and Mrs. H. D. Jones, Air. and Afrs. 1).
AI. Jones. Mr. and Airs. A. B. Evnon,
Air. and Airs. 1). V. Powell. Air.' and
Airs. Morgan Daniels, Air. and Airs. 10.
J. Davis, Airs. William Aubrey Powell,
-Mrs. Bartholomew, nnd the Alisses Bar
tholomew. Airs. Luther Jones, nnd the
Alisses Jones, and others.
A delightful entertainment was given
In Alears' hall last evening for the ben
efit of the Washburn Street Presbyte
rian church by the well known nnd
talented young women comprising the
Sunday school class of Airs. E. 1). Fel
lows. The entertainment was varied
by orchestral music furnished bv
Bauer's musicians. The following are
among those who participated in the
programme of tableaux, vocal and In
strumental solos and recitations:
Misses Alaud Vlpond. Helen Aloft,
Bertha Powell, Lou Deppen, Alai v Ed
wards, Alabel Yost, Alabel Swittzer,
Bertha Jenkins, Gertrude Becker,
Grace Walker and Ethel Porter.
i: H H
Miss Katie Gehrlng nnd Edward
Heckninn were married Thursday by
Rev. Air. Zitzleman at the home of the
bride's parents in Green Hidge. Aliss
Mamie Handerscheldt , of Hazletoii,
was the maid or honor, and the groom
was attended by his brother. Otto
Heckman. tin their return from a
wedding trip Air. and Airs. Heckman
will reside at i;Ki Sanderson avenue.
. , H !l II
A pleasant private wedding was Tier
formed hist night by Hev. W. G. Wal
klus, of the North Alain Avenue Bap
tist cliurcli, at his home In Electric
City park. The pnr.tles united , were
Aaron How-ells and Aliss Alary A. Our
vey, both of Peckville. The newlv mar
ried couple will probably reside on
Court street, this city.
II ,1 II
Air. and Airs. Add Moore, who were
recently married,- were tendered a re
ception Thursday evening by Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. Moore, T.V1 Adams avenue.
Miss Carrie Von Wornier and Aliss
Alargaret Newman assisted In receiv
ing. II II II
Luclen F. I Morns, of this citv, nnd
Miss Ella Bushnell, of Wlndsor.'X. Y.,
were married at the bride's home
Airs. Fred 10. Stevens is visiling her pa
rents at Foster.
Miss Alary lleek.of Moscow, Is visiting
friends in Green Hidge.
Mr. and .Mrs. Perelval Aloiris havo re
turned from their wedding trip.
Mr. and Airs. J. Elliott (toss havo re
turned from a trip to Pittsburg.
Mrs. Sidney Hayes, of Olive street, .vis
ited .Montrose friends this week.
Miss Lillian Chainbeilln, of Brooklyn,
Is visiting friends at Green Hidge.
Airs. Lysiuiiler Parker und Aliss Parker,
of Huston, ure visiting Scrunton friends.
. .Mrs. E. C. Pliniiili k, of Sanderson ave
nue, is visiting friends In Wilmington,
i el.
Aliss Annie Stratton, of Adams nvciiue.
has returned from a visit to New York
Aliss Sarah lloadley, of Tinikhiinnoek,
s visiting Airs. Wuiiihuld. of Green ltldge
Air. nnd Mrs. G. W. Frost returned
home alter a visit with friends In Wayne
Hay Kessler. of Urnndt I'n.. vls't'"'
friends in the city dining Thursday and
Aliss Emma Brown, of Hnnesdale, is
visiting Airs. George Owens, of .Sanderson
Airs. Gilbert Craig, of Albnnv, and Aliss
Florence Burr, of Kingston, ' X. Y are
in the city.
Air. and Airs. W. T.. Carr, of Capnuse
avenue, will spend Sunday with friends
in Wayniart.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Aliner and Sid
ney .Miner, of Wilkes-Hiirre, were in the
city yesterday.
Airs. Alary' L. Blakeslee niid son, El
bert, of .Montrose, visited friends lu the
city this week.
Dan Sehaunnnn, formerly n well known
resident of Alontrose, culled upon friends
in the city yesterday.
Aliss Alary A. Mines, of Plttston, hns
returned home after n short visit with W.
H. Swartz, of Cherry street.
Airs, und Airs. Jerome Deyo nnd son,
Airs. J. D. Cramer and William Booth, of
Poughkeepsle, are in the city.
Silas Kind, the accomplished sketch ar
tist, has been added to the staff of the
Keranton Engraving company.
Aliss Jennie Palmer, Aliss bin Doly nnd
Aliss Clara Knrager, of Green Itldge, nre
visiting friends in Binghiiniton.
Hev. Frank I.. llkirs l'i.. e' I'M
cngo, IS the guest of his old college friend,
Hev. Warren l. penriitic, "
Aliss Ceclla Rwift. of Archbnld. occu
pies a position In the School of Mechan
ics and Industrial Sciences in this city.
Chnrles L: Hawley, the Prohibition can
didate for governor, returned yesterday
to his home In this city from a central
stnte tour.
Hev. F. L. Wllkins, D.D., of Chicago,
who spoke last night nt the Penn Ave
nue Baptist church, Is a guest of Hev.
Wurren G. Partridge.
Superintendent J. T,. Crawford, of the
Simpson it Wutkins Coul company. Is
probably one r.f the most enlhiisiaslie
connoisseurs of horseflesh In the city. Mr
Crawford is the owner of ten blooded ani
mals, nearly every one with a record.
Five of the steeds nre kept In this city
end the oihers are stabled near the
mines at Simpson, above Carbondnl".
AI the opening of the new houlevnrd this
week Air. Crawford's slock was promi
nent upon the driveway In the front rank.
One might, It would seem, gain a very
good Idea any time of Hie flight of a
cyclone when seated In n llifhl huggv be
hind a pair of Air. Crawford's trotters.
Ladies' sliver watches at Duvldow
The $4.0,1100 School Mouse,
for Columbia avenue has been let and will
be commenced Immediately. There ure
still u few more lots left nt a low price.
Arthur Frotliliighnin,
Oltlce, Theater Lobby.
Wedding presents nt Duvldow l!ros.
They Set and Listened to Reports in
l'cnn Avenue Church.
A re Churches .Mentioned Thut Have
None Whatever-.Members of the Soel
Mies I'rgcd to Go forth and do
Missionary Work.
A rally of young people from the Bap
tist churches or Lackawanna and a
portion of Wayjie county was held tit
the Penn Avenue Baptist church yes
terday. The afternoon session was
opened by a praise and prayer service,
nftcr which the president, Hev. D. C.
Hughes, conveyed the greetings of the
convention of Baptist churches recent
ly held at Altoona.
The "Allnute Heports" were then re
ceived, liev. James Fielding reporting
that at Dalton the Christian Endeavor
society had forty members. W. F.
Nye, on behalf of the Duryea church,
stated that they had fifty members on
the Christian Endeavor society roll,
with ten associates. P.enton church
reported that their society hud col
lapsed owing to lack of attendance.
Blakely church had a society of eighty
members and a boy's brigade was also
in full working order. Clark's Green
church reported that they were suffer
ing from a lack of young people to
curry on the work. Clifford church had
a society of fifty members, and the
Taylor church possessed a young peo
ple's union of twenty-five members.
Factnryvllle church had a Christian
Endeavor society of twenty-five mem
bers. Formerly H society of 175 mem
bers existed, but owing to the absence
or a proper constitution the society be
came extinct. Jackson Street Baptist
Church Endeavor soc iety was organ
ized in Alarch, ISM, with a membership
of forty, which had now increased to
eighty-five, penn Avenue church re
ported a nourishing society of loo mem
bers, and Aliss Hamilton stated that
the Endeavor society of the Providence
church was doing active worjt. Key.
T. J. Collins stated that in the Scran
ton Street church they had a society of
sixty-two members.
No Society at Tliroop.
Throop church had no society what
ever. Hev. W. J. Ford Informed the
meeting that the Green Hidge church
had a membership of ninety and that
excellent work was being accomplished
in the musical portion of the church
services. Dumnore church reported a
society of thirty-five members. No re
ports were received from the following
churches: Abington, Dunnlngs, Elk
dale Forest City, Greenfields, Jerinvn,
Hollistervllle, West Lenox. Bethlehem,
Newton. Peckville and Scott Vallev
Alis Sarah C. Krlgbaum read a papr
on "Junior Work." in which several
practical recommendations were placed
before the meeting. Hev. A. B. O'Neal
of Dun more, gave his "Echoes of the
Toronto Convention." The convention
was held .lolv in t " .-.i
i f i i - -.- .v. tW,n minuet -
I 1 11 1 In its enthusiasm, conversation and
iniuioers. Toronto was the best gov
erned city in this or any other land
it was a city where the Sabbath was
observed, nnd where no open saloons
or street car desecrated the peace and
quietness of the Lord's day. The first
echo he would bring was "the echo of
the great multitude of people, the 7,000
delegates who attended on behalf of
the Baptist Young People's Union of
The second echo was the echo of en
thusiasm. Those who hud attended
great gatherings remembered how
hearts were stirred and enthused in
such conventions. The most inspiring
scene was the "salutation of flags."
which was a wonderful idea conceived
by the general secretary in which all
the states, embraced by the union,
gathered around the Hag of their own
stale and a speaker representing each
slate made n short, crisp speech,
llclio of I diication.
The third echo was the echo or edu
cation, and especially the education of
young people for service; the pastors
present could well appreciate the great
need for the young people who could
serve Intelligently i u. ,..,,. nr lh(.
blessed Christ. He was a great believer
In educational work, as It created self
respect and helped to make missionary
Baptists of their young people. The
forth echo was the echo of loyally, and
tlie echo furthermore of denomina
tional loyalty; there were other echoes
of evangelization which pervaded the
entire convention, of missionary spirit
and last, the echo of consecration'
which he trusted would sink deep into
their hearts, If no other echo he had
mentioned would find its wuv tlieiv.
i Hev. W. J. Ford delivered the Ih-Mt of
the fi-minute addresses and said there
was more need of consecration than of
organization, and he sincerely wished
that In tills, the young people would re
turn to their homes more full of the
consecration to Christ, their master,
than of the details of the finest organi
zation that human skill could conceive.
Here was the great secret of the future
history of their society. Lot this be
their echo: "Loyalty and Consecra
tion." Hev. F. E. Jepson, of Carbondale,
followed and said that all organizations
had their three degrees of existence
their birth, youth and maturity and
their societies, he believed, had passed
Into the second stage, and soon, lie ex
pected, they would pass into maturity,
when they would bear fruit In the dis
tinct principles of their beloved de
nomination, hut the fruit of their work
depended upon the direction given by
the church' s to the movement, nnd he
hoped to in able to share in the golden
fruit fulness or the work, and offered
two suggestions for Its advancement
denominational fidelity and closer Bap
tist fellowship.
Wants Practical Results.
Itov. AL J. Wutkins. of Factory vllle,
spoke upon the necessity of directing
the enthusiasm of the societies In the
proper channels whereby the work
would bring about practical results.
Speaking of those who apologized for
the church, he said, that there ought to
lie no need which the church could not
attend to.
Hev. Warren G. Patridge spoke upon
the necessity of the anointing of the
Holy Spirit In carrying on the work
of the society. The members ought not
to think of their own Individual socie
ties, butof nil, und especially the weaker
churches which that day had not re
reported any societies. God baptise
them with the true missionary spirit
to carry out the work.
One-minute prayers were conducted
by Luther Keller, Dr. Bcddoe, Hev. W.
J. Wutkins. The meeng then pro
ceeded to the work of organization und
other routine business.
The following were the delegates
present: Hev. T. J. Collins, Hot War
ren G. Partridge, Hev. 1). 0. Hughes,
Hev. T. E. Jepson, Carbondale; Itov. W.
J. Ford, Hev. Al. J. Wutkins, Factory
vllle; Hev. W. J. Watklns. Providence,
J. M. Smith, Luther Keller, Miss Ida
Watrous, Hev. A. B. O'Neal, Duiimore,
L. C. Brink, Mrs. Ger. Weed, Airs. H.
B. CrnsBdnle, Airs. Coslette. Miss Hosa
Phillips, Clark Lowry, Airs. Thomas
Hidgway, Aliss Carrie Bishop, Airs. L.
Bought, Miss Dora Smith, Aliss Leah
Pardu. Aliss Huth Ball, W. V. Nye.
Aliss Ida Bittenbender, Aliss Carrie L.
Geary, Mrs. J. H. Gruff, C. (. Carman,
Aliss Jennie Williams, Miss Zophe Cul
lender, Airs. A. Al. Dershlmer, Miss
Jennie Dnvles, Miss Jvssle 10. Senmans,
Mrs. H. T. Mallery, Aliss Alabel Mai
lory, Mrs. 11. L. Hatch, Mrs. Loveland,
Airs. W. Chappell, Miss Nellie Hamil
ton, Aliss M. A. Martin, Miss Alda At
khiBon, F. AI. Koehler, Mrs: AI. 0. Juck-
son, Mrs. J. A. Harvey, Mrs. O. V,
Weeks. Airs.- K. M. Wells, Aliss Alpha
U Wells, Mrs. M. A. Wells, Airs. S. N.
Finn, Airs. 10. M. Henwood, Aliss Ixna
Al. Clark, Miss Gertrude A. Peet. Aliss
Pearl Wells, Airs. H. S. Smith, Airs. E.
S. Williams, Mrs. Alfred Huberts, Aliss
Cassle Huberts, Aliss Cella Lewis, Aliss
J. Hoderlck, Aliss Ida Lewis, Mrs. Alin
nie Protheroe. John H. House, Airs. W.
J. Hoskins, Airs. Lucy Evans, Air. nnd
Airs. S. I). Hobinson. Mrs. B. W. Kerr
Aliss Alattle Slorr, Miss Mame Clark!
Miss Annie Peters, Aliss Ida Strang'
Aliss Huth Allller, A. 10. Douglass ,) H
Lewis, J. H. Ellis, H. It. Biitlan.l. S. It'
Y uge. Hev. J. H. Fielding, Dalton; Miss
Blunoh Griflin, Dalton.
A New I uion Formed.
A new union wus organized to com
prise the churches within the Abington
association for the purpose of consoli
dating the individual societies, nnd the
evening session, which was very largely
u tended, wus held under the auspice's
of this newly formed union. Hev. 1). C.
Hughes presided und made a few pre
fatory remarks. Hev. Frank S. Dob
bins, of Philadelphia, delivered an elo
quent address to young people and gave
an excellent illustration of the imper
fection of human nature, by explaining
thut the organ they had just heard
was Imperfect, the naker had sharp
ened some note and flattened others, in
order to make a general compromise.
Hie minister may be a little "sharp"
and the deacons a little "flat," but all
should combine together to make a har
monious whole. Speaking of the socie
ties that were represented before him,
lV made, several .suggestions .as to
their work, and replied to objections
which had been raised to the work of
junior societies.
Hev. Frank L. Wllkins, general secre
tary of the Y'oung Peopl.-'s union or the
I'nited States and Canada, said; "I
bring you tlie greetings or the young
Baptists of Ohio, AVest Virginia and
nlso of the Empire state, and from tlie
latter I bring a message from a glori
ous consecration meeting held at
Rochester. N. , last night, nnd when
I say that the meeting extended beyond
!.:!0, the time when the average Bap
tist Is hunting for his hat and looking
nt the clock, you will know that is a
meeting which absorbed their attention,
baptists of the Century,
"There are In America over 3,1100,001)
Baptists and this shows the magnitude
not only of our churches, but of the
work that can be accomplished by these
societies. Our work is continental and
educational, and from tlie banners you
will observe that it is divided Into two
departments, the junior section, in
cluding those up to IK years of age, and
the senior section, from that age to as
long ns they can do anything. Wo
; have three points to observe, the devo
i tional life, the 'go' life, 'go and work,"
and the building life. When we start
to convert some one we must have a
knowledge of doctrine. The bnnnoM
show that the Bible must be read every
day. I don't know whether you have
many Catholics in Scranton. but I can
show you tilings which should shame a
Protestant. A Catholic with his book
tinder his arm going to church und
the Protestant with the Sunday paper
in his pocket. Which is the paper of
this city. Brother Partridge V"
Hev. W. G. Partridge Do you mean
the Baptist paper.
Air. Wllkins No; I mean the secular
paper, the best daily.
Air. Partridge Oh, It would not be
safe to say, but they claim that there
are four.
Air. Wllkins then gave an exhaustive
address as to the details of the Baptist
Junior society und its work and his
reasons for being a Baptist.
Clock ornaments at Davidow Bros.
LKTTl-RS l'KOM Till' 1'1-Ol'LF.
fl'mler this heading short letters of In
terest will be published when accompa
nied, for piiblioHtlon, by the writer's
nuine. The Tribune will not lie held re
sponsible lor opinions here expressed.)
Imposition on the Public.
Editor of The Tribune.
Sir I rude flown to the oily yesterday
on a Laurel Hill street car und took a
transfer to Green Itldge, hut the con
ductor would not let me ride on it, and
so 1 had to puy another fare. He said
there were two lines to Green Hidge, the
People's ami the Suburban. 1 have been
Informed thai both lines belong to the
same company. If so, what is II but
imposition, agreeing to give transfers
uud then not letting a man use them'.'
John Davy.
Scranton, Oct. X
Ladies' foil chains nt Davidow Bros.
.Music boxes Inclusively
Best timde. Play any desired number of
tunes. GuuUelii & Sons, manufacturers
ln:i(i Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestral organs, only f."i and (l.
Specialty: old music boxes curvfuly ih
pulled and improved With new tunes.
Gold rings, $1, nt Davidow Bros.
Great Fight
He Wins in Spite or Prejudice,
Bigotry iinii Organized
There Is no longer a question of Pro
fessor Alunyon's complete victory over
the old method of treating disease. Tu
spite of the prejudice and bigotry which
refused his system a fair trial, and the
orgunized opposition of practitioners
of other schools, it has secured the en
dorsement of the people. Thousands
have been cured after having been pro
nounced Incurable by other doctors, nnd
reports from the boards of health of va
rious cities show that the death rate
has been decreased by the use or Alun
yon's Remedies.
Alunyon's Rheumatism Cure never
falls to relieve In 1 to 3 hours, and cures
in a few days. Price, 2.".c.
Alunyon's Dyspepsia Cure Is guaran
teed to cure all forms of Indigestion
und stomach troubles. Price, 25c.
Alunyon's Catarrh Cure soothes and
heals the allllcled purls and restores
them to health. No failure; a cure
guaranteed. Price, 2.1c.
Alunyon's Liver Cure corrects head
ache, bllllotisness. Jaundice, constlpn
tlon nnd nil liver diseases. Price 2ric.
Alunyon's Kidney Cure speedily cures
pains In the back, loins or groins, all
forms of kidney diseases. Price, 2.1c.
Alunyon's Blood Cure eradicates all
Impurities of the blood. V 'Ice, 2"i.
Alunyon's Catlmrlc Insures a' free and
natural movement of the bowels with
out the least pain or discomfort.
Alunyon's Pile Ointment positively
cures all forms of piles. s
Alunpon's Asthma Herbs nre guaran
teed to relieve asthma. In two minutes.
Alunyon's Cold Cure prevents pneu
monia and breaks up cold in a few
hours. Price, 2,"ic.
AIunyon'B Cough Cure stops coughs,
night sweats, nllriys soreness and speed
ily heals the luirgs. Price, 2.'e.
Alunyon's Nerve Cure restores over
worked and overstrained nerves' to a
healthy condition. Price, 25c.
Alunyon's Headache Cure stops head
ache in three minutes. Price, 2.'io.
Alunyon's Vltallzer imparts new' life,
restores lost powers to weak and debili
tated men. Price, $1.
Alunyon's Honieoputhls Remedy Co.,
of Philadelphia, put up specifics for
neorly every disease, which are sold by
all druggists, mostly for 25 cents a
Further Hearing In the Injunction Case
before Judtje (iiinstcr.
He Wus on fiie Stund Yestei Juy-lleuring
Will lie Kesuraed Today-Common
Hem-nd Other Cuses Argued
He the Judest
At IS o'clock yesterday afternoon after
the argument list had been disposed of
Hie hearing In the equity suit-of the
Silver Creek Alining company against
D. R Taylor, W. W. Patterson and J.
Alton Davis was resumed before Judge
When the hearing was discontinued
at adjournment hour on Thursday AY.
H. Taylor, president of the Silver Creek
Alining company, was being cross-examined
by Major Everett Warren, coun
sel for the defendants. When the case
was taken up again yesterday after
noon the continuation of Mr. Taylor's
examination was not taken up al
W. A. Cochran, a Potlsville surveyor,
was sworn and stated that lie made
maps of tlie Harp tract at the request
of Air. Patterson. He sent the bill to
that gentleman, but It was made out to
the Silver Crook Alining company. He
afterward sent n bill direct to that com
pany. W. H. Taylor was then call'-d
to the stand nnd his cross-examination
was continued until the hour of ad
journment. It will be resumed today.
The ('uses Argued.
Tbreecommon pleuscases wore argued
yesterday. They were: Pennsylvania.
Globe Gas Light company vs. the city of
Carbondale, exceptions to report of
referee; James Gannon vs. Thomas Hell
and others, rule to mould verdict; ex
ceptions to report of viewers of sec
tion A. of Third sewer district. The
case of James Al. Cowling vs. Iron Clty
Alutual Life Insurance company, plea
In abatement, was continued.
Quarter sessions cases were disposed
of in the following manner: Common
wealth vs. AlcGarrah & Thomas, ap
peal from summary conviction, settled
and stricken off list. Exceptions to re
port of viewers on road In Scott town
ship, exceptions dismissed and report
confirmed finally. Exceptions to re
port of viewers, road in Scott and
South Abington townships, submitted.
The Petition Withdrawn.
In the matter of the division of the
First ward or the borough or olyphant
Into two wards, rule to show cause why
the petition should not be quashed wus
withdrawn. Commonwealth vs. Eza
dor potraok, rule to show cause why
forfeiture of recognizance shall not be
remitted was argued.
Argument was heard In those or
phan's court cases; .Matter r estate
of John T. Gibbons, deceased, rule to
show cause why an allowance should
not be made, and matter of estate of J.
F. Kinback. deceased, exceptions to re
port of auditor. In the matter of tin
estate of Harvey A. Ward, minor child
of George W. Ward, deceased, rule to
show cause why guardian should nut.
be discharged wus made absolute.
vases, vases at Davidow
The Church of tlie flood SI lierd-
Greeii Itldge street. X, 10.110, 2.o, i;.5, 730
All seals free. All welcome.
At the Simpson Methodist Episcopal
church-Preaching morning und evening
by the pastor. Dr. L. c. nnyd. Heats
Tlie Second Presbyterian Church-Rev.
(harles K. Robinson, D.D., pastor. Ser
vices lo.:ie a.m. ami p.m. Beside the
sermon III the morning on "lOternal Lite"
Biere will be a live-inlmite sermon lo
children. In the evening the pastor will
answer Hie question, "How Should the
Christian Vole." There will be special
music in the evening with Hie chorus und
Hie mw organ. All senls free in tho
evening. All weleoini! at all services.
All Souls' Church (Jhuuel-l'hie strict,
near Adiinis avenue, liev. G. W. Powell,
pastor. Services tomorrow at 10. "In a.n ',
theme. "The True Idea of a Blessed Life,"
und al 7.l p.m. mini lecture of the coiir-io
will be given on "The l p Hills and Down
Hills of Idle, or the Amusements That
Kill." Young people especially Invited.
Elm Park Methodist Epi copal chinch
'A. 11. I'earce, pastor. Preaching scr
iees in 'la a 111. and 7.30 p.m. doming
subject, "Protecting Aii'rels." Evetdii;
subject, "Destroying Angels." Ilv re
quest of many Airs. O'llrien will sing at
Ibis servlee, "o'er Jordan's Dark and
Stormy River."
First Baptist Church Pastor Col
lins will preach Sabbath at lo.;;0 am.
and 7 p.m. Morning theme, "True Chris
Han Service." Evening theme, "Doing
God's Will." Baptism following the ser
mon. Seats free. All welcome.
Howard Place African .Methodist Epis
copal Church Hev. C. A. Mel lee, pasior.
Preaching by the pastor at lo.iio a.m. and
8 p.m.
North Scranton Lutheran mission. Short
avenue, opposite Park Place public school
Hev. George Al. Scheldy, pastor. Ser
vices every Hold's day at ln.o u.m. and
7.H0 p.m. Sunday scohul at 2.30 p.m. Ev
erybody welcome.
Saint Luke's Church Rev. Rogers Is
rael, rector. Twenty-third Sunday ufter
Trinity. Holy communion, s a.m.; ser
vieeand sermon, lO.IIOn.m.; Sunday school,
L'.lio p.m.; evening prayer and sermon,
7.110 p.m.
Saint Luke's Dunmore Mission Rev.
A. L. I'l-han In charge. Holy commun
ion, lo.:!il a.m.; Sunday school, .'I p.m.;
evening prayer and sermon. I p.m.
All members or the Patriotic Order Sons
of America are cordially Invited to the
Dunmore I'resbyieilan church Sabbath
evening at 7.WI, when the sermon will lie
delivered to that order by the pastor. J.
W. Williams. Morning service at lo.l.u.
Sabbath school at noon. Christian En
deavor at 1i.H0 p.m.
Penn Avenue Baptist Church Rev.
Warren G. Partridge, pastor. Services
at 10.30 a.m. and 7.110 p.m. Special ser
vice of song In the evening, led by u liu-jfe
chorus nnd orchestra. All welcome.
First Presbyterian Church Breaching
morning und evening by Rev. lletirv il.
Jessup, D.D.. Of Syria.
Calvary Reformed Church Corner
AloiirneiiveuueauilGlbsonstreet. Rev. W.
H.SIiililileblne,;pastor. Preaching 10.30a. m.
nnd 7.110 p.m. .Morning subject, "God's
Thoughts Toward I's." Evening sub
ject, "Echoes from the Christian Endeav
or Convention nt York." All lOtiileavor
ers cordially Invited.
Jackson Street Baptist- Church The
pastor. will preach nt a.m. und 6 p.m.
All are welcome.
Trinity English Lutheran Church
Adams n venue, corner Mulberry street.
Hev. 10. L. Miller, pastor, The Festlv il
of the Reformation will be celebrated.
The pastor will deliver a Reformation od
dress at 10.80. nnd the Sunday school will
cod net a home mission and Reformation
servlee at 7.110. Pews are free, und all
are welcome.
Meetings at tho Rescue mlrslon Sun
duy ut 4 p.m. und ut 8 p.m.
Cut glass nt Davidow Bros.
. -
New Sport.
Wife My husband brought home three
ducks yesterday (mm the hunt.
Neighbor Hut 1 thought he wus off on
his wheel!
True, he killed them, you know, with
his wheel! American Wheelman.
Unredeemed pledges ut Davidow Bros.
STien Baby wns tick, w gave her Castor!.
iVheil Uic won a Cliilil, the cried for Outorik,
When she became MIm, she cIiidk to Custorla,
When Ii8 Uud C'UtkU-eu, the gamut'ii Ctorl
fit .r nifti M FOB TOH
Tht one that WILL DO
4 TUB IOHT toward
BOY atrosf, ioTV
Mt, praotioal, comoien
tloua. Mlf-eupportlug,
uiui ana
THE GIRL a pare, unselflih, helpful, ao
oempuiuod. self-reliant, womauly WOMAN.
Scranton has auch a school. It Is
the Scranton
A postal curd request will bring a Jour,
tiul telliiitr about the institution.
Visitors will be welcomed at any time.
BUCK WHITMORE & Ca, Prop'rs,
In full possession of our old quarter,
but are working under dllllcultles
which nothing but Immediate ready
money will Mrie over. Our creditors
claims huve been fully met at an
Immense sacrifice on our part. How
ever, we have still a largo stock of
choice Diamonds. Watches, Jewelry,
etc., on hand, and are determined 10
realize on it with all possible speed,
ns withont the free use of the almighty
dollnr in the markets, we would be ef
fectually crippled In the coming holi
day trade.
We yrlll make Huge Reductions on
stock at private sale dally, refusing no
offer within the bounds of reason, and
for tlie benefit of those who buy nt
miction, we have instructed City Auc.
tioneor Harris to
Kvery Saturday evening at 7.80, when
every article pat up will be sold with
out reserve to the highest bidder.
Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, Elc
Cor. Penn Ave. and Spruce St.
QUffel? 'BTHtMSY.
cfMPUd. ruiui!i 1 cntjti r
1 nunnwcinnckiLVtM,
.150 52 ,$1,75
ocnu run vmw.UbUQ
You can save money by ptirohaalug . L.
Douglas HhoM,
Because, wc are the largest tnanufarrarers al
advertised shoe In the world, aud guarantee
the value by stamping the nuine and price on
the boUoni, which protects vou aguinat b'gh
prices and the middleman's profit. Our shoes
equal custom work in style, easy filling and
Wearing qualities. We nave lham sold evtry.
where at lower prices for the value given than
wv other nuke. Take 110 tubntitut. If yon?
dealer cannot supply yon, fit can. Sold by
'in, Linn Alien
& Co.
Uuy and sell Slocks, lioinls nnd Orain
oil -New York Kxchanxe and Chicago
liourd of Trade, either for canh or ou
tl'2 Spruce Street.
TKU-JVirONt: i.iw:
foul of the liest quality for domestic
I'. '""I of nil slin-a, delivered in unj
art of tho rlty at lowosl price.
Orders left ut. rav Offli-e
llf-ur room, lirm floor, Third National
Hunk, or si-nt by mall or toli-phono to the
ninr, will n-relve prompt attention.
Spei-lul committs will tx made for tlw
sale and delivery of Uiukwheai Coal.
is!y Oil and
iiaiiufaeng Go
(41 to 151 MERIDIAN ST.
Atlantic Refining Go
Manufacturers aud Dealers in
Unseed Oil, Napthas and Caro
lines of all grade. Axlo Oi-eono,
Fuilon and Colliery Coin
pound; alno a largo Hue of 1-Uf
unine Wax L'nnuhv,.
We also handle the. Fnmoim t'POWN
AC.MIO OIL, the only family rarely,
bui iiluK oil in tlie market.
Wm. Mason, Manager.
orrtce: Coal ExohaBne, Wyoming; Ave.
'Works at Pine Brook.
Friday and Saturday,
OCT, 2S AND 27.
Special Saturday matinee for Ladles and
Children ut J.30 p. in.
A nrand Presentation of
the nrlglimj 117 eo""iiny.
Magnificent Scenery.
50 PEOPLE-50
A Host of European Secialtles.
Alutlnee prices r, to jil cents. Kvvnln
t it-ituiur prices.
j Sale of Seals opcn.s Wednesday, Oct. Lt
1 One Large Laughing Night,
' First Stellar A pneanuieo Hero of tho Aost)
I Naturally l'uanv Comedian Living
In John J. Mrs ally's (treatest Kuccs-i.
i A
j Country - Sport.
; Heplcte with Witty Saving, Bright Ilia
lunuo and Catchy Songs, Interiuetod
by the largest. Most Ellicieut arid
and KxtM'iislve Company i.f
Comedians m this 1'nmitrr.
Prices as Usual. Seats Now on Sale.
iTiwiiua oiiu 1 ucsusy,
j Clranil fairy-Like Pantomimic Spectacle.
Fantasma !
! NEA1ot;
I Inclttdinu the (treat Hillim-d Match.
I Largo and Strong Company.
j Uorcenus TrausforuiatlonaV
; Hale of Heats Otiens Friday, Oct Jli.
And llor Clrcu-C'onitdy,
r 1 I'f
b 111
I Tlia Wild Man of Borneo.
1 tie ilunian .Xylophone.
The Honest Lawyer.
The Comical Clowns.
Tho Only I'eto Jenkins,
The Alan Who Walks on His Ear
All I'nder One Canvas, in One Kiny.
Something Now in Comedy.
("loverly Executed Specialt ies.
Sale of Seats oiiens Aiontlay. Oct. at.
Matinee Daily at 2.30 P. M.
Positively the Best Production of this
(iruncl old Flay evor produced in this
city. Tho World's Greatest Topsy
The Grand Noonday Street Parade.
Toe Beautiful Midget Pony, "Tiny."
Tue Ferocious Bloodhounds.
The Greatest Topsy.
i Prices No Advance, 10c., 20c, 30q
America's Greatest Pianiste,
ami also by an.iiiiiilincfiL lJian
istc lo the Kiiiu of Saxony: anil
Supra no Soloist of the Scidl-
j Accompanist, hi a
Of tlie most Classic aml'cujoya
Lie order, fur the benefit of lh,
At V. M. C. A. Hall
Tickets at lead in 5 stores, but
NOT sold by personal solicita
Diagram onetis at Guernsey Bros.',
j -.24 Wyoming Avenue, Wednesday, Oct.
30, at g a. m.
JlLl bl KAir.if 1 1 i 110 oet-rut in
Chnrarter Building.'' by Professor .lohu II.
UttMotte. Ph. I).,, of Caniliridtfo, Mass.
LECTTRE "Money anil Morals," by Ib.B.
Henry Wattoraun, of Kentucky, Hditor of 1
Louisville (.'ourinr-Jourinil,
RATES Sinitln Adiniwdon.
Kisurv.-d Heat
l)o jus aim l,oi;os. ,
... !Mo
. .. "i
Diagram for De Motto opena at the Froth
iiutluuu Friday, Out. 'M- at tu a. nu For Wt
torson Mrmlny. Oft. , at 111 a. ni, tools
open at T.UU; lectures beitin at t).
If van wl to be aaeeestrnl In "SPIXIT.
I.ATIO " ! grain or stoi-ka, write lul
particulars, j. 5. BROWNING & CO.
References si monadnock Build-in
lo every State, 1 CHI c AQO,
p p